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Whitt1230 Highly Recommended
Hurst, Texas, United States of America
Whitt1230 and I exchanged messages and got to know each other before meeting in person. He made me feel very comfortable in his abilities and knowledge but more importantly he made me feel safe. He is a wonderful host and his home is beautiful, clean, and welcoming. We had a drink and got to know each other better. He had relaxing music, a nice room with a massage table, and great massage lotion. He worked out all my knots, kinks, and tense muscles with his amazing hands. I highly recommend Whitt1230 and can't wait to see him again!
Reviewed by Supersuz76 2022-08-16 [ID 26905:P]

MedinaRelax Highly Recommended
Medina, Ohio, United States of America
MedinaRelax was hospitable and genuine. His massage style was firm and confident and he was responsive to areas that needed more attention both by intuition and by my request. He provided clear communication in email conversations beforehand and also throughout the massage exchange experience. We took advantage of his hot tub before the massage which was an extra bonus that started the relaxation process.
Reviewed by SomaticConnection 2022-08-16 [ID 26904:P]

Stevenking56 Highly Recommended
Eton, England, United Kingdom
We met earlier today and was picked up at the station. Offer of drink towel and a shower was a great welcome to his home. Felt very relaxed very quickly and was able to enjoy a long sensual massage which we had agreed would be our priority.Much pleasure and relaxation was shared. If you get to exchange then take the opportunity
Reviewed by relaxandenjoysussex 2022-08-16 [ID 26903:P]

relaxandenjoysussex Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Meet relaxandenjoysussex, He came to me by train I met him at the station and we went back to mine. We have a quick chat and a drink of water. I had prepared the room, I made sure it was warm as requested. I found relaxandenjoysussex to be a very kind considerate person. He was also very pleasant to talk to. The massage was carried out on a double bed as I do not have a table. It was a very tender and pleasant massage we swapped over several times. I must say I really enjoy the whole experience. I hope relaxandenjoysussex got as much out of it as I did. We did talk about another meet, which I hope will not be too far off. I would recommend relaxandenjoysussex to any one, Thanks for a great morning.
Reviewed by Stevenking56 2022-08-16 [ID 26902:P]

fatheroffour Highly Recommended
Marana, Arizona, United States
After communicating with fatheroffour for a while our schedules finally synced and it was well worth the wait. We met at his place that was very relaxing, did not have a table but the bed was a great alternative. Started in the shower with an intimate body scrub and continued to the bedroom with a deep tissue, sensual massage. We had a 3-hour window that worked out perfect so both of us enjoyed the process. He is a fun guy that I would highly recommend especially if you enjoy lots of body contact.
Reviewed by Kuonen 2022-08-15 [ID 26901:P]

MahwahNJ Highly Recommended
Mahwah, New Jersey, United States
Received a very thorough and relaxing massage from MahwahNJ. He is extremely clean and neat, very knowledgeable and very personable. He had the table, oils, music, candles, appropriate lighting... all ready when I arrived. He made me feel comfortable immediately upon meeting him. He is definitely the real deal. If you get the chance, by all means, set something up with this professional. He knows what he is doing and genuinely seems to enjoy sharing it!
Reviewed by discreetguy 2022-08-15 [ID 26900:P]

Schuman Highly Recommended
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Schuman did a great job during our session. Very attentive and precise with his technique.
Reviewed by TorontoMassageFan11 2022-08-15 [ID 26899:P]

Greetings123 Highly Recommended
Newtown, New South Wales, Australia
Just had a session with Greentings123, was absolutely fantastic, he is very easy going, accommodating, got great techniques and absolutely great pair of hands. He knows what he is doing. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by shak 2022-08-15 [ID 26898:P]

Travel4Life Recommended
Tempe, Arizona, United States of America
He was a perfect gentleman look forward to another session.
Reviewed by MzMilani 2022-08-15 [ID 26897:P]

greathands812 Highly Recommended
Manassas, Virginia, United States
Ohh yes! I was very relaxed. Helped that it was the end of the day for me. I almost fell asleep! Great techniques. I look forward to working with you Again!
Reviewed by Gilligan1 2022-08-15 [ID 26896:P]

Gilligan1 Highly Recommended
Front Royal, Virginia, United States of America
Great session and thank you! Your personality matched your fantastic skills. It was one of the most comfortable and relaxing sessions I’ve had. Hope to see you again.
Reviewed by greathands812 2022-08-15 [ID 26894:P]

TorontoMassageFan11 Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have once experience to exchange massage with TorontoMassageFan11,who is nice and kind.
Great experience!
Reviewed by Schuman 2022-08-15 [ID 26893:P]

Matt3 Recommended
Surrey Heath, England, United Kingdom
I recently enjoyed a relaxing exchange with Matt3. He arrived at the arranged time and was very friendly and comfortable to be with. Although he say’s in his profile that he is “Receive only” he was very happy to give me a massage too which was very relaxing .
I think with some practice Matt3 will be a very natural masseur.
Reviewed by SELondon 2022-08-15 [ID 26892:P]

Reply from Matt3 of 2022-08-15
Thank you for the review, I really enjoyed our exchange and hoping for a repeat in the future. I couldn’t believe how long we spent enjoying one another and I did really enjoy myself.

Xy002 Highly Recommended
Durham, North Carolina, United States of America
Xy002 is an excellent gent to experience. He takes his time and tries to ensure a great experience is had by all. If you get the opportunity, try him out. You’ll be glad you did.
Reviewed by firmtouchtoronto 2022-08-14 [ID 26891:P]

knotsnall Recommended
Cork, County Cork, Ireland
I met Knotsnall at his hotel. On our first exchange he was new to massaging others but he picked up the basic strokes very quickly and gave a good competent massage. He is a very pleasant, honest guy who made me feel comfortable. With each session, after some guidance, his technique and confidence really improved. I fully recommend him.
Reviewed by Antoin1806 2022-08-14 [ID 26890:P]

Bright260 Recommended
West Midlands Combined Authority, England, United Kingdom
Met Bright260 today for a massage. She requested a full body sports massage with receive only. I was happy to oblige, we were both undraped due to the heat. She has several areas of tension and hopefully I helped work some the tension out. She seemed happy at the end of the session. Hope to meet again soon.
Reviewed by Natsoap 2022-08-14 [ID 26888:P]

guytoguy Highly Recommended
Bollington, England, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet up with guytoguy and give him a massage. He's a nice, friendly guy and has a good body to practice your skills on.
He provided feedback on the various styles of massage that I used and we had a good conversation during the session. Would happily meet up again.
Reviewed by Arctic7 2022-08-14 [ID 26887:P]

firmtouchtoronto Highly Recommended
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States of America
firmtouchtoronto is a fantastic guy, great hands, enjoyable technique and always satisfies. If you can get on his busy schedule, take full advantage of it and have a happy time. Met him in Raleigh.

Nice place, nice man, nice action and nice time was had.
Reviewed by Xy002 2022-08-13 [ID 26886:P]

Antoin1806 Highly Recommended
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Met with Antoin a few times now. Complete professional on each occasion. Very knowledgeable on various techniques. 100% will put you at ease, a true gentleman, very respectful and I highly recommend to anyone who may be nervous to begin with. I had met a few others from here before Antoin but had never felt as comfortable or relaxed before. He's a real honest genuine man
Reviewed by knotsnall 2022-08-13 [ID 26885:P]

Reply from Antoin1806 of 2022-08-14
I met Knotsnall at his hotel. On our first exchange he was new to massaging others but he picked up the basic strokes very quickly and gave a good competent massage. He is a very pleasant, honest guy who made me feel comfortable. With each session, after some guidance, his technique and confidence really improved. I fully recommend him.

NiceandThick Recommended
Columbia, Maryland, United States of America
I enjoyed my massage. Relaxing environment. Great pressure. Would recommend and come again!
Reviewed by dcoach 2022-08-13 [ID 26884:P]

Max5001 Highly Recommended
Bedford, England, United Kingdom
Omg, Max is passionate! We had several chats over the phone and messages before we finally met.
He is an outspoken man and very caring. He ensured I was at ease, bought different refreshments to keep us hydrated during this sweltering weather and had a selection of massage oils.

He is friendly, charming, easy to talk to and delivers a fantastic massage! Just go and relax!
Reviewed by Aless 2022-08-13 [ID 26882:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Had a great session with obrian18! His intuitive approach found all the knots that needed some extra work and knows the body very well. I recommend having an exchange with this very pleasant guy and I look forward to exchanging with him again.
Reviewed by 4Birch0 2022-08-12 [ID 26881:P]

Rosita2018 Highly Recommended
Lake Cowichan, British Columbia, Canada
I had the most amazing experience with Rose in her quaint cabin in the woods. She was a gracious host, has a very sturdy table and all the supplies you would only expect in a spa. I am looking forward to meeting with Rose again. I had the most sensual massage experience possible.
Reviewed by relaxationmassage 2022-08-12 [ID 26880:P]

Shybutcurious Highly Recommended
Somerset, England, United Kingdom
After initial contact through the site email, I met SBC for a coffee and a chat about massage, exchanging, previous experiences and expectations etc. This meeting, and wide ranging and open discussion, just reinforced my initial impressions of SBC that she is an intelligent, open and honest woman and I was looking forward to our first massage session.
Luckily we had an opportunity to meet again for a massage. I had initially intended that this would be a ‘receive only’ massage for SBC. It was a joy to massage her, to see her enjoyment and receive positive feedback (verbal and non verbal) for my massage. SBC had previously mentioned that she was going to have some massage tuition, and I was pleasantly surprised when she asked if she could try her hand at massaging me. Although she hadn’t yet had any tuition, her massage and touch was confident and intuitive. I could feel her pleasure at giving touch and it was clear that she was trying to really feel and ‘understand’ my skin and it’s connection with the underlying structures of muscle and bone. SBC has an innate ability to use conscious touch that rivals that of some professional therapists I have worked with. It bodes well for her ‘massage journey’.
I’m hoping that I will be lucky enough to have more exchanges and massages with her as her busy lifestyle allows.
Reviewed by Touchofhuna 2022-08-12 [ID 26879:P]

AngelsTouch Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
The session I received was so blissful that I kept dozing off. Angels touch's session left me feeling so relaxed and grounded. I highly recommend him to everyone.
Reviewed by KK136 2022-08-12 [ID 26878:P]

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