Guarantee Connection Guarantee

We guarantee you'll connect ...
or we'll extend your subscription for free!

Summary (subject to Program Rules)
  1. Purchase a 3-Month or longer subscription.
  2. Create a truthful profile + Primary Photo and keep both visible ("Public").
  3. E-mail at least 5 new members* monthly, and at least 30 distinct members total.
  4. We'll extend your term for free for the length of the initial term if you've not had any exchanges.

Program Rules

  1. You must purchase, and pay in full, a 3-Month or longer subscription, auto-renewing or one-time.
  2. You must create a truthful, complete, approved profile, with an approved Primary Photo. Your profile and Primary Photo must be visible (not "Private") for the entire term.
  3. During your subscription term, you must e-mail (not greet): (1) at least 5 new members* each calendar month, and (2) at least 30 distinct members total.
  4. You must comply with Terms of Use and Connection Guarantee rules.
  5. If you've had no bodywork exchanges, and you are compliant with these rules, contact us during the 30 day period following your initial paid term's expiration and request a free Connection Guarantee extension equal to the duration of your initial term.
  6. A member is eligible for the Connection Guarantee following their initial paid term only, not any renewal or resubscribe terms. Connection Guarantee redemption is limited to one time per person.
    No Refund and Continued Acceptance
  7. No refund for the original subscription fee nor other thing of value may be substituted for the Connection Guarantee Extension, and such may not be sold or transferred.
  8. Our Connection Guarantee is subject to change, effective upon posting on Your initial or continued use of after such posting will constitute your acceptance of such changes. reserves all rights to modify, suspend or cancel the program at any time without notice.

* New members means members you've not e-mailed during your current subscription term before. (Greetings and photo requests don't apply.)

Monitor your compliance via Profile Connection Guarantee (top menu).