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SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
I think after all of Davids reviews I dont know what i can add but having been welcomed into his home , given a drink and given the time to relax by the time we got down to the exchange it went very well , David was very good at various kinds of massage styles and made my time with him relaxing and very enjoyable, I hope i can return his hospitality
Reviewed by Adamalias 2021-03-04 [ID 24152:P]

shermitt1 Satisfactory
Downers Grove, Illinois, United States of America
Sherman was an absolute gentleman. He arrived early and was cleanly dressed. Today was his first exchange and Sherman was always professional. it went really well and I could completely relax. He was very eager in asking for guidance and since he's so willing to learn, I'm very happy to have him back again.
Reviewed by HotPistonBlowby 2021-03-04 [ID 24151:P]

funnmassage Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
I have shared a great massage exchange with funnmassage a couple of times now. I will definitely do it again. He is strong, fit, attractive, and best of all easy to talk to. He worked on my muscles expertly and we satisfied each others desires. I was completely comfortable and at ease. He is worth every minute. Also, he is much more attractive in person than his picture ;)
Reviewed by universe 2021-03-03 [ID 24150:P]

afg Highly Recommended
Prescott, Arizona, United States of America
I had the pleasure of getting an amazing massage from afg. I stopped in Prescott on my up to Flagstaff, for a 2.5 hour session. Needless to say this man knows what he is doing. Anyone near the Prescott area should connect with him. He has a beautiful home and a wonderful massage setup in a separate room. Beautiful music added to the ambiance He offered me a drink when I got there, and offered me lunch before I left. Now that is a gentleman and a scholar who knows how to be a host. Highly recommended. Thanks.
Reviewed by funnmassage 2021-03-03 [ID 24149:P]

Reply from afg of 2021-03-04
Thank you for the glowing review! It was such a pleasure meeting you, working with you, and given the opportunity to share time with you! As the other reviews state, you are an incredible person! I hope to connect with you multiple times "agains" And the next time, I get to feel ur hands on me! :-)

Longhaul780 Highly Recommended
Durham, Maine, United States of America
Had a great exchange with a great guy. Long, strong strokes that relax you while hitting the right spots. Intuitive and responsive. Bonus: he customizes the oils he brings to your needs. Good communication, both prior to and during the session. Punctual, and the session was relaxed. Not rushed. Looking forward to getting together again.
Reviewed by ising 2021-03-02 [ID 24148:P]

ising Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Had a really wonderful time with icing. His communication leading up to our exchange was clear and prompt. When I arrived I was welcomed at the door and he had the room prepared.
His technique is soothing and strong and he intuitively knew what trouble spots needed more attention.
And as his other reviewers have said, a great conversation was included.
Reviewed by Longhaul780 2021-03-02 [ID 24147:P]

TXJeff Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
After messaging with TXJeff over some period of time, we were able to work on a mutual time, sometimes things take time to happen. He hosted and had a very nice set up. As we'd message for a while, there was not much discussion to how the exchange would take place or introductions.

The exchange was awsome. His knowledge of what a massage was evident. His touch was firm though gentle when it needed to be and got the the right places though out his massage. The whole exchange went over time as we last track of time.

It should be a shame if you don't exchange with TXJeff and I look forward to future exchanges.
Reviewed by doneright 2021-03-02 [ID 24146:P]

HotPistonBlowby Highly Recommended
Brookfield, Illinois, United States of America
Although we've only met one time, so far I feel better off having met this incredible lady. We finally made contact and had a great, and candid conversation before we eventually met at her studio. As I was just a bit nervous, she made me feel very comfortable from the very start. Even before my massage began, yes... I was "receive only" for this session, I knew that I was in for an incredible experience. As the session went on I felt completely at ease and at peace and as the session unfolded, I felt a renewed energy emanating from this woman. I know that the term "peaceful energy" may be an oxymoron, but that is exactly how I felt. Too bad that 5 stars is the highest rating I can leave- 10 stars would not be enough. I will be seeing her again, as soon as I can.
Reviewed by muncho1961 2021-03-01 [ID 24145:P]

AAShealingtouch Highly Recommended
Crystal, Minnesota, United States
AAShealingtouch is a skilled masseuse and great conversationalist! She listens carefully to your needs and can bring just the right modality to help meet that need.

Highly recommend her!
Reviewed by compersive1 2021-03-01 [ID 24144:P]

Scottsdale11 No Show
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Tim confirmed twice for massage appointment with me. First time, he texted to reschedule a few hours before our agreed time due to work. 2nd time, the arrangement was with me and my friend. She drove 40 mins to my house to wait for Tim who didn’t show up despite he confirmed with both of us already. Very disappointing for him to waste our evening.
Reviewed by Amy1110 2021-02-28 [ID 24143:N]

ecofix Highly Recommended
Hearthstone, Texas, United States of America
I met up with Ecofix the other day for an exchange. he was very easy to talk to, accommodating as to what I liked and overall great session. he definitely knew more than I did with regards to massage so I learned a lot. I am sure I will use some of these techniques the next time I exchange with someone. And I hope to meet up with Ecofix again
Reviewed by nyworktxlive 2021-02-28 [ID 24142:P]

massguynola Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
I had a wonderful time with Massguynola. After a few emails, we arranged an exchange while we were both in the same city on business. Massguylola was attentive, personable, very friendly and knowledgeable with his techniques. I immediately felt comfortable in his presence and the combination of stretching exercises and massage was just what I needed. The exchange was completely relaxing. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Bakerguy 2021-02-28 [ID 24141:P]

Reply from massguynola of 2021-03-01
Thank you Bakerguy, you are the reason why I am on this site. A very enjoyable exchange with a like minded guy. Bingo.

Bakerguy Highly Recommended
Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
I had a very pleasant exchange with Bakerguy. After minimal emails and texts, we arranged an exchange while both of us were in the same town on business. Bakerguy brought with him some very interesting techniques that he has picked up over the years in his training. He was in excellent shape. I recommend an exchange with Bakerguy.
Reviewed by massguynola 2021-02-28 [ID 24140:P]

chouette Highly Recommended
Dayton, Ohio, United States
It’s was a privilege to meet Chouette,when he came into my home for the exchange it was like meeting and old friend that you hadn’t seen in awhile,he was Friendly and so personable,we had a great time soaking in my hot tub and a great connection during the massage,he was a awesome person to exchange with and easy to be around I wouldn’t pass up another opportunity to exchange with him again 😁
Reviewed by Lovinmassage4now 2021-02-27 [ID 24139:P]

muncho1961 Recommended
Bartlett, Illinois, United States
Muncho and I had a very nice visit this week. We were able to talk for a bit to get to know each other and the intentions for our session. He is receive only, but he made the hour session a learning experience! I love that desire he has to understand and know more. He is a very kind man and I'd be more than happy to see him again.
Reviewed by HotPistonBlowby 2021-02-27 [ID 24138:P]

exchange5261 Recommended
Elmhurst, Illinois, United States of America
I am very confident that exchange5261 will respect and treat any exchange partner with an equal focus and attention that he's shown to me. He is new to exchanging, but no stranger to following the natural rhythm of the body. I was very impressed by his eagerness to learn new things and was pleased with his efforts when he tried them out! If you are looking for that one friend who could focus on learning your body and your preferences, I think J is a partner you'd love to build an exchange routine with.
Reviewed by HotPistonBlowby 2021-02-27 [ID 24137:P]

Reply from exchange5261 of 2021-02-27
Thanks for the submitting the review - - I really appreciate that you took the time to do it.

By the way, I really enjoyed our time together and hope to see you soon.

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the pleasure of a massage exchange with Yve.
This was my first exchange from this site and the first time that I have had the chance to do a massage for nearly a year.
We exchanged several messages before the massage to make arrangements for the exchange.
I was a little nervous as this was my first exchange with someone that I had never met before but Yve is such a lovely person and made me feel at ease straight away, she is such a friendly person.
Yve came to my house where I have a treatment room set up ready to start massages again in the near future.
I massaged Yve first and this lasted quite a while although the time seemed to fly by. She gave great feedback and gave suggestions of how to change pressure where necessary and was a pleasure to massage. After this Yve gave me a wonderful massage in return and this was a pleasure to receive.
I really hope that we will be able to exchange massages again in the near future.
Reviewed by massageandrew 2021-02-27 [ID 24136:P]

slcmt Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Hands Down !!!! The best massage of my lifetime. Great guy to talk with about a wide range of subjects. Highly recommend him to all.
Reviewed by Kcdesign 2021-02-26 [ID 24135:P]

Lovinmassage4now Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
AWESOME Massage!!!

I had the best time today with Lovingmassage4now He greeted me with a big smile and a hug and then we sat in his hot tub to help me relax from my 2hr drive from Dayton .
Then we went to his massage room and I received a wonderful deep tissue massage. He is truly a Southern Gentlemen.
Reviewed by chouette 2021-02-26 [ID 24134:P]

chouette Highly Recommended
Dayton, Ohio, United States
I met with Chouette the other night at his apartment. He has a clean and pleasant location. He is a gentle soul and well built. We discussed body electric and he shared some techniques with me. I had a wonderful time and hope to see him again soon. I just had rotator cuff surgery so I couldn’t reciprocate and he was very understanding and respectful of the injury.
Reviewed by Rpmx 2021-02-26 [ID 24133:P]

HotPistonBlowby Highly Recommended
Brookfield, Illinois, United States of America
"HotPistonBlowby" is not only skilled at giving a phenomenal massage, but she's a great human being also - - the overall experience was outstanding
Reviewed by exchange5261 2021-02-26 [ID 24132:P]

Reply from HotPistonBlowby of 2021-02-27
Thank you so much for the kind words. We fell into very natural conversation fairly quickly and the massage rhythm progressed just as smoothly. We both contributed to making our session wonderful and the time was most enjoyable. Thank you for your focused touch and healing intentions.

Goodguy3 Highly Recommended
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America
Goodguy3 was on the receiving end of my very thorough massages and I'm pretty sure I discovered every knot in his muscles. All I heard were his deep sighs of breathing which I had to remind him to do often. When we switched, he delivered an amazing massage with the perfect amount of deep tissue pressure I enjoy and used several other modalities I had used on him. I'm pretty sure he didn't know what those other modalities were but I know he felt them on him. Definitely a repeat!
Reviewed by Anchor71 2021-02-26 [ID 24131:P]

Anchor71 Highly Recommended
McLean, Virginia, United States
I had a fantastic session with Anchor71. I have never had anything like it. He worked those kinks out of my back with his combo technique. Truly looking forward to my next exchange. If you every have the chance you should you well not regret it. He is five stars
Reviewed by Goodguy3 2021-02-26 [ID 24130:P]

Pipajmose Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
very gentle long full body massage, alot of muscle relief with soothing oils while hearing relaxing music. i would highly recommend pipajmose thank you.
Reviewed by cuddlybear 2021-02-25 [ID 24128:P]

Fredbloggs Highly Recommended
San Diego, California, United States
In Fredbloggs profile, he states he doesn't have much experience in providing massages.
We did a massage exchange, he gave me one first and I was blown away at how well he worked my shoulders, back legs and feet! He was worried about not being able to provide a full massage due an lower back injury. He thought he would tire before getting all the way through!
Reviewed by ShitePoke 2021-02-25 [ID 24125:P]

Reply from Fredbloggs of 2021-02-24
Thank you for a wonderful exchange. Looking forward to another one!

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