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CountryHandz Highly Recommended
Bedford, Pennsylvania, United States
Had a great mututal sensual massage experience. Hope to do it again. Very gentle and also informative about the different aspects of massage.
Reviewed by Customer, 2014-04-26 [ID 9937:P]

tint Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Highly recommend. Tint is a handsome, friendly, and intelligent fellow who is into massage. Very good technique, I really enjoyed his massage. Really looking forward to another session.

Reviewed by gjd, 2014-04-25 [ID 9934:P]

Chamigo89 Highly Recommended
Rancho Murieta, California, United States
I received a very professional, relaxing massage and he was very friendly and kind. He showed up when he was supposed to and was very respectful of me. He gave me a two hour long massage. My elbow and shoulder was hurting earlier in the day and from the day before because I slightly injured it and he made it feel so much better! I have a problem winding down at night and I felt very serene afterwards. I highly recommend.
Reviewed by Deanna, 2014-04-24 [ID 9932:P]

ibdi Highly Recommended
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
Today I had the pleasure to swap massage with Ibdi. He is a great guy who knows how to make people comfortable. He uses different massage techniques making a great session where your muscles ease off from minute 1. Warm hands, great pressure and perfect rhythm.
I canĀ“t highly recommend Ibdi enough to any one looking for a great therapeutic massage!.
Reviewed by DARSHY, 2014-04-24 [ID 9930:P]

Peteruk Highly Recommended
Windsor, England, United Kingdom
Peteruk is quite a skilled masseur, he knows what he's doing and he does it well. Nice strong hands and professional approach together with nice personality, I can recommend him to anyone. Looking forward to another session!
Reviewed by Londonboy83, 2014-04-24 [ID 9928:P]

Londonboy83 Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Londonboy and I had a massage exchange today. He is a very polite nice and gentle person. The session was great. Stimulating and relaxing. I felt comfortable and refreshed. Hope to meet up with him in the future.
Reviewed by Peteruk, 2014-04-24 [ID 9927:P]

cares52 Highly Recommended
Worthing, United Kingdom
Would I recomend this man. YES I would he give a fantastic massage. Had a nice chat and a coffee before we started so we knew each others problem areas, he also does Reiki a treatment I highly recomend. Realy gets to work with those sore muscles, you come away feeling very relaxed. Try him he is good

Now had 3 sessions with him he is better than good he is great, puts you at ease knows exactly what you need.
Reviewed by gentlehandspyb, 2014-04-23 [ID 9737:P]

aisholt Recommended
Wantage, England, United Kingdom
I met aisholt today for the second time.
He gets better and better and is learning new techniques and strokes all the time.
A charming guy who puts you at ease straight away, aisholt certainly knows how to use his hands and thumbs to give a fantastic, all-over massage and sensual experience.
Reviewed by bioxford, 2014-04-23 [ID 9925:P]

georg Highly Recommended
Norwalk, Connecticut, United States
Georg and I met recently for a mutual exchange. There are a number of reasons this turned out to be one of the finest massage experiences I have had. First, we had a good discussion ahead of time about what we expected so there were no surprises on the table, and we were clear on what we were both looking for. Second, we were able to learn about each other, break the ice, so to speak. And finally, the "pre-meeting" allowed for the massage session in total silence. This wasn't planned, but we had nothing more to communicate verbally by the time we were naked on the table, so the massage became a silent, meaningful, almost transcendent experience for me. George really knows what it means to give and take, and to service your needs. I felt completely at ease with his massage techniques, he used his innate knowledge of anatomy to target exactly where my trouble spots were, and by the end of the massage, I was floating on cloud nine. I can't remember ever feeling that comfortable after a massage, or that eager to go at it again for a second visit. If you're looking for a deeply satisfying encounter with a gentle, skilled, and extremely caring man, you will be very pleased you got in touch with Georg. You cannot do better.
Reviewed by AlexThag, 2014-04-23 [ID 9924:P]

AlexThag Highly Recommended
La Quinta, California, United States
Alex and I shared an exchange the other night - and it was top notch. He was right on time (in fact, I wasn't QUITE ready at the appointed hour!); and is much better looking in person. Alex is a delightful conversationalist and, as far as technique, has a lighter touch with which he achieves wonderful results. To top it off, Alex is a really nice guy and I was very comfortable with him the entire time. I would welcome more exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by georg, 2014-04-23 [ID 9922:P]

raslo Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom

It was fortunate that our schedules allowed for raslo and I to arrange a swap together rather quickly. He had arranged his massage table, music, towels and oils before I arrived, and I immediately sensed that he was quite experienced with massage, despite claiming no formal training.
I was first on the table. He seemed to instantly enter a mode of mastery for the massage from start to finish. His technique was magnificent, using firm, flat hands that were in constant contact with my skin. Always in motion, raslo
applyed strong but appropriate pressure, and I wondered if he would ever tire-out. He never did. It must be due to his amazing athleticism that contributed to his massage stamina, as reflected in his very fit, muscular physique.
And what a pleasure it was to massage such a lovely, fit body! With only some leg hair, his body was virtually hairless, which made it very easy to find his muscles and massage them. I was a little worried when I began that I would not live-up to the level of "massage performance" that I enjoyed from him. But after he remained on the table for a long pause after I completed my massage, as well as a brief comment, I was happy to know that I could give him a satisfying massage in return. After all, he deserved it!
It was a fantastic swap and I would highly recommend raslo to anyone with enough confidence to give him a decent massage, knowing that you will get one from him that is nothing less than superb!
Reviewed by M123945, 2014-04-22 [ID 9920:P]

friendlyinbrooklyn Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I've now had two exchanges with friendlyinbrooklyn. Great guy, great touch! He had no problem coming to my place in Bed-Stuy as he knows my area and the transportation modes available. Both sessions were a wonderful and totally relaxing experience. His touch is very intuitive, sensitive and informed. In massage, one either has the aptitude or not. A license doesn't always equal a quality massage. Friendlyinbrooklyn is not licensed, but he knows how to do more than just give a "rub-down" and he's totally open to suggestions and has no problem asking if there is more he can do, checking in about appropriate pressure, etc. I look forward to future sessions with him!
Reviewed by Jmassage58, 2014-04-22 [ID 9919:P]

polo9 Highly Recommended
St Ives, New South Wales, Australia
I've had a sensational massage exchange with polo9. He was very gracious and picked me up from my homestay accommodations and brought me back to the city too. Though he operates a mobile massage service, I could not host, as I was staying in a private home.
He had large and talented hands that exposed and disposed of the many knots in my back, shoulders and legs. He was also very friendly and eager to please.
I would not hesitate to recommend polo9 to anyone wanting a destressing massage when in Sydney. I hope to be able to do another massage exchange with him when I'm back in Sydney.
Reviewed by nzmasseur, 2014-04-22 [ID 9918:P]

gjd Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
This was a superb and unhurried exchange with gjd. He is a welcoming and friendly guy with a calm, laid-back personality that is very conducive to relaxing massage. gjd's place was nicely set up with a comfortable new massage table which proved a great platform for his extensive massage skills. For someone with no formal training gjd's massage was extremely accomplished ranging from deep firm strokes through to gentler, soothing rhythms. All in all this was a great experience and one I'd recommend highly.
Reviewed by tint, 2014-04-22 [ID 9917:P]

Skudder Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Recently had a exchange with skudder such a pleasant guy l felt relaxed straight away,he is very polite and honest about his ability,his touch was spot on he is a natural at finding the right points that needed attention,when it was my turn to massage him he made things so easy for me such a great toned body it was a pleasure to touch
came away from this exchange feeling so relaxed and cannot wait to meet again,very highly recommended
Reviewed by goodasitgets, 2014-04-21 [ID 9916:P]

sydneymacca Highly Recommended
Rushcutters Bay, New South Wales, Australia
Such a lovely massage. SydneyMacca is highly skilled - very sensitive to what was going on with my muscles (and knots!) and had an assured touch as he worked his magic. He also bravely tackled my tight legs and I later felt as though I was walking on air. As a recipient (to my less skills hands) he was very reassuring and has really easy skin to work on. He was such a kind, generous host and a lovely, genuine person.
Reviewed by Tight, 2014-04-21 [ID 9915:P]

pinoko Recommended
London, United Kingdom
He is polite and considerate, picked/drooped me at station. The massage was a very relaxing experience and I was made to feel extremely comfortable. He is conscious of individual preferences and respectful. I was initially a bit cold which was quickly rectified, I a very good time and will recommend.
Reviewed by Indianladyinuk, 2014-04-21 [ID 9912:P]

daffodil177 Highly Recommended
Framingham, Massachusetts, United States
When I get a massage, I don't want to choose whether to feel good during the massage or to feel good afterwards. I want both! Daffodil gave just the right amount of pressure, strong enough to fix the problems I have been having, but keeping it to where the massage still felt great while I was receiving it. I wish more therapists could find that balance; I am just glad that I was able to receive from one who can. Great massage! Thank you.
Reviewed by Mesmerist, 2014-04-21 [ID 9911:P]

rocketmail Recommended
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
I have been in contact with Rocketmail for over a year and recently our schedules permitted us to connnet and enjoy an exchange. Rocketmail is a nice guy with a bubbly personality. His massage techniques are good and firm when needed. I enjoyed the conversation, extremity ROM & streches and the over all massage. I even learned a few techniques that I will use in future massage exchanges. Thank you Rocketmail for sharing your time, keepping your word and I hope to exchange with you again very soon. Blkstone
Reviewed by Blkstone186, 2014-04-21 [ID 9910:P]

JWH123 Highly Recommended
Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
I met John, yesterday, he made me very welcome and relaxed from the start,he has a lovely gentle to
uch, I would recommend him to anyone, and would love to meet again
Reviewed by gentlegiant1, 2014-04-21 [ID 9909:P]

beachshells Highly Recommended
Waimea, Hawaii, United States
Knowing hands quickly discover problem areas....easy going demeanor sets comfortable environment for the session. Outstanding, positive experience...
Reviewed by seeker359, 2014-04-21 [ID 9908:P]

Londonman Highly Recommended
Southwark, United Kingdom
I really enjoyed this swap with Londonman which was unrushed, considerate and thoroughly pleasurable and our time together just flew by. He uses a range of wide strokes and applies very good pressure. Londonman is great company and extremely easy to relax with. This was nothing short of a blissful exchange, and one I'd repeat in a heartbeat.
Reviewed by tint, 2014-04-20 [ID 9905:P]

mikesk3 Highly Recommended
Stockport, England, United Kingdom
I met today with Mikesk3 for an exchange. Welcomed at his home where massage table oils etc were all ready. A great host for massage, but also extremely learned in the way muscles work, bone structure etc. Not only very knowledgeable but able to put this into practice with a great massage. He found all my weak points and I feel this has been a great benefit to me. Am very grateful indeed. Would love to exchange again and hope we can keep in touch in the meantime. Thank you!
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2014-04-19 [ID 9904:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
I had the opportunity to exchange massages with Rick123. He is not only excellent in the realms of therapy massage but a very easy going and great person. He was just as he presents himself in his profile and the session was not rushed. Definitely will exchange again with him when the opportunity allows.
Reviewed by tex1962, 2014-04-19 [ID 9903:P]

pleasingtouch Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
I met pleasingtouch the other day for an exchange. I must say pleasingtouch touch is just as his name says. It was a very wonderful relaxing massage. He was a great host and has a nice room for massage. I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Friendly, 2014-04-19 [ID 9902:P]

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