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Love2rub41 Highly Recommended
Maidstone, United Kingdom
A very pleasant & genuine guy. Definitely recommend an exchange with him.
Had really enjoyable massage with Love2Rub41 yesterday. He is confident, has an excellent technique and applies it really well. He was keen to be sure the massage was going well and has the knowledge to find those knots and focus on them properly.
A real shame we ran out of time and I was not able reciprocate on this occasion – another time I hope.
Reviewed by Chrispd, 2016-09-21 [ID 14792:P]

StanmoreHolistic Highly Recommended
Stanmore, England, United Kingdom
I met StanmoreHolistic today, and it was wonderful.. He has deep knowledge about the massage, and specially feet massage was wonderful. He has good massage table, and so many oils. He is very courteous and came to meet me at the Station. I fully recommend him with 5 stars.
Reviewed by moonraker2, 2016-09-21 [ID 14791:P]

EdStryker Highly Recommended
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Got a very nice massage, and he was understanding and patient with the fact I'm very inexperienced with giving massages
Reviewed by rgilmore, 2016-09-21 [ID 14790:P]

luap11 Highly Recommended
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Met luap11 at his hotel room in London , he was very good with his hands, pressure was very firm and nice even strokes, we ran out of time but I thoroughly enjoyed luap11 and would love to swap with him again when he's around. The massage setting wasn't the best ! Single bed against a wall but we worked with what we had. Really nice guy ;-)
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2016-09-21 [ID 14789:P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
We have been in touch for quite a while with Touch 123 and it was worth the wait.
It was easy to get to his place thanks to some very clear explanation sent on my mobile. Touch 123 made me feel welcome immediately with a very friendly greeting, hugs and a nice cup of tea.
He has a very nice house and the massage table was ready next to a fire place, all very warm and cosy.
We got on well together. Touch 123 is an artist-philosophe with a beautiful approach of life.
His massage technic combine different level of pressure, he would know where I have tension and knot and applied the right pressure. His work on the legs was incredible and I had a great head massage as well.
The time I spent on the table was full of surprises, from his healing touch, the warm towel over the body, his hands carefully warmed up then applied on the face, simply heaven.
Obviously I was a bit intimidated when came my turn to give him the massage. Touch 123 made me feel extremely comfortable, and was reassuring, he has a great strong body which help and gave me enough confidence to give a good (decent) massage, I hope.
Touch 123 generously invited me to share his lunch prepared earlier one and we carried on chatting.
Simply a beautiful soul with the sun in his eyes and mind.
The meeting was beyond the simple massage, more a breath of fresh air and optimism. Thank you Touch 123 for a very special moment, precious time.
Reviewed by LM55, 2016-09-21 [ID 14788:P]

BearMate Highly Recommended
Oakland, California, United States
It is now almost 24 hours since my exchange with Bearmate and I'm still so relaxed and peaceful.
His style is thoroughly warmingly, evenly pressured and enduringly paced.
Truly from gifted hands from a man who appreciates the human form and heart, this seemlessly translates into the whole experience.
What a thoroughly enjoyable exchange. I look forward to the next opportunity to exchange.
Reviewed by RestAWhile, 2016-09-21 [ID 14787:P]

Reply from BearMate of 2016-09-21
Dear RestAWhile,
Thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed immensely our massage exchange. You made me feel whole again.
Thank you and I look forward to another exchange soon with you. Hugs.

nova09 Highly Recommended
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Excellent host,with strong hands. I had a great session
Reviewed by chouette, 2016-09-21 [ID 14786:P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
What can I say about Nexus that others have not already? Nothing except that it's all true! He is an excellent tutor, giving feedback throughout the session. His stimulating conversation did not cover just massage but anything you care to talk about. There was not a dull moment. Thank you for a good session.
Reviewed by Leonski, 2016-09-20 [ID 14785:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Waltham Forest, England, United Kingdom
had a massage with Massagaholic yesterday . charming man, good conversationalist and extremely nice man. I felt very comfortable and safe with him within minutes of meeting. He gave me an excellent massage, was intuitive and concerned to ensure all tight and sore points were well attended to. I certainly hope to have an exchange with Massagaholic again on my next trip to London.
Reviewed by luap11, 2016-09-20 [ID 14784:P]

RestAWhile Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
After woking to coordinate our busy schedules, RestAWhile and I had our first massage exchange today.
It was by far one of the most enjoyable and complete body massage I've had in a long time.
He had good techniques that I was able to pick up and use them on him. Our conversation on massage techniques were very good too.
I highly recommend him.
Thank you RestAWhile!
Reviewed by BearMate, 2016-09-20 [ID 14783:P]

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I hosted a session today with mow25. As a host I usually have the guest go first; especially since he stated he hadn't much experience. I now know the reason for lack of experience. Mow25 does not reciprate/exchange.
We had a discussion before the massage on type of massage, problem areas and boundaries. I checked in several time during the massage and everything seemed fine. Mow25 seemed to experience a very enjoyable and relaxing massage.
I was taken aback when mow25 stated he would do his best 'next' time we exchanged. Really? If mow25 had an issue with time, I feel it should have been his responsibility to bring this to my attention before we started.
Lesson learned: Include as part of the discussion the expectations of an exchange before arriving and reiterate before starting the massage. Mow25 enjoyed an 80 minute massage. I got to enjoy set up, tear down and doing laundry.
Reviewed by Jay443, 2016-09-20 [ID 14774:P]

nsmeier Highly Recommended
Aptos, California, United States
I did an exchange w/nsmeier yesterday& it was very therapeutic. His techniques & professionalism were superb, as was his expert draping technique. I enjoyed his skillful strokes & appreciated the deep tissue work in areas which required it. I look forward to future exchanges, & am pleased to have traded.
Reviewed by Rosemary, 2016-09-20 [ID 14782:P]

funinthesack Recommended
Mokena, Illinois, United States
I had a really good time with funinthesack. He is very down to earth and easy going with very nice accommodations for hosting. I quickly felt at ease. The massage itself was nice and firm, he has strong hands and knows the muscles well and how to make them feel good. He was generous with his time and the conversation was interesting but not distracting. I would definitely like to exchange again.
Reviewed by r0bson, 2016-09-20 [ID 14781:P]

Leonski Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
A long time since I last reviewed anyone. Work has been busy for a few months so meetings have been put on hold. However, my patience was well rewarded when I met Leonski this week. I travelled to his home where he immediately put me at my ease and made me feel welcome. His style is a real treat - lots of detailed work around my shoulders finding all manner of knots and then working along my body and applying just the right amount of pressure. It was a truly lovely experience, made better by being in the company of someone who is interesting, courteous and skilled. I would hope we can repeat.
Reviewed by nexus, 2016-09-20 [ID 14780:P]

coriolan Recommended
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom
Met Coriolan on Sunday afternoon, it was great having an exchange with him very nice and polite guy, I enjoyed the massage he gave to me. Thanks for hosting and looking to meet him again.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-09-20 [ID 14779:P]

Axiom Highly Recommended
Basingstoke, United Kingdom
I met with Andy today, I went to his treatment room in Basingstoke, upon arrival Andy was welcoming, calming and very relaxing.
He started on me and within minutes I was virtually drifting away with his soothing long strokes and firm pressure the hour + was fantastic !! He used a great massaging oil and before i knew 3 hours had passed. I can not recommend Andy highly enough, his a polite & a charming guy!! I can't wait to hopefully meet again. Thanks so much !!
Reviewed by Keefa29, 2016-09-20 [ID 14778:P]

onepittsburghguy Highly Recommended
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Great massage exchanged, has good technique with strong hands. I would highly recommend and look forward to exchanging again.
Reviewed by Pgh412, 2016-09-20 [ID 14777:P]

Rosemary Highly Recommended
Santa Cruz, California, United States
Rosemary and I met for a massage trade. She created a the space was comfortable and serene for a relaxing massage. She clearly is a professional and her technique was excellent. During and after the massage I felt very relaxed.She was friendly and easy to get along with.
Reviewed by nsmeier, 2016-09-19 [ID 14776:P]

RM20 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
RM20's massage was exceptional, from beginning to end, from top to toe. I am not saying it was not painful at times, his pressures are very firm, but this was entirely grateful pain as I knew for certain it was doing my body the world of good. His knowledge of muscular and skeletal structure informed every move and stretch. It felt like he pulled every bit of me out of place, then put everything back exactly where it should be, not how it had come to be following my bad postural habits and lack of exercise.
The overall impact left me feeling very balanced but also totally and completely relaxed as he also used soft, smooth, and tantalising, moves to heighten all my sensations. At one point, I can only describe my response as ecstatic as he went into an intuitive, holistic, mode.
it is a measure of his generosity and his comforting presence that I felt OK to massage him in return even though I knew I could in no way match his skills.
Thank tou so much RM20 for a truly delightful exchange. It felt really connected and I do hope to meet up for another swap soon.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2016-09-19 [ID 14775:P]

jeff02 Highly Recommended
Welwyn Hatfield, England, United Kingdom
Excellent session. Very invigorating and relaxing. Thoroughly recommended.
Reviewed by Bobbyshafto, 2016-09-19 [ID 14773:P]

MKeynesguy Highly Recommended
Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom
Excellent. Had a great session. Well recommended.
Reviewed by Bobbyshafto, 2016-09-19 [ID 14772:P]

Reply from MKeynesguy of 2016-09-19
Wonderful man and had a great exchange and recommend him to anyone.

coriolan Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom
He is a nice guy and gives a good massage which is very sensual. Very well recommended.
Reviewed by Bobbyshafto, 2016-09-19 [ID 14771:P]

George1964 Highly Recommended
Salisbury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
I hosted George1964 recently at my home. He arrived on time and, over a coffee, we discussed the various options for our massage exchange. I massaged him first, and found him very receptive and appreciative of my methods. Then it was my turn on the table and, although George professed to have very limited experience, I found him assured and using the right form of muscle pressure to give a very satisfactory massage.
After the exchange, I offered him a shower and we then had a cup of tea to round off the visit.
A very pleasant exchange and one I hope to repeat. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Hantsguys1, 2016-09-19 [ID 14770:P]

Hantsguys1 Highly Recommended
Ringwood, United Kingdom
I've just had a relaxing and sensual exchange with Hantsguys1. From the moment I was welcomed at the door I felt totally relaxed and at ease. We had a chat over a coffee first and discussed our exchanges and experiences so far (that didn't take me long!).
We started with a brief connecting session which I had never experienced before but I can highly recommend as it melts away any nerves or barriers. I was first on the massage table where I was treated to a wonderful range of light gentle touches to medium strength techniques. I tried to return the same feel using similar strokes and some of my own and was assured it was mutually beneficial. The entire massage was a definite 'wow' for me and I hope this is the first of many.
This gentleman is a very warm and genuine guy and gives a very good and thorough massage and is very receptive in return. I look forward to meeting up again soon.

Reviewed by George1964, 2016-09-19 [ID 14769:P]

London, England, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange with sp90210. He has a wonderful technique and is very thorough - a really friendly guy too.
Reviewed by bisporty, 2016-09-19 [ID 14768:P]

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