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MilkyWayz Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
Such a sweet person with a great sense of humor with a fun, warm and inviting personality to melt away any tension. She was very articulate in what she wanted and was patient with me while I worked my way around her body in the dark, to some good jams. The area was clean, safe and had everything needed. Looking forward to future visits and trying some new things out with her.
Reviewed by warl0ck, 2020-04-02 [ID 23197:P]

Reply from MilkyWayz of 2020-04-02
I appreciate your awesome review and promise to have more than everything you need in near future ;)

willywonka75024 Highly Recommended
Bedford, Texas, United States
Willywonka's stretches combined with his massage technique was very relaxing. He was respectful of my boundaries and considerate of my comfort. I found him to be a pleasant and accommodating host during our exchange. I highly recommend willywonka for an exchange.
Reviewed by chocochick, 2020-03-30 [ID 23196:P]

chocochick Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America
We met for an exchange just before the corona craziness hit in full. B's technique is outstanding, very relaxing and almost hypnotic. As the receiver, she enjoyed my stretches. Ready for this virus to blow over!
Reviewed by willywonka75024, 2020-03-30 [ID 23195:P]

CaptainKangaroo Highly Recommended
Leona Valley, California, United States
One of the most spectacular massages I have ever had. Rick showed up on time with oils and an awesome table. Combination of strong Strokes in areas where necessary and softer strokes when asked. He always checked on me to make sure I was doing ok. If you don’t do an exchange with Rick soon you are missing out. Thank you Rick for an amazing massage so looking forward to the next time.
Reviewed by beverlyhills1969, 2020-03-29 [ID 23194:P]

Reply from CaptainKangaroo of 2020-03-29
Thank you, my friend. It was my pleasure and, of course, we must get together again! Cheers.

naturalmassage Highly Recommended
Okeana, Ohio, United States
Naturalmassage was totally awesome! One of my best massages I ever received! Massaging him was a lot of fun as well. Very clean, smooth, down to earth type of guy. Can’t wait to exchange with him again.
Reviewed by PracticeOnme2020, 2020-03-29 [ID 23193:P]

AnotherTouchAddict Highly Recommended
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
A very relaxing massage with an excellent touch. Looking forward to the next massage.
Reviewed by CanberraBoy, 2020-03-29 [ID 23192:P]

bridgeway12 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
A couple of very pleasurable massage exchanges with bridgeway12 have demonstrated what a wonderful partner he is. His body is a joy to massage and very responsive to touch. When we trade places, his long and purposeful strokes make a big impression on me, with a firmness of touch that’s just right. His face, scalp, and hand massages are not to be missed. I’ve appreciated the strength and skill of his work with me, and I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by UwsNyc, 2020-03-26 [ID 23191:P]

Kneadie Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
Kneadie is a very friendly and shiny person full of happiness that he is ready to share. He cares about the client on the massage table. Getting the massage, his focus was on the areas he was massaging to soften every node. He is really mastered to do kneading techniques to soften, stretching and elongating muscle fibers, removing adhesion and increasing muscle flexibility. Getting the massage, I was feeling increasing temperature and blood circulation of my body fibers. Kneadie cares to customize his massage to reach therapeutic goals. When I noticed, he is doing the lymphatic drainage for my legs, I realized he was doing it even more rational than I was taught to do it. He just hold his palms over the skin to melt the snow to transform it into the liquid, and then he moved the lymph flow from my Achilles tendon upward to the center of my body. He is very intuitive and creative, with excellent palpation skills and great desire to heal the human body making his clients healthier. He is very recommended to exchange massage with.
Reviewed by Galina, 2020-03-26 [ID 23190:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
🌹 for Rose....she is very welcoming and cooperative, very clear about her expectations and communicates very good.....During the massage she stays calm and silent....her room is full of energy and the aura of the place is very special.....would love to massage her repeatedly whenever she invites...:Thanks Rose
Reviewed by Sacsouth, 2020-03-25 [ID 23189:P]

MasageBud Highly Recommended
South Sarasota, Florida, United States of America
my trade with Masage bud was well worth the time he has a strong but gentle touch to sooth aches away
Reviewed by jad67, 2020-03-23 [ID 23188:P]

PracticeOnme2020 Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
Practiceonme2020 and I did a massage exchange. As a beginner he has skills that gave me a very relaxing and very enjoyable massage. His technique is slow and steady. His touch is firm and smooth. He is eager to learn and improve. I will continue to do exchanges with him. He is a very conversant guy and eager to learn more about massage. I thoroughly enjoy the massage and the attention that was given to my body.
Reviewed by naturalmassage, 2020-03-22 [ID 23187:P]

Westlondon100 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Organising a massage with WestLondon was really easy and straightforward. He accommodates in central London in his very nice flat. He made me feel comfortable as soon as we met. We started with a nice cup of tea and relaxing chat. The massage was done on the bed, in a very cosy room. I was really impressed by WestLondon body, defined, lean and a very smooth skin. He was just a pleasure to massage. He is the kind of session you don't want to stop. He is the perfect person to meet for whoever needs to practice. We definitely had a great time, a second cup of tea afterwards none of us in specific rush. Hopefully we'll repeat this moment.
Reviewed by LM55, 2020-03-22 [ID 23186:P]

TJames Highly Recommended
Rockford, Illinois, United States
I exchanged massages with TJames a few weeks ago while he was traveling for work. I thoroughly enjoyed the session as well as his company. He is friendly and easy to talk to. His technique was great and I left fully satisfied and relaxed. I highly recommend exchanging with him if you get the chance.
Reviewed by Rico83, 2020-03-21 [ID 23185:P]

BearRubs59 Highly Recommended
MetroWest, Florida, United States of America
I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with BearRubs59 earlier this week. Not only is his studio one of the most elaborate home massage studios I have seen, his skills are above and beyond. I felt
like I was at a resort getting one of the best massages I have ever had. The pressure and strokes used alternating with hot moist towels made the experience one I will never forget. I learned a lot and hope to exchange with him again soon. I highly recommend him if you get the chance.
Reviewed by Rico83, 2020-03-21 [ID 23184:P]

ThisIsIt1963 Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
ThisIsIt1963 gave me a very relaxing massage. He introduced me to techniques I hadn’t experienced before. I left totally rejuvenated and stress free.
Reviewed by 500, 2020-03-20 [ID 23183:P]

BrandoJson Highly Recommended
St. Augustine, Florida, United States of America
I had the pleasure of meeting BrandoJson today. His laid back personality made it easy to connect. Despite not being very experienced in exchange, he surprised me by volunteering to go first. His touch, pressure and techniques all felt good. He was eager to learn and incorporated some of my techniques into his routine too. During receiving BrandoJson provided awesome information about target areas and provided technique feedback. He is very respectful, communicative and honest. BrandoJson takes good care of himself and has an fun/nice body to massage. I highly recommend BrandoJson and can’t wait to our next exchange!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad, 2020-03-20 [ID 23182:P]

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
TMG has a lot of power behind his hands. He is gifted with several different techniques I have had done by professionals as well as ones I have not had before. Great use of stretching along with long intentional strokes. He gave me tips while I was massaging that helped us both enjoy. Very respectful and considerate of my boundaries and experience.
Reviewed by BrandoJson, 2020-03-20 [ID 23181:P]

500 Highly Recommended
Irvine, California, United States of America
500 is a friendly approachable guy. He was on board with various massage techniques and responded back to me with enthusiasm and caring. I highly recommend him to anyone. He is a keeper.
Reviewed by ThisIsIt1963, 2020-03-20 [ID 23177:P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
Certainly at a high 'Barr' level the massage was exhilarating relaxing sensual with no areas left unattended.

Arrived on time and with some beautiful scented Oils. After a brief chat and a drink it was to the bedroom very much at ease!

Look forward to the return :-)
Reviewed by Westlondon100, 2020-03-20 [ID 23180:P]

Westlondon100 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Charming, very warm and hospitable guy. Receives massage only. Very nice apartment. Very easy to massage and genuinely appreciates. Very good with feedback. If you enjoy massaging or need practice - he is your man.
Reviewed by jerhoo, 2020-03-20 [ID 23179:P]

Reply from Westlondon100 of 2020-03-20
Much appreciated once again and look forward to more!

jerhoo Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Very relaxed easy meet. Enjoyed a full body naked massage with wonderful scented oils. Much appreciated these amazing hands exploring all parts of my body. Must meet again........
Reviewed by Westlondon100, 2020-03-20 [ID 23178:P]

Rico83 Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States
Last evening I had the pleasure of exchanging with Rico83. I had hosted him in my private studio in my home. He is a very nice gentleman, and we had an amazing exchange. Rico83 is very good at what he does. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I definitely recommend him!!! AAA+
Reviewed by BearRubs59, 2020-03-19 [ID 23173:P]

Pipajmose Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Nick was amazing with his therapy as I slept like a baby during the complete therapy. He has a fantastic set up and he has just the right vibe needed for the therapy. He dropped me at the nearest station after the therapy. Who does that really? Nick is amazing and kind and if you are looking for a therapeutic massage you must meet him.
Reviewed by Sydneysider82, 2020-03-18 [ID 23172:P]

kees65 Highly Recommended
The Hague, South Holland, Netherlands
Good strong hands, nice long strokes, great body, very nice guy - Eventually here or there will try to exchange again
Reviewed by obrian18, 2020-03-18 [ID 23171:P]

Westlondon100 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meet with Westlondon100 last night. Easy to arrange. He is genuine down to earth guy. Made me feel very welcome. Friendly and chatty. Very easy to get on with. This was a receive only massage. He has a nicely defined smooth body without being over muscled, so easy and a pleasure to massage.
Would recommend him, and we will be meeting again
Reviewed by LondonSW19, 2020-03-18 [ID 23170:P]

Reply from Westlondon100 of 2020-03-18
Absolutely waiting for a repeat x

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