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namhctaw Highly Recommended
Whittier, California, United States
Namhctaw is a very nice friendly guy who makes you feel welcome and comfortable. He always check to make sure his massage is good. His techniques was superb and you will really feel relaxed after the session. He is a great guy and I would recommend him.
Reviewed by jazzme 2020-11-26 [ID 23877:P]

Ruyal Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had the pleasure of exchanging with Ruyal a while ago, he arrived on time and found him to be very friendly, interesting, approachable and polite guy.

We had a drink and chatted for a while and we started by spending c’20 minutes on each other, alternating massaging areas; neck, shoulders, back and arms followed by legs and chest. He taught me a few new routines which I hope to incorporate in future massage exchanges, the massage was unhurried and flowed seamlessly and lasted for close to 3 hours

I had a wonderful massage exchange with Ruyal and found it a thoroughly enjoyable experience

I look forward to meeting him again soon and he comes highly recommended

Sorry for late review
Reviewed by london2015 2020-11-26 [ID 23876:P]

Regainezra Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
He is very good, very good host, respectful. I recommend him... I felt asleep when he did massage for me... Thanks a lot...
Reviewed by tidus1986a 2020-11-25 [ID 23875:P]

ME195905 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
I had the pleasure of meeting up with ME for an exchange and it was a very nice exchange I will definitely reach out to ME on my next trip to the Gulf Coast. I highly recommend setting up an exchange with ME on your next trip to the area.
Reviewed by massguynola 2020-11-25 [ID 23874:P]

Will1992 Highly Recommended
Northwood, England, United Kingdom
I have met Will1992 at his place for a foot massage. Both he and his girlfriend welcomed me nicely. Will1992 adapted his home office into a massage room with a comfortable sofa and chairs.
First he offered me a foot spa with warm water and bubbles, which in its own was relaxing. Then he proceeded rubbing my feet one at a time. After that he also gave a rub to my calves, which I appreciated.
Thank you Will1992, keep up the good work.
Reviewed by LuShhh 2020-11-25 [ID 23873:P]

Systemsguy88 Recommended
Rochester, New York, United States
I had a very relaxing time and a pleasant massage exchange with Systemsguy88 when he was in town for a business trip. I did more of the rub down as he seemed to need it more than me. That's part of the intuitiveness of this. Next time he is here, we will plan another exchange.
Reviewed by funnmassage 2020-11-24 [ID 23872:P]

Dubka Highly Recommended
Luton, England, United Kingdom
Dubka and I exchanged a number of messages and texts to explore our massage preferences including pressures, type, and problem areas, to ensure expectations were fulfilled.

Since I was hosting, Dubka and I met at my apartment. It was apparent from the outset that Dubka was a very considerate and professional therapist. Although I usually only give massage to receive-only women, Dubka insisted that we have a massage exchange.

We chatted for well over an hour before deciding Dubka would massage me first. We had decided I would remain in my wheelchair for practical convenience. Dubka suggested I leant over a table while she worked on my back from behind. She spent about an hour easing my back muscles which had become extremely knotted from life in a wheelchair.

Although painful at times, for the first time in years, my back felt mobile and fluid again. I would say without reservation, Dubka is an exceptional therapist who has unique skills. Although based on Swedish massage techniques, Dubka delivered a bespoke treatment. On completion of my massage, we retreated to my treatment room for Dubka’s massage.

Since I had just taken delivery of a new electric-operated table, Dubka was my very first exchange using this equipment. The new table necessitated learning new delivery skills to ensure I gave a good quality massage while sat in a wheelchair. The height adjustment helped, but it was still a challenge from the procedure I used on a memory foam mattress.

Dubka was very patient, adjusting her position on the table to enable me to reach all areas of her body. I began Dubka’s massage while she was laid face down to enable deep tissue technique of her upper back, shoulders, arms and lower back. This was followed by her feet, lower legs, thighs and bottom. I then asked Dubka to lay face up to enable massage of her abdomen, and upper and lower legs.

Although Dubka said she had enjoyed my massage, with more practice using my new table, I hope we can exchange again soon to enable me to give her a much improved massage experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my exchange with Dubka, and unreservedly recommend her. She is an exceptional therapist.
Reviewed by Robin15 2020-11-24 [ID 23871:P]

Robin15 Highly Recommended
Harefield, England, United Kingdom
Robin is very professional and knowledgeable therapist who went through a lot in his life. His not easy condition was challenging for me - being professional therapist myself. Robin was my first client to treat on the wheelchair. He assisted me through during a massage so I would not hurt him and we both have enjoyed the session.
Robin massaged me on return on his brand new massage table, it was bit of challenge for him too. However, he performed a professional session and we communicated throughout to make sure we both are comfortable.
I highly recommend Robin to anyone.
Thank you one more time =)
Reviewed by Dubka 2020-11-24 [ID 23870:P]

Thaisticks Highly Recommended
Margate, England, United Kingdom
I met Thaisticks can wholeheartedly recommend them to the massage community here. They are a great couple, attractive, professional, friendly and polite. Great communication skills meant it was pleasantly easy to arrange something and the massage I gave them was very well received. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by mikeinlondon2003 2020-11-24 [ID 23869:P]

funnmassage Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
He was very personable, calm and relaxed. He put me at ease right away. We got to know each other first and that helped set the tone. His touch is very pleasant and relaxing. He is patient and thorough. I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange and I look forward to exchanging again with him.
Reviewed by Systemsguy88 2020-11-23 [ID 23868:P]

Reply from funnmassage of 2020-11-24
I had a very relaxing time and a pleasant massage exchange with Systemsguy88 when he was in town for a business trip. Next time he is here, we will plan another exchange.

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Armand is quite simply the best of the best. He is an attentive massage therapist who understands the human body. Armand is reliable, responsible and kind. I feel so much better following my massage with Armand. He takes his time and he pays attention to detail. I could not expect a better quality massage than the one I received today. I look forward to exchanging with him in the near future.. If I could rate Armand higher than 5 stars, I would do it without hesitation. Just a wonderful experience.
Reviewed by HandinHand 2020-11-23 [ID 23867:P]

HicksT Highly Recommended
Clearwater, Florida, United States
My experience with HicksT was well done. From initial communication to our massage was respectful and enjoyable. He was on time, communicated well and considerate of our massage parameters. He had excellent technique. I look forward to exchanging again. Thanks HicksT!
Reviewed by Tampa54bi 2020-11-23 [ID 23866:P]

LucyLovesMassage Highly Recommended
Bermondsey, England, United Kingdom
LLM is a lovely person who loves the touch / massage.
She wanted to know everything in detail before agreeing for the massage. Her approach was very straightforward and to the point, which I truly liked about.

Our first meeting with her husband was in a common place and we agreed everything before meeting for the actual massage day. I was able to read that she is very fragile due to things that have happened in her life and she needs lot of time assurance to trust some stranger as me. But I could say that we were able to build a good bond on the first day and we agreed to meet.

She has a lovely firm curvy body with very smooth skin and she loves high pressure when the massage is therapeutic, but when it turns to sensual, she loves it very SLOW...... and it has to be very sensual, if not, you could see her not liking the move or touch.
So, I had to adopt to those very slow moves and change my style a bit to make LLM happy.

Even a slight high pressure or faster move during the sensual massage can put her off. But I was able to learn her body and how she responded for the touch to make the massage a pleasurable one for her.

When I met LLM for the second time it was easy for me to train my brain to switch between therapeutic and sensual in a particular way for her.

I have to say that once she is comfortable and builds the rhythm of enjoying, she is like water.....she submits herself and enjoys the massage sessions thoroughly, which is pleasing for eyes as a therapist.

I have met her 6 times now and every massage has been a step ahead.

Her new massage bed (a gift from her husband) is a bonus and made massages very comfortable for me ;)
Reviewed by gussy 2020-11-23 [ID 23865:P]

mikeinlondon2003 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met Mike prior to lockdown, he is a highly skilled masseur, making us feel totally at ease. His deep tissue massage was fantastic with just the right amount of pressure. The massage was finished with sensual strokes which were expertly perfomed by Mike, highly recommended!
Reviewed by Thaisticks 2020-11-22 [ID 23864:P]

Reply from mikeinlondon2003 of 2020-11-24
It was lovely to meet such a wonderful couple as you! I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as I did and hope to see you again soon.

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
Great massage, left feeling brand new
Reviewed by Letsconnect 2020-11-22 [ID 23863:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2020-11-23
Thank you for the kind words my friend it was a pleasure looking forward to next time.

Letsconnect Highly Recommended
Roswell, Georgia, United States
This was the nicest afternoon surprise. I arrived in Atlanta on business and Letsconnect contacted me for a massage exchange. An elegant Latin gentleman with old world charm and deeply courteous with superior and thoughtful massage skills. I would recommend him highly if you come through Atlanta. An experience not to be missed. I am already looking forward to the next time.
Reviewed by internationallover 2020-11-22 [ID 23862:P]

Max79 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I recently had a lovely exchange with Max79. With no time constraints our 5 hour massage session proved to be effectively relaxing. Max79 gives a firm massage with his soft hands.

Max79 is a considerate host. He provided refreshments and a warm environment.
Reviewed by PeppyA 2020-11-22 [ID 23861:P]

msgseeker Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Msg seeker came to visit me at mine. We chatted easily before getting down to the business of massage. His combination of strokes were applied with intuitive touch and it was a pleasure to return the gesture. His open mindedness and candid nature made our session a positive and satisfying experience.
Reviewed by CharlieG42 2020-11-22 [ID 23860:P]

london2015 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
London2015’s a very warm, relaxed and welcoming person. This certainly comes across in his massage techniques. Great atmosphere and easy to talk to. We talked for a while before the massage session. We did:

Back then swap, legs then swap and then chests.

Would definitely recommend!
Reviewed by Mubzi 2020-11-22 [ID 23858:P]

Robin15 Highly Recommended
Harefield, England, United Kingdom
After a few initial messages and one phone call, I met Robin15 at his place which he has adapted to provide massages, as I noticed straight away. The dimmed lights, quiet relaxing music and fine smell of scented candles were a nice touch.
First we chatted and once we became comfortable with each other, we discussed what kind of massage he can provide and what I'd like to experience. I must admit that I was very curious about how it's going to work, seen as Robin15 is limited by his disability. But, to my surprise, he's got it all figured out in a clever way.
In case you're wondering, because I was, Robin15 sat on the bed, leaning himself against the headboard and asked me to position myself on towel covered cushions between his stretched out legs.
Now, wait, I know it sounds a bit dodgy, again, I'm expressing my own thoughts here, but trust me, there's absolutely nothing risqué about it, when you realise that he cannot feel anything from his last ribs down.
So, apart from the slightly unusual positioning, Robin15's massage was no different than from any able bodied person. And what a massage it was!
He started with an Indian face massage followed by an Indian head massage. After those, I was already super relaxed, so the deep tissue massage which followed was a pure bliss for me.
I had such a spectacularly relaxing time with Robin15, it was like a spa day :) I'm definitely going back for more!
Reviewed by LuShhh 2020-11-21 [ID 23846:P]

Carlb9 Recommended
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Carlb9 is a very pleasant man with good communication skills and very interested in massage. He was very thoughtful and ensured I was enjoying the massage. He has good strong hands and I felt very comfortable with him. I would certainly have another massage from him.
Reviewed by tuscany37 2020-11-21 [ID 23857:P]

Smooth82 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I swapped with Smooth82 a while ago and found him well worth swapping with - he arrived on time and is wonderful man to chat with he is quite new to massage but does deliver a thorough and enjoyable massage.

We swapped massage delivery a few times to break up the various body areas and was very enjoyable

He shows great interest to learn more and really hope that he will have more swapping opportunities;

I will swap with him again to enable more experience

4 stars now - with obvious potential for 5 before not too long

Thanks again Smooth82 sorry for late review

Reviewed by london2015 2020-11-21 [ID 23856:P]

PeppyA Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Just returned from a beautiful Exchange with PeppyA from what was her first Massage Exchange.
Communications were excellent both before and throughout and it was a privilege to meet such a wonderful lady.
PeppyA provided bath Salts and the meet started with a lovely relaxing soak in the tub for each of us and a lovely chat.
This set the tone for a very open and transparent Exchange.
We spent a long leisurely 7+ hours together and also ate together too.
I gave a therapeutic massage initially which then became more sensual and PeppyA returned the compliment with a very relaxing massage that really hit the spot.
I look forward to many more meetings with PeppyA and hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship.
A truly lovely Lady and highly recommended.
Look forward to seeing PeppyA again real soon.
Reviewed by Max5001 2020-11-21 [ID 23855:P]

Max5001 Highly Recommended
Bedford, England, United Kingdom
I recently had my first exchange with Max5001 and it was a beautiful introduction to my journey that is ahead. Our communication from the initial contact all the way through to our 7 hour session of therapeutic and sensual massage flowed effortlessly. We connected openly, honestly and respectfully.

Max5001 is a gentle man with a warm spirit and effective massage skills. We met with a smile and parted extremely relaxed, relieved and rejuvenated. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Reviewed by PeppyA 2020-11-20 [ID 23852:P]

jazzme Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
Jazzme was on time and very easy to talked to. He had a nice firm touch and the massage was good for the muscles, I definitely recomen him for an exchange..
Reviewed by namhctaw 2020-11-20 [ID 23851:P]

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