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Our Rating system

We have an obligation to our readers to avoid sharing misinformation, especially when such misinformation may be harmful, physically, health-wise, or otherwise. We respect diverse opinions, but not mistruths. However, we are unable verify every post for accuracy. Here are the meanings of our labels:

No Label
We either believe the post to be based on present factual information, or we have not yet verified the post.
Example "Covid vaccines have prevented an estimated 3 million deaths in the US, and an estimated 14 million deaths world-wide" True
Information posted is a mix of some truth and some not.
Example "The Covid vaccine effectiveness wanes after a while. Studies show it's effectiveness is only 4 weeks." Half True
Information posted is demonstrably false.
Example "Covid is no worse than the Common Cold or the Flu" False
Information posted is demonstrably false and so far from reality that it warrants a special label. Similar fact-checking labels on others sites for such reality-challenged misinformation include '5-Pinocchios' and 'Pants-on-Fire'.
  • "The Covid vaccine turns you into lizard people" Nuts
  • "Hillary Clinton was running a pedophile ring from the basement of a pizzeria" Nuts