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BraveJay Highly Recommended
Baltimore, Maryland, United States
I really enjoyed exchanging with BraveJay. He showed excellent attention to detail, has wonderful hands and the atmosphere was set to perfection. He’s honest and caring with feedback and is a great teacher. I’m certainly looking forward to future exchanges. By far the best massage experience ever!
Reviewed by SheisMe 2021-01-15 [ID 24018:P]

Anthalia Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Anthalia is an elegant lady who maintains herself to great standard who has an attractive personality that makes you feel good when you are around her.
Very deep, knowledgeable, experienced in life and intelligent. She adores nature, old paintings, likes meaningful & deep conversations.
She has a persona with whom you want to go out for a drink or dinner, sit and talk for hours or spend the evening with.

We have been in touch for a while but never met due to busy life. One day, out of the blue got a mail whether I am available to meet. We both agreed a date and I felt fortunate as she agreed to host.
When I entered her immaculate, elegantly decorated, warm welcoming flat, I knew what a day am I gonna have.
The paintings on the walls and beautiful living room that looked spick-and-span & the massage bed on the middle with warm oil and towels ready, soft lighted room with nice music and a gorgeous Anthalia (inside and outside) on the massage bed was a delight for me.
We chatted a little bit to break the ice but I just couldn’t wait to massage her as I was so much looking forward to the session.

I started the massage with few Thai stretches and then to slow strokes to read her body and I knew what a great day it’s going to be.
I was able to scan her body and understand where the pressure and de-knotting is needed. Anthalia loves the pressure and I would say Deep Tissue is her favourite.
I don’t need to say how good I did with my massage as she has already mentioned all that in her review to me, but all I can say is ‘Anthalia is a great massage recipient’ and her body responses to every stroke that’s so satisfying and soothing to watch as a therapist. I don’t think there is anything that could please you other than seeing the pleasure in your client’s eyes, at-least for me, that’s the best I want to see as a giver.

Anthalia is also a very sensual person. The same way she could receive high pressure massages, she could also enjoy the sensuality to a very high level. She knows how to enjoy the sensual touch and knows how to adjust and flex herself to open up and connect her body to her sensual senses. This is a very rare thing with so many women, but I should say Anthalia has that naturally built in her body.
The energy between us was on another level and we both felt very comfortable with each other. The pleasure of providing that sensual energy and connecting with each other while maintaining the boundaries made the best experience.

Anthalia is very kind hearted, caring and a loving person. Although she loves to receive massage, she is a genuine giver in her heart. She even remembered my birthday and sent me wishes, which was very sweet of her.
She also like her space and a break from her phone and the world, which I feel a good well-being practice. In other words, no one should push her.
Thank you Anthalia for trust me and the friendship that we have created.
Reviewed by gussy 2021-01-14 [ID 24017:P]

GreatTouch77 Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States
I really enjoyed my exchange with GreatTouch77. He had a firm, relaxing touch. I learned a few techniques while he was massaging me that I will be able to use in the future. I look forward to future exchanges with him.
Reviewed by mattforlando 2021-01-13 [ID 24016:P]

Kelvjump4040 Highly Recommended
West Sacramento, California, United States of America
1/12/2021: Excellent massage, he captured my whole body with his hands, he stretched me, lifted my legs, soft and gentle. I was given a 3 hour massage and was positioned many different ways. Kelv took off all of his clothes, so he would not have any restrictions. Kelv can massage anytime. Definitely 5 stars!
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2021-01-12 [ID 24015:P]

havefunwithme Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Excellent, very attentive. Friendly behaviour and respectful. Very clean and maintained good hygiene in every session.
Had four sessions and its getting better. Looking forward to more sessions.
Reviewed by sanyukta 2021-01-12 [ID 24014:P]

Joebea Highly Recommended
Clifton, New Jersey, United States
Very professional and a great massage! Nothing but positive things to say about this session - we'll be meeting up again for sure!
Reviewed by LoveMassages123 2021-01-11 [ID 24013:P]

Tuamor Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Very nice guy. Gave me a great massage.
Reviewed by Zipperking 2021-01-11 [ID 24012:P]

helleborus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a great massage exchange with this guy this morning. As neither of us can host we agreed to meet in a private room in a sauna. He arrived on time and even though the room was incredibly small we had a very sensual exchange. He has a great body which I enjoyed massaging very much and he responded very well to my strokes. When it was time to swap he gave me an equally enjoyable massage. Due to the confines of the small room we ended up doing a lot of body on body massage, although very nice indeed, I look forward to next time and having more space for both of us to practice what we've picked up on previous exchanges.
He is a lovely guy and I look forward to our next exchange very much.

Update - Our next exchange was not a disappointment! I met George again recently for a 4 handed massage which went extremely well. He was a very willing participant in the oily massages which we all enjoyed and shared our previous experiences. It was great to be able to have the use of a massage table this time. He has a wonderful body to massage and is very receptive to sensual massage. I thoroughly enjoyed his massage - particularly when we had some body on body contact.
I would definitely recommend him for massage exchanges.
Reviewed by gary22620 2021-01-11 [ID 22996:P]

TERRY54 Highly Recommended
Ōrākei, Auckland, New Zealand
I met Terry54 a few days after New Year. He hosted the massage at his home and had a great setup. A very comfortable table and the room and lighting was perfect for a relaxing session. Terry54 has a very easy and gentle manner - putting me at ease immediately. We had a natural, yet unobtrusive conversation from time to time whilst on the table. His massage skills are extraordinary and his professional training was obvious right from the start. I knew I was in good hands. I can say without doubt that this was in the top 5 best massages I've ever had. As I neared the end of the massage a feeling of peace, fullness and complete relief enveloped me. I look forward to more swaps with Terry54 in the future.
Reviewed by nzer 2021-01-10 [ID 24011:P]

mkmassage Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
I traded a massage with mkmassage on news years day. ..I enjoyed a great massage and had a wonderful way to start off the new year... nice guy that I hope to trade with again
Reviewed by Dadkneadsit 2021-01-10 [ID 24010:P]

ABEO Highly Recommended
Rockville, Maryland, United States
I was a bit apprehensive when I was first contacted by ABEO because his messages were rather short. Despite being a man of few words, he communicated effectively. We met at my place for an early day exchange. He had a soft touch at first, but then as he went on, his strokes got stronger and in the end led to an amazing massage. I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by massagegive 2021-01-10 [ID 24008:P]

Ruyal Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Ruyal recently for one of the best massage exchanges I have experienced. His technique was astonishing and felt completely natural which made me feel immediately at ease. Firm at times but also gentle and sensual. I picked up several techniques which hopefully I was able to return when it was my go. I thoroughly enjoyed massaging his toned smooth body and I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did.
Definitely want to swap again with this lovely handsome guy. Thanks so much.
Reviewed by gary22620 2021-01-10 [ID 24007:P]

Robinx123 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had the chance to meet with Robin few days ago. We had chatted earlier and exchanged messages, so we both knew what to expect and how to proceed. Since we both can't host we met to a hotel room. He came on time and had some time prior, talking before our session.
Is a really nice guy. Polite, interesting and knows how to keep a conversation. He didn’t have much time but he told me that he would do his best to give me an unforgettable massage. And he sure did.
We both agreed to a nude massage, so when he removed his clothes i left admiring his nice strong muscular body. Great arms and legs. Even if he admitted putting on some weight recently, i have to say his body is in amazing condition. And really enjoyed working it.
We started first with me doing his back n legs and then we swapped. He sure knows how to relax you. Gentle and firm strokes, full of energy and passion. Using all his body and finding all the right spots, pressing them accordingly. Relieving any tension and stiffness. A magic warm touch, releasing your inner energy.
I felt so relaxed and didn't realised how quickly 2 hours passed.
...definitely we ll have to meet again. Waiting for next one...
Reviewed by helleborus 2021-01-10 [ID 24006:P]

maxxb28 Recommended
Essendon North, Victoria, Australia
I arranged a swap with Maxxb28 and I'm so glad l did.
Max arrived on time freshly showered and we had a quick chat before proceeding.
I enjoyed the constructive feedback that Max provided and then it was my turn on the table.
It was so good. His strokes are strong and slow which made it so relaxing.
Max then adapted one of my key strokes into one of his own but with a better manoeuvre which l am now trying to replicate.
You won't go wrong doing a swap with Max and I'm looking forward to when we exchange again
Reviewed by yarra3141 2021-01-09 [ID 24004:P]

Reply from maxxb28 of 2021-01-09
Thank you so much for a glowing review yarra3141, I’d like to swap again when our availability allows.

sunil1000 Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Have had a number of great exchanges - Sunil1000 is definitely one of the very best. From our initial communication, I knew it would be a memorable experience.
A charming, warm and caring guy. Naturally empathetic and great company.
He is a very gifted masseur - strong, warm hands. He seems to know what you need and has a fantastic repertoire to deliver it - some (badly needed in my case) strong, deeper work and wonderful relaxing, sensual strokes.
Warmly recommend him.
Reviewed by jerhoo 2021-01-08 [ID 24003:P]

mattforlando Recommended
Horizon West, Florida, United States of America
Had a great session with mattforlando. Quickly felt comfortable, he had a space perfect for relaxation with meditation music and lighting. He used good pressure in the right spots and was able to relax the tightness in my neck and shoulders. I also enjoyed being able to practice and improve my massaging techniques on him.
Reviewed by GreatTouch77 2021-01-08 [ID 24002:P]

KCCK25 Highly Recommended
Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
I had a great massage exchange with KCCK25. He was very kind, personable, and accommodating. I enjoyed the touch of his strong hands. Hopefully I will be able to meet up with him again.
Reviewed by frogman 2021-01-06 [ID 24001:P]

Hunter101 Highly Recommended
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Ongoing contact on Hunter101’s part occurred for many months prior to his arrival to the area, making us feel familiar with one another before finally meeting in person for massage.

My massage by Hunter101 was much more enjoyable than I was expecting it to be due to how Hunter101 would describe and downplay his skill set. He utilized soft touch much of the time, during which time it was easy to get lost in the moment. What is oftentimes non-memorable, upward massaging each side of my body is an example of such. So was his use of both hands working in symmetry of the upper back. What needs to be added is the massage was traditional and therapeutic in nature, making it all the more pleasant.

If you are looking for such a massage, Hunter101 is highly recommended.

Thanks again, Hunter101.

- cdune
Reviewed by cdune 2021-01-06 [ID 24000:P]

cdune Highly Recommended
Palm Harbor, Florida, United States
Cdune had a note on the door for me to just walk in at the expected arrival time. He was totally ready for me and quite pleasant. We opened up with a chance for either of us to express any concerns which neither of us had. We were comfortable with addressing anything that needed to be if/when they came up/which they didn't. As I was a bit concerned with what Cdune felt comfortable with, I was the first one to be massaged. I was quickly relaxed and there were no issues. Only good after that. Cdune has a mostly softer magic touch which I thoroughly appreciated. The massage was relaxing, therapeutic, and sensual at the same time. Time was definitely not an issue, only that I felt like I got the bulk of the time. I am on board for another session in the near future, hopefully Cdune will feel the same.
Reviewed by Hunter101 2021-01-06 [ID 23999:P]

frogman Highly Recommended
Salina, Kansas, United States
Frogman reached out to me and we were able to make time for a great exchange. He’s a very nice man with a powerful touch and calming demeanor, two great qualities for any exchange. Look forward to exchanging next time he is in town- thanks again frogman!
Reviewed by KCCK25 2021-01-05 [ID 23998:P]

massagetech123 Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America
Massagetech123 is just as his profile describes (very accommodating and focuses on making extra sure his massage partners needs are satisfied). Massagetech123 is friendly, easygoing/positive energy personality, nice height and muscular body. He used a variety of techniques on me, constantly checked in to ensure comfort and made extra sure that I was satisfied with the overall exchange experience. I gained a friend, massage buddy and can’t wait until our next exchange!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2021-01-05 [ID 23997:P]

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
I had communicated with Tallmusclegrad for a while since he contacted me on one of my visits to the Orlando area. With Covid, travel was not part most of 2020. On my resent visit to Orlando, we finally were able to communicate and proceed with an exchange. My first impression was "What a tall giant"!! We exchanged a brief period of getting to know more of each other, our techniques before we got on with our exchange. He is very personal and out going individual that translated to his technique, a firm touch with attention to making me feel great. I would have to say he is a "gentle giant". I got massaged first so it was a challenge to get in frame of mind to return a massage on his large muscular body. He gave great feed back as I proceeded over his large tall frame. We had a amazing exchange and we connected very well that was an added touch to the exchange. We had a brief discussion after the exchange and I did not hesitate to agree to another exchange. This was a great way to start 2021, thanks TallMuscleGrad !
Reviewed by doneright 2021-01-04 [ID 23996:P]

Michaelg Highly Recommended
Spanish Fork, Utah, United States of America
Michaelg is very easy going and his pictures on the site do not do him justice (very handsome and nice body to work on). He informed me of limited massage exchahge experience and I volunteered to massage him first. Michaelg provides excellent feedback, was open to many massage/stretching techniques and fun to be around. He has great intuition, touch and gave me a better than expected massage! Michaelg is a must exchange, I highly recommend and can’t wait to exchange with him again!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2021-01-03 [ID 23994:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Doneright is amazing! When I was new to this site, his profile caught my attention for many reasons (Clear communication, healthy boundaries/limits, many positive reviews and thorough explanation of the massage experience expectations). Doneright is very approachable, relatable and genuinely cares for others needs, in many ways. I volunteered to work on him first. His body is in great athletic shape, he gave appropriate feedback, laid back demeanor and open mind about many techniques used, made for an awesome experience. He also gave me an impressive massage, even after he left and the next day my body continued to feel relaxed! I have communicated with Doneright for nearly 1 year and a half. I was very happy when he kept me updated about this exchange opportunity. Doneright was everything I hoped for in an exchange and much more. We mutually agreed to have another exchange and I can’t wait! I not only gained a massage partner but a friend! I highly recommend Doneright and wish that l could give him 10 Stars!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2021-01-03 [ID 23993:P]

miles2go Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Miles2go is a joy to meet as a person and exchange massages with. He is honest and has an easygoing personality. His massage was amazing. He is an enthusiast on this site but felt like I was being massaged by a pro. He pays close attention to detail, uses many appropriate techniques (some of his techniques I have never experienced before, during an exchange) and has great touch. I highly recommend Miles2Go! After much communication, happy that we finally met and I can’t wait until next time!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2021-01-03 [ID 23995:P]

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