A number of special features are available via Tokens T. Unused tokens never expire.

Feature Access T Description
T e-mail 50 If you have few to contact over several months, you may send e-mails using tokens. A 50
charge is applied to the initial Token e-mail ("T-mail") only. Free members may reply to T-mails for free. Subsequent correspondence continues for free (for both) without time limit.
Token PackageNumber of Contacts
200 4 contacts (50 tokens per contact)
400 8 contacts (50 tokens per contact)
600 12 contacts (50 tokens per contact)
1200 24 contacts (50 tokens per contact)
T-mail purchases are not refundable, however, if you have contacted a member with one or more T-mails, and that member fails to read any of your T-mails, you may claim a credit (in tokens) 30 days after the first T-mail was sent. This applies to any T-mails initiated on or after May 2016. A Void button will appear for credit qualifying T-mails on your Details/Receipt page.

To contact many members, a subscription would usually be less expensive. Subscribers do not need tokens to send e-mails.
🎁 Gift Profile Varies Gifts are attractive and touching images that you may send to others. Gifts received are featured on the receiver's profile. Far less expensive than a box of chocolates, and definitely much lower calorie!
30 Your message will stand out from the crowd!
  1. Your message appears before standard messages at the top of the recipient's Inbox.
  2. Your message gets attention with the icon.
  3. The recipient's told a *SPECIAL DELIVERY* message was sent to them.
C Delivery
10 We'll e-mail you when the recipient reads your message.*
200 Stand out and become a Featured Member! You'll appear at the top of search results highlighted in a bright color, and be titled Featured Member. See more info and an example here.


View your token purchase and use history: Token Bank Details. Unused tokens never expire.

C Delivery Confirmation: We e-mail confirmations immediately, but your receipt of our e-mail may be affected by: (1) your local e-mail filters and (2) the speed/reliability of your e-mail service provider. Add to your address book. Make sure you're not blocking with a manual approval system like Earthlink's spam blocker or Boxbe.

Token purchases are non-refundable, in whole or in part.