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tomthecat Highly Recommended
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
I met with Tomthecat yesterday for a massage swap. I found him to be a real gentleman, quietly spoken, calm and unhurried. He has a very good touch and with both therapeutic and sensual elements the massage left me both relaxed and energised. He was very appreciative of the massage I gave him. I thought we connected very well and I would recommend him as a very good massage partner.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-04-27 [ID 13809:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom

Had an amazing session with Bengiboy yesterday. He is a very reliable, gentle and perfect host. I really enjoyed his approach, which is unusual but extremely pleasant in order to relax, settle and feel comfortable. He really takes his time and his technique is gentle as well as firm with some very therapeutic as well as sensual strokes and methods. I highly recommend Bengiboy as he is experienced and confident in what he's doing.
Reviewed by tomthecat, 2016-04-27 [ID 13807:P]

bhong Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
Been wanting to meet up with Bhong for a long time and it finally happened today! He picked me up from the station promptly executive style! Very friendly, nice massage set up on a comfortable mattress. Bhong made me feel very relaxed throughout the massage using quite a varied range of techniques , his pressure was spot on and he used all parts of his body and I experienced new Chinese moves ! Ha ha ha . Bhong used lovely almond oils which could have been warmed up as it was cold dripping directly onto my body, otherwise the whole experience was very worthwhile! Bhong was very intuitive and well worth an exchange with and can't wait to see him again hopefully with a lot more time on our hands .
Reviewed by Tennisfan777, 2016-04-26 [ID 13806:P]

SmoothBody2 Recommended
Haverfordwest, Wales, United Kingdom
Met with SmoothBody2 today, a perfect gent who was more than happy to provide an unhurried sensual massage. His knowledge of what feels good and his ability to help you relax make for a great experience. I would recommend SmoothBody2 as someone to be trusted to provide what your body needs.
Reviewed by nudeandoily, 2016-04-26 [ID 13805:P]

SF26 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
It was really quick and easy to arrange a swap with SF26 - and well worthwhile too. He is a naturally gifted bodywork enthusiast whose lack of formal training does not affect the quality of his massage at all. He is confident, innovative and massages in a very effective and relaxing manner. A well deserved 5 stars, a man with whom it is well worth organising a massage.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2016-04-26 [ID 13804:P]

Tennisfan777 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Been arranged to meet withTennisfan777 long times finally we met today. He is a patience,skill and technique combined with strong hands glide on the back especially shoulder taking you to the relaxation level. Definitely worth to meet him and looking forward to seeing him again.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-26 [ID 13803:P]

Jxmrub Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Had the pleasure of an exchange with Jxmrub last night. Very personable and easy to talk to, he has a dedicated massage room that was nicely appointed. The exchange flowed nicely as we decided to switch back and forth: neck, shoulders, upper back; switch, lower back, legs, calves; switch, then the front. This worked well as we neither got overly tired or so energetic that we eclipsed the benefit of the massage that we had just received. He has a great touch with good pressure and skill. He should be more confident in his abilities. In all we spent a little over 2 and a half hours together and it was a very comfortable and easy passage of time. Will be looking forward to hopefully exchanging again and I would recommend him to anyone for an exchange.
Reviewed by Randall1, 2016-04-26 [ID 13802:P]

aalan13 Highly Recommended
Saint Charles, Illinois, United States
I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with Alan last week. Although he states that he has no prior experience, it was apparent to me that he is being humble. The work that he did on my back and on my arms and hands was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and look forward to another exchange with him.
Reviewed by mnman420, 2016-04-26 [ID 13801:P]

Reply from aalan13 of 2016-04-26
Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed our time together as well.

mcoop2222 No Show
Houston, Texas, United States
Mark/Rob (or whatever name he decides to use) and I scheduled a massage for Saturday 4/23/16 at 1pm after 49 emails back and forth on and off this site. That should've been the first clue... He misses without communication before or after appointment time and when finally confronted, responds with "It was a tough day work wise." Might be an excuse for something, but not for poor manners and wasting my time. Deal with at your own risk.
Reviewed by DavidinHouston, 2016-04-25 [ID 13800:N]

midlothian40 Highly Recommended
Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom
I met with midlothian40 for the first time. A very warm and welcoming man. Charming with a nice touch and a youthful appearance. Would highly recommend.
Reviewed by gw612, 2016-04-25 [ID 13799:P]

Manitas Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Mantis is an excellent Therapeutic massage therapist. She has a very solid style which relaxed and stretches your muscles. It was the best therapeutic massage I have had in a long time. If you exchange with her be sure you have your best therapeutic skills to match her abilities. It will not be easy to do better then her. I am looking forward to our next exchange. Thank you..
Reviewed by Firmmoves, 2016-04-25 [ID 13798:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Venice, California, United States
I was in the San Diego, CA for business last week and I have a few more meetings in CA this week. I had the weekend to relax and enjoy the CA scenery. I had communicate with Dolphinman several times over the past few years but had never actually met up for an exchange. So.... while here in CA I made the arrangements to meet up.

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Watsu massage today. WOW! Truly a professional! It was extremely relaxing. He was very gentle and I felt safe as he maneuvered my body around. Just close your eyes and imagine your body floating as he sways your body left and right you almost feel like a mermaid flowing thru the water! He stretched me as I'm floating. He cradled my head against his arm or chest, never letting my head underwater, not once! I felt like a noodle! After Dolphinman did the Watsu session on me, we then exchanged a traditional massage.

Dolphinman's amazing techniques and gentle demeanor made Watsu an amazing experience which was not only therapeutic but extremely relaxing and soothing. I totally recommend it particularly if you are stressed.

Thank you Dolphinman for a memorable experience! Randi
Reviewed by randilovesmassage, 2016-04-25 [ID 13797:P]

katasta Recommended
Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia
I opened the door to greet a cheerful Katasta whose warm smile and earnest salutation assured me that this swap would be, in no way, an awkward experience. His interests are varied making conversation easy, yet focussed in silence and his positiveness revealed a willingness to explore technique. A swap with Katasta is a worthwhile encounter.
Reviewed by CharlieG42, 2016-04-25 [ID 13796:P]

Reply from katasta of 2016-04-25
CharlieG42 was a fantastic host. He is warm and intuitive. Had a wonderful encounter.
He is excellent with his techniques and very good with his hands. He uses other parts of his body to make the massage even more incredible.
His long strokes with soft and strong touches makes his style unique. I would recommend him to all and i am looking forward for another swap.
He had set up an excellent room with warm lightnings and music. The mood cannot go wrong here. Thanks Charles.

MitchellWerthit Highly Recommended
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Mitchell and I met in a spot by the sea he had provided. He left a memory of two hours of a great massage exchange. Good long strokes and focused attention. An extremely pleasant guy. Thanks.
Reviewed by Rs1958, 2016-04-24 [ID 13795:P]

chipperx5 Recommended
Waterford Township, Michigan, United States
My session with Chipperx5 was a great experience. His practice with massage is limited, but he is very intuitive and knows what feels good. He has large strong hands and works with them very well. He was easy to relate to and was comfortable with all of my massage techniques. I would recommend him for an exchange and am already looking forward to our next one.
Reviewed by MatureMan69, 2016-04-24 [ID 13794:P]

nowintown Highly Recommended
Kapaa, Hawaii, United States
Clearly an expert applying sophisticated techniques and evolved presence. The studio is well thiught and comfortable, with all the amenities only a wise and evolved practitioner could provide. The energy was absolutely positive and abundant. Don't miss an opportunity for a session with him!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2016-04-24 [ID 13793:P]

Louna Highly Recommended
Bury Saint Edmunds, England, United Kingdom
Met Louna for massage exchange. Initially met to get to know each other and set boundaries. Subsequently met for treatment. An amazing couple of hours. Massage from me first which Louna seemed to enjoy then massage which I enjoyed and found relaxing.

Louna 's pressure was good and hit the spot. She even found some knots I did not know I had.

Would recommend Louna to others. My darker side would say no, this is so I can keep her for myself, but would be unfair to others.

Thank you for a great exchange
Reviewed by Fmman1960, 2016-04-23 [ID 13792:P]

Nautica Recommended
Gosford, New South Wales, Australia
While he considers himself to be still a novice, "Nautica" has a natural ease and flow in his technique that translates into a very enjoyable massage experience. Though he has room to develop his skills further, I found his massage to be both sensitive and perceptive. Being an intelligent and genuinely nice person was just an added bonus to a lovely exchange ... thank you :)
Reviewed by giac, 2016-04-23 [ID 13791:P]

Louna Highly Recommended
Bury Saint Edmunds, England, United Kingdom
After good communication with Louna, we arranged an evening to meet. We both exchanged and this was one of Louna's first massages on this site, so Louna explained her technique prior to the exchange as soft pressure. After Louna started I realised she had a great touch and feel. Louna' technique is flowing and sweeping motions, providing a relaxing massage that made me feel sleepy. I really enjoyed the time we had together and hope we can exchange again soon. I'm hesitant to say this as would love to keep her to myself but anyone who exchanges with Louna will really enjoy her massage.
Reviewed by Tallnslim, 2016-04-22 [ID 13789:P]

uxbridge1815 Highly Recommended
Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
I recently had a very successful massage exchange with Anthony at his flat. He had his own table and oil. I started by giving him a sitting massage of his shoulders, neck and arms then with him lying down on his front did his back, gluts, legs and feet. After that I did his front. He is comfortable with nudity though I kept my jockstrap on. He had tight shins especially which I worked on and I was flattered to be told that he enjoyed the experience as a whole.
The massage that he gave was altogether more professional (no wonder,as he is qualified in sports massage). I wanted a deep tissue massage and that is what I got! He located some problem areas and released tension there. I enjoyed the experience too!
Reviewed by freeguy, 2016-04-22 [ID 13788:P]

bhong Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
Met bhong today and had a great massage from him.
He was very attentive to my desires.
Would recommend him!
Reviewed by Mankie, 2016-04-22 [ID 13787:P]

GoodHandsBR Highly Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Meet GoodhandsBR in person very genuine guy and made me feel right at easy when we meet, discuss massage techniques before we started.

Room was very comfortable with proper massage table and nice music and lighting. I relax straight from the start and he has very nice strokes and touch.

Would recommend GoodhandsBR to anyone and look forward to repeat visit.
Reviewed by Monty2235, 2016-04-22 [ID 13786:P]

Mankie Satisfactory
Northwood, United Kingdom
Met Mankie today, nice guy who like to receive massage more than given. Hope he's enjoyed the session today.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-22 [ID 13785:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I had a wonderful massage exchange with Bengiboy today. When on the table, he was a very receptive participant and expressed a sense of trust. I was in a state of heaven under his touch,which was very pleasurable and sensual. I would definitely recommend a exchange with Bengiboy if you get a chance.
Reviewed by dixter, 2016-04-21 [ID 13784:P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
I met with Dixter today and found him to be a very friendly and enthusiastic masseur. Dixter likes to use a variety of techniques in his massage giving an interesting approach to massage.he has a firm touch and gives a competent massage. He is jolly and eager to please. Well recommended for a fun time of massage.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-04-21 [ID 13783:P]

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