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HandsForPleasure Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Wonderful relaxing massage experience. Showed up on time. Very personable nice guy. Demonstrated a basic understanding of overall massage technique and process. I was relaxed throughout the process, and really enjoyed his work on my calfs. Would recommend. Looking forward to exchanging again.
Reviewed by Gardayn168, 2014-01-16 [ID 9402:P]

trowbridge Recommended
Haywards Heath, England, United Kingdom
I have just finished my first meeting with this person (also my first meeting arranged through this site). I was very nervous but was put at ease almost before going through the front door.
The fact that he had a massage table surprised me initially but then I realised that this created a good atmosphere, allowing the massage to proceed and develop for our mutual pleasure.
I have previously only received but I took the opportunity to try giving and found that we both got pleasure from this.
After a happy conclusion for both of us we agreed to meet again soon.
Reviewed by mikeeuk2, 2014-01-16 [ID 9401:P]

Reply from trowbridge of 2014-01-16
Thank you for the kind review, it was an absolute pleasure for me also, and I do hope that we will have the chance to meet again soon.

dsmexplore Highly Recommended
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
I have been in correspondence with dsmexplore for quite a while.
I am glad we finally managed to organise an exchange after a busy holiday season.
It was a great start to the New Year.
He is a nice guy, easy to get on with.
The massage was gentle, thorough and very soothing.
The session was not rushed.
Overall, I had a great relaxing experience.
Also, he was very appreciative to my style of massage.
Hope to exchange with him again before he leaves Sydney.
I can certainly recommend him for a massage exchange.
Reviewed by gr8touch, 2014-01-15 [ID 9392:P]

james1954 Highly Recommended
Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, United States
I had a great exchange session with james1954. I was on the table first for some combination Alexander Technique and connective tissue work. James1954 immediately put me at ease with his touch and cues for deep breathing. He followed his intuition and opened my shoulders, ribs and hips in a way that was effective and totally enjoyable.

Next up james1954 was on the table for a combination Swedish/Neuromuscular (Trigger Point) massage. He opened himself immediately to the work and gave verbal and non-verbal feedback during the session. He's the type of person I love to work on because it's clear throughout the massage that the work is both pleasurable and therapeutic.

I look forward to more exchanges with james1954.
Reviewed by TwinSpiritTouch, 2014-01-15 [ID 9400:P]

TwinSpiritTouch Highly Recommended
Wexford, Pennsylvania, United States
A most delightful afternoon of exchange with TwinSpiritTouch. Great communication to facilitate easy arrival to his space. Warm greeting and very comfortable beautifully appointed treatment room creates instant ease. A delightful being upon which to work allowing for the great fun of reading and following a body in such a connected manner that allows a therapist to remain constantly in the moment releasing his own body as he works. His work is strong connected and purposeful, never mechanical always in touch with what is proper for the moment in time. I certainly look forward to a time when we might honor one another again.
Reviewed by james1954, 2014-01-15 [ID 9399:P]

alejan Recommended
New Hartford, Connecticut, United States
Today I received a very fine and refreshing Massage Exchange from Alejan. I was greeted with a very warm welcome from Alejan, his two well trained Dogs. His home also reflected much Love. His selection of music set the background for a fine welcome. We exchanged our Massages in a very relaxed setting. I expressed that I was very interested in returning to shear a fine massage. Michael34
Reviewed by michael34, 2014-01-15 [ID 9239:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
Met with Fullbody4u today at his home. He makes you feel very welcome and we seemed to get on okay.Conversation flowed during the session. He has a very light tough which I found to be very pleasant and applied just the right amount of pressure during the massage. My massage back was probably not as good as Fullbody4u's , but nevertheless an overall enjoyable experience with a great guy
Reviewed by Nothing, 2014-01-15 [ID 9395:P]

Nothing Highly Recommended
Bolton, England, United Kingdom
Met with Switcher60 today for an exchange of massage. He arrived in good time and kept me informed of his arrangements. Great ! I had the impression that he was inexperienced, but I enjoyed a great massage and the pressure was adjusted throughout. He was extremely keen to please and to spend time on certain area's of the body. A very likeable genuine guy who was easy to converse and be at ease with, and I would strongly recommend him to others on the site. A great time. Thank you.
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2014-01-15 [ID 9397:P]

RMA107 Highly Recommended
Benfleet, United Kingdom
Met for a massage exchange today, would highly recommend. Knows his profession very well and gave a fantastic massage. Very polite and very hygienic look forward to another massage soon to learn some more pointers.
You feel like someone has massaged you professionally when finish
Thank you for the experience
Reviewed by pebble74, 2014-01-15 [ID 9396:P]

Streakers Highly Recommended
Orient, Ohio, United States
I had a very long and thorough massage from Streakers he used a variety of techniques in his massage and he provided an ambient, relaxing atmosphere for the massage.
Reviewed by oilsaintoils, 2014-01-15 [ID 9394:P]

dance100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
dance100 made me feel relaxed and welcome from the word go. He's a natural at massage. His hands and movement seamlessly worked on my body with just the right pressure and just the right sensitivity. I'd recommend him if you're a novice and are a little nervous or an old hat that wants to be assured of a good massage - in short I'd recommend him to anyone
Reviewed by Jaemas, 2014-01-15 [ID 9393:P]

Jaemas Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
My experience with Jaemas was fantastic. A very nice guy, pleasant to be around, good company and most of all provided a great massage. Everything during the massage was just right - strokes, pressure etc. He comes highly recommended. Great stuff, many thanks.
Reviewed by dance100, 2014-01-14 [ID 9390:P]

98 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met "98" twice in one week for massage session - and I can not find enough words to praise him as a person and as a masseur...Very interesting and kind person. Highly recommended!!!
Reviewed by dolce, 2014-01-14 [ID 9388:P]

Iwantamassage Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
I recently had a massage exchange with iwantamassage. I have to be honest, I was really impressed. I've done quite a few of massage exchanges and it seems more so than not, a lot of people on here say they haven't had any formal training but know they feel what most people want. They don't and they don't know how to implement what they do know. Iwantamassage is the opposite of that. He was straightforward about not having any formal training but he does an excellent massage (he actually put me to sleep, which is rare). I've been doing massage for almost 15yrs (formally trained) and I was definitely impressed with what he knows. I would definitely do another exchange with him when I'm in town. I would highly recommend him for anyone that wants a great massage. Thanks
Reviewed by rsl1308, 2014-01-14 [ID 9387:P]

Earlscourtexhibition Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I`ve had a massage swap with Dean I`d highly recommend him. He really knows what he`s doing. He`s got a great body to work on, not to mention his awesome tattoos.
He`s a really nice person to get along with, and I`ve learned a lot from him. He created a great atmosphere, the room set up was welcoming and the heated sheet was an added bonus. After all I`ve had the best massage I`ve had so far, and he gave me a valuable feedback about mine. Very pleasant to chat with!!!

Would deifnitely be interested in another swap. THANK YOU!!! :D
Reviewed by sensualmassage28, 2014-01-14 [ID 9385:P]

fredie Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
It would just suffice to say that all the great reviews on Fredie's profile are accurate and therefore, enough :) But I want to add that the person I experienced during my swap was a very caring masseur and a great host. Fredie's touch and overall vibe was extremely genuine. As for the massage - the pressure was excellent, strokes were sweeping and they reached all over the body. I had a deep, relaxing experience. If you have a chance to swap with this great guy, dont pass up ! :)
Reviewed by Serene, 2014-01-13 [ID 9383:P]

Streakers Highly Recommended
Orient, Ohio, United States
Had an excellent exchange with Streakers, he is warm and welcoming, with good hands, his room was nicely set up with ambient atmosphere, I was soon warmed up, felt relaxed, and had a wonderful experience with his fantastic touch, would recommend him to anyone looking for a good relaxing massage.
Reviewed by smronbn, 2014-01-12 [ID 9381:P]

smronbn Highly Recommended
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Had the pleasure of an exchange with smronbn this evening. Such a lovely fellow who really underestimates his abilities! smronbn provided a lovely firm, controlled and soothing massage. His technique taught me a few new moves - and a few new muscles!

Highly recommend an exchange if timing allows as his style is very calming, relaxing, and the mix of oils are beautiful!

Hopefully will get to exchange again!

Thanks heaps!
Reviewed by Streakers, 2014-01-11 [ID 9379:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Meeting with 'Bengiboy' took us quite a long time to organise but that was my fault. But I so wished I had met him before. A true professional with his massage techniques. He has a wonderful calm private and welcoming space where the massage is carried out. A good atmosphere where I felt very relaxed.
As others have said, he has a great selection of oil scents to meet every mood. His massage technique is simply great. Good strong strokes where required and sensual in other areas. The session was not rushed and that made for a very pleasurable experience indeed. I don't think that my reciprocal massage came anywhere close to what he achieves. Practice obviously makes perfect.
I would highly recommend 'Bengiboy' and look forward very much to visiting him and feeling his very talented hands again.
Reviewed by MANLGW, 2014-01-11 [ID 9378:P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Met Justforfun last weekend, and although I was a bit late due to unexpected trafic and difficulty finding the venue, He was very friendly and what a
massage !! A very professional approach, I was made to feel at ease immediately. What an amazing massage, I would recommend him to everybody. I cannot wait for an opportunity for another meeting, definitely a 5 gold star member.
Reviewed by ROYCIE17, 2014-01-11 [ID 9377:P]

Magic26 Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Magic26 is friendly and reliable. The massage is gentle, thorough and relaxing - I fell asleep during the massage :-)
Reviewed by AlfredNZ, 2014-01-10 [ID 9353:P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Nexus is such a personable guy, so easy to get on with and to chat. He really does put you at ease and his was one of the very first massage swaps that I did in this group. Meeting him was a real education for me and I very much enjoyed his massage and instruction and hope that I will have the pleasure to repeat. Thank you very much, Nexus!
Reviewed by g0yman17, 2014-01-10 [ID 9376:P]

fullblast Highly Recommended
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Michael and I were able to exchange massages and he did an excellent job. He was able to work out many of the tight areas I have. He was also very easy to talk to and communicated very well. The good communication came both in the emails we exchanged beforehand as well as during the massage. I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by chellegiann22, 2014-01-10 [ID 9374:P]

madtolon Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I'd recommend him very highly! I`ve really enjoyed the massage exchange with him. He prepared a very good room with nice energy. definatly worth a swap
Reviewed by sensualmassage28, 2014-01-10 [ID 9370:P]

Sean1122 Highly Recommended
Oxnard, California, United States
Sean is a very warm,kind man,he has a private room for exchanges massages..I really enough the hot stone work and would like to get more involved with that type of technique...He will make you as comfortable as you are in tuned with...Highly recommend a session with him...Rick
Reviewed by rickdk51, 2014-01-09 [ID 9369:P]

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