About Us


I'm Ken, Silicon Valley entrepreneur, MassageExchange.com founder, and massage therapist for over 20 years.

When I first started my massage practice, I'd exchange massages with my fellow classmates frequently. Slowly, however, my massage friends either moved away or left the trade. Sadly, this massage giver was receiving fewer and fewer massages himself.

One day, with a particularly bad back ache, I realized that I had no-one to trade with. Unfortunately, trying to network with others in order to find trading partners proved difficult, time consuming, often even embarrassing, and ultimately unsuccessful.

An idea was born — Why not a massage networking site for those looking for massage exchange partners?

MassageExchange.com was born! And it's been a bigger hit than I ever imagined!

MassageExchange.com Goals

MassageExchange.com is here to help bodyworkers, bodywork students, and massage enthusiasts to network, practice, explore new bodywork modalities, and exchange bodywork for free.

Please note: MassageExchange.com is not a dating site.


Ken has founded a few other sites paralleling his hobbies and interests with the same idea of bringing people together: