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northeastmassage Highly Recommended
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
Steve is most friendly guy , very professional massage . He is brilliant workout my back and shoulder . I fall sleep till wake so late next day .
I definitely want swap him again but he is miles away . I hope he live around my area so can ask him lot.
Hope see him again in future but not too long
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2017-09-22 [ID 17260:P]

msgnewbie Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

Met MsgNewbie, who I have to say is an extremely gem of a person and very polite and sweet, i picked her up from her place and drove back while chatting and bit to know each other. As mentioned Msgnewbie likes receiving massage only, which she has clearly stated on her profile and I respect that. I gave her around 2 hours full body massage which was deep tissue, thai, relaxing, head massage, electric massager and at the end Turkish hummam bath as she prefers that. Hope she enjoyed receiving the massage as much as I enjoyed giving her the massage. Hope to see her soon again and I highly respect her genuine and frank nature. Very rare to find genuine person like MsgNewbie. Thanks
Reviewed by Rox, 2017-09-21 [ID 17259:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
I'm glad to have had an exchange with lbbreathe. He really knows what he is doing. He's very intuitive. And lbbreathe has an excellent massage technique that is completely relaxing. I felt the tension melt away. He is very kind, courteous, and polite. And even though I'm fairly new to Massage Exchange he made me feel very comfortable in the experience and I was grateful to have learned a few more techniques that he taught me that will go along way in my continuing learning process. Thank you lbbreathe. I look forward to exchanging a session with you again.
Reviewed by relaxfactor, 2017-09-21 [ID 17258:P]

Emem Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
I posted travel dates in Emem’s city & he was the first to contact me about a potential exchange. His correspondence was engaging and I had the feeling this would translate into an excellent massage experience- and I was spot on! Emem- is not only an effective communicator in dialogue- but in massage as well. He was thoughtful, genuine, and skilled. He was very conscientious about the details of our exchange; checked in with me frequently; and offered me one my best exchanges to date! My only regret is that we do not live closer to exchange more frequently. Thank you Emem for a wonderful massage experience & for introducing me to the world of yoga!!
Reviewed by joeybehave, 2017-09-21 [ID 17257:P]

Reply from Emem of 2017-09-21
Thank you Joeybehave for the kind words. A wonderful massage exchange has two components: massage skills and techniques, and a warm, engaging personality. You hit both out of the ballpark so to speak. I thoroughly enjoyed the exchange.

refreshmenow Highly Recommended
Blackheath, New South Wales, Australia
Travelled up to Blackheath to meet up with Refreshmenow. He is very friendly and easygoing and an extremely capable qualified and intuitive Masseur.

lt was well worth travelling from Sydney to meetup with him ,when time permits l would like to meet again. l certainly can recommend him to others
Reviewed by letsmeet, 2017-09-20 [ID 17256:P]

London, England, United Kingdom
Met G This Afternoon at my Place . He such a kind Gents he came in very short notice and willing to offers his time . He even had a lovely Selections Fragances of Massage oils and specails Warm one on his arrival . His very fully Equipped and very Easy person get along with we talk for good Half hours about Polictics stuff find him very interesting with his job as well. Enjoyed my massage with keen -thusiast he made me feel comfortable and had warmed up the oil aswell which was very nice he used long slow strokes and was feeling relaxed and revived after our session... Thank You again G.
Reviewed by Fleur, 2017-09-20 [ID 17254:P]

MWMassage Highly Recommended
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Today MWMassage travelled to meet me at my home. He is a lovely genuine gent who I've know for a while now, he has a warm, caring and friendly personality.

We had chatted previously about our likes and dislikes along with boundaries and the levels of modesty we wanted.

I massaged MW first and found his body very responsive to my touch, relaxing with the therapeutic strokes and inviting the more sensual ones.

We chatted briefly, before he then massaged me.

His massage was wonderfully relaxing, beginning on a therapeutic style with a nice variety of different strokes and varying pressures. His past experience as a physio showed as he quickly identified the areas I have issues with. MW moved easily into a sensual style, briefly blending the two together. He read my body's responses well, and had great skill in his technique and application.

I'm sure we'll meet again soon, I'm very much looking forward to next time.
Reviewed by Lizzyc632, 2017-09-20 [ID 17253:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Richard is a really nice guy and has some great massage experience and techniques. Had a relaxing massage swap and I felt extremely comfortable with him. He is very attentive and checks for any likes, dislikes etc. Would hope to meet up with him again as it was a very pleasant experience.

We also had great communication in leading up to the meeting to ensure we could maintain the meeting and were on time for each other given we are both busy professionals.
Reviewed by tonyj777, 2017-09-20 [ID 17252:P]

roma123 Recommended
London, Ontario, Canada
I Met ROMA123 a couple of evenings ago . He showed up on time, with a handshake and a big smile .He made me feel comfortable right away and has a very relaxed personality .Lots of firm pressure for massage. .....Very pleasant meeting .
Reviewed by jayal, 2017-09-20 [ID 17251:P]

tonyj777 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Tony today at his hotel after a brief exchange of emails to set up. He is a very relaxed friendly guy who is in great shape. After discussing likes and dislikes we had a very enjoyable sensual massage exchange - Tony has a very good intuitive touch and left me relaxed yet invigorated after a hard day in the office. I would definitely recommend and hope to him again for another massage.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-09-20 [ID 17250:P]

Lizzyc632 Highly Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom
I had the great pleasure of meeting Lizzyc632 today for our arranged Massage Exchange. We've known each other for some time now and can confirm all the lovely reviews of her are indeed accurate. I class her as a friend, Lizzyc632 is a warm friendly and caring person who is fast becoming an accomplished masseuse as well as a responsive massage subject. We had previously discussed boundaries and levels of modesty, along with our likes and dislikes. Today Lizzyc632 massaged me first as we had agreed beforehand, starting with lovely therapeutic strokes which were so relaxing and rejuvenating, Lizzyc632 then expertly transitioned her lovely touch to a more sensual style of massage. We took a little break and chatted before rotating and I then massaged Lizzyc632. Again starting with a therapeutic style massage and moved into some sensual. I hope we will meet again soon for further exchanges. Until then thank you and take care Lizzyc632 x
Reviewed by MWMassage, 2017-09-20 [ID 17249:P]

ketan1812 Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I met Ketan this week for a massage treatment after exchanging a few messages in order to arrange it. He was very accommodating in arranging the booking. When we met, I felt instantly at ease because of his warm and friendly manner. Ketan gave me a wonderful massage, using a combination of short and long whole body strokes. He identified tight shoulders which I wasn't really aware of, and how these can impact my back as well. I left feeling very relaxed and slept very well indeed. I look forward to seeing him again.

Reviewed by mattklondon, 2017-09-20 [ID 17246:P]

rowingandsportmassage Recommended
Wandsworth, England, United Kingdom
Had a first massage with G. a few weeks ago. Experienced man with smooth hands, good touch. Generous with his practice and with the time he gives, not checking his watch. Also open mind, good conversation. Pleasure to have meat him.
Reviewed by Franzel, 2017-09-20 [ID 17245:P]

fingertips1 Highly Recommended
Aylesbury, United Kingdom
I was lucky enough to meet up with fingertips1 for my first massage through this site. After exchanging emails and pinning each other down to a mutually free date, I met fingertips1 at her home to give a massage treatment. She is a lovely, easy-going person and after a brief introduction, I was quickly made to feel at ease. The treatment room had already been prepared and we could get straight on with the massage. Fingertips1 was very good about communicating her expectations of the massage during our email correspondence. This made it easy for me to tailor the massage to suit her and I did my best to follow the guidelines that I had been given. It was a pleasure giving this treatment and I look forward to repeating the experience in the future.
Reviewed by pgtmex, 2017-09-20 [ID 17244:P]

DomJ Highly Recommended
Shoreham-by-Sea, England, United Kingdom
It was really easy to set-up a swap with DomJ when he was passing through this area.
I received a really thorough, attentive, and in-hurried massage.
I then had the professional satisfaction of identifying and attempting to sort out some of the effects of the tri-Athlon that he had undertaken over the weekend.
A good swap deserving 5 stars as a Bodywork Enthusiast.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2017-09-20 [ID 17243:P]

theenthusiast Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I enjoyed my massage with theenthusiast he made me feel comfortable and had warmed up the oil aswell which was very nice he used long slow strokes and was feeling relaxed and revived after our session
Reviewed by Boyana, 2017-09-19 [ID 17242:P]

Reply from theenthusiast of 2017-09-19
Thank you! Hope we can do it again soon :)

iantree Highly Recommended
Keyworth, United Kingdom
Met up with Iantree this evening at my place for a very enjoyable and relaxing massage. Ian is really friendly and relaxed and we had a very connected massage exchange. I really found his flowing strokes relaxed my tight muscles. In return he has great body to practice on - I would highly recommend him and hope to see him again sometime.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-09-19 [ID 17241:P]

Rox Highly Recommended
Ilford, England, United Kingdom
Met today with Rox earlier on. He kindly agreed to pick me up and that saved me a lot of time. I liked his friendly nature and welcoming attitude.
His massage was strong, but relaxing at the same time. Extra brownie points for using your massaging gadgets on me, Rox:) I loved that head massage and Thai massage on my legs.
We chatted afterwards, had a drink and watched a bit of TV. Thanks for the lovely time!
Reviewed by msgnewbie, 2017-09-19 [ID 17240:P]

naturalindian Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
After a break from M/E it was great to meet up with such a friendly, able chap - naturalindian certainly knows his stuff. After a coffee on neutral territory we went back to his place, and although I prefer to use a table, he had a really comfortable, padded area on the floor, and he gives a fantastic massage in that space - a variety of moves, including an element of Thai, that I frankly couldn't get enough of. Chatty, interesting, a lovely hot shower before and after, and a really good massage - what more could you ask for?! We said we would like to meet again, and that still stands for me. Thanks!
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2017-09-19 [ID 17239:P]

letsmeet Satisfactory
Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia
I met Lets meet and hes a stocky strong man who likes a sensuous massage. Very nice, chatty and interesting.
Would meet again. Thanks mate
Reviewed by refreshmenow, 2017-09-19 [ID 17238:P]

Reply from letsmeet of 2017-09-20
Thankyou Refreshmenow for being considerate and taking the time to write a review about our meetup experience, l look foreward to next time

latinbuck Highly Recommended
Elgin, Texas, United States
I've been wanting to write this review for a few weeks because I keep thinking of the amazing massage I received from latinbuck. We set an exchange for a recent trip to NY -- but my plane was delayed. He was incredibly accommodating and we were able to have a very late-night massage exchange. We were both tired, but had been looking forward to meeting. So glad he made it work!

Latinbuck is clearly a trained professional. He has wonderful technique and really knows how to manipulate the body to work out tension and knots. I was particularly impressed by his ability to maneuver arms and legs to more effectively get into muscle groups. It was a magnificent massage with incredible sensual elements -- all from a handsome teddy bear of a guy with a huge heart and sweet spirit. I could have easily spent more time with latinbuck if it were not for my early morning meetings. But the fact that I'm still thinking about the exchange two weeks later is a pretty strong indication of this man's awesome skill. I look forward to our next opportunity for an exchange.
Reviewed by sexycode, 2017-09-18 [ID 17237:P]

BuckRog Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
BuckRog is a super nice guy. I felt comfortable throughout the session and was able to relax completely. He provided different pressures and techniques throughout the massage. I'm glad I met BuckRog and I hope we can exchange again soon.
Reviewed by ExploringPlaces, 2017-09-18 [ID 17236:P]

HandyGeorge Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
I met with George after a while chatting and trying to arrange a mutually convenient date. We had a good chat both before and after our exchange and I felt quite comfortable with him, finding him easy to talk to. He gave me a really lovely massage, varying his strokes and pressure from firm to very soft and sensual and I enjoyed it very much. Our working patterns may make it difficult to arrange further exchanges, but if we can manage it, I'd be happy to do so again.
Reviewed by Kendalian3, 2017-09-18 [ID 17235:P]

sledge Recommended
Matlock, England, United Kingdom
I meet with sledge at a hotel room local to us both.

Sledge is a nice friendly guy, who despite a few nerves with this being his first exchange, gave me a lovely relaxing massage.

His technique shows good promise, and I'm sure with a little more experience, and collecting a few hints and tips he is well on his way to becoming an excellent masseur.
Reviewed by Lizzyc632, 2017-09-18 [ID 17234:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Surbiton, England, United Kingdom
Met with Pedalpusher yesterday. Wow. His massage felt very therapeutic with more pressure than usual but oh so good. He is also a warm and personal guy.
I hope to have the opportunity to exchange with him again.
Reviewed by sputnik, 2017-09-18 [ID 17232:P]

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