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Pepper2010 Highly Recommended
Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia
Sometimes it just works and when it does its magic . Sometimes you feel completely energised and relaxed after a massage. Sometimes you walk away from a massage session thinking 'that was awesome' Sometimes when you meet someone for a massage you just know this is going to be great session. With Pepper 2010 all those 'sometimes just came together this evening. Thanks for a great massage and looking after your body so it's a pleasure to massage. From Skintouch
Reviewed by skintouch, 2017-03-30 [ID 16117:P]

pinkflowers Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of receiving a massage as a practice body from Pinkflowers yesterday. I am delighted to report that in my opinion she will sail through her assessment for her City in Guild in May as she delivered an exceptional massage, better than many qualified therapists I have seen.
She had a great sense of purpose to her routine, moving seamlessly and methodically around my body and applying just the right amount of pressure at all times. I felt comfortable in her hands and was able to escape for an hour of indulgence.
As she gains more practical experience and the confidence that goes with it, I know Pinkflowers will quickly become a "must see" therapist and I am looking forwards to her visiting again for a follow up massage.
Reviewed by itp, 2017-03-30 [ID 16116:P]

denkent Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Met Den last week, and boy, it was a brilliant massage. He made me welcome from the off, firstly advising on where to park. He offered me a drink on arrival and we are a preliminary chat to get to know each other. He has a nice home and a nice warm room with a proper table to massage on. Den is a qualified masseur, and you can tell, he spent a good time in building up the pressure of the strokes, requesting feedback to ensure it was right for me. A really pleasurable experience and I lost all track of time, other than it was thorough and I left walking on cloud nine. We finished with a cup of tea and another chat, I really hope he invites me back.
Reviewed by Greg54, 2017-03-30 [ID 16115:P]

kevo1960 Recommended
Slough, England, United Kingdom
Had a very lovely massage hosted by Kevo. I felt very relaxed in his capable hands. Would definitely repeat the experience if possible when I am next in the area.
Reviewed by Minervois, 2017-03-29 [ID 16114:P]

Tankie42 Recommended
Wisbech, United Kingdom
I met Tankie42 for an exchange recently after we had exchanged a few emails to ensure we were happy and in tune with each others wants and intentions for the exchange. Tankie had said to me that she was untrained and felt that her massage was mediocre. I can assure everybody that that was not the case. She has good pressure and movement and conducts her massage in a very confident and professional manner. I am sure that anyone who is lucky enough to exchange with Tankie will find themselves with a welcoming and confident exchange partner.
Reviewed by Phil1001, 2017-03-29 [ID 16113:P]

badger1964 Recommended
Ashford, England, United Kingdom
I have met badger . He is a genuine guy , clean , polite and gives a massage with good pressure .
I would certainly meet him again .
Reviewed by Morenito, 2017-03-29 [ID 16112:P]

Phil1001 Highly Recommended
Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Recently had a delightful exchange with Phil 1001. After a good amount of communication via email and an initial meeting over coffee to discuss our requirements and expectations for our forthcoming meeting.
I can say that Phil was wonderful company for a very enjoyable evening of massage and tuition. He performed a very relaxing Lomi Lomi massage on me and talked me through some of his moves and techniques and also gave me some guidance on locating pressure points which had been eluding me somewhat.
1st experience of warm oils which really was lovely too.

He was most polite / complimentary when I performed an Aromatherapy massage on him. He was very responsive and I could tell that he was enjoying the whole process.
I look forward to meeting with him again to pick up more tips.

Thank you Phil.
Reviewed by Tankie42, 2017-03-29 [ID 16111:P]

itp Highly Recommended
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
itp was very respectful and courteous and offered very constructive feedback in terms of my professional development. His therapy room was lovely and relaxing and i felt just as relaxed and safe as when at college working on booked client. I would like to thank him for his time; honesty and great host.

Reviewed by pinkflowers, 2017-03-29 [ID 16110:P]

Atl Highly Recommended
Worsley, United Kingdom
I met this young lady for massage exchange the day before her massage examination. I think she will pass with consummate ease. Her massage was brilliantly paced and perfect pressure. I really enjoyed her therapeutic and relaxing massage and strongly recommend her to members. Thank you so much and see you again soon, I hope.
Reviewed by switch, 2017-03-29 [ID 16109:P]

malemassage1 Highly Recommended
Chantilly, Virginia, United States
Great massage exchange. He has strong and intuitive touch that penetrates the right spots. He doesn't rush and is a nice and very normal guy. I look forward to another exchange.
Reviewed by Werty1234, 2017-03-29 [ID 16108:P]

follyrise Recommended
Coburg, Victoria, Australia
Follyrise gave a good massage and he was very conscious of asking how he was going. He is someone who is very eager to learn and extend his skills. Warm, comfortable place and very honest and gentle in his approach
Reviewed by happy2please, 2017-03-29 [ID 16107:P]

Reply from follyrise of 2017-03-29
Happy2please was a nice guy who gave a wonderful good firm massage. Very enjoyable. Well worth meeting. Many thanks.

Werty1234 Highly Recommended
Bethesda, Maryland, United States
John is a great trading partner between because he is not only in-tune with his finely tuned body but super aware of his exchange partner as well. His touch is compassionate, intentional, and firm. He knows how to be present, again allowing his partner to do the same. We have traded before and I look forward to future trades as well.
Reviewed by malemassage1, 2017-03-28 [ID 16095:P]

Minervois Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
I have just had a lovely exchange with Minervois, she came to me, very prompt, we chatted over Tea and proceeded with the massage, she is very good, i was very relaxed and the 2 hours she was here flew by, we are hoping to repeat, Highly recommended, She is a lovely Lady,
Reviewed by kevo1960, 2017-03-28 [ID 16106:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
Great meeting up with Dave after 3 years. He has learnt a lot of new techniques. I feel revitalized, he gives a great
massage. Even the next day i feel great. Dave is a great host and has good conversation. Guys don't miss out.
Thanks Dave can't wait until the next exchange.
Reviewed by chasmore, 2017-03-28 [ID 16105:P]

M174732 Highly Recommended
Surbiton, United Kingdom
He is a real gentleman, really easy to speak to, warm and friendly, M174732 has firm / soft hands and a very professional approach. He worked on me at great length with his full and genuine interest. My body felt wonderfully relaxed by the end of the session. He is focused and attends to every detail, always checking if the pressure is fine for you, really caring person. Highly recommended to all. M174732 also picked up on some areas of tension which he worked on. The day after the exchange I woke up energetic, a feeling that lasted the whole day. Looking forward to swapping again soon. Thanks M174732 .
Reviewed by SKY1972, 2017-03-28 [ID 16104:P]

merlingrand Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
My exchange with Merlingrand was arranged on the day, we seemed to click immediately, no complications, nice when it happens. He was a generous host, room warm, equipment ready, we chatted and I was made very welcome. We alternated the massage so we could both enjoy each other's techniques. He is an intuitive and masterful masseur using a great variety of long fluid stokes, pressures and softer sensual touches. He has a fabulous physique to massage, a joy to explore his sculpturesque muscles.
I will remember the whole experience for a long time. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by AAAAmassage, 2017-03-28 [ID 16103:P]

Reply from merlingrand of 2017-03-28
Wow.That is a handsome, generous and very encouraging review. Thank you. All best

Phil1478 Satisfactory
Markfield, England, United Kingdom
We planned the swap to take place at mine as i can accommodate.Phil turned out to be a pleasing guy,who was honest about knowing little about giving a massage.He learnt quickly though and i would say that if given a chance to give a massage often he will develop his own style.wishing him all the best.
Reviewed by mitsu123, 2017-03-28 [ID 16102:P]

GoodHandsJack Highly Recommended
York, England, United Kingdom
GoodHandsJack - it's really in the name! Very skilled practitioner and able to relax within seconds. Great knowledge and techniques- I would recommend over and over again!
Reviewed by HappyYorkshire, 2017-03-28 [ID 16101:P]

Reply from GoodHandsJack of 2017-03-28
Thanks. It was a pleasure to help you relax.

viperr Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
just had a magnificent massage from viperr. i was astonished at how good he is. the second he laid his hands on me i could tell i was in for something special. and i certainly was. relaxing, therapeutic and sensual all at the same time. definitely one of the best. oh what bliss!!
Reviewed by surfie, 2017-03-28 [ID 16100:P]

surfie Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I thoroughly enjoyed massaging surfie. It was a nice and relaxed environment. A nice body to work on
Unfortunately, I could not stay to receive a massage but next time!
Reviewed by viperr, 2017-03-28 [ID 16099:P]

follyrise Recommended
Coburg, Victoria, Australia
I met with Follyrise recently and was blown away with his expertise, long steady strokes which made me completely relaxed. Very clean and articulate making sure that you are comfortable, well worth meeting.
Reviewed by simply53, 2017-03-27 [ID 16098:P]

HappyYorkshire Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
Great guy. Down-to-earth, genuine and fun. And he really seemed to enjoy my massage. It was great to help him relax.
Reviewed by GoodHandsJack, 2017-03-27 [ID 16097:P]

greathandsdad Highly Recommended
Akron, Ohio, United States
very professional person...i've learned a lot from him...easy to talk to and took his time massage...he has very strong hands and knows how to use them...he made me feel so relaxed and he touched every button on me......DAN
Reviewed by davwkmg365, 2017-03-27 [ID 16096:P]

chasmore Highly Recommended
Croydon, United Kingdom
It was great to meet up with Chasmore earlier today for an exchange. It is three years since our last exchange and it was immediately obvious that Chasmore had learnt some great new techniques in the interim which have made his massage style even more enjoyable. Besides being great at giving a good all round full body massage he is als a very friendly and sociable guy and I would highly reccomend him to others.

Thank you Charlie for a great morning.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2017-03-27 [ID 16094:P]

davwkmg365 Highly Recommended
Akron, Ohio, United States
Really enjoyed a wonderful massage, very nice comfortable setting, very clean and professional, great hands, firm pressure but a gentle touch, I gladly recommend a session. P.S. ask for the coconut oil, you'll love its feel.
Reviewed by greathandsdad, 2017-03-27 [ID 16093:P]

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