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Fujisan101 Highly Recommended
Petaluma, California, United States
I had the pleasure of trading a massage with Fujisan101. He did a great job with his massage. He is friendly, honest, dedicated, and knows his massage technics very well. I felt very relaxed and felt great after the massage. I hope this will be just the beginning for us to trade massages.
Thank you very much Fujisan101.
Reviewed by ginsonoma2011, 2016-09-24 [ID 14810:P]

Milana301 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had the very special pleasure of massaging Milana301 a few days ago.

We met at a very thoughtful location chosen by Milana301 for a drink and to get to know one another before the massage. Milana301 is a very warm and welcoming person and as we talked, i realised very giving and generous. We also took the opportunity to discuss her massage and and both our goals.

Milana301 hosted the massage and had everything prepared with a great table, oils, candles and music. She was very receptive and generous with her feedback. Personally, I found it to be a fantastic experience and i enjoyed every minute of it, which flew by far too quickly! I can't wait for an opportunity to massage her again.

Thank you Milana301 :)
Reviewed by massagelondon959, 2016-09-24 [ID 14805:P]

RM20 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a proper deep tissue massage with RM20. He has been a therapist for a while now and I had no qualms of entrusting myself to him as a recipient. Even at first contact here in the site, he exuded a nice impression on me which was confirmed when a nice and warm bloke greeted me at the door. His place reflects his likeable character. It was a long session both ways, but started with an interesting pre-massage chat first. I just felt chilled after the swap. Appreciate the top tips from him about massaging and stretching too. I'll take the opportunity to swap with RM20 again!
Reviewed by arlem, 2016-09-23 [ID 14809:P]

skilledatswedish Highly Recommended
River Vale, New Jersey, United States
Very sweet guy. He gave a nice, professional massage, making sure to check in on my needs. Clean, comfortable and private massage room. I would happily go back again.
Reviewed by AnaAngel, 2016-09-23 [ID 14808:P]

StanmoreHolistic Highly Recommended
Stanmore, England, United Kingdom
I had a great therapeutic exchange with StanmoreHolistic yesterday. He was a very warm, welcoming host with a massage table set up professionally with towels, a range of oils & water. The massage I received was excellent, unhurried, very respectful with good pressure and flowing strokes. The attention paid to my hands & feet were amazing. Nearly 2 hours on his table just flew by. Due to time restraints, I was only able to massage him for an hour, but hope to exchange again for a longer session. StanmoreHolistic is currently studying to become a therapist & so do yourself a favour and contact him before he turns professional! Thoroughly recommended.
Reviewed by dixter, 2016-09-23 [ID 14807:P]

massagconnections Highly Recommended
Croydon, New South Wales, Australia
A thoroughly enjoyable massage ... firm and relaxing ... good skills combined with professional confidence ... and a lovely guy too. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by giac, 2016-09-23 [ID 14806:P]

47MLB Highly Recommended
Forks, Washington, United States
47MLB is sublime in giving massages in my book. He is very obliging in his therapeutic massages. He is a 5 star in my book. I highly enjoyed his respectfulness and his therapeutic massage. I tend to like mine on the more deep tissue type. I felt very safe too.
Reviewed by Wellnesstrainer, 2016-09-22 [ID 14804:P]

peterjon Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I'd just like to say what a gentleman peterjon is. After massaging him, it was my turn and I really needed it after a busy week. Even though, peterjon kept on saying that he was a bit rusty, it didn't show at all. I was immediately made to feel comfortable and felt very safe with his intuitive touch which for the most part was Swedish, but he was also able to accommodate my need of deep applied pressure. A very nice way to spend a Sunday early evening. Thanks again peterjon!
Reviewed by RM20, 2016-09-22 [ID 14803:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Waltham Forest, England, United Kingdom
Great massage. Nice guy and very knowledgable. Definitely recommend.
Reviewed by Sweettones, 2016-09-22 [ID 14672:P]

iilario Highly Recommended
Maylands, Western Australia, Australia
We thoroughly enjoyed our massage session with iilario. His studio is very clean, relaxed atmosphere and calming, just what we were looking for. The sauna followed by a great sensual massage was an amazing experience.

Thank you Iilario for the use of your sauna and the therapeutic massage that I really needed. We will definitely see you again.
Reviewed by Berelaxed, 2016-09-22 [ID 14500:P]

Reply from iilario of 2016-08-20
Thank you for your review.
You are a lovely couple. Very relaxed. In tune with each other and great to see your interactions.
Quick learners in slowing down the massage techniques and softer touch at the second session.
Looking forward to doing more with you and experimenting with higher level techniques you both may have not experienced before.

Jaystouch Highly Recommended
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Was very much the gentleman, and very personable. He has a great touch and strong hands, gave a wonderful massage.
Reviewed by Shewolf, 2016-09-22 [ID 14802:P]

binevsh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Had the pleasure of hosting Binevsh last week.A very nice lady who has a great touch.Pressure and speed of movement was just right and i felt very sleepy at the end.Although she is not qualified yet i would encourage her to finish her exams and she has good natural ability.
I think she enjoyed my massage too although it was a hot sticky evening,even with the window open.Hope to exchange again.
Reviewed by stevebrt, 2016-09-22 [ID 14801:P]

moonraker2 Recommended
Harrow, United Kingdom
I met moonraker2 for a massage swap yesterday. He is a calm and friendly gentleman and easy to get to know. He is keen on expanding his knowledge on massage and shows lots of potential. Definitely recommended for an enjoyable massage swap.
Reviewed by StanmoreHolistic, 2016-09-22 [ID 14800:P]

Wellnesstrainer Highly Recommended
Port Angeles, Washington, United States
Met with wellnesstrainer
It was a wonderful experience that we'll do again.
I look forward to another exchange.

47 MLB
Reviewed by 47MLB, 2016-09-21 [ID 14799:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
That was amazing and wonderful relaxation with guilfordexpert masseur
I have had warm wellcome and Disccusion few secon and he start working on me than tought me how to working on him and gave some massage tecnic thanks for that it was please to met him looking forward to
Reviewed by ME274901, 2016-09-21 [ID 14798:P]

massagelondon959 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Massagelondon959 is Intelligent, respectful, clean and caring, confident and attentive to all small details individual who I would not hesitate in giving a glowing recommendation for.

Meeting for a drink was very comfortable from the start.

It was absolute pleasure to have massage with Massagelondon959, providing a most delightful massage experience. The massage was caring , therapeutic and at the same time full of positive energy, stimulating and relaxing.
He would not ignore the stiff and knotted arias and would pay double attention to it. I enjoyed a lot his flowing style.
I strongly believe that Massagelondon959 is going to be busy with massage exchange very soon, so you better book him in advance..
Massagelondon959 is wonderful person, who does have beautiful Artistic approach to the Art of massage.

Thank you Massagelondon959 !
Reviewed by Milana301, 2016-09-21 [ID 14797:P]

chouette Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
If you've ever wondered about the Body Electric modality, chouette is the guy to show you as well as to give a great head-to-toe massage.
Reviewed by nova09, 2016-09-21 [ID 14796:P]

bhong Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
It was good to meet Bhong. He is very polite and friendly.
His massage style is quirky, though well organised and symmetric. He uses his body weight in the massage. A pretty good massage that I enjoyed a lot.
Reviewed by coriolan, 2016-09-21 [ID 14795:P]

ME274901 Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
ME 274901 willingly agreed to be a 'model' for me to work on to develop an new high-energy massage routine; and he was ideal for this - so 5 stars as a 'receive-only' person.
However after some discussion I showed him some of the formal 'Swedish' massage movements and he agreed to do a bit of massage swapping. A bit tentative at first but then he gained confidence and authority and delivered a really good, but very 'non-standard' massage - awesome for a beginner (4 stars for a swap as a bodywork enthusiast). He has the capacity to be a wonderful masseur as well as being a pleasure to work upon. I have suggested that, if he wants to learn more massage, he try to take part in some 3-way swaps where he can watch, copy and experience a good variety of massage moves.
I want to swap with him, or work on him, again really soon.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2016-09-21 [ID 14794:P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
LM55 i am not surprised it took us over two years from the time we had initiated a conversation to actually exchanging hugs and healing with each other... i am not surprised because however much of a cliche it may sound, que sera sera is an honest truth!

LM has a delightfully responsive body that talks more that his own expressions and the body guided me to work on it! i am SO pleased to have had the opportunity to tune in and so joyous to work on him as he knows how to relax and let go.

receiving from him was beautiful beyond belief for someone who said he was not experienced enough. his is an intuitive journey into learning the giving of massage and hats off to him! i know we will exchange again and again... a beautiful experience that has to be had!
Reviewed by touch123, 2016-09-21 [ID 14793:P]

Love2rub41 Highly Recommended
Maidstone, United Kingdom
A very pleasant & genuine guy. Definitely recommend an exchange with him.
Had really enjoyable massage with Love2Rub41 yesterday. He is confident, has an excellent technique and applies it really well. He was keen to be sure the massage was going well and has the knowledge to find those knots and focus on them properly.
A real shame we ran out of time and I was not able reciprocate on this occasion – another time I hope.
Reviewed by Chrispd, 2016-09-21 [ID 14792:P]

StanmoreHolistic Highly Recommended
Stanmore, England, United Kingdom
I met StanmoreHolistic today, and it was wonderful.. He has deep knowledge about the massage, and specially feet massage was wonderful. He has good massage table, and so many oils. He is very courteous and came to meet me at the Station. I fully recommend him with 5 stars.
Reviewed by moonraker2, 2016-09-21 [ID 14791:P]

EdStryker Highly Recommended
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Got a very nice massage, and he was understanding and patient with the fact I'm very inexperienced with giving massages
Reviewed by rgilmore, 2016-09-21 [ID 14790:P]

luap11 Highly Recommended
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Met luap11 at his hotel room in London , he was very good with his hands, pressure was very firm and nice even strokes, we ran out of time but I thoroughly enjoyed luap11 and would love to swap with him again when he's around. The massage setting wasn't the best ! Single bed against a wall but we worked with what we had. Really nice guy ;-)
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2016-09-21 [ID 14789:P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
We have been in touch for quite a while with Touch 123 and it was worth the wait.
It was easy to get to his place thanks to some very clear explanation sent on my mobile. Touch 123 made me feel welcome immediately with a very friendly greeting, hugs and a nice cup of tea.
He has a very nice house and the massage table was ready next to a fire place, all very warm and cosy.
We got on well together. Touch 123 is an artist-philosophe with a beautiful approach of life.
His massage technic combine different level of pressure, he would know where I have tension and knot and applied the right pressure. His work on the legs was incredible and I had a great head massage as well.
The time I spent on the table was full of surprises, from his healing touch, the warm towel over the body, his hands carefully warmed up then applied on the face, simply heaven.
Obviously I was a bit intimidated when came my turn to give him the massage. Touch 123 made me feel extremely comfortable, and was reassuring, he has a great strong body which help and gave me enough confidence to give a good (decent) massage, I hope.
Touch 123 generously invited me to share his lunch prepared earlier one and we carried on chatting.
Simply a beautiful soul with the sun in his eyes and mind.
The meeting was beyond the simple massage, more a breath of fresh air and optimism. Thank you Touch 123 for a very special moment, precious time.
Reviewed by LM55, 2016-09-21 [ID 14788:P]

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