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Mark098 Highly Recommended
Windsor, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Had 2 swaps with mark, it was fantastic he was very hospitable and has excellent massages skill considering he is not doing it for living, it was the massages I would expect if I go to a spa and pay £100 an hour absolutely relaxing, highly recommended for a swap.
Reviewed by Reny80, 2016-05-22 [ID 13943:P]

Brad12 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
I had the privilege of doing an exchange with Brad12. We had been sending E-Mails back and forth and if history holds true for one reason or another the exchanges never happen but this time things where different When he arrived he informed me that I was his first exchange and I wanted to make his experience as relaxed as possible. What I found so special about BRAD12 was that he is such a great human being and I knew that the time that we spent together was going to be special. When it was time for me to receive I was so impressed with his strength and command of how to give a great massage. He asked me how the pressure was and I felt as though my whole body was under his control. The ironic thing is that I just had a LMT give me a massage a few days back and BRAD12 was far better!!!
When I come back to INDY we already know we are going to do another exchange and if you get a chance to spend some time with BRAD12 you won't be sorry I know it left a smile on my face for days!!!!
Reviewed by Hands101, 2016-05-21 [ID 13942:P]

Pttyear Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My partner and I have had at least three massage sessions with Pttyear. He is not only very personable but makes you feel very comfortable in his home surroundings. He takes his time during the massage and checks in with you throughout. Clearly we have enjoyed the massages as we have gone back more than once. We would have no hesitate recommending him.
Reviewed by eastyorkduo, 2016-05-21 [ID 13941:P]

Jay443 Highly Recommended
Germantown, Maryland, United States
had a great exchange with Jay443, he has a good a presence and thoughtful presentation to his work, truly a gentle giant of a man. I will continue to look forward the future exchanges. He always surprises me with something unique and special.
Reviewed by Clay4mer, 2016-05-21 [ID 13816:P]

walthamstowe17 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
Swapping massage with walthamstowe17 was thoroughly enjoyable and amazing experience. He was a friendly, hospitable and welcoming host. Nice guy to chat and made me feel at ease right from the beginning. An excellent masseur with a firm touch and good combination of movement. His technique was relaxing and quite remarkable indeed. I recommend him to anyone who want to enjoy a good massage. Look forward to another one.
Reviewed by chilax24, 2016-05-21 [ID 13940:P]

subaqua66 Highly Recommended
Tongham, United Kingdom
Subaqua66 is a very friendly guy interested in all aspects of massage therapy and injury management. He is easy to get along with and an excellent host. We spent some time chatting and exchanging information and ideas over a cup of tea before exchanging. I enjoyed my massage and the respectful way in which it was approached. Subaqua66 is a competent masseur and his interest in sports massage was evident as he dealt proficiently with any tense areas he found. The whole exchange was very relaxed and enjoyable and I can easily recommend swapping with him.
Reviewed by Elouise, 2016-05-21 [ID 13939:P]

Reply from subaqua66 of 2016-05-21
Thank you Louise for the kind words. looking forward to our next exchange.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Thank you Longsweep so much for a lovely relaxing heavenly massage!

I found him to be great - punctual and respectful. I absolutely loved my massage and am looking forward to another one soon!
Reviewed by Bettyboop39, 2016-05-21 [ID 13938:P]

thomaskayyy Highly Recommended
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
I had the privilege of receiving a relaxing and rewarding massage from Thomaskayyy. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has soreness or tightness in their body; he makes it a point to relax every part of your body. The approach to neck and shoulders in particular was a highlight for me. Thomaskayyy has incredible strength and abilities to perform many more massages and likes to cater for specific needs. He takes on board feedback and modifies accordingly.
Reviewed by EnigmaticEast, 2016-05-20 [ID 13937:P]

Daniel1933 Highly Recommended
Brentford, United Kingdom
Met Daniel1933 after such a long time trying to meet up ! Daniel1933 was a very great host, we had a wonderful 'connection phase' which I initiated and that set the massage exchange off nicely. Daniel1933 had a great set up and pulled out all the stops ! Wine, sensual lovely music which was mellow, lovely sensual oils which were smelly and calming also . Daniel1933 had a great body as he's a triathlete ! We talked a lot and connected very well, Daniel1933 had very nice clean moves, long flowing effleurage strokes, very clean and lovely calf muscles and everything else really ! I loved his touch so much and was not wanting him to stop but time was the limiting factor to what was a wonderfully relaxing evening. Thank you Daniel1933 for all the effort and a lovely massage ! I highly recommend an exchange with him and look forward to meeting up with him in the not too distant future. Lovely friendly and amiable guy.
Reviewed by Tennisfan777, 2016-05-20 [ID 13935:P]

Clay4mer Highly Recommended
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Had another session with Clay4mer and again the session was amazing. This guy is one of the best at massage. In addition to his skillset, he is a very interesting person. People in general are interesting. Interesting people worth getting to know. It has been a privilege to get to know Clay4mer. .
Reviewed by Jay443, 2016-05-20 [ID 13819:P]

Elouise Highly Recommended
Aldershot, England, United Kingdom
Had my first exchange this afternoon with Elouise. what can I say. This lady is amazing very soft hands light gentle strokes. I was made to feel very relaxed. Can't wait for the next exchange. Don't miss a chance to meet this lady and exchange
Reviewed by subaqua66, 2016-05-19 [ID 13933:P]

promassage1 Highly Recommended
West Hempstead, New York, United States
Thanks so much for great massage!
Reviewed by wetwo, 2016-05-19 [ID 13934:P]

reeney Highly Recommended
Washington, Pennsylvania, United States
Had a great experience with Reeney. She hosted the exchange. She was very respectful and had a very relaxed room making sure that the temperature of the room was just right. She has very relaxing hands and asked questions periodically to ensure that I was having a positive experience. I look forward to exchanging again with Reeney hopefully soon!
Reviewed by pittmassagelover76, 2016-05-19 [ID 13932:P]

pittmassagelover76 Highly Recommended
Washington, Pennsylvania, United States
OMG!!! I just finished a massage exchange with pittmassagelover76 about 15 minutes ago.
This was hands down THE BEST MASSAGE I have ever recieved, no joke! He had my whole body feeling alive, tingling and quivering. It was all I could do to keep quiet and not moan during the entire session. When he was done, I did not want it to end. My legs we're like rubber and I felt like mush. This was to be a therapeutic massage, but it was the most sensual, erotic, stimulating, absolutely delicious massage I have ever experienced -- all while working all of my muscles and problem areas. And he isn't even a trained massage therapist!!! I feel WONDERFUL!
It was pure joy to work on him also. I always massage my partner first and he had fantastic skin and a great body. He was on time, polite and very respectful of boundaries.
I highly recommend him. AND....hope I get the chance to experience another exchange with him...perhaps a completely sensuous massage exchange next time!!!
Reviewed by reeney, 2016-05-19 [ID 13931:P]

Bearcub954 Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Bearcub954 welcomed me into his home for a very good massage exchange. He set the atmosphere with subdued lighting from candles and had soft, relaxing music. After a few minutes conversation to discuss any trouble areas and technique, he invited me to disrobe and lay on his new, sturdy massage table. We agreed that he would work on me first for half the massage, then swap. While Bearcub954 said he was fairly new to massage and exchanges, he’s apparently been paying attention during his trades, as he has good technique. He checked in regularly with me as he progressed. We had blocked plenty of time, so there wasn’t any rushing or clock-watching. I give Bearcub954 high marks and would welcome a future exchange.
Reviewed by bob42392, 2016-05-19 [ID 13930:P]

Reply from Bearcub954 of 2016-05-19
Again I want to thank Bob for a wonderful massage he was supportive and caring and was able to be very intuitive to my needs

guillaume600 Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
He´s talented, respectful and has very good hands, also he´s got a table, oils and everything needed for a good massage. I have enjoyed a lot our exchanges and hope we can repeat them
Reviewed by MTL40, 2016-05-19 [ID 11973:P]

danm2015 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
We have met for a good bodywork session after a short conversation on this site.His kind behaviour and jolly approach has ensured a pleasant afternoon swap.I enjoyed his smooth motion and I have got a harder technique on my back as I asked. I was satisfied with his experienced hands and the type of massage I have got from him. I can recommend him to anybody.I am waiting for the next occasion we can swap again.
Reviewed by AnitaH, 2016-05-19 [ID 13929:P]

bob42392 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, Florida, United States
I was lucky to have exchanged massages with .
He was quite the caring individual and was very good with all modalities. Our exchange lasted way beyond what we had set aside for time, but I hated to see your time part . Both his therapeutic and sensual aspects of his massage quite remarkable I will be very much looking forward to exchanging again with him I learned quite a few new techniques
Reviewed by Bearcub954, 2016-05-19 [ID 13928:P]

Sa7eFun Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I exchanged recently with sa7efun. He is extremely fit with a great body, toned but not excessive. Smooth clear skin easy to rub. He has a developed style with great firm pressure, I suspect my massage of him was not as good as his of me.

Good communication before the exchange and updates when he met travel issues on the way made for an easy meet. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Love2rub41, 2016-05-19 [ID 13927:P]

practii Highly Recommended
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Met with practii recently at my centre in Cornwall. He was on time and greeted me warmly. Practii has zero experience with massage and wasn't afraid to say so but also he was very open and eager to learn. I went first so he could experience my techniques and apply what he liked. He had a great energy about him. The technique was lacking as it was his first time but still it felt good. I have nothing to complain about it is was good massage! I truly believe his massage will be amazing with some more practice. He was such an easy going open guy I was very comfortable with him and look forward to future exchanges. Thanks practii!
Had a second exchange with Practii. Wonderful man! Technique was even better, he was more relaxed and it let his skills shine more. Looking forward to our meeting exchange!
Reviewed by Cornwallmassage, 2016-05-19 [ID 13598:P]

Cornwallmassage Highly Recommended
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
I had my first exchange and it was all that I had hoped for. What a massage. Immediately upon arriving, I was made to feel welcome and totally relaxed. I had the most relaxing and stimulating experience one could ever ask for. He conducted the massage with passion and class and was not at all impatient with my lack of experience in the exchange role. I would highly recommend a visit to Cornwall. Its a full learning experience session. I hope I will be allowed a follow up exchange in the future.
Reviewed by practii, 2016-05-18 [ID 13600:P]

viggyg Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Great location and atmosphere , nice music. Clear communication and boundaries around massage body parts and Viggyg was fun to talk to during the massage, which I enjoyed and lots of energy and new techniques to practice on me. Appreciate the exchange.
Reviewed by mgmmalt, 2016-05-18 [ID 13926:P]

g11g Highly Recommended
, Scotland, United Kingdom
I met g11g a few weeks ago at my place for a massage swap which was great, he tackled some problem areas in my back area with short and long strokes and using just the right pressure.
I look forward to meeting him again given the chance with his busy work schedules.
Reviewed by Tayguy, 2016-05-18 [ID 13925:P]

KamaMassage Highly Recommended
Exeter, United Kingdom
As a female therapist, it can be a difficult decision to swap with a male. However, I recently had the pleasure of meeting this clean, polite and respectful guy for a massage swap and I am so glad that I made that decision. I instantly felt at ease on meeting and at no point during the massage did that feeling change. He is a genuine guy with a passion for massage and knows how to give a really good, professional massage. I think he should be doing this as a job not just as an enthusiast!

I usually like a firm massage (I sometimes find sports massage too gentle), however I found the more gentle style of the massage that he gives incredibly relaxing. He has a confident gentle touch and really does enjoy the experience of giving a massage.

I would not hesitate to swap again with this guy.
Reviewed by EasternEnergy, 2016-05-18 [ID 13924:P]

MartinMassage1977 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
What an fantastic experience! - From the moment you arrive and enter his purpose built massage area, you know you are in expert hands. MartinMassage1977 has a caring, relaxing approach and his professionalism and evident skills ensure you come away from the meeting feeling amazing. The generosity he applies to his massage, is also evident when he too is being massaged, making the whole event one of a mutually beneficial experience. I would whole heartedly recommend you to work with him at the earliest opportunity.
Reviewed by Sa7eFun, 2016-05-18 [ID 13923:P]

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