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Members with the most detail in their commentary are likely the members who would be the most responsive. When you contact those members, be sufficiently detailed yourself in your e-mail. Make sure you include enough information so that the recipient can get to know you. If you're inexperienced, that's OK; just say say. Experienced members often welcome new members and enjoy sharing their experience. Similarly, if you're an experienced massage professional, please be welcoming to our less experienced members.

Arranging a Meeting

Always exchange a few e-mails before disclosing your personal details. When you're ready to set up an exchange, make sure you exchange mobile phone numbers in case there are last minute problems.

Many members prefer to meet beforehand, at, say, a coffee shop to talk first. That's up to you both. Please be sensitive to your new friend's wishes if they wish to do so.


Never turn into a "no-show". If you have a last minute issue, call the member! Otherwise you may end up with a bad review on our site.

When your exchange partner arrives, if for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable, it is within your right to decline the exchange. Please do so politely.

Prepare Your Massage Session

Create a great massage exchange atmosphere:

Code of Conduct

After your Session

We encourage all members to share a review of their session with our other members. Click the review button on your partner's profile to do so. The review process keeps our members apprised of our members and also acts as a safety net for the rare (fortunately) poor attitude or no-show.