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Ronl12 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
I was fortunate to get a massage from Ronl12. I was in bliss. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Atxguy01, 2019-10-16 [ID 22207:P]

enjoytouch4868 Highly Recommended
Beaumont, California, United States
4868's husband met me at the door and welcomed me to their home. They live in a gated community and I had gone to the wrong, unmanned gate, but it all worked out. 4868 appeared in a fetching bathrobe and showed me into the massage room. Her table was set up nicely with lots of room to maneuver She is receive-only. I began by asking if she had any problem areas, like joints to avoid, but no issues. I started with a scalp massage, after making sure she didn't mind if her hair got messed up, and then went on to feet, back, and so on. She was a cooperative and grateful massage enthusiast. When we were finished her husband made sure I had water and they sent me on my way; I'm hopeful of a return engagement down the road.
Reviewed by tennisnut, 2019-10-16 [ID 22206:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Met Kingstonguy, great massage mixture techniques. Welcoming, Genuine, Articulate and Clear communication. Taught me some new massage techniques. Nice physique to massage.
Reviewed by Gymwresguy, 2019-10-16 [ID 22205:P]

peterblue Highly Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
A man who knows exactly what is required in massage and who's hands deliver a first class service. I was most impressed.
Reviewed by Northsomersetguy, 2019-10-16 [ID 22204:P]

jbridge2013 Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Jbridge2013 ,a awesome gentleman to meet ,when came over for the massage he was little nervous,but I worked on trying to make him at ease , I ask a couple of questions so I could achieve his desire for the best massage for him that day,he gave great feed back during the massage ,a complete gentleman and a wonderful person to meet ,look forward to give massage again
Reviewed by Lovinmassage4now, 2019-10-15 [ID 22203:P]

Florida45 Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Had a great massage exchange with Florida45. Would definitely meet again when he is in town. He showed up when he said he would and helped me inaugurate my new table. He also gave a great massage and gave me good advice on how to improve my massage.All around great experience.
Reviewed by PatrickDelray, 2019-10-15 [ID 22202:P]

gruk Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met up with gruk for a great relaxing sensual massage exchange which we arranged without any hassle. He he is really lovely friendly young guy and I can recommend him.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2019-10-15 [ID 22201:P]

iwant2relaxu Recommended
Woodland, California, United States
I finally was able to meet up with Iwant2relaxu at his location. Iwant2relaxu had a massage table, sheet, two different kinds of oils, soft music playing and water available for me.

Iwant2relaxu is very thoughtful, patient, mild mannered, an awesome communicator with a nice warm smile. Iwant2relaxu was a perfect gentleman in giving me a scalp and therapeutic massage. Iwant2relaxu wanted to relax me and he accomplished that goal.
Reviewed by KhoolMomma, 2019-10-15 [ID 22200:P]

PatrickDelray Highly Recommended
Delray Beach, Florida, United States
What an incredible massage from Patrick. Better then many pro massage I have had. He is so good. Worked on every spot that needed attention. My neck, back and calves where completely relaxed and never felt better. He should be out there giving pro massages. I would so enjoy another exchange with Patrick. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Florida45, 2019-10-15 [ID 22199:P]

RobGarden Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Had a wonderful exchange with RobGarden. Nice and relaxed the entire time exchanging our massages. Good pressure was used and he would be someone I highly recommend. Too bad I was visiting, he would be a great regular exchange for sure.
Reviewed by Florida45, 2019-10-15 [ID 22198:P]

paristexas Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
paristexas and I arranged an exchange fairly swiftly after making contact. He arrives promptly and brought with him some scented candles and lavendar massage oil, nice and kindly touches. We swapped half-way through. paristexas combines gentle and slightly stronger pressure strokes, with a mix of longer and shorter one. He had an excellent touch with the neck and head, which was a new one on me. A thorough and unhurried massage that left me totally relaxed. He had a toned physique which provided excellent practice for my somewhat rusty hands, as I hadn't exchange in a while. A courteous and sensitive practitioner who I hope I will have the chance to exchange with again.
Reviewed by Brushwork, 2019-10-15 [ID 22197:P]

RobTheRub Highly Recommended
Street, England, United Kingdom
Very nice welcome and chat before my massage. My body warmed to his touch and reacted well towards the end. I plan to visit again
Reviewed by ME219912, 2019-10-15 [ID 22196:P]

Pokey Highly Recommended
Marion, Indiana, United States
I had posted an upcoming business trip to the greater Indianapolis area and immediately received an email from Pokey. We just met up and I am here to render him a 5 star rating. Pokey is a very nice gentleman, very sincere, in great shape, and it was a pleasure to give him a massage. He was very responsive, gave great feedback,and reciprocated with an awesome massage as well. Pokey had noted on my profile that I am a big yogi, and enjoy partner yoga. We managed to get in some good partner poses and he benefited from the hip openers, lower back stretches, and chest openers. I think I may have converted him to do more yoga on his own. Pokey is deserving of 5 stars and I suggest you don't pass up an opportunity to exchange with him.
Reviewed by massguynola, 2019-10-14 [ID 22195:P]

krt Highly Recommended
West Chester Township, Ohio, United States
I had the pleasure of exchanging with Krt recently. It was a very relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Krt was a true professional and very easy to talk to. His pressure was perfect and techniques were great. We’ve got our next exchange already in the works. I’m looking forward to monthly exchanges with him.
Reviewed by MassageWest, 2019-10-14 [ID 22194:P]

threerivers Highly Recommended
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Three rivers has a strong and precise technique. There is personality, genuine warmth, and a particular trait of good character.
I felt safe and secure with his approach. I highly recommend three rivers and am looking very much forward to our next share.

Reviewed by Massageexchange1959, 2019-10-14 [ID 22193:P]

Gymwresguy Highly Recommended
Richmond, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Gymwresguy from a great massage exchange. He has a tall muscular mainly smooth body which is a pleasure to massage and gives an excellent and thorough massage in exchange. I look forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2019-10-14 [ID 22192:P]

Reply from Gymwresguy of 2019-10-16
Thanks a lot . great exchange perfect host

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Surbiton, England, United Kingdom
Very therapeutic!
Thank you Pedalpusher,feel revived, really worked on the muscles.Body feels mended.
Reviewed by TouchbyTouch, 2019-10-14 [ID 22191:P]

Aesthir Highly Recommended
London Borough of Ealing, United Kingdom
I’m writing this feeling like a very ripe banana, ie very soft. Just had a great swap with Aesthir. He has recently qualified but has been massaging for years. 5 stars well deserved as a Bodywork Professional! I particularly enjoyed his attention to arms; an area I guess I have overlooked until now. I’ve never had such a good massage on my arms. I will try and put what I learnt into my own routines. Great swap!
Reviewed by paul123cuenta, 2019-10-14 [ID 22181:P]

HAK Recommended
Croydon, Surrey, United Kingdom
Hak made me feel reassured and relaxed, repeatedly asked if I was okay and comfortable. The massage was enjoyable.
Reviewed by Scarlett, 2019-10-14 [ID 22190:P]

TouchbyTouch Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
TouchbyTouch is enthusiastic about massage, both giving and receiving. He is keen to give a good massage, and this comes through in his touch. firm and slow strokes,also lot stretching what I need. How it should be and just as I like. I really enjoyed the swap
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2019-10-14 [ID 22189:P]

Freeyourbody Recommended
Camarillo, California, United States
He was polite and cordial and made myself and my partner very relaxed and comfortable
Reviewed by Stevekt, 2019-10-13 [ID 22188:P]

Kenbroadway Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States

Kenbroadway is a very gentle and kind person with a fantastic massage technique. He has been trained in the art of massage which is clearly evident in his massage style. Using a massage table, he created a great environment with scented candles and relaxing music which quickly made me feel at ease, making the entire session a wonderful experience. I strongly recommend him to others looking for a relaxing experience.
Reviewed by departures14, 2019-10-13 [ID 22187:P]

LightAtNight Recommended
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Lots of passion about massage. Very respectful, and willing to learn.
Reviewed by Noggerz, 2019-10-13 [ID 22186:P]

amk87 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
From the outset amk87 was very easy to communicate with and we were able to plan an exchange shortly thereafter. Whilst I had been upfront and said I may not be able reciprocate to the same standard, he didn’t seemed too concerned and actually complimented me on some of my own techniques. His reviews are spot on: he is truly talented and was so attentive to my needs (ie upper back knots) and I could feel with every stroke that it was motivated to help and heal in such a gentle but firm way. Thank you and I would definitely be keen to exchange again.
Reviewed by Cooperewing, 2019-10-13 [ID 22185:P]

departures14 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I had a great massage trade with Departures14. He introduced me to an amazing massage oil and gave me one of the most soothing and relaxing massages I've received. Long, slow, steady strokes, and he paid lots of attention to each part of my body. I was totally blissed out and relaxed by the time he was done. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Kenbroadway, 2019-10-13 [ID 22184:P]

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