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MF13 Recommended
Chalfont, Pennsylvania, United States
MF14 is a handsome, well built white male. It took me 10 mins to warm up both oil and my tables heated cover. We were both nude without any shame, chatting the entire time. He booked mutual therapeutic and sensual combination but due to an accident at airport he had torn 2 small muscles, and he'd had a single vertsbrae surgerical repair in May, I became the provider. I began a guided full-body deep tissue massage. The first 30 mins I focused on his neck, shoulders, back with some high pressure relief and Thai elements carefully to those areas of injury. I addressed shoulder, buttock & leg pain that were stirred up. At this point I added several additiional skin tension modes that visibly added to his arousal. He orgasmed after 50 minutes. He moved to his back. He actually assumed we were through but I explained I needed to take care of his front and it was obvious that his front was ready again to be manipulated. I worked neglected areas in his frame including his face, chests, abs and internal organs, hips and legs. He remained in this position for around an hour with visible improvement. Cool Down Stage: we sat naked and talked. He was feeling much better and offered to do me, but after 2+hours and I reluctantly turned him down. therapeutic: my massage was more impactful than one three days earlier by a LMT. On the sensual side he was satisfied as well. Contacted the next day he said he was definitely still on a "high" from my work. Thanks, bro'!
Reviewed by scotty2, 2016-07-24 [ID 14340:P]

BuddyAFriend Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States
BuddyAFriend welcomed me very nice in his nice home. His massage table is very comfortable. We looked at a couple massage lotions and selected one I knew I'd like. His massage included many techniques that totally relaxed me and felt great, both light and some deeper techniques. He was very open to my feedback, asking how I liked things, asking if he was massaging too deeply, or if I was uncomfortable in some of his techniques where he stretched my lower back and hip while massaging it. I was not uncomfortable! It was great! After the massage he taught me how to do a couple of the techniques I really liked. I highly recommend BuddyAFriend.
Reviewed by massageenthusiast111, 2016-07-24 [ID 14339:P]

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
L8deeB, has very confident, strong hand strokes with a nurturing feel that comes from her enjoying and focusing on the sense of touch. Using a very slow, deleberate and un hurried technique puts you in a state of repose and relaxation while melting away tension. A natural love of the healing power of touch is the first requirement to give a great massage ( which L8deeB has), with the technical side a learned experience that comes with practice.
Using draping is also a strong point that compliments the whole experience. Great to exchange new ideas and build trust.
Reviewed by iilario, 2016-07-24 [ID 14283:P]

Reply from L8deeB of 2016-07-24
Thank you Ilario...i am pleased you felt relaxed and thank you for your feed back .

ALED28 Highly Recommended
Keighley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
After many messages over a few weeks, aled28 and I finally met for an exchange. He massaged me first and has very firm hands which adjusted the pressure appropriately. He has a good range of techniques and gives very full coverage including a very nice massage of hands and feet. Overall it was very relaxing and satisfying. I then massaged him which he seemed to enjoy. So it was a lovely exchange which we are planning to repeat soon.
Reviewed by Kendalian3, 2016-07-24 [ID 14338:P]

Rick04 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Great swap thanks Rick. Easy to talk to, a genuine guy who soon puts you at ease. Obviously enjoys giving and receiving massages and knows his stuff. Gave a lovely massage - thanks for some new ideas too.
Reviewed by Tallbighands, 2016-07-24 [ID 14337:P]

Reply from Rick04 of 2016-07-24
I had a lovely afternoon with a warm generous man and a great massage swap! We will have to do it again! :)

landy200 Recommended
Northampton, England, United Kingdom
Had a full body massage..... landy gave firm strokes all over.... left me feeling relaxed and satified......... Will definitely have him again...... Turned up on time.......
Reviewed by delboy69, 2016-07-24 [ID 14336:P]

AntonioMonsoon Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Antonio greeted me at his wonderful home with a big beautiful smile! His touch was intuitive and connected. He worked the knots out of my back and shoulders with ease. Great experience and I hope to exchange with him again soon! Thanks Antonio!
Reviewed by K13ash, 2016-07-24 [ID 14335:P]

Reply from AntonioMonsoon of 2016-07-26
Hey handsome thanks for the great review it was so nice meeting you. I look forward to exchanging with you again thank you

iilario Highly Recommended
Maylands, Western Australia, Australia
I had the pleasure of meeting Ilario and have exchanged massages. He is very genuine and professional. His studio is tranquil, very clean and nurturing . My experience was very relaxing and soothing including meditation. He listened attentively and I was extremely relaxed afterwards . Thank you
Reviewed by L8deeB, 2016-07-24 [ID 14334:P]

Reply from iilario of 2016-07-24
Thank you L8deeB. Appreciate your kind comments. ilario

bodytobodyseeker Highly Recommended
Vancouver, Washington, United States
BodyToBodySeeker is a very nice and friendly man. He is muscular and fit and gives a great sensual massage, coupled with interesting and positive conversation. His photo does him great disservice. Quite handsome and skilled, I can only rate him 5 stars becase the scale goes no higher. I felt fantastic after he massaged me and hope to exchange massages with him again soon.
Reviewed by BuddyAFriend, 2016-07-23 [ID 14333:P]

arlem Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Recently met Arlem for an exchange at my place, he was giving me variety of strokes with good pressure on my back that I enjoyed very much. The massage was good and not in the rush. Would like to meet him again soon.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-07-23 [ID 14332:P]

c2609 Highly Recommended
Radlett, England, United Kingdom
Had a great massage session with c2609 yesterday, he is a nice and easy going guy that I'm comfortable with him. Very relaxing and enjoyed his work on me. Will looking forward to meet him again.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-07-23 [ID 14331:P]

mitsu123 Highly Recommended
Hounslow, England, United Kingdom
Mitsu123 is an excellent masseur drawing on a wide range of traditions while not being afraid to add some of his own features which he has probably picked up from other swaps. He arrived punctually in the morning, which enabled us to start without delay, He was attentive to not overdo those areas which I had pointed out were a little sensitive, but otherwise gave the right amount of pressure which made for a very good massage. All in all, I have no hesitation in recommending Mitsu123 to anyone who appreciates good technique and a totally relaxing massage. I, for one, felt the effect right through the rest of the day.
Reviewed by hardandsoft, 2016-07-23 [ID 14330:P]

argentinianmassage Highly Recommended
Salford, United Kingdom
Had a great massage from argentinianmassage today. He worked wonders on my back which had been troubling me for a few days. Then a full-body experience which was delightful. Excellent touch, firm and hits all the right spots. Would highly recommend, and am looking forward to further sessions with him.
Reviewed by flyscot, 2016-07-23 [ID 14329:P]

tantragoddess Highly Recommended
Mernda, Victoria, Australia
What an absolute joy it was to provide tantragodess with her first lomi lomi massage. She created a lovely space and energy and said she enjoyed the experience. I would be most pleased to meet up with her again for a follow up soon.
Reviewed by mapex, 2016-07-23 [ID 14328:P]

gsparks69 Highly Recommended
Edgware, United Kingdom
Lovely guy, he is very sweet and understanding. Felt very comfortable with him!

More people should give him a try! Happy to give more than more one massage! Brilliant person
Reviewed by Shah85, 2016-07-23 [ID 14327:P]

Suavecito2 Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States
Had a really great massage trade with Suavecito. I felt totally comfortable with him right away, he's genuine, relaxed, and friendly. He has a very nice set up with a professional table in his clean and comfortable home. He had great techniques, and I thoroughly enjoyed his work on me. Very relaxing and responsive. He's a good communicator, and was really fun for me to work on - I think he brought out the best in me. He's in great shape, very fit and youthful. Just an all around great guy!
Reviewed by runnrguy, 2016-07-22 [ID 14326:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I met Bengiboy yesterday for massage exchange. I was received with warm welcome followed by drinks.
Hugging at the start of massage stimulated the feelings of relaxation.
He offered massage first which helped me to learn new tips and techniques. The movement of his hands and balance of pressure at the specific parts made the massage more enjoyable.
I had massage sessions at saloons but the relaxation and satisfaction I got with Bengiboy is far more in comparison.
Bengiboy asked me about my priorities and possible requirements before the start of the massage made me feel highly respected and in return I tried to maintain at least the same.
Finally, I have no hesitation in recommending Bengiboy for a swap and at least giving a try.
I'm looking forward to meet him at least a month to refresh myself despite of my priorities of having female partners after his highly welcoming and caring gesture.
Reviewed by MeForMasage, 2016-07-22 [ID 14257:P]

britlad Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the pleasure of meeting britlad for an exchange, after a great deal of initial messaging which in itself was great. He's a lovely guy, great company. He told me he hadn't exchanged for quite a few months but his skilled and varied strokes made that difficult to believe. I would call his style relaxed, intuitive, attentive and unhurried. We have already arranged for another exchange, and I can't give a better recommendation than that. Thank you britlad.
Reviewed by elixirguy, 2016-07-22 [ID 14325:P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange with Mukesh. We corresponded for quite a while before meeting, and it was like getting together with an old friend. Mukesh was relaxed and our session was unhurried. We swapped over a few times during the exchange which worked well for us and really kept the momentum going. He was very attentive throughout the massage and used a variety of strokes. It was extremely pleasurable and I was close to sleep such was the depth of my relaxation. In addition Mukesh was friendly and good company. I highly recommend an exchange with him if you get the chance.
Reviewed by elixirguy, 2016-07-22 [ID 14324:P]

Reply from mukesh of 2016-07-23
Thank you for the fab massage and definitely keeping in touch for more!
Thanks for the lovely pressure which was just right!
Best wishes

elixirguy Highly Recommended
Letchworth Garden City, England, United Kingdom
l had the most outstanding massage today with Elixiguy, Had a wonderful session after a long time which was worth waiting.We exchanged messages and finally got together today. Elixiguy was professional throughout the session, His Effeurage was outstanding especially bilaterally of the popliteal fossa.Enjoyed the deep thumb friction to pads of foot and between the tendons.His finger kneadingof the gastrocnemius was execellent. l soon fell to sleep and three hours just flew by. He is very good at Hacking,cupping and pounding of the quads. lf anyone gets the chance to swop with Elixirguy please grab the oportunity .. l also enjoyed the abdomen and lift at waist,The ending was great too with feather like strokes which was a bliss.
cant wait for our next session.
He also offered me Tea and the biscuits were great.Thank you Elixirguy.
The connection was also great and did not want the session to end
Once again Thanks Elixirguy
Definately 5 Star
Reviewed by mukesh, 2016-07-22 [ID 14323:P]

Reply from elixirguy of 2016-07-22
Wow Mukesh, thank you for those kind words. I think you know I really enjoyed your massage too. I had a fantastic exchange and look forward to seeing you again.

tantragoddess Highly Recommended
Mernda, Victoria, Australia
She is so professional and i felt so relax. A very good relaxation session i had. Thank You very much.
Reviewed by JR01, 2016-07-22 [ID 14322:P]

nakedpooh Highly Recommended
Sarasota, Florida, United States
Such a great experience!
Comfortable & relaxed from the very beginning!
Such a treat to have a highly trained professional masseur share his skills & talents!
Coaching me to relax & breath during stretching positions.
I hope that I can remember half of the techniques he shared to use on my massage that I give!

Reviewed by MDBhandsharing, 2016-07-22 [ID 14321:P]

ME1973 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Recently met with ME1973 for an exchange at his place. He is an excellent and welcoming host, his place was really relaxing and the massage was first class. Nothing was rushed, he has great technique and very experienced.

I definitely recommend him.
Reviewed by Davese11, 2016-07-22 [ID 14320:P]

Alwaysabeachbum Recommended
Henley Beach, South Australia, Australia
The massage was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience
Reviewed by PeterPamper, 2016-07-22 [ID 14319:P]

mjdbaker Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Mjdbaker, gave an amazing deep tissue massage, it was very firm and I loved the pressure. I was very impressed with the intensity of the whole massage and look forward to recieving another deep tissue one next time.

He did not rush anything and gave all different areas the same amount of attention.

He was a very kind and sweet person and I felt relaxed to have him over!
Reviewed by Shah85, 2016-07-22 [ID 14318:P]

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