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closeencounter Highly Recommended
Dumfries, Scotland, United Kingdom
Earlier this week I met up with closeencounter for our second exchange. He kept me informed of his expected arrival time whilst en-route and arrived at the arranged time. Considering closeencounter is new to giving massage he is very good , using a variety of flowing strokes and just the right pressure (for me anyway). He has completed a course some years ago but had not used given massage much since. He concentrates on the back, and legs mainly and gives a relaxing massage. As well as this closeencounter is a friendly and courteous guy who I would highly recommend. He lives in Scotland but travels a great deal and visits London frequently so wherever you are it’s worth getting in touch to see if you can arrange an exchange.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2017-11-17 [ID 17575:P]

Trevor4U Highly Recommended
Doncaster, England, United Kingdom
Great guy and amazing time. Hope to exchange again very soon
Reviewed by Suttoninashfield, 2017-11-16 [ID 17574:P]

Reply from Trevor4U of 2017-11-17
On arrival made me feel very relaxed, offered selection of refreshments, and as we chatted found we had some common interests. His massage room was very relaxing, radiating a warmth as well as professional environment.

Within minutes the use of his sensual aromatic oils induced me into the start of a very relaxing massage. I received a very professional and pleasurable 1hr + massage.

Before leaving I exchanged the benefits I felt from his massage. Hope to meet again after my holiday in December.

LibraRnR Highly Recommended
San Diego, California, United States
LibraRnR has really good energy and amazing techniques. I was really trying to remember some of them as they happened but it was so good that I lost track and zoned out, but in a really good way ! I highly suggest getting a massage by LibraRnR
Reviewed by massageswapplease, 2017-11-16 [ID 17573:P]

lkclkc Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
The session I participated in with lkclkc was amazing we met at his place, the space was warm and inviting. He welcomed me into his home everything was set up and ready for the exchange. We exchanged massages that were very relaxing and intense. This will be a repeat. The atmosphere was peaceful and calming.
Reviewed by Helo, 2017-11-16 [ID 17478:P]

g0yman17 Highly Recommended
Manzanares el Real, Community of Madrid, Spain
After a time in touch by messages on this page and whatsapp finally Goyman came to my home. We have an amazing meeting I think. He arrived on time and was very enjoyable since the beginning. We decide that in this first occasion I will give a massage to him and will meet in other moment for receiving his massage. After massage I invited Goyman for a meal and I think we spent a good time together talking about all. I would strongly recommend everyone to meet Goyman, he has and incredible personality and a great sensitive energy to explore
Reviewed by Abio, 2017-11-16 [ID 17570:P]

jonboy1963 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
I was delighted to meet jonboy 1963 yesterday after a period of getting to know one another by email. He was a most welcoming and charming host, and even provided me with lunch before I departed. Thank you very much for that.

The massage room was carefully prepared and warm - with gentle, varied music and with everything to hand. The music was a very interesting and eclectic mix of soft tunes and ambient sounds. I really enjoyed that too.

Jonboy gave an excellent massage. I occurred to me that the massage reflects his general demeanour - like the man the massage was thoughtful, gentle, well-constructed, intuitive and an absolute pleasure! It had "light and shade" and he knew all the right moves to make. Jonboy was great company, sharing with me some of the interesting things he does.
All in all a lovely way to spend a day.... Highly recommended
Reviewed by Bromleyboss, 2017-11-16 [ID 17572:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
I met SELONDON twice recently when I travelled down to London for a massage.
He was able to accommodate me overnight, which was a great help and it saved me a lot of trouble.
He is a really friendly guy who was able to provide and warm room and good table for massage and nice relaxing music.
The massage on both occasions was really good and I would definitely recommend him to other people who would be looking for an exchange.
The massage strokes were nice, offering different strengths of strokes and touch. Whilst I was there we did discuss our thoughts and ideas of different forms of massage.
Reviewed by closeencounter, 2017-11-16 [ID 17571:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Had the pleasure of meeting last week for an exchange amd i must say from the start it was nice to be able to communicate before we met. Once at the house i was welcomed and invited to have a good chat before the exchange and offered water and juice which was very nice and helped relax. The massge was excellent and you could tell it was done by an experienced professional. I just hope my exchange back was good enough. I would happily meet again and would highly recommend as you will leave there just feeling so relaxed and stress free. Look forward to next time very much
Reviewed by pebble74, 2017-11-16 [ID 17569:P]

kingstonguy Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I have to thank kingstonguy for his patience in planning our exchange - my availability was always a problem, and I was pleased to have finally been able to accommodate.

He is both personable and pleasant and easy to chat with.

Although untrained (like myself) he has confident massage techniques.

It was a relaxing exchange and I was very comfortable working with him.

I'd fully recommend him for a swap.
Reviewed by LNDNm4m, 2017-11-16 [ID 17568:P]

greenman37 Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States
Greenman37 is a gentle and thorough practitioner. He hit all my spots with great skill.
Reviewed by wysiwyg1818, 2017-11-15 [ID 17567:P]

biodude Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
As a massage therapist here I have to say that biodude delivers a decent massage using a considerable amount of pressure as requested and even though he is not a pro, he is really intuitive and confident in what he does. I highly recommend him for anyone who appreciates a relaxing and therapeutic touch.
Reviewed by umasseur13, 2017-11-15 [ID 17566:P]

Equanimity Highly Recommended
London Borough of Camden, England, United Kingdom
Very good exchange with Equanimity a couple of weeks ago. He was kind enough to host, and provided an excellent massage. Ideal after what had been a very trying day!! I'm somewhat less experienced than him, but appreciated his encouraging feedback about my technique.
Reviewed by IAC1968, 2017-11-15 [ID 17565:P]

Bromleyboss Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
It was my pleasure to welcome Bromleyboss to my home for an exchange today. We'd been messaging each other for a while before we could find a convenient date and I was already sure we would get on well.

Bromleyboss is a very friendly guy and really easy to get along with. He's full of anecdotes and conversation and we chatted for a while before heading to the massage table.

As with nearly all my exchanges, we agreed to swap around as we went along, alternating backs then fronts. Bromleyboss has a very experienced touch and I felt myself drifting off more than once - very, very enjoyable!

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bromleyboss and I'm very grateful that he took the trouble to make quite a journey to visit.
Reviewed by jonboy1963, 2017-11-15 [ID 17563:P]

NorthernTouch Highly Recommended
Southbourne, England, United Kingdom
I had a great swap with NorthernTouch, truly one of the best I have experienced via this site. Not only is he a super, friendly chap, but his massage is wonderful too. We met a couple of months ago and exchanged a treatment at my studio, sharing techniques as we went and enjoying a relaxed afternoon, with good humour and great massage.

NorthernTouch has an intuitive approach, very relaxing with just the right amount of pressure. He responds well to feedback and is generous with his knowledge, too. Conversation flowed easily and I feel lucky to have made a new mate in the process. We have stayed in touch and I hope to swap again soon!
Reviewed by Axiom, 2017-11-15 [ID 17562:P]

merlingrand Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I travelled to his flat. Merlingrand was very warm and welcoming

Merlingrand is highly skilled and performed
He started warming up with effleurage and progressed to thorough intense strokes and increased pressure over my entire body

I would like swap him again in future . It’s worth try him
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2017-11-15 [ID 17561:P]

Sarge1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
At first I was impressed when Sarge1, invited me to a coffee and a chat, as we had been discussing a massage exchange. He was warm, friendly, confident and put me at ease straight away. " I knew that I had nothing to worry about." On the day, he arrived, "the perfect gentleman",- he was very professional, caring, and used safe draping procedures, then gave a great relaxing, therapeutic and meaningful massage from beginning to end. I highly recommend Sarge1 for a massage exchange and would be glad to have another swap soon.
Reviewed by mariecurie23, 2017-11-15 [ID 17560:P]

Mark098 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
What a warm, welcoming man Mark098 is! From the moment I stepped into his home to when I was leaving, he was very hospitable, conscientious and provided a wonderful massage that was very pleasurable indeed, in particular, back, head and neck. He's also a very knowledgeable and well travelled man, so the conversation was always flowing. It was a pleasure to be in his company.
Reviewed by RM20, 2017-11-15 [ID 17559:P]

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Yvonne on Monday morning. She had some tension and knots in her shoulders
which I hope I helped relieve. Yvonne has good conversation
she gave me a very pleasant and relaxing massage I hope to do it again soon.
Reviewed by chasmore, 2017-11-15 [ID 17194:P]

LNDNm4m Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met up with LNDNm4m after many months of negotiation over busy schedules but it was worth the wait! He is a lovely friendly guy with a great massage technique and has a very nice muscular body on which to practice on. I hope to see him again soon.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-11-14 [ID 17558:P]

Harrow, England, United Kingdom
After having exchanged a couple of emails with Mariecurie23, we decided to meet for a coffee and chat. This meeting went well, she is warm, personable, caring and well traveled. The conversation flowed and by the end we decided that a massage exchange was in order, Mariecurie23 was happy to host and by the time I arrived, the room was warm the table was prepared and we had a chat and a drink before our session.
I received first and I can highly recommend her massage, it was unhurried and thorough, by the end of it I felt incredibly relaxed.
We then swapped and hopefully the massage I gave was as appreciated as much as the one given. Hopefully this lovely lady will want to swap again.
Thank you once again Mariecurie23
Reviewed by Sarge1, 2017-11-14 [ID 17557:P]

Reply from mariecurie23 of 2017-11-15
Thank you Sarge1, I think you are an exceptional gentleman, your massage was great, and much appreciated. I would definitely love to have a swap again.

calgr8touch Highly Recommended
Colton, California, United States
I recently had a very wonderful experience with calgr8touch. We took some time getting to know each other through email exchanges while we worked at coordinating our schedules. We finally hit on a day/time that worked for both, and it was well worth the effort. I felt immediately at ease with him. Calgr8touch has an incredible set up in a spa like room, complete with an electric fireplace. I started the session and received great feedback, but damn, when it was my turn to receive, this guy is GOOD! Just the right pressure, some stretching techniques and so easy to be around. Very calming presence. If you get the chance, set up a swap with this one.
Reviewed by liebedich1, 2017-11-14 [ID 17556:P]

Surbiton, England, United Kingdom
Had a high quality experience in my exchange with Pedalpusher. It was quite a process getting round to finding a date for the exchange due to my various commitments elsewhere, but he was always patient and respectful where some might have given up and let it go.

His technique massage was intriguing, combining great strength and power with some pretty sophisticated and often quite subtle strokes and techniques, several of which were new to me. I wish I'd been a little more alert to properly take it all in. He'd probably be a good person to watch a video of.

I was left feeling refreshed, nicely relaxed, and challenged to raise my game. I'd recommend an exchange with him.
Reviewed by merlingrand, 2017-11-14 [ID 17555:P]

hands2050 Highly Recommended
Trowbridge, England, United Kingdom
I met with Hands2050 recently who gave me a massage, he came to my home and arrived promptly. We had a chat before starting the session and straight away I felt at ease. I must say Hands2050 was extremely good and it was obvious that he was experienced at massage , he was very tentative and gentle as well as thorough, using deeper strokes when needed. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Hands2050 for a massage and I look forward to another one in the very near future.
Reviewed by Pcove360, 2017-11-14 [ID 17554:P]

webster123 Highly Recommended
Wigan, England, United Kingdom
I was shocked to find a reply and we happen to have the same free slot. although i am very inexperienced I think this delightful lady enjoyed the experience. I will be checking my mail for a return invite! A fabulous body to work on which responded in all the right ways. Dont miss out on the chance!
Reviewed by adihall, 2017-11-14 [ID 17553:P]

adihall Highly Recommended
Wigan, Wigan, United Kingdom
Met at short notice without hubby present but I didn’t worry. Absolute gentleman who provides a sensual naturist massage and although he claims inexperience he found all my little areas that needed attention. Thank you and please come back soon!
Reviewed by webster123, 2017-11-14 [ID 17552:P]

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