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Dwain Highly Recommended
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Dwain is a very nice guy and is very thorough with his massage. He wasn't rushed and made the experience very pleasant.
Reviewed by maitland, 2018-10-18 [ID 19454:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
Met with SELondon again on 16th October, having exchanged few times in past we had chat over coffee to catch up, I had very soothing and relaxing massage, the setting made the massage very enjoyable, soft background music, candles & oil infusion.
The massage I received was very soothing for my neck & back which has made great difference, I returned the massage, soothing, relaxing & sensual.
SELondon is very genuine, sociable and hospitable guy who is very experienced and has acquired great techniques, don't miss the opportunity to exchange with him.
Reviewed by maturemassage57, 2018-10-18 [ID 19453:P]

MassagePT Highly Recommended
Point Pleasant, New Jersey, United States
Last week I had the pleasure of a trade with massage PT. It was all I could ask for. His experience in physical therapy really show during the massage. His touch was knowledgeable deep and thorough. It was actually better than many professional massages I’ve had. The gentleman knows his stuff. Highly highly recommended
Reviewed by rickey, 2018-10-18 [ID 19452:P]

relaxingmassage Highly Recommended
Fort Myers Beach, Florida, United States
We met on a last minute notice today at a wonderful relaxingmassage host location that is very easy to get to. Safe area and very clean. relaxingmassage is a very nice person as well as being very accommodating. I was happy to hear that everything was great and that she was very happy and relaxed. We discussed future massages and I would be up for it if she asked. Massage lasted about 70 minutes.
Reviewed by Briguy10, 2018-10-18 [ID 19451:P]

AM67 No Show
London, England, United Kingdom
After exchanging a number of emails I had arranged to meet this new free member for an exchange today which I was to host. He suggested the day and time . I set my massage room up and waited for his arrival but sadly he did not see fit to turn up or to let me know he had changed nis mind.. I have sent three emails which he has chosen to read and ignore so I feel I should warn other genuine members who may be considering an exchange with this person. If
Reviewed by SELondon, 2018-10-18 [ID 19450:N]

amazinghands Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I so thoroughly enjoyed our early morning rendezvous in our deeply relaxing oasis of therapeutic and sensual massage. He makes you feel so safe that you are okay with feeling open and allowing him to be in control, I was absolutely in a trans as his "amazinghands" massaged, stroked and very sensually yet intensely touched my body. He is clean and a professional with years of experience. I highly recommend amazinghands....
Reviewed by CoCo23, 2018-10-18 [ID 19449:P]

lotustouch Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Oh my ... this is one of the best massages that I have ever received This gentleman is very nice and kind and a pleasure to trade with. Don’t miss a chance !
Reviewed by njjeff, 2018-10-17 [ID 19448:P]

ThisIsIt1963 Highly Recommended
Buena Park, California, United States
I had a unique and interesting session with thisisit1963. I have had some training and experience with Tantic Yoga and massage. Thisisit1963 brought a peaceful light into my home and on to my massage room. I greatly appreciated his knowledge and appreciation of my Buddhist artwork and statues. This lead to a very interesting conversation of theology. There was an immediate change of positive energy. Then he set up his Tantric bolster that he uses both on a mat and massage table. I was the first and he guided me through Real Tantric massage. It was very sensual, but not sexual. It was very relaxing and at the same time stimulating. He certainly gave me more modalities for my wheel house. We all learn from each other no matter how advanced. Well, I certainly was mentored by this enlightenment . So nice to meet another professional that leaves ego at the door. Be ready for this unique journey that is guided by a true gentleman. I would recommend him for Women or Men. Thisisit1063 is very intuitive and a kind soul
Reviewed by dancer310, 2018-10-17 [ID 19447:P]

Reply from ThisIsIt1963 of 2018-10-18
Thank you for your review. As you know my new hobby is Dog Massage. When I come back I will certainly do them too. I don't do Turtles !

ATXmassage4men Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
I had the incredible pleasure of meeting ATX for an exchange. He is a really nice, experienced theripist, well informed on the art of massage and physiology. ATX uses a firm pressure, enhanced by nature given hand span.

Cleanliness and hygiene we both shared in common. His table-side manner is so relaxing with a blended focus of Swedish and Deep tissue.

Without question, ATX deserves five stars. I hope to schedule an additional exchange when on business travel in Austin. I highly recommend ATX.
Reviewed by FirmPress, 2018-10-17 [ID 19446:P]

kjohnny123 Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Simply a relaxing comfortable beautiful massage from gracious beautiful man inside and out...good soul and a perfect host....if i could only go everyday.
Reviewed by Chuey1, 2018-10-17 [ID 19445:P]

dancer310 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, California, United States
I had the pleasure today of meeting dancer310. He has a very nice home with two dogs that greeted me at the door. I must be at the right place! He has a room dedicated to massage that is very well arranged. I gave him the full treatment of therapeutic and Tantric massage. Then he gave me a very deep massage. After that he wanted more massaging which I gave him, I really enjoyed that.
Reviewed by ThisIsIt1963, 2018-10-17 [ID 19437:P]

Reply from dancer310 of 2018-10-17
This was a great and novel exchange. My dog was having a play date, but they are both friendly and my dog prefers to wait on her Persian carpet until sessions are finished.

harrypotter1985 Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Met Harry for a massage swap. Very respectful. Taught me a few useful tips, more particularly the need to stretch before a session.
Reviewed by mdd, 2018-10-17 [ID 19394:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I met kingstonguy (KG) for my first massage exchange with him. We'd both had to delay our initial dates because we went down simultaneously with colds. The room KG had prepared was warm, candle lit and with tranquil music playing: a perfect atmosphere. KG has a natural, confident touch which made me feel instantly connected and in a capable pair of hands. He spent a good amount of time at the start on each of my shoulders in turn in what I can best describe as a combination of smooth, flowing circular strokes, with just the right amount of pressure. It was an excellent entry into the massage and a tip I shall certainly try out myself. I felt thoroughly pampered and relaxed by the massage from start to finish, and look forward to a repeat exchange soon.
Reviewed by Brushwork, 2018-10-17 [ID 19444:P]

Brushwork Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Brushwork at my place this evening after keeping in touch for several weeks to find a mutually agreeable date. He is a very nice friendly guy and after some chat had a great massage exchange. He has a very good intuitive touch and left me feeling relaxing but invigorated. I can recommend him and hope to meet up with him again.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2018-10-17 [ID 19443:P]

Acupunc Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Acupunc was an absolute pleasure to work on. The verbal and non-verbal feedback he gave during the session assured me I was doing everything he desired. The connection was organic and things flowed amazingly. His body was receptive of the deep tissue bodywork we agreed upon. Hope to see him again and again. Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by tunedintouch, 2018-10-17 [ID 19442:P]

RestonUnstress Highly Recommended
Oak Hill, Virginia, United States
I had the pleasure of spending a wonderful morning session. He has a very clean and comfortable home with an excellent massage table and high quality oil. Conversation was very natural and his massage skills are excellent. I highly recommend him!
Reviewed by male2massage, 2018-10-17 [ID 19441:P]

FirmPress Highly Recommended
Bristow, Virginia, United States
Had a great massage exchange with FP last night, and true to his handle, the pressure was firm and deep! He has great table side manner and is a real gentleman. He is a pleasure to massage, as well as be massaged by. The session was great and I felt amazing after the massage. If you have a chance to exchange with FP, do not miss the opportunity. You are in for a real treat and a great massage! Highly recommended. 5 stars. Now get out there and exchange massages! Very best regards, John at Atsmassage4men.
Reviewed by ATXmassage4men, 2018-10-17 [ID 19440:P]

walkinga Highly Recommended
Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
Great instinct and touch for an 'enthusiast'. Had a great swap. Thanks mate.
Reviewed by sydneymacca, 2018-10-16 [ID 19439:P]

heinousfairy Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
One of the best massages I have ever had! Brilliant. Thanks for the swap.
Reviewed by sydneymacca, 2018-10-16 [ID 19438:P]

Gotham2168 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I Met Gotham2168 in his place .he's a nice guy he did great job I Reaily enjoyed .highty recommened for him.
Reviewed by david6610, 2018-10-16 [ID 19432:P]

Reply from Gotham2168 of 2018-10-16
Thanks David! I appreciate your thoughtful review.

masseur1971 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I met masseur1971 tonight and came away rejuvenated and revitalised. He knows his stuff and would recommend highly. Thank you. It was brilliant.
Reviewed by 0055, 2018-10-16 [ID 19436:P]

PARADISE Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Amazing massage we had a lot of fun can’t wait to meet up again. He’s very polite and respectful
Reviewed by Funarama, 2018-10-16 [ID 19435:P]

123twinkle No Show
Northridge, California, United States
I would like to ask Massage Exchange admin to block 123twinkle from this site. I spend my time & money to see her and she did exactly as other have mentioned in their review. She asked me to call her from Devenshire St & Reseda Blvd in city of Northridge. The appointment was fixed for 1 pm. I was calling her from 12 pm but she didn't call me back. Finally I was able to get hold of her at 1pm. She asked me to come. I asked her if she needs me to bring anything for Massage. She said NO. When I reached there, she asked me to get food from some maxican restaurant and when I refused, she asked me to get something from CVS pharmacy. I told her, I have next appointment schedule for 3 pm and I can spend 1 hour giving her massage. She just hang on me as I didn't bring what she wants. It is very unprofessional. Don't waste other people time. We do have lot to do ... you may not have anything to do with your life but I do... I am doing exchange to meet people and spread love & peace.

Reviewed by stevenjr, 2018-10-16 [ID 19434:N]

storm Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Storm did a fantastic massage. Just the right pressure and found some knots to work out. He was easy to talk to and respectful of what I wanted. Definitely will trade again and recommend him for a massage.
Reviewed by greger1, 2018-10-16 [ID 19433:P]

Reply from storm of 2018-10-16
Greger1 was awesome! While not trained, experienced and gifted with an intuitive touch! Highly recommended and will schedule a trade as soon as possible!

TexasNY Highly Recommended
Addison, Texas, United States
Met TexasNY this morning for an awesome exchange. In fact, I’d say it’s the best exchange I’ve ever had. Located in a beautiful apartment, TexasNY has a great body, and strong hands. Though he considers himself a novice, he gave a better massage than most for which I have to pay. I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by northtexan, 2018-10-16 [ID 19431:P]

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