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IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I recently had the great pleasure to exchange with Indian Palms. He is a lovely person with a great body to work on.

He kept in touch as we arranged the session, and was very punctual, clean and immaculately presented.

He gave an excellent massage with a range of firm and lighter touch. If you are lucky enough to swap with him you'll have a great massage.
Reviewed by Bromleyboss, 2018-06-24 [ID 18690:P]

Bromleyboss Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
Bromleyboss is chilled out, great conversationlist & host. He gives a generous timeless massage. Good variety of strokes. Good balance between firm & relaxing. Thank you for an amazing exchange
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2018-06-23 [ID 18689:P]

massagefunboy Highly Recommended
Ilford, Greater London, United Kingdom
Meet massagefunboy today for massages swap nice guy turnup on time I masssage him first which he liked than he massaged me I learn so many new moves from him he has nice pressure with good touch look love to meet up again
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2018-06-23 [ID 18688:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
A very accommodating and friendly host with such a warm personality. This added with highly technical skills (and talent) for such a great massage and putting me at ease, the experience was nothing less than exceptional. He is a man with many years of experience and I highly recommend him to anyone. Look forward for the next one!
Reviewed by Ricklee, 2018-06-23 [ID 18687:P]

ME195905 Highly Recommended
Gulfport, Mississippi, United States
He is attending school for his massage certification....yet his demonstrated technique was mature and highly evolved. His facility was tight but workable...and very comfortable. He offered the lighter pressure which I requested, but he can deliver "deep tissue" just as easily. Our session exceeded 3 hours, and it was fantastic!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2018-06-23 [ID 18686:P]

ram56 Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
We worked out a short notice session, but time was limited. His facilities were top notch.....comp,ete, comfortable, and quiet. An extremely sophisticated technique...gentle, yet powerful....exactly what I was looming for. Routines are well established, so he ensuresm a thorough massage no matter how much time is available. Definately would enjoy tradinganother session....longer the better.
Reviewed by seeker359, 2018-06-23 [ID 18685:P]

Joshua86 Highly Recommended
Wakefield, England, United Kingdom
Met Josh yesterday evening. He was a very polite individual, and explained the type he enjoys, and reasons for this. I assured him that these would benifit the basis of my massage learning. Asking him to tell me how he felt I could make his massage more relaxing and invigorating to him.

He kept suggesting ways he felt would invigorate his massage including proceedures I had never used before.

Over an hour and half later we both expresses to each other how benificial and enjoyable the meeting had been.

Hopefully we can arrage further visits.

22 June. It was great to have Josh revisit this evening. We discussed his previous visit, and how it had been beneficial for both of us. Once again an hour & half passed by so quickly. Same light of touch and depths of stokes were used. Hope to see you again JOSH.
Reviewed by Trevor4U, 2018-06-23 [ID 18377:P]

Ricklee Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Ricklee for a massage swap. It took a long time to arrange but finally we made it. I must say Ricklee is a very gentle and quietly spoken man who was a delight to meet. We chatted initially then connected well before the massage proper. His over all massage was not technical but it had all the elements of a very relaxing sensual touch massage. With his gentle hands touching me lightly in the right places sent me into ecstatic places. As an overall experiance i can recommend Ricklee will give a very pleasing massage. Thank you Ricklee for a few hours of bliss! I hope we can repeat in the future.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2018-06-22 [ID 18683:P]

osk415 Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
Oscar is gentle, very skilled, communicative, respectful and reliable. His experience as a certified massage practitioner is wonderful to receive. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by petiteflame, 2018-06-22 [ID 18684:P]

petiteflame Highly Recommended
Oakland, California, United States
Petiteflame has a wonderful soul...she's a kind person and very personable.

She is a small frame.....has her own table, oil and music. Will communicate her needs.

Parking can be difficult at times.

Reviewed by osk415, 2018-06-22 [ID 18682:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
Parking right in front in a nice, quiet neighborhood....was met at door & shown to a room that was ready with soft lighting, incense and peaceful music. RoseGoddess entered when I was ready....she was very quiet, spoke only a few words. Massaging her was enjoyable....RoseGoddess has soft, smooth, warm skin....it was a slow, relaxing session.

The small dog coming in & out of the room was a bit distracting but closing the door will fix that.
Reviewed by osk415, 2018-06-22 [ID 18681:P]

Queny Highly Recommended
Zhubei City, Taiwan
Lovely friendly girl, great massage.
Reviewed by gcmassage1, 2018-06-22 [ID 18680:P]

Bill6 Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
I had an exchange with Bill6 recently.

He showed up bang on time, which is always appreciated. We did a back and forth exchange, doing one body part, then swapping. I find this good when someone is learning, as otherwise there can be a problem with information overload.

Bill6 proved to be an excellent student, even remembering the names of the strokes, which surprised me. Although he says he is a beginner he proved to be a fast learner, with excellent pressure and good strokes.

In addition, he's easy to talk to and very relaxed.

All in all, an excellent exchange.
Reviewed by DublinMale, 2018-06-22 [ID 18679:P]

Thumbler Highly Recommended
Annandale, Virginia, United States
Thumbler is a true gentleman and most pleasant massage partner. He set the tone by very thoughtfully bringing me a bottle of wine to celebrate Fathers Day. We hit it off right away. Thumbler is a very articulate professional and exceptionally "clean" (inside joke). He is the type of person you would gladly welcome into your home for massage, dinner, or just to have a few glasses of wine.

We did a lengthy therapeutic session in which his naturally relaxed manner aided in making the deep pressure even more effective. He has an athletic and defined body that is very easy to work on. He provides feedback during the massage with respect to trouble areas around which to be careful and where he'd like extra work. All of that lead to a massage session that gave him relief from soreness and stiffness coming from his airline travels.

I highly recommend him as a massage partner!
Reviewed by RestonUnstress, 2018-06-22 [ID 18678:P]

osk415 Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
6/21/2018: Oscar drove all the way from San Francisco to Sacramento to massage me. I must say Oscar was divine, he did not miss any spots and completely satisfied me. He had his own table, which was just perfect. I loved the way he moved my legs. He made my whole body feel good, thank you!
Reviewed by RoseGoddess, 2018-06-21 [ID 18677:P]

ME266186 Recommended
London, United Kingdom
He is a very kind, caring, emotionally intelligent man. He gives a very intuitive gentle massage using effleurage with his thumbs and fingers. He respects boundaries and asks you what you want. He made me feel safe and pampered. I did not feel judged. A very giving man who is interested in healing and spiritually. I would definitely recommend him. He isnt pushy or creepy and he does this to improve his technique and help others to heal. A very unique person. Thank you :).
Reviewed by Pari1, 2018-06-21 [ID 18676:P]

Hedonist Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
I spent a lovely evening with Hedonist and experienced one of the best massages I have ever had. His attention to detail was second to none. I dearly hope we can exchange again soon.
Reviewed by rmvw, 2018-06-21 [ID 18675:P]

polo9 Highly Recommended
St Ives, New South Wales, Australia
Wow! Just wooow! This man has talent! Deep, firm and knowledgeable. I feel amazing! Choose Polo9.
Reviewed by refreshmenow, 2018-06-20 [ID 18674:P]

experiencedmt Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
His many years of experience and training were clearly demonstrated....well beyond the basics, he is highly competant with stretching. His facilities were awesome. A well-travelled individual, he's an easy conversationalist with a keen and sensitive mind. I'm looking forward to a future session with him!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2018-06-20 [ID 18673:P]

Reply from experiencedmt of 2018-06-23
Thanks so much for the kind words! I also enjoyed our time together a lot: your sense of touch is gentle but powerful in its intuitive feel. I'll make sure we have more time next time!

seeker359 Highly Recommended
Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
It is seldom that you meet a kindred spirit in this world and seeker359 is one of them. We exchanged emails over the last few weeks and we talked for a little while before we massaged each other. His touch is heavenly and deliberate, soft touches mixed with long smooth strokes. We shared each others experiences travelling and he became a friend that I look forward to meeting again soon.
Reviewed by globalt, 2018-06-20 [ID 18672:P]

islingbod Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Islingbod and I have now exchanged sensual massages a few times at my place, and it has been a real delight getting to know him in the process of delivering wonderful de-stressing sensations to each other - our exchanges have been great! He has a lovely body to massage, and he is always very appreciative and complimentary about my amateur efforts when I am massaging him. I really enjoy hearing groans of pleasure when I’m massaging someone, and Islingbod doesn’t disappoint! We happily discovered that we both enjoy plenty of body contact during our exchanges, and we have both enjoyed trying different ways to connect skin to skin. Islingbod is always keen to receive feedback about his technique, and he has an excellent intuitive repertoire of firm and more gentle strokes, notwithstanding that he has no formal massage training.

Islingbod is always perfectly punctual, he is a very open, caring and thoughtful person, and he is quite simply great company! We’ve had some really interesting conversations about how to solve some of the world’s problems during our exchanges, and I always sleep extremely well after I have had the pleasure of some naked time together with him.

I can’t recommend Islingbod more as an intelligent, respectful and enthusiastic partner for a relaxing sensual exchange.
Reviewed by SensualAdventurer, 2018-06-20 [ID 18671:P]

massaaahhge Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
My first time experiencing a 4-handed massage and from the moment I arrived, I knew I was in good hands. It is definitely something to try. We each had plenty of time on the table and the connection was nurturing and pleasing. Thanks guys!
Reviewed by certmassageguy, 2018-06-20 [ID 18670:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Had such a great experience with Kingstonguy. Very friendly guy. Firm strokes and very good technique. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Gisidoro, 2018-06-20 [ID 18669:P]

Reply from kingstonguy of 2018-06-20
It was a pleasure meeting you and to massage your very tannned toned body and you are better looking than your photos! Hope to see you again.

RobTheRub Highly Recommended
Street, England, United Kingdom
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Rob The Rub he was very friendly and welcoming and I felt instantly comfortable.
His hands were sure and his massage abilities were great he was very encouraging to someone like me (a novice) and soon picked up that I was keen to learn.
After a wonderful swap I left to return home having thoroughly enjoyed my visit and certain sure I’d visit again - fantastic!
Reviewed by oxonman, 2018-06-20 [ID 18668:P]

globalt Highly Recommended
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
Outstanding exchange! A very comfortable person to be with...a champion for humanity. His noble, evolved personality is a natural fit for sharing healthy massage sessions. Demonstrated evolved techniques including asking for feedback to ensure his delivery was hitting the mark. We exchanged many emails in making arrangements...he totally followed through with every detail. I am looking forward to our next exchange...and to further conversations and sharing of ideas.
Reviewed by seeker359, 2018-06-20 [ID 18663:P]

Reply from globalt of 2018-06-20
It is fate that folks come in your lives and you are one of those gems. Thank you for the friendship and teaching me the art of touch and healing.

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