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Mypleasure2meetu Highly Recommended
Yorktown Heights, New York, United States
I would like to say that I had the pleasure to have received a massage exchange from Mypleasure2meetu and let me tell you it was awesome It was a very nice time. He really tended to my needs. He was a very nice gentleman. We talked quiet a bit and I was extremely happy that we connected. I hope that I can share another exchange. I would highly recommend this person to anyone.
Reviewed by Bms2010, 2019-06-18 [ID 21305:P]

andros12 Highly Recommended
Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Great massage. Very nice and good conversation. Hope to meet again.
Reviewed by Bigwill, 2019-06-18 [ID 21304:P]

HasRen6 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met HasRen6 this morning, easy to arrange a swap, no fuss, on time friendly guy! He is a great enthusiast as massage goes, not afraid to have a go, strong hands and a lot of variety to his strokes and still learning and open to suggestions. I gave him some positive feedback which I know he will take on board graciously. He's very intuitive, picked up the tension in my back and shoulders, really enjoyed swapping with this lovely, friendly and very easy going and chilled guy. We didn't have a lot of time but he used the time wisely and I had a thorough massage within the time we had together. We shall surely swap again very soon I hope and highly recommend a swap with HasRen6
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2019-06-18 [ID 21303:P]

nycshiatsu Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Nycshiatsu attentively listens to your words and body. He uses his vast experience with touch, his powerful, sensitive hands and kind heart to give you an amazing massage. He knows what he is doing. At the conclusion of his un-rushed massage I felt pampered, physically healed and in a most pleasant meditative state. When I awoke this morning, the effects of his massage were still lingering. Read his excellent profile carefully, but in my opinion it is an understatement of his talents. I'm looking forward to exchanging massage with nycshiatsu again.
Reviewed by nicetouch30, 2019-06-18 [ID 21302:P]

FrankSW8 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
It was my pleasure to exchange with FrankSW8 this afternoon and what a wonderful experience it was too. Everything was thoughtfully prepared; massage table, towels, warm room, warmed oil.

FrankSW8 is a kind and generous host and this was reflected in his massage. Beautiful long, firm strokes that mixed sensual with therapeutic, leaving me invigorated and ready to reciprocate. What was nice is that we both learned new techniques from each other and that's one of the things I love about the experiences you can get through this site.

A big thank you to FrankSW8 for a really great exchange - 3 hours raced past and I'm only sorry I had to get back to the real world so soon. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by jonboy1963, 2019-06-18 [ID 21301:P]

Turici Highly Recommended
Welwyn Garden City, England, United Kingdom
My exchange with Turici was set up with ease. We exchanged a few messages before the meeting, he seemed genuine, open, and straightforward.
He was everthing I expected!

Turici claims to have had no training, but it was one of the best therapeutic massages I have had. He found knots and tension that I was not even aware of.
We both massaged each other, then went back to focus on areas which required more work. He has an amazing sense of touch with the ability to apply the right pressure with varied techniques.

Overall a very enjoyable exchange and I would thoroughly recommend him.
Reviewed by AAAAmassage, 2019-06-18 [ID 21300:P]

jonboy1963 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
I met jonboy1963 for the first time today for a massage exchange. It was an amazing experience!
jonboy1963 is exceptional. He is a very gifted masseur and most sensual in his strokes. Moreover he is generous in spirit and was more than willing to share his knowledge and experience. I felt a real connection and look forward to another exchange with him. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a truly wonderful massage.
Reviewed by FrankSW8, 2019-06-18 [ID 21299:P]

carlos32 Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom
Darren came round to my little flat in Loughborough and we exchanged massage this afternoon. It was a pleasant session as we got on well and his massage though tentative at first, ended up being very thorough and invigorating. He is a beginner but will learn fast as he gains confidence in his ability to find the right places in need of firmness and the strokes to use. Interesting to talk to and easy to arrange the swap, I hope we can arrange another exchange.
Reviewed by eletheria, 2019-06-18 [ID 21298:P]

nicetouch30 Highly Recommended
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Great massage. Nicetouch30 is excellent at tailoring the session to you your needs, including pressure and areas to work on. He is very attentive in his approach and skilled with a variety of techniques. He is very positive and upbeat which creates a comfortable and relaxing environment for the massage. He is definitely better than most professional massage therapists I have paid money to for a massage. Thanks!
Reviewed by nycshiatsu, 2019-06-18 [ID 21297:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Surbiton, England, United Kingdom
Met with Pedalpusher a few days ago. We were due to meet earlier in the day but, due to his work it had to be pushed later which meant time constraints applied for me. However, taking that into account he offered to just give me a one way Massage which was good of him. He is excellent at Massage and certainly knows what he is doing. He has strong hands and applies great pressure on the body. Anyone would benefit from an exchange with him as he has a very skillfull approach. Although, I was rushed for time, I still wanted to give him a short massage which couldn’t do justice but, still helped to relax him I’m sure. I would definitely recommend him and hope to exchange on another occasion. Thanks Pedalpusher.
Reviewed by Siboney62, 2019-06-18 [ID 21296:P]

ketan1812 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Met with ketan1812 at short notice. It was an excellent session. As we met during the day and there were time constraints, he offered to massage me as my shoulder needed attention. He has a good space for Massage and knows exactly what to do. He has a great technique, combined with a wonderful touch. He’s intuitive and administers the right amount of pressure. He’s also a good communicator and friendly guy. Will definitely see him again.
Reviewed by Siboney62, 2019-06-18 [ID 21295:P]

Galina Highly Recommended
San Jose, California, United States
Galina is a warm, generous and very professional massage therapist who I had the pleasure of exchanging back-to-back massage sessions recently.
During the session, she gave attention to my target areas that I have created after working ten years as a CMT. She checked-in frequently to ensure that I was comfortable and provided a level of empathy I appreciated greatly. I felt honored to return the gift.
Her massage facility was first-class and included everything needed to provide a spectacular massage from a gifted individual such as Galina. I hope to book future sessions with a Galina soon.
Reviewed by Mutualtenderness, 2019-06-17 [ID 21294:P]

postlamb Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Best massage ever. Obviously a professional and has a great place
Reviewed by PopeSonny, 2019-06-17 [ID 21293:P]

Kkodd Highly Recommended
Brighton, Michigan, United States
I met with Kkodd for an exchange and I found her to be very helpful with her instructing during the section. I'm new to all of this. I find her to be very easy going and open to helping a newcomer learn in the proper way f giving a great massage.
Reviewed by DoggieDaddy8, 2019-06-17 [ID 21292:P]

AAAAmassage Highly Recommended
Kimpton, United Kingdom
AAAAmassage is an excellent masseur and very friendly guy. He started off with some stretches and from the legs and it felt really good. He used a variety of strokes applying the right pressure. After the massage I felt so relaxed. This guy has lots of experience and I would hightly recommend anyone to do a swap with him. AAAAmassage also massaged my injured shoulder giving it lots of relief.
Reviewed by Turici, 2019-06-17 [ID 21291:P]

Touchofhuna Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I have had my first massage exchange with Touchofhuna. It was absolutely lovely & positive experience. He was a gentleman and respected my modesty. He took his time to do lomi lomi massage on me before we moved onto sensual massage. I appreciate how he was patient with my inexperienced massage skills and showed me how I could improve. I would have liked to continue with exchanging if we both are living in same city.
Reviewed by long10fingers, 2019-06-17 [ID 21290:P]

Siboney62 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meet siboney62 at sort notice today at lunch time be of the timing could not do two way swap so I asked him I will just give you massages has nice body good to work on but shoulder was very stiff but have regular massages will help to loosen them up nice friendly guy would love to meet again so we can have two way massages swap
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2019-06-17 [ID 21289:P]

Bayousam Highly Recommended
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, United States
What a pleasure to meet Bayousam. After a delightful conversation we exchanged. He has a great technique of long slow strokes that are deeply relaxing. Great experience all around.
Reviewed by Letsdoitrn, 2019-06-17 [ID 21288:P]

Gman72 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Meet mr g for massages swap this evening after for few message I gave him massages which was with long strokes deep and medium pressure mix than he massages me I like the pressure which was just right for me and the warm touch learnt new move and he also good at finding knot on your body and good at work on them by the time He Finnish was fully relaxed iI will use with my massages must recommend that you try him would give him five stars and hope I can Meetup again sometime soon
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2019-06-17 [ID 21287:P]

Letsdoitrn Highly Recommended
Montclair, New Jersey, United States
Met Letsdoitrn today, chatted for a bit the took Turks giving massages. He has a great touch, takes his time with full body massage. Definitly gives a great therapeutic and sensual massage. Would definitly trade with him again.
Reviewed by Bayousam, 2019-06-17 [ID 21286:P]

curtbus Highly Recommended
Santa Rosa, California, United States
My second massage exchange with curtbus and even better than the first. Of the seven guys I've exchanged with since joining Massage Exchange he is one of the best. I enjoy hosting him and find him thoughtful and very comfortable to be with as well as clean and skilled.
Reviewed by riverrub, 2019-06-17 [ID 21285:P]

RobGarden Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I appreciated exchanging massage with Rob and was glad he contacted me. I was in town and he didn't have a place to trade so he came over to my hotel and we exchanged massage on towels on the bed. We massaged each other for about 45 minutes with the massage cream I brought and he gave a nice, decent massage. He has a very nice personality, and was very respectful and it was nice talking with him too. Thanks Rob
Reviewed by MatureManMassage, 2019-06-17 [ID 21284:P]

Grancanaria Highly Recommended
Mogán, Canary Islands, Spain
As a "Bodywork Enthusiast" Grancanaria has clearly progressed from 4 to 5-stars.
His massage is organised, calm, thorough, and very sensual where appropriate. He has a really good empathy and connection to the body he is massaging, and is unstinting with his time.
A massage table set up on a shaded balcony with stupendous scenery all around is really ideal; and the occasional pithy comment from the resident parrot only adds to the ambience.
I have no hesitation in saying "highly recommended" I really want to swap with this man again before too long.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2019-06-17 [ID 21283:P]

Reply from Grancanaria of 2019-06-17
Thank you so much for your very kind words.

Most of what I have learned, I learned from you over the past 3 years, meeting with you once per year, after loosing my self confidence, once again you brought the best out in me.

I look forward to our next meeting, very much so.

Spendy59 Highly Recommended
Southampton, England, United Kingdom
Just had a great exchange with spendy felt very relaxed and easy to get on with and or though he is just beginning he has a great technique and very relaxing would highly recommend an exchange with him and look forward to future exchanges
Reviewed by Skyney, 2019-06-16 [ID 21282:P]

CrVdAir Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
I was lucky to receive therapeutic massage from CrVdAir yesterday. He is really professional with an intuitive touch, master's skills, and uses a variety of techniques to reach any layers of muscles to heal.

He looks as Zeus descended from heavens with thunder and lightning to refresh the space and to heal us. I asked him to focus on my legs, especially lower half because I had cramps there, a few trigger points, and edema. While he was massaging them, I was feeling thunder and lightning with vibes along the fibers. As a result, CrVdAir increased the flow and metabolism that decreased edema. So my legs feel much lighter.

CrVdAir showed me his signature stretching technique from the neck toward the arms that is highly efficient! It seems he used his entire strength to do it because I was feeling how all major trigger points were released. However, I doubt if I can repeat it because it requires very strong power, and better feeling of the landscape of the body. Also, he discovered my old forgotten problem with my rotator cuff that limited my range of motion. Now my rotator cuff works very well again. I would highly recommend CrVdAir to exchange massage with.
Reviewed by Galina, 2019-06-16 [ID 21279:P]

Reply from CrVdAir of 2019-06-16
Thank you! Zeus, really? I am totally blushing. You are very good as well.

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