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Jdeluxe Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I always think that the key to a successful massage swap is chemistry and I had intuited this from J from the moment we communicated with each other.

He is fiercely bright, funny and an extremely likeable guy.

We arranged to meet without any hassle and he arrived punctually.We got along very easily and after a little discussion it was decided that I would massage J first.

I think he thought I was ok, although he’s maybe too polite to say otherwise. I thoroughly enjoyed giving the massage.

We then swapped and I received an extremely considerate and attentive massage.Sensitive but with good pressure.He was very thorough and it was incredibly relaxing.He is an intuitive masseur with a serious attention to detail. He was also a real pleasure to chat with after the swap.

It isn't always usual that there is a meeting of minds but based on the long chat we had afterwards I would say we are singing from the same (political) hymn sheet at least! It was a pity he had to go back to work or I would have broken open a bottle of something and continued to chew the fat.

I am loathe to recommend him because he will become hugely popular with everyone but it is my civic duty. More please J
Reviewed by Claphamfella, 2019-04-24 [ID 20851:P]

keithkid1 Highly Recommended
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
At 6’ 3” with big hands, big feet and a long... set of arms >grin<, I realize I have an advantage giving massage. On most guys I can fully reach head to waist and feet to hip from one position at the table, and have enough leverage to put power behind my strokes. I had to use that advantage in my recent session with keithkid1 (kk1) in order to reduce the tension in his well-knotted shoulder and back muscles. It was a new experience to feel traps that were so tense, almost wooden. Fortunately, kk1 asked for a deep tissue massage, so I dug in using firearms, elbows, fists and knuckles, and it seems he got some relief. In exchange, kk1 gave me a great lesson on smartly using table height (we adjusted down) to the therapist’s advantage. Additionally, in the pacing of his incredibly soothing massage technique, I learned how to start with a lighter stroke, pause, and in the repeat strokes go gradually deeper. The result is a firm massage that is subtly applied while being very relaxing. It’s a technique I’ll have to consciously practice and would welcome having in my tool kit. His approach, applied to me, had me happily drifting off in that head space of total relaxation. I’m glad kk1 and I were able to connect during this time in the DMV. I’m hoping when he is next back that I can have the benefit of hosting him again.
Reviewed by Thumbler, 2019-04-24 [ID 20858:P]

bodybliss Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Bodybliss arrived and we chatted amiably before he launched into the massage. He is a very fit man and his strokes were firm, powerful and assured, making me feel I was in the hands of a seasoned professional. I surrendered completely under his hands as everything felt so good. I wanted it to last a lot longer than the time we had. Easily the best combination of therapeutic and sensual massage I ever had on this site. Bodyliss rocks!
Reviewed by Pipajmose, 2019-04-24 [ID 20857:P]

MilkyWayz Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
I had the opportunity to exchange with MilkyWayz while vacationing through California. She has a beautiful spirit, a great sense of humor and a very nurturing touch. She had music already playing when I arrived and a variety of playlists for varying tastes. She has a gentle approach but knows exactly what she wants to do to inspire relaxation by the time she is done. A blissful experience that I look forward to repeating as soon as I get back to Sacramento.
Reviewed by Kneadie, 2019-04-23 [ID 20856:P]

Thornbird123 Highly Recommended
Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States
After communicating a few times, Thornbird123 and I met to get acquainted. We enjoyed each others company and personality and we scheduled an exchange. I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Thornbird123. He asked questions while I was working on him so he could try to duplicate the moves on me. He did a great job and I appreciate his eagerness to provide a great exchange session. I would definitely exchange with him again.
Reviewed by ShutterBug, 2019-04-23 [ID 20855:P]

wildcat888 Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Wildcat888 was a great guy to meet ,he cane excited to receive massage ,to break the ice and make him comfortable I had him enjoy my hot tub, before the massage, he was ready for the massage after the soak in hot tub, we communicated prier to the massage to set the standard for the massage,he gave good feed back during the massage and let me know I was on the right path for a great massage for him ,he was a good communicator during and after the massage, I look forward in giving him another massage
Reviewed by Lovinmassage4now, 2019-04-23 [ID 20854:P]

EsalenMassageMi Highly Recommended
Troy, Michigan, United States
EsalenMassageMi is a respectful, professional, intuitive, and kind gentleman. I am “receive only” and he went above and beyond to be a gracious host and help me feel comfortable before, during, and after my massage. He incorporated a great balance of massage as well as some mindfulness breathing for relaxation. He respected personal boundaries, initiated and engaged in open communication, and honored consent. It was great meeting him and I’m glad we connected.
Reviewed by DreamyNumbers, 2019-04-23 [ID 20852:P]

rebelfan47 Highly Recommended
Olive Branch, Mississippi, United States
Today was the second time I massaged rebelfan47. It is a receive only interaction so I don't know how good he is in giving massage but he is a delight to work on. He is very open about communication and is always clean and on time at my hotel.
He works out regularly so his body is very firm and tight and I enjoy relaxing all his muscles. I would definitely get together again if I pass through Olive Branch.
Reviewed by globalt, 2019-04-23 [ID 20850:P]

dwweaver73 Highly Recommended
Lebanon, Pennsylvania, United States
Really nice down to earth guy :) gives a good deep massage, nice strokes , high recommend
Reviewed by trademassage9943, 2019-04-23 [ID 20849:P]

Tony80 Recommended
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Tony made contact for a swap. Good to have met a friendly gentleman with a cozy, clean and comfortable place. Tony is muscular so would be a great practice body for students or anyone wanting to practice their massage skill. He requested for remedial massage and I hope he got one.
Reviewed by MJHC, 2019-04-23 [ID 20848:P]

krt Highly Recommended
West Chester Township, Ohio, United States
After a few email exchanges, KRT and I met in his hotel room. First we talked for a few minutes and he was very warm and kind. He bought oil for the rubbing and it was perfect. His touch is very deliberate with long smooth strokes and fast rubbing. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating. I learned a few techniques from him. He checked up on me few times to see if the pressure was alright. I will definitely exchange with him when our paths cross again. I believe, I gained a friend.
Reviewed by globalt, 2019-04-23 [ID 20847:P]

wildcat888 Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
I hosted wildcat888 for a massage a few times now. He was very easy to work with as far as coordinating our meet ups, communication of any boundaries, desires, or questions we had. And he was a pleasure to work on. He is receive only, which I was ok with as He is still a little new to massage, so may not feel completely comfortable with his own abilities to work on others yet.

But he was very willing and open to try out the modalities I had to offer such as Lomi Lomi massage, Swedish, and some of the relaxation techniques I used with him. He wants to try out my hot stones for a future massage, we just haven’t had enough time to get to those yet.

He was pretty open to the mix of music I was playing during the massage, the oils I used, the way my room and table are set up, etc. he was not picky or fussy about anything at all, just very open and accommodating and willing to try many things.

He responded well to my touch. And he is good looking and has a nice quiet, gentle personality that is very flexible with others. I would highly recommend anyone else consider him for a practice body or just someone they could exchange some good energy with his presence. Good guy! I’ll keep seeing him.
Reviewed by FogSurfer, 2019-04-23 [ID 20846:P]

xyjc Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Xyjc was phenomenal. His prior massage experience certainly shows. As he would stroke my back differently than anybody else has he was explaining his technique. Very helpful. Also xyjc was very polite, punctual and respectful of all boundaries.
Thank you xyjc.
Reviewed by Tallbody, 2019-04-23 [ID 20845:P]

Reply from xyjc of 2019-04-23
Thank you! It was a great trade.

ShutterBug Highly Recommended
Port St Lucie, Florida, United States
Definitely a 5 star experience and would highly recommend ShutterBack. His approach was professional, thorough, gentle and very effective. Thank you ME for allowing us to connect. I would definitely be interested in being a returning exchange.
Reviewed by Thornbird123, 2019-04-23 [ID 20844:P]

Powelly Highly Recommended
Upton upon Severn, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Powelley recently and WOW! What a nice big and fantastic massage! Thorough and effective. Started with a nice casual chat discussed my massage, went into his lovely studio where I was treated to a massage all over giving me everything I needed. Firm and light in equal measure. Stated on my back shoulders and legs etc. Left me totally relaxed and yet wanting more. Hope we can do it again soon.
Reviewed by sausage1, 2019-04-23 [ID 20843:P]

Bulla Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
I had a really wonderfu session with R. He has great massage technique, knows and understands the male body, and is intuitive about what is needed in each area. Spiritual and sensual components made it all even better! I highly recommend!
Reviewed by friendlyguyhere, 2019-04-22 [ID 20842:P]

Pcove360 Highly Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Pcove360 is a very nice guy and he has great massage skills. He set up a very relaxing environment which made me relaxed and calmed. Recommended!
Reviewed by howard8686, 2019-04-22 [ID 20841:P]

edgotti Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Today meet Edgotti after long time message was well worth it nice and friendly has good touch will nice smooth flow feel asleep during massages and I would recommend him to try him thank you so much for giving me massages
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2019-04-22 [ID 20840:P]

Kneadie Highly Recommended
Sparks, Nevada, United States
My first massage off of this site...and let me say that I am soooo appreciative that we made a connection. I am doing my recommendation like a Yelp review because that is how good Kneadie was.

Personality::Super cool, gentleman, & a man of his word. (F.Y.I.- Nice looking with a great physique-can’t tell from the profile pic)

Location:: Kneadie came to my neck of the woods from Nevada and got an Air B’n’B.

Atmosphere::The room had the massage table with a soft linen to lightly drape me. If I choose to open my eyes I can look out into the well manicured grass backyard. The music was a mixture of neo soul, classic rthymic relaxation.

Table::Super comfortable. Head piece had oils with a slight fragrance.

Experience:: Medium to deep pressure. Focused on the main points that I previously mentioned to him and then some.

Seconds: Absolutely. Would totally get massaged by him again and highly recommend him.
Reviewed by KhoolMomma, 2019-04-22 [ID 20839:P]

keeprunning Highly Recommended
Everett, Washington, United States
Describes self s not formally trained, but he definitely seems to know the requirements for giving a good massage. It will definitely lead to a repeat.
Reviewed by mckdon, 2019-04-22 [ID 20838:P]

Tallbody Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Had a great exchange with Tall today. He is a gracious host and also a great exchange partner. Would definitely exchange again.
Reviewed by xyjc, 2019-04-22 [ID 20837:P]

tunedintouch Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Very sweet man. Very in tune with what your needs are. He has amazing hands and easy to be with. Makes you very comfortable when you arrive. I look forward to massaging again soon.
Reviewed by GentleGiantBear, 2019-04-22 [ID 20836:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
I had the opportunity to have a session with the lovely RoseGoddess. She has excellent communication prior to the date of the session because she prefers to not talk during the massage. Her husband was quietly observant in the next room, as the door was open during the session. She was very compliant with my techniques and movements. She has a wonderful body and it was my pleasure to massage her.
Reviewed by Kneadie, 2019-04-22 [ID 20835:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
lbbreathe is simply an incredible person. He possesses all of the needed check boxes for a perfect massage trade: caring, considerate, clean, intimate, respectful, artistic, empathetic, skilled, loving, gentle, firm, supportive, instructive. Our trade was pure bliss for me and I can't recommend him enough.
Reviewed by massagebypatrick2, 2019-04-21 [ID 20817:P]

Reply from lbbreathe of 2019-04-21
presence in the background, swapping styles, learnin, tryin, breathing, relaxing. I got to experience a ton of fluidity...until the woozey fully hit...then I was OUT. Such an intense relaxation. Many thanks...I look forward to more swappin'

mckdon Highly Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States
I had a great massage exchange today with mckdon. Our communications went smoothly and he had the futon ready on the floor with available oils and lotions. His massage was perfect and I think he liked mine. I will definitely go back.
Reviewed by keeprunning, 2019-04-21 [ID 20833:P]

Reply from mckdon of 2019-04-21
Great experience with keeprunning today. He definitely knew what he was doing and just the right touch, deep, thorough and never rushed. Used massage oil on a futon and it gave good support and allowed full movement. Good communication throughout, identifying areas that needed more attention. Definitely look forward to a repeat.

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