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best4relaxation Highly Recommended
La Mesa, California, United States of America
I met best4relaxation today for a very nice unhurried massage exchange.
He is a very nice, friendly and respectful gentleman!
So far, he provided one of the best If not the BEST massage I have received from this site.
He took his time, was very thorough and worked on my injured areas very very efficiently.
I like deep tissue, and he gave a very strong deep massage where I needed it, and was very concious of my tender areas, making me feel very good after his wonderful massage.
Highly recommend exchanging massages with him 😊
Looking forward to many more exchanges with him 😀
Reviewed by edoardo85 2023-06-01 [ID 28132:P]

edoardo85 Highly Recommended
Chula Vista, California, United States
edoardo85 is the real deal. I was encouraged to exchange with him because of his reviews, and they were spot on. He is a very good communicator, both in messages prior to the exchange and during. He has a wealth of experience with different types of massage techniques, and it resulted in a very thorough enjoyable, exciting, and relaxing massage. He seemed to like my massage as well, so it ws a win-win. I was very satisfied.
Reviewed by best4relaxation 2023-06-01 [ID 28131:P]

NJP1 Highly Recommended
Haddenham, England, United Kingdom
Just had my second massage exchange with NJP1 and it couldn’t have gone any better. I felt much more relaxed as we had already met before and i think that showed in the massage i gave. NJP was very responsive and seemed to enjoy. His massage given to me was blissful and i’m looking forward to hopefully another exchange. 5 star again.
Reviewed by relaxednaturist 2023-06-01 [ID 26734:P]

Healingtouch4U Highly Recommended
Sandy, Utah, United States of America
Haelingtouch4U is very dedicated to art of massage. He is a great communicator with precise information as we were setting up our meet up. He has great skills with caring firm touch. He uses long strokes with aide of warm oil which transforms one to another level. I would certainly look forward to another massage session with him.
Reviewed by fullbodyrubnc 2023-06-01 [ID 28130:P]

Mj2023 Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Mj2023 and I shared our first massage today. He's a soft-spoken guy, thoughtful and considerate. From his very first strokes I could tell he was skilled, so I was able to relax and let myself be transported to my inner world. He modified his pressure to my every wish. You'll be truly gratified with his sense of touch, his intuitive sense of what feels good, and his pleasant personality. What a treat !
Reviewed by Heathcliff 2023-06-01 [ID 28129:P]

LDN88 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a pleasure of meeting LDN88 for a swap. His enthusiasm, strength and empathy more than compensates for the lack of experience, which he will sure gather very quickly, as he is observant and a quick learner.
Also must mention a very massageable, toned body. He is a pleasure to massage, too.
Reviewed by Hunk1 2023-06-01 [ID 28128:P]

TXJeff Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
An excellent experience. He has an intuitive touch with strong hands and a skill level that was better than some trained therapist with whom I've exchanged. A comfortable setting where I was immediately at ease and able to relax. I would definitely exchange with him again. In all honesty since I was a bit out of practice I think I got the better end of the exchange.
Reviewed by Bakerguy 2023-05-31 [ID 28127:P]

Serendipitous Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
I would recomend Serendipitous for a relaxing, confident, sensitive massage. As a woman and for the first exchange on this site Serendipitous was keen to be sensitive to making me feel comfortable and respectful and at ease. A good massage , Lomi lomi , which i haven't tried before. I look forward to more exchanges.
Reviewed by healingmatters 2023-05-31 [ID 28126:P]

MassageGuy2Exchange Highly Recommended
Marietta, Georgia, United States of America
We exchanged a couple of emails and set up an exchange shortly at his home. He has a nice set up with massage table. He offered me water first and we talked a little.
MassageGuy has an excellent strong touch and he kept on asking if pressure was good which was very nice. He has a healing and rejuvenating touch which I enjoyed a lot. He even offered me to use his shower which was so kind. I will definitely see him again.
Reviewed by globalt 2023-05-31 [ID 28125:P]

teddycf Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I just had a memorable swap with teddycf. His smile puts you at ease the moment you arrive at his flat. He's well equipped with a massage table and oils. We took turns and he massaged me first. His technique was amazing and I needed a moment to come back to reality before massaging him. His body was a delight to massage and I hope we get the chance to exchange again.
Reviewed by LetsBro 2023-05-31 [ID 28124:P]

Reply from teddycf of 2023-06-02
Thank you for your kind words, the pleasure is mine! I went in to the massage with some basic plan of areas I wanted to cover, however, once I started, I was totally engrossed in the sensations and experience, and the plan went out of the window. I was lost in the moment, and was completely going with the flow. Thanks for another beautiful exchange. I hope we can do that again before too long.

BringDaMassage Recommended
Leicester, England, United Kingdom
Recently arranged a massage swap with BringDaMassage. very professional and made me feel comfortable during the session. also taught me a few points on how can i improve my massage routine.
would definitely swap again.
Reviewed by derbyasian 2023-05-30 [ID 28123:P]

healingmatters Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
I enjoyed a very pleasant evening exchanging with healingmatters. She is very experienced and able to deliver a very effective and relaxing massage. She has a firm touch which I particularly like. I look forward to meeting up with her again soon for a follow up exchange. She has some interesting techniques which I want to learn to incorporate into my own delivery. Thanks healingmatters for a very lovely evening.
Reviewed by Serendipitous 2023-05-30 [ID 28122:P]

windspirit Recommended
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
windspirit is an amazing soul. It was very nice to connect with him, know about his massage experiences and learn from him. The communication was easy and the massage session was well. We connected, had a massage and he was respectful of my boundaries. One of the best and authentic tantric sessions I had was with him. Looking forward to more sessions with him. Thankyou.
Reviewed by Letsdothis1 2023-05-29 [ID 28121:P]

Govanhill123 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Exchanged with Govanhill123 last week. He hosted and his massage was excellent, clearly very experienced and knowledgeable- very kindly offered me some advice with respect to some back pain I was suffering from and info on how to remedy. Seemed a really good guy also, very friendly and hospitable, wouldn't hesitate to reccomend or repeat.
Reviewed by freddyq 2023-05-29 [ID 28120:P]

LANManNJ Highly Recommended
Logan Township, New Jersey, United States
LANManNJ was amazing! I highly recommend him. He greeted me warmly. The room had been prepared with salt lamps, indirect lighting and rain sounds in the background. The atmosphere was perfect for an exceptional massage. He used the right amount of pressure and took his time to ensure the complete hour massage was unhurried. Afterwards, he offered a shower for me to freshen up before heading home. I will definitely schedule another massage with LANManNJ and looking forward to that!
Reviewed by Jason1960 2023-05-29 [ID 28119:P]

ising Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Rich and I seemed to have great chemistry together. Our massage session was amazing. Rich worked my body over from head to toe with just the right pressure. I’m so pleased I got together with him while he was in town. Thank you Rich!
Reviewed by santac100 2023-05-28 [ID 28118:P]

triggerpt Highly Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Dan is all around fantastic. He is very skilled and knowledgeable with masssge and helped me grasp the basics to build on. He has a lovely body to touch and massage. We enjoyed great conversation as well. Thank you Dan!
Reviewed by santac100 2023-05-28 [ID 28117:P]

Robroy1115 Highly Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States
I had an amazing experience with Rob. Honestly, it was more about receiving than giving and give he did give in spades.
Great guy, great conversation, great sensual massage. Thanks Rob!
Reviewed by santac100 2023-05-28 [ID 28116:P]

96em Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States of America
I met with 96em after exchanging several messages and deciding on a time. He is truly a gentleman and I felt instantly at ease. His massage technique is skilled and thorough. I experienced a full body therapeutic massage that was very relaxing as well as healing. And his sensual technique and yoni massage was incredible! I cant wait for my next session . If given the chance I would highly recommend his touch. You won’t be sorry .
Reviewed by Sadiefreckles 2023-05-27 [ID 28115:P]

devontaffy Recommended
Torridge District, England, United Kingdom
I met devontaffy for the first time a couple of days ago. He arrived in good time and was incredibly easy to talk to - the ice broke very naturally and, although he was clear that he thought I had the advantage of experience over him, he relaxed very easily and was an excellent subject to work on.
He returned the favour and massaged me, providing a careful, gentle touch which I enjoyed a great deal, giving him a highly respectable initial score of four stars. (I’m certain this will end up as a 5-star performance following the next visit!)
Thanks, D, looking forward to seeing you next time 😎!
Reviewed by RobTheRub 2023-05-27 [ID 28114:P]

HawaiianTouch Highly Recommended
Stevenage, England, United Kingdom
Hawaiian Touch is a real gem. She really knows her touch and it was a real pleasure to have an exchange with her.
Thank you, see you again soon
Reviewed by Lomiluv 2023-05-27 [ID 28113:P]

RobTheRub Highly Recommended
Street, England, United Kingdom
I met Rob yesterday at his home and spent a most enjoyable couple of hours in his company. When meeting a person for the first time who has plenty of very positive reviews [is there anybody else on MEx who has more ] it could be somewhat intimidating but it could not be further from the case. Whilst drinking a coffee we put the world to rights which put me totally at ease. We massaged each other back/front alternately using fingers/hands both with and without oil and I revelled in his amazing touch.I hope it wont be long before we meet up again.
Reviewed by devontaffy 2023-05-27 [ID 28112:P]

Pipajmose Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Had a very enjoyable exchange with Nick while visiting Sydney. Great set up and he is very skilled. Good conversation before and after also. Hope to repeat sometime!
Reviewed by jonnyk 2023-05-26 [ID 28111:P]

freddyq Recommended
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
freddyq is a pleasant and friendly person - would recommend a swap with him. His technique is good ( pressure and use of the forearms) - a great body to massage - easy to identify the muscle groups and a pleasure to work on. Hope we swap again !
Reviewed by Govanhill123 2023-05-26 [ID 28110:P]

BumbleBee1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met BumbleBee1 last weekend and definitely give her 5* as I completely loved our time together and will be heading back to meet her again.
Reviewed by 73sven 2023-05-26 [ID 28109:P]

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