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Emem Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
I had an exchange with Emem. He is a caring and fantastic person. His hands are very firm and he knows what he is doing. He was courteous and present, which left me feeling relaxed and enjoyable. We had a wonderful exchange and I am definitely looking forward to the next one when he is in town! Thank you Emem!
Reviewed by Hun011, 2017-06-24 [ID 16667:P]

Bonfire55 Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
I was contacted by "Bonfire55" for an exchange, but with some conflicts in our schedules our exchange took time to develop to a mutual time, which was fine with me. Sometimes things you have to wait for are worth the effort and you appreciate them better. That was the case with "Bonfire55".

He had great set up, comfortable and all the necessary items to have a soothing and productive exchange. We had a small conversation and we got down to business. His touch match is personality of caring and paid attention to insure all areas we completely satisfied, which they were.

Will be looking for another wonderful exchange, hopefully sooner than later. Thanks again.
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-06-23 [ID 16666:P]

Colin62 Highly Recommended
Gunnislake, United Kingdom
I recently exchanged with Colin62 while on holiday near his home. We had exchanged many messages beforehand and discovered we had a great deal in common regarding our massage preferences and styles. He kindly offered to bring his massage table to my hotel and after a relaxing chat we began the massage by me working on him. He has a very good body to massage and was responsive and appreciative. Then it was my turn and although I was expecting a good massage from the conversations we'd had, it was even better than I could have hoped. His professionalism shines through, as does his enthusiasm for massage, and I was treated to a blissful hour of treatment which left me extremely relaxed and satisfied. We then chatted further afterward as he is such an easy person to talk to.

We had talked about exchanging on two consecutive nights beforehand and I was glad we had because we then had another perfectly enjoyable exchange the following evening. It was the icing on the cake for my holiday and I am only sorry that we live so far apart but I will definitely arrange an exchange again next time I'm in the area.
Reviewed by Kendalian3, 2017-06-23 [ID 16664:P]

masseurneedsu Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
On my resent trip to Las Vegas I was able to connect with "masseurneedsu" which was a highlight of my trip.

We had communicated in advance of my trip and set up date and time, which is always best to avoid endless communications trying to set things up at last minute.

We did some conversation before our exchange and found we had several things in common which helps to connect between individuals. He had well appointed massage area and he made sure I was comfortable with set up. He hit all areas well and his strong hands felt great that I came close to falling asleep at one point. The whole experience was gratifying and the time spent in our exchange felt like we had known each other for ages.

I will for sure plan on another exchange on any future visits to Las Vegas. Visitors along with locals should not pass opportunity to exchange with "masseurneedsu".

Thanks again and will be in touch.
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-06-22 [ID 16663:P]

PleasantHillMasseur Highly Recommended
Pleasant Hill, California, United States
My massage experience with PleasantHillMasseur was wonderfully relaxing and as close as one could possibly get to receiving a generous gift of a quality, professional, therapeutic massage.

PleasantHillMasseur was courteous, and respectful as well as pleasingly capable and confident with delivering a fantastic massage as well as offering a relaxing, and inviting space to host in. I felt very privileged and almost a bit guilty that I probably should be paying for such an exceptional massage experience... lol. Highly recommend!!
Reviewed by HappeeGurl, 2017-06-22 [ID 16662:P]

massaaahhge Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
While I was in the Los Angeles area on business, I had the pleasure of meeting up with these two gentlemen for a massage exchange. The massages were 4 hand and the exchanges went very smoothly with each of us getting equal time on the table. These two guys are a great couple, were very attentive to me and I did not feel like the third wheel, but rather I felt like an equal in the three man group. I will definitely seek them out again on my return trip to the area, as it is a rare find to have two equally respectful, kind, sensual men give you an out of this world massage.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-06-22 [ID 16661:P]

SpunkyD Highly Recommended
Marion, Iowa, United States
SpunkyD and I had spent some time talking through this website. It was all very positive, and we understood well each other's boundaries.

We did an exchange yesterday, and he has superb technique. Long sweeping motions, great oil, just the right amount of pressure, great conversation, and an apartment and separate room that was so clean you "could eat off the floor". He engaged in serious conversation, and has a sense of humor. I expect cleanliness is my exchanges, and both of us had just bathed.

He is a quality individual--trustworthy, honest, and a hard worker. This is a top notch individual.

If you want a quality massage, this is the individual to contact.

We have another exchange scheduled for mid July.

Reviewed by Midwestmale43, 2017-06-22 [ID 16659:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet and exchange with Kendalian3.
Prior to meeting we sent several messages to outline our preferences and boundaries, this helped greatly as we found that we both had similar massage techniques/preferences and this helped to ease any first time nerves.
As we seemed to get so well in our conversations and Kendalian3 was on holiday in my area, we agreed to exchange on two consecutive evenings.

Kendalian3 was a wonderful host, very welcoming and easy to get on with. After introductions and we were comfortable with each other, we moved onto the massage. Kendalian3 massaged me first, she has a good understanding of the muscle groupings and applied ample pressure where needed and being responsive to her touch, she provided a fabulous massage that met all my needs.

I then massaged Kendalian3 in a similar style, she was very responsive to my touch and I was able to provide her with an equally satisfying massage.

Afterwards we had further talks and drinks.

The next evening we enjoyed each other’s company again.

I highly recommend Kendalian3, she is a wonderful lady and I hope that we can meet again soon.
Reviewed by Colin62, 2017-06-22 [ID 16660:P]

Pleasure11 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was a real pleasure to meet Pleasure11. Arriving on time with a warm smile, I immediately felt at ease... and I believe that this feeling was mutual. He was happy to be massaged with no reciprocation, at my request and I realised, at the end of the session, that his groans while I was massaging his back, were from pure pleasure and not from pain. Well, hopefully. He certainly seemed to enjoy the calming face massage which completed the session...and he would most certainly be welcomed back at any time.
Reviewed by denkent, 2017-06-22 [ID 16658:P]

sexyjay Recommended
Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia
Had my first swap with sexy jay today and the experience was great he was warm his massage was worth the experience he held a great conversation throughout our visit on all topics he was friendly and affectionate.
I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to contact him I am looking forward to meeting up with him again.
Dingo 5
Reviewed by dingo5, 2017-06-22 [ID 16657:P]

HappeeGurl Highly Recommended
Walnut Creek, California, United States
I was very fortunate to experience a therapeutic massage from HappeeGurl this week. As a former massage school instructor, I have had many massages from novices—some good, but most not so much. And it is with that background that I can say, HappeeGurl truly has a gift for intuitive touch. What often marks the difference between a good and a poor massage is simple intention. Is the practitioner doing this because they truly enjoy it, or because it is an onerous obligation? There was no question in my mind that HappeeGurl enjoys healing others through touch. Her intention was real, and this came across in each gentle stroke. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a relaxing and therapeutic massage session.
Reviewed by PleasantHillMasseur, 2017-06-22 [ID 16656:P]

Nakedmax Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Max at his beautiful apartment which he has recently renovated. On a very hot night, it was very welcome that his flat was relatively cool.

We sat and talked for a bit before proceeding to the massage. Max gave a very confident and relaxing massage, so much so that I admit to being asleep for some of it (however this should definitely be taken as a compliment!).

After around 3 hours with Max, I went home and had one of the best night's sleeps I can ever recall, so all in all a great evening.

Thank you Max.

Reviewed by Manflute, 2017-06-21 [ID 16655:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Had an amazing session with doneright. We are very much akin in that we both like to plan in advance to ensure that the plans can be met.

Doneright showed up exactly on time, we had some great conversation before we started and I felt very comfortable with him. When we started I was amazed at his muscle tone, he responsiveness and overall demeanor. When he began working on me, I was butter in his hands. He had the intuition of working on the areas that needed attention without me saying a word.

i would definately do another exchange with him in the future and encourage you to do the same. Just don't steal my time. hahaha
Reviewed by masseurneedsu, 2017-06-21 [ID 16654:P]

Reply from doneright of 2017-06-22
Thank you for your time likewise. I will for sure plan on another exchange on my future visits to Las Vegas.

baxter123 Highly Recommended
North Hampton, New Hampshire, United States
Baxter123 and I had the opportunity to connect for massage while he was visiting the area. Communication between the two of us was very good leading up to the exchange.

Prior to our starting the massage, conversation was easy to establish and pleasant. It was also easy to quickly and naturally establish a safe-feeling and comfortable environment during the exchange.

Baxter123 provided a very pleasant massage. He often used booth hands at the same time to massage my body. While he was able to cover a lot more area at one time by doing so, the symmetry created by using both hands and softness of his hands provided a wonderful sensation. In addition, his use of soft touch over the entire body made it easy to enter into a state of bliss. Lastly, the time he spent on me never felt hurried nor did he ever seem non-committed to providing a good massage. Thank you again Baxter123 for a most enjoyable massage and exchange. It is hoped that you too enjoyed the massage that you received for I enjoyed providing one to you. For sure it is hoped that we will do another exchange your next visit to the area.

For any of you giving thought to connecting with Baxter123 for an exchange, I would highly recommend you doing so.

Reviewed by cdune, 2017-06-21 [ID 16653:P]

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Emem and I recently met for a massage while he was visiting for work. He arrived on time and I found him to be very easy to talk to. I worked on him first and we continued to chat a bit. I found him responsive and easy to work on. When it came for my turn, he asked about any problem areas and addressed them during the massage. His massage is mostly medium pressure with some stretching added for additional relaxation. Overall, it was a very good experience and I would gladly exchange again.
Reviewed by Gambit39, 2017-06-21 [ID 16652:P]

Goldenjmb Highly Recommended
El Cerrito, California, United States
right when we met, I got a good vibe from her. She came to my office where I gave her a massage. She seemed more than pleased with my performance. It actually put her to sleep for a bit. When she woke up she said it was amazing! Then she rubbed me for a bit, it was too was nice. Then she left. All around good experience. Cool girl. Would do it again.
Reviewed by Bobby925, 2017-06-21 [ID 16651:P]

Los Angeles, California, United States
I was in Encino area on business and sought a Massage Exchange in the area. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Gambit39 for an exchange. It was a very nice meeting, he rendered a great massage, he was very attentive to my requests. His studio was very clean, lit with candles, and his table was up and at the ready. Gambit39 is in excellent shape, and he is an athlete who takes care of and pride in his body. I will keep Gambit39 in my contracts for my next trip to the L.A. area.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-06-20 [ID 16650:P]

Sarge1 Satisfactory
, England, United Kingdom
After few emails contact finally Met This Very Friendly polite with enthusiastic outgoing personality , Caring great hands and sensitive touch . Variety of approches that explained readily demonstrated and apply according to my preferences. A Very Satisfying Ending and Easily recommanded ....Thanks !
P.s > Looking forward to an another session :) .
Reviewed by Fleur, 2017-06-20 [ID 16649:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
I had to return to the Long Beach area for business, so I immediately contacted LbBreathe for another Massage Exchange. Well he didn't disappoint, again. He was amazing. Once, again, he hosted in his studio, which was very well appointed with candles and music and a very zen, private atmosphere. He was very present during the exchange, very mindful, respectful, thorough. LbBreathe has the natural insight and talent of a very experienced massage therapist. He is a very nice man. I will definitely keep LbBreathe on my list of contacts and will reach out to him on future trips to Long Beach. Shame on you if you don't schedule an exchange with this fine, in shape, gentleman.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-06-20 [ID 14558:P]

gr8touch Highly Recommended
Paddington, New South Wales, Australia
Had a fantastic massage, gr8touch has a fantastic technique - highly recommended
Reviewed by walkinga, 2017-06-20 [ID 16648:P]

LNDNm4m Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
LNDNm4m is a very attentive and intuitive masseur. For someone who hasn't had any training, he also very skilled and above all, he is keen to improve his massage skills. It was a real pleasure to meet him.
Reviewed by ndn, 2017-06-20 [ID 16647:P]

ndn Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Finding time to exchange has been a real problem for me of late. How great it was then, when I could finally meet, to have an exchange with someone so remarkable.

As well as being very hospitable, his facilities are way better than you might find in many a massage room. His techniques were unique - remarkable, engaging, instructive, enjoyable. There is no doubt he is widely experienced, his every stroke in some way both an execution in itself, but also a preparation for the next move.

As someone looking to learn more about massage, I was thrilled by the sheer number of moves and techniques that I had never previously encountered. This was like attending a master class.

I can only hope that my own paltry efforts were not too off putting, as I VERY much hope to have an opportunity to exchange again.
Reviewed by LNDNm4m, 2017-06-20 [ID 16646:P]

London Borough of Southwark, England, United Kingdom
I met Fleur, she is a charming lady who is bright and likes to know what is going on in the world. She is interesting and interested, she has a nice sense of humour and it was a pleasure to start getting to know her over drinks. After we had a general chat about life, politics, etc. we talked about her therapeutic needs.
I then spent c90 minutes addressing her needs, making sure the pressure was correct and generally making her comfortable.
There was no need to rush, so afterwards, we spent some time chatting over another drink. The feedback both during and after the massage was very flattering and I for one would be delighted to meet up again.
Reviewed by Sarge1, 2017-06-20 [ID 16645:P]

hk Highly Recommended
Culver City, California, United States
Last week I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with HK. I had checked out his prior reviews and was encouraged when he responded. We were able to schedule within a day or two and I am happy we did. HK has a great technique and thorough understanding of the art of massage. He was personable, and helped put me at ease, considering I had not done a massage in several years. HK was encouraging and supportive. He gave me a great massage and I hope I was able to give him at least a decent one. In addition we live relatively close, so I look forward to future exchanges with him.
Reviewed by Remmy389, 2017-06-20 [ID 16644:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the pleasure of a massage exchange with Massagaholic7 at his own place,
It was a great experience, he is very nice person, has a good massage table and is very talented.
Massagaholic7 made the experience one to remember, he used a range of strokes, applied deep pressure, checking throughout that I was comfortable. I learned a lot from this exchange and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Reviewed by Londontantra, 2017-06-20 [ID 16643:P]

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