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flexhands Highly Recommended
Wilton Manors, Florida, United States
Was lucky enough to receive a massage from FLEXHANDS today. He's a really nice guy, welcoming, all prepared, and a comminicator. The best part he calls everyone " honey ". Very endearing.
Reviewed by Mssagexchangess, 2020-01-17 [ID 22766:P]

UwsNyc Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
A great massage trade with UwsNyc — I even asked him if he was a professional or had taken classes. I felt relaxed almost immediately and that continued through the entire massage. A real gentleman, too.
Reviewed by LEANNYC, 2020-01-17 [ID 22765:P]

edoardo85 Highly Recommended
Chula Vista, California, United States
Had a great massage trade with edoardo85. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. If you trade with him, be prepared for a long, thorough and excellent massage.
Reviewed by HPerez, 2020-01-17 [ID 22764:P]

Wackyracer Recommended
Tilford, United Kingdom
Met Wackyracer for a drink to get to know him first then had a massage a few days later. The oil he used was lovely and warm. He gave a lovely massage, very gentle and soothing. Happily recommend.
Reviewed by bigbouncygal, 2020-01-17 [ID 22758:P]

proven25 Highly Recommended
Woodridge, Illinois, United States
Absolute perfection!
Reviewed by MolestMePlease, 2020-01-16 [ID 22763:P]

danlondon Highly Recommended
London Borough of Islington, England, United Kingdom
DanLondon welcomed me to a room specially laid out for massage with a comfortable table. His professional training showed at every stage. He gave an excellent massage, with strokes that I'd like to learn myself. In turn, he has a lovely body to massage. He is a great host. I look forward to repeating the exchange.
Reviewed by 00TouchFan, 2020-01-16 [ID 22762:P]

Rubbingtime Highly Recommended
Leesburg, Virginia, United States of America
So it’s rare you meet someone that looks like their picture but Matt definitely did.

He has great hands and you can tell he really enjoys giving massages I can’t wait to meet with him again. I left extremely relaxed and felt like he and I could be friends
Reviewed by Funarama, 2020-01-16 [ID 22761:P]

dance100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Dance100 picked me up from the station and was a perfect host, welcoming me with a drink. After a chat about what we enjoyed in massage he took me to the warm room with massage table already set up. His experience and training shows with a great mix of strokes and a reassuring confidence. Much recommended. I look forward to my next exchange with him.
Reviewed by 00TouchFan, 2020-01-16 [ID 22760:P]

HK2019 Recommended
Grapevine, Texas, United States
exchanged a massage with HK2019 - was very pleasant, clean environment, good technique and a very enjoyable time with him. I'm not a chatty person so really appreciated he didn't keep me from enjoying the massage with a lot of chit chat - but rather focused on the massage and how i was responding to different elements during the session.
Reviewed by lyftdallas, 2020-01-16 [ID 22759:P]

ZeMasseuse Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States

Zemasseuze was the perfect"First" last year...
I was very fortunate to exchange therapeutic massages with Zemasseuse on regular base.

The first time we meet at her residence, upon entering her home, I felt welcomed and with this wonderful person who greeted me there was a click what was the begin of our regular massage exchanges.
She lead me to a room that was set up perfectly for bodywork. and immediately offered water, coffee or thee.
She had me lay on the table first and In no time I had almost fallen asleep, but I could still consciously feel her massaging me.
I had many massage exchanges with professionals and bodywork enthusiasts —some good, but most not so much. And it is with that background that I can say, Zemasseuse truly has a gift for intuitive touch. What often marks the difference between a good and a poor massage is simple intention. Is the practitioner doing this because they truly enjoy it, or because it is an onerous obligation? There was no question in my mind that Zemassuese enjoys healing others through touch. Her intention was real, and this came across in each gentle stroke providing just the right amount of pressure based on the needs of that body area.

After we exchanged and once, I started the massage, she was the perfect recipient. As my hands caressed her beautiful soft skin, I felt the energy heat up the room. The experience was incredibly comfortable and organic... Very natural.
Thank you Zemasseuse for a wonderful opportunity to meet, massage and build a wonderful friendship.

I hope to exchange with her till the end of my stay in LA. and as soon as possible again.
I highly recommend Zemassuese to anyone who is seeking a relaxing and therapeutic massage session.
Her massage ranks in the top 10 of my experience.
Reviewed by Diplomat, 2020-01-16 [ID 22757:P]

61Naturelover Highly Recommended
Black Rock, Victoria, Australia
I had a wonderful experience with 61Naturelover. Such an intuitive masseur with the softest hands. I prefer a firmer touch, and he happily obliged, constantly checking on whether I required additional attention to any particular area and that the pressure was sufficient. I can not recommend him highly enough, and I am looking forward to the next massage.
Reviewed by MelbMatt, 2020-01-15 [ID 22755:P]

Reply from 61Naturelover of 2020-01-16
Thanks Matt gr8 review, now to live up to it cheers

MelbMatt Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Prior to exchange Matt communicated professionally, on arrival presented in a relaxed manner that gets things off to a good start. Matt has gr8 muscle tone to work on , although a receive only status, I had some neck pain & asked if he could work on it which he did well.
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2020-01-15 [ID 22753:P]

Jackmasseuse Highly Recommended
Ilford, England, United Kingdom
Brilliant very professional full body massage. Loved the deep cleansing scrub as well. Very well mannered, respected boundaries.
Reviewed by Suzyq12, 2020-01-14 [ID 22752:P]

FitDadTouch Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Connection, conversation, intimacy, and sensuality made for a great exchange between FitDadTouch and myself. I was very relaxed and comfortable. Hope our paths cross again.
Reviewed by threerivers, 2020-01-14 [ID 22751:P]

Eboniguy Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
In my first review of Eboniguy (EG) under his former account, I wrote that despite his claim to be inexperienced, EG demonstrated a high level of intuitive skill in our initial session. What he most needed six months ago was hands-on experience to improve his skills. I get to come back under his new account with an updated review, and it’s a great one.

I told EG that I’d welcome another exchange. To my great benefit, he and I became regular exchange partners; he has really improved! He is now a confident practitioner whose pacing, choice of strokes and the pressure he uses is consistently on point. I always enjoy our exchanges and, in addition to his skilled hands, find him to be a genial guy and a good conversationalist. Plus, his dry and somewhat sarcastic take on life is quite funny. At the risk of losing my “regular guy” I’ll again say, if you have the chance to be under his hands definitely take him up on the offer.
Reviewed by Thumbler, 2020-01-14 [ID 22750:P]

HPerez Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
I had the pleasure to meet and exchange an unhurried massage with HPerez last night. He is a very charming and respectful man. Even though he is an amateur giving massages, he gave me a very nice relaxing massage experience. He is a diamond in the rough. With a little more practice and tutorials he certainly has the potential to be an amazing masseuse. Looking forward to exchanging massages with him any time he is in San Diego.
Reviewed by edoardo85, 2020-01-14 [ID 22749:P]

stokeybare Highly Recommended
Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom
Met with stokeybare yesterday in his lovely clean home..
Greeted with a nice smile ,offered a cuppa ,then upstairs.
The room was warm and very inviting.
We both stripped and then exchanged massage twice.
Stokeybare is far more experienced than myself ,he gave me a hints as i massaged him..
A very gentle ,genuine man who knows his way around a naked body.
Thanks for a wonderful time.
100% recommended .
Look forward to next time.
Reviewed by relaxing2013, 2020-01-13 [ID 22748:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
I had a good and friendly encounter with obrian18. Someone that is serious about massages and is trustworthy. I learned some good stuff from him as well.
Reviewed by umasseur13, 2020-01-13 [ID 22747:P]

Reply from obrian18 of 2020-01-14
Thank You for your review, greatly appreciated

SusieQ Highly Recommended
Augusta-Richmond County consolidated government (balance), Georgia, United States of America
This was my first with MExch & first Tantra experience. My provider here was so open -it was both a peaceful & invigorating experience in a cozy surround. I'll be back to learn more..
Reviewed by vuka000, 2020-01-13 [ID 22723:P]

Imgeno56 Highly Recommended
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States
I really enjoyed my massage from lmgeno56..he was very professional and polite..he really knows how to use his hands..he made me feel very comfortable..cant wait for the next massage
Reviewed by davwkmg365, 2020-01-13 [ID 22746:P]

umasseur13 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Marvelous masseur, a great human being, looking forward to the next exchange - I highly recommend him
Reviewed by obrian18, 2020-01-13 [ID 22745:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Kingstonguy was a very warm, friendly and sympathetic guy. He gave a great, relaxing and smooth massage and was a pleasure to spend time with.
Reviewed by BohoLondon, 2020-01-13 [ID 22744:P]

armymedicsoldier Highly Recommended
Springfield, Virginia, United States
AM & I had a last-minute evening session. I'm glad we did. Nice guy - friendly, easy going, respectful, and knowledgeable about massage. Checks in to see if there are any injuries, what music you like, what you don't want massaged, etc. Pretty relaxing massage - I hope he enjoyed mine as well. I look forward to having another session with him.
Reviewed by Eboniguy, 2020-01-12 [ID 22743:P]

davwkmg365 Highly Recommended
Akron, Ohio, United States
I want to Thank davwkmg365 for coming over to My place..Perfect Gentleman...Great time..Great massage..I hope to see Him again!!!
Reviewed by Imgeno56, 2020-01-12 [ID 22742:P]

Chantelle90 Highly Recommended
Luton, England, United Kingdom
After a short open exchange of emails Chantelle visited me for a massage, communication was superb, before starting it was clear where the limits where. During the massage Chantelle let me know how she was feeling and what was working for her, she is a receptive and open person who enjoys the relaxation and pleasure of massage. I thoroughly enjoyed working on Chantelle getting great feedback from her, the time flew by and I would definitely love to work with her again.

A fabulous lady who certainly seemed to enjoy the touch and pleasure of a deep tissue massage.

If you are offered the opportunity to work with Chantelle then I'd highly recommend you do, I hope I get to work with her again soon.
Reviewed by TonyBoo, 2020-01-12 [ID 22740:P]

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