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"Just wanted to write to you saying what fantastic results I've been getting on this site. I now have several regulars, wonderful genuine people, who I exchange with... some as much as weekly, others monthly. I'm currently averaging 3 exchanges per week with enthusiasts I met on this site. Thank you so much for both this exchange service, and the great features within. Keep up the good work!" - Charlie
"It certainly is a great service that you provide for connecting like minded people. I personally adore exchange and barter as a way of life where possible in this monetary society and it is so lovely to be able to share skills and develop nurturing and positive attitudes towards much needed touch therapy." - Mary
"Just wanted to say i think this site is wonderful! Humans thrive on touch from each other and your site facilitates that need being fulfilled easily with choices in clear boundaries." - Simone
"I've had a great time being on this site. I've met some wonderful men and have had some wonderful massages." - Linda
"I've met so many wonderful men and women on MassageExchange.com who share my interest in massage. That you so much for creating MassageExchange.com, and keep up the good work!" - Nancy
"I've found your site to work very well and you are doing a great job!!!" - Sally
"I love your site! I've had terrific success!" - Joan
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