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Universalmind Highly Recommended
Heswall, Merseyside, United Kingdom
We arranged a meet today and a massage. A lovely lady, very warm welcome and pleasant from the moment she opened her door. Lovely home and honoured to have been invited to spend the time and as it turned out an exchange massage. Universal mind has a wonderful caring mannerism and nature, her technique was very enjoyable and effective, with her years of massage experience coming to a fore. I can’t thank you enough for your time and efforts. I look forward to our next meeting and wish you all the best.
Reviewed by Irvine, 2019-02-21 [ID 20414:P]

deedeeover60 Highly Recommended
Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Deedeeover60 was a pleasure to work with. Her home was very clean and I was just as comfortable to work on her in her home as I would have been in my own home. She’s an absolute gem, she was very cautious about who she allowed to come to her home and that actually made me feel better. It was a pleasure to work the kinks out of her muscles and I look forward to working with her again!
Reviewed by StrongHandsClearMind, 2019-02-21 [ID 20412:P]

RockingRub Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
If you are seeking a caring and nurturing person with whom to exchange massages, then contact RockingRub. He gives a lovely massage and he remains present and attentive to providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience that is never rushed. I also enjoy the ambience of his massage studio, which is lit by a rock salt lamp, heated and peacefully quiet, or spa music if that is your preference.
Reviewed by Massage4Joy, 2019-02-21 [ID 20411:P]

sweetrubs Recommended
Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Sweetrubs met with us at a nearby hot springs for our first session as he was in our area and wanted to do an exchange. We enjoyed meeting him, a very personable and respectful person. I was able to give him what he said was the best massage he had had in a while, for which I was pleased to hear. Time did not permit him to share a full exchange, but he was able to share his knowledge with my husband as they participated doing the massage together. Look forward to doing future exchanges if time and distances allow.
Reviewed by Enjoythetrip, 2019-02-20 [ID 20410:P]

jazznut Highly Recommended
Palmdale, California, United States
We were able to connect with Jazznut again when he made a trip to our area. We met at a nearby hot springs and got our bodies relaxed for a massage session under favorable conditions without time constraints so our exchange was beneficial for all. We exchanged massages again the next day, so now have had 3 sessions and gained the understanding and comfort level for future exchanges. Jazznuts training, experience and selected way to perform massage is very soothing and therapeutic to make oneself feel the benefit of the overall experience. His quiet and respectful manner enhances the benefits of the massage also. I have found his teaching me of methods he uses to have added much to my efforts to give a better skill level to use in doing exchanges with others a real benefit also. Looking forward to connecting up again.

Reviewed by Enjoythetrip, 2019-02-20 [ID 20116:P]

sunlover84nz Recommended
Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
sunlover84nz mentioned that he had not had a lot of experience but then proceeded to do a very competent massage that left me feeling relaxed and content.
I would exchange again with him anytime.
Reviewed by Mufaraz, 2019-02-20 [ID 20408:P]

hunt7 Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I have the fortunate pleasure to be the first to review this very talented newbie! Goodness he was a very fast learner as I had him on the table first and I threw every modality I could think of his way during the 90 min session. I explained each technique as I went along and his body just happily received every stroke(short and long) I applied on his beautiful body. Once we switched, I realized how much he had paid attention and WOW, he put me out. I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep!! That doesn't happen often but when it does, I'm happy to embrace it and give kudos to whomever got me there.

He might be new but goodness if he hasn't already picked up a great deal of knowledge through his many years of receiving massages and our one session. I will gladly HIGHLY recommend hunt7 and hope that some of you check him out. You will be VERY WELL taken care of! I look forward to our next exchange and hopefully will stay awake to mentor him some more.
Reviewed by Anchor71, 2019-02-20 [ID 20407:P]

Matt5 Highly Recommended
Cutler Bay, Florida, United States
Matt is a very kind gentleman with strong hands and arms. He knew just the right amount of pressure to use on me. He was easy to get to know and it was nice to exchange massages with him. I would highly recommend Matt if you're in Miami. You won't be disappointed, I wasn't.
Reviewed by passionfruit, 2019-02-20 [ID 20406:P]

Kbmuscle Highly Recommended
Stafford, Texas, United States
I had the opportunity to meet and do a massage exchange with Kbmuscle. Very easy going and accommodating guy. His skills are equal to or better than any massage I've ever paid a professional for. If the opportunity presents itself you should welcme an exchange with him.
Reviewed by SLTX, 2019-02-20 [ID 20404:P]

rehobothmassage19 Recommended
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States
I would definitely recommend Rehobothmassage19 for a massage exchange. He’s got an extremely warm and calm presence and has a very soft yet firm touch that was perfect for my massage. He gave a great relaxing massage and has a wonderful body to work on. I'm looking forward to exchange massage with him again. If you get the chance to exchange with him you’ll leave the session feeling relaxed.
Sincerely Troupe
Reviewed by Troupe, 2019-02-20 [ID 20357:P]

Metro Highly Recommended
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
Metro is very skilled and professional!
Reviewed by dobby2424, 2019-02-20 [ID 20403:P]

Jerry123 Recommended
Cornwall, New York, United States
Very Real gentleman. Enjoyed both giving and receiving sensual massage
Reviewed by badass, 2019-02-20 [ID 20402:P]

WarmVibes Recommended
Sun City, Arizona, United States
WarmVibes provided a nice relaxing massage. He was very respectful, kind and easy to talk to. He asked for feedback and listened to my needs.
Reviewed by DebAZ, 2019-02-20 [ID 20401:P]

mattklondon Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was an absolute pleasure to meet up with mattklondon earlier this week when he came over for a massage treatment.

Matt arrived at the arranged time and I knew instantly we were going to get on well. Chatting with Matt before the massage was like chatting to an old friend and I could not of felt more comfortable in his company.

Massaging Matt was a great experience too, he was totally relaxed and the ideal “practice body” to work on. I hate to rush a treatment and do not have a set time for a massage, Matt had said he had no time restrictions so the massage lasted more than an hour and a half and I could have easily carried on for longer.

I highly recommend mattklondon as the perfect person to practice your massage skills on, he is a total gent and great company. I hope he will return for further treatments in the future.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2019-02-20 [ID 20400:P]

Dorisute01 Highly Recommended
Mentone, Victoria, Australia
I had a wonderful massage swap with Dorisute01.
He made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. His massage was firm but not too hard, just the way I like it.
The oil was warm and we swapped after each side, an added bonus. I look forward to more exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by squeerl, 2019-02-19 [ID 20399:P]

Filepe48 Highly Recommended
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Wow! The massage session was awesome and I must say that the massage was a wonderful experience
Reviewed by Cherokeefun59, 2019-02-19 [ID 20394:P]

Reply from Filepe48 of 2019-02-18
Thank you for the kind words. I do enjoy putting my best foot forward in giving a massage.

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
I exchanged a few messages with SELondon and then I let my membership expire for a few months while I was busy with work and travelling. When I signed up again, he got back in touch and I was happy to hear from him. We arranged to meet that same evening at his home for me to be a practice body for him to give me a treatment. I felt instantly at ease when I met him and we were soon talking like we were old friends! SELondon is very hospitable and easy company. The massage room was warm and comfortable with a massage table, soft music, and he had also gone to the trouble of heating the massage oil. SELondon gave me a wonderfully relaxing, thorough and soothing massage treatment. We kept on talking, until he encouraged us not to so that I could relax even more. He used a combination of massage strokes over my whole body, and it was clear that he was very experienced in what he does. I felt thoroughly relaxed and content after the treatment, and would highly recommend SELondon to anyone.
Reviewed by mattklondon, 2019-02-19 [ID 20398:P]

Reply from SELondon of 2019-02-19
Thank’s for your very kind review Matt. It was an absolute pleasure meeting up with you at last and as well as really enjoying working on your very relaxed body I really enjoyed your great conversation and interesting company.

I really hope you will want to come back for another treatment before too long, you would be welcome anytime.


passionfruit Highly Recommended
South Miami, Florida, United States
Passionfruit was great at communicating, and he was a thoughtful host. I worked on his back, glutes, shoulders, hamstrings, and calves for about thirty minutes, then we swapped. He was gentle and used his hands to work out the strains in my shoulders, back and glutes mainly. It was relaxing and warm. I would like to swap massages with him again.
Reviewed by Matt5, 2019-02-19 [ID 20397:P]

Cherokeefun59 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
We met a few days ago. We decided to have lunch and then body work. Our styles were different ie my training has been extensive in the deep tissue/neuromuscalar area. Cherokee did a great job of relaxing my body. I woke up close to the end of my massage. I had been flying all night.
Yes, I would trade with her again.
Reviewed by Filepe48, 2019-02-18 [ID 20379:P]

Reply from Cherokeefun59 of 2019-02-18
Thank you so much much for the massage and experience. It was what the doctor needed. Many thanks

SLTX Highly Recommended
Sugar Land, Texas, United States
I had the opportunity to meet and do a massage exchange with SLTX yesterday afternoon. He is a great guy, easy to get along with and great conversation. As soon as he started my massage, I could tell right away that he knew what he was doing. The pressure was perfect and his technique was soothing. I enjoyed trading with SLTX and hope to do so again soon. I would recommend trading massages with him if you were to get the opportunity.
Reviewed by Kbmuscle, 2019-02-18 [ID 20396:P]

StrongHandsClearMind Highly Recommended
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Strong hands clean is all that he says he is, he very professional and a gentleman. I will set up another appointment with him real soon
Reviewed by deedeeover60, 2019-02-18 [ID 20395:P]

Reply from StrongHandsClearMind of 2019-02-21
Thank you so much for allowing me to practice on you. I throughly enjoyed it and so glad to hear you did as well. Look forward to our next session!!

Metro Highly Recommended
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
Good guy and great massage! Very nice courteous and I would highly recommend him
Reviewed by jersy, 2019-02-18 [ID 20393:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
After a number of encouraging conversations and a couple of delays while we martched diaries I set off wrapped in layers of clothing on a bright frosty morning this week after the coldest night of the year to visit Bengiiboy at long last.

I was made most welcome at his comfortable warm home and leaving my coat and shoes in the porch led to the kitchen while he made hot drinks and chatted briefly before leading me upstairs to his well organised and comfortable massage studio.

While he popped back down briefly on an errand I was invited to sit and start my drink and admire his careful preparations and by time he returned I was beginning to feel overdressed in the lovely warm room. When he returned as we sipped our drinks he discussed our relative experience as he decanted some grape seed oil into a smaller bottle for our massage.

I had noticed Bengiboy has great experience of massage exchange and read a number of reviews some mentioning his unique method of initial body to body bonding and I found this was done in a most natural way by hugging and I soon found the massage of my back and loins through my clothing quickly put me at my ease and I was delighted as he gently peeled off my layers of clothing encouraging me to remove his clothing in turn item by item slowly, when my chest was naked he astutely identified that I have sensitive nipples and soon had me completely relaxed and naked ready to start our exchange.

I found Bengiboy had amazing attention to detail and my comfort from the start carefully helping me onto his comfortable massage table even helping to adjust my limbs and protect all my sensitive parts once on the table.

I was soon put completely at ease as he carefully oiled my skin and started his massage accompanied by some very relaxing music using a skilful combination of firm and lighter movements of his hands and forearms. To bring greater pressure he was able to agilely climb onto the table above me and bring delightful firm stokes along my whole body completing this part with a true body to body massage.

We then too a short break and he reversed roles allowing me to massage his strong and well conditioned body and after a second break we swapped again while he worked over me as I lay face up carefully attending to the whole body and using his detailed knowledge of anatomy he systematically stretched my arms .

As we competed our massage there was an opportunity to gently coach me and reassure me that I would be welcome to visit again and I shall look forward to that opportunity in the New Year and do not hesitate to recommend anyone to accept his invite and embrace his unique welcome undressing technique as a stimulating way to gain confidence at the beginning of the massage.

I am really looking forward to hearing from Bengiboy again and am confident that I can improve my own abilities from learning from his careful instruction and encouragement to relax and as he said "go with the flow".
Reviewed by nickbeachbum1, 2019-02-18 [ID 17711:P]

ozz Highly Recommended
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Had a great massage exchange with Ozz. We have tried many times to get together. The timing worked out today. Ozz is a very experienced masseur. His skills are every bit as good as most professionals. You could tell he really enjoyed giving Long relaxing strokes. He is also a great conversationalist.

Our time together was limited so I do owe him a massage equal to the one he gave me. I had to leave at certain time to go meet my son.

Reviewed by Kcniceguy, 2019-02-18 [ID 20390:P]

HappyJack2 Highly Recommended
Flower Mound, Texas, United States
Had an excellent session with HappyJack2 at my hotel while I was on business travel. Very nice guy with good hands and eager to satisfy my aches and stiffness. He has a good touch and I thoroughly enjoyed our session. Highly recommended if you are in Dallas.
Reviewed by jambajuice67, 2019-02-17 [ID 20392:P]

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