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Lesco Highly Recommended
Hobe Sound, Florida, United States of America
Lesco is a delightful person to have an opportunity to practice my massage skills on. She came to the room, extremely clean and well groomed, which I like, and she has a delightful personality. We had an opportunity to share many different thoughts during the near to our session that we had, and I definitely would like to be involved again with another session for sure she seemed to really enjoy the Yoni massage and the regular massage as well !
Reviewed by dave1ahc 2022-11-28 [ID 27354:P]

Njthumper Highly Recommended
Madison, New Jersey, United States
Really nice to meet "Njthumper"...kind man and gave a great rubdown. I melted into his strokes, and I was very comfortable in his hands; I could have laid there for hours :)
Reviewed by tonyboy22 2022-11-28 [ID 27353:P]

ariesartist Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
I just finished an exchange with ariesartist and had an incredible experience. I was kindly received into his massage studio and proceeded to have an awesome exchange. His skillful hands guided a deep tissue massage experience unequalled by any other. He was then willing to impart some of his knowledge to me, hopefully improving my technique also. Don't miss an opportunity to exchange with this man!
Reviewed by TucsonFun 2022-11-28 [ID 27352:P]

dave1ahc Highly Recommended
Fort Myers, Florida, United States
My massage with dave1ahc couldn't have been better. From the moment we met, I felt very comfortable and safe. We had a nice chat and dave1ahc proceeded to give me the most wonderful massage and yoni experience I've ever had!!! If you have not had a massage with dave1ahc, you really must!!!
Reviewed by Lesco 2022-11-28 [ID 27351:P]

massagedecatur Highly Recommended
Springboro, Ohio, United States of America
After communicating on the site for about a year I was finally able to exchange with masagedecatur. This is the type of guy I joined the site for. He is a true professional and gave me one of the best massages I've ever had. He brought his warming stones and knew exactly how to use them to release all the tension in my back and shoulders. I have constant shoulder pain that only a couple therapists have been able to take away in the past. He used deep pressure and took away every knot in my shoulders. I woke the next morning without any shoulder pain at all, truly amazing! He is a super nice, fit guy, whose pictures don't do him justice. He is easy to communicate with and I will definitely find a way to exchange with him in the future. Certainly one of my new favorites.
Reviewed by MassageWest 2022-11-28 [ID 27350:P]

Hungbiguy26 Highly Recommended
Dartford, England, United Kingdom
Many thanks Hungbiguy26, for hosting recently, fantastic massage as expected from your reviews, great set up too, really made me feel at ease throughout the swap, great swap many thanks
Reviewed by Newbutkeen 2022-11-28 [ID 27349:P]

loremmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Great massage with loremmassage, very relaxing experience with a guy who knows what he's doing.
Reviewed by Pad81 2022-11-28 [ID 27348:P]

Pad81 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Great swap with Pad81. Despite him indicating he wasn’t very experienced, he was super well equipped with a nice apartment, professional table and was very relaxed which helped me immediately become comfortable. We took it in turns to swap and despite being inexperienced he provided a great treatment, quickly identifying my upper back & neck tension and embarking on deep manipulation to address it. A willing massage partner, who will continue to gain more expertise with additional experienced partners who can give some pointers.
Reviewed by loremmassage 2022-11-28 [ID 27342:P]

bikingguy Highly Recommended
Plainfield, Indiana, United States of America
As an enthusiast I was a bit nervous with a CMT as my first exchange. Everything went well and bikingguy was a great teacher and mentor. He made me feel very much at ease and taught me a lot in our first session. Not only is his technique excellent, his explanation of things was enlightening. I look forward to our future sessions.
Reviewed by cl1822 2022-11-27 [ID 27347:P]

Bjcook57 Highly Recommended
Stow, Ohio, United States
I had the pleasure to meet with Bjcook57 on his travels through my own Cincinnati. He went to great lengths to make his hotel room feel like a relaxing spa experience with the lights and music he brought.

When he worked on me his pressure and technique felt nice. He had no problem with focusing specifically on my abdominal muscles when I asked him too. I feel like we were both pretty satisfied with the massage exchange. And he was also very easy to talk with and get to know. I would enjoy seeing him again next time he comes through my town.
Reviewed by FogSurfer 2022-11-27 [ID 27346:P]

Redwolf1 Recommended
Ipswich, England, United Kingdom
A relaxing and competent masseur with a pleasing welcome and home
Reviewed by ed0007 2022-11-27 [ID 27345:P]

Kabij Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Today I had the pleasure of giving a receive only massage to Kabij.

We exchanged a number of messages discussing the various treatments that I can provide and settled on a full body exfoliation followed by lots of time working on her feet and then a full body combination of Swedish and relaxing massage.

She arrived exactly on time and was her friendly and confident personality was obvious from the moment she arrived. This was her first exchange on this site but I think that she found it extremely enjoyable. We had plenty of great conversation and talked about some of the very interesting things she has done.

I spent some extra time working on some problem areas which she found very useful. She is a great person to work on and gives great feedback as you work. It is safe to say that this was probably one of the best exchanges I have experienced from this site.

I hope that this will become a regular exchange and am looking forward to next time.
Reviewed by massageandrew 2022-11-27 [ID 27344:P]

Violet34 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of hosting Violet34 last week for a receive only massage.

We messaged for a couple of weeks to plan a time and date and decide on the massage.

She is a very nice, friendly person and very easy to get on with. During the massage her feedback was very good and useful. She is a great person to work on and afterwards she gave me more very useful feedback. It would be a pleasure to work on her again in the future and I hope that this will be very soon.
Reviewed by massageandrew 2022-11-27 [ID 27343:P]

MrSmith001 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
MrSmith001 and I exchanged several emails and had a phone chat before our exchange. I found him to be extremely friendly and professional. His massage couch is of a good quality and he cleaned it meticulously and used a disposable cover. I found the oil used to be of a high quality.
Now for the "wow" part of my review. MrSmith001 gave me a LomiLomi massage. Amazing x 10 ! I was floating. A really talented massage therapist with an engaging personality. It was a total pleasure to engage with MrSmith001.
Reviewed by Purplecalm 2022-11-27 [ID 27341:P]

Reply from MrSmith001 of 2022-11-28
I had the pleasure to meet Purplecalm and introducing her to the world of Lomilomi.

During or email and telephone conversations, Purplecalm and I set clear boundaries of what we would like from our exchange, along with our intentions.

As I anointed Purplecalm with oil, the warmth and positive energy that radiated from her was beautiful. I know it has been said many times but the time truly flew by.

For those who have the pleasure of exchanging with Purplecalm, you are in good hands. Until we meet again, have a blessed day 🙏🏾 .

cl1822 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
cl1822 was a wonderful host with a comfortable table and welcoming atmosphere. He has strong hands and I appreciated his desire for input. Looking forward to further sessions.
Reviewed by bikingguy 2022-11-27 [ID 27340:P]

ourown Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Great communication, prompt, professional approach. Excellent massage, friendly guy. Recommended. Thank you.
Reviewed by Greenleaf 2022-11-27 [ID 27339:P]

MrMagicHandsLoughborough Highly Recommended
Charnwood, England, United Kingdom
Given we don’t live anywhere close to each other, it took a bit of scheduling for MrMagicHandsLoughborough and I to finally get a time slot in… and it was worth the wait. He is professionally trained so knows exactly what he is doing, especially dealing with my very tight Quads & ITB’s from cycling. It was great that we had a full afternoon and neither of us was time pressured so it made for a very robust exchange. Look forward to finding the opportunity to swap again in the near future.
Reviewed by loremmassage 2022-11-26 [ID 27338:P]

CyclingMan Highly Recommended
Nailsea, England, United Kingdom
After some really clear and upfront messaging on expectations, I met CyclingMan in September for a swap. Both of us are fit and active so made for a great exchange as we both turned up sore and in need of attention from workouts. CyclingMan had great communication and was able to provide feedback on pressure and techniques so we learned different therapeutic styles during the exchange. Would definitely meet such an experienced participant again.
Reviewed by loremmassage 2022-11-26 [ID 27337:P]

ExploreNRelax Highly Recommended
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Met with ExploreNRelax and exchanged massage. He spent a long time and had amazing touch. He knows the body and how it works. He reminded me to breathe. So important He is the best exchange I’ve had here. Incredibly nice guy. Don’t hesitate to exchange with him. Looking forward to the next time
Reviewed by topazz77 2022-11-26 [ID 27336:P]

Reply from ExploreNRelax of 2022-11-26
Topazz, Thank you for the review. It's appreciated.
I am looking forward to the next time we get to exchange.

topazz77 Highly Recommended
Lakeside, California, United States
What can I say about my massage exchange with @topazz77. IT WAS PHENOMENAL! I really enjoyed our exchange. He knows what he is doing and is very confident in his ability to give you a massage. He knows the body well. My body needed a massage from all my traveling and training and he gave me just that. My body felt great the following days after my exchange with him. I would recommend him to anyone. If you are ever in San Diego contact him. You will not regret it.
Reviewed by ExploreNRelax 2022-11-25 [ID 27335:P]

Reply from topazz77 of 2022-11-26
Thank you for the wonderful review. It goes both ways. You were amazing. I was buzzing around for days after. Look forward to our next exchange 😎👏😎

December22 Recommended
San Marcos, California, United States
I had the pleasure of doing a massage exchange with @December22 during my quick visit in San Diego. He has a great setup and a very comfortable massage table. I enjoyed very much his massage technique and style. It was just what I needed. The pressure was just enough, not too hard and not too soft. He uses heated coconut oil which is exactly what I use myself. Great for the skin. I truly enjoyed our exchange. I hope the next time I am in SD we can do an exchange again. Do not hesitate in contacting him for a massage exchange. You will be happy you did.
Reviewed by ExploreNRelax 2022-11-25 [ID 27334:P]

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
I met Yve at my hotel on a recent trip to London. Advance communication was very straightforward and clear. Yve is a lovely and very interesting person and was really open and easy to talk to from the off. I hugely enjoyed our exchange; Yve seemed to appreciate my touch and responded very well to it and the whole session flowed very naturally and organically. I loved her massage too; she has a very gentle, intuitive style delivered with great sensitivity and empathy. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Yve and hope we can meet up again when I'm next in London.
Reviewed by glenlyon 2022-11-24 [ID 27333:P]

TucsonFun Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
TucsonFun provided a therapeutic and relaxing massage. He understands the human body and gave me some information on a problem I have with my knee and hip. He is planning to climb my Kilimanjaro and after a long hike the day before I concentrated my effort on his legs, glutes and lower back.
Reviewed by buildguy 2022-11-24 [ID 27332:P]

MassageWest Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
MassageWest is one of the nicest guys I’ve met, ever! We had the same view of massage from the very start of our conversation and he was comfortable and familiar from the time we met until we finished. I can’t say enough about his massage skills and technique. I left fully satisfied and desire to meet with him regularly and as often as I can!
Reviewed by Bjcook57 2022-11-24 [ID 27331:P]

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
TallMuscleGrad is the best, the most I have ever gotten out of a massage exchange with this guy because he got strong thick hand to rub with pressure hard that I like that very much he deserves 10 stars in America . He is very friendly guy and very respectful. I wish live closer to him I can have once a week ! Definitely will come back again for more massage if I visit his town future .
If you in his town wanted get strong pressure massage ask him !
Reviewed by Pedalpusher 2022-11-23 [ID 27330:P]

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