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Denham1 Highly Recommended
Redmond, Oregon, United States
What an outstanding gentleman. Very polite and easy going. He gave Nan an extremely relaxing two hour massage. His technique was spot on, nothing was rushed or missed. She is very much looking forward to her next session.
Reviewed by Bendcpl, 2020-07-10 [ID 23401:P]

khjohnson Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Very nice exchange, good massage, nice guy, strong hands, great house, table. Would definitely trade again in the future
Reviewed by obrian18, 2020-07-09 [ID 23400:P]

Pianist1223 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
He is a kind and gentle person. Very responsive to touch and appreciative of the interaction. I will definitely be seeing him again
Reviewed by joebeach, 2020-07-08 [ID 23399:P]

Hangingout Highly Recommended
Navasota, Texas, United States
I met Hangingout today for a massage. I immediately felt at ease around him. He has a wonderful personality as well as the technical skills to give a great massage. I would recommend his massage for anyone that is interested!
Reviewed by relaxnrelease, 2020-07-07 [ID 23398:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Pedalpusher is a genuine nice guy, we had a really great session, his technique was very good. Needless to say I would recommend massage exchange with him.

Reviewed by CasVask, 2020-07-07 [ID 23397:P]

ruffrider Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Greg is very good at making you feel at ease and is very good at massage. His space is nicely equipped with a sturdy table and quality lotion/oils. If you get the chance to connect you won’t be disappointed!
Reviewed by nolavers, 2020-07-07 [ID 23396:P]

M77M5 Highly Recommended
Reston, Virginia, United States
This guy is the real deal, well hung considerate , gives a great massage smart intelligent runs his own business professional shows up everything you want we can’t wait to see him again
Reviewed by sailorsmd, 2020-07-07 [ID 23395:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a truly remarkable massage experience with Pedalpusher yesterday! Highly experienced deep tissue professional with great sensitivity in hands and approach. Very gifted in massage skills, great communicator and clear in practice! Absolutely fabulous.....!
Reviewed by Plantago, 2020-07-07 [ID 23394:P]

karabash Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, England, United Kingdom
Great host very enjoyable exchange highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Steve13, 2020-07-06 [ID 23393:P]

Njoy Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
If it got any better than this, Massage Exchange would have to add a 6th star! Starting with Trager-like rocking, and smoothly flowing into confident full-body stretches, deep tissue, and sensual modalities, Njoy is an accomplished professional and it was a pleasure to host our first massage (of many, I hope) with her. She was intuitively drawn to my major problem areas, and used those strong- yet gentle- stretches in addition to firm but smooth strokes to quickly relieve them. I heartily recommend an exchange with Njoy!
Reviewed by MassageMan2, 2020-07-05 [ID 23387:P]

Mercy52 Highly Recommended
Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand
Had a mutual massage with Mercy52 recently and thoroughly enjoyed the exchange. His strokes were firm and the pressure was just how I like it. He has had quite a bit of experience and it shows. I was very relaxed after the session. I hope we have another exchange soon.
Reviewed by Mufaraz, 2020-07-05 [ID 23390:P]

ExchNatl Highly Recommended
Stone Mountain, Georgia, United States
I had the pleasure of exchanging with ExchNatl after a couple of messages. He came to my place. I gave him a massage first. Then he massaged me he is a very talented therapist I do believe I fell asleep once lol that is how good it was he was very welcoming and his touch was just fantastic I looking forward to exchanging again
Reviewed by massagedectur, 2020-07-04 [ID 23389:P]

massagedectur Highly Recommended
Decatur, Georgia, United States
I received a message about trading massages possibly. That was on Friday and in less than 7 messages we set up a massage exchange on Saturday at noon. I went to massagedectur place. He has a dedicated massage room with a very nice massage table. I received the Massage first. WOW what a great massage. ( next time I will let him go first). I did not want to get off the table I was so relaxed. I did give him a massage and we hope to exchange massages again soon.
Reviewed by ExchNatl, 2020-07-04 [ID 23388:P]

Reply from massagedectur of 2020-07-04
Tha you so much for the kind words. I look forward to exchanging again with you soon

artcarguy Highly Recommended
San Carlos, California, United States
I had the privilege of exchanging massage with Artcarguy. He is a nice gentleman who involved his entire living essence into every massage stroke. His gentle touch is very pleasant. So I enjoyed his massage a lot. I was amazed that telling he was a novice, Artcarguy performed pretty complicated stretching technique for both of my arms. Not every experienced practitioner can perform this technique properly. Artcarguy hold my hand, trying to feel the entire way from my hand to the shoulder where the head of the humerus bone is. Then, he was shaking my arm gently to stretch it with respect of natural mechanics of my arm. So my arm was a little bend at the elbow, but I was feeling how it became a little longer. Then, when Artcarguy stopped stretching my arm, I was feeling how every bone returned back into relevant socket to the exactly right position. It's awesome technique! Living many years of life, usually each of us experienced at least minor deviations of our bones from the right positions, for example, the position of a finger or the composition of the wrist might feel kind of awkward. As a result of the described stretching, every finger, every small carpal bone return back into the exactly right position. Not everyone can perform this technique safe because the healer should feel composition and movements inside of every joint to do the stretching safe. Artcarguy is a hidden gem who has a great chance to transform into the brilliant healer.
Reviewed by Galina, 2020-07-03 [ID 23359:P]

armymedicsoldier Highly Recommended
Springfield, Virginia, United States
The pleasure was all mine upon meeting and receiving a massage from ArmymedicSoldier. I found him to be very personable, friendly and accommodating. His knowledge of the body and years of experience were felt with each technique he applied.

His photos and great reviews are only two of the reasons I wanted to schedule an exchange. Having a conversation with Armymedicsoldier was easy because of his open, approachable style. I found him to be personable, friendly and a great communicator.

After scheduling the date and time for our initial exchange, my work schedule begin to change almost daily due to Covid-19, and in turn forced me to reschedule our exchange a number of times. Nevertheless, Armymedicsoldier remained patient, flexible and understanding of the situation. The delay in meeting actually made things better by providing more time to get to know one another prior to the first in-person meeting.

Based on reviews, I already expected Armymedicsoldiers massage skills to be above average. It only took a few minutes to realize I was wrong. I actually felt like I was in the hands of a bodywork professional. His massage was thorough from beginning to end. I was impressed by his ability to provide such a wonderful massage without any professional training. (He also uses a high quality massage cream that felt incredible.)

If given the opportunity to choose one person to exchange with for the rest of my life, I would choose Armymedicsoldier.
Reviewed by Iamover30, 2020-07-02 [ID 23385:P]

Courtneyheaven Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
Courtney is a lovely girl. Very much a free spirit, she is pretty, responsive and enjoys a nice massage.
Courtney was kind enough to come to me. We had an hour or so with her just relaxing after her journey. We then moved onto the massage. She prefers gentle, so I used long flowing strokes that she seemed to like. Somewhat tense initially she started to relax and I was able to ensure she thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
A smashing girl that clearly enjoys massage, I would highly recommend her. I regard it as a privilege to have been allowed to massage her and I hope we can see each other again, soon.
Reviewed by Wackyracer, 2020-07-02 [ID 23383:P]

Cheshire46 Highly Recommended
Chester, England, United Kingdom
Arranged a massage, nice chat prior to meeting up. Got my deluxe massage table and oils ready. Kept in touch and had a nice chat and drink upon meeting. Lovely lady. Very welcoming and fantastic massage, both enjoyed the day and have arranged another massage since that first meeting and will no doubt arrange another one when time allows.
Reviewed by LoveNatural73, 2020-07-01 [ID 23381:P]

LoveNatural73 Highly Recommended
Chester, England, United Kingdom
Irvine gave a fantastic massage just the right pressure and was very attentive to whether i was enjoying it and i was and did. He came with a massage table and oils which were great additions .He massaged like a true professional and i would highly recommend, he is also a very nice person and we got on very well and would definatly meet up for repeat massages time allowing.
Reviewed by Cheshire46, 2020-07-01 [ID 23380:P]

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
You cannot even imagine what an excellent masseur Ca524 is!!! Not only does he possess extraordinarily superb and, in my humble opinion, unsurpassed therapeutic massage techniques, but also a classy, sweet, and, at the same time, caring, and laid back personality. Ca524 puts you at ease and makes you comfortable immediately. Unlike many other massage therapists, he openly and generously shares his massage techniques with people. He readily shared many techniques with me, a novice, taking massage courses at college. I had an excellent experience with Ca524 from the moment we touched base with each other. I immediately felt that I was talking to a genuinely caring person. Soon I found myself on his comfortable table and melted into his amazingly therapeutic and miraculously healing touch. His beautiful manly hands did wonders to my entire body, and I did not want that experience to end. The moment I walked away from him after the session, I felt, both physically and mentally, that I still craved his touch. Ca524 has an an amazing human energy as well. He has left me wanting more of his professional massage, and I would love to see him again.
Reviewed by rusinovar, 2020-06-30 [ID 23379:P]

Massageexchange1959 Highly Recommended
Ferndale, Michigan, United States
After a few very warm and professional phone conversations ME1959 and I set a time to meet at his very comfortable, clean inviting home. We spent an entire afternoon an into late evening together for an overall delightful experience !! Jeff is very warm and friendly, his massage was second to none, he massaged me first with slow relaxing sensual long strokes that had me glowing warm and relaxed and excited and energized all at the same time... and then as I massaged him, he patiently helped me learn a lot more than I knew, due to me being somewhat inexperienced in giving, it was an awesome experience....with someone I would call a great friend and can't wait to get together again hopefully very soon. We ended up going out for dinner, The whole experience with Jeff left me with an awesome glowing memory of a great friend, I would highly recommend booking an exchange with him if or when the opportunity comes up !!
Reviewed by 0254, 2020-06-29 [ID 23378:P]

massag1 Highly Recommended
Eatonville, Washington, United States
Massage 1 was amazing person in every ways ..d best massage ever and very gentlemen..met him twice ..first in VA and when I traveled in WA..he made. his way to meet up with me..u won’t regret and u will ask for more..very tender and no pressure ..we connect pretty good and got comfortable ..his very educated and generous..don’t past doprtunity. ..😍
Reviewed by gymrat1, 2020-06-29 [ID 23377:P]

Stayintouch Highly Recommended
Pocatello, Idaho, United States of America
I was glad Stayintouch was a friendly gentleman during our meetup. He kept it cool and collective while giving me a relaxing massage He gave top notch service with a positive attitude and I appreciated his skills in both therapeutic and sensual touching. Also, using his hypervolt deep tissue massage device to loosen the tightness in my lower body was a plus! It may be likely we will not meet again, but it was memorable time. Overall, I enjoyed my exchange with StayinTouch!
Reviewed by Hibiscus13, 2020-06-28 [ID 23376:P]

DonkeyD Highly Recommended
Manor Lakes, Victoria, Australia
I enjoyed his Therapeutic massage. I would recommend him to anyone to enjoy a good massage.
Reviewed by Ellaa, 2020-06-28 [ID 23374:P]

sailorsmd Highly Recommended
Stevensville, Maryland, United States
I have had two sessions with SailorsMD and both were great fun. They are a very friendly and sensual couple. We started each session with a drink and interesting conversation. Their four-handed massage is relaxing and titillating. They were very receptive and appreciative of my techniques. We explored and tried new things, all within comfort levels. I look forward to the next time we get together.
Reviewed by M77M5, 2020-06-26 [ID 23372:P]

TantricJourney Highly Recommended
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I had a great massage from TantricJourney. He's a very nice guy and a great masseur. It was a very relaxing session, not rushed or hurried in any way, and he made me feel very comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend him and hope we can meet again in the near future.
Reviewed by perthonian, 2020-06-25 [ID 23371:P]

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