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KJ1468 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Camden, England, United Kingdom
I exchanged with KJ468 at his place which was warm and comfortable. He is a very nice considerate and respectful person. His full body massage had a good pressure with long strokes and was relaxing, rejuvenating and satisfying.
Reviewed by guyguy 2020-09-27 [ID 23699:P]

TouchJunky1 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
I just had a great massage with touchjunky1. I’ve had lots of massages in my life and his was excellent. I like deep pressure and his at times made my eyes just popped open, other times just sink in and relax. He arrived on time and was a very pleasant person. I look forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by EchoScott 2020-09-26 [ID 23698:P]

Turtle812 Highly Recommended
Greenwood, Indiana, United States of America
What a pleasant surprise this afternoon when I got home and receive a message from Turtle from out of Indpls wanting to know was I available. I said yes and gave him directions. We talk for a little and then began the alternating the massage. For someone who this was his first massage on this site he was excellent in all aspects of a massage. He was excellent in technique, pressure and took his time I would not hesitate to exchange with him again and look forward to our next exchange. He perform his massage like a pro.

I like Turtle812 from the very first time I met him and we got together a second time to exchange. I hosted. He is always on time and gave an incredible massage the second time. His pressure and techniques are great and we talk as we exchange the massage. Being new to the site once again he massage as a pro. I wouldn't hesitate to exchange another massage with him anytime he wants to come.

Turtle 812 and I were able to exchange another magnificant massage exchange between two men. Time was not of essence therefore we both could fully relax and enjoy each others massage. He is always on time indiv and I hosted because he was in the area. Each time our massage exchange gets even better than before.

Once again Turtle and I were able to connect for another massage. He is excellent and truly is a professional in his massages. He is excellent in all areas and any time he is in the area I would gladly exchange a massage with him. He takes excellent care of his body. Time is no concern.

Once again Turtle and I had the pleasure of exchanging another great massage. It gets better and better as we go. He travels a lot so when we can get together we deeply enjoy each others massage. I would gladly exchange with him anytime.
Reviewed by bach 2020-09-26 [ID 18975:P]

guyguy Recommended
Worcester Park, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting with guyguy for a swap. We arranged a time and he came to my place. Upon arrival we had a short conversation to know each other better and the do's and don't which was very professional. Guyguy gave me a good massage with long strokes good pressure. He knew where to put pressure and where to do gentle pressure. It was really nice to do a swap with guyguy.... he is a friendly guy..... and easy to get along. Thank you guyguy for the wonderful massage and all his effort to come to me.... hope to do another swap soon.
Reviewed by KJ1468 2020-09-26 [ID 23697:P]

AlexP Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom
Met Alex this week. He was a very polite and amenable, we had a chat about the massage we were both looking for. We decided I would start he was quite relaxed and it seemed Alex was enjoying the massage. When Alex started on me, I found he was very good hitting all the right places. I had beforehand mentioned I drive a lot with work and he sorted out my back and shoulders. The massage seemed to finish too quickly but I hope Alex enjoyed me massaging him as I did him on me. I do hope we can have a repeat massage in the not too distant future.
I would recommend Alex, he took his time to make sure the whole massage was great, thanks Alex
Reviewed by Stevenking56 2020-09-25 [ID 23696:P]

2handson53 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
Had the pleasure of a massage exchange with 2handson53. Certainly a master of the massage domain. He has a very defined, strong and intuitive approach. He gave an amazing massage. Look forward to the next exchange. Thanks so much!
Reviewed by jordiee 2020-09-24 [ID 23695:P]

greenflyer Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
I was contacted by Greenflyer and he sent me a full description of the massage he does and his techniques and I decided to accept a massage from him. Greenflyer and I texted one another a few times and made arrangements at short notice, he went out of his way to meet me after my working day. He setup the place to meet, provided snacks for us and when you entered the room it was nicely set-up and very welcoming and sensual, he does go down to the smallest detail to make it a very pleasurable experience.

As soon as we met I felt totally at ease with him, he made me comfortable and he exhumed trust. We chatted about massaging for a short while and my likes and dislikes, I was very confident that this was going to be a great massage.

I have to say I was not expecting a massage to be such an unbelievable experience, greenflyer knows every button and sweet spot on a female body and he shows he is very confident and knowledgeable in making a woman’s massage so very, very special, so special we are going to have another meet up very soon. I can only agree the review from a previous recipient (Anthalia) and say you need to experience a massage from greenflyer to understand a great individual selfish massage.

Reviewed by Henrieta 2020-09-24 [ID 23694:P]

greenflyer Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
What a lovely genuine, caring and honest guy. Loved the experience and thank you x
Reviewed by Sally1234 2020-09-24 [ID 23692:P]

PopeSonny Highly Recommended
Provo, Utah, United States
Met Sonny this week. He is a very nice guy -extremely positive and had a great massage. His personality is very infectious. Thanks Sonny!
Reviewed by Michaelg 2020-09-23 [ID 23660:P]

Henrieta Highly Recommended
Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

I was attracted to Henrieta’s profile as she liked a sensual touch and she said she liked to give the same, so it showed her sensual side. I sent her an email outlining my massage style and she quickly accepted my offer of a massage we did not discuss the type of massage until we met as she has had a complicated life and it was easier to discuss directly her expectaion.

Henrieta agreed a massage with a sensual touch, she wanted the soft sensual caring touch as well as a relaxing therapeutic touch but with good pressures. I started the massage with massage gloves changing to more body stimulating things that I have and then moved onto a massage with hot and essential oils, this relaxes the person and helps distract the mind, she had pleasant feminine smells from my mixes of essential oils to distract her mind from her everyday stress. Henrieta was in the zone very quickly and did not have to give me any feedback. I read her body and followed the body language and this was the direction and the flow of the massage. I gave her experiences which she said she had not ever had before so I know that the massage was what she wanted, before starting I said she had to be selfish and enjoy everything…

I setup the venue as she came to me after her work, I provided her with some nibbles and setup a welcoming sensual atmosphere so she could leave her stressful job behind.

Henrieta and I shall meet again very soon as she does not want to have a one shot wonder massage, she is being selfish and wants another… :-) I loved giving her a receive only massage which totally satisfied her and look forward to that next meetup. Next time she wants to share a massage with me.
Reviewed by greenflyer 2020-09-23 [ID 23691:P]

JoeShoe Highly Recommended
Bloomington, Indiana, United States of America
What an incredible massage I received today. We exchange several messages before hand and got together today. He is an outstanding masseur better than the one I used to pay big dollars for massages. He drove to my house and was on time. We talk some before hand and he took a shower upon arrival. He is very professional and knows what he is doing when giving a massage. He doesn't miss a spot, he touch was great and he found the knots in my neck and work on them. His long strokes was great and we talk as we massage each other. I wouldn't hesitate to exchange with him again when he is available. His standards are above masseurs who I paid top dollar to. I was ready to take a nap after he left.
Reviewed by bach 2020-09-22 [ID 23689:P]

Reply from JoeShoe of 2020-09-24
Very professional masseurs we spoke about our background and I would totally would go back see him again in the coming months.
He's touch just what I needed and continue your touch and professional masseurs ways and I wouldn't hesitate to exchange with him again when he's available .

Massageman707 Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Very friendly person and excellent masseuse. Great technique and pressure. He helped me feel relaxed throughout the entire season. I can't wait for another one!
Reviewed by AmazonPrincess 2020-09-21 [ID 23688:P]

TeeDee Highly Recommended
Duluth, Georgia, United States
I enjoyed a fun evening with TeeDee. He was very attentive, charming and created a relaxing mood with a great music playlist for massages, wine and candles. We enjoyed discussing a range of topics before and after our massages. At first he seemed tense but as the evening progressed, he relaxed and found his groove. I worked on TeeDee first and I was impressed how firm yet soft his skin was and I found some areas where there was a lot of tension in his back and calves. He gave me a very nice massage and I wish it could have been even longer, as he got knots out I didn't know I had. TeeDee is fun, courteous and respectful. He really knows how to set the mood for a sensual evening of massage. I would enjoy meeting TeeDee again.
Reviewed by Voluptuous 2020-09-20 [ID 23687:P]

hunt7 Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
hunt7 and I had been corresponding off and on about getting together for over a year. We both have super busy professional lives that involve travel, and neither of us ever happened to be where the other was for any workable period of time. So when the pandemic happened and we were both grounded, it presented an opportunity to connect, with exception of, well, Covid. hunt7 was very patient with me as I fretted through the potentials for transmission and he was gently understanding about my many concerns. In the end, it was our mutual commitment to being rigorous about social distancing and his negative test that convinced me to take the risk and end my month’s long isolation. I’m so glad I did.

I’d hadn’t realized how much I missed human contact and the level of stress I carried until our session together. I was still a bit anxious and his approach was perfect in getting me to relax into a wonderful session. hunt7’s strokes are firm and he is clearly experienced in his use of pressure at the right points to encourage relaxation. Importantly for this session, he took his time and I didn’t feel he was rushed in giving me a really fine massage. At the end I felt reconnected to my body and very appreciative to have had a less than 6 foot distant human interaction.

The session with hunt7 is proof that patience is a virtue that has its rewards. I’d likewise be happy to host, maybe with more convincing (grin) and the promise of receiving one of his great hugs again.
Reviewed by Thumbler 2020-09-20 [ID 23686:P]

Reply from hunt7 of 2020-09-20
Thank you for the lovely review. The feeling is mutual and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

supernova123 Highly Recommended
Burnley, England, United Kingdom
supernova123 is a great guy who looks after himself and we had a gorgeous one-off massage exchange. The initial grounding touch was really well planned and welcomed and the rest of the massage was relaxing and enjoyable. Appreciated him caring for the space and making sure it was warm enough. Good all round experience from first meet right through the exchange.
Reviewed by cwtc 2020-09-20 [ID 23685:P]

Sammyo Highly Recommended
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I had a massage exchange with Sammyo yesterday and it was a truly amazing experience. He knows how to make his partner feels comfortable and relaxed. He also makes great conversations and gave me tips on how to improve my overall wellness. Thanks again Sammyo for a great time :)
Reviewed by Romu91 2020-09-20 [ID 23597:P]

eletheria Highly Recommended
Loughborough, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange with eletheria today and found him to be very comfortable to talk to and he had great accommodations and knowledge to give massage on yoga mat . I would go to him again.
Reviewed by Pedalpusher 2020-09-20 [ID 23684:P]

Iamover30 Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Iamover30 provided a tremendous experience. Low light, calming music, nice oils. He has a good command of the body and gives a soothing massage from head to toe. He is a great communicator and uses his practiced hands and varying pressure to achieve a state of total relaxation. I look forward to doing another massage with Iamover30.
Reviewed by Smiami11 2020-09-20 [ID 23683:P]

Reply from Iamover30 of 2020-09-21
Thank you for your kind remarks. I am so glad you enjoyed our session, as I too enjoyed the time getting to know you and hear about the exciting things you've done. Im glad you trusted me to provide a period of relaxation and yes, it would be my honor to do it again.

Voluptuous Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
I had the pleasure to share an evening of massage and lovely companionship with Vee. She is such a wonderful person, full of energy and sensuality and wonderful conversationalist! We had a great time with wine and music candles and great conversation before the massage. She is an absolute joy to be with. She under estimates her massage skills, she is very good! We are local so a repeat visit is definitely on the agenda...Tee
Reviewed by TeeDee 2020-09-20 [ID 23682:P]

Reply from Voluptuous of 2020-09-20
Thank you for the great review TeeDee! I too really enjoyed our evening. ;)

Cta62 Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Today was fortunate that Cta62 was in Utah for a family get together and had the opportunity to exchange massage sessions with him. He has strong hands and was attentive to my requests regarding pressure and areas of focus. He is friendly and has a good heart. I was happy to host, making a new friend. I heartily recommend him.
Reviewed by playfulfox 2020-09-19 [ID 23681:P]

playfulfox Highly Recommended
Hyrum, Utah, United States
I had a great exchange with playfulfox today and found him to be very comfortable to talk to and he had great accommodations and knowledge to give massage. I would go to him again.
Reviewed by Cta62 2020-09-19 [ID 23680:P]

Octoes Highly Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom
Lovely Meeting with Octoes Today massage swap was very Good and I feel we Both Learned a Lot from each others Techniquek , Looking forward to a Return Visit .
Reviewed by Vicar50 2020-09-19 [ID 23671:P]

Anthalia Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I sent Anthalia a long message detailing my massage techniques. I believe openness in the first communication is very important and it allows the client to decide what they want from the massage and what their expectations should be; be it therapeutic or sensual or even both.

Anthalia decided to accept a massage from me. I read all of her previous reviews and this already told me that I was dealing with a lovely person who loved massages and new what she wanted from it so it set high expectations in what I would have to achieve to get her full approval of the massage. In meeting Anthalia for the first time I was pleasantly surprised what a beautiful person I was meeting and I mean this sincerely both inside and externally.

It was a little difficult finding a venue but when this was established we agreed a time and date to suit Anthalia. Communicating with Anthalia was such a pleasure and informative and she is a great host and receiver.

We sat and talked about massaging and then we discussed what she liked in pressure, her problem areas. it was a very informative conversation, I had all the right Information to make her massage enjoyable and tailored. The one thing I would say is that the client has to be Selfish on a receive only and I strongly believe in that. When I said to Anthalia this about being selfish I could see she wanted to punch the sky which made Anthalia smile broadly and this allowed her to immerse herself in the massage.

I believe I got all the pressures right and read her body language, she drifted in and out of the massage, but it was all about her and I know she loved it, I completed a full body massage and then connected to her feminine side for a truly sensual massage. She enjoyed just over a three-hour massage.

All in all, it was a very beautiful massage and I hope that we can get together again and do a repeat massage – I loved the positive energy from this young lady, and she knows when we are available we can do it all over again.

I would strongly recommend Anthalia to anyone who has very good massage skills - she expects the best and deserves the best.

Reviewed by greenflyer 2020-09-19 [ID 23679:P]

mermaid1 Highly Recommended
Sausalito, California, United States of America
I was fortunate to enjoy two wonderful massage sessions with Mermaid1. She is a lovely person and a great body to massage. She communicates really well, is very respectful and reliable, and really appreciates the massage.
Reviewed by pc789 2020-09-18 [ID 23678:P]

greenflyer Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
I had this great opportunity to be massaged by Greenflyer. It was absolutely amazing experience full of trust and entire relaxation.
He came totally prepared for the massage and brought number of equipments ( including the table) that added so much comfort to the session. He thought about every small detail that needed for the massage including towels, beautifully blended oils and music. I was really impressed with preparation as well as with his massages technique. He wanted me to be totally selfish under his touch and he really meant it. He transmitted confidence and calmness, so I reposed trust in Greenflyer straight away and with out any hesitation.
I have to admit that He is very rare man among the others. Greenflyer knows so much about female body and responses to the touch that makes him stand out and stand alone big time...
He took me to the total epic experience that I am so much grateful for.
If men would be as much enthusiastic and giving as Greenflyer.. the world will be a different place to live.. full of happy women around..
Thank you, Greenflyer... You are simply sensational.
Reviewed by Anthalia 2020-09-18 [ID 23677:P]

Reply from greenflyer of 2020-09-19
Thank you for a great review, I hope it is not too far in the distant future you might be able accept and to do it all over again :-)

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