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foxyroxy Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Meet foxyroxy in person, do not under estimate this guy, he is what I would call a free thinker and a very nice guy.

He turned up on time and we had a good chat about massage and types of oils to use. I definitively picked up a few nice strokes from him and will hopefully implement them soon.

He was very attentive of me and check constantly to see I was comfortable and relax look forward to meeting again soon
Reviewed by Monty2235, 2016-04-30 [ID 13821:P]

Briza Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
I was lucky enough to meet with Briza on a recent trip to Auckland.
Briza was nice enough to meet me at my Hotel room and bring extra towels and oil.
Briza was communicative, on time and a really nice, interesting, likeable guy.
Our exchange was a lovely oily, mutual massage with nice therapeutic, sensual strokes and touch.
I thoroughly enjoyed my massage exchange with Brizza and can recommend him as a genuine massage enthusiast and a really nice guy.
Reviewed by sunlover84nz, 2016-04-29 [ID 13820:P]

Clay4mer Highly Recommended
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
Was fortunate today to experience a truly professional massage with Clay4mer. He is currently attending massage school and I would not hesitate to guess he's their best student. Clay4mer was respectful, intuitive and by my request very informative. Defintely one of the best massages to date.
Reviewed by Jay443, 2016-04-29 [ID 13819:P]

bergmaj Highly Recommended
Rancho Mirage, California, United States
had an exchange massage yesterday... i was amaze on the quality of massage...
I truly felt my body respond to the good hands and knowledge... It was a relaxing and t the same time healing my body. Had some pain on my back that disappear after his massage... The tension on my shoulders also disappear.
I truly enjoy the whole massage, and I was so relax that i could have fall asleep.....
Hope to have another exchange soon.
Reviewed by VICENTINO, 2016-04-29 [ID 13818:P]

SuperBioGr Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
a very good massage session, I feel honored to meet and get to know the man behind SuperBioGr, a very invigorating and thoughtful massage session. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross,. +++ ;-)
Reviewed by Clay4mer, 2016-04-29 [ID 13817:P]

Jay443 Highly Recommended
Germantown, Maryland, United States
had a great exchange with Jay443, he has a good presence and thoughtful presentation to his work, truly a gentle giant of a man. I will look forward the future exchanges.
Reviewed by Clay4mer, 2016-04-29 [ID 13816:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Had a great swap with GuildfordExpert, he was absolutely fantastic very friendly and he is truly a massage expert he thought me lots of new techniques what an amazin experience, I am so looking forward for the next season with him.
Reviewed by Reny80, 2016-04-29 [ID 13815:P]

nudeandoily Recommended
Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom
NudeandOily and I met this week. He has very gentle personality, soft spoken, lovely soft skin and very little body hair. I gave him a very gentle full body massage which I believe he really enjoyed.. Obviously with a first meeting and massage, there was some nervousness from both of us. I hope we manage to meet again so we can continue our understanding and that our next massage will be even better. I recommend NudeandOily to other masseurs who wish to demonstrate their massage skills on a very pleasant recipient .
Reviewed by SmoothBody2, 2016-04-29 [ID 13813:P]

Tzu Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Tzu gave me the most amazing massage I've had in over 6 years. His slowly calculated strokes were done with the utmost professional hands, and the ambiance in his professional massage studio room had very relaxing music and lighting. The pressure was very precise in the areas that needed the most attention, and his lomi lomi like techniques let me know he was very skilled at his craft. Tzu also gave me the longest massage. He took extra care to make sure that I was completely taken care of. He was very attentive and sweet. I would recommend any and everyone to him if I could!
Reviewed by MaryJaney, 2016-04-28 [ID 13814:P]

laughingplace2 Highly Recommended
Southlake, Texas, United States
Once again, you do not disappoint, I really enjoyed the session and look forward to our next opportunity.
Until then,

April 2016 Another excellent massage. I really like that you have your own table. Makes a huge difference .
Reviewed by Kitcat, 2016-04-28 [ID 13547:P]

Reny80 Highly Recommended
Slough, United Kingdom

Reny80 may not have undergone any formal massage training, but he really knows his way around a body, focusing on each muscle in turn and dealing with it very thoroughly indeed! Not only does he perform an excellent massage in his own individual style, but he is also very quick to assimilate new moves into his repertoire. An excellent, high-energy, exchange which was quick and easy to arrange. Very Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2016-04-28 [ID 13812:P]

SexGod Poor
Palm Springs, California, United States
Several weeks ago I had an exchange with SexGod. After discussing boundaries, etc., we decided I would work on him first. I gave him my usual full body massage but it became evident that he was not able to respect the boundaries I had set. After his massage, I went to get him a glass of water and when I came back, he was dressed and said he "had things to do--he'd contact me for a return exchange". I've never heard back from him.

I just think others should know that they need to be massaged first so as not to have the same experience as me.
Reviewed by PSJackS, 2016-04-28 [ID 13811:P]

ME257844 Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Alan and I have now shared several massage sessions at my place and I have greatly enjoyed every one of them. He has a great touch and I think really enjoys both being massaged and massaging others, in my opinion both are essential for a really rewarding session. I am sure we will get together again before too long and can highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Briza, 2016-04-27 [ID 13810:P]

tomthecat Highly Recommended
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
I met with Tomthecat yesterday for a massage swap. I found him to be a real gentleman, quietly spoken, calm and unhurried. He has a very good touch and with both therapeutic and sensual elements the massage left me both relaxed and energised. He was very appreciative of the massage I gave him. I thought we connected very well and I would recommend him as a very good massage partner.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-04-27 [ID 13809:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom

Had an amazing session with Bengiboy yesterday. He is a very reliable, gentle and perfect host. I really enjoyed his approach, which is unusual but extremely pleasant in order to relax, settle and feel comfortable. He really takes his time and his technique is gentle as well as firm with some very therapeutic as well as sensual strokes and methods. I highly recommend Bengiboy as he is experienced and confident in what he's doing.
Reviewed by tomthecat, 2016-04-27 [ID 13807:P]

bhong Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
Been wanting to meet up with Bhong for a long time and it finally happened today! He picked me up from the station promptly executive style! Very friendly, nice massage set up on a comfortable mattress. Bhong made me feel very relaxed throughout the massage using quite a varied range of techniques , his pressure was spot on and he used all parts of his body and I experienced new Chinese moves ! Ha ha ha . Bhong used lovely almond oils which could have been warmed up as it was cold dripping directly onto my body, otherwise the whole experience was very worthwhile! Bhong was very intuitive and well worth an exchange with and can't wait to see him again hopefully with a lot more time on our hands .
Reviewed by Tennisfan777, 2016-04-26 [ID 13806:P]

SmoothBody2 Recommended
Haverfordwest, Wales, United Kingdom
Met with SmoothBody2 today, a perfect gent who was more than happy to provide an unhurried sensual massage. His knowledge of what feels good and his ability to help you relax make for a great experience. I would recommend SmoothBody2 as someone to be trusted to provide what your body needs.
Reviewed by nudeandoily, 2016-04-26 [ID 13805:P]

SF26 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
It was really quick and easy to arrange a swap with SF26 - and well worthwhile too. He is a naturally gifted bodywork enthusiast whose lack of formal training does not affect the quality of his massage at all. He is confident, innovative and massages in a very effective and relaxing manner. A well deserved 5 stars, a man with whom it is well worth organising a massage.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2016-04-26 [ID 13804:P]

Tennisfan777 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Been arranged to meet withTennisfan777 long times finally we met today. He is a patience,skill and technique combined with strong hands glide on the back especially shoulder taking you to the relaxation level. Definitely worth to meet him and looking forward to seeing him again.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-26 [ID 13803:P]

Jxmrub Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Had the pleasure of an exchange with Jxmrub last night. Very personable and easy to talk to, he has a dedicated massage room that was nicely appointed. The exchange flowed nicely as we decided to switch back and forth: neck, shoulders, upper back; switch, lower back, legs, calves; switch, then the front. This worked well as we neither got overly tired or so energetic that we eclipsed the benefit of the massage that we had just received. He has a great touch with good pressure and skill. He should be more confident in his abilities. In all we spent a little over 2 and a half hours together and it was a very comfortable and easy passage of time. Will be looking forward to hopefully exchanging again and I would recommend him to anyone for an exchange.
Reviewed by Randall1, 2016-04-26 [ID 13802:P]

aalan13 Highly Recommended
Saint Charles, Illinois, United States
I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with Alan last week. Although he states that he has no prior experience, it was apparent to me that he is being humble. The work that he did on my back and on my arms and hands was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and look forward to another exchange with him.
Reviewed by mnman420, 2016-04-26 [ID 13801:P]

Reply from aalan13 of 2016-04-26
Thank you for the kind words. I enjoyed our time together as well.

mcoop2222 No Show
Houston, Texas, United States
Mark/Rob (or whatever name he decides to use) and I scheduled a massage for Saturday 4/23/16 at 1pm after 49 emails back and forth on and off this site. That should've been the first clue... He misses without communication before or after appointment time and when finally confronted, responds with "It was a tough day work wise." Might be an excuse for something, but not for poor manners and wasting my time. Deal with at your own risk.
Reviewed by DavidinHouston, 2016-04-25 [ID 13800:N]

midlothian40 Highly Recommended
Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom
I met with midlothian40 for the first time. A very warm and welcoming man. Charming with a nice touch and a youthful appearance. Would highly recommend.
Reviewed by gw612, 2016-04-25 [ID 13799:P]

Manitas Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Mantis is an excellent Therapeutic massage therapist. She has a very solid style which relaxed and stretches your muscles. It was the best therapeutic massage I have had in a long time. If you exchange with her be sure you have your best therapeutic skills to match her abilities. It will not be easy to do better then her. I am looking forward to our next exchange. Thank you..
Reviewed by Firmmoves, 2016-04-25 [ID 13798:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Venice, California, United States
I was in the San Diego, CA for business last week and I have a few more meetings in CA this week. I had the weekend to relax and enjoy the CA scenery. I had communicate with Dolphinman several times over the past few years but had never actually met up for an exchange. So.... while here in CA I made the arrangements to meet up.

I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Watsu massage today. WOW! Truly a professional! It was extremely relaxing. He was very gentle and I felt safe as he maneuvered my body around. Just close your eyes and imagine your body floating as he sways your body left and right you almost feel like a mermaid flowing thru the water! He stretched me as I'm floating. He cradled my head against his arm or chest, never letting my head underwater, not once! I felt like a noodle! After Dolphinman did the Watsu session on me, we then exchanged a traditional massage.

Dolphinman's amazing techniques and gentle demeanor made Watsu an amazing experience which was not only therapeutic but extremely relaxing and soothing. I totally recommend it particularly if you are stressed.

Thank you Dolphinman for a memorable experience! Randi
Reviewed by randilovesmassage, 2016-04-25 [ID 13797:P]

katasta Recommended
Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia
I opened the door to greet a cheerful Katasta whose warm smile and earnest salutation assured me that this swap would be, in no way, an awkward experience. His interests are varied making conversation easy, yet focussed in silence and his positiveness revealed a willingness to explore technique. A swap with Katasta is a worthwhile encounter.
Reviewed by CharlieG42, 2016-04-25 [ID 13796:P]

Reply from katasta of 2016-04-25
CharlieG42 was a fantastic host. He is warm and intuitive. Had a wonderful encounter.
He is excellent with his techniques and very good with his hands. He uses other parts of his body to make the massage even more incredible.
His long strokes with soft and strong touches makes his style unique. I would recommend him to all and i am looking forward for another swap.
He had set up an excellent room with warm lightnings and music. The mood cannot go wrong here. Thanks Charles.

MitchellWerthit Highly Recommended
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Mitchell and I met in a spot by the sea he had provided. He left a memory of two hours of a great massage exchange. Good long strokes and focused attention. An extremely pleasant guy. Thanks.
Reviewed by Rs1958, 2016-04-24 [ID 13795:P]

chipperx5 Recommended
Waterford Township, Michigan, United States
My session with Chipperx5 was a great experience. His practice with massage is limited, but he is very intuitive and knows what feels good. He has large strong hands and works with them very well. He was easy to relate to and was comfortable with all of my massage techniques. I would recommend him for an exchange and am already looking forward to our next one.
Reviewed by MatureMan69, 2016-04-24 [ID 13794:P]

nowintown Highly Recommended
Kapaa, Hawaii, United States
Clearly an expert applying sophisticated techniques and evolved presence. The studio is well thiught and comfortable, with all the amenities only a wise and evolved practitioner could provide. The energy was absolutely positive and abundant. Don't miss an opportunity for a session with him!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2016-04-24 [ID 13793:P]

Louna Highly Recommended
Bury Saint Edmunds, England, United Kingdom
Met Louna for massage exchange. Initially met to get to know each other and set boundaries. Subsequently met for treatment. An amazing couple of hours. Massage from me first which Louna seemed to enjoy then massage which I enjoyed and found relaxing.

Louna 's pressure was good and hit the spot. She even found some knots I did not know I had.

Would recommend Louna to others. My darker side would say no, this is so I can keep her for myself, but would be unfair to others.

Thank you for a great exchange
Reviewed by Fmman1960, 2016-04-23 [ID 13792:P]

Nautica Recommended
Gosford, New South Wales, Australia
While he considers himself to be still a novice, "Nautica" has a natural ease and flow in his technique that translates into a very enjoyable massage experience. Though he has room to develop his skills further, I found his massage to be both sensitive and perceptive. Being an intelligent and genuinely nice person was just an added bonus to a lovely exchange ... thank you :)
Reviewed by giac, 2016-04-23 [ID 13791:P]

Louna Highly Recommended
Bury Saint Edmunds, England, United Kingdom
After good communication with Louna, we arranged an evening to meet. We both exchanged and this was one of Louna's first massages on this site, so Louna explained her technique prior to the exchange as soft pressure. After Louna started I realised she had a great touch and feel. Louna' technique is flowing and sweeping motions, providing a relaxing massage that made me feel sleepy. I really enjoyed the time we had together and hope we can exchange again soon. I'm hesitant to say this as would love to keep her to myself but anyone who exchanges with Louna will really enjoy her massage.
Reviewed by Tallnslim, 2016-04-22 [ID 13789:P]

uxbridge1815 Highly Recommended
Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom
I recently had a very successful massage exchange with Anthony at his flat. He had his own table and oil. I started by giving him a sitting massage of his shoulders, neck and arms then with him lying down on his front did his back, gluts, legs and feet. After that I did his front. He is comfortable with nudity though I kept my jockstrap on. He had tight shins especially which I worked on and I was flattered to be told that he enjoyed the experience as a whole.
The massage that he gave was altogether more professional (no wonder,as he is qualified in sports massage). I wanted a deep tissue massage and that is what I got! He located some problem areas and released tension there. I enjoyed the experience too!
Reviewed by freeguy, 2016-04-22 [ID 13788:P]

bhong Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
Met bhong today and had a great massage from him.
He was very attentive to my desires.
Would recommend him!
Reviewed by Mankie, 2016-04-22 [ID 13787:P]

GoodHandsBR Highly Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Meet GoodhandsBR in person very genuine guy and made me feel right at easy when we meet, discuss massage techniques before we started.

Room was very comfortable with proper massage table and nice music and lighting. I relax straight from the start and he has very nice strokes and touch.

Would recommend GoodhandsBR to anyone and look forward to repeat visit.
Reviewed by Monty2235, 2016-04-22 [ID 13786:P]

Mankie Satisfactory
Northwood, United Kingdom
Met Mankie today, nice guy who like to receive massage more than given. Hope he's enjoyed the session today.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-22 [ID 13785:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I had a wonderful massage exchange with Bengiboy today. When on the table, he was a very receptive participant and expressed a sense of trust. I was in a state of heaven under his touch,which was very pleasurable and sensual. I would definitely recommend a exchange with Bengiboy if you get a chance.
Reviewed by dixter, 2016-04-21 [ID 13784:P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
I met with Dixter today and found him to be a very friendly and enthusiastic masseur. Dixter likes to use a variety of techniques in his massage giving an interesting approach to massage.he has a firm touch and gives a competent massage. He is jolly and eager to please. Well recommended for a fun time of massage.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-04-21 [ID 13783:P]

uk123 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was a great shame that when I met up with uk123 earlier today for an exchange we were limited to just over an hour in total as he had a last minute work meeting to attend. Even though time was very limited it was immediately apparrant that uk123 had a natural intuitive approach to giving a massage. He was very concerned that he was fairly new to exchanging and his skills were "limited". These fears were totally unfounded as he had a great flow to his massage and applied a good even pressure throughout. When you add this to the fact he was a very friendly and sociable person he makes for a great massage partner. He should definitely have mote confidence in himself.

I would really like to exchange with him again when he is not restricted by time constraints. I highly recommend him to others
Reviewed by SELondon, 2016-04-21 [ID 13782:P]

TwoHealingHands Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Great Massage better than most professionals spa massages i have gone to super nice guy really took his time on me mater of fact it was a full 90 min that flew by like it was 30. I f you are lucky enough to get chosen by him then do it.
Thank you
Reviewed by Relaxitsme, 2016-04-21 [ID 13781:P]

usaturk35 Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I had a wonderful massage exchange with USATurk today. Jim has 19 years of experience as a professional massage therapist and did an incredible job of digging into my knots and tight muscles. Jim is a tall, strong man and brings that strength to the massage. He is also an interesting and engaging man and I really enjoyed getting to know him.

We did the exchange at his place, which is very nicely set up for a massage.

Jim, thanks so much for a great morning!
Reviewed by Bigoldbearva, 2016-04-21 [ID 13780:P]

kevinup4rub Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met Kevin for an exchange this afternoon. He hosted and ensured the room was at an even temperature and used warmed oils.

He massaged me first and despite claiming to have little experience demonstrates an intuitive touch with a range of techniques to relax and invigorate.

He has a clean hair free back and torso which I delighted in kneading and using longer strokes on.

All in all a lovely man, perfect host and a great relaxing massage.
Reviewed by Love2rub41, 2016-04-21 [ID 13779:P]

SELondon Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
A great host who will put you at ease with his warm welcome and kind hospitality. His techniques put mine to shame. Many thanks again!
Reviewed by uk123, 2016-04-21 [ID 13778:P]

6868 Highly Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Meet 6868 in person at hotel.

He went through a lot of trouble preparing the room, music and candles to create relaxing atmosphere. Felt right at easy and chatted for a while before massage as to what we both liked.

He has some really nice techniques and nice fluid motion which had me so relaxed. He was very attentive and check all was ok during massage. Will definitely be going back for more.

Totally recommend 6868 for a great massage swap.
Reviewed by Monty2235, 2016-04-21 [ID 13777:P]

101london Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
101london is a fantastic masseur. He did a terrific job on my shoulders and he gave me an amazing deep tissue massage all over my body. I felt so relaxed when I left his place. He's very welcoming and have a massage table. Great massage!
Reviewed by Lukef, 2016-04-21 [ID 13776:P]

countrylad Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
Countrylad is a true gentlemen. He is a kind, thoughtful and generous therapist. In the week's leading up to the session, he would check-in to see if I'm ok.

The communication throughout was excellent. His positive words and encouragement were soothing throughout. On the day of the massage, i was treated to a lovely healthy lunch. It was good to connect like this.

During the session, he was mindful and constantly checking throughout making sure i was comfortable throughout the massage process. He brought the oil as requested and provided a very soothing, relaxing massage in nice surroundings. I was deeply relaxed.

I would highly recommend countrylad.Thank you.
Reviewed by Lushlips, 2016-04-21 [ID 13775:P]

nzmasseur Highly Recommended
Nzmasseur said it would be worth the effort to drive the 1.5 hours to Launceston to be massaged by him.
He was so right !
I was in heaven under his touch. He certainly knew what to do .
A pity we live oceans apart as I really would like to go back for more.
Don't hesitate in meeting up with Nzmasseur!!
Reviewed by callumsdad, 2016-04-20 [ID 13774:P]

bigdogden2208 Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
Nice guy, great massage! Very friendly and professional.
Reviewed by rickster, 2016-04-20 [ID 13773:P]

Justforfun Highly Recommended
Weston-super-Mare, England, United Kingdom
Good communication, very respectful, great massage. This is a nice guy who really knows what he is doing & I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by olderandwiser2013, 2016-04-20 [ID 13772:P]

masseurdj Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
My recent exchange with Masseurdj was fun. His personable nature ensured that. When on the table, he was a receptive participant and expressed a sense of trust. In turn, his treatment was both attentive and perceptive, making sure that, I too, was in a comfortable and safe place. An exchange with Masseurdj is a worthwhile experience and I, for one, look forward to another.
Reviewed by CharlieG42, 2016-04-19 [ID 13771:P]

man4me2c Highly Recommended
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I met man4me2c whilst on a recent trip to KL. He was by far the best masseuse I've ever had (both paid and free). He knows a lot about massage, the human anatomy and a great conversationalist. I would absolutely recommend anyone visiting a town near man4me2c to contact him. I cant wait to have another session with him :)
Reviewed by ash05, 2016-04-19 [ID 13770:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
My first exchange was with Bengiboy. It was a fantastic experience to meet someone so skilled in massage. His way of making me feel comfortable and relax was great and his technique very skilled. I am new to this and learned a lot. He has inspired me to continue and learn more to improve my technique. Highly recommended
Reviewed by BenBlen, 2016-04-19 [ID 13769:P]

Mackiv Highly Recommended
Wallington, England, United Kingdom
I met with Mackiv recently for a session that was planned with him giving the massage. I was really looking forward to receiving a massage and Mackiv was just great. He welcomed me in a vey hospital way and the environment of his place was impeccable. So was his massage style and his approach. Mackiv is completing a very thorough training and was both very knowledgeable and very skilled. He has a fantastic touch and he was both attentive and very caring.
I hope there could be other opportunities to enjoy his massage.
Highly highly recommended!!
Reviewed by hesse3, 2016-04-19 [ID 13768:P]

cadzow Highly Recommended
Godalming, England, United Kingdom
Met Cadzow a couple of weeks ago. He is a very sociable and welcoming gentleman. He has excellent facilities, which are very warm and cosy. We had a nice chat and drink before the massage, which was very pleasant.
On his profile he says he has done little massage and still inexperienced. I can honestly say he is very confidant in what he does. He gave me an excellent massage. He has some good techniques and strokes and seemed to me to be more experienced than he admits too. Well worth a visit. I hope to swap with him again in the near future.
Reviewed by Malant, 2016-04-19 [ID 13767:P]

olderandwiser2013 Highly Recommended
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
A first class evening with this lovely couple after exchanging messages to agree the boundaries. No detail was omitted and the 2 hours passed quickly. The 4-hand massage was sublime. Not to be missed if you get the chance. 100% genuine couple.
Reviewed by Justforfun, 2016-04-19 [ID 13766:P]

Rubbuddy4U Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
I had an amazing exchange session with this fine masseur. J has a tremendous arsenal of skills coupled with an extraordinarily intuitive touch. He very kindly complimented what I did for him, but I certainly got the "better end of the deal"! His technique included a variety of modalities as well as very effective stretching that left me almost fluid. I even reflected on my way home that this encounter left me more relaxed and content than many of the "professional" massages I've had in the past few years. I recommend him highly!
Reviewed by jcannaday3, 2016-04-19 [ID 13765:P]

moparguy Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Moparguy came to my place yesterday. It was his first exchange and he said he was a bit nervous. Despite beingnew to exchanging he gave me a really good massage after I had massaged him. A really nice guy, I hope that we will be able to have some repeat sessions and would really recommend him.
Reviewed by Briza, 2016-04-19 [ID 13764:P]

bhong Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
Bhong hosted a 4hands swap at his place, he has a beautiful relaxing space set up and made the effort to play calming music and relaxing environment.

Bhong has a keen interest in massage that shows in his enthusiasm. He needs to pace himself and go with the flow to ensure that the resulting massage is more relaxing, especially in 4 hand swap as both masseurs needs to synch when they massage. He applies good pressure and I am sure he will get better as he picks up more techniques from the exchanges he has.

I would definitely recommend a exchange with Bhong if you get a chance.

Thank you for hosting. A very enjoyable exchange.
Reviewed by knead4massage, 2016-04-19 [ID 13763:P]

Love2rub41 Highly Recommended
Maidstone, United Kingdom
Met with Love2rub41 earlier today, he is a very friendly chap and made me at ease from the moment we met, he took the time to discuss areas that I needed work on. Love2rub41 has a great touch and I came away with many of those troublesome knots resolved.

I highly recommend that you exchange with him if you get a chance. I hope I get a chance to exchange with him again soon.
Reviewed by knead4massage, 2016-04-19 [ID 13762:P]

Lukef Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Great swap with Lukef. Prompt, considerate and very enthusiastic. Very strong hands and he really enjoyed what he was doing which translates to his touch.

I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by tanlines, 2016-04-19 [ID 13761:P]

Love2rub41 Highly Recommended
Maidstone, United Kingdom
Met love2rub41 today for 4hands massage, he is kind of easy going and really nice guy, it was comfortable and enjoyable received massage from both of them, highly recommend having an exchange with him and hope to see him soon.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-19 [ID 13760:P]

knead4massage Highly Recommended
Coventry, England, United Kingdom
Met knead4massage today for 4hands massage, he is kind of easy going and really nice guy, it was comfortable and enjoyable received massage from both of them, highly recommend having an exchange with him and hope to see him soon.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-19 [ID 13759:P]

Reply from knead4massage of 2016-04-19
Thanks Bhong, you were a very good host.

spirituel Highly Recommended
Dunfermline, United Kingdom
I met with Spirituel, and we went into her room that is set up for massage, it was very cosy, and warm, with a comfy massage table, she massaged me first, and I felt that she was very confident, she used warm oil, and her pressure was nice and deep, I could have let her carry on for ages, I've found getting massaged in the past was mostly very disappointing, but with Spirituel, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and we've arranged another swap in the near future, which I'm very much looking forward to, hope she enjoyed the massage that I gave her in return. Thank you Spirituel, loved it.
Reviewed by highlandmassage, 2016-04-19 [ID 13758:P]

Jonte1 Recommended
Ellenbrook, Western Australia, Australia
Great meeting Jonty. He is a very friendly , well trained therapist. I was impressed with some of his techniques used with the release of some trigger points and the overall massage session was great. I think I could benefit a great deal on technique and style by chatting with Jonty. Will certainly be back for more!
Reviewed by Alex1965, 2016-04-19 [ID 13757:P]

bhong Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
I met bhong today for a four handed exchange with knead4massage. Bhong hosted in his home. He has a beautiful relaxing space set up and made the effort to play calming music.

Unfortunately his flow and speed were at odds with knead4massage's calm strokes which at times meant the massage was not balanced. Having said this bhong's pressure and delivery was good with him getting into muscle knots in a flowing manner.

Bhong is virtually hair free on his body which is a pleasure to massage with minimal oil allowing a long time between reapplication making the delivery easy.

Thank you for hosting. A highly enjoyable exchange.
Reviewed by Love2rub41, 2016-04-19 [ID 13756:P]

knead4massage Highly Recommended
Coventry, England, United Kingdom
I exchanged with Knead4massage today in a four hands session with bhong. Bhong was a perfect host with a great massage space on a platform bed giving enough space for three bodyworkers.

Knead4massage has great even pressure, flowing strokes and a logical approach which soothes and immediately relaxed me. Although we live over 100 miles apart it was well worth the effort to travel Abd meet halfway.
Reviewed by Love2rub41, 2016-04-19 [ID 13755:P]

Reply from knead4massage of 2016-04-19
Thanks, I found your massage soothing too, I hope we are able to exchange again soon.

Briza Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Had an enjoyable massage with Briza, no pressure, was interested in what I liked, very relaxed and a genuinely nice and interesting guy to spend some time with.
Reviewed by moparguy, 2016-04-19 [ID 13754:P]

Reply from Briza of 2016-04-19
Thank you very much, I really enjoyed our exchange and hope we can have a repeat session before too long.

rickey Highly Recommended
Hazlet, New Jersey, United States
Ricky is a complete gentleman and an accomplished masseur. We communicated easily and met when we were scheduled to do so. He is not only good as what he does, but he was instantly relatable. I hope we have the opportunity to swap again.
Reviewed by massagegive, 2016-04-18 [ID 13751:P]

yakboy Highly Recommended
Bradford, England, United Kingdom
I had very enjoyable exchange with Yakboy. His hospitality was very good (although a satmap might not work as his house is very new). Very clean and tidy, his touch was very pleasurable and firm. A very pleasant time and I would thouroughly recommend him. I would love to do a repeat exchange but it is a pity we live quite a long way apart.
Reviewed by massage4782, 2016-04-18 [ID 13750:P]

massage4782 Highly Recommended
Chester, Cheshire West and Chester, United Kingdom
met Bill this week what a lovely man , enjoyed his different types of massage from strong and deep to sensual and smooth , best massage ive had in years , he has great hands and a great man to have on your body
Reviewed by yakboy, 2016-04-18 [ID 13749:P]

JustOneTouchChangesEverything Highly Recommended
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Very wonderful first experience, could even feel the lightness and smoothness the next day. Now we've met the second time, much softer this time but still nice. Justonetouch is a very good company to speak with also, knows a lot of Chinese.
Reviewed by gracious, 2016-04-18 [ID 13748:P]

BenBlen Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met with Benblen for a quickly arranged massage swap yesterday. This was his first swap on this site so understandable washable little nervous. Ben is a delightful man and we connected quite quickly. He has a natural touch and I very much enjoyed his massage . With time and aquiring skills he will make a good masseur. I look forward to meeting again and keeping up our connection. I giving him a 4 * since he is at the beginning of giving massages.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-04-18 [ID 13747:P]

Touchsense101 Satisfactory
Ilford, United Kingdom
I had a therapeutic massage with johnsesnse. I was his first client and whilst i gave some advice and suggestions for improvements, he did a lovely job and took on board my requests. He is a good communicator and did a nice massage. The room was warm with a nice candle and he had soft music. He is a good masseur and an engaging person. Thank you.
Reviewed by Lushlips, 2016-04-17 [ID 13746:P]

Sanomike Highly Recommended
Upland, California, United States
Sanomike showed up on time and was very personable. It's nice when you trade with someone and you can tell that you get along well from the start. He has a great intuitive touch with firm pressure. I fell asleep a couple of times during the massage for a brief moment(always a good sign). When we were done we chatted a bit more. Would recommend trading with him anytime.
Reviewed by Gambit39, 2016-04-17 [ID 13745:P]

Lushlips Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meeting Lushlips was my first ever on massage exchange and it was an absolutely great experience. Lushlips was very polite and friendly, I really enjoyed her company and massaging her. Additionally it was great to get some positive feedback which I can take on to my next experiences.
Reviewed by Touchsense101, 2016-04-17 [ID 13744:P]

ChicagoHands Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
ChicagoHands and I recently traded and it was a great experience. He has excellent technique, a very good understanding of muscular anatomy and function, and a thoughtful and compassionate touch. And he's also a really interesting and nice guy. I'm looking forward to our next exchange!
Reviewed by SteveRiverNorth, 2016-04-17 [ID 13743:P]

ali206 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met Ali today, he was a nice and really comfortable person to be with him. Very enjoyable exchange with him and looking forward to meet him again.
Reviewed by bhong, 2016-04-17 [ID 13742:P]

Lushlips Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
After several weeks of emailing and getting to know and understand the specific requirements needed to help relieve Lushlips previous injuries we arranged to meet up.
I was very fortunate in being able to meet this truly delightful lady a couple of days ago, so we met for a snack and a chat to enable me to learn exactly what was wanted , also to enable us to feel comfortable with each other.
So using her preferred choice of oils the massage began with her choice of lovely music playing in the background. I began the massage starting off by working on her neck and shoulders the feedback was very positive and as the massage continued onto her back and sides I used a wide range of strokes which seemed to go down very well and before very long she was really chilled and started to drift away (with a lovely smile across her face)!
We had allowed plenty of time but the hours just slipped away so fast - it was such a very great pleasure to be able to help this very charming lady. To be able to give in a situation like this was just so very special and precious. My only regret was not having enough time at the end to finish off with a longer head massage.

I learned so much and would dearly love to work with her again in the future Thank you Lushlips
Reviewed by countrylad, 2016-04-17 [ID 13741:P]

Jonte1 Highly Recommended
Ellenbrook, Western Australia, Australia
Jonte is a very experienced massage therapist. He worked mainly on my upper back, shoulders and glut areas where I have had a fair amount of muscle tension. His experienced techniques ridded the areas of tension and stress. Hope to exchange with Jonte again in the future.
Reviewed by mensbusiness, 2016-04-17 [ID 13740:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I had a repeat meet with John today and again enjoyed the whole experience. He is very friendly and easy to talk to about many topics.

He delivered an amazing erotic massage which was had me relaxed in no time.

Thank you John, I am looking forward to the next meeting.
Reviewed by chest, 2016-04-17 [ID 13739:P]

lejizum Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met Lilian for a therapeutic session to relieve general tensions from work and to relax and de-stress.

She is a lovely lady with beautiful smooth skin and quickly relaxed into the session. An hour and a half passed very quickly with great company and I hope to meet up in the future to further practice my skills.
Reviewed by Love2rub41, 2016-04-17 [ID 13737:P]

mensbusiness Recommended
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I just had my 4th WA swap massage with Mensbusiness (MB) and really good.

MB is a massage student and is studying Cert IV part-time.

He has a confident and easy going demeanour, which comes from experience with dealing with people in different roles.

He has via able pressure from soft to firm to deep pressure, he is open to suggestions for improving pressure and techniques in a sports/remedial treatment set.

I found him to adaptive, creative and constructive in his treatment of back and shoulders.

I am looking forward to further swaps down the line.

Cheers MB
Reviewed by Jonte1, 2016-04-16 [ID 13736:P]

Reply from mensbusiness of 2016-04-17
Thanks Jonte for the kind words in your review. Was great to have a massage swap with you and hope to again in the future. Cheers mate. Bruce.

Tennisfan777 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Exchanged with Tennisfan777 today. A long journey but very worthwhile. He was kind enough to host me and made me feel welcome and relaxed on my arrival, which was appreciated. He has a table which was great, I prefer it, as it is easier to manoeuvre around, he was also kind enough to provide a selection of oils.

I enjoyed giving Tennisfan777 a massage, perhaps I was a little too intense with my pressure on my first exchange, but having asked for a response he seemed quite happy - judging by the grunts and sighs! lol.

His massage on me was very welcome. He has a number of varied, enjoyable and effective strokes which were very welcome. He moved around my body over various massage strokes until with very insightful intuition he settled on some areas in need of extended work which was surprising, welcome and appreciated - until he got to my feet....! lol

Tennisfan777 thank you for welcome hosting and provision of all the oils and bed, most of all thank you for a wonderful exchange and a great afternoon. Hope to see you again soon.
Reviewed by cambdave, 2016-04-16 [ID 13735:P]

cambdave Highly Recommended
Deepcut, England, United Kingdom
Cambdave arrived on time ;-)
He's a very easy going , clean, friendly and very relaxed! His strokes were very firm, his pressure was intense but needed and his kneading techniques were very timely. Cambdave has a great body for massage and he's a really great comrade. He comes highly recommended and I can't wait to meet up with him in a few weeks . Thanks for a lovely afternoon Cambdave;-)
Reviewed by Tennisfan777, 2016-04-16 [ID 13734:P]

SteveRiverNorth Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
We traded a massage earlier this week and it was an excellent experience. He gives an great massage and was very intuitive. We had a great conversation and an awesome massage trade. I also learned more about massage and can't wait to meet up again. This was an extremely positive interaction.
Reviewed by ChicagoHands, 2016-04-16 [ID 13733:P]

greatmassage4u2 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I met recently with greatmassage4u2. Although I had read some great reviews, I wasn't really knowing what to expect. I have to say that the whole experience was very much enjoyed. I felt that greatmassage4u2 gave me a very warm welcome, and was happy to share his wealth of therapeutic massage experience with me, showing me some great techniques. I truly felt there was no routine, but greatmassage4u2 had very intuitive hands and also seemed to know how much pressure to apply. A great communicator. The original plan was to exchange, but he was very generous with his time and was happy to give without receiving in return. I am hoping to meet up again soon, so that I can give back in return. Couldn't highly recommend him enough!
Reviewed by maree, 2016-04-16 [ID 13732:P]

Jonte1 Highly Recommended
Ellenbrook, Western Australia, Australia
Jonte 1 : Thank you for the deep tissue back & neck therapy the other day. Very impressive knowledge of muscle groups, technique and tension release together with appropriate discriptive commentary that went with it. Would recommend you to anyone with similar issues. Great and very complimentary to relaxation massage. Look forward to longer available sessions to swap full sessions & maybe take full advantage of my IR Sauna as well. ilario
Reviewed by iilario, 2016-04-15 [ID 13731:P]

Rs1958 Highly Recommended
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Awesome guy, nice personality, great massage and would highly recommend him. He's not pushy, laid back and was on time for the exchange. He's the REAL DEAL:)
Reviewed by MitchellWerthit, 2016-04-15 [ID 13730:P]

Utahlost1 Recommended
Layton, Utah, United States
Great couple. Very personable and welcoming. Hope to work together again.
Reviewed by Jboy4270, 2016-04-15 [ID 13729:P]

Jboy4270 Highly Recommended
Ogden, Utah, United States
Jboy4270 was a nice person from the start. We met him and he gave my wife a massage. He was very respectful. He also was not pushy and kept to my wife's boundaries. We were happy to of met him and he is a good person to meet on here.
Reviewed by Utahlost1, 2016-04-15 [ID 13728:P]

RogPkGuy Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Met with RogPkGuy for my first massage trade. He is very nice guy and easy to talk to and the massage was exceptional. It was a very positive experience. I look forward to exchanging a massage again sometime soon.
Reviewed by ChicagoHands, 2016-04-15 [ID 13727:P]

Icey126 Highly Recommended
Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
I met up with Icey126 to day for the second time after a gap of several years. Icey126 is a warm friendly guy who was a pleasure to swap with. We connected very well. His massage is well executed with firm as well as gentle strokes that course along the entire body leaving you feeling very relaxed. I particuarly enjoyed the very light stokes he used at the beginning coursing above the skin stimulating the hairs that left me feeling tingly all over. I look forward to swapping with him in the near future.if you have the opportunity do arrange a swap with him.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-04-15 [ID 13726:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I met John again after a gap of a few years and I have to say he is the most charming and delightful host. The massage he gives is certainly one of the best I have ever had and I feel sure he did not receive as much from me as I did from him. I cannot rate John highly enough and if you have opportunity to exchange with him then don't miss the opportunity - you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by Icey126, 2016-04-15 [ID 13725:P]

verygoodhands Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
What a sweet man!
Talkative, sharing and a very good bodyworker.
Gave me a great massage - then it was my turn to massage him.
He was so appreciative and responsive to my touch.
I think the experience was great for both of us.
would trade again for sure.
Reviewed by otterpup, 2016-04-15 [ID 13724:P]

S4shaw Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
I had the pleasure of finally getting to meet up and have an exchange with S4shaw. He's got good hands and was very thorough. He could possibly have applied a little bit more pressure on upper body if I'd requested otherwise he spent a fair amount of time on my legs that I felt relaxed and was falling asleep. Very respecting in his giving and am sure will do well once he's fully completed his cureent massage course. Very friendly and generous host and I look forward to our next session sometime soon.
Reviewed by Bettergrounded, 2016-04-14 [ID 13723:P]

rediscover Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Excellent massage. Rediscover is really friendly and a intuitive. Great person to practice with!
Reviewed by Daffy34, 2016-04-14 [ID 13722:P]

cdune Highly Recommended
Dunedin, Florida, United States
Cdune gave a extraordinary, non-rushed, Awesome massage. His technique is equal or better that some of the “licensed” guys I’ve gone too.
He is absolutely professional, polite and made me feel at easy. I cannot wait to have his hands “all over me again”
Reviewed by Ferdinand50, 2016-04-14 [ID 13721:P]

walthamstowe17 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
A perfect Monday night. I had the chance to organise and meet with Walthamstowe at his place.
A comfortable place where I could shower, very convenient after a day at work and before starting the session. It was just great, Whalthamstowe hands work their magic.
Anybody who had the chance to be massaged by him will understand. It was a "fluid" massage, gentle hands, right pressure, a good balance, he is obviously a main of experience and make you feel comfortable and relaxed in the same time. His main concerned was definitely to make sure I had a good time.
I enjoyed massaging him as well, he is a very handsome man with a great toned/muscly body, gentle in many ways. Every body should have the chance to meet him.
Reviewed by LM55, 2016-04-14 [ID 13720:P]

harrypotter1985 Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Harry has an amazing sensual touch. With a little more technique and training, he will be a great swedish massage therapist. We had a great session together. He wants to learn and it is a pleasure to exchange with me. Enjoy a session with him.
Reviewed by Yelan, 2016-04-14 [ID 13719:P]

Reply from harrypotter1985 of 2016-04-15
I had one of the best massages ever :) All the muscles soreness and tightness had gone :) Really recommended !

intuitivetouch Highly Recommended
Valley Village, California, United States
What a nice guy! We traded massages - He was kind to me - and told me i had 'great hands' but i do think he was being kind because when it was my turn to receive, what a treat!
He is great - great techniques - sensual, not sexual and very relaxing.
you all should try to exchange with Shaun - but you better bring it!
Reviewed by otterpup, 2016-04-13 [ID 13718:P]

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