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RestAWhile Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I have just finished my first massage exchange with RestAWhile after a few misses we finally got together his techniques are great his touch was firm and relaxing he struck up a conversation as soon as we met and made me feel at ease straight away all of his previous reviews are very correct I would have no problems than to recommend him to anyone he is a very nice person and a great masseur
Thank you RestAWhile for a great massage
Reviewed by dingo5, 2016-12-04 [ID 15347:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
My first 'event' with MassageExchange was meeting up with Bengiboy. This will be a hard act to follow. Bengiboy is very skilled in massage techniques and blending aromatherapy oils. That along with excellent facilities, massage table, warm room and relaxing music had all the hallmarks of being an evening well spent. You need to have a few hours to spend with Bengiboy to gain the full benefit of the shared massage experience. Bengiboy welcomes you, makes you feel at your ease with chat and hugs as as you prepare for the massage. It is guaranteed to relieve tensions, stress and bring on full relaxation and sensual stimulation.
I would have no hesitation to meet with Bengiboy again. A great experience
Reviewed by house1234, 2016-12-04 [ID 15346:P]

tn34biker Highly Recommended
Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom
I have nust met up with tn34biker and what an experience that was. He is a very friendly man and a bundle of energy. We chatted at first yhen did a connecti g phase to atune ourselves together. His massage is like a Thia yoga massage with lots of body conntact. It was on a massage couch rather thst the floor but he managed to give a very satisfying performance. When it came to my turn I could tell he was enjoying the massage. He has a very nice body to massage. All in all three hours of blissful massage. Thank you tn34biker. Hope we can meet up again.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-12-04 [ID 15345:P]

house1234 Recommended
Egham, England, United Kingdom
I recently swapped a massage with house1234. He is a friendly guy and we very quickly connected and started off with a nice chat. This was his first exchange on the site so it was my privilege to show him the ropes. For a first timer his massage was not bad. What he lacked in technical bknow how he made up for in enthusiasm. I could tell that he enjoyed the massage that i gave him. I am sure a further meetup is on the cards. Thank you house1234.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-12-04 [ID 15344:P]

JJ01UK Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met up with JJ01UK at his place for a massage exchange in his warm cosy flat. He is a very friendly guy with a great body on which to practice on. His massage in return was full of long strokes with his strong hands. Had a very nice time and we plan to meet up again soon.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2016-12-04 [ID 15343:P]

Arty99 Highly Recommended
, Canary Islands, Spain
Arty99 contacted me whilst I was on holiday on the island of Fuerteventura - we scheduled a swap very quickly and both really enjoyed ourselves. Arty is a very thorough and empathetic masseur with a sound and effective style. On occasions his movements got just a bit too fast and lost rhythm, but he quickly noticed and sorted things out before I could summon the energy to say anything. He is very receptive to new ideas and is well worth exchanging with. As a bodywork enthusiast - 5 stars.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2016-12-04 [ID 15341:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I have a very pleasurable evening with Kingstonguy ,,his massage technique is based on slow strokes along the full body ,make me feel comfortable and relax,nice environmment,it goes without saying that i highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Marcek, 2016-12-04 [ID 15340:P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Marcek is an excellent masseur, he has a very charming massage room and since we started I immediately felt relaxed. He is very skilled and I loved the thorough massage he gave me. It's been a pleasurable experience overall and I highly recommend him!
Reviewed by Markkoo, 2016-12-04 [ID 15339:P]

nicguyincalif Highly Recommended
Fresno, California, United States
nicguyincalif is a very good partner for a soothing exchange. He is very talented in massage and relaxing good conversation. He uses several techniques and our session was stimulating for the mind and body. I would definitely exchange with him again and I recommend him to anyone seeking a great massage experience.
Reviewed by theraPe, 2016-12-04 [ID 15338:P]

theraPe Highly Recommended
Mount Dora, Florida, United States
My first exchange on this site. Very nice man! Respectful, understanding, hospitable and friendly. The massage was great too!
Reviewed by tennis48, 2016-12-04 [ID 15337:P]

guia Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a great experience with Guia. He is very friendly and he made me feel comfortable. He has a nice warm room, all set up for the massage. I learned a lot from him, his technique is very good, he knows how to give strong firm strokes, so I was lucky to receive a very thorough massage! I've also practiced on him, and he's been very encouraging and it looks like he enjoyed as well! I'm looking forward meeting Guia again.
Reviewed by Markkoo, 2016-12-04 [ID 15336:P]

CharlieG42 Highly Recommended
Dulwich Hill, New South Wales, Australia
I had my first meeting and massage swap with Charlieg42 today and found him to have exceptional hands for a massage friendly and easy to talk to we sat and chatted for a while and he made me feel so at ease and ready for the massage his technique was beyond believe I would defiantly have another massage by this wonderful man
Dingo 5
Reviewed by dingo5, 2016-12-04 [ID 15335:P]

Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
You never know who you will meet years later so It's a good idea to leave a good impression on those that you meet every day. Looking at profiles in my area, I came across Randen's profile. I got the feeling that I knew this individual from his pictures. As it turns out, we had meet years before I came to this site and we both had left lasting positive impressions from our previous meeting. After a few short planning emails, we meet and quickly reconnected and caught up to date on what had happen in our lives. Our exchange just complimented our mutual respect. There are individuals that you know they know your needs, Randen is that way, and I had to just enjoy his work that left me satisfied on many levels. The whole time we spent, nearly 4 hours, was over too quickly. Look forward to continuing our re-connection. No hesitation on 5 stars!
Reviewed by doneright, 2016-12-03 [ID 15334:P]

countrylad Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
Countrylad and I met up in near record time, within 2 days of him looking at my profile, and I'm really pleased we managed to meet. Because we hadn't had a lot of time to communicate through the site, we met for a coffee first to get to know each other a little, then went back to his hotel room. The bed was wide and firm, so wasn't a bad substitute for a table, and he had ensured the room was nice and warm, while tealights provided a calming atmosphere. And the almond oil was heated in a burner, which was a lovely touch on a cold night. The massage I received was great, nicely firm and very accomplished, and time just melted away. I was so relaxed that I was on the verge of falling asleep several times. Charming, friendly, and good with his hands, I would enjoy a repeat session when countrylad returns to London. Many thanks!
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2016-12-03 [ID 15333:P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Marcek and I met up this evening at my place for a massage. He has a great muscular smooth body on which to practice on. His massage training is evident and he gave me a very strong but also relaxing massage - I am looking forward to a good nights sleep tonight! I would definitely recommend Marcek.

Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2016-12-03 [ID 15332:P]

jonboy1963 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
You could search for a very long time to find such a lovely, polite and friendly guy and never find anyone to match the calibre of jonboy1963. He had travelled a long way to exchange a massage and I was delighted to welcome him to my home. We chatted quite easily and didn't need long before I felt so comfortable and pleased we could meet. He is new to the site but his massage style and respectful touch was quite amazing. We massaged, chatted, relaxed and massaged again. How delightful !! The only disappointment was when he had to leave for home. Thank you so much for a great time and I am thrilled we have pencilled in another meet up in the New Year. I can't wait. Without hesitation 5 stars.
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2016-12-03 [ID 15331:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
It took a while to find a mutually convenient time to exchange, but it was well worth the wait! John is a lovely guy and I spent a very enjoyable 5 hours in his company and the time just flew by. We chatted and got to know each other and I felt relaxed in his company straight away. I told him I'd been impressed by all the positive reviews he's received and I'm happy to confirm that they all ring true! John is an accomplished and highly experienced masseur having received some professional training and plenty of practice. He was also very complimentary about my own efforts which boosted my confidence. I'm sure we will meet again soon - highly recommended!
Reviewed by jonboy1963, 2016-12-03 [ID 15330:P]

dolphindave Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was very fortunate after some prior e mailing to meet and exchange with Dolphindave this week whilst I was away on business. Which had been very stressful. We met for a chat over a cuppa and following agreeing structure boundaries etc went to my hotel and exchanged massages unfortunately having to use bed rather than a table
I massaged him first and used varying styles and pressures which seemed to go down very well, he was certainly drifting off several times.
We then swapped over and I was given a top rate massage back really well done D you ticked all the right boxes there.
Think about 5hrs slipped by truly great and such a nice guy too
Reviewed by countrylad, 2016-12-03 [ID 15329:P]

Smiler Highly Recommended
Rochdale, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Had a very enjoyable evening with Smiler, what a really lovely guy he is. He states that he is inexperienced with massage but he knew what he was doing and hit all the right spots for a very relaxing and enjoyable massage. A very clean and respectable guy and the surroundings were very relaxing with soothing sensual music being played throughout the massage. Thoroughly recommended and I will be visiting again without a doubt !
Reviewed by Altrincham124, 2016-12-03 [ID 15327:P]

PauloNW6 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
What can I say ! Paulo kindly offered me a massage and when I got there it was a great surprise that his place was fully conditioned for a massage; from the table, to the lights and the music... a true experience that I fully recommend !

Thanks Paulo and hope to see you again
Reviewed by massagechuck01, 2016-12-03 [ID 15328:P]

dte Highly Recommended
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
dte gives a very competant and pleasant massage and was open to suggestions / comments about where more areas needed work and pressure.

he was a very calm, engaging demeanor and energy that is free flowing and honest.
Reviewed by fitfunrubbuddy, 2016-12-03 [ID 15326:P]

Practiceonme1980 Recommended
Shepherdsville, Kentucky, United States
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving we met for our first exchange here at my massage therapy clinic. I was very grateful for the much needed bodywork. Practiceonme has big strong hands, great intuition and instincts. I was most impressed considering his lack of experience and any formal training, but plenty of enthusiasm and instinct . I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.
Reviewed by jollygiant, 2016-12-02 [ID 15325:P]

M115019 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
M11501 has magic hands, his style varies from Swedish and deep tissue to Thai. He is a very polite and gentle man and he made me comfortable from the very first minute I saw him. I plan to exchange massages with him in the future and highly recommend him to others.
Reviewed by SamTX, 2016-12-02 [ID 15324:P]

Dannyfunmassage Highly Recommended
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States
Great massage and great hands. He was very sensitive to my needs and has an awesome setup for a massage. Anyone interested in a very good massage need to look no further.
Reviewed by hotsonruddy, 2016-12-02 [ID 15323:P]

fitfunrubbuddy Highly Recommended
Brassall, Queensland, Australia
Fitfunrubbuddy is a warm and generous person with a great touch. Respects boundaries and gives an excellent massage!
Reviewed by dte, 2016-12-02 [ID 15320:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Recently meet up for an unexpected exchange whilst both on holiday. It was an excellent meet with this very experienced and friendly man for several hours of massage bliss. After experiencing H's excellent and various stokes and touches I really hope that I can remember and practise some of the new skills he gave to me.

Our years of experience differ greatly but he was very generous and appreciative of my massage skills. I would hope we could repeat the experience on another occasion. Many thanks.
Reviewed by Arty99, 2016-12-02 [ID 15319:P]

Reply from GuildfordExpertMasseur of 2016-12-02
I enjoyed this swap too, it was quickly arranged at short-notice on holiday - a full review later when I return home.

robjoe1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Ok. Read this! Robjoe1 is superbly talented in his massage skills!
As a qualified masseur he certainly knows how to deliver a top notch treatment.
Robjoe1 is a nice guy, easy to get along with. I had a lovely massage on a heated table in his smart apartment. Usually I fall asleep with massages, however I was too busy having an relaxed chat and also I didn't want to sleep so I could remember his superb techniques. He did some lovely vibration work and used another stimulating technique that I can only describe as energising. This is some work I hadn't experienced before in all my years of massage. His treatment was thorough, detailed and a true delight.
It goes without saying that I highly recommend Robjoe1. I'm already looking forward to a repeat treatment in a few weeks.
Make the time to exchange with Robjoe1, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by Kiwi666, 2016-12-02 [ID 15318:P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
This guy has integrity. Honest reliable and is amazing with his hands. Lots of experience and can do hard or soft. Very worth while having a swap, totally knows how to relax you from head to toe and doesn't miss a muscle. Highly recommended and overall a good bloke!
Reviewed by Nofear46, 2016-12-02 [ID 15317:P]

kamarellil Highly Recommended
Oakland, California, United States
Nice hands. He's had training and gives a professional massage. Uses the right amount of pressure and finds the tight spots. You won't be disappointed if you schedule an exchange with him.
Reviewed by sunlvrwill, 2016-12-01 [ID 15316:P]

Reply from kamarellil of 2016-12-02
Thank you very much for this kind review. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.
Karim Aka Kamarellil

AntsNZ Highly Recommended
Hythe, England, United Kingdom
It took a couple of months to finally get to meet up with AntsNZ, but it was well worth us persevering! He kindly hosted in his hotel room, where we had to use the bed, which proved no problem - he has a huge amount of experience, teaching and practicing over the years, and was able to search and destroy knot after knot in my back and shoulders, not without some pain along the way, but hey, 'no pain no gain' has never made more sense! He was very interesting to chat with as well, and it was more than four hours later that the session was over, though it certainly didn't feel like it, and not before I'd made a note of a couple of moves I want to take forward. Highly recommended, thanks Ants, and all I can say is, England's loss is Latvia''s gain! Bon voyage..
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2016-12-01 [ID 15315:P]

bgtgp Highly Recommended
Plano, Texas, United States
Bgtgp was very respectful, professional, knowledgeable throughout the massage exchange. He has great technique and is very receptive to suggestions and feedback. I can tell he enjoys giving massages and it shows. I highly recommend bgtgp and intend to exchange with him again!
Reviewed by jonsnow, 2016-12-01 [ID 15314:P]

playfulman Highly Recommended
Mitcham, United Kingdom
I had a great massage swap with Playfulman today. He was very welcoming when i arrived and we chatted over a warm beverage. He ia a friendly man and we soon connected very well which was also facilitated by doing a connecting phase. He has done a lot of workshops in Tanta massage and he gave me a very sensual massage which was very satisfying. When it came to my turn to give he was a very expressive subject and i could tell he was enjoying what i was going. He has a nice skim figre which is a pleasure to massage. All in all a very pleasant 3hrs spent with him. Thank you Playfulman. Hope i can host you next time! ;-)
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-12-01 [ID 15313:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I had a fantastic massage session today with Bengiboy. He really is extremely gifted and a Master of Massage! He's also a friendly guy who's very easy to talk to. We had a relaxed chat beforehand and his introductory process to connect was perfect to move us beyond words and into touch. And then we had a three hour massage swap. He mixed powerful therapeutic techniques with sensual strokes and I was putty in his hands! I can't recommend him highly enough. It was also really lovely giving him a massage and he is a very connected delightful receiver. I hope to swap with him again soon. Thanks for a lovely time Bengiboy, you've set me up for the week!
Reviewed by playfulman, 2016-12-01 [ID 15312:P]

KyleJ Recommended
Burbank, California, United States
Great host and massage done right! I was very comfortable and totally relaxed. KyleJ applied just the right amount of pressure and I thoroughly enjoyed his massage and company.
Reviewed by Ladad, 2016-11-30 [ID 15311:P]

Ladad Recommended
La Cañada Flintridge, California, United States
Great session. Very gentle and calm touch. Fell right to sleep after session!
Reviewed by KyleJ, 2016-11-30 [ID 15310:P]

jonsnow Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
He has a very intuitive touch and is a very kind person. He arrived on time and we had a great trade. I look forward to trading with him again!
Reviewed by bgtgp, 2016-11-30 [ID 15309:P]

Irishcharmer Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet with irishcharmer! He had a natural ability and managed to incorporate many different strokes. He has received many professional massages in the past and was able to transfer what he learnt into his own style which more than worked for me! He was very welcoming and made the 2 hours very enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend him and do hope we can repeat the exchange!
Reviewed by Newun, 2016-11-30 [ID 15307:P]

fox3too Highly Recommended
Cannington, Western Australia, Australia
Meeting with Fox3too was an amazing experience I hope to repeat.
I massaged him first and he was both complimentary and supportive, offering feedback that will improve the experience I offer other massage recipients.
The massage he gave me was just sublime, both relaxing and relieving with wonderful long smooth strokes. Hope we can meet up again.
Reviewed by mattyman, 2016-11-30 [ID 15306:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Doneright provided excellent communication both before and on the day of our exchange and arrived exactly on time! My massage exchange was very enjoyable; he is a friendly man who makes you feel at ease. He has a relaxing technique which left me feeling stress-free! He has also created some of his own modalities that I'd never experienced before but thoroughly enjoyed. I can highly recommend doneright!
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2016-11-29 [ID 15305:P]

Reply from doneright of 2016-11-29
Thank you very much for your kind words and likewise it was enjoyable to me. Look forward to future exchanges.

PauloNW6 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Great massage and friendly person. Strongly recommend him if you want a professional massage :)
Reviewed by mde, 2016-11-29 [ID 15304:P]

Nofear46 Highly Recommended
Hounslow, United Kingdom
Recently i did meet this friendly guy for a swap,great session,he make feel relax and invigorating,hi has his own technique which a recommend u to try,nice atmosphere,i strongly suggest dont hesitate if u contact him
Reviewed by Marcek, 2016-11-29 [ID 15303:P]

gaykingston Highly Recommended
Surbiton, United Kingdom
I recently had a massage swap with Gay Kingston, upon arrival refreshments was offered and we sat and chatted for a brief while to understand each others requirements and to lightly get a feel for each other.
The environment was beautiful, quiet and calming.
The massage table ready, a selection if oils etc were on offer -the massage was highly relaxing and ease stressed muscles...attention to detail was great.
Long & detailed strokes were applied. It was a fantastic 4hrs.
I would highly recommend GayKingston and look forward to a future appointment. Thankyou
Reviewed by Keefa29, 2016-11-29 [ID 15302:P]

robjoe1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Hi there,i did swap with robjoe1 hi welcome to his warm flat with lots of candles and scent diffuser and lavender oil,,he is an ITEC massage therapist,he did works my back,glutes,legs and chest and stomach,i will highly recomended.
Reviewed by Marcek, 2016-11-29 [ID 15301:P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Had a lovely massage from Marcek who was my very exchange. He travelled to my place. Good combination of sweeping and petrissage techniques. It was good to be reminded of a few techniques I had forgotten during my training. I would highly recommend.
Reviewed by robjoe1, 2016-11-29 [ID 15298:P]

dolphindave Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Dave came round to my house a few days ago.A very nice guy and i received a great massage from him.Pressure was just right, enjoyed his style of movement which was quiet different from mine.All in all a very enjoyable exchange.
Would highly recommend him and hoping to meet up again soon.
Reviewed by stevebrt, 2016-11-29 [ID 15300:P]

Thebo Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
We exchanged just a few messages and managed to organise a swap fairly quickly considering that Thebo was traveling from North England for a short stay in London.
I am glad we had this opportunity.
Thebo come across as somebody a bit shy and reserved. He gave me a serious, kind of sport massage, with strong pressure and a nice mix of long strokes. He is definitely experienced and the massage was given with confidence.
I enjoyed massaging his very lean, toned and muscular body (incredibly smooth skin). Probably the years of sport he used to practice are paying off.
We exchange feeling and impression throughout the session.
Over all a great experience. A very interesting gentleman worth meeting for a memorable moment.
Reviewed by LM55, 2016-11-28 [ID 15299:P]

twoorlandobears Highly Recommended
Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Yesterday I had the pleasure of massaging twoorlandobears from the minute I walked through the I was comfortable with them them, they have a beautiful place great massage table by the pool with everything you need for a great massage. Highly recommend these guys, pleasure massaging them
Reviewed by hothds, 2016-11-28 [ID 15297:P]

juicemore Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was wonderful, thank you. Best way to start the weekend.
Reviewed by guia, 2016-11-28 [ID 15295:P]

Palegria Recommended
London Borough of Southwark, England, United Kingdom
Met Palegria at my local station last week (-;
He's a lovely guy, I massaged him and knew we couldn't exchange as he was nursing some pains but he's a great guy , we connected very well, we talked a lot about his experiences on the site and him moving nearer me ! I thoroughly enjoyed his company and look forward to exchanging with him again soon (-;
Great body to massage , clean man and awesome guy.
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2016-11-28 [ID 15294:P]

hothds Highly Recommended
Bayonne, New Jersey, United States
This was our first experience on Massage Exchange and it was a great one. Hothds really knows his way around a body, he has a great touch, and you can tell he'a done this for years. He has a very good technique for an enthusiast, and takes care of every muscle area in the order it should be done, head to toe.
Hope to have him over again. Thoroughly recommended!!
Reviewed by twoorlandobears, 2016-11-27 [ID 15293:P]

Massagehype Highly Recommended
Thousand Oaks, California, United States
Massagehype and I had a recent exchange and it went really well. His training was evident and he was able to provide an excellent deep tissue massage. I had worked out the day before and this was much needed. I found him easy to talk with as well as work on. Overall, it was a great experience.
Reviewed by Gambit39, 2016-11-27 [ID 15292:P]

gemboy Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I didn't have an exchange for a while and it happened to contact gemboy. It was the right thing to do. It was like to come out of the winter and wake up in a warm and sunny day. We texted each other before meeting at mine yesterday and I have to say it seemed to know him for a long time, all it was confirmed when I opened my door step and a smiley guy was there for the exchange. We had time for a long chat and a coffee and when it was time for the massage I started giving him it ..... absolutely a pleasure to work on his well shaped body. When it was my time I abandoned completely in his hands, what a wonderful touch, he knew exactly where I needed it the most. An amazing swap and I hope to repeat it soon. Needless to say highly recommend
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2016-11-27 [ID 15289:P]

Rainbow1963 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
From the moment Rainbow1963 got in touch, I had a good feeling about him. He's chatty and friendly, has a good sense of humour and doesn't take himself too seriously.

He later told me he'd thought several times about getting in touch, and the odd thing is that so had I. Just as well one of us took the initiative!

The exchange itself was a pleasure from beginning to end. Rainbow1963 has a lovely flat, a great massage space complete with table, a firm touch and a technique that blends in Reiki. Bliss! I only hope that he enjoyed my massage as much as I enjoyed his.

I always think the test of a good massage (like a good book) is whether you'd repeat the experience. In this case, the answer is a resounding yes. In fact we're already talking about setting it up. The sooner the better!

I'd recommend Rainbow1963 unhesitatingly.

Reviewed by gemboy, 2016-11-27 [ID 15291:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I met with bengiboy for a massage swap. I am a novice and this was my first swap/meet: it was great to meet such a welcoming and realxed guy, who immediatley put me at my ease, enabling us to both connect and then proceed with our swap. Combining theraputic and sensual massage worked well for us both: taking it in terns enabled me to learn from bengiboy. We both found the session relaxing and enjoyable I hope to repeat the experience again and learn more.
Reviewed by ms66, 2016-11-27 [ID 15290:P]

Moaner Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This young lady puts her all into it.
I never had a massage start with me standing, and her starting at my toes.
From her fingers and hands, to her mouth and tongue.
She works her way over every inch of your body.
Every inch or her body screams sensual, yes you will moan.
Reviewed by ReadyToBend, 2016-11-26 [ID 15288:P]

theraPe Highly Recommended
Mount Dora, Florida, United States
I had the opportunity for a massage exchange while I was in Florida and our session was fantastic. Communication prior to the session was excellent and he was right on time. We engage in articulate conversation during our exchange which was refreshing. His hands were very strong and the touching and movement very fluid. It was as good as a professional session and one where I felt very comfortable. Needless to say I slept like a baby that evening and would highly recommend reaching out and arranging an exchange. You will not be sorry and I only wish we lived in the same town.
Reviewed by nicguyincalif, 2016-11-26 [ID 15287:P]

Jay443 Highly Recommended
Germantown, Maryland, United States
Jay & I began the session by having me give Jay a massage that devoted particular focus on his shoulders, hands and feet, and glutes. Jay was responsive to my long-stroke movements and is quite sensitive and tactile as the massage progressed.
Jay provided a ground-floor room with a fireplace and comfortable massage table. It;s obvious that he's dedicated significant time to the endeavor.
I highly recommend Jay443.
Reviewed by Georgetownmature, 2016-11-26 [ID 15286:P]

stevebrt Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Steve and I arranged this exchange in record time, and it was well worth it. He very kindly collected me from his local station, and we got down to work pretty quickly as he was on a fairly tight schedule. He worked on me first, and it didn't feel remotely rushed - he was very thorough, nicely firm strokes that cut through to the knots around my shoulders and up and down the spine, ending with a beautifully relaxing head massage. I liked the way he applied the lovely hot oil as well, sparingly, just enough to do the job, without overdoing it. He has a nicely firm, toned body to work on too, which made it a pleasure to work on him. All in all, a really good exchange, I would highly recommend Steve, and look forward to another one soon!
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2016-11-26 [ID 15285:P]

Relaxme15 Highly Recommended
, Auckland,
Once again, it was a delight to massage this member. A nice relaxed session with attention to gaining a true sensual feeling. The connection of the receiver touching you during the massage establishes a flow of energy that adds to the overall experience for both. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by captom, 2016-11-26 [ID 15284:P]

StanmoreHolistic Highly Recommended
Stanmore, England, United Kingdom
A full 90 minutes massage received from SH. A great host who draped me in towels and worked on different parts of the body undraping each section as he massaged me. I was totally relaxed at the end. Just fabulous and I hope to return the massage to him.
Reviewed by J2o, 2016-11-26 [ID 15283:P]

Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Georgetownmature and I had a successful massage exchange. He was a good host and was helpful with parking. He is calm and friendly gave a good massage. He offered a variety oils to choose from. I look forward to future exchanges.
Reviewed by TrevorP, 2016-11-26 [ID 15282:P]

Newun Highly Recommended
Crawley, United Kingdom
Had my first exchange massage with Newun and am so pleased we met. He went out of his way to travel to me but we struck a chord almost immediately. We started with a sensual rub-down to begin and to remove any nervousness. We then took turns at massaging back and front. Newun is a confident masseur and although untrained demonstrates a range of techniques to give a firm but relaxing exchange.
We didn't have as much time as we would have liked today. Two hours flew by too quickly. I look forward to another exchange when we can spend as long as we need. I'm impressed and give five stars for a warm and enthusiastic massage.
Reviewed by Irishcharmer, 2016-11-26 [ID 15281:P]

dolphindave Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I would like thank Dave for a fantastic massage session earlier this week. He was a little late coming to me but had called to obtain directions after getting lost. We had a chat before hand and then got going with the massages. I started on Dave first conscientious that I was not as experienced as him (and this proved to be the case later when he did me). Took my time with long strokes using lots of almond oil. It was made easier by the fact that Dave has such a good body to work on and seemed relaxed and comfortable with my motions. I don't have a massage table but we improvised adequately on my bed and believe obtained great satisfaction from the experience. Dave then gave me a massage and it was truly amazing. It was so complete! His attention to detail overshadowed my efforts. I felt a little embarrassed that I might have short changed him. Dave is a wonderful person and I enjoyed his company including our short chats before and after the massages. I do hope to keep in touch with him and have another session soon and certainly recommend him to others.
Reviewed by Keepitup, 2016-11-25 [ID 15280:P]

SBE875 Highly Recommended
Barrow-in-Furness, England, United Kingdom
Met with SBE875 at his hotel after quite a few emails. I felt comfortable in his company straight away as we sat and chatted for a while first. During the conversation he told me this was his first exchange so I suggested I massaged him first to help him relax. He was very relaxed during the massage and quite responsive. He then proceeded to massage me and although he said he was a complete novice he was very confident and changed the pressure of his strokes throughout . It was a very enjoyable massage and one I hope to repeat soon. SBE875 is a lovely guy and someone I hope to keep in contact with.
Reviewed by Mancity, 2016-11-24 [ID 15279:P]

meestamills74 Recommended
Sutton, England, United Kingdom
Meet with meestamills74 the other day. I hosted , which we arranged very easily as meestamills74 is so local to me.
meestamills74 is a very warm , easy to get along with chap who was very punctual. We chatted for a bit before commencing his massage. We did have time constraints and so I focused on meestamills74 problems areas as we had discussed , which I was glad was of benefit to him. I would recommend meestamills74 to anyone wishing to practice their skills and would gladly host him again in the future.
Reviewed by Mackiv, 2016-11-24 [ID 15278:P]

ArunMan Highly Recommended
Littlehampton, United Kingdom
I met Arunman today for the first time and it was truly a wonderful experience. From the moment I arrived, I was made to feel so welcome and we had a lovely chat before adjourning to the cabin for a massage. As we had just a couple hours, the idea was to exchange but ArunMan insisted on giving me a full body massage with the result that we didn't have long enough for my turn. He used a wide range of techniques and strokes that were soothing and relaxing, gentle but firm at the same time. It's no wonder I was drifting off a few times.
He provided the perfect space and oils and music and personality to give an unforgettable experience and offered me a shower afterwards.
I have no hesitation to highly recommend Arunman and I can't wait to get my hands on him next time!
Reviewed by Irishcharmer, 2016-11-24 [ID 15276:P]

Mancity Highly Recommended
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
E mail communication with Mancity was good and decided to meet at my hotel. Our first meeting so chatted for a while before starting the massage. Mancity massaged me first as this was my first time so that I could relax into things. This worked a treat for me as I was treated to a very nice massage using different strokes and touch of both firm and soft touches which aroused me very much. I then returned the favour which I hope was to his satisfaction but he was very turned on so I think I did a reasonable job. We both ended finished the massage brilliantly. I would definitely see this man again for another massage.
Reviewed by SBE875, 2016-11-24 [ID 15275:P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a wonderful exchange with Indianpalms. He's a lovely, gentle man. His relaxing technique is also deep while sensitive. No hesitation to highly recommend him. Namaste.
Reviewed by Caviar, 2016-11-24 [ID 15274:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
We finally arranged a meeting, and we meet outside the Tube station and Massagaholic7 came with a big welcoming smile.
He is a lovely guy, friendly, confident and he has a great smile.
He is easy to talk with, and we had much in common to chat about.
He has a massage table, and he gave me a fantastic massage.
He has great hands, and is extremely experienced, and intuitively finds the spots that need the most work.
He worked my body from top to toe, which included some gentle body contact.
Our time was so good that today I wanted to come back again.
At the end of the day, my body was soft and I felt myself asleep because I felt myself without stress.
Looks forward to meet him again.
Reviewed by Palegria, 2016-11-24 [ID 15273:P]

Keepitup Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Had a very relaxing exchange with Keepitup recently. He was very patient and helpful on the phone as I managed to get lost trying to find his place, and extremely welcoming once I found it. After a drink and a guided tour of the amazing view of London from his high rise apartment, we decided that he would massage me first, on the bed as he doesn't have a table at the moment, and although he said he was a bit rusty, I found his style to be highly enjoyable. He used a lot of fairly gentle effleurage which lulled me into a dream like state, which was just what I needed that day. He was good to work on afterwards, with quite a sporty bod, and we ended the session with a coffee and a good chat. I would give four stars for the massage, only because as he said, he could do with a bit more practice (who couldn't? ), but five for his company - a very amiable, gentle man, who I look forward to exchanging with again. Thanks very much, and keep it up, Keepitup!
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2016-11-23 [ID 15272:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Had a very nice exchange with Kingstonguy, his was very welcoming and had a great room with candles and perfect temperature prepared upon arrival

He was a very nice polite and easy guy to get along with

His massage technique was perfect for me, firm and precise strokes applied with perfect pressure
A real pleasure and an extremely enjoyable evening
Reviewed by ME201072, 2016-11-23 [ID 15271:P]

tigerlibra Highly Recommended
Sebastopol, California, United States
If I could imagine what an ideal massage would be like, it would most definitely be the one I received from Tigerlibra. Talk about full body-mind-spirit presence and awakening of all the senses! Not only is Tigerlibra a master at the art of massage, he is a master at creating an inviting space which allows for the body to melt in ecstasy.

First we took a walk in the redwoods, which for me, is the best playground to allow my childlike spirit to be freeeee! Oh my spirit just loves frolicking in nature! And for someone to read my profile and see that I love nature and then suggest we go out into the woods says a lot about how perceptive Tigerlibra is.

He then presented me with four types of warmth. The first being a nice warm fire in the wood burning stove.

The second was a heavenly soak in the jaccuzzi amidst the animated plants and playful bird life, allowing my muscles to melt in relaxation.

The third was what I would consider a beautiful tea ceremony. I say "ceremony" because any activity done with reverence to me is a ceremony or ritual. His connection with the whole spirit of tea is special and extraordinary. I felt a sense of timelessness and yet, felt transported back to a time & place where tea was experienced with this such reverence.

The fourth type of warmth was an orgasmic thai-shiatsu hot oil massage with the highest quality oil. Unbeknownst to him, he also played one of my most favorite dolphin reiki music which I hadn't heard in a while! Very synchronistic!! My body was pretty relaxed from the soak but it was taken to another level with his expert thai massage-style stretches. With each stretch I could feel my muscles melt even more until I became like a piece of clay with which he could sculpt me as he wished.

I can not speak more highly of Tigerlibra as a highly conscious being as well as an expert massage practitioner!! I bow in grace for such a beautiful, sacred ceremony and I am forever grateful to have been in his presence. I can only hope to one day become as skilled in my craft as he.
Reviewed by FireDancer, 2016-11-23 [ID 15270:P]

jambajuice67 Highly Recommended
Montville, New Jersey, United States
jambajuice67 and I exchanged when he was in my home town. he is very skilled, friendly and easy to talk with, my back felt wonderful for several days. I recommend him. I hope our schedules allow another trade when he is down this way.
Reviewed by klondike, 2016-11-23 [ID 15269:P]

FireDancer Highly Recommended
Kentfield, California, United States
I was fortunate to give FireDancer another bodywork massage, but she has a strong command of Reiki style energy and wanted to provide an energy massage. Her time was, unfortunately, limited .. but in the short time available, her massage provided an amazing energizing feeling to my body .. tingling in all my cells ... energizing enough that I hardly slept ... feeling peaceful yet energized ... yet awoke bright eyed and ready for the day.
I highly recommend, if you have the opportunity, to allow FireDancer to share her talent and energy so you can experience the wonderful results.
Reviewed by Patrickatease, 2016-11-23 [ID 15242:P]

doneright Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
doneright was superb in his communication...both in setting up the massage and during: he was pleasant, kind, and friendly. The massage was mostly light strokes and kneading...wonderful for relaxation, as his nails were a bit too long for gettin' any pressure into deep tissue. They certainly came in handy for light grazing to finish the massage...invigorating to have the light scratching instead of percussive strokes for integration at the end. Tingley. : c ) Thanks for a sweet swap. I slept like a baby.
Reviewed by lbbreathe, 2016-11-23 [ID 15268:P]

FarNorthDallasPlano Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Having communicated with Farnorthdallasplano for some time, we were finally able to meet to do an exchange. He was a gracious host and had every thing ready, from towels for after shower, warm shower, to different oil or lotion for the massage to having and most important water.

His techniques were experiences that I'd not had before and then he help me learn them when it came to my turn to give the massage. He has a gentle and warm demeanor that was reflected in his attention to that I was comfortable with his massage technique thru out the exchange. This exchange would have to rank among my top 5 exchanges I've had over the years.

I look forward to many more exchange with Farnothdallasplano..

Reviewed by doneright, 2016-11-22 [ID 15267:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Meeting with armand was a wonderful experience which I will long remember. We had an excellent conversation right away and armand's relaxed manner put me at ease immediately. His kindness, caring heart, and inner spirituality was reflected in his touch and I felt good then and several days later. I loved the atmosphere he provided in the room and the time simply flew by in each relaxing, non rushed moment. If you want total bliss, I would recommend armand very highly.
Reviewed by loras0524, 2016-11-22 [ID 15266:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
It was a privilege to get together with doneright. Wonderful conversation, relaxing touch, and a feeling of floating on air. I felt comfortable and connected with a man who is calm, kind, and friendly. Mutual boundaries were respected with a touch that was stimulating and life giving. I felt so good afterwards with a glow that lasted a long time. I look forward to meeting up with doneright again when he is in the Los Angeles area.
Reviewed by loras0524, 2016-11-22 [ID 15265:P]

coffeenut Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
It was a pleasure meeting Coffeenut recently for an exchange. He gave me a generous and soothing deep tissue massage which was sensitive, sensual and firm - all a unique combination and style.

In addition to being a good conversationalist, he is also personable and a genuinely nice guy. I highly recommend him, especially if you enjoy deep tissue massages.
Reviewed by departures14, 2016-11-22 [ID 15264:P]

ME201072 Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
I met up with a James this evening at my flat for a massage exchange. He has a tall muscular body on which to practice on and in return his strong hands gave firm strokes on my body which was extremely relaxing. I can recommend him.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2016-11-22 [ID 15263:P]

Massagehype Highly Recommended
Thousand Oaks, California, United States
I highly recommend Massagehype. There is no hype about it. He is a bonafide masseur with a great skill set and various techniques. He is extremely intuitive and find those muscles that need work. He know how to warm and prepare the muscles. I like deep tissue and he is an expert. Still he knows when to pull back on my sensitive tissue and muscles.

He is legit, easy going and a very kind person.

Reviewed by dancer310, 2016-11-22 [ID 15262:P]

ms66 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Today i met with ms66 for a massage swap. Although his profile is marked receive only he was very willing to reciprocate. He is a friendly warm guy and we connected very well prior to the massage. This is his first time of exchanging and indeed of giving a massage. Despite that he has a good touch and pressure and given some practice has the makibg of a good masseur. He combined therapeutic and sensual strokes and the over all effect was very pleasing. I could tell that he enjoyed my massage. A further meeting is on the cards. Thank you ms66 for an enjoyable time. See you again!
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-11-22 [ID 15261:P]

schaeff Highly Recommended
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Excellent massage. Very gracious. Wpuld highly recommend. Took his time. Felt amazing!
Reviewed by Ryce311, 2016-11-22 [ID 15260:P]

Reply from schaeff of 2016-11-25
Thank you for the review. It is always nice to know that I am at least trying to do something right. It does help to have someone you enjoy giving massage to.

afg Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
AFG is a very kind and knowledgeable therapist. He came to my hotel with the all the necessary equipment with a massage table, linens, towels, and oils. He gave me a thoroughly un rushed session. His technique use a different approach that works on muscle release which felt as heat. He showed me a few stretches as well. He is very happy to share his knowledge. At the end of the session I felt relaxed and even taller. If you get the opportunity to exchange take it. Thanks AFG.
Reviewed by armand, 2016-11-22 [ID 15259:P]

Thewrig Highly Recommended
, New York, United States
Thewrig gives an incredible massage. She reads your body and heals it. You can feel the energy. She's also a warm, open, friendly person. I'm looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by nicetouch30, 2016-11-22 [ID 15258:P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I have met several great people and great enthusiastic amateur masseurs on this site but Paulo is in a different class. He is professionally trained and really knows what he is doing. He has an effortless authority when he is massaging. It was wonderful.

The bonus is that he is a very nice guy, very empathetic and is an excellent host. He has an amazing room for massage – luxurious and relaxing.

Highly recommend and I would be very happy to swap with him again.
Reviewed by jerhoo, 2016-11-22 [ID 15257:P]

Mackiv Highly Recommended
Wallington, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of a massage by Mackiv today.

First off he was a very warm welcoming host in his beautiful home and has a kind smile that instantly relaxes you. We discusssed my needs and specific aches and pains to make sure everything would be covered. The massage itself was so relaxing and smooth with just the right amount of pressure. Mackiv was very responsive to my needs and when I mentioned my hip ache during our session he was quick to add a technique to that area and it certainly got rid of the pain. I left feeling heavenly!

Should I be lucky enough to be invited back I'll be there in a heartbeat.

Thank you!
Reviewed by meestamills74, 2016-11-22 [ID 15256:P]

loras0524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
During my visit to so cal, I was able to meet with Loras0524 after a previous schedule exchange got cancel by other party. This happen for a reason, and in this case I was reward with a thoughtful person in Loras0524.

He made sure I was comfortable with the the whole exchange as outline in his profile. He keeps to what he writes and the result is a relaxing, wonderful and gratifying experience.

Thanks you Loras0524, and I know our paths with cross again in my travels to California.
Reviewed by doneright, 2016-11-22 [ID 15255:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Just had a fantastic massage with bengieboy he was very attentive and took his time to make sure I was completely satisfied - I am fairly new to this but he was very patient and was happy to show me the ropes - he also has a very professional set up at his home - well worth a visit
Reviewed by genguy, 2016-11-22 [ID 15254:P]

jerhoo Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Jerhoo arrived on time, and massage me first. Immediately I was relaxed, he has a firm pressure using long and short strokes. His large hands enabled the whole body to feel continulessly stimulated. I was so looking for2to a good massage to relieve stress of the day and Jerhoo definitely was skilled to do the job. After we had a G&T and a great chat, Jerhoo has such a calm persona that keeps you at ease.
Hopefully we will keep in touch for another exchange. Recconended without doubt. Paulonw6
Reviewed by PauloNW6, 2016-11-21 [ID 15253:P]

nicetouch30 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Great massage. Open, honest and healing.
Reviewed by Thewrig, 2016-11-21 [ID 15252:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I was fortunate enough to land an exchange with Armand! True to all the reviews, this guy is a "5". Not only were all the areas covered, they were done with such artistry, finishing each stroke with feeling as though he was creating music as he worked! I have the greatest admiration for him as a person, and the passion he so clearly has, in doing the BEST bodywork! If you ever get the chance to exchange with him, GO FOR IT, you're in for a great session.
Reviewed by afg, 2016-11-21 [ID 15251:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
One of the pleasures of traveling is to ind individuals with that standout to be exceptional as reflected in their reviews from previous exchanges and experience their massages. Lbbreathe fits well into that type of individual that makes the whole exchange a memorable experience that you still remember days if not weeks later.
On my resent trip to the Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of receiving Lbbreathe's knowledge that was reflected in his massage techniques. The attention of details in the great atmosphere, makes you relaxed and comfortable, to say that I forgot the world outside the room. For those living in the so cal area, you have a great asset in Lbbreath you should not miss out on, I sure wish I was closer than I am.

Additionally, he was very accommodating as my schedule found me into the LA area in earlier than expected on my day of arrival.

Lbbreath, thank you and look forward another exchange in a future trip to so cal.
Reviewed by doneright, 2016-11-21 [ID 15250:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Venice, California, United States
On my resent trip to the Los Angeles area, I was able to meet with dolphinman for one of the best experience that leaves you nearly speechless, only thing I could think and say was "WOW" at the end of the session.

His attention to each movement, from the flow of one to another, to insuring that you are comfortable and at ease, makes it more amazing of how he does it. I can not add anymore to what others have reviewed, and I second each and everyone of them.

The watsu is an experience like no other and has to be something on your 'bucket list to do', and dolphinman, as shown from the reviews over the years, exceeded any of my expectations.

Thank you dolphinman, and if there is such a thing of 5 stars plus, you would have it.
Reviewed by doneright, 2016-11-21 [ID 15249:P]

Eurostar Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a wonderful massage exchange with Eurostar today. He was a perfect host - charming and very welcoming. Eurostar knows how to give a top notch massage & he provided just the right levels of pressure in long and flowing strokes, as well as detailed attention to hands, feet, etc. He also found some knots which he skilfully worked on. I felt completely relaxed in his company & would definitely like to have a repeat exchange. Overall, it was an outstanding massage from a truly delightful gentleman. Thoroughly recommended.
Reviewed by dixter, 2016-11-21 [ID 15248:P]

Lee1 Highly Recommended
Bedford, Bedford, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Lee1 today. Lee1 is a lovely person and easy to get on with.
The pressure of the massage was very good especially in the places i needed it most. Lee1 has a lovely touch, a very relaxing massage.
Looking forward to seeing Lee1 again, hopefully soon.
Reviewed by cats72, 2016-11-21 [ID 15247:P]

genguy Recommended
Beacon Hill, England, United Kingdom
I met with Genguy today for a massage swap. He is a really nice and friendly guy and it did not takeong for us to connect with each other. It was his first swap so he was a little anxious about his performance. I did reasure him that we all start some where and need encouragement. His touch was good and what he lacked in technical skills he made up for it with enthusiasm. I could tell that he enjoyed the massage i gave him and he has a nice body to massage!! Altogether a good time. Thank you Genguy.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2016-11-21 [ID 15246:P]

cats72 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
I've just had the pleasure of meeting Cats72 today. Cats72 is such a lovely person. We had great conversations and Cats72 is a brilliant host, always checking if I'm hungry or thirsty. I had my massage first, which was very relaxing and with nice pressure in the right places. I didnt want it to end. Massaging Cats72 was a great pleasure, with her lovely soft skin and great body. I hope she enjoyed my massage as much as I enjoyed hers. Highly recommend and I hope to meet again soon.
Reviewed by Lee1, 2016-11-21 [ID 15245:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
I Had an amazing exchange session with ibbreath.
He is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher, he really helped to fine tune some of my massage techniques. He has a very good energy and I felt comfortable with him immediately. Did I also mention that he gives an amazing massage. I'm definitely looking forward to the next one.
Reviewed by OCMuscle, 2016-11-21 [ID 15244:P]

Reply from lbbreathe of 2016-11-25
It's nice when it works this way. This guy has huge, strong hands...and is aware and present in his own body...so his physique and feedback is invaluable to learning/honing massage skills.

LnW2 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
LnW2 arrived provided me with one of the best massages I have had date. He was well able to use different parts of his hands and elbow with the right pressure to relieve knots. I was happy to host him and diffinately re commend his skills. Thanks Paulo
Reviewed by PauloNW6, 2016-11-20 [ID 15241:P]

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