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Jock355 Highly Recommended
New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Jock355 came over today for a massage exchange. He has a great intuitive mastery of massage techniques that left me feeling relaxed and, at the same time, invigorated. I must add that it was a pleasure to meet such a gentleman, who is warm and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by relaxguy, 2018-01-21 [ID 17863:P]

Bowtow Highly Recommended
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
I met Bowtow at his address and we exchanged a very nice massage. Bowtow has a room set up with a massage table and the room which was warm and welcoming. He gave an extraordinary good and professional massage and I felt safe at all times.

I recommend him highly and would be happy to swap again.
Reviewed by peeveedee, 2018-01-21 [ID 17862:P]

Emanuel1989 Recommended
Fareham, England, United Kingdom
Emanuel1989 is a fit and confident man who clearly revels in his new interest of massage. He learns quickly and is a willing giver and receiver of enjoyable and effective touch. He has quite a lot to learn about the technicalities of massage, but I am confident that he will do so quite quickly; he already has the attention, observation, and empathy that are so important to a good massage.
I hope lots of you will offer to swap to assist this progress - I think that he would benefit from 3-way swaps where he can see, mimic, and receive different massage movements. I certainly want to swap with Emanuel again.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2018-01-21 [ID 17861:P]

trickyfingers Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
You guys missing out very good Massage
Reviewed by Turkishguy, 2018-01-21 [ID 17860:P]

pinoko Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met Pinoko this evening and it was a pleasure. He prepared a room nicely warm and ready for a massage, with table, towel and oil. His hands were warm which was very nice. I massaged first then we swapped. His massage strokes were confident.
Reviewed by UKlouis, 2018-01-20 [ID 17859:P]

ShutterBug Highly Recommended
Port St Lucie, Florida, United States
I recently had a massage exchange with ShutterBug. He is a very friendly man who is open to discussing his massage experience . He is down to earth, welcoming and honest. I thoroughly enjoyed my massage exchange with Shutter Bug. He made me feel comfortable and I learned a lot from him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is interested in massage and learning new techniques .
Reviewed by nefm2020, 2018-01-20 [ID 17858:P]

london2015 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Really friendly guy. Easy to talk to.
Said still learning massage so offered to teach him a few strokes - which he picked up easily & made an effort to use them
Firm strong hands. Good exchange
Looking forward to next time London2015
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2018-01-20 [ID 17857:P]

mattyman Highly Recommended
Melville, Western Australia, Australia
Mattyman is a very friendly and welcoming person who makes you feel readily at ease.
His massage uses long, flowing and unhurried stokes that are influenced by his Body Electric experience.
The massage was both relaxing and invigorating, leaving you "blissed out" at the end of the massage. I look forward to repeat massages with Mattyman
Reviewed by massagemagicperth, 2018-01-19 [ID 17856:P]

trailrunner Highly Recommended
North Aurora, Illinois, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with trailrunner for the first time today. What a great guy! Our time together was very fluid with none of the typical awkward moments. He's playful and open and has great massage techniques--better than mine. I really enjoyed our experience and look forward to the next time. Do yourself a favor and invite him over.
Reviewed by lovingtouchformen, 2018-01-19 [ID 17855:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
What a great experience of massage exchange with fullbody4u today, I read so many people writing so good about his massage techniques, but enjoyed them today, definitely going to meet again, I don't have the words to explain how friendly he is, made me feel so relaxed, and when he massaged my shoulder which was hurting bad,it's so much better now, I will recommend everyone to experience what I had today
Best wishes
Reviewed by Falcon1, 2018-01-19 [ID 17854:P]

tdotbabyface Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have had a great session with tdotbabyface, he is really good and very nice and gentleman. I couldn't believe how good he is as he was saying, I am the very first time he met on this site. I highly recommend him and very professional in every way. Very gentleman. Thank you so much! looking forward to our next session.
Reviewed by Ollakiss92, 2018-01-19 [ID 17853:P]

Reply from tdotbabyface of 2018-01-19
Thank you ollakiss92. I am looking forward to exchanging with you again!

Falcon1 Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Met today with Falcon1 for an exchange, his first since joining the site. A really lovely man who had exceptional massage skills from previous training. It was a pleasure to meet up at my home and benefit from what I can only describe as a fabulous massage. I can highly recommend Falcon1 to other's on the site and we are already talking about meeting again. Thank you so much.
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2018-01-19 [ID 17852:P]

malemasseur Highly Recommended
Silloth, Cumbria, United Kingdom
Had a naturist massage for this great guy. Excellent session, it was a while back but I need to book again, very soon. He has a great body and lovely technique. I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks.
Reviewed by aberdeenfun76, 2018-01-19 [ID 17851:P]

HandsofHara Highly Recommended
Dawlish, England, United Kingdom
I had a fabulous massage from this man. He was very intuative to my needs and his hands and fingers were a delight to have exploring my aching stiff muscles. A fantastic host with beautiful home. Was very friendly and made me very welcome. After a blisful couple of hours i left feeling revived, relaxed and very satisfied. Highly recomended, do not miss an opportuntity to enjoy his magic hands.
Reviewed by Daviduk4, 2018-01-19 [ID 17850:P]

Shannemillie95 Highly Recommended
Clyde North, Victoria, Australia
It was a pleasure meeting Shannemillie95 for a practice session. Scheduling a session was very easy and she arrived to the agreed venue on time. Shannemillie95 was very courteous, respectful and felt at ease from the beginning of the session. The session lasted almost 2.5 hours and it was a very enjoyable experience for me. I look forward to meeting her again when the opportunity arises.
Reviewed by viperr, 2018-01-18 [ID 17849:P]

treacle999 Highly Recommended
Bolton, England, United Kingdom
After exchanging many chats,we hosted our first ever massage evening. Paul arrived on time and we chatted away before embarking with the massage. Paul put us at ease. He is very polite,respectful and most important a superb masseur. We have arranged a second meet with Paul. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by BGrosslancs, 2018-01-18 [ID 17848:P]

Rayforrelaxation Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met this gentleman last week for an exchange at my apartment and our exchange it was amazing. He is a caring man, with manners, delicate in his behavior, and his touch will make you feel out of this world...
We had a little chat before the session and decided to massage him first. When he began massaging me I felt his massage and sensual touch was taking you too different levels of relaxation and pleasure. Is the exact delicate, soft, caring touch a woman would dream of to be receiving from a man! The connection was strong and after the session ended the energy was positive, relaxed and happy. Thank you Ray for the wonderful time and I would love to see you again soon. xx
I highly recommend him to any lady she wants to be pampered, massaged sensually and cared for while feeling safe ...
Reviewed by eva, 2018-01-18 [ID 17847:P]

Massagebudluvr Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
I had a business trip planned for the Dallas area, and posted my travel dates on my profile. I received a notice that Massagebudlluvr might be interested in meeting up for an exchange. We started emailing back and forth and finally agreed to meet up at my host hotel. We had a great massage exchange. I "warned" him that we would get into some basic partner yoga poses as part of my massage. We did, and he seemed to really enjoy the added stretching etc that he experienced from my massage. His massage on the other hand was very good, thorough, relaxing, and productive in my reduction of my work stress. It was a great exchange and I recommend you meet up with Massagebudluver for a great exchange.
Reviewed by Emem, 2018-01-17 [ID 17846:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I had the PLEASURE of exchanging with armand today. I mean that literally - what a great exchange. He is a pleasant person, charming, a good conversationalist and he gave me an EXCELLENT massage. One of the best massages I've ever experienced. We spoke of trading in the future and I certainly hope that we are able to do so. This was a last minute situation and I am thrilled that I was able to change my plans to accommodate our sessions. If you have the opportunity to trade with armand - by all means do it.
Reviewed by ShutterBug, 2018-01-17 [ID 17845:P]

BGrosslancs Highly Recommended
Rawtenstall, England, United Kingdom
B&G and I messaged and agreed we might like to meet and then chatted on line to get to understand how the massage would best work.

We agreed for me to visit and enjoy a massage. Upon arriving in their lovely home we had a relaxed chat to get to know each other better and put everyone at ease.

We then went to the massage room and I initially massaged B giving him a thorough 30 minute massage and as I was nearly finished G joined in and we gave him a final ten minutes of a relaxing 4 handed massage. Next I gave G an extended massage which was really great and again after about 30 minutes of me massaging her, B joined in and we gave G a ten minute 4 handed massage.

After this G gave me an amazing massage which was really sensual and relaxing and incorporated some really great techniques. And again we finished with G and B giving me a final 10 minute 4 handed massage.

Afterwards we all had showers and went through to the lounge with a drink and had a relaxing conversation.

Overall a brilliant massage session with 2 lovely people.

Reviewed by treacle999, 2018-01-17 [ID 17844:P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
I met LM55 at his lovely home on a Sunday. A thoughtfully laid out massage room and table was ready. I was able to shower.LM 55 was nice, social and we proceeded onto our swap.
I started first anf then we swapped half way. A very goid technique with tgecright amount of pressure. Very attentive to my neefs and throughly revommended.
Reviewed by LM2U, 2018-01-17 [ID 17843:P]

byron76mi Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was waiting to met Byron at the reception. When he turns up with chocolate and drinks, nice hair, got a charming smile and well spoken...

To be honest, Byron was nervous not knowing where to start with me, he siting on my lowered back and focused straight away to my shoulders the pressure of his thumbs were very good then he started to use his elbows, I felt pains on my shoulders. He asks me, Where else do I want to massage. (I did said before he started the session, I thinks Byron still nervous and forgot) He moves to my waist he found a knot there, the pressed were excellent, Byron quickly massages my thighs all the way down to my feet with two hands, left my back cold without covered. Byron massages opposites way all my blood circulation went down to my feet I feels really cold, I asks Byron to stop. Byron covered me and massage my back to warm me up.

If Byron keen on massage needs to practice more will be perfect.

Highly recommend !
Reviewed by Freesia, 2018-01-17 [ID 17832:P]

denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Today I met with Den and spent a very enjoyable afternoon in his company. I'd first spoken with Den online a few years ago and it was a recent contact that prompted me to join the site. Den has always seemed to be the perfect gent and this proved to be the case finally meeting.

I arrived a little early but was welcomed in to his lovely home and met with his partner where we chatted for a while. I think we all felt very at ease the whole time. Shortly Den showed me upstairs to the "massage room" which was lovely and warm and very nice. The massage table was all prepared and I undressed and got onto to the table in anticipation. I wasn't disappointed.

Starting with my back, Den commenced massaging my back, neck and arms, while soothing music played and scented candle burning. I was very relaxed and enjoying the touch as Dens rubbed with his finger tips and palms like an expert. Next was an enjoyable massage of my calf's and thighs with strong short and long strokes with legs maneuvered into varying positions. You could tell that Den has made good use of his training.

Massage then commenced laying on my back with a wonderful array of soft touch and deep massage. Using a similar pattern as before, Den started on my top, working down to my toes, before finishing with a soothing facial massage which was so relaxing it was difficult to stay awake!

I'd seen in many of Dens other reviews that he often only gives massage and not exchange, but by the end of the massage we'd agreed we should do again and let me complete my exchange which I am looking forward to....... with a little guidance I hope!

I left knowing I'd met a true gent and a very nice guy and hope we can exchange again soon in the future. I know I cant compete with Den's .... but maybe in time I can pick up enough to be a worthy experience.

Thank you again....
Reviewed by hihosilver, 2018-01-17 [ID 17842:P]

hihosilver Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
hihosilver Is fairly new to the site but I would definitely recommend him to everyone on MassageExchange. He's such an easy-to-get-along-with guy. We decided that I'd massage him first and that he'd reciprocate at a later date...so that I can teach him some of my skills. He arrived on time and I knew immediately that we'd get on well. It was a really pleasant afternoon - good chats and a good massage session -.and I look forward to his next visit.
Reviewed by denkent, 2018-01-17 [ID 17841:P]

Emem Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Some times things happen for reasons that don't seem to make any sense and you are left to wonder why they happen. Last year, 2017, the same period of January, Emem contact me do to an exchange in a city we were both to be in however our dates didn't match right. Plus we live in different cities, so an exchange wasn't possible. Maybe down the road we may have chance to exchange. We did agree to keep in touch and he did.

Now fast forward to end of 2017 and turns out he would be in Dallas. and I was not going to be out of town either. We communicated over the next week or so and we set a date. Even with airline problems he encountered, the wait of nearly one year to the date, was well worth it.

Emem is the very reason that I enjoy this website for the opportunity to meet and appreciate individuals that truely enjoy giving of themselves and skills. He has a warm personality and was concern that his flight issues had not set our meeting and exchange well. I assured him, it wasn't the case. After a small period of revisiting topics we'd emailed about before, we set on our exchange.

The warm personality that I felt meeting him was evident as he started his massage .His touch was warm and pleasing, firm stokes when it needed to be and never felt rushed. He asked questions to insure I was comfortable and as the massage continued he seem intuitive of my needs. What I felt was complete relaxation and stress free when we ended our exchange. The connection at the end was of chemistry that I've only felt with few individuals after an exchange.

Emem would be one individual that if we lived in the same city, it would be at least a month exchange. Tops and 5 stars!
Reviewed by doneright, 2018-01-17 [ID 17840:P]

Reply from Emem of 2018-01-17
You are the real deal Doneright. Thank you for the flattering review. I will keep your contact info tucked away for another future massage exchange. With us both traveling the country, that meet up will most definitely happen again. And for that, I am grateful that we have crossed paths and exchanged massages, and will consider you a friend. Till next time.

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