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guillaume600 Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Guillaume600 is a very kind man and welcoming host. He has good techniques and is able to modify pressure when needed. This is my second massage with him and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend!
Reviewed by DTlad, 2019-11-18 [ID 22435:P]

blackamericandoc1 Highly Recommended
Reston, Virginia, United States of America
Had the privilege of exchanging with blackamericandoc1. He has a very calm and soothing demeanor. His hands were an extension of his heart. My body loved his massage. Hoping that our paths will again cross.
Reviewed by threerivers, 2019-11-18 [ID 22434:P]

Chewey Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Had a great exchange with Chewey. Nice medium deep pressure was used and he listed to what I enjoy and found a few trouble areas like my legs and upper back. A nice relaxing time and hope to repeat soon.
Reviewed by Florida45, 2019-11-18 [ID 22433:P]

Stewarth07 Highly Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
What an amazing host, and wonderful person!
Spent a few hours massaging, and the time flew past.
Wonderful body to work on, and enjoyed relaxing Stewarth, and releasing some tension.
Great communicator in run up to massage and during.
An absolute delight to massage and excited to massage again, a real treasure.
Reviewed by lovethelifeyoulive, 2019-11-18 [ID 22432:P]

Mike2019 Highly Recommended
Macclesfield, England, United Kingdom
Amazing guy, looks way younger than the age in is profile. Polite punctual considerate person. With a body that is a pleasure to massage! Just talk to him before the session and pay attention of what he wants.
Reviewed by argentinianmassage, 2019-11-18 [ID 22431:P]

lovethelifeyoulive Highly Recommended
Gloucester, United Kingdom
he was so friendly and went slowly asking me the whole time if I felt comfortable with the pressure and which part of my body to work on next. Felt so relaxed when he left mine cant wait till the next session.
Reviewed by Stewarth07, 2019-11-18 [ID 22430:P]

gussy Highly Recommended
Bermondsey, England, United Kingdom

Amazing from the of point of arriving to point of leaving Gussy focused on making me comfortable and relaxed. He took pride in every stroke and soft. Look forward to seeing you again soon.
Reviewed by Elyss, 2019-11-18 [ID 22429:P]

Reply from gussy of 2019-11-18
Thank you Elyss for those beautiful words. What a lovely person you areā€¦ Inside and outside you are a gorgeous person and it was truly a treat to massage your beautiful body. Your skin is so soft and well maintained figure you have. No wonder you are professional model. Absolutely enjoyed every moment with you. Looking forward to our next meeting.

EchoScott Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from EchoScott. It was the most incredible experience. His demeanor is so kind and calm and this was reflected in his technique. The massage had flow and was clearly structured, making it easy to relax and enjoy. His touch was firm and precise, showing the confidence of someone who know what they are doing. The surroundings were clean and tidy and ideally set up with relaxing background music. It was so enjoyable just to lay there, clear my mind and allow him to work his magic. This was truly a highlight to my week.
I highly recommend an exchange with EchoScott and I hope I have the pleasure of a repeat at some time.
Reviewed by MagicHands810, 2019-11-18 [ID 22428:P]

relaaxed Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
I have had the pleasure of finally meeting up with Relaaxed, after nearly a year of communicating and setting up sessions and having to cancel. Well, the stars lined up finally and my business travels sent me to Las Vegas and we finally met up. Relaaxed hosted the exchange, and I walked into a relaxed, zen atmosphere, candles, warm blankets on a massage table, warm coconut oil. The massage was first rate, great techniques, great conversation, an overall great 5 Star exchange. We will exchange again.
Reviewed by massguynola, 2019-11-18 [ID 22427:P]

Reply from relaaxed of 2019-11-18
Thanks friend, I hope that last line is true.

MarcP801 Highly Recommended
Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America
MarcP801 was able to host an exchange in his hotel room while visiting Cincinnati. He had just become a member that day and I happened to see he was in town and we were able to schedule something that evening. We didn’t have a chance to communicate much b4 our exchange as it all happened so fast so I wasn’t sure what to expect. This was his first massage exchange, I could tell he was a little nervous so I offered to massage him first and then switch. After massaging his back side he then massaged mine. He has strong hands and was able to apply good pressure. For a first time exchange he did a great job. We then switched and I worked on his front and then he on mine. After 15 minutes of really nice head to toe pressure working on my front he said I’m not sure what else to do so i instructed him on the stretching techniques I like to use. He followed directions very well and I enjoyed the exchange very much. I’d be happy to exchange with him again if he makes it back through Cincinnati. I’m sure he will get better with each massage exchange.
Reviewed by MassageWest, 2019-11-18 [ID 22426:P]

OHfred Highly Recommended
Dayton, Ohio, United States
OHFred recently hosted our exchange in a well equipped very comfortable room. We exchanged several emails b4 setting up the exchange so I felt like I knew him b4 I arrived. He was very respectful of boundaries and delivered a wonderful massage experience. He took his time, his pressure and pace was perfect. We talked a little through out the massage so I got to know him more. He’s a very kind respectful person that I’d be happy to exchange with again and highly recommended.
Reviewed by MassageWest, 2019-11-18 [ID 22425:P]

Jk1313 Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
11/17/2019: John came over and massaged me. He got comfortable and massaged me while he was nude. He did an exceptional job with the massage.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess, 2019-11-17 [ID 19736:P]

MassageWest Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Twenty four hours later and I am still saying OH WOW! I received one of the best massages I have ever had anywhere....and I have experienced a lot. His techniques are amazing and I want to learn from what I experienced. He has an incredible way of using his whole body as part of the experience. We exchanged back side massages and then front side. Three and a half hours later I think we were both completely satisfied with the experience. Hope to see him again soon.
Reviewed by OHfred, 2019-11-17 [ID 22424:P]

orlandohands Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States
OrlandoHands is a great massage partner and a gentle soul. The massage I received was thorough and relaxing. He began with some nice fascial work which, unbeknownst to him, is the only way to break up the tension and adhesions in my back. His pace was unhurried and he incorporated some nice rhythmic, percussive tapping on other areas which was very soothing and enjoyable. Overall a very nice experience that I hope to repeat again.
Reviewed by MMasterTouch, 2019-11-17 [ID 22423:P]

MMasterTouch Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States
MMaster touch is an excellent exchange partner. He located and worked on knots in places others have not, like my neck and underarms. He was not rushed or in a hurry with giving the massage. He made sure I was comfortable. Communication was easy and timely. He looks like his profile pictures. He has a good set up with massage table, linens, and music. It was a relaxing experience and I felt great afterwards. Don't pass an opportunity to exchange with him.
Reviewed by orlandohands, 2019-11-17 [ID 22422:P]

03winger Highly Recommended
Abilene, Texas, United States
I had the pleasure to host 03winger few days ago. We had planned this exchange over a few weeks to coordinate as he has more than 2 hour drive. He arrived on time and we reviewed our agreed to boundaries. As per our communication he got on table first.
Though he's had to formal training, he provided a great massage of different strokes and made sure that I was satisfied with what he provided. Our exchange went over the average time for to individuals but it seem like it was less time than it was. I will look forward to another exchange from 03winger and appreciate he made the effort to drive the distance he did.
Reviewed by doneright, 2019-11-17 [ID 22421:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Wow... that’s what I have to say! What a great experience. Done right was prepared upon my arrival and since we had discussed boundaries ahead of time we got right into the exchange. I’ve had 100s of professional massages and done right easily ranks in contact he top five! He has great hands and a nice slow, steady motion. This massage was definitely DONE RIGHT! Looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Cigarguy, 2019-11-17 [ID 22420:P]

Kbmuscle Highly Recommended
Stafford, Texas, United States
Had a great exchange with Kbmuscle. Nice relaxing massage. Wonderful table and nice professional setup. Would highly recommend trading massages with him.
Reviewed by Azksmut, 2019-11-17 [ID 22419:P]

Muscletech Highly Recommended
Indio, California, United States of America
Muscletech and I communicated about a therapeutic massage exchange. We stated our interests and boundaries and set up an exchange. He greeted me warmly with a firm hand shake. He had a massage table set up with clean linens, nice music, selection of oils and lotions. He suggested that I get massages first

He started slowly and lightly at first then increased the the pace as well as the pressure reaching my level of comfort. He was thorough and his skills were definitely a product of his extensive training. The massage lasted about an hour and he worked every sore muscle completely. Every move was professional and skillful.

I am hoping Muscletech will allow me n his table again and soon.
Reviewed by RobinPS, 2019-11-16 [ID 22417:P]

Reply from Muscletech of 2019-11-17
Thank you RobinPS, it was a wonderful exchange. I look forward to work with you in the future to keep my skills sharpened.

Fizzpop Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with Fizzpop recently, which went very well, we got to know each other a little beforehand over a coffee we swapped after back, legs and chest, his style was excellent. his pressure was good applied intuitively a very friendly and easy going guy and I thoroughly enjoyabled experience.

Hoping to exchange again very soon i would recommend him to anyone who wants to exchange with him thanks Fizzpop
Reviewed by london2015, 2019-11-16 [ID 22416:P]

Florida45 Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
I had a great exchange with Fl45. We exchanged numbers and was meeting in less than an hour. He has strong hands and they know how to relax. He hit all the muscle groups very well. He was also easy to work on as well . It will be nice to exchange again. He was a good host as well. Thanks!
Reviewed by Chewey, 2019-11-15 [ID 22415:P]

GentlyTouch Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
Thanks the fortune for exchanging massage with GentlyTouch. He has excellent palpation skills, very intuitive, also he is a fast learner. Just I told him that my scalenus posterior muscle was like a rope, he found it immediately and applied the tip of his elbow to push and hold several points, then he moved the tip of his elbow along that muscle. Actually, it was an art and the most efficient techniques to reach the goal. Now I can tilt and rotate my neck any directions, having its normal range of motion.

I really appreciate that he spent 30 minutes to massage long and short tendons of biceps of my left arm and 30 minutes to massage my right knee, the head of the fibula and peroneals. Most of all, I love how his hands perform the technique "a horse chewing the knee" to improve metabolism, prevent arthritis, and make my knee light and flexible. I was feeling the flow of the energy along of my leg through the knee. GentlyTouch is a hard-working person who loves to learn and develop new useful skills. He is highly recommended for everyone to do massage exchange.
Reviewed by Galina, 2019-11-15 [ID 22410:P]

Franklin1957 Highly Recommended
Gloucester City, New Jersey, United States of America
Excellent communication prior to meeting for an exchange with Franklin1957. He showed excellent skills with just the right pressure, with good long strokes, hitting all of the sore areas. A very nice, calm, good energy guy. I look forward to another exchange with him - and I'm sure you will be pleased as well. I highly recommend.
Reviewed by movieman, 2019-11-15 [ID 22414:P]

HandsOnly45 Highly Recommended
Campbell, California, United States
Corey is a professional doctor of chiropractic with 22 years of experience! What a wonderful gift to get his healing session. I had a lower back injured at the age of 17, it was successfully healed, but I have been always keeping awareness about my lower back to prevent to hurt it again. After Corey's healing session, I am feeling as a baby now. My lower back is flexible and completely free from pain. It feels light and healthy! Corey also worked with my knees to the feet. He knows human anatomy very well. I admire his amazing healing skills and very thankful for making me healthier! Thanks a lot!
Reviewed by Galina, 2019-11-15 [ID 22297:P]

Cigarguy Highly Recommended
Keller, Texas, United States
After some planning and events in life getting in way, Cigarguy and I had our exchange. I hosted and he was very prompt on time. Without much delay, he was on table since we had talked before getting to know each other and our boundaries.
Having had no formal training as he stated, his massage was very good and I'd would have not notice that fact. His strokes ranged from several types and I was very comfortable and relaxed to point I was almost asleep.
I look forward to another exchange with Cigarguy.
Reviewed by doneright, 2019-11-15 [ID 22413:P]

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