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Mrbuzz Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Arranged to meet, very easy comms and responsive. Great set up and a really nice environment. Was very welcoming and a nice and easy guy to chat to. His massage skills were excellent, he clearly knew what he was doing. I would recommend him for an exchange and am hoping we can exchange again.
Reviewed by jasnq 2022-05-18 [ID 26457:P]

greymatter742 Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States of America
I thoroughly enjoyed giving greymatter a massage. He was friendly and respectful and provided great feedback about the massage. I hope this was just the first of many massage exchanges.
Reviewed by abserson 2022-05-18 [ID 26456:P]

DFWMANHandler Highly Recommended
The Colony, Texas, United States of America
Mr. DFWMANHandler has a calm personality as felt in his touch as well. We had a pleasant conversation about healthy living. I noticed he is well trained. I left fully relaxed.
Reviewed by Dallas635Richardson75 2022-05-18 [ID 26455:P]

Nakedskin Recommended
Spring Valley, Nevada, United States of America
Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Nakedskin for an exchange. He is an amazing caring person who is passionate about massage. From the first stroke to last everything was done with a purpose. I was so relaxed I lost track of time and my surroundings. Truly a wonderful experience!
Reviewed by blueyes66 2022-05-18 [ID 26454:P]

silvertop41 Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Was great to arrange and swap a massage with silvertop. Very easy to chat and get along with made for a great massage. Loved the nice firm pressure he was able to apply along with nice technique. Was also great to allow time to do a good comprehensive swap. But that time did fly by!
Recommend silvertop very highly and hope to arrange more exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by Moebius1 2022-05-18 [ID 26453:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I had a massage exchange session with Kingston guy this week. He is very welcoming and hospitable. His place is clean, warm and spacious, and the massage was very enjoyable. Definitely recommend him!
Reviewed by Jczh 2022-05-18 [ID 26452:P]

AsianguyCA Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
We had an amazing experience with AsianguyCA. He is very skilled in massage and has an excellent technique. You can tell he is well trained. But even beyond the technique, AsianguyCA provided an amazing experience by being very attentive to our needs. He was also very open to questions and in sharing his knowledge. We really appreciated our time with him. Would definitely appreciate the opportunity to exchange with AsianguyCA again.
Reviewed by Gunner1024 2022-05-18 [ID 26451:P]

Jczh Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Jczh today for his first massage exchange on the site. He is a friendly guy with a slim smooth body which to practice on and in return gave me a good competent massage. He needs to get more practice to build his confidence in his technique.
Reviewed by kingstonguy 2022-05-18 [ID 26450:P]

boldadventurous1 Recommended
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
It was nice meeting a fellow massage enthusiast. We met, talked about expectations, boundaries. He has got a good handle on Tantra massage I'd say, my first experience with Tantra. The oil was a great choice, the communication was good. We worked on so many knots on my back and neck. Thankyou for a great massage. I recommend his massage thoroughly.
Reviewed by Letsdothis1 2022-05-18 [ID 26449:P]

Reply from boldadventurous1 of 2022-05-18
Thank you for the fine review. This was such a notable time especially when you have someone who not only loves massage and is someone wonderful to massage. Great communication and hope there is a future massage too!!!

Hengste Highly Recommended
West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon, United States of America
Hengste has been generous to me 3 time! An amazing massage and respectful, and just seems like a good dude. Has a private room and table. Hopefully we can connect again soon :)
Reviewed by Hawaiianguy82 2022-05-18 [ID 26448:P]

Dave10548 Recommended
Oregon City, Oregon, United States of America
Dave is great, was the receiver of a massage twice so far, hopefully more to come
Reviewed by Hawaiianguy82 2022-05-18 [ID 26447:P]

blueyes66 Recommended
McKinney, Texas, United States of America
This evening I had the pleasure of a massage exchange with blueyes66 . He was on time and ready to explorer a deeper adventure into relaxation. His energy level made the exchange even more rewarding . He made me feel comfortable and he is a true gentleman. If you have an opportunity to meet and exchange with blueyes66 , you won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by Nakedskin 2022-05-18 [ID 26446:P]

therustler Highly Recommended
Franklin, Auckland, New Zealand
Recently exchanged massage with Russell. It was really fantastic although his place was far from the city. Russell gave me a warm welcome with hot coffee. It was nice beautiful life style property and the set up were awesome. The bed was comfortable room warm ,clean towels back ground music. He is a gentleman, educated and useful confirmation. i felt a great sense of relaxation. Looking forward to the another session. I would highly recommend.
Reviewed by patti1947 2022-05-18 [ID 26443:P]

sandra42 Highly Recommended
St Helens, England, United Kingdom
I met Sandra last night for a first massage session after messaging a good few times.

I found Sandra to be a lovely warm, friendly and down to earth person.

The massage went very well and was well received. I am certainly hoping to be invited back
Reviewed by SmileySimon 2022-05-17 [ID 26445:P]

KneadsPartner Highly Recommended
Poway, California, United States of America
KneadsPartner has a strong and intuitive touch and is a ‘natural’ at providing an excellent massage. He found my problem spots with very little input from me and worked them vigorously. I could sense that he’s a caring and generous person and felt completely at ease with him. Unfortunately, we are not in the same area anymore but at some point I’m sure we will exchange again.
Reviewed by GoodArms 2022-05-17 [ID 26444:P]

edrek Highly Recommended
Clearlake Oaks, California, United States
edrek is a kind gracious host. Very warm and welcoming from the moment I met him. He was a great communicator throughout our process of setting up our exchange. We had a successful exchange, and I will defiantly be up for another massage with him. Don't miss an opportunity to have an exchange with edrek.
Reviewed by curtbus 2022-05-17 [ID 26442:P]

Gunner1024 Highly Recommended
Altadena, California, United States of America
Great Massage and Space! Did a 3 way masssage session with them and Gallyn. Gunner1024 is very knowledgable in stroking techniques and knows massage very well! Relaxed space with easy going guys and amazing massage. Highly recommend the both of them!
Reviewed by AsianguyCA 2022-05-17 [ID 26441:P]

Hairyasian Recommended
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I recently had an Exchange in London with Hairyasian at his hotel. Easy to arrange , very friendly guy and a good massage swap all round.

Reviewed by YesaMassage 2022-05-17 [ID 26440:P]

brumlad123 Satisfactory
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
Had a pleasant meet up with him. He communicated well and put me at ease. A very firm hand, which I was grateful for after a weekend of dancing on unforgiving floors. He was attentive to the areas I asked for attention to and even researched other modalities for my feet which are often neglected. Even if I met him again just for the feet it was well worth it. Quiet and attentive, I have had a few massages where the person doesn't like silence and talks, so it was nice to just be zen in peace. He worked on me as long as I wanted and made sure I fully content. As long as you let him know what you need and just say something if you want more or less pressure he's happy to oblige. Practice bodies should be open to critique and encourage. All in all a good experience.
Reviewed by Knikkie 2022-05-17 [ID 26439:P]

ArtfulMassage Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Artfulmassage has a way with words and hands of warmth and kindness. I appreciate his intuitive response and had a fantastic time.
Reviewed by Curvaceouskitty 2022-05-16 [ID 26438:P]

Driver2 Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Very professional and well received. Fun to chat with and very relaxing, safe and comfortable.
Highly recommend this great communicator and very respectful guy.
Reviewed by Curvaceouskitty 2022-05-16 [ID 26436:P]

Reply from Driver2 of 2022-05-17
Thanks for the kind words. You are a joy to know. Anyone having the opportunity to meet with you would be very fortunate.

ouag Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States of America
WOW!!!! What a wonderful massage from a really nice man... don't be mislead by his pictures.... they are outdated...ouag showed up at my door as a lean muscular man... having just finished a soccer pickup game, he needed a shower...and his knock on the door woke me up from a nap...so we showered together...I started out massaging his back...he then did mine and gave me a great massage...I learned some new techniques on doing the glutes which I will incorporate in my massage....a very light finger tip touch all over my body put on the finishing touch...he then did a great job on my front and I followed doing his...if you get a chance, don't miss out on an opportunity to exchange with ouag.... for me, it was one of those massages that you wished would go on and on.... thanks ouag !!!!
Reviewed by Dadkneadsit 2022-05-16 [ID 26435:P]

lutdodge Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
After exchanging few messages, we agreed to meet. He came with a table and oil. The massage started with back. He asked the points and pressure needed from my wife. Then he started the massage carefully with shoulders. He massaged the lower back where she felt that needed extra work. Slowly he massaged the other parts and did some light stretching.

Once she turned over he started from shoulders again and took time to go down. His hands were firm on her making nipples hard. He knew when to spread her legs to give nice sensual satisfaction with his fingers combined with moist.

We will meet him again.
Reviewed by rangashantha 2022-05-16 [ID 26434:P]

lovetoplay45 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
Just had a great session with lovetoplay ...he was frazzled from Austin traffic so I did him first...I gave it my best shot and his lean body was a joy to work on...his pics don't lie!! We got to running late so there wasn't time for me to receive one...but I was ok with that...a very nice man and I enjoyed meeting him
Reviewed by Dadkneadsit 2022-05-16 [ID 26433:P]

Gallyn Highly Recommended
Altadena, California, United States
Great Massage and Space! Did a 3 way masssage session with them and Gunner1024. Gallyn seems pretty new to massage but is willing to learn! Relaxed space with easy going guys and amazing massage. Highly recommend the both of them!
Reviewed by AsianguyCA 2022-05-16 [ID 26432:P]

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