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skin2skin Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
This swap was really easy and quick to arrange; skin2skin has a comfortable and convenient place within easy walking distance of Clapham Junction station.
Were he a "Bodywork Enthusiast" my assessment would be a resounding 5-stars as he gives a great, varied, detailed, thorough and empathetic massage.
However he is a fairly recently qualified "Bodywork Therapist" so the bar is rather higher - I assess 4-stars with the potential quite quickly to improve. The massage is good, and he is a joy to massage too, but there are areas where his offering needs just a bit more practice and 'polishing'. This I am sure he will achieve quite quickly with regular swapping.
I certainly want to swap again before too long; and relish the thought of receiving a 5-star massage from this enthusiastic and confident therapist.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2018-08-20 [ID 19044:P]

Tykwondude Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Florida, United States
I've met with Ben two times now and I can't say enough good things about him. He is so personable, easy to talk to, very understanding of injuries to neck and back and his messages have given me great relief. I will absolutely be using him again and I strongly recommend him to anyone who has any type of injury or even stress/tension anywhere in your body. Thank you, Ben!
Reviewed by Julianna, 2018-08-20 [ID 19045:P]

Fidoo Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Fidoo is very friendly, always happy person. He is open minded but very respectfull in the same time. We had few massage meetings, always was good, with nice atmosphere. His massage is relacing, he can be one time gentle, another very strong.
He has very good, amazing smell massage oils. He is doing profesional course of Swedish massage.
I would recomend him for massage meetings and very interesting personal meetings as well.
Fidoo, I hope we will meet soon again.
Reviewed by Ashca, 2018-08-20 [ID 19043:P]

skin2skin Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Skin2skin and I have had a great couple of sessions. Although trained he has not had much experience and said he lacked confidence. I say get out there and let everyone enjoy the great relaxing massage that you give! I thoroughly enjoyed the two we had together and look forward to the next time.
Reviewed by robnaturistlon, 2018-08-20 [ID 19042:P]

BOB1954 Highly Recommended
We have met up with BOB1954 a couple of times from a different site. He has his own comfortable facilities with a table & is usually available with a bit of notice. He gives a good massage & is respectful of any boundaries.
We have no hesitation in recommending him.
Reviewed by olderandwiser2013, 2018-08-20 [ID 19040:P]

Reply from BOB1954 of 2018-08-20
I have met olderandwiser a couple of times, we actually met on a different site and they mentioned this site and after a few months thinking about it I decided to join

I can confirm they are very genuine, which their other reviews mention anyway, we exchanged quite a few messages online before the decision was made to have a meet then we had a getting to know you chat over a cuppa, talking about expectations and boundaries etc and I must say for my first couples and 4 hand massage it was great, I can't say it was perfect that was the second exchange lol

sensualhandel Highly Recommended
Liskeard, Cornwall, United Kingdom
I had a fabulous massage exchange with sensualhandel. A great host and a lovely place complete with massage table.
sensualhandel nimble fingers pinpointed the muscles needing attention, the massage was sensual, relaxing and certainly relieved the tension. Our exchange was an unrushed blissful 2+ hours plenty of time to give and receive a delicious massage and opportunity to explore each others bodies in detail. I thourghly enjoyed the exchange and left feeling very mellow, relaxed and satisfied. If you have a chance to to exchange with this masseur, then do so without hesitation.
Reviewed by Daviduk4, 2018-08-20 [ID 19039:P]

pab Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Massage with Pab was very nice, relaxing and enjoyable. I visited him in Vegas. Massage was prefect, the pressure was good and energy was excellent. Thank YOU Pab, and hope to exchange with your again. T
Reviewed by Happy2, 2018-08-19 [ID 19038:P]

Happy2 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
I had an excellent exchange with Happy2 recently! We met at my home when he was in Vegas. I like deep touch and he was able to provide exactly what I needed. Working on him was great too - he's fit, with muscular legs and glutes. We had fun getting to know each other and talking.

I can't wait meet up again!

Reviewed by pab, 2018-08-19 [ID 19037:P]

Horsehead Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
At my request, Horsehead spent the entire session doing AIS stretching, which is one of modalities that he has had extensive training as a professional bodywork therapist. He knows his stuff, exactly how every muscle reacts to each stretch. The time passed too quickly.
Reviewed by nova09, 2018-08-19 [ID 19036:P]

Houston, Texas, United States
Had a massage exchange today with Massage82. He showed up right when he said he would and we proceeded to the exchange. very nice guy very friendly. did a good job hitting the sore spots. will exchange with him again.
Reviewed by houJayR, 2018-08-19 [ID 19035:P]

M6NYA Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
M6NYA knows how to host and take care of a guest. He's a pro at massage applying himself that is a fine example of his experience such as drizzling warm oil and draping you in a thin sheet at the start of the session. Very relaxing and I highly recommend his work.
Reviewed by slated, 2018-08-19 [ID 19034:P]

Deeptissue Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Deep tissue and I have had several exchanges. She arrives on time, is sensitive to my needs and executes a massage that is far above average. If she wanted, I would exchange weekly. I highly recommend her.
Reviewed by Masch48, 2018-08-19 [ID 19033:P]

Pja6 Highly Recommended
Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
I had a massage swap with Pja6 recently and I was indeed impressed with his intuitive style. He knew exactly the tight spots and released them with ease. I must say I slept very well afterwards. He was also open to listening and learning new ways. Very polite, arrived on time and communicated well. I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by cryptantric, 2018-08-19 [ID 19032:P]

Ashca Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Before we had the massage we did meet for coffee then arranging time for a massage , I had couple of massage with Ashca J , both time had an amazing swedish massage , she is currently take a diploma in swedish massage .
But even without a formal qualification she is doing it so good .
She is a great person to meet and to exchange massage with .

Happy that I exchange with Ashca and I am looking forward to meet again with her .
Reviewed by Fidoo, 2018-08-19 [ID 19031:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the great fortune to exchange with this fantastic person - Dave is the one of the most positive, charming and welcoming people I’ve ever met. Dave hosts like a professional and is an amazingly attentive and powerful masseur who varied techniques left me feeling so refreshed and relaxed and definitely ‘at one’.
We hit it off and had a great chat at times whilst at other times just fell into a natural silence as the healing work of massage was being focused on.
Totally recommend Dave for an exchange and can’t wait until we meet again. Thanks.
Reviewed by Careandlovethroughhands, 2018-08-19 [ID 19030:P]

Reply from SELondon of 2018-08-19
Thank’s Matt for your very kind review. When you get to meet up with such a friendlyelf and sociable person as yourself it becomes an absolute pleasure to spend time exchanging massages from the initial meet to the very end. Thank you again for a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Really looking forward to next time.

tucazman Highly Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Tucazman, a kind and true gentleman, came to my place, while I was on vacation, in his neck of the woods and gave me an outstanding therapeutic deep tissue massage. WOW! The only sad thing about it it’s just went too quickly. A five star is not enough for Tucazman. Thank you will be seeing you again.
Reviewed by Lee13, 2018-08-18 [ID 19029:P]

maxshine Highly Recommended
Winthrop, Massachusetts, United States
I recently had the pleasure to massage exchange with Maxshine.
He was direct and easy to schedule an appointment, which was greatly appreciated.
He is conversant, interesting and genuine.
He was present in the process and throughout the exchange.

it was an extra pleasure for me: this gracious inner person has a matching and enjoyable outer person. to which i had the honor to massage , touch and enjoy.

You know the experience is successful when you remember it and review different segments and moments long after it is over. And for that Maxshine, I thank you for a great massage exchange experience.

hope to have the opportunity once again

with gratitude
Reviewed by kingyo, 2018-08-18 [ID 19028:P]

Lee13 Highly Recommended
Mission Viejo, California, United States
Great massage from a man who clearly knows what he's doing. Good stretches, nice deep work, and he checked in to make sure nothing was too painful when he was doing that great, deep work. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by tucazman, 2018-08-18 [ID 19027:P]

khjohnson Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Quiet Waters Do Run Deep. khjohnson so peaceful and gracious. Then when his turn to trade a dynamo surfacing with the same energy, but he applies several modalities in each muscle group. His expertise of muscle insertions if rare to find. I like how he took his time to workout painful and stressful muscles. He did not speak of them, but he knew right where they were and did not stop until stress and muscles in spasm relaxed under his strong, but sentive hands. This man is a pro and you know it in the first five minute. There are certain "tells" and he passed them all with a profound knowledge of Therapeutic Massage.

He is polite and respectful of my home and my dog which means the world to me. I look forward to the next time when the timing is right.

Reviewed by dancer310, 2018-08-18 [ID 18752:P]

FeelingURenergy Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Last night I have the privilege to exchange with FeelingURenergy. Our methodologies are very different, but there was one of very best exchanges I have experience. When I lived in Paris many of us dancers would travel more than an hour to this physical therapist. He was worth the drive. FeelingURenergy worked very similar to him. Just after these sessions I litterally needed help off the table. It is not arm length because I think of it as his wingspans. There was almost a Coda in his practice that he would massage out and in to my extremities in very long strokes using both hands. My entire body was being massage and stretched in different directions. Also he carries also of very warm energy in his hands. He has the persona of a compassionate and caring individual. Actually I could tell he enjoyed giving more than recieving. I will work on getting him to relax and recieve proper massage. It will be my pleasure.
I cannot give enough praise to this gracious and talented masseur.
Reviewed by dancer310, 2018-08-18 [ID 19026:P]

Bristol, United Kingdom
0007mantis had the opportunity to when he was visiting London for business. He is a genuine friendly guy and put me at ease as soon as we met. He is just getting into massage and has recently been undertaking some training. He has an intuitive stye and was very receptive to adapting to my needs, checking in throughout the massage. I am sure as he gains more experience he will develop his own style or massage and grow in confidence. I am looking forward to arranging another swap in the future.
Reviewed by rg0100, 2018-08-18 [ID 19025:P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
After a few chats, Indianpalms turned up on time and was a thoroughly pleasant and friendly person. As soon as he started to massage I could tell that he knew what he was doing. Lovely deep strokes and an intuitive sense of how much pressure to apply and when to apply it made for a really satisfying exchange. He has a lot of experience and willingly helped guide me through my massage of him. Not only that; he was friendly , funny , unselfish and good company. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by 007mantis, 2018-08-18 [ID 19017:P]

rg0100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Raj and I chatted for a couple of days before I was able to have a massage due to work meetings etc. He is a very engaging and easy going guy who puts you immediately at ease.

As soon as he started with gentle to firm strokes I was looking forward to the rest of the session. He is communicative and intuitive with well practiced confident strokes. There was a real connection during the massage and I hope to have another exchange the next time I’m in London.
Reviewed by 007mantis, 2018-08-18 [ID 19024:P]

jimwilks8 Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
I recently had a massage exchange with Jim at his home. He was very easy to talk with as we got to know each other before the exchange, and discussed how we wanted to structure the massage. I found that Jim's technique and skill was just as good or better than many of the professional massages I've had. I found his pace and pressure perfect! I look forward to my next exchange with Jim
Reviewed by kimb, 2018-08-17 [ID 19023:P]

Reply from jimwilks8 of 2018-08-17
Thanks, Kimb!
You were amazing as well. We need to exchange again soon! I'd be very happy to add you to my "regular exchange" list!

kimb Highly Recommended
Cathedral City, California, United States
Kimb is a really great guy! I totally enjoyed meeting him at my place for our exchange. We had a very nice conversation and both his touch and massage was awesome. The connection was also terrific... which to me is one of the main points of a therapeutic/sensual massage.I hope to do an exchange again with him.
Reviewed by jimwilks8, 2018-08-17 [ID 19022:P]

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