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Cornwallmassage Highly Recommended
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Cornwallmassage was excellent.
With his different techniques in massage, it was a real treat to experience all the different techniques.
I highly recommended and can’t wait for my next session
Reviewed by stronghealinghands, 2018-12-14 [ID 19904:P]

mysticexchange Highly Recommended
Lee's Summit, Missouri, United States
Great partner.
Reviewed by northkansascitym, 2018-12-14 [ID 19903:P]

dancer310 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, California, United States
I very much enjoyed my exchange with Dancer, a genuine and caring person. His free-flowing positive and healing energy was a delight. His hands would magically linger on my points of injury or pain and it felt soothing and restorative. He never mentioned that he practiced anything like"Reiki" however, clearly he is gifted. In particular I enjoyed his stretching techniques which have inspired me to start a daily practice of stretching. I'm looking forward to our continued friendship and exchanges.
Reviewed by Effleurage4U, 2018-12-14 [ID 19902:P]

Bodycase30 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Bodycase30 today for a massage session and just have to say what a wonderful woman she is! She was a delight to massage and was clear about what she wanted and seemed to enjoy my massage too. She was a great communicator prior to meeting and was punctual when we met. Bodycase30 is very friendly and chatty and is full of interesting conversation and I felt I could have chatted to her for hours afterwards (as we almost did!) in fact I had to finish our conversation quicker than I would have liked to get on with the rest of my day. What a shame!

Bodycase30 was charming, intelligent, interesting and affable and deserves to meet people who are respectful, honest and who and take the time to create a great massage.
Reviewed by mikeinlondon2003, 2018-12-14 [ID 19901:P]

easygoing321 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Had very good exchange , firm hands, felt we had a good connection , gr8 conversation , communicated re delay arrival , that was appreciated. Look fwd to further session in the new yr
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2018-12-14 [ID 19900:P]

Reply from easygoing321 of 2018-12-14
61Naturelover is a kind and gentle soul and an excellent host. We did a swap and the time flew by. It's always great to be offered to freshen up with a shower after a massage. Highly recommended.

Atease22 Highly Recommended
Bean, England, United Kingdom
Thank you Atease22 for hosting, he's very friendly and give a fantastic strong massage and I sleep so well after the massage. I would definately swap with Atease22 again.
Reviewed by needanicehotbody, 2018-12-14 [ID 19899:P]

DevineMassage Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
I recently with DevineMassage at a hotel halfway between us. We spent a while chatting and getting to know each other a little better before we exchanged massage

He massage me first, which was a lovely mix of some firm and some more gentle strokes. I could feel the tension releasing a afterwards I felt both relaxed and refreshed.

Then it was his turn to receive. He gave good feedback during the massage, as to his preferences and I believe he enjoyed it and felt relaxed afterwards.

I would highly recommend DevineMassage, as he is a lovely gent, good communication and massage skills to match. Hopefully they'll be another exchange in the future.
Reviewed by 16xLIZZYx91, 2018-12-14 [ID 19898:P]

Jk1313 Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
12/13/2018: John came over tonight and gave me a wonderful massage, very satisfying. I love the way he balances my legs over his legs and then massages me. He can massage me anytime.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess, 2018-12-13 [ID 19736:P]

Keith714 Highly Recommended
San Clemente, California, United States
Absolutely amazing. Keith was the first massage my wife got using massage exchange. We were apprehensive at first, but Keith was an absolute professional and gave her a great full body massage.

My wife loves lots of pressure and deep tissue. Keith was able to give her the pressure she likes and made her neck and shoulders feel great! We will definitely be meeting with him again in the future, most likely next week!

If you're looking for someone respectful who knows what they're doing look no further.
Reviewed by JohnSoCal, 2018-12-13 [ID 19897:P]

needanicehotbody Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Meet needanicehotbody today for a arrange massage swap,he turned up on time opening my front door l was greeted with such a nice smile,
After having a hot drink and a good chat we proceeded with our exchange,being the host l massaged him first needanicehotbody has a very good firm body ideal to massage,he enjoyed his massage then we swapped round and l was treated to a very enjoyable massage he had the right touch it felt so professionall l almost fell asleep
Thank you needanicehotbody for such a good exchange
Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Atease22, 2018-12-13 [ID 19896:P]

Whitstable, England, United Kingdom
Met Susanna today, it was a massage session for her, receive only. She is a lovely lady who enjoyed a full body massage, I used some lovely oils in her massage. It was absolutely good time together, would love to meet her again, it was an absolute delightful meeting. A very enjoyable session with a very appreciative lady, would definitely like to meet again.
Reviewed by Kentref60, 2018-12-13 [ID 19895:P]

Cubbyguy Highly Recommended
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Cubbyguy has a massage table, clean towels, relaxing music and candles. The massage exchange was excellent and I was very relaxed afterwards. I Highly recommend Cubbyguy for a great massage exchange.
Reviewed by Pmassage7, 2018-12-13 [ID 19894:P]

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Royalpark came to my home for a trade. He worked on me first and listened to me and worked on the areas I needed work. I'm a marathon runner and had just completed a half and full marathon a week apart. Royalpark worked on my low back and legs with great attention. I felt very relaxed and dozed off for a bit. His touch was very comforting and his energy was very nice. I hope to trade with him again next time he's in town.
Reviewed by rrsrunner562, 2018-12-13 [ID 19893:P]

Gotham2168 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Met up with Gotham2168 at his High rise studio. Besides the views, his massage technique pretty much took my breath away. He listened to me in regards to past injury and where I have pain (legs) and focused accordingly. I will be sure to (Try to) apply what I have learned. Look forward to another swap with Gotham.
Reviewed by njny, 2018-12-13 [ID 19892:P]

Reply from Gotham2168 of 2018-12-13
Thanks for the kind words! Look forward to seeing you again soon.

DanielJ Highly Recommended
Southampton, England, United Kingdom
An outstanding swap with Dan. He is a skilled therapist and uses great solid pressure throughout the massage. He checked in regularly as to the pressure and strokes.

I would happily pay this man for a regular massage.

Thanks Dan for a great massage. I hope we can swap again soon.

Reviewed by AntsNZ, 2018-12-13 [ID 19891:P]

rrsrunner562 Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
RRSrunner562 had prepared a very warm welcome for our session. Good temperature, candles and soothing music added to the tasteful furnishings in his home. I felt very welcome and was put at ease with his friendly manner. RRS is very fit and was helpful in communicating those areas that required special attention. His own massage was strong and focused. Long slow strokes guided me to a very restful state. I would like to meet with him again the next time I am in the area.
Reviewed by Royalpark, 2018-12-12 [ID 19890:P]

wjwj Highly Recommended
Andover, England, United Kingdom
Great couple
We had a very nice meeting and we all very much enjoyed are selves
They are very genuine people and showed up when they said they would
Reviewed by Alresfordmassage, 2018-12-12 [ID 19888:P]

Subilove Recommended
Vancouver, Washington, United States
very pleasurable time
Reviewed by handsfree4you, 2018-12-12 [ID 19887:P]

pshikingguy Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
PSHikingGuy was a pleasure to exchange with. He is very professional and respectful. I shared a few new techniques with him - and he's a quick learner! He's very tuned in to subtle levels of energy which made him a joy to work with. His technique awakened and moved energy throughout my entire body. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him and highly recommend PSHikingGuy!
Reviewed by CosmicChristopher, 2018-12-12 [ID 19886:P]

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Liz and I had a great massage experience. We met a hotel in Sheffield. We conversated for abit at first and got on really well. She has a very soft touch which was very relaxing and therapeutic. I would definitely recommend Liz as shes great at what she does. She made me feel amazing. 5 stars!
Reviewed by DevineMassage, 2018-12-11 [ID 19884:P]

hungrylabotom Recommended
Redondo Beach, California, United States
Went to a party where hungrylabottom was there. I gave him a sensual massage to which he responded with passion. We could not do the breath work because of time constraints. On this afternoon I massaged a total of 4 people in a separate room. He is a likable fellow and connected this first time we met.
Reviewed by ThisIsIt1963, 2018-12-11 [ID 19883:P]

CosmicChristopher Highly Recommended
White Salmon, Washington, United States
Chris and I exchanged sensual massages today. He is a super nice guy and a pleasure to be a round. Once we were naked Chris had me lay by the edge of the bed. His body work techniques were amazing. I experienced many new pleasures and learned I was more open minded than I thought. Chris was sensitive to any boundaries I might have and checked in several times. He is very intuitive and responsive when massaging. He uses a lot of soft sensual touch that is simply amazing - your whole body tingles. I look forward to another massage exchange with Chris.
Reviewed by pshikingguy, 2018-12-11 [ID 19882:P]

Reply from CosmicChristopher of 2018-12-12
Thanks PSHikingGuy! The pleasure was mine!

Ajaydeepa40 Highly Recommended
San Jose, California, United States
I met Ajaydeepa40 for a beautiful sensual massage session. They are a lovely, loving married couple. We had an incredible, respectful session where all three of us gave and received lots of mutual pleasure and enjoyment. It was one of the most enjoyable massage experiences I have had.
Reviewed by pc789, 2018-12-11 [ID 19881:P]

Relaxitsme Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Relaxitsme made the whole experience very warm and welcoming. He was very encouraging with my lack of experience but I was able to learn from and appreciated his skill. Will definitely exchange again.
Reviewed by socaliboy818, 2018-12-11 [ID 19877:P]

GentleGiantBear Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Visited GGB's place located on a quiet residential street. He had a darkened room set up for massage as well as all the oils, etc needed. He worked on the knots on my body and gave me a great massage.
Reviewed by starbuxguy, 2018-12-11 [ID 19879:P]

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