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ME257844 Highly Recommended
Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand
it was a pleasure to swap massages with alan. a pleasant and genial man you can have a good, honest conversation with. his massage style, though unorthodox, was indeed very sensual and soothing. long, unhurried, very relaxed and uninhibited with an emphasis on the power of touch and maximum skin contact.
Reviewed by brownpedro, 2016-08-30 [ID 14608:P]

ME274901 Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I met with ME274901 today. ME274901 kept me updated as to his arrival time. ME274901 was a very polite and punctual guy who was a little nervous at first , which is understandable. Although he ME274901 was a receive only he was an absolute pleasure to massage and seemed to appreciate the relaxing experience. I do hope to massage ME274901 again in the near future and would recommend him to anyone who wishes to maintain or develop their skills. Thanks for a lovely afternoon and your time ME274901.
Reviewed by Mackiv, 2016-08-30 [ID 14607:P]

Veerlondon16 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Veerlondon16 was very friendly in the run up to our meeting, and kindly met me at his local station on the day. He doesn't have a table so we worked on a large firm bed, and he mixed his own essential oils, very relaxing. I would say that, while he's slightly lacking in technique, he has had experience receiving, and swapping with friends in the past, and with a few more exchanges he could become very proficient, as he is very open to learning. He is great company, we chatted loads before during and after, and for that I would give 5 stars, and for the massage at the moment, 4 stars. Thanks Veerlondon16, I really enjoyed our session!
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2016-08-30 [ID 14606:P]

brownpedro Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Our exchange was very pleasant and it was great to share good conversation, excellent hospitality and a very satisfactory massage. I am sure we'll enjoy more exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by ME257844, 2016-08-29 [ID 14604:P]

Andyroo Highly Recommended
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
I was most fortunate to meet Andyroo who is a perfect gentleman in every way. He is an excellent communicator and before the massage we formed a warm relationship through exchanging our likes and dislikes etc. So by the time we met, both were extremely comfortable with no inhibitions. I knew this was going to be a massage to remember...and it was!
He is indeed a strong man with big hands which he uses delightfully to put pressure at the right places. The same hands then suddenly become gentle and caressing. After the massage I felt energized, relaxed and peaceful all at the same time. I highly recommend Andyroo - you will be in the hands of someone exceptional!!
Reviewed by tantricman, 2016-08-29 [ID 14603:P]

afg Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Very good facilities a pleasant relaxing environment to enjoy an excellent massage by a man who really knows his stuff. Thank you for a memorable session.
Reviewed by ed0007, 2016-08-29 [ID 14602:P]

StanmoreHolistic Highly Recommended
Stanmore, England, United Kingdom
Had a great exchange with stanmoreholistic yesterday. So nice and lucky his massage table arrived day before we having an exchanges. He is really good in reflexology and foot massage which is worth to having an exchange with him.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-08-29 [ID 14601:P]

elixirguy Highly Recommended
Letchworth Garden City, England, United Kingdom
I think someone must have been watcing over me for eluxirguy to offer me my first ever full body massage. He put me at ease as soon as he walked in and gave me a wonderful massage which I shall never forget. I had spent most of the previou day sitting in a car so had a few twinges from that. Eluxirguy made short work of those and soon had me feeling completely relaxed. An unexpected bonus is that he is a lovely man with what to me seemed like a perfect body.. Thank ypu elixirguy, not only for the fantastic massage but also for inspiring me to take my first tentative steps into the world of massage. Hope to see you again soon.
Reviewed by Duffield, 2016-08-29 [ID 14586:P]

Reply from elixirguy of 2016-08-28
Thanks for your lovely words Duffield. I'm glad you enjoyed your massage and hope it's the first of many, and that you will derive as much pleasure from giving as from receiving!!

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I arranged with John to exchange a massage swap, upon arrival John instantly made me feel relaxed and welcome. John has some fantastic techniques and great ability to make you feel totally relaxed.
He had a wonderful selection of oils etc.
As this session was one of my first, i can not thank John enough for his understanding and embracing approach. I can not recommend John highly enough.
Thank you !!
Reviewed by Keefa29, 2016-08-29 [ID 14600:P]

DanielJ Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I received a well trained and executed full body massage from you today. I'm very greatful for your time and effort you took in travel and care. You operate on a number of levels which my body realy appreciated. The pressure was great, I look forward to more swaps if you have time...
Reviewed by Equanimity, 2016-08-29 [ID 14599:P]

Rainbow1963 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
it was a delight to have rainbow1963 over... it had taken a long time to arrange yet it was absolutely the right time!!
gentle, soft spoken, knowledgable... we spent a good time in the blessed 'second summer' out in the garden before commencing our exchange. he was a joy to massage as he was ever so responsive to the bodywork. likewise when it came to receive from him, his pressure was just right. it was as if his hands could tell where and when the pressure was needed. i felt totally at peace and was invigorated deeply.
highly recommended and thank you once again for a perfect afternoon!
Reviewed by touch123, 2016-08-29 [ID 14598:P]

rng Highly Recommended
Mermaid Waters, Queensland, Australia
I recently had a massage with rng and found him to be exceptional.
Very personable in nature, he has the ability to put anyone at ease.
It was an evening of total distress as he used various techniques to invigorate, relax and soothe my entire body.
Highly recommend
Reviewed by tantricman, 2016-08-29 [ID 14597:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
I was lucky enough to meet with Kendalian 3 for a massage exchange what a beautiful lady she is. We had been communicating for a while via email which was great. We connected straight away over a drink of water before the massage. I felt completely comfortable in her company and felt like we had know each for a whole. I massaged kendalian3 first and I took my time to massage her body which I absolutely loved it was a real pleasure for us both. kendalian3 then massaged me and again it was fantastic she has a great touch and lovely hands which know what to do there was a great mixture of firm, gentle and caressing strokes which I really enjoyed. A great exchange one I will definately be repeating
Thank you.

20.8.16 had my second exchange with Kendalian3 she was good enough to change her plans for me which was really sweet. The second massage was even better than the first for both of us and I kept replaying it in my head as I was driving home !! We sat and chatted over a coffe afterwards and I think we could have sat and chatted all night but I had a long drive and she had to go to work !! One again thank you for a fantastic time and we will arrange our third meet soon.
Reviewed by Mancity, 2016-08-29 [ID 14441:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Met John yesterday had very relaxing swidish Massage. He is very kind and welcoming person. Hope to see him again
Reviewed by Skas, 2016-08-28 [ID 14587:P]

RiverNorthJohn Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
North River John was one of the most comfortable people I have been with in a long time I totally feel at ease the minute he stepped into my room. His message was right on targeting the rough spots making me feel totally relaxed making sure that all areas were covered until satisfaction. You can't go wrong with North River John I recommend him highly.
Reviewed by sportworks, 2016-08-28 [ID 14595:P]

Keefa29 Recommended
Fleet, England, United Kingdom
I have just had a massage swap with keffa29. What a lovely man he is and a joy to swap with. He is new to the site and this is his first review. What he lack in technical skills he makes up.in having a good touch and pressure which makes his massage very relaxing and enjoyable. He has a nice body to massage and all in all it was a very good swap. I recommend him as one who is a pleasure to swap with.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-08-28 [ID 14594:P]

Reply from Keefa29 of 2016-08-28
I arranged with John to exchange a massage swap, upon arrival John instantly made me feel relaxed and welcome. John has some fantastic techniques and great ability to make you feel totally relaxed.
He had a wonderful selection of oils etc.
As this session was one of my first, i can not thank John enough for his understanding and embracing approach. I can not recommend John highly enough.
Thank you !!

jonboy1963 Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
I recently met jonboy1963 for a massageswap. He is new to massage and I was the first person he has swapped with on this site. He is very eager to learn and is a very pleasant guy to engage with. We connected very well. Although he has not got the technical knowledge and skills of a seasoned masseur he has a good touch and slow method which is rather pleasing. With practice he will make a good masseur. I hope to meetup with him again.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-08-28 [ID 14593:P]

Reply from jonboy1963 of 2016-08-28
Thanks again for your patience and kindness. I enjoyed our exchange and look forward to the next one!

rowingandsportmassage Highly Recommended
Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom
had a great exchange with rowingandsportmassage recently, as he said we r looking to plan our next exchange after our first met. He gave a nice and firm massage on my back that i really enjoyed very much.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-08-28 [ID 14592:P]

ME275844 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
ME275844 is the perfect hoste, good company and highly responsive to massage. I would have no hesitation to recommend her as an exchange partner.
Reviewed by Litefingers, 2016-08-28 [ID 14591:P]

DanielJ Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a wonderful massage. This guy really knows what he's doing and he has magical hands. I might have learned a lot if I hadn't been so blissed out! Also, DanJ has a great body to practise on. Thoroughly recommended.
Reviewed by gazbear, 2016-08-28 [ID 14590:P]

ali206 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
ali206 was extremely welcoming and well-prepared for our massage exchange. He takes a holistic approach to massage which was interesting and much appreciated. We used both the table and floor for the massage. What I found excellent was his open and honest approach, the flexibility and variety of his techniques, his willingness to share his thoughts and knowledge, and above all, the fact that he gave the exchange plenty of time with no clock-watching.

Ali is an unselfish person, a very giving person, and I greatly valued and appreciated our exchange. Excellent and recommended.
Reviewed by kinggortan, 2016-08-28 [ID 14589:P]

Litefingers Highly Recommended
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
A very beautiful,trustworthy, intuitive man indeed. I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to have massage with him should do so. I had a wonderful experience.

Reviewed by ME275844, 2016-08-28 [ID 14588:P]

ME268402 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Before I became a massage therapist I used to get a massage every week because it balance to me. Yet now that I've been a massage therapist for about 9 years what I love more than receiving massage is GIVING massage. The energy shared is as balancing as that received from massage. ME268402's energy and love shines to all and it fills me. Thank you. :-)
Reviewed by EsalenGuy52, 2016-08-27 [ID 14585:P]

EsalenGuy52 Highly Recommended
Santa Ana, California, United States
Outfriggingstanding! What a marvelous experience.
Reviewed by ME268402, 2016-08-27 [ID 14091:P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It took more than a year to meet up with touch123 and, at the end we did it last Friday. It was worth it. What a afternoon, what a charismatic guy. Hugging him when I entered his flat, gave me the right feeling of him and the positive energy in the flat. We had time to sit down and we had a conversation but, my eyes were captured by his garden, a peaceful paradise. We spent some time there and when it was time for our swap, he was the first one to give me a full massage. It was something I have never tried before, his strokes were new to me and my body adsorbed them all. I understand now why he has got all those marvellous reviews. When the swap was over we spent more time in the garden enjoying the sun and continuing our interested conversation . I felt really lucky. Thanks touch123 for the precious time and I hope to swap again soon. Highly recommended
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2016-08-27 [ID 14584:P]

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