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Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
Enjoyed a very leisurely session ,very experienced & personable , felt relaxed & look fwd 2 further exchanges . Wish he lived closer .
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2017-01-19 [ID 15638:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
I have met SELondon on two occasions and I can recommend him to everyone.
He is very a very friendly and welcoming man.
He has a dedicated masssge room with a massage table.
We gave each other a massage, which was unhurried and very relaxing, both of us working on the areas that needed it the most.
Will definitely massage swap with him again.
Reviewed by deepmassageman, 2017-01-19 [ID 15637:P]

indyguy777 Highly Recommended
Perry, Indiana, United States
After coordination we met at his house and he welcome me at the door in a very comfortable setting with great music in the background. We talk for a little bit and he ask if there was certain areas he wanted him to work. First I massage him and then he massage me. His massage was outstanding and was very professional. He definitely knew how to give a great massage and made me feel very relax. We talk during the massage his pressure was great he made me feel as though we had known each other for a long time. Time was not of an essence. I look forward very much to our next massage.
Reviewed by bach, 2017-01-19 [ID 15636:P]

ME1973 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
We met with ME1973 Sunday, early evening. I was welcomed in a very nice comfortable apartment.
ME1973 set up a room, with a table, relaxing music and created a peaceful atmosphere. I was massaged first. ME1973 started by the leg which was a bit unusual for me, but the strokes where long and covering most of the body going from the foot to the head.
He has a nice gentle touch, always the right pressure, sensual at time, just the right balance. It was perfect. I enjoyed massaging him, he has a fit body.
ME1973 has been a great host and I had a blissful evening in his company.
Reviewed by LM55, 2017-01-19 [ID 15635:P]

Papa281 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Papa281 was a great person, perfect body to improbe my skills . Hes technique was great and focus on every part of my body with and impresive concentration. Awesome.
Reviewed by jobita, 2017-01-19 [ID 15634:P]

LNDNm4m Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
A really nice bloke with good massage techniques :-)
Reviewed by Silky1588, 2017-01-19 [ID 15633:P]

Silky1588 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
This is a belated review of a meeting that took place a few weeks back (apologies for my lateness!)

This host is, without doubt, one of the most charming, polite, hospitable, interesting, erudite, and welcoming people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

As a receive only, he went to great lengths to ensure the working area was well set up and relaxing.

He was clear about what areas to focus on and which to avoid, and was very receptive to my efforts.

He was extremely helpful discussing the work afterwards, and I very much look forward to having the opportunity to work with him again.

(five stars for hosting)
Reviewed by LNDNm4m, 2017-01-19 [ID 15632:P]

LNDNm4m Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a really nice massage with LNDNm4m and it was absolutely what I needed. The kind of massage was relaxing with really slow motion movements and I felt like asleep. He is a kind person and asked me what I needed more in a good professional way. I felt confotable with his touch. Will see him soon again. Thank you LNDNm4m
Reviewed by Italianguy, 2017-01-19 [ID 15631:P]

Italianguy Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was pleased to finally meet with this great host for an early morning massage.

He is very welcoming and has a wonderful massage space with excellent facilities.

Although I ran out of time to receive a massage, I thoroughly enjoyed delivering one, he was very easy to work with, very receptive, and kind enough (as a qualified therapist himself) to give some helpful advice and guidance when asked.

I look forward to another meeting with anticipation.

(rated 5 stars on his quality as a host)

Reviewed by LNDNm4m, 2017-01-19 [ID 15630:P]

eugene14 Highly Recommended
Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Met Eugene14 at his lovely cosy flat this afternoon and we talked about his massage skills and how he achieved them ! I was very impressed by his combination of Thai strokes and oily softer long effleurage strokes and kneading ! His room was air conditioned as it was sizzling outside, relaxing music to suit, I loved his massage skills, Eugene14 has a nice body to massage, he's very intuitive and his pressure was spot on, I highly recommend a swap with him as most can't host and he's a great host , thank you Eugene14 for a lovely sizzling afternoon (-;
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2017-01-19 [ID 15629:P]

MasseurIan Highly Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
I just met MasseurIan at my place and got massaged by him, I am so glad he was free and willing to come to my place this evening. He did a great job on me and I feel really good! My back didn’t feel so great when we came. But now I feel so much better I don't even feel tired to go to bed! He is a really nice guy and easy to chat with. I asked for some firmer pressure on me and he turned it up a notch and he yet he was still gentle. This guy is really good.
Reviewed by bigfoot14, 2017-01-18 [ID 15628:P]

Gentleman79 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Was nice to meet you Gentleman79
You were very patient and good model for my practice!
Thank you!
Reviewed by livalevica, 2017-01-18 [ID 15627:P]

livalevica Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Just returned from a fantastic massage with livalevica...

Liva is a friendly, polite and easy going person who was welcoming and easy to chat to. And most importantly Liva gave me a fantastic full body holistic massage, which left me a mixture of relaxed and unknotted!

Thanks Liva, happy to be your guinea pig any time :)
Reviewed by Gentleman79, 2017-01-18 [ID 15626:P]

singhmassage Highly Recommended
Roxburgh Park, Victoria, Australia
Excellent technique , room presentation immaculate , even showed me few tips as much more experience than me, look fwd 2 another exchange
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2017-01-18 [ID 15625:P]

adamfreedom Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met last night with Adam freedom and spent a wonderful couple of hours with this delightful man. His approach was positive and firm, and he was very responsive as the massage developed into a gentile sensual massage. We spent a delightful relaxed time together and look forward to sharing another massage with him.
Reviewed by ianrugby, 2017-01-18 [ID 15624:P]

diesel Highly Recommended
Tamworth, United Kingdom
Met this very nice gent today for what was a very satisfying exchange.
hope to visit again soon
Reviewed by steveo1961, 2017-01-18 [ID 15623:P]

RM20 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Fabulous! I had an amazing massage swap with RM20!! Friendly and relaxed, the perfect host. I started with a Thai Yoga massage, but received an incredible massage in return, using his entire body, especially his arms and elbows he found tension and knots I was unaware of. Four hours of bliss and very much hope to meet again soon!
Reviewed by AAAAmassage, 2017-01-18 [ID 15622:P]

ianrugby Recommended
Oxted, England, United Kingdom
After a careful and considerate correspondence about place, time, and content, IanRugby hosted me to a massage swap. He is a charming and thoughtful companion, who was receptive and complimentary to my massage , and offered me a gentle, intimate and sensitive massage in return. He was honest and dependable throughout the process, and was also a great conversationalist, offering me a cup of tea and a friendly and humour-filled chat about life experiences. A real gentleman.
Reviewed by adamfreedom, 2017-01-18 [ID 15621:P]

steveo1961 Highly Recommended
Cannock, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Had a very pleasant exchange with Steveo
Looking for another one in the weeks to come
Reviewed by diesel, 2017-01-18 [ID 15620:P]

ig2guys Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Warm hands, warm heart! ig2guys has both in abundance, which made for a great exchange. It took quite a while to meet up, but after a couple of near misses we finally made it recently, and it was so worth the wait! I had a good idea that we might get on, from our previous attempts to meet, and arriving on a cold rainy day he opened the door with a big smile and ushered me in to his warm welcoming house. After a good old chin wag we went up to his massage room, no table, but the bed in the middle of the room so there was good access on all sides, very thoughtful. And despite his worries about lacking experience, I received a really relaxing hot bio oil massage that totally transported me. Proof that if you have a sense and an aptitude for massage, you don't need to have All the moves - he combined soft and firm strokes, a lot of effleurage, and just had a great touch. And as a bonus, he was good to work on, with a good bod and nice smooth skin! So, many thanks ig2guys, and I'm looking forward to part 2.
Reviewed by dolphindave, 2017-01-17 [ID 15619:P]

tn34biker Highly Recommended
Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom
An exchange with Jose is simply the best. I have had quite a few exchanges on this site but this was one of the finest. Picked up at the local station, a cuppa and chat on arrival and then down to the massage. I often don't enjoy massage on the floor but a thick and soft futon did the trick. Apart from being extremely skilled Jose is a very caring man. For example when I said I was a bit chilly I was swathed in towels for a few minutes and massaged through them....I soon warmed up. He was generous with his time. We swapped back and forth and suddenly over 3 hours had gone...and then the offer of a shower...and more towels!! I slept wonderfully on the journey home and still feel great. If you get the chance to visit....go. Jose sets a standard I can only hope to reach one day in the future
Reviewed by relaxandenjoysussex, 2017-01-17 [ID 15618:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
I had an excellent exchange with Kendalian3 yesterday. We had been communicating for some time and arranged to meet when I was up there on business.
She is a lovely lady and I felt immediately relaxed in her company .
She informed me she was relatively new to giving massage however she has natural talent and gives a wonderful relaxing massage.
It would be great to exchange again and its a shame I live so far away.
Highly recommended.

UPDATE; I met Kendalian3 again yesterday for another exchange which was excellent . She obviously loves massage , has gained experience and gives a wonderful relaxing unhurried massage with a variety of strokes.
The environment was perfect with relaxing music ,candlelight and warm oil !
What a great way to spend a gloomy January Monday morning !
Reviewed by AlexP, 2017-01-17 [ID 14269:P]

6korpeo Highly Recommended
Glendale, California, United States
I enjoyed my massage exchange with 6korpeo. I felt comfortable as soon as we met. I was pleasantly surprised that his massage table was heated. It felt so good to be warm on one side and massaged on the other. I know I drifted off a couple of times. He applied some professional techniques including pressure on strokes toward the heart and eased up on the return strokes. An excellent massage from a great guy. Thanks!
Reviewed by ExploringPlaces, 2017-01-16 [ID 15616:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Massagaholic7 during his current visit to Australia. Considering where he had to come from by public transport he was amazingly punctual. Thank you! Being a keen tennis player, Massagaholic has s great physique to massage. He worked on me after my massage and gave me a relaxing 90min plus workout with a mixture of Swedish, accupressure and remedial techniques. I felt totally relaxed and invigorated afterwards. A cup of tea and very interesting chat followed as I discovered an intelligent person with a caring streak for humanity. As well as a sense of humour. I certainly look forward to another session should he visit Australia again. Can thoroughly recommend him.
Reviewed by Pipajmose, 2017-01-16 [ID 15615:P]

AlexP Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom
I met with AlexP for an exchange when he was visiting the area on business. We had a chat beforehand and I found him very interesting and easy to talk to. We started with him massaging me and although he had told me he doesn't have a lot of experience, it wasn't obvious. It was very relaxing and sensual and I really enjoyed it and felt totally relaxed and satisfied. He has a range of techniques and an intuitive style which worked really well. We swapped and I gave AlexP a relaxing sensual massage which I enjoyed almost as much as he did. I hope we get the chance to exchange again next time he is in the area and highly recommend him to all. Thanks AlexP for a lovely relaxing afternoon.

UPDATE : I was pleased to meet AlexP for a second exchange today as he was passing by on his travels. Once again I found him easy to talk to and we had a good chat before commencing the massage. I was also delighted that his massage skills had improved even further and thoroughly enjoyed a very relaxing and sensual massage. AlexP is also a pleasure to massage and is responsive, giving good feedback throughout. Thanks AlexP for a lovely exchange and I look forward to next time.
Reviewed by Kendalian3, 2017-01-16 [ID 14261:P]

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