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Driver2 Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
We really appreciate Driver’s attention to details and the stories he shared. He was respectful and very attentive. I enjoyed his massage very much.
Reviewed by Amy1110 2021-09-18 [ID 25244:P]

Amy1110 Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
What a wonderful experience to meet and massage Amy. She is such a pleasant lady and conversationalist. We had a four hand massage, which was a first for me. Andrew and I learned a massage technique or two from each other. If you are presented the opportunity to meet this jewel of a lady, consider yourself fortunate.
Reviewed by Zoolander 2021-09-17 [ID 25243:P]

Amy1110 Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Hi all. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Amy1110 and I must say, after many decades of doing massage, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had not just on ME but all my years. First of all it was a 4 hand massage. The other 2 hands was her husband. He was very accomplished at massage and I think we complimented our styles very well Both made me feel at ease and free to do my professional brand of massage. Amy 1110 was responsive, knows what she is looking for, kind and communicative. I could go on and on but suffice it to say it was an honor to meet these two and if you get the chance to connect with them you will feel blessed as well. I hope to make this connection a regular event.
Reviewed by Driver2 2021-09-17 [ID 25242:P]

AsianguyCA Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
What a remarkable session with a great guy. His strong and intuitive hands are amazing! His gentle stretches are most therapeutic as well.
Reviewed by massagefeelgood 2021-09-17 [ID 25241:P]

brownpedro Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Very skilled with an excellent technique, clearly passionate and serious about giving a good massage
Reviewed by KiwiAkld 2021-09-17 [ID 25240:P]

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Me and Yve62 met after good few weeks chatting and trying to organise a massage which is hectic with work schedules we finally managed to slot a time which we both was free.

I met Yves62 at her place where she is a brilliant host and made me feel very welcome and comfortable straight as got through the door till we finished our swap.

I will definitely recommend Yve62 and her reviews speak for itself and her massage is very relaxing too and a very bubbly person too.

We definitely will swap again for sure ...highly recommended guys.

Reviewed by Kazeeman443 2021-09-17 [ID 25239:P]

Lovinmassage4now Highly Recommended
Georgetown, Kentucky, United States of America
Lovinmassage4now gets those knots out of you back quite well. I'm so glad I was able to exchange with him. He was very nice, had oil to use, and even had mood music, which really set the great relaxing tone of the dual massage.
Reviewed by Wantinfun 2021-09-16 [ID 25238:P]

256Touch Highly Recommended
Bronx, New York, United States of America
I had an opportunity to travel to BKLYNTOUCH apartment this past weekend. He is such a genuine individual. He has a great personality. He gave a good attentive full body massage to me . I had him pay close attention to my lower back. I left his apartment feeling great. We had a good massage exchange. His massage table is a nice size and very comfortable. There was nice music playing and candles going throughout the massage. Great environment for a good massage.

If you have a chance to exchange massage with him, please do you will enjoy.
Reviewed by Humble99 2021-09-16 [ID 25235:P]

Reply from 256Touch of 2021-09-17
Thank you Humble99 - look forward to doing it again!

MatureManMassage Highly Recommended
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States of America
Had the occasion to exchange with MatureManMassage today. He was very accommodating and professional. His vast experience was evident from start to finish. He also gave me great feedback and advice on my technique. It was a great therapeutic session. I look forward to future exchanges.
Reviewed by uslr2021 2021-09-16 [ID 25233:P]

Reply from MatureManMassage of 2021-09-17
Thank you

Kay0296 Highly Recommended
Newport News, Virginia, United States of America
I had a wonderful session with Kay 0296….she is a lovely ,sensitive and intelligent young woman…very straightforward and clear about what she wanted in a massage …she worked on me first and had a skilled and intuitive touch…then I worked on her for several hours and she was very relaxed and responsive…hope to have an opportunity to work on her again
Reviewed by bestmedicine 2021-09-16 [ID 25232:P]

uslr2021 Satisfactory
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States of America
uslr2021 and I exchanged massage today. Nice fellow. The massage was good. He is learning his way around massage exploring different ways. He made a good effort and his massage was a bit more sports like with a faster pace and somewhat esalen too.. I will try integrate how he likes to be massaged more if we exchange again. He seemed comfortable to exchange with, respectful, friendly. We talked briefly after and he learned some more about how I like to be massaged and I learned more about how he likes to be massaged. It was a good experience and I would exchange with again.
Reviewed by MatureManMassage 2021-09-16 [ID 25231:P]

10Fingers4U Highly Recommended
Spring, Texas, United States
10Fingers4U explained to me that he has had no formal training in massage but that he has had many massages over the years. For someone with no training, his massage is just excellent; as a matter of fact, his massage was better than ones I have received from some professionals. His approach is structured so that he moves in a logical way from one technique and one part of the body to the next. I can recognize that skill because I am unable to accomplish that in massages I give. 10Fingers4U is a quiet man, but friendly and personable. If you get a chance to exchange with him, do so. The only downside to my experience was I left feeling guilty that the massage I delivered was so inadequate compared to the excellent one I received.
Reviewed by ME272362 2021-09-16 [ID 25230:P]

Kazeeman443 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I finally exchanged with Kazeeman443 after communicating for a while. Different schedules etc. Unusually, I could host and felt very safe with him in my home.

Kazeeman is polite, kind and respectful of boundaries, often checking in that he had the right pressure etc. He has soft, warm hands and is very skillful in massage. Kazeeman443 managed to click my back as was really stiff which has made it feel so much better.

I would highly recommend Kazeeman443 as you wont be disappointed! Would love to repeat.

Reviewed by Yve62 2021-09-16 [ID 25229:P]

Jo4U Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Jo4U gave me a wonderful massage. He arrived promptly and was very easy to get on with. I massaged him first and he has a beautiful body and likes lots of oil. Then we swapped and he gave me a great deep tissue massage. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by fitn16 2021-09-16 [ID 25228:P]

fitn16 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It was nice meeting fitn16 for a swap recently. I felt at ease when I got to his place. He was very welcoming and pleasant. He has a massage table and essential stuffs. He started the massage on my back it was amazing. Especially the slow and strong strokes. And he used a lot of oil which I like usually. We swapped and I massaged his back and it was great. Lovely to spent a good time with him. I’m definitely looking forward to meet him again.
Reviewed by Jo4U 2021-09-16 [ID 25227:P]

Ben85 Highly Recommended
Truro, England, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet Ben for a very relaxing massage. Although very new to this and he is undergoing an intense training course I would strongly recommend him. His strokes were just perfect and i thought he had been massaging for a long time. He checked to make sure the pressure was right and at one point i almost drifted off to sleep it was excellent. Hoping for a repeat soon
Reviewed by Bertie1 2021-09-16 [ID 25226:P]

SkyMassage Highly Recommended
San Jose, California, United States
Sky was wonderful. Strong, firm hands, and he found many knots, yet didn't use unbearable pressure.
He respected my wishes, and I would recommend him very highly!
Reviewed by Eclipse 2021-09-15 [ID 25225:P]

Rejuvcar Highly Recommended
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, United States of America
I had a wonderful massage with Rejuvcar. The therapeutic side helped an issue I was having. Hr took his time and really relaxed me. The sensual massage was wonderful as well. I would highly recommend Rejuvcar.
Reviewed by zap14 2021-09-15 [ID 25224:P]

Bertie1 Highly Recommended
Bodmin, England, United Kingdom
Bertie was easy to communicate with through the site. When we met for me to provide him with a massage he was very easy to talk to and made me feel at ease straight away, a real gentleman. It was great to meet you Bertie and I look forward to maybe massaging you again sometime.
Reviewed by Ben85 2021-09-15 [ID 25223:P]

Reply from Bertie1 of 2021-09-16
Thank you it was very enjoyable and I look forward to the next time

texaswanderer Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
I exchanged massages with TexasWandering last week. Although his profile says he has no previous experience in giving massages, I need to commend him on his intuitive approach. He's also a quick learner and has a firm touch. He takes time doing his massage and makes the whole experience very pleasurable. I do look forward to swapping more massages with him soon.
Reviewed by BigBendTX 2021-09-15 [ID 25222:P]

Aclifford Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Aclifford came to my place to practice his massage technique, which was a gentle deep tissue movement - relaxing as well as energizing… he was a handsome guy, articulate, well mannered and respectful throughout, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Definitely recommend!
Reviewed by Scazmattaz 2021-09-15 [ID 25220:P]

Elmasajista Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Had a very relaxing and healing session with Gil. If you get the opportunity, don't pass it up. Caring and intuitive touch, always checking in to make sure the experience meets your needs. Overall a really nice guy with incredible energy, vibe and very talented hands. Thanks man, can't wait to see you again.
Reviewed by coachmarvel 2021-09-14 [ID 25219:P]

mike122 Highly Recommended
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
It was nice meeting mike122 for an unhurried massage experience. A great open minded guy with good massaging skills and an amazing body to massage. It was a very relaxing and soothing session and I loved massaging him. He was very good at giving gentle strokes which helped me relax with comfort. Certainly looking forward to meeting him for more swaps.
Reviewed by TouchbyTouch 2021-09-14 [ID 25078:P]

TouchbyTouch Highly Recommended
Alnwick, England, United Kingdom
I met Touch By Touch again and received his usual warm welcome at his home.The massage he gave me was probably the best i have ever received, his massage skills were wonderful and i highly recommend him.
Reviewed by mike122 2021-09-14 [ID 25075:P]

austin78757 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
I had a really great exchange with austin78757. Nice man, fun to be with, and took the massage seriously too.
Reviewed by cmtrubbud 2021-09-14 [ID 25218:P]

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