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lexby Highly Recommended
Reading, England, United Kingdom
I had the great pleasure of an exchange with Lexby recently. We had enjoyed considerable disscussion beforehand so with both knew what we wanted from the massage - and this worked out well in the actual exchange. He is an engaging and friendly guy with whom one immediately feels at ease with. We had a very enjoyable massage and he is particularly skilled in delivering long sensual strokes. His massage delivery is fluent and he has a very good variety of different pressures. I look forward to another exchange before too long.
Reviewed by aisholt, 2014-03-04 [ID 9654:P]

tomharry Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Had a really enjoyable exchange with tomharry. He is experienced and it shows. He used a range of strokes (relaxing and invigorating) and was generous with his knowledge giving me advice and making suggestions for developing my own practice. I would really recommend tomharry for a massage that you will remember.
Reviewed by ME1973, 2014-03-04 [ID 9653:P]

ME1973 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
n8whit is (at time of writing) fairly new to this site and has learned his technique from observing. Well, he must have very keen powers of observation.

One of the things that impressed me most is his variation of strokes, pressure and speeds. His style is very fluid and he obviously had a good instinctive sense of what makes a pleasurable massage.

I'd say he had several strokes up his sleeve which I'd never experienced before, that's if he was wearing any sleeves. Added to this I definitely picked up some useful tips too.

He's very easy to get on with so felt completely relaxed in his company which added to the whole experience.

A thoroughly fulfilling and satisfyingly enjoyable exchange.
Reviewed by tomharry, 2014-03-04 [ID 9652:P]

swimm Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
Met Dan yesterday. Friendly, personable, intuitive. I felt completely comfortable within minutes of our meeting and by the end of the exchange felt like I had a new friend. Neither of us had access to a table but easily worked around that issue. I needed some deep work on my shoulder girdle - lots of knots there! Dan centred right in on the most important of these and the morning after his massage I am pleased to report how well both shoulders now move with some Improvement in ROM and decrease in discomfort. Thanks Dan I hope we can organize another session while I am in Palm Springs.
Reviewed by saintjohnmassage, 2014-03-04 [ID 9651:P]

Turu Highly Recommended
伦敦, United Kingdom
What a wonderful evening spent with Turu. He is an amazing masseur, particularly how he used his full body to glide over me. The evening passed so quickly and we both seemed to enjoy each others company. Looking forward to another exchange with him soon.
Reviewed by greg24, 2014-03-04 [ID 9650:P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
excellent session which was a complete delight, really good touch and way of working the body with great moves to lengthen the muscles too, a warm hearted man and will definitely return. thanks again
Reviewed by iantree, 2014-03-03 [ID 9649:P]

marcpf Recommended
Warsaw, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland
marcpf claimed not to have much experience , but he is a natural and gave me a wonderful relaxing massage. Thank you.
Reviewed by guia, 2014-03-03 [ID 9648:P]

iantree Highly Recommended
Keyworth, United Kingdom
i didn't want the massage to end... iantree describes his way of working as intuitive...wish the professionals borrowed some of his intuition :) blissful is the only way i can describe his massage. looking forward to more exchanges!
Reviewed by touch123, 2014-03-03 [ID 9646:P]

Joys Highly Recommended
Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom
Met joys twice now and found her to be a very accommodating, genuine lady who loves to receive a proper massage. Meeting her has meant this site was worth joining and hopefully seeing her again soon.
Reviewed by bossrock, 2014-03-03 [ID 9645:P]

ME1973 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I exchanged with n8whit at his home and he was very inviting and has a massage table and had everything set up nicely. He has a lot of massage knowledge which showed during the exchange which I thoroughly enjoyed. We are both hoping to exchange again soon !
Reviewed by din1980, 2014-03-03 [ID 9644:P]

sensualhandel Highly Recommended
Liskeard, Cornwall, United Kingdom
I would like to thank him for inviting me for a massage exchange in Cornwall (500 miles away from Glasgow). We spent a lovely two days in swapping massages and going around the local area (Looe, Polruan, Fowey, Boscastle, Crackington Haven and Millpool) in February 2014. He is highly respected musician and I am glad to have met him. Thank you.
Reviewed by 2013mazi, 2014-03-03 [ID 9642:P]

2013mazi Highly Recommended
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Just had a great few days hosting 2013mazi. He came to stay and we spent the daytime touring my local area, sight seeing and taking photos, and the evenings massaging.
2013maxi is a skilled masseur: He works diligently on each area of the body in turn, paying great attention to each muscle group. He uses a mix of strong, long and light, short strokes. I was totally relaxed and loosened up by the end.
2013mazi is great company too. He is lively, enthusiastic and very considerate. I look forward to his visiting again.
Reviewed by sensualhandel, 2014-03-03 [ID 9641:P]

kenningtonmass Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was a privilege to swap with kenningtonmass who has years of experience with massage. He greeted me at the door with a big, friendly smile and was very sociable from start to end. His years of training as a massage therapist not only revealed itself with his wonderful, skilful massage technique, but also with his advice as to how to best connect with people through massage. His wisdom expanded my views as to what constitutes a "successful" massage experience. Moreover, he is a first class gentleman and was always very attentive to my comfort both physically and emotionally. I learned a lot from kenningtonmass, and feel grateful to have met and swapped with him. I would gladly swap with him again, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to have a total massage experience from a true professional.
Reviewed by M123945, 2014-03-02 [ID 9640:P]

mike6119 Highly Recommended
Kodiak, Alaska, United States
I had a terrific time with Mike. He is intelligent, well-traveled, confident, and very easy to talk to. He was also generous with his time and attention. Mike gave a wonderful massage that included quite a variety of stokes delivered with a sure, non-tentative touch. I particularly enjoyed the work on my arms and legs. He also felt very present with his work--so if someone's 'intention' or 'energy' matters to you, Mike's intention to deliver a wonderful relaxing massage was both focused and spot on. Thank you Mike for a great experience.
Reviewed by seabreeze, 2014-03-02 [ID 9639:P]

SPS77 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
SPS77 is a great host and very friendly. He made feel very comfortable and provided a warm candle lit area for a great massage. Hope we can exchange again soon.
Reviewed by MarcusA, 2014-03-02 [ID 9633:P]

walthamstowe17 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
walthamstowe17 is very friendly and gave an excellent massage. He was very sensitive and has learned some good skills to give a great massage.
Reviewed by MarcusA, 2014-03-02 [ID 9632:P]

M123945 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
M123945 gives a great, intuitive massage. He pays close attention to what he is doing and is very relaxed in his delivery. His techniques combine specific, focussed work as well as long, sweeping strokes. A really nice bloke and highly recommended - I slept very well afterwards!
Reviewed by kenningtonmass, 2014-03-01 [ID 9631:P]

callumsdad Recommended
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
A big (tall) guy with a big heart and a gentle touch.

He was over for the weekend recently and we meet at his hotel on the Friday. Spent the first part just chatting and getting to know each other, and admiring the view from his high-rise city hotel window.

We took turns massaging each other. It was a nice, unhurried session over about 4 hours. He surprised me by having a very light touch, where I'm used to having a more high-pressure massage. I think by the end of it we were both feeling very relaxed. I slept well that night. Thanks, Callum's Dad. :)
Reviewed by DJAitch73, 2014-03-01 [ID 9630:P]

abundance Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I recently exchanged with abundance at her place. From the outset she was warm and welcoming and her sense of humour and being down to earth were apparent in her good personality. Her massage of me varied between firm and very soft and demonstrated that she knew her way around the body. It flowed very smoothly and even the pauses were appropriate and added to the sense of peace and calm. But it is the control and softness of her touch that I will remember fondly. Overall, a very relaxing and satisfying experience that I would love to repeat. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by mexch, 2014-03-01 [ID 9627:P]

mexch Highly Recommended
Torquay, Victoria, Australia

I really enjoyed my recent massage exchange with mexch. He has lovely unhurried, fluent, flowing style, which helped my whole body to become very relaxed, as well as feel thoroughly pampered.

He has a great personaility that helped me to feel comfortable in his presence, and he communicates well.

I very much enjoyed the experience, and would highly recommend mexch to anyone wanting a relaxing and pleasurable massage.
Reviewed by abundance, 2014-03-01 [ID 9629:P]

hardandsoft Highly Recommended
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Very hospitable and pleasant person, I felt very comfortable especially as this was all very last minute due to me being let down. I enjoyed the various techniques and the pressure, it was all very intuitive.
I would certainly recommend hardandsoft to anyone.
Reviewed by SubtleRohan, 2014-03-01 [ID 9628:P]

daver Highly Recommended
Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States
Dave and I had a recent exchange - which was a delight. Essentially reiterated all that had been said previously. He is a gentleman with great hands and he knows how to use them. I enjoyed his technique of rubbing in alternate directions to stimulate the skin. I left far more relaxed than I have been in a long time and hope to meet up with him again, soon.
Reviewed by georg, 2014-02-28 [ID 9625:P]

torbaybuoy Highly Recommended
Torquay, Torbay, United Kingdom
Great mutual massage session today, genuine and great chap. Brilliant massage, and i learnt some new techniques to help my own practice. I fully recommend torbaybouy.
Reviewed by jamesdevon1973, 2014-02-28 [ID 9624:P]

MarcusA Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange today with Marc... Great technique and the ability to make a person feel comfortable immediately. Looking forward to another swap soon.
Reviewed by SPS77, 2014-02-28 [ID 9622:P]

edoardo85 Highly Recommended
Chula Vista, California, United States
Edoardo and I met for the first time yesterday. He conducted a really good, unhurried massage on me, leaving me very satisfied and feeling totally relaxed. His undoubted best asset is his ability to communicate throughout, leaving no doubts from either party as to how to proceed and making me feel totally at ease.
Definitely recommended.
Reviewed by ce6, 2014-02-27 [ID 9620:P]

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