Safety Tips

Body-workers tend to be the nicest people! However, just to make sure you don't find yourself in an awkward, or even unsafe, situation we would like to offer a few tips for your utmost safety and benefit of our site.

Friendly but prudent

Please be aware that we do not (and can not) validate every member. Although we strive to be a professional site for body-workers and massage hobbyists, there's always the possibility of someone of less than savory qualities joining.

Don't disclose your e-mail address or telephone number. Keep communication on-site for these reasons:

  1. If a member becomes annoying you can simply block them (via the block button.)
  2. If a member sends you an inappropriate message, we have a copy as evidence and we can close their account.
  3. Members can only send you photos that we have approved.
  4. In the rare case of a fraud or scam we have evidence in the form of an e-mail exchange and can close their account.
  5. On-site communication keeps people polite since they know if they cross the line they can be reported.
  6. If you wish write a review of another member, we must have supporting documentation of the arranged meeting in your e-mail correspondence to deter fraudulent reviews.

Knowing this, tricksters will try to take their conversation off-site to avoid detection. They will often pressure you with these, often false, statements:

For your safety and peace of mind, keep all correspondence on-site. By the way, we'll remind you every time you visit your mailbox:

Please keep communication on-site! Don't disclose your e-mail address or telephone; don't reply to a member's e-mail address.

Don't be so quick to disclose personal information

Don't disclose your telephone or home address until you two have met in person at least once and you feel comfortable enough with this person to disclose this information.

Do reveal and request information

Things you should ask or verify of your new acquaintance:

Look at their Photos

A photo reveals much. If they've chosen not to display a photo at, ask them why not! Then ask your new friend to upload a photo or two of themselves. Photos can be very revealing about a person.

Meet and chat first

Meet at a public coffee or tea house, bookstore, etc. for a chat first. Get to know your new acquaintance before agreeing to meet for a massage.

Do your massage at a public bodywork location if possible

For your safety, consider meeting at a public place for at least your first session.

Beware of meeting in an out of the way / unknown location. It might be in a dangerous neighborhood and should be avoided.

Red flags!

If it sounds strange, maybe it is. Some things to be concerned about: