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GentleHands43 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I recently had a fantastic exchange with GentleHands43. He was a very welcoming host & is a warm, friendly, intelligent guy with a great enthusiasm for massage. I thoroughly enjoyed his massage of me which was both therapeutic & very sensual. GentleHands43 has a great skill for judging which strokes work best to bring complete relaxation. The pressure used was spot on too. He was also a joy to massage. I highly recommend a swap with Experience it and look forward to exchanging with him again.
Reviewed by dixter 2022-01-27 [ID 25867:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
I think it’s about 4yrs since we last had exchange in this time he has added to his expertise & provided a very professional massage. Arrived on time generous with his time, very good masseur
Reviewed by 61Naturelover 2022-01-27 [ID 16229:P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet Dixter, who arrived well on time, and was a very pleasant and interesting person. His massage technique was assured and comprehensive, I felt completely relaxed by the end. His smooth toned body was also a pleasure to work on and he was a responsive and gracious recipient. We had a nice chat afterwards over a cup of tea. Recommended!
Reviewed by GentleHands43 2022-01-27 [ID 25866:P]

spirit4peace Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
I had a very nice massage trade with spirit4peace. He hosted and I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Very good pressure. Good conversation. Thanks for the trade!
Reviewed by Ca524 2022-01-26 [ID 25865:P]

IT37 Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Recently met IT37 for a massage swap. As I am an unexperienced masseur, it was great to receive positive feed back from an experienced masseur and personal trainer. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by mdd 2022-01-26 [ID 25864:P]

Dancingwolfyyc Highly Recommended
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dancingwolfyyc is a wonderful host and we had a very rejuvenating time together.
Reviewed by sixfingerguitar 2022-01-26 [ID 25863:P]

Greg54 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
Had a great exchange with Greg. A perfect mixture of traditional and sensual massage. He is very confident and has picked up some great techniques along the way. He also has a nice fit body to massage. I hope we can meet again soon. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by gary22620 2022-01-26 [ID 25862:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
Giving a massage to RoseGodess was a delightful experience. She had the setting just right. Very peaceful and comfortable surroundings.
Reviewed by N3wbie 2022-01-25 [ID 25861:P]

naturistmassager Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
naturistmassager was a very kind and respectable person. We chatted for a little while and got to know each other and what we like, which is always good before getting a massage done.
He was able to host and his place was very relaxing and amazing. It was absolutely perfect for a massage and I felt very comfortable.
He gave a very good general and sensual massage.
I like that he use different massaging techniques and even did this sort of tickling that I very much enjoyed.
He was also very delicate and soft with me which I really loved.
All in all he gave me a really good massage and it was a great experience. I would highly recommend you going to him if you ever get the chance. He treated me like such a lady.
Thank you 💖
Reviewed by Lulu1Marie 2022-01-25 [ID 25860:P]

Reply from naturistmassager of 2022-01-25
Thank you for those very kind words. The pleasure was mine. I look forward to next time...

Pauhana Highly Recommended
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
I had a wonderful experience with Pauhana, relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Strong and powerful hands for a great deep tissue massage.
Reviewed by TucsonFun 2022-01-25 [ID 25859:P]

Rcortez24 Highly Recommended
Humble, Texas, United States
I had an exchange with rcortez yesterday in my hotel room...his information said he was inexperienced at massage but is a quick learner... that turned out to be correct... after I massaged him (the way I usually like it) he gave me a great massage...he made good use of his forearms, elbows, knuckles,etc...his pressure was just the way I like it...he even located some knots in my shoulders he was able to work out... not bad for one "inexperienced".... I'm confident he will get much better as he gains more experience from others on the site...I hope to exchange with him again and watch his skills grow
Reviewed by Dadkneadsit 2022-01-25 [ID 25858:P]

Lulu1Marie Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States of America
Lulu1Marie is a charming young lady. She responds promptly to messages and after some "get to know you" message exchanges, we set a time and date for a massage session.
Lulu1Marie turned up in the right place at the right time, and I had the pleasure of massaging her for about 2 1/2 hours. She has a lovely body and skin, and responds well to touch.
She is a true jewel of the desert, so please treat her well if you have was the good fortune to meet with her. Thanks you, Lulu1Marie; it was a pleasure.
Reviewed by naturistmassager 2022-01-25 [ID 25857:P]

N3wbie Highly Recommended
Modesto, California, United States
1/24/2022: Wonderful massage. Bob placed me at ease and he brought out the right sensations.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2022-01-24 [ID 25856:P]

Reply from N3wbie of 2022-01-25
Thank you RoseGoddess. It was a very nice experience.

Hoolie Highly Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States
We had a lovely encounter. Very nice sweet, easy going guy, willing to accomodate my needs and listen to recomendations. Good massuer, strong hands, hopefully will meet again in the near future, I would reccomend him
Reviewed by obrian18 2022-01-24 [ID 25855:P]

worcester37 Highly Recommended
Claines, England, United Kingdom
Arranging to meet Worcester37 was straightforward. His profile was clear on the back problems he was seeking help with. I gave a back, legs and feet massage, with various techniques to help muscle relaxation. I focused on the periformis muscle, with some deep pressure work and more gentle attention to the lumbar vertibrae. Feedback from Worcester37 was helpful as I worked and he made a good client.
Reviewed by SuperTouch37 2022-01-24 [ID 25854:P]

Massage80 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Sami ( massage80)for massage twice.
Both time Sami has been very respectful,Kind and friendly but most importantly I felt safe with him.
We met twice in a hotel for couple of hours. Sami asked me if I had any boundaries which I explained to him and he respected that.
During the massage he kept asking if I was okay.
He was also was very caring and considerate.
The massage was really amazing, unhurried and very sensual ( which I had wanted)
If you are looking for a nice massage,( sensual or non- sensual) then Sami is the best one.
You will feel safe and respected.
Reviewed by Sarah11 2022-01-24 [ID 25853:P]

SuperTouch37 Highly Recommended
Cradley, England, United Kingdom
I visited SperTouch today and was instantly made to feel very welcome and relaxed. The table was heated and very comfortable. I was constantly told what techniques were being used and how they would help me personally. Nothing was rushed and I felt totally relaxed. I can already start to feel the benfit of such an expert massage. Top marks given and will look forward to a repeat visit. Thank you.
Reviewed by worcester37 2022-01-24 [ID 25852:P]

slcmt Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Awesome. Extremely warm and friendly, and intuitively skilled. I was instantly comfortable, and I'll definitely stay in touch!!
Reviewed by savvyexplorer 2022-01-24 [ID 25851:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Obrian has an amazing intuitive touch. It was among the best massages that I have ever had.
Reviewed by mpfuller 2022-01-23 [ID 25849:P]

DFWMANHandler Highly Recommended
The Colony, Texas, United States of America
I had not had a massage in over a year, it was something I had really missed. this was my first encounter with DFWMANHandler I was pleasantly surprised, He was talkative, and friendly it was easy to tell he truly enjoys the exchange process. without being to specific, I found the entire exchange very therapeutic both physically and emotionally. Given the opportunity I would certainly do it again
Reviewed by srideaux 2022-01-23 [ID 25848:P]

ma55ageX Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
We communicated regularly in the days leading up to our exchange so, when ma55ageX arrived at my place there was, at once, a sense of familiarity and ease. While he calls himself a novice, I would describe him as an adventurer with an keenness for knowledge, indicating that he has a commitment to the art. I remember commenting on the softness of his hands and the warmth of his touch. It is said that practice makes perfect, so welcome ma55ageX into your space and encourage mutual pursuits. He is amiable, chatty and interesting because he is interested. I look forward to another exchange in the future.
Reviewed by CharlieG42 2022-01-23 [ID 25846:P]

Jaysonmassage Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Jaysonmassage gives a relaxing smooth massage that left me feeling chilled. Good communication, I look forward to more exchanges
Reviewed by 61Naturelover 2022-01-23 [ID 25847:P]

Spycker Highly Recommended
Mitcham, England, United Kingdom
Today I had an excellent swap massage with Spycker. He is a very friendly guy and pleasant to talk to. We had swapped massage some back and it was easy to arrange another meeting. In giving a massage Spycker demonstrated a very good flow and pressure, and uses a variety of therapeutic and sensual stokes. I showed him a new technique and he has very eager to learn and try it out himself. The time passed very quickly and we had spent 3 hrs enjoying massaging each other. Very happy to meet again. Thanks Spycker for an great massage session.
Reviewed by bengiboy 2022-01-23 [ID 25845:P]

ourown Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
I did a swap with our own at my place and it was a pleasure to meet and swap massages with him. He provides a good massage with an intuitive touch that allows for relaxation and release of muscular tension. He is a nice guy and easy to chat with as well. Look forward to another exchange when our schedules permit.
Reviewed by Aklgreyl 2022-01-22 [ID 25844:P]

JazzMatazz Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Had a great exchange with JazzMatazz. He had great intuitive touch, was a good amount of pressure. Highly recommended
Reviewed by Anthoras 2022-01-22 [ID 25831:P]

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