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Dantie46 Poor
Plymouth, England, United Kingdom
I did meet Dantie for more than 5 seconds, before he left without saying a word. Got a short text saying "sorry I do not do big guys?)
Reviewed by Leighan 2021-07-30 [ID 24961:P]

NTSBrighton Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
I had a swap with NTSBrighton a few weeks ago. He hosted the exchange. Lovely polite guy and we had a nice chat together. The room was set up in advance with nice relaxing music. He gave a great massage with varying strokes, some long relaxing and others deeper ones. Nice body to work on. I would recommend. Hopefully we can swap again.
Reviewed by HSD100 2021-07-30 [ID 24960:P]

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Ca524, is a good soft-spoken man who I just had the privilege to have met and exchanged massage. Ca524 massages from the heart, a rarity that is hard to find in a therapist. It would be great to exchange again with Ca524. I highly recommend Ca524 for your next exchange.
Reviewed by jazzme 2021-07-29 [ID 24959:P]

jazzme Highly Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
Jazzme is a lovely easy-going guy. We did exchange already several times & developed a nice connection. Good strong hands, we did one too and 4 hands as well. A real pleasure to work with him. Hopefully will last for many years to come
Reviewed by obrian18 2021-07-29 [ID 24958:P]

jazzme Highly Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
He said right away he wasn’t a pro, but he honestly did a great job. Sincerely. Very nice and laid back guy and I’d recommend him for a trade!
Reviewed by Ca524 2021-07-29 [ID 24957:P]

Msekim Highly Recommended
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States of America
Msekim came to me to give me a great massage. Even though he was delayed by traffic he arrived in a pleasant mood and remained pleasant throughout our experience. He gave me a very thorough massage which I really enjoyed. He communicated well which is a nicw change from many of the members here.
I definitely recommend that you schedule a massage with him if you can.
Reviewed by artg 2021-07-29 [ID 24956:P]

YesaMassage Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I hosted a massage trade with YesaMassage. Communication with him to arrange our session was easy and fuss-free. He delivered a strong competent massage and has a lean compact physique on which to practice. He is a friendly chap who I would happily trade with again.
Reviewed by vinlon 2021-07-28 [ID 24955:P]

Carl5 Highly Recommended
Bloomington, Illinois, United States
Carl5 and I had been sharing our thoughts and philosophies for over a year and meeting up was a priceless exchange. We both have a passion for reflexology within massage. Time just disappeared as we just each enjoyed each other’s style and company. I appreciated his wealth of expertise from his reflexology practice. THE hands on learning was a fantastic experience for me. My body couldn’t possibly get enough. Looking forward to my next encounter with his great touch and intuition. I am honored to know Carl5.
Reviewed by threerivers 2021-07-28 [ID 24953:P]

northshore56 Recommended
Beverly, Massachusetts, United States of America
Northshore56 and I had a meet and greet to get acquainted and scheduled an exchange shortly afterward. He is eager to practice the techniques he has learned and offers a
relaxing massage. He asks for and gives a lot of feedback and that helps make the experience enjoyable all around. I am glad he reached out!
Reviewed by sixone 2021-07-28 [ID 24954:P]

Reply from northshore56 of 2021-07-28
Thank you for the exchange and your kind words. The 2 exchanges we've had have been great! I also appreciate learning new techniques from you.

Rejuvcar Highly Recommended
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi, United States of America
Most amazing erotic massage I have ever had!!!
Reviewed by Specialk2122 2021-07-28 [ID 24952:P]

fourhands Highly Recommended
Sutton, England, United Kingdom
I met fourhands recently after arranging a meet at short notice. I immediately felt at ease. They are a warm, friendly, and very sensual naturist couple, and both have a slow, patient approach to their massages. We had briefly discussed boundaries prior to meeting and so just confirmed how we would work before we started. Despite their name we all agreed that we each preferred a two handed massage that afternoon. Everything was set up ready in their lovely home including warm oil. So ladies first. She clearly enjoys a very light touch and is very responsive. He wanted some therapeutic work as well as more sensual so it was a slightly different massage. I was then treated to a two handed massage with fourhands alternating between them and then joining together towards the end. The time flew by. In all a very pleasant afternoon, and we've agreed to meet again after holidays.
Reviewed by Underhill56 2021-07-28 [ID 24951:P]

NTSBrighton Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
The Exchange was easy to organise with NTSBrighton, he is a good communicator, great host - the room was prepared well when I arrived. Although not trained formally he used a variety of strokes that he had picked up over the years, the long strokes were well executed. he has a lean body with no fat so got maximum benefit from my strokes. Thank you for a great swop
Reviewed by IndianPalms 2021-07-27 [ID 24949:P]

Adam35 Highly Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Went to Adam's house as planned. He made me feel welcome and was very respectful in discussing what I wanted. Once all was established, Adam proceeded to massage me and gave a me a deep tissue massage. It was a wonderful experience and I have arranged to go back for more. Highly recommended 👌🏽
Reviewed by Wade36 2021-07-27 [ID 24948:P]

Reply from Adam35 of 2021-07-29
Thank you for your review and generous words. It was a pleasure finally meeting up and I enjoyed massaging you. I am glad you enjoyed & appreciated my efforts.I look forward to seeing you again soon..

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Obrian is a great guy to connect with. We’ve exchanged massages several times. He is very easy to be around, I was very comfortable under his touch and truly enjoyed all aspects of our sessions. A good man who works on my needs as his primary concern throughout the sessions. A special kind of touches that will make me fully relaxed and satisfied. I will definitely keep on exchanging massages with Obrian.
Reviewed by jazzme 2021-07-27 [ID 24947:P]

sixone Highly Recommended
Waltham, Massachusetts, United States of America
I had an exchange with sixone a couple of weeks ago. We emailed a bit first, had dinner to get to know each other and setup an exchange. We talked for a bit and then started the exchange. He is very knowledgeable and I was able to learn some new techniques from him. There was great communication between us and it turned out to be an amazing exchange. We're going to have another one today. I highly recommend sixone!
Reviewed by northshore56 2021-07-27 [ID 24946:P]

Reply from sixone of 2021-07-27
Thanks for the kind review and for sharing another relaxing exchange!

Kevtaga Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
Kev has an amazing touch. Super nice guy too and makes you feel welcome in his home.
Reviewed by MassagefeelsGood 2021-07-27 [ID 24944:P]

laughingplace2 Highly Recommended
Southlake, Texas, United States of America
I highly recommend laughingplace 2, very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Wonderful massage head to toe.
Reviewed by Mysong 2021-07-26 [ID 24943:P]

Reply from laughingplace2 of 2021-07-27
Thank you for the kind words, Mysong! I look forward to hosting your next sessions soon.

vinlon Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Vinlon gave a great massage and was an excellent host. Friendly guy who has a good set up and I hope to exchange again.
Reviewed by YesaMassage 2021-07-26 [ID 24942:P]

relaxingtouch3 Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I exchanged recently with relaxingtouch3 at a mutually agreed location. Her comms were good and I enjoyed her company- she is honest, of pleasant nature and easy to talk to. Work was done on a receive-only basis (she being the recipient), with her time being limited. I hope that next time there will be the opportunity for a full exchange.
Reviewed by Jona78 2021-07-26 [ID 24941:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
What an amazing massage exchange and what a great guy.
Massagaholic7 makes you feel welcome straight away with his friendly personality.
The massage was on a professional level… actually even better.
You can tell he has many years of experience and I felt very relaxed afterwards.
Great conversations before and after.
Highly recommended !!!
Reviewed by atlantic777 2021-07-26 [ID 24939:P]

Turquoise4 Recommended
Glendale, Arizona, United States of America
Enjoyable session with Turquoise. We chatted for a little bit to get comfortable with each other, and agreed to proceed to exchange. She received first. Nice skin, toned muscles, no noticeable tension. It was nice to work on her. When I received, turquoise4 used some nice longer strokes. Unfortunately we had to cut the session a little short. But I hope to meet again for another exchange
Reviewed by db11north 2021-07-25 [ID 24938:P]

longbone55 Highly Recommended
Coral Springs, Florida, United States
Was a great experience highly recommended
Reviewed by rocklandguy5 2021-07-25 [ID 24937:P]

threerivers Highly Recommended
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
It was incredible to finally meet Mike. We have been corresponding since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and finally found an opportunity to meet. I greatly appreciate Mike's philosophy about giving and receiving massage. He has so much knowledge to share about how to put the body into balance and is eager to learn. He was especially eager to learn about foot reflexology. His learning style enhanced my knowledge on the topic immensely. After our foot reflexology exchanges, we exchanged back and shoulder massages. Mike has incredible strength and intuition to address back pain and bring deep relaxation through breathing and therapeutic massage. Mike has tremendous character and is a wonderful conversationalist. I am honored to know Mike. So looking forward to our next conversation.
Reviewed by Carl5 2021-07-25 [ID 24936:P]

dkbost Highly Recommended
Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
I had a great exchange with dk. He was on time and ready with ideas on how he liked to be worked on. He had a very good massage plan for the client as well. We switched off on time and technique too. It was unrushed and enjoyed by us both. I would highly recomend dk. Dk is tall and solid making him easy to give deep pressure that he likes.
Reviewed by Chewey 2021-07-25 [ID 24934:P]

travelinghandsCali Highly Recommended
Arden-Arcade, California, United States of America
I had a very nice session. She has a nice warm personality and responded well to my touch. I enjoyed massaging her. After a while we switched and she massaged me also. She has a relaxing touch that had a nice level of pressure. I came away feeling quite relaxed and I think she did too. 🤗
Reviewed by Pomfritz 2021-07-25 [ID 24933:P]

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