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melbguy17 Highly Recommended
City of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I had a terrific exchange with melbguy17. A very easy going charming gent who knows what he is doing, Strong hands but then gentle when it counted. He had a few techniques I had not experienced before which was enlightening. He knows what he is doing. No hesitation is offering my recommendtaion.
Reviewed by pharoh, 2020-06-03 [ID 23282:P]

marinho91 Highly Recommended
Daly City, California, United States
Marinho91 is a talented and skillful massage practitioner who cares about customization of his performance to satisfy client's therapeutic needs. He asked me what happened with my shoulder that it hurts. That made me to remember that my mind continually contracts the muscles of rotator cuff to shape the shield of protection there. Physically, this shield was the reason of soreness and pain of my shoulder. As much I forget about this shield, as better my shoulder feels.

I was surprised realizing that Marinho91 had learned special techniques for shoulder healing in advance, preparing to our massage exchange. Marinho91 warmed my body tissue by applying smooth long effleurage strokes. Mostly, he used the main massage strokes as effleurage, petrisage, friction, tapotement, ad vibration. Then, Marinho91 used the routine with a few special massage techniques to heal my shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. So after 15-20 minutes of massage, my shoulder was feeling very well and healthy. Marinho91 is very talented and experienced practitioner with great desire to improve his massage therapy skills and overall performance, so he is highly recommended to exchange massage with. A+++++
Reviewed by Galina, 2020-06-03 [ID 23281:P]

Phillip27 Highly Recommended
Richmond, Victoria, Australia
Great exchange with Phillip27! Super easy to get in contact with, great vibes and a very comfortable pleasant guy to be around! Was very respectful and gave an awesome massage that I almost fell asleep!
Reviewed by icantfindthespacebar, 2020-06-02 [ID 23280:P]

therustler Highly Recommended
Bombay, Auckland, New Zealand
Had a great session with Russell a couple of days ago, well worth the trip out from the city. He has a great set up, warm, comfortable room, nice music and he gave a great massage. Long firm strokes to start with and a more gentle final ending. Really enjoyed meeting him, nice guy, interesting to talk to and I hope we can have another exchange before too long, highly recommended.
Reviewed by Briza, 2020-06-02 [ID 23278:P]

Massageme8888 Highly Recommended
Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia
Massageme8888 was very kind and did a very nice respectful massage and went with what I wanted... Definitely recommend him! Thanks for my masage..!
Reviewed by Trace78, 2020-06-01 [ID 19073:P]

ThisIsIt1963 Highly Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
It was a pleasure to exchange massage with ThisIsIt1963. From the first moment of showing up, he shares his warm bright vibes descending the heavens to the earth, blessing the massage place.

When came to massage, he used a variety of techniques for relaxation, for softening my sore and strained muscles, to improve flexibility of joints and increasing their range of motion, and overall healing and rejuvenating.

I was enjoying the long continuous strokes of the Esalen's style he used. Being intelligent and creative, ThisIsIt1963 offered me to lay down on the bolster along of my spine to have enough space to work with my rotator cuff to increase the range of motion of my shoulders.

I highly respect the way of meditation ThisIsIt1963 shared with me. After focusing his intention to aim the space and time, he chooses to use only his emotional aspect there for remembering his experience, or he chooses to use only his rational aspect there to comprehend observed informational systems.

ThisIsIt1963 is highly recommended to exchange massage with.
Reviewed by Galina, 2020-06-01 [ID 23275:P]

Reply from ThisIsIt1963 of 2020-06-02
It was great !

massagedectur Highly Recommended
Decatur, Georgia, United States
I highly recommend Massage Decatur If you’re looking for a professional that is present during the massage. He is a professional masseuse and is passionate with working with others. He has an exemplary work ethic and a massage table that is second to none. He was s good looking and Looks better than his pics. Also caring and empathetic- wanting to please. I am very impressed and it takes a lot to impress me.
Reviewed by atlcar, 2020-05-31 [ID 23274:P]

Galina Highly Recommended
San Jose, California, United States
Had a wonderful afternoon with Galina. In my.opinion she is the most professional and experienced lady in this site. She had this Conscious Touch full of love and nurturing that is immediately obvious. She traced with her fingers areas she was going to work on in circles. Then she began to palpate and dissolve each area. It felt more than a massage it was a healing session. Her style is different that I have seen in my travels. For certain I need to experience this again.
Reviewed by ThisIsIt1963, 2020-05-30 [ID 23273:P]

Reply from Galina of 2020-06-01
Actually, I traced the channels of renal blood flow for discovering the natural streams of prana, I did it for attuning to the natural streams. The tracks of my fingers could be perceived as circles because the kidneys have the oval shape. After attuning to the renal blood flow, I gently filled kidneys with prana to purify them and to repair the walls of their channels. Then, the prana melts stones and other impurities transforming the waste into warm liquid-like stuff with lower-solidity, easy to remove from the body through the renal pelvis to the ureter.

atlcar Recommended
Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
Atlcar and I had massage exchange he a very nice man respectful and easy get along with. His willingness to learn more about the art of massage he had great pressure I am looking forward to continuing to exchange with atlcar soon I would recommend him
Reviewed by massagedectur, 2020-05-30 [ID 23272:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
Finished a long massage with Rosegodess. Has to be the most beautiful woman I have massaged in this site. Before I went there I made sure to understand the details of what she wanted done. When she came to the room
Showered with drops in her neck could not contain my delight.

She had this sweet smile on her face during a massage that I performed all the moves I could muster upon that splendid body. Unforgettable !
Reviewed by ThisIsIt1963, 2020-05-30 [ID 23271:P]

ThisIsIt1963 Highly Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
5/29/2020. Mike came all the way from Los Angeles to massage me. That's impressive. Mike used all sorts of instruments to massage me. He did therapeutic and sensual. Used nice oils.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess, 2020-05-29 [ID 23270:P]

Reply from ThisIsIt1963 of 2020-05-30
No words left...WOW

Zoner Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I met with zoner and the entire experience was positive. He is youthful, friendly and fit. His conversation style makes you feel connected and relaxed. Guy next door type. He was receptive to my style and expressed gratitude. He gives a solid massage that works the muscles and is relaxing. The massage was not rushed and he has highly proficient massage skills. He pays attention to the one getting the massage and adjusts appropriately. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by armymedicsoldier, 2020-05-29 [ID 23264:P]

2keith4keith Highly Recommended
Fairfield, California, United States of America
Keith is a professional massage therapist, very knowledgeable with 12+ years of experience! His massage skills are top notch, one of the best massages I ever had.

Since the first moment Keith started his massage, I was enjoying the ART of his performance. His focus always directed his deep, slow massage strokes maintaining the right pressure all the way. His performance of every stroke was the piece of ART.

I didn't tell Keith about the rest of a small cyst behind my clavicle, but massaging that clavicle, he has discovered it. I didn't expect he can melt it because it's the task for Reiki, Taiji or Qigong practitioners. However, Keith has melted about 90% of the cyst making it almost unnoticeable that is great!

He has completely healed my left rotator cuff improving its range of motion. I hasn't had any pain for the second day already that gives me the hope to maintain my shoulder healthy longer.

Keith also massages my fibers along TFL, Gluteus minimus, ITB and lateral side of the legs. Now, I feel my entire body refreshed, rejuvenated, completely free from any pain and excellent overall.

Keith is a decent, humble, hidden gem. I have no doubts that his preventive massage can save many people from many kinds of surgeries, e.g. frozen areas, joint replacement. His hot soft hands can melt and recharge everything. I don't wonder if Keith can fulfill even a cold dry skinny skeleton with the life-energy to make him alive again. Keith is highly recommended to exchange massage with because to find so experienced and intuitive professional who is really skillful to solve your therapeutic problems seems almost impossible.
Reviewed by Galina, 2020-05-28 [ID 23269:P]

armymedicsoldier Highly Recommended
Springfield, Virginia, United States
Initiative and has a firm but gentle touch, Armymedicsoldier gives a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Highly recommended and looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by Zoner, 2020-05-28 [ID 23262:P]

DruidMpls Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
DruidMpls gave me a professional level massage. He found out my comfort level and my preferred massage techniques. He has a relaxing space and presence. If you get a chance for a massage with him... take it!
Reviewed by zap14, 2020-05-28 [ID 23268:P]

zap14 Highly Recommended
Chisago City, Minnesota, United States
Had a great time with Zap. She was an excellent ‘practice body’. She was on time to our agreement. We spent a bit discussing ourselves then went into some detail about what she liked and expected from a massage. As for the massage itself, she was a good, receptive ‘client’...easy to work on and gave some good feedback. Highly recommended,..hopefully will have opportunities to work with her again.
Reviewed by DruidMpls, 2020-05-28 [ID 23267:P]

icantfindthespacebar Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Spacebar has takes good care of his body,presents with some knots to work out, polite clean, I look forward to the challenge of getting that stiffness out whenever needed cheers
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2020-05-28 [ID 23266:P]

Galina Highly Recommended
San Jose, California, United States
Scheduled a session with Galina and it went smoothly. She is very professional in setting appointment. She set aside time for two hours each, which is excellent because I have had a little strain on my hip.

Upon arrival, Galina pulled out an intake form so I can accurately describe my injury and do that she can also describe her session needs.

Those hours went quickly, as the massages seemed to just flow naturally. Galina helped guide my hands along one of the muscles in her arm because I was working just inches away from the muscle bundle she needed to be worked. So it’s good to know that she communicates her needs well.

When it came to switch, she took great effort to pinpoint the location of my hip flare up, the insertion and the attachment, along with some supporting muscles to assist in reading my hip pain.

I walked my dog twice and finished both Tripp’s without issue, do all in all, great job all around
Reviewed by 2keith4keith, 2020-05-28 [ID 23265:P]

61Naturelover Highly Recommended
Black Rock, Victoria, Australia
Had a massage from 61Naturelover a while back! I was a bit nervous at first but he eased my anxiety pretty easily by being so respectful of boundaries and very clean! Definetly worth the trip, super lovely guy!
Reviewed by icantfindthespacebar, 2020-05-27 [ID 23263:P]

brent Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met Brent after a short exchange of emails and a coffee chat afternoon, I must say that he is a very friendly, respectful of the boundaries puts you to ease straight away. We had a brief chat when he arrived and then got down to massage. I was his first massage, he’s currently a novice masseur, but shows the desire to learn and improve his technique. Chat was kept to a minimum while he focused on the massage, and even without a lot of experience he showed a lot of caring. I would swap again with Brent and would highly recommend that lovely gentleman...Learning and exploring in progress, practice make it perfect
Reviewed by SKY1972, 2020-05-27 [ID 23261:P]

Adambaseyy Highly Recommended
Bacup, England, United Kingdom
Reviewed by angela1, 2020-05-26 [ID 23260:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
I sat on the sidelines for quite awhile, watching and waiting to see how this thing worked. I finally decided to upgrade my membership so i can reach out. I reached out to RoseGoddess first, and she responded pretty quickly. and we arranged my first meeting. I've been a professional massage therapist for twelve years, so i wasn't quite sure why this time made me nervous. I don't know if it's because i never intentionally planned to do a sensual massage? Or, that i've never done one before, period.

anyway, plans were made and i have to appreciate RoseGoddess for her consistently keeping in touch, being vocal about what her expectations were, and overall creating a welcoming presence. When i got there, I assume it's her husband, opened the door and told me where to set my table and brought me some water. I'm glad that water was there because it was 95 degrees outside. LOL, i think if i do another exchange during the summer, i will remember to bring a headband.

RoseGoddess came from the shower, said hello and got onto the table. We already discussed her preferences and whatnot, because she also let me know, as in the other reviews, that she's going to relax and enjoy her massage. I think i started by overthinking this thing i've done for years. Like i said, i've never truly did an intentional sensual massage, and thinking isn't how you do anything well. I eventually told myself just to do a massage and don't worry about the "sensual" as she already said she's open to both styles. I feel like i improved towards the end, when i just did what i normally do, but with the added pleasure of enjoying the beautiful body in front of me. RoseGoddess did a great job of being welcoming, open and accepting and ready to enjoy massage. She was a tremendous first, and someone i recommend to anyone, and if you are a bit nervous...she's soothing in her demeanor.

I would love to massage RoseGoddess again, especially with the calmness i normally exhibit.
Reviewed by 2keith4keith, 2020-05-25 [ID 23259:P]

2keith4keith Highly Recommended
Fairfield, California, United States of America
5/24/2020: Great massage, very soothing.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess, 2020-05-24 [ID 23258:P]

therustler Highly Recommended
Bombay, Auckland, New Zealand
We met at the rustler's impressive home and had an exchange massage. He did a firm relaxation massage that certainly achieved its purpose and I felt great after it. He has skills that he is developing and is keen on improving his technique. I hope to exchange with him again soon
Reviewed by Mufaraz, 2020-05-24 [ID 23257:P]

Reply from therustler of 2020-05-24
Thoroughly enjoyed our exchange. You have a lot of knowledge that's freely given, and the massage was great!
Looking forward to further exchanges.

Adg1234 Recommended
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
Very generous with time,good smooth strokes.enjoyable experience
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2020-05-23 [ID 23256:P]

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