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jonboy1963 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure meeting jonboy1963 yesterday. Since this was my first ever massage exchange, I was slightly nervous but jonboy1963 welcomed me and made me feel really comfortable. I have to say jonboy1963 has got a really lovely home, very peaceful, the best place for a massage. Arranging an exchange with jonboy1963 was very easy, and we spoke before on the phone thus breaking the ice and setting the right expectations from both sides and I did really appreciate that. jonboy1963 is a very friendly guy, so it was easy to get along with him and have a a quick chat over a cup of tea before the massage.

The massage room was very cosy and warm. Considering I had a variety of different type of massages through out the years, I have still learnt some new techniques from jonboy1963 which I will definitely use in the future. Thanks jonboy1963 for being my first exchange!
Reviewed by 2407 2024-04-22 02:02 [29694/P]

Phillymassageman Highly Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
Phillymassageman was an excellent host and we had a very good exchange. Phillymassageman obviously has had some excellent training and he knows how to put that training to good use. His massage techniques were professional grade. He was also an excellent massage receiver. I hope I am able to exchange with him again in the very near future!

Reviewed by Stellarmassage 2024-04-21 22:34 [29693/P]

giogio Highly Recommended
Westminster, England, United Kingdom
Did an exchange with him.
He was polite, kind easy to talk with and friendly host.
The room was set up nicely, warm and relaxing music playing as well.
He gave an amazing massage lot of great variety of strokes and firmly moves.
Awesome massage I highly recommend him.
Thanks again it was amazing xxx
Reviewed by Topgun888 2024-04-21 15:27 [29691/P]

AGbodywork Highly Recommended
Menifee, California, United States of America
I had the pleasure of an exchange with AGbodywork on a resent trip to So Cal. He contacted me prior to my trip and we arranged our exchange prior to my trip, which is always best to insure it happens. Having discussed our expectations of our exchange thru our communications, we started shortly after my arrival. He had a nice set up that set the tone. His technique we just right and it was clear he understood the body. He hit all the right spots to take out the tension from long day of travelling. Thanks AGbodywork, our exchange was a highlight of my trip.
Reviewed by doneright 2024-04-21 12:19 [29687/P]

ozz Highly Recommended
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
I had a nice massage during ozz's trip to NYC. ozz is experienced with strong technique. He provided a nice firm touch and a very relaxing, enjoyable experience for me. Thank you!
Reviewed by bridgeway12 2024-04-21 11:49 [29692/P]

2407 Highly Recommended
Rugby, England, United Kingdom
It was an absolute pleasure to host 2407 today - his first exchange on this site and the first time he has given a massage, rather than just received one.

I have to say that he certainly didn’t come across as a novice - I really welcomed his strong and confident touch and particularly liked the effect he creates by using both hands working in opposite directions at the same time - a sort of “parting of the waves”.

2407 is a really nice guy, very easy to get along with and very straightforward to arrange an exchange. He is well travelled and this has also given him a varied experience of receiving different types of massage around the world. I can see how he fed that experience into his first massage with me. I have no doubt that his technique will get even better with more practice and I can recommend him without hesitation.
Reviewed by jonboy1963 2024-04-21 10:10 [29690/P]

bikingguy Highly Recommended
Plainfield, Indiana, United States of America
Wow! This was fantastic By far one of the best massages I have had.
Reviewed by TravlerUSA1 2024-04-20 13:59 [29689/P]

wanderlust Highly Recommended
Gesundbrunnen, Berlin, Germany
A body of a dancer lean taut and responsive. A true treat to be massaged by this very worldly elegant human. Excellent tender touch that you never tire of. Cannot wait till next time.
Reviewed by MiddleasternDelight 2024-04-20 05:57 [29688/P]

bridgeway12 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
After four days in NYC for business and pleasure and a LOT of walking, I was totally ready for a relaxing massage with bridgeway12. He has a beautiful apartment all set up with a very nice table. We visited for a while and got to know each other better. bridgeway12 is a super nice guy. He has a firm touch and very experienced. It was a relaxing exchange for both of us. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting bridgeway12 and highly recommend him. I hope we can exchange the next time I'm in the city.
Reviewed by ozz 2024-04-19 20:38 [29686/P]

GoodArms Highly Recommended
Palm Desert, California, United States of America
GoodArms has a warm and kind personality. I'm a full-time RVer and he even kindly picked me up and returned me to the nearby Wal-Mart (3 mi.) His profile says no travelers but if you are experienced, with good reviews, maybe somewhat fit I would still give him a try. He has a clean inviting house and space. He let me shower in advance in his luxurious shower (and offered after but I wanted to leave the hydrating all natural oil he used on my skin).
His technique can be a little unorthodox at times but you can relax, he knows what he is doing and is not going to cause you harm and you will feel good after. There were 2 points in the massage I found painful & not in a therapeutic release kind of way. 1 time I just let him know "that doesn't feel good" and he let up ... just communicate and you will be fine, nothing that will cause harm/damage. (again 2 very brief moments of discomfort with his technique).
On the other hand he did some VERY good deep tissue work on my neck and shoulders which are a chronic problem for me. He got deeper as our mutual comfort level increased.
We also connected well with mutual sensual touch and chemistry.
I hope to see GoodArms again and to be even more relaxed/comfortable and build on what was already a good to very good experience.
Reviewed by jaysm4mmassage 2024-04-19 16:29 [27480/P]

sorenomore129 Highly Recommended
Yulee, Florida, United States
A massage with sorenomore129 will bring you therapeutic relief as his strong strokes bring every single muscle into complete relaxation on his perfect table, clean sheets, with the exact oil you requested and an open and comfortable exchange. His attention to every detail, his calming and accepting demeanor, and his ability to sense what you need makes for an unforgettable session. sorenomore129 deserves your attention too! He gives as well as he receives and I must say bringing him the same relaxation and attention to detail will bring huge rewards! Do not hesitate to connect and make an exchange!
Reviewed by Mayflower757 2024-04-19 14:45 [29685/P]

hotwire Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
This guys pictures don't capture the real beauty of his body. It was an incredible experience. He has a really beautiful body. Every Inch of it. He is handsome as well. If you ever get the chance to massage him you definitely won't be disappointed . His personality matches his looks and body. A super nice guy. Thank you hotwire for a great time. Hope you return soon.
Reviewed by Edsville 2024-04-19 09:02 [29684/P]

jaysm4mmassage Highly Recommended
Cathedral City, California, United States of America
I met jaysm4mmassage yesterday afternoon for an amazing massage exchange. He is very friendly, respectful and caring.
He provided a therapeutic Swedish and deep tissue massage with some sensuality mixed in.
He did an awesome job working on my neck and shoulders, so far the best neck massage I have ever had on ME.
Hope to exchange with him again before I leave town.
I strongly recommend exchanging with him!
Thank you for a GREAT MASSAGE! jaysm4mmassage
Reviewed by edoardo85 2024-04-19 08:12 [29683/P]

Reply from jaysm4mmassage of 2024-04-19
Thank you for the very positive and complimentary review! I look forward to at least 1 more exchange with you next week before you leave town. I will definitely let you know if ever headed down your way, may even make a special trip for it.
Definitely hit me up next season if you will be up this way!

FitDadinHB Recommended
Huntington Beach, California, United States of America
I had a very pleasant exchange experience with FitDadinHB. He had a great set up with oils and a table. Super accommodating and very good at finding all the right areas to massage. Hope to reconnect
Reviewed by 1bridog 2024-04-19 04:07 [29682/P]

Soblonde Highly Recommended
Peterborough, England, United Kingdom
Chatted to Soblonde for a little while and quickly arranged a meet. She came to me and kept me informed of her arrival. Chat and a glass of wine before letting her get ready for the massage. A very enjoyable 1.5 hours with a lovely lady and some good feedback on my technique which she seemed to enjoy, and hopefully she left relaxed and revitalised. Thanks and look forward to hopefully meeting again soon.
Reviewed by JamesUKMassage 2024-04-19 01:49 [29681/P]

edoardo85 Highly Recommended
Chula Vista, California, United States
edoardo85 is/was visiting my area in Cathedral City for a few weeks while working a gig. It took some persistence on both our parts but we finally where able to meet in person and I received an exquisite sensual, tantric massage from him along with some therapeutic work on my neck and shoulders which he delivered at the SAME time.

We started with his preferred mutual shower scrub and shower massage, which he was right was a good ice breaker. After we were both squeaky clean and very aroused, we moved things to the bed.

He was just incredible! He was also moderately Dominant and aggressive (in a VERY GOOD way) that revved my engine 😈

I was also reciprocally massage him a bit while he was also working on me. But we also eventually switched.
He wanted to receive a bit more therapeutic massage than me and I obliged.

He has some neck and shoulder injuries, so you should be either certified or very experienced or at a bare minimum follow directions carefully and make small slow movements working on these area. He communicates well and will even show you preferred techniques that provide him with pain relief.

His situation requires some discretion, but he also sets good safety boundaries for behaviors that he will not engage in. The requested discretion was not a problem or dilemma for me. He is getting ALL of his needs met, yet still protecting his health and that of others involved in his life.

He's in the area for another week, and I hope we exchange again for he leaves!
Reviewed by jaysm4mmassage 2024-04-18 19:36 [29680/P]

Reply from edoardo85 of 2024-04-19
Thank you for your nice review.

I truly appreciate your concerns and great work you did on my neck. You gave me the best neck massage I have ever received on ME.

Regarding your recommendation on your review that I need experienced partners, I don't mind exchanging massages with people that are relatively new to massage, as long as they are open to be taught.

Looking forward to exchanging massages with you again soon ☺️

Mayflower757 Highly Recommended
Chesapeake, Virginia, United States of America
Mayflower757 is an amazing person to exchange with, she is very responsive to communication and very easy to work with to set up an exchange. She has a great open and positive personality that quickly sets the stage for the perfect session. She is wonderfully responsive to touch and technique and gives great feedback that helps make the experience for both much better. It was a true pleasure providing her with a relaxing, sensual massage. But she is not only a great receiver, she is an amazing provider as well. She has a beautiful and giving heart and is more than skilled at relieving stress and pain in the body. You will also enjoy a very relaxing and sensual experience as she uses her whole body to deliver the powerful deep strokes to stimulating light touch. Mayflower757 is outstanding exchange partner on every level and I highly recommend her to anyone. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and will give all she has to you. So what are you waiting for!!! Message her now!
Reviewed by sorenomore129 2024-04-18 16:16 [29679/P]

Swapper Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Thank You Swapper for a memorable experience. I should have given my review much quicker. He is a true gentleman and does a great massage for someone that says he is inexperienced. We had a wonderful time visiting and getting to know each other. It was very mutually beneficial for both of us. I look forward to having this amazing man back in my home. Blessings to you my friend.
Reviewed by Whitt1230 2024-04-18 09:25 [29678/P]

Heavenlyguy Highly Recommended
St Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
I had a very pleasant massage exchange with Heavenly guy. He was very friendly and had very good massage techniques. I felt very relaxed afterwards. Would highly recommend.
Reviewed by Lunargem 2024-04-16 14:02 [29674/P]

deroki Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
deroki was a really friendly and accommodating host. He gave a strong and assured massage, thorough and unrushed, and was kind enough to check on areas I’d like extra attention on before we swapped over.
He’s got a great strong body, was a pleasure to exchange with. Looking forward to next time, thanks again mate!
Reviewed by JayMassageAU 2024-04-16 12:46 [29673/P]

Gymwresguy Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Gymwresguy a couple of weeks ago at his place in central Manchester. I noted that he has homes in London and Manchester but had neither a southern lilt nor a Mancunian twang to his accent ! After having conversed over who we had exchanged with off his site and who we had made friends with we got down to a mutual rub which I found very relaxing .
He has a mix of therapeutic and sensual strokes which make for a good swop . He is an interesting conversationalist and we had much of a mutual nature health wise to discuss. I really enjoyed meeting him and would welcome another swop at some point.
Reviewed by Heavenlyguy 2024-04-16 12:39 [29670/P]

Lunargem Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Lunargem a couple of weeks ago in North Manchester and found him a very inviting host . He has a very relaxing style of massage and likes to keep you warm by covering up the unexposed parts of your body whilst kneading . I normally like not to chat during an exchange preferring instead to relish the strokes . However on this occasion he accompanied his strokes with genteel banter and it was a pleasant experience. I would thoroughly recommend Lunargem for an exchange and thank him for hosting .
Reviewed by Heavenlyguy 2024-04-16 12:27 [29664/P]

Gymwresguy Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Gymwresguy is a very friendly, chatty guy chap who is very easy to get on with.
He has very good technique and strong hands which are made for a good deep tissue massage which was just what was required.
Reviewed by Lunargem 2024-04-16 05:12 [29663/P]

Lunargem Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Lunargem is very easy to communicate with and makes you feel welcome and above all is extremely knowledgeable in most massage techniques which make for a relaxed and very enjoyable massage. His applied different stokes to melt away any knots. He has a toned muscular body build as a yoga teacher so was great to massage. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Gymwresguy 2024-04-16 00:58 [29662/P]

Proman Highly Recommended
Audlem, England, United Kingdom
I had the most amazing full body sensual massage from Proman. He used his hands, body and tongue to reach every part of my body and left me climaxed and refreshed. Would highly recommend!
Reviewed by Hairyguymassage 2024-04-15 05:24 [29660/P]

Reply from Proman of 2024-04-16
Thanks for your review, I look forward to your next visit, so you can return the favour.