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Phoenix006 Highly Recommended
Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Phoenix006 is a PRO. His training shows. We had a wonderful, relaxing, and sensuous multi hour session today. It was one of, if not THE. best massages I have ever had.
Reviewed by destressme 2024-05-17 18:15 [29792/P]

surfie Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I had a massage swap appointment with surfie in May 2024. His communication was excellent, both prior to and during the session. His touch is sensual and it was a very pleasant and enjoyable session. I highly recommend surfie for a sensual massage swap.
Reviewed by Genuinebloke 2024-05-16 22:49 [29791/P]

Stellarmassage Highly Recommended
Goodyear, Arizona, United States of America
Stellarmassage and I met for an exchange in his beautiful home and yes, it was a stellar experience! He is a gracious host providing all the necessary essentials for the exchange. We chatted a bit before the exchange and got to know each other better. The exchange wasn’t rushed and was throughly enjoyable. A nice warm shower afterwards capped off the evening. Looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Matthew711 2024-05-16 20:33 [29790/P]

Mayan Highly Recommended
Letchworth Garden City, England, United Kingdom
What a lovely gentleman, very knowledgeable and extremely good with his hands. The oil he uses is really special. He takes his time and really puts you at ease.. I would have no hesitation to recommend this gentleman, he really knows his massage techniques. He communicates well and turns up when he says he will. 10/10 he will not disappoint.
Reviewed by Wizzywiz 2024-05-16 12:55 [29789/P]

Matthew711 Highly Recommended
Sun City, Arizona, United States of America
What a great exchange! Matthew711 was here on time and ready to go, we started with the host on the table and under Matthew711’s excellen massage the knots just melted away. Long smooth strokes made for an excellent massage. When it was my turn to massage, Matthew71 was very appreciative and gave excellent feedback. I hope for a repeat soon!
Reviewed by Stellarmassage 2024-05-16 11:32 [29788/P]

Reply from Matthew711 of 2024-05-16
Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to our next exchange.

Wifeofomglarry Highly Recommended
Markham, Illinois, United States of America
It was a fantastic time with Wifeofomglarry I found her respected and easy-going. Reconnecting with people who leave such positive impressions is always something to look forward to. If I get the chance to meet her again, I'm sure it will be just as enjoyable!
Reviewed by Hassy21 2024-05-16 10:54 [29787/P]

rg0100 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was my first meet on ME & with rg0100 and he quickly put me at ease… lovely personable guy, easy to find and really easy to connect with. Was patient with me & as it was my first great to get feedback as we went on. His technique and style is amazing I was so relaxed and even had a quick doze!! Am looking forward to another meet and improving my technique with his help & guidance.
Reviewed by Cagiva 2024-05-16 02:53 [29786/P]

Curiousbr3 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Bromley, England, United Kingdom
He turned up as arranged. Very nice guy. Great body to massage. Very responsive to my touch. Was an absolute pleasure to meet him. Unfortunately we ran out of time before he got to massage me. I hope we get to meet again soon.
Reviewed by gary22620 2024-05-16 02:31 [29785/P]

Lrnexplr Highly Recommended
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Amazing couple. Excellent communication. So grateful they worked with me on our session as I was running a little behind. Communicated through massage for boundaries, pressure. Can not recommend them enough.
Reviewed by TherapeuticTouch777 2024-05-15 21:10 [29783/P]

Rogervet1234 Highly Recommended
Akron, Ohio, United States of America
What a great exchange with Rogervet1234. Awesome gentleman to meet and massage. Looking forward to the next time he visits Chicago!
Reviewed by Wifeofomglarry 2024-05-15 16:08 [29755/P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
obrian18 was absolutely wonderful! He is a very knowledgeable and experienced masseur with a kind and generous heart. I had a fantastic exchange with him at his private studio. He was very intuitive and I felt so relaxed and refreshed afterwards! I look forward to next time!
Reviewed by PrinceG 2024-05-15 15:23 [29781/P]

Cagiva Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Had a great swap with Cagiva, he is a nice friendly guy who is easy to get on with. He has a nice massage style and did a great job on my neck and upper back. Cagiva considers himself as a beginner but he has an intuitive style which is accomplished for a beginner.
Reviewed by rg0100 2024-05-15 10:34 [29780/P]

therealtalcorath Highly Recommended
Corona, California, United States of America
I met therealtalcorath while on travel at his place and felt comfortable from the start. He was very accommodating and genuinely a nice guy, which to me, is just as important as the massage itself. We hit it off and the conversation was easy and natural, much like the massage. His space and table were also comfortable and provided a relaxing environment.

His massage was absolutely top notch! Prior to the massage we talked about where we needed attention, what we liked, and when his hands/arms started to work they didn’t disappoint. He put attention in all those areas and worked on muscles that that I didn’t know were knotted up.

I highly recommend therealtalcorath if you want a fantastic, high quality, and skilled massage. Wish I lived closer, but hopefully our paths will cross again. Thanks again therealtalcorath!
Reviewed by A1vibes 2024-05-15 08:18 [29779/P]

ma5aj15ta Highly Recommended
Roswell, Georgia, United States of America
A very kind and grounded soul, loved his techniques and had a very good session together. He is very responsive and communicates well during the session and very respectful too. I thoroughly enjoyed the energy!
Reviewed by Archaven 2024-05-15 07:38 [29777/P]

GoodArms Highly Recommended
Palm Desert, California, United States of America
Great session yesterday with GoodArms. He arrived promptly and we had a good talk for a few mins to get acquainted and connected. He has a great touch with his hands and fingers lightly gliding over the body as he warms up. Then with lotion the strokes are firmer using hands, fingers, forearms and might have even felt knees. What a great experience. I felt relaxed, invigorated and ready for another session. I look foward to another exchange soon.
Reviewed by atxnudist 2024-05-15 05:19 [29776/P]

Derbyshire42 Highly Recommended
Chesterfield, England, United Kingdom
Derbyshire42 is a kind, polite, and had a great person to talk to. His strokes were strong and helped my muscles to relax. Would exchange with him again!
Reviewed by Hunk1 2024-05-15 00:45 [29775/P]

A1vibes Highly Recommended
Bethesda, Maryland, United States of America
Hosting A1vibes for a massage was an absolute delight. Right from the start, their character shone through. Before diving into the massage, we took the time to chat and really understand what we needed.

During the session, it was like A1vibes had a sixth sense for what my body craved. He adjusted the pressure and technique on the fly, ensuring maximum comfort and relaxation. His technique was organic and flowed from knot to knot while soothing and electrifying the senses.

If you're in need of a top-notch massage, I can't recommend A1vibes enough!
Reviewed by therealtalcorath 2024-05-14 20:29 [29774/P]

dalelale Poor
Burien, Washington, United States of America
I wasn't offered any reciprocal massage, which I consider in poor taste.
Reviewed by Akaten 2024-05-14 16:04 [29773/P]

doubled Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
doubled joined me here, bringing with him a comfy massage table. Quickly we were sharing ,, fun stories,.while we sipped a buttery chardonnay, and munched on gluten free baguettes.Then came the massage.
My assessment ... You are amazing, The best performance ever. You've got talent.
Reviewed by Appalachia 2024-05-14 11:15 [29772/P]

knotsense Highly Recommended
Newport News, Virginia, United States of America
I met up with knotsense for a massage exchange and it went very well. He has a good sense of touch, is responsive to feedback and requests for adjustments to pressure and technique. Coordination of the exchange went smoothly and he was prompt to respond and easy to communicate with. I gave some suggestions/demonstrations of trigger point technique and he grasped the basics quickly. It was a pleasant experience and was worth the effort to meet up while he was visiting Chicago!
Reviewed by kdb924 2024-05-14 08:14 [29771/P]

PARADISE Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America
PARADISE and I finally got together for a massage exchange today at his place starting just after 2PM on Sunday. I parked in the adjacent lot a few minutes late and he called me and guided me to walk to his place. He played nice soothing spa like instrumental music that was very nice. We exchanged massage on a covered Tempur-Pedic bed with a bath and body oil of Eucalyptus & Spearmint essential oils with jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and aloe vera I thought was the healthiest choice. It was very light and slippery and we used a lot of it. He does not like his feet massaged and I don’t like my face massaged so I’m writing it here to help remember. We switched massaging each other every 10 minutes and 15 minutes. I enjoyed the close body contact on the bed. He was very thorough and respectful. He started out by massaging me first as I am not used to massaging on a bed and I thought it would help me better get into the groove and it did. I really enjoyed it as it’s been many years since I have massaged like this. PARADISE graciously allowed me to shower afterwards from head to toe afterwards which was very much appreciated as we worked up a lot of oil and some sweat with very firm, vigorous and close massage. The shower is a very nice feeling and I appreciated him putting down a no-slip surface in the shower along with an extra long towel. It would be nice to get together again with PARADISE at his place or mine.
Reviewed by MatureManMassage 2024-05-13 04:24 [29770/P]

Freespirit328 Highly Recommended
Dr. Phillips, Florida, United States of America
I was very fortunate to exchange with Freespirit328. She chose her profile name well. I enjoy her free spirit immensely. We enjoyed lively conversation throughout our time together.

We enjoyed the moisturizing and healing effects of 100% organic virgin coconut oil and some of her amazing homemade skin treatments. I enjoyed giving massage to her very very much. Freespirit328 is fit, strong, and beautiful. I was surprised and pleased that she offered to give massage and I gladly accepted. She has obviously been trained, and helped me relax well.

I hope for another exchange very soon. Freespirit328 is a fantastic massage partner. I recommend her fully.
Reviewed by 96em 2024-05-12 17:59 [29765/P]

Reply from Freespirit328 of 2024-05-12
Thank you 96em that was very enjoyable appreciated the massage glad you enjoyed yours too

MatureManMassage Highly Recommended
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States of America
MatureManMassage is a great guy to get together with for some mutual massaging-we used a very nice theraputic Eucopyptis oil that is used for after taking a shower to replenish moisture to your skin-it smells great and is great for massaging-we took turns in 10 and 15 minute intervals to evenly massage each other and making it totally equal-He has great hands and worked my muscles like a proffessional-best massage session ever
Reviewed by PARADISE 2024-05-12 17:03 [29769/P]

Bluegees23 Highly Recommended
Downers Grove, Illinois, United States of America
It took multiple tries to get our schedules together but we finally got a day and time that worked for both of us. He arrived right on time freshly showered. He was very friendly and up front about what he wanted and didn't want. I think we both enjoyed our session and I would gladly get together with him again any time.
Reviewed by danil61832 2024-05-12 15:09 [29768/P]

Appalachia Highly Recommended
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
i had the privilege to come to ottawa to massage Appalachia she is a wonderful woman i love massaging her beautiful body for hours we had a great time we exchange massages she is very good i wood come back anytime thank you
Reviewed by doubled 2024-05-12 14:09 [29767/P]