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Testimonials from our members
Nate B. ★★★★★Great for all Massage Enthusiasts
This site is great for those who enjoy massage. I usually average at least one massage exchange a week. I have learned that everyone has their own techniques when giving massages and have learned several that I now incorporate into my own massages. Sometimes you need to be proactive in contacting people and coordinating schedules but patience is usually rewarded. Some are better than others but all have been good. No bad experiences and have met some really nice and interesting people.
Bod R. ★★★★★Perfect and safe for Massage
I feel much more comfortable finding a massage partner at massageexchange than using other methods. The people I've met have all been very nice and I felt very safe.
Rob G. ★★★★★Many Friends
I found the site excellent and have made many massage friends, some very capable.
Julian B. ★★★★★Terrific Find!
I found MassageExchange by accident. I have been a member for over two years now. As a keen enthusiast and student of massage for many years it is a great way to develop skills and learn from others. I have had no problems on the site and have found most users to be genuine lovers of massage as well. I would recommend a membership, the cost of which is easily made up for with the number of great and free massage exchanges I have had.
Nick M. ★★★★★Great Massage Site!
As a qualified Swedish Massage/Shiatsu therapist of 20 years standing, whose daytime job is something completely unrelated (media producer), it hasn't been easy finding willing 'patients' to practice on over those years...until I discovered Massage Exchange last year. What a find! Just what the doctor ordered. Since I joined, not only have I been able to get up to speed on my massage technique with regular practice on 'receive-only' volunteers but also with other trained therapists who are happy to exchange therapeutic massage and technique with you. 'Win-win' situation all round at no charge! To quote a line from that song, "Who could ask for anything more?" I've met some wonderful people and professional therapists, some on an on-going basis, and the best thing is that the site is global so if you travel you can always find others to exchange with in different parts of the world, and hopefully make a friend in the process. I've already exchanged massage with therapists from the UK and the US as well as different parts of Australia. The site is also broad-minded enough to offer members the extra choice of receiving/giving Sensual massage [in a separate directory] for those who like it.
Rob R. ★★★★★Great massages and opportunities to build your massage skills
I've met a number of caring men through the exchange and experienced some great massages. I've thoroughly enjoyed every exchange. Let's face it. Even a so so massage beats work, yard work, house cleaning whatever. Take a chance and live a little! All it costs is your time.
William H. ★★★★★Wonderful site to find Great Massages
Love the site for my hometown exchanges and especially for when I travel!
Photographer C. ★★★★★Reach out and touch someone!
We have been members for over 2 years and we have had mostly positive experiences. Massage Exchange has allowed us to receive and exchange massage sessions with others who enjoy similar experiences and no money exchanges hands. Massages can be expensive; but this allows members to enjoy therapeutic or exciting sessions, learn new techniques, and meet some great people along the way.
Keith M. ★★★★★Mutual Pleasure
Generally I have made some great contacts & a few people have become genuine friends through the power of massage!
Rose N. ★★★★★Good Experience
The service is good. I like being able to meet new people on here.
Jim C. ★★★★★Excellent site
User friendly....terrific concept.
Mark D. ★★★★★Great massage
The Massage exchange site does just what it says. You can find like minded people near you and exchange a beautiful relaxing massage. People vary from experienced to learners but it's still a great way to relax and enjoy.
Garry M. ★★★★★A good experience overall
I've been a member of MassageExchange for the past 10 years. I haven't always been active but when I have I've met some great people and exchanged many massages. Like any site it takes an effort to make contact and the time to meet. The user interface is intuitive and provides helpful email based notifications. I have a passion for massage and plan to get my certification later this year. I've learned from several of the members and have established a few long time friendships.
Scott R. ★★★★★Massageexchangecom a great, helpful site
I have met and exchanged massages with well over two dozen people I have met through, both locally and as I traveled. The site is helpful, respectful and protective of its members. While any site, one needs to be cautious about whom you meet, I have found primarily good, down to earth, genuine people here -- very few flakes to deal with. I have tried several other sites designed to help people meet for massage exchanges, etc. and this is the only one that I actually had luck with, met real people, enjoyed myself but felt fairly safe too. I would highly recommend this site for those into meeting others for learning and exchanging massage.
Bob G. ★★★★★The Great Massage Exchange
My experience with this site has been nothing but positive. I've met some real nice people on the site and have exchange massaged with many of them. It's always been enjoyable meeting other therapists who are interested in doing exchanges and making friends with many of them. I find this site most enjoyable and rewarding.
James O. ★★★★★Best ever contacts
As a member of Massage Exchange, I have given and enjoyed some very memorable massages. Without the hassle of wondering who or whom you are connecting with. I highly recommend this site to all. Just fantastic, keep up the good work!
B. R. ★★★★★A great service
i have met several great men and have had all positive experiences so far on my massage exchanges.
Rory F. ★★★★★Amazing experiences
A truly great way to meet new and adventurous people and feel good afterwards!
Tomas P. ★★★★★Great site!
I've met many great fellow massage lovers on this site. Always look forward to meeting new people. Wonderful idea!
J. M. ★★★★★Great experience
It's been a great experience so far. I've met a lot of good men of the same interests and also managed to learn new techniques. I've made a couple of good mates on the site and regularly exchanges with them. I highly recommend this website to everyone who enjoys giving and receiving massages.
John B. ★★★★★Nice web site to be in touch with other members who enjoy massages
I have had some experiences of exchanging a massage with different partners in different cities. Most experiences were excellent. It's a wonderful way to connect and make contact with other people we don't know who, like us, appreciate massages and exchanging a good one.
Hildo D. ★★★★★Good
Have never had a bad experience with massage exchange. That's why I rejoined again. I've been a member for two years going on three. I highly recommend and hope to do some more exchanges in the future.
Chelsie M. ★★★★★Great massage exchange site!
I've been using massage exchange for a few years. Its given me an opportunity to meet other excellent masseurs and enthusiasts. The site is user friendly, affordable, and the customer service team values member opinions. I always recommend massage exchange whenever I get the chance.
Charlie M. ★★★★★Fantastic results!
Just wanted to write to you saying what fantastic results I've been getting on this site. I now have several regulars, wonderful genuine people, who I exchange with... some as much as weekly, others monthly. I'm currently averaging up to 3 exchanges per week with enthusiasts I met on this site. Thank you so much for both this exchange service, and the great features within. Keep up the good work!
Mary L. ★★★★★Wonderful!
It certainly is a great service that you provide for connecting like minded people. I personally adore exchange and barter as a way of life where possible in this monetary society and it is so lovely to be able to share skills and develop nurturing and positive attitudes towards much needed touch therapy.
Simone R. ★★★★★Wonderful way to share
I think this site is wonderful! Humans thrive on touch from each other and your site facilitates that need being fulfilled easily with choices in clear boundaries.
Linda C. ★★★★★Excellent!
I've had a great time being on this site. I've met some wonderful men and have had some wonderful massages.
Nancy S. ★★★★★Keep up the good work
I've met so many men and women on who share my interest in massage. That you so much for creating, and keep up the good work!
Sally E. ★★★★★Works very well for me
I've found your site to work very well and you are doing a great job!!!
Joan B. ★★★★★Love your site
I love your site! I've had terrific success meeting so many kind people, many of whom have become lasting friends.
Howard B. ★★★★★Free Massage for Life!
As a qualified massage therapist, I find that MassageExchange is by far the best way to meet other massage therapists who wish to exchange massage without payment. It is also a good way to find unqualified massage enthusiasts who wish to practice their skills. The site is very user-friendly, and the staff are extremely helpful and efficient. I get a weekly summary showing members who have viewed my profile, and I get a weekly email showing new members who live near me. In the last few years I have met so many interesting people through this site, some of whom are now good friends who meet me for regular massage exchange in my home.
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