A new Chat system was added April 13, 2020 to enable instant private member-to-member communication via:

Text Chat
Audio Chat
Video (+Audio) Chat

Chat runs on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Chat on Safari does not work well. Text Chat is OK; Audio and Video don't work or work poorly. We recommend Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.


  1. Chat is currently available to subscribers only. Token-only members and members may not participate in a Chat session at this time.
  2. Both parties must be on-line to initiate a chat.

The 🗣Chat button will be dimmed (🗣Chat) if the target party is off-line, or if one or both parties are not subscribers.

Starting a Chat Session

To start a Chat session:

  1. Click the 🗣Chat button at the top of the member's detailed profile. (To view a member's detailed profile, click their username at the top left of their abbreviated profile.)
  2. Type something in the text box at the bottom (labeled 'Type your message') and send it. This will initiate the call and notify the other member that you wish to chat. The text entry area looks like this: Type your message

Please be patient. It may take 5-10 seconds to go through and more time for the receiver to reply.

Enabling Audio-Only in your Chat Session

After starting a text chat session, click and a popup window will appear:

You'll need to click the microphone if muted. You may also see popup messages from your device to "allow" microphone use. (The (popup) and (full screen) buttons but have little use in an Audio-only chat session.)

Enabling Audio+Video in your Chat Session

After starting a text chat session, click and a popup window will appear:

You'll need to click both the microphone and video buttons to enable your audio and video. You may also see popup messages from your device to "allow" their use.

Other options are available:

Open in a popup window, which you may then resize and move anywhere on your screen.
An alert "Please allow browser popups for", means that you must "allow" popup windows in your browser. See How to Allow Popups to learn how. Most browsers allow you to specify only specific sites, such as, to allow popups without enabling popups for all sites, if that is your preference.
Full screen mode. (ESC key or double tap will minimize.)
Cause the video image to change slightly in size


Ringing in your ears?

Do you hear chimes? Then you have a new message. Open your Chats window to view your new messages – those tagged a green circle + number, like this: 1. Click to view.


Tip: You can turn off Chat Sound Notifications if you prefer. Instructions below in Preferences/Advanced Features.

🚫 Disable Chat

To disable the Chat feature for your account, visit Profile Preferences, and in the Privacy section, set Chat to Off.

Delete, Forward/Reply (specific messages)
Individual messages may be Deleted/Forwarded/Replied-to. Open the chat with the member, and hover, or click, a chat bubble and a circle-down-arrow will appear. Click the to open the Delete/Forward/Reply menu.
Reserve a Time

Most members don't stay logged in for than 5-10 minutes. If you'd like to Chat with a fellow member, it's best to pre-arrange a time, via e-mail, when you can both be online. (For distant contacts, be careful of time zone differences!)

Configuration / Other Features

To open Chat, click at the bottom right of your screen:

Chats - on desktop devices
- on mobile devices

Once opened, the Chat top bar will appear as:

◦◦◦ |
- on desktop devices
👦 Username
- on mobile devices
and display members you've recently chatted with. The button functions are:

◦◦◦ - open Preferences/Advanced Features (desktop), detailed below.
then More - open Preferences/Advanced Features (mobile), detailed below.
- view system announcements (desktop)
then Announcements - view system announcements (mobile)
- minimize Chat box
Preferences/Advanced Features
Chats Preference Panel
Scroll to see it all

Normally set (automatically) to Available when you login. But you may change your status explicitly to Away, Busy, or Invisible if you wish to avoid interruptions.


The notification buttons = on, = off. All items default to on.

Sound NotificationsWarning: Disabling Sound Notifications is no different than disabling your door bell... you may miss visitors!
Popup NotificationsWarning: You may miss people interested in chatting if you disable Popup Notifications.
Show Read Receipt

A variety of feeds from CNN to Jokes.

Single Player Games

Just for fun.

Browser Support

Our chat facility uses the latest WEB technologies. We officially support Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. The latest release of your browser is strongly recommended. Get the latest version of popular browsers here.

Safari is unsupported at this time. Safari is lagging behind the rest of the world in support for the latest web messaging technologies. When they're as up to date as the browsers above, our Chat will work just fine. Until then, we recommend Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.