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Boyana Highly Recommended
Croydon, Victoria, Australia
She is a very respectful, calm and a awesome individual. I felt at ease and enjoyed giving her a massage. I hope that you enjoyed it and hopefully this was not the last one. Reach out to me when ever you need a massage again.
Reviewed by avanti 2022-09-25 [ID 27065:P]

llZeusll Highly Recommended
Kirtland Hills, Ohio, United States
Great massage! Strong skilled hands. Would definitely recommend.
Reviewed by AmazonPrincess 2022-09-25 [ID 27063:P]

Northernguy21 Highly Recommended
Blyth, England, United Kingdom
After talking on and off for sometime finally got to meet up and exchange massage. Very much appreciated the distance and time taken out. The massage was good with a variety of strokes and mixed pressure leading to a very good/enjoyable massage.
Reviewed by North2west 2022-09-25 [ID 27062:P]

2Tom2 Highly Recommended
Amersham, England, United Kingdom
Had a fantastic meet with Tom. Lovely guy, in great shape, enjoyable and interesting to talk with and with a fantastic technique. Very relaxing massage and a great delight. Look forward to meeting again.
Reviewed by goonerdspa 2022-09-25 [ID 27025:P]

Kuonen Highly Recommended
Tolleson, Arizona, USA
My exchange with Kuonen was out of this world. This guy is down-to-earth, put me at ease at the get go. Was extremely nice, and accommodating. He was eager to please. He used his body with techniques that I had never experienced before. I know this sounds kind of odd but I have never had a massage like this before. He actually massaged me for 2 hours straight. When we both took a break, I was so relaxed that it took me just a bit to start walking. We drank some water and while we talked, I could actually feel the effects of the massage still working. I was so relaxed, no tension at all. This guy was a gentleman. Amazing, incredible, and outstanding are all understatements. He is a gentleman, and for his age, incredible shape. When I felt his firm, tone hands over my body, I just melted and could not get enough. On top of that, I think he is very handsome and when you get to know him you fall in love with him like he is your brother that just cares for you more than anything. He is a hard gem to come by and I recommend him to anyone who wants an experience that you have never had before.
Reviewed by euachoquesi 2022-09-24 [ID 27061:P]

North2west Highly Recommended
Pendle, England, United Kingdom
Arranged an exchange very easily and I arrived on time at North2wests home we had arranged to massage on a cushioned pad on the floor as this allowed for better pressure and ease of movement. A very relaxing and sensual massage which I thoroughly enjoyed he used a mixture of techniques using different pressure. All in all a very pleasant experience and I was left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I would definitely recommend to other members
Reviewed by Northernguy21 2022-09-24 [ID 27060:P]

livelovelaugh Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Wow, where do I start. I have been meaning to write this review for a while.
LLL and I made contact and exchanged many messages and chatted several times over two weeks before meeting for an exchange. What was apparent from the start is the great energy LLL exudes, and how easy it was to communicate and connect with her right from the beginning. It was like we'd known each other for ages, and the energy between us was so good.

From our early comms it was clear we shared a similar outlook and expectations to our ME. It was very easy to arrange the ME with LLL.

LLL arrived on time for the ME and after taking a shower we chilled out and chatted a bit and shared a few stories!! Before the ME we practiced a little meditation which got us in to a good space and tuned in for the massage. I massaged LLL first. She is very active with gym and cycling and she was a joy to massage. She was very responsive to my massage and did offer good feedback on what she liked; it was nice that she is genuinely interested in massage and the meditation.

I was lucky enough to receive a massage from LLL after, which was simply bliss. I hadn't had a massage for a while and her touch was amazing and her massage so serene complete with amazing stretches and a blend of Lomi.

LLL is a lovely lady and our time together for the ME was amazing. We massaged for hours. The time flew by so quickly and it felt like we'd massaged all night, we didn't want it to end and I look forward to meeting up again sometime soon. Thank you, I can't recommend LLL enough, a 5 star experience with 5x's ;-)
Reviewed by Hands4u2enjoy2 2022-09-24 [ID 27055:P]

newinnorwich Highly Recommended
Norwich, England, United Kingdom
Just met Newinnorwich and had a wonderful exchange, A nice chap easy going and pleasant ..
He has learned more than I think he gives himself credit for.
We started off with me doing his back and legs then switched round so he could do me, Then I finished off by doing his front and he did mine , a great first exchange . Leaving each of us nicely relaxed
Thank you Newinnorwich .
Reviewed by m4m 2022-09-24 [ID 27059:P]

pab Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
I met Pab at his hotel that has an outdoor massage area and table. We took advange of the garden setting since it's a semi private space and the weather was beautiful.
I climed onto the table au natural and Pab had me under his spell in minutes. His technique and massage style was like no other I have experienced. He took his time and explored my body, finding every sore muscle, and sore spots I didn't know I had. He truly enjoys the art of massage and it reflects thru his hands ,arms and body.
Once I had Pab on the table I did my best to reciprocate what I had just experienced. I felt a little inadequate as I'm not in the same league as Pab; he's just that good.
We continued our exchange until every inch, every muscle and sore spot on our bodies, was massaged, rubbed and relaxed.
If you have the chance to exchange with Pab be prepared for the an experience you'll not soon forget.
Reviewed by PalmDesertGuy 2022-09-23 [ID 27058:P]

Reply from pab of 2022-09-23
Thanks man. It was a real pleasure exchanging with you. I look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

NJP1 Highly Recommended
Haddenham, England, United Kingdom
I have just had my first Hydrotherm treatment with NJP1, an extremely accomplished, professional, friendly and welcoming Gentleman.
I highly recommend him and I will certainly be back :)
Reviewed by Lomiluv 2022-09-23 [ID 27057:P]

Nkyguy2014 Highly Recommended
Fort Thomas, Kentucky, United States
I recently had an exchange with Nkyguy2014. He was very nervous about hosting and the whole massage exchange process. I assured him everything would be okay and after quite a bit of communication we were able to get a date and time set. This was his first exchange and admittedly he didn’t have a lot of experience. I brought my massage table over to facilitate a better exchange experience. We agreed on rotating every 30 minutes and I worked on his backside first and then he on mine. And then we switched and worked on each other’s fronts. He thoroughly enjoyed the massage he received and did a great job giving a deep to medium pressure massage. We agreed on rotating every 30 minutes because he wasn’t sure he could give more than a 30 minute massage but when the timer went off he continued working on me for another 10 minutes or so. He really enjoyed giving the massage as much as I enjoyed receiving. We had nice conversation through out our exchange and he asked all the right questions and took direction very well. He was very respectful of the boundaries I set. I would certainly exchange with him again.
Reviewed by MassageWest 2022-09-22 [ID 27056:P]

Reply from Nkyguy2014 of 2022-09-24
I had a great exchange with MassageWest. He was patient and gave thorough instructions. This was one of the first Massages I have given, he was a great giving instructions and lead by example. He gave an excellent Massage. I look forward to another Massage exchange with him in the near future!

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
Truly a great pleasure to meet this incredible, talented masseur . Internationallover is a very unique special person. It is very hard not to use adjectives from his previous reviews, I think they all used up all of the kind and generous descriptions of him . So I may use some of the same kind words to describe him. From the time he opened the door and smiled I knew it would be a better day for me. He had arranged for extra towels and water and everything we needed for a successful massage. His methodical steps throughout the massage made me realize what a professional he was. From my head to my feet was transformed to a total state of relaxed euphoria. WOW . What a kind hearted and caring person. I can’t wait to see him again and hear more of his great adventures. Until then my friend, be blessed.
Reviewed by Whitt1230 2022-09-22 [ID 27054:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2022-09-22
Thank you for this most gracious review. You are incredible yourself looking forward to next time.

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
I had the privilege of hosting doneright this morning in my home. His skillful land artful touch allowed me to fully relax and be in the moment. When I massaged him, his body was noticeably in shape and a great practice body to hone your techniques. His responsiveness to my touch was well noted by the way he was able to zone out. Thanks for the wonderful exchange and being willing to meetup with me on your travels through Utah. Truly, a man of his words! It was a very enjoyable experience! This gentleman is well worth your time, Highly recommend!
Reviewed by KneadingUbetter 2022-09-22 [ID 27053:P]

ExperiencedMasseur Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
I am sorry for the delayed review because,
I should have written something right away after having a top notch massage.
What an amazing man,
What an amazing massage,
What an amazing time,
and I hope to have another amazing time soon !!!
Reviewed by GoodHands4Massage 2022-09-22 [ID 27052:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
Kendalian was a great host, friendly and had a great set up on arrival. We were presented by a comfortable massage table surrounded with ambient lighting with heavy curtains blocking out the late afternoon sun. Relaxing aroma filled the room, making it a delight to get comfortable and become a little more familiar as our senses took in and appreciate the special space created.
Kendalian has a lovely body to massage. We started with what we call the pre-ritual massage including elements of Reiki and slowly progressed to the massage table. A four hands massage was very gracefully delivered with elements of Lomi-Lomi using more than our hands, which appeared to be taken very well. Kendalian later provided a four-hand massage with the male to the female and she enjoyed receiving lots. There was exceptional levels of interaction and connection during the massage so the giver(s) had great non-verbal feedback.

We all agreed that more exchanges will happen when the opportunities are presented. Thank you Kendalian for making this happen! Warm hugs.
Reviewed by 4handsPair 2022-09-22 [ID 27051:P]

Whitt1230 Highly Recommended
Hurst, Texas, United States of America
Whitt1230 is one of the most gracious & kind humans you can meet. He was super kind enough to brave afternoon traffic and make time to come to downtown Dallas and meet me at my hotel. A most amazing warm tender and intuitive massage was given. A healing human interaction that I did not want to end. I have made a beautiful new friend and met a superb massage partner and am so very much looking forward to the next time. Don’t waste any time if you come through Dallas as he should be at the top of your list.
Reviewed by internationallover 2022-09-21 [ID 27050:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
If you have a chance you should certainly do an exchange with PedalPusher! His strong hands, gentle manner and expertise in twisting and turning your body in new & unexpected ways are second to none. If he is in your area, RUN DO NOT WALK to meet up with him. It will be well worth the effort!
Reviewed by NkdMango 2022-09-19 [ID 27049:P]

jjames5th56 Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States of America
I met jjames5th56 for a massage recently.
His home studio was set-up very well with all the things we needed including a shower
He is a very gentle, yet firm masseuse with excellent skills.
And he’s a nice guy & very easy to chat with.
I will certainly be seeking him out for a return massage swap.
Reviewed by standpipedoc 2022-09-19 [ID 27048:P]

rubmen Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Enjoyed a luxurious 4 hand massage from these two gentleman this morning at rubmen’s beautiful outdoor backyard setting equipped with a koi fish pond hearing the soothing sounds of the waterfall, relaxing music in the background under the perfect weather conditions with a constant cool light breeze blowing and a comfortable massage table. All this made for a very relaxing experience. Great hosts!
Reviewed by KneadingUbetter 2022-09-19 [ID 27047:P]

Reply from rubmen of 2022-09-20
I am happy that you enjoyed your massage and the experience. Thank you for the review.

Springtime Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of offering Springtime a massage last week. She's an utterly lovely lady. We went out for a walk and had a great chat about her experiences and then about boundaries and her preferences. She has a warm personality and puts you at ease effortlessly. Springtime was completely present and engaged in the tantric connection ritual that we began with, and that opened up a deeply connected experience in the massage. I was honoured to feel how beautiful and powerful her energy is. She is an exceptional woman and I'm looking forward to meeting her again.
Reviewed by polymorph 2022-09-19 [ID 27046:P]

PrivacyPolicy Highly Recommended
Mountain View, California, United States of America
Privacy and I first met publicly. I am glad that we did this as I leaned a bunch about transgenders and how to interact and be respectful. We then met up the next day for several hours of pleasure. Great conversations with a lot of sensuality. I am a novice with giving massages and Privacy was a great mentor.

Privacy also provided a terrific massage that addressed some sore areas and provided a sensually soft touch that good my blood rushing!

Hopefully our paths may cross again as I am an out-of-towner.
Reviewed by Vdriveit 2022-09-19 [ID 27045:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
Had a really great time massaging RoseGoddess. Her home was very welcoming and the environment was set up well for a relaxing session for us both. She was fantastic to work on and was receptive to my touch. Would definitely recommend her and I wouldn’t hesitate to massage her again!
Reviewed by drs433 2022-09-19 [ID 27044:P]

Vdriveit Highly Recommended
Medford, Oregon, United States of America
I met Vdriveit in person twice. The first time was a in public clothing on conversation . V was respective and appreciative about learning about what it meant to be transgender. He was a gentleman so he and I planned a hotel meeting the next day. We spent most of the afternoon caressing and enjoying each other's sensuality. V was considerate and listened to my needs well.

I hope that he and I find each other in the same city again.
Reviewed by PrivacyPolicy 2022-09-19 [ID 27043:P]

drs433 Highly Recommended
Rocklin, California, United States of America
9/18/2022: Excellent massage. He took his time, relaxing touch, some leg stretching. Fantastic for therapeutic and sensual massage.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2022-09-18 [ID 27042:P]

M6jct2 Recommended
Coventry, England, United Kingdom
I was greeted by M6 with a nice warm friendly smile and a nice cosy clean room with table. M6 is relatively new to massage and has some issues with his hip so I had resolved myself to expecting very little. I was pleasantly surprised; he has nice strong hands and gave me a good relaxing massage. M6 is clearly confident and very willing to learn and I'm sure he will progress quickly over time. Definitely worth a visit.
Reviewed by orange1 2022-09-17 [ID 27041:P]

1 to 25 of 23083