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Rayaan Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meet Rayaan yesterday for massage swap nice guy who give good massage with good pressure weboth swap massage and we both learn from each other would recommend him if you get chance dont miss it thank you for coming over
Reviewed by ketan1812 2024-03-01 [ID 29430:P]

micky666 Highly Recommended
Armadale, Victoria, Australia
My first massage swap. micky666 was very respectful and had a great energy flow.

Highly recommend.
Reviewed by HappyE 2024-03-01 [ID 29429:P]

Budguy17 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
I did an exchange last weekend with Budguy17 and he was terrific. He does more of a sensual massage than deep tissue, but it was really pleasurable and extremely relaxing. You could tell he knew what he was doing from the muscles he rubbed before even applying massage oil. It was a head-to-toe massage and he even spent some extra time to get to all parts of the body. In addition, Budguy17 is an extremely nice, personable guy who is polite and professional. I recommend him highly and look forward to exchanging again.
Reviewed by minterryan 2024-02-29 [ID 29428:P]

Anchor71 Highly Recommended
McLean, Virginia, United States
I had an amazing exchange with Anchor71. He has incredible knowledge, skills and obviously much experience with massage. He helped relieve stress I carry in my shoulders and hips. He explained multiple modalities of massage and gave me many pointers to help improve my own practice. When he finished my massage he asked me how I feel; I replied “like road kill!” In other words I was deeply relaxed and felt great peace. I give Anchor71 the highest recommendation possible and look forward to future exchanges with him!
Reviewed by jtedeschi0327 2024-02-29 [ID 29427:P]

RMGuy Highly Recommended
Rancho Mirage, California, United States of America
A sunny afternoon in Palm Springs became heaven in paradise the moment RMGuy began his exquisite tailored massage on me. Smooth fluid strokes with just the right amount of pressure aromatic oils soft music were some of the touches that made the experience absolutely divine. A super nice handsome guy with whom I have been chatting a while and I am so very grateful that the stars finally aligned for us to exchange. A most wonderful experience that I am already looking forward to repeating.
Reviewed by MiddleasternDelight 2024-02-29 [ID 29426:P]

jtedeschi0327 Highly Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States of America
What a fantastic exchange with jtedeschi0327! He communicated his aches and pains and it was an absolute pleasure to help him relieve some of those areas using several modalities. He focused on his breathing which allowed me to use the right pressure in the right angles to feel the muscles releasing across his entire solid body. When we switched it up, he was a quick learner and did his best to recall all the massage strokes I was using on his body. The pressure was perfect in all the right areas and he asked for some feedback during to make sure I was satisfied with the massage. It was wonderful that he used his full body for the massage. Communication is key for a successful massage and we both did just that! Spectacular start to many more exchanges in the future!!
Reviewed by Anchor71 2024-02-28 [ID 29425:P]

SacredTouch1 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
He does good massage and I am happy to do more change with him. He can understand the meaning of each push,rolling skills.
Reviewed by JaneAUS 2024-02-28 [ID 29424:P]

Arctic7 Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
A rainy Tuesday night in Manchester but what followed was an exceptional massage from this very talented man
He offered to massage me first and I soon relaxed under his impressive hands that delivered just the right pressure
I was lost in the enjoyment of the massage flow and his ability to take away the stress of the day
I would doubt a pro masseur would deliver such a skilful massage and I'd pay good money to receive this treat again
If you get chance to meet up don't hesitate you will not be disappointed
An absolute pleasure and a lovely guy too , immediately at ease in his company
Reviewed by rob49 2024-02-28 [ID 29423:P]

M4MBN2 Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Hi, refreshing to stumble across a new member who is honest and straight to the point. Easy conversation that lead to a meet. Warm comfortable meet, real fire, real massage table, real massage....nothing else to add. Hope to get a reinvite...
Reviewed by James2020 2024-02-28 [ID 29422:P]

UliTT Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States of America
Hey it was a great pleasure to meet you.. what a nice guy and great company to be with. You have fantastic skills, never felt so relaxed afterwards .. you really know what you are doing. Thanks for this phantastic experience.. can't wait to meet again.
Reviewed by massagemann 2024-02-28 [ID 29421:P]

MiddleasternDelight Highly Recommended
Beverly Hills, California, United States of America
What a true pleasure. MiddleasternDelight is not only a gifted masseur, but a beautiful man inside and out. Intuitive, kind and generous are just a few words of the many to describe this delightful man. Went out of his way to ensure that everything was perfect. An amazing massage. Could not recommend enough.
Reviewed by PSAaron1 2024-02-27 [ID 29420:P]

Reply from MiddleasternDelight of 2024-02-27
Thank you my friend looking forward to reconnecting again soon.

MExchange Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I had a great experience with MExchange. Very intuitive masseur, great skills. It was a very successful and enjoyable exchange. Really nice guy and great connection.
Reviewed by Kero008 2024-02-27 [ID 29419:P]

PSAaron1 Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States of America
Without question one of the best parts of my recent Palm Springs visit was my exchange with PSAaron1. A truly blissful experience from start to finish. A most intuitive kind man who paid attention to the whole body. He was kind enough to make time and visit me at my hotel and his techniques were heaven. Masterful with just the right pressure. Already looking forward to seeing him again.
Reviewed by MiddleasternDelight 2024-02-27 [ID 29418:P]

M4MBN2 Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
What a great morning with this welcoming man. The massage room was very cosy complete with coal fire glowing. He is concerned about his limited skills...he need not be. It was a gentle sensual time and I came away both relaxed and energised. Do go visit!
Reviewed by relaxandenjoysussex 2024-02-27 [ID 29417:P]

relaxandenjoysussex Highly Recommended
Yeovil, England, United Kingdom
Having arranged a visit to my house relaxandenjoysussex arrived on time on the day and was as per the picture he sent me - slim and toned. He is a very pleasant man, relaxed, courteous and considerate. His massage technique is very relaxing and he was a responsive and engaging recipient too. I would recommend him and hope that we'll meet again in due course for another exchange.
Reviewed by M4MBN2 2024-02-27 [ID 29416:P]

mike6119 Recommended
Chincoteague Island, Virginia, United States
mike6119 was in Sydney on business and took the time to travel 2hrs up to me in the top of the Blue Mountains for a swap today right after landing from the US. What a lovely man. He is very strong, and has a great fit body and has picked up a lot of great techniques as an enthusiast. He is a great communicator and open to guidance. I thorougjly enjoyed mike6119's massage today and heartily recommend him. It was a pleasure hosting you today. I hope you enjoyed my massage. Visit again any time.
Reviewed by OzSwapMate 2024-02-27 [ID 29415:P]

giogio Highly Recommended
Westminster, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of massaging giogio in a 4 handed massage session yesterday. He was very responsive and provided good feedback while we were working on him. He has a great body to work on.
I also appreciated his fast responses while making arrangements for the session.
Reviewed by skintouch 2024-02-26 [ID 29414:P]

skintouch Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I had a wonderful 4-hand exchange with skintouch, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He performed a Lomi Lomi type of massage, which was relaxing and sensual,
He’s a friendly guy, good at communication and fun. He even gave me a lift back afterwards.
Highly recommended.
Reviewed by giogio 2024-02-26 [ID 29413:P]

James2020 Highly Recommended
Worthing, England, United Kingdom
After an exchange of messages with James2020 a date was made and there was good communication along the way. James2020 was a pleasure to meet and is relaxed, easy going and easy to talk to. He has a very fit body which was a pleasure to masssage. It was a most satisfying evening and I would recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by M4MBN2 2024-02-26 [ID 29412:P]

teetoe Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Excellent exchange with teetoe. Well, it was only a part-exchange as we could only find a small window where we could get together this week, but we made the most of it. We agreed that I would massage teetoe this time and he will massage me next time we meet up. This worked really well for me - I hosted, the communication was great, and he arrived as scheduled. His energy felt right and we made an easy connection. With a muscular body that is a joy to massage, I really lost myself in long strokes as I worked up and down the body of teetoe. I'm really looking forward to part two of our session when the tables will be turned and I get the benefit of his strong hands.
Reviewed by GTVlondon 2024-02-26 [ID 29411:P]

Hardstyle Highly Recommended
Mid Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Hardstyle and I met at mine. He travelled through and is a great guy, easy to talk to and fun to be with. He first gave me a massage and it was good and strong the way I like it. I them massaged him and got rid of a few knots I hope! I highly recommend Hardstyle and hope to meet again this time me massaging him first.
Reviewed by GaryUK 2024-02-26 [ID 29410:P]

bikingguy Highly Recommended
Plainfield, Indiana, United States of America
Had the most amazing exchange with bikingguy. He knows his stuff when it comes to massage. Hope we can work things out gor another session.
Reviewed by Exchanger606 2024-02-26 [ID 29409:P]

Gnome1 Highly Recommended
Panama City Beach, Florida, United States
Gnome1 was an exceptional massage. He has great skills in massaging the whole body from head to toe. Great pressure and fluid movements took my body into a new dimension. If you have the opportunity to exchange with Gnome1, you are a lucky man.
Reviewed by threerivers 2024-02-26 [ID 29408:P]

threerivers Highly Recommended
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
I had a great experience and exchange massages. Great pressure, great kneading of sore muscles. I recommend a session with threerivers if you have a chance. I would have enjoyed more sessions but I schedule did not permit it.
Reviewed by Gnome1 2024-02-26 [ID 29407:P]

giogio Highly Recommended
Westminster, England, United Kingdom
giogio is a very talented, and passionate masseur. He is caring in nature, communicative, and possesses a wonderful, innate style and technique. Gio works between firm, and medium pressure, reads the body well, and has a naturally sensitive touch that leaves you feeling a sense of deep relaxation and bliss. I highly recommend giogio, not only is he a talented therapist but an extremely engaging, relaxed, and fun guy to spend time with:)
Reviewed by bodybliss 2024-02-25 [ID 29406:P]