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groovytwo Highly Recommended
Burnley, England, United Kingdom
I met GroovyTwo recently having had an email conversation to agree that we were ‘on the same page’ in terms of aspirations and boundaries.

They are a lovely relaxed and attractive couple who clearly loved seeing their partner receiving massage but also enjoyed interacting even when they were receiving.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them and if you are invited by them, grab the opportunity with both hands. I hope to meet them again for another delightful session as the first passed all too quickly.

2nd meeting - another fantastic session with Groovy Two. Their skill and the joy of massaging with them is their ability to fully involve a third party when both giving and receiving massage. They are a very hospitable, skilful and open couple. It is a sheer delight to meet and massage with them. We are already considering a third meeting
Reviewed by Underhill56, 2020-02-24 [ID 22838:P]

KenMassageExchange Poor
Ridgefield, Washington, United States of America
I do not recommend. Very focused on himself...
Reviewed by Folamour, 2020-02-24 [ID 23055:P]

AthomeinSF Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States of America
I’m a firm believer in the magic that can be created when humans choose to be fully present to each other . Thank you AthomeinSF for your willingness and capacity to be available to the magic. A memorable exchange indeed
Reviewed by TheEmbodiedExplorer, 2020-02-24 [ID 23054:P]

Underhill56 Highly Recommended
Hitchin, England, United Kingdom

Met this total gentleman again for a second massage. Again we both felt comfortable and relaxed in his company and the second massage followed similar techniques to the first, however we explored the use of some different techniques both therapeutic and sensual.
Underhill is a very considerate and is very knowledgeable and skilful regarding massage therapies. We all shared a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable time together.
Would definitely recommend to couples seeking a skilled non pushy total massage experience.
Reviewed by groovytwo, 2020-02-24 [ID 22844:P]

Folamour Needs Improvement
Portland, Oregon, United States
Needs improvement
Reviewed by KenMassageExchange, 2020-02-23 [ID 23053:P]

LdnRelax Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had the opportunity to trade with LdnRelax, who is a fantastic masseur and highly passionate about massage. His technique is smooth with even strokes and just the right pressure, all which resulted in an amazing and unhurried experience from a really nice fellow. I actually dozed off at one point as my body was so relaxed. What a pleasure to be treated to a session from someone who has perfected the art of massage. Thank you for the great experience!
Reviewed by departures14, 2020-02-23 [ID 23052:P]

MiamiHardwood Highly Recommended
Miami, Florida, United States of America
I recently had the pleasure of receiving a massage from MiamiHardwood. It actually was suppose to be an exchange but it was my birthday and I was feeling a bit tired and MiamiHardwood was kind enough to provide a massage without making me return the favor. He is a very skilled masseur and quite frankly I was putty in his hands. I highly recommend an exchange if you can schedule one. He has great hands, is good company, as is in very good physical condition. I look forward to providing a massage to him as soon as we can meet up again, and I would be very very happy to receive another massage from him.
Reviewed by ME225919, 2020-02-23 [ID 23051:P]

CraveMassage Highly Recommended
Area C (Cobble Hill), British Columbia, Canada
I had to opportunity to exchange with CraveMassage and would recommend him to others. He was very respectful, polite and easy to talk to. In addition he gave a great relaxing massage.
Reviewed by DebAZ, 2020-02-23 [ID 23050:P]

kjohnny123 Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Such a beautiful and creative massage from Johnny. A wonderful host. Took me to the edge and didn’t rush.
Reviewed by AthomeinSF, 2020-02-23 [ID 23049:P]

kingstonguy Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Thanks for your kind hospitality this morning and such good experience as a good exchange
He was very friendly had great setup for massage
Reviewed by Rohi, 2020-02-23 [ID 23048:P]

TheEmbodiedExplorer Highly Recommended
West Toronto (High Park / The Junction South), Ontario, Canada
Extraordinary massage. Extraordinarily intimate and energetic exchange. Thank you.
Reviewed by AthomeinSF, 2020-02-23 [ID 23047:P]

bestmedicine Recommended
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Very nice respectful and safe. Very knowledgeable. Super friendly and gave an exceptional massage. Recommend for sure!👍
Reviewed by touchme39, 2020-02-23 [ID 23046:P]

Rohi Highly Recommended
Ashford, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Rohi for an early massage exchange and I was pleasantly impressed by how good he was despite describing himself as being out of practice. He is friendly and has a good body to practice on. I would definitely recommend him.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2020-02-23 [ID 23045:P]

Tanned111 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Excellent skills and a very good massage
Nice environment and Tanned 111 is as Leary’s checking the pressure is right and you are relaxed s as be enjoying the massage
Great sensual massage and a sincerely nice fellow who makes you feel completely at ease
Reviewed by Wagz1999, 2020-02-23 [ID 23044:P]

DebAZ Highly Recommended
Peoria, Arizona, United States
I met with DebAZ on February 20, 2020. After greeting each other at a local coffee shop, we proceeded to her home and well equipped massage room. DebAZ was very helpful, guiding me on on her preferred techniques for her sore and tight muscles. She then gave me a very soothing and relaxing massage using a combination of gentle and effective medium to deep tissue strokes. A great massage exchange which I look forward to doing again soon!
Reviewed by CraveMassage, 2020-02-22 [ID 23043:P]

krt Highly Recommended
West Chester, Ohio, United States of America
As I read the reviews on krt, they are spot on. So our first meeting was without the usual uneasiness. We connected and that is rare in today’s world. The world just seems a better place after meeting up with krt. Add our exchange to the “priceless moments” list. Hope we can exchange again. Thanks for the opportunity!
Reviewed by threerivers, 2020-02-22 [ID 23042:P]

cdune Highly Recommended
Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
No need to repeat all the qualities that have already been expressed of an exchange with dune. But what is unique is that cdune adapts well to each “man” that is in front of him. There is no hidden agenda, there is just the two of us. And he is more interested in me than himself. It was a priceless moment for both of us. Thank You!
Reviewed by threerivers, 2020-02-22 [ID 23041:P]

Underhill56 Highly Recommended
Hitchin, England, United Kingdom
We had the pleasure of meeting Underhill today after several messages between us. He arrived promptly and was a lovely genuine guy, very relaxed and not at all pushy. We were looking for someone to massage the female who has a lower back problem and he took the time to find out what the problem was and how it affected her. After a short chat he began the massage and it's obvious he knows what he's doing, giving a very relaxing and effective therapeutic massage. He followed this with a sensual/tantric style massage, the details and boundaries of which had been discussed in advance. He had a gentle, skilled touch and was very respectful. Underhill is highly recommended and any females wishing to experience an excellent massage should have no hesitation in contacting him, you will feel comfortable and confident with him immediately.
Reviewed by Garu, 2020-02-22 [ID 23040:P]

Martonmale49 Recommended
Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom
A very nice guy, who makes you feel comfortable at once. His home is very pleasant and not too far from my town. I would recommend meeting him. I hope to.
Reviewed by tufty2003, 2020-02-22 [ID 23039:P]

rreed3255 Highly Recommended
Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States
Had an amazing 2 hour massage this week with rreed3255. His hands and arms did a great job of relieving any pain and making me feel very relaxed all over. He is a great guy and hope to get together for another massage real soon.
Reviewed by Enjoytouch1, 2020-02-22 [ID 23038:P]

Andrew9 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Excellent massage, with really good pressure (I wanted it quite strong). Felt very relaxed and enjoyed it all.
Reviewed by gaymassagebyadamlondon, 2020-02-22 [ID 23037:P]

shadowaspect Highly Recommended
Manchester, United Kingdom
Very nice and warm person, great body and skin to practice your massage. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by argentinianmassage, 2020-02-22 [ID 23036:P]

tuscany37 Highly Recommended
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I had the pleasure of massaging Tuscany37 one afternoon last week. Despite a few misses due to differing schedules we finally managed to make a time & meet up. Tuscany37 was very well organised & was willing to say their massage likes & dislikes, which made the session easier for me & more enjoyable for them.
Would strongly recommend Tuscany37 as someone to practice your massage skills on.
Reviewed by craigbris, 2020-02-22 [ID 23035:P]

warl0ck Satisfactory
Woodland, California, United States of America
I enjoyed our first massage session. Satisfied with the outcome. Gracias!
Reviewed by MilkyWayz, 2020-02-22 [ID 23034:P]

Enjoythetrip Highly Recommended
Pahrump, Nevada, United States
Well, although it took the better part of 2 years to finally manage to coordinate things with EnjoyTheTrip for an exchange during one of my trips to their local area, we did get together this past weekend and I'm pleased to say that it was worth the wait. The evening started with a little conversation inside their house, but quickly transitioned outside to their jacuzzi, where we enjoyed the night sky (and being an astronomer, I can appreciate a dark sky where lots of stars can be seen). After maybe a half hour or so of additional conversation and getting to know more about each other, we shifted inside and exchanged massages, with each lasting about 2 hours. By the time we were finished, we were both very relaxed and ready to hit the pillow (but I still had to drive back to where I was staying).

I'll be going back again next month and we already have plans to get together at least one of the days during my trip. I hope you have the ability to get together with her - you won't be disappointed! :)
Reviewed by AstronomyDan, 2020-02-21 [ID 23033:P]

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