Chat Feature

A new Chat system was added April 13, 2020 to enable enhanced private member-to-member communication via:

Text Chat
Audio Chat
Audio+Video Chat

Chat should run equally well on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Initiating a Chat Session

To initiate a Chat session with another member, simply click the new 🗣Chat button at the top of the member's detailed profile*. After initiating a Chat connection, members may take it to Audio or Audio+Video Chat by clicking the or icons respectively. Note that both parties will receive a permissions prompt to enable their respective computer microphones and, if video, cameras.

Subscription based Functionality

Our Chat functionality is currently available to subscribers only. Token-only members and Free members may not participate in a Chat session at this time.

The 🗣Chat button will be dimmed (🗣Chat) if the initiator is a Free member, or if the target party is off-line or does not have a sufficient subscription level.


Most members don't stay logged in very long; most hop on and hop off after 5-10 minutes. If you'd like to Chat with a fellow member, it's best to pre-arrange a time, via e-mail, when you can both be online. (For distant contacts, be careful of time zone differences!)

Configuration / Other Features

To open Chat, click at the bottom right of your screen:

Chats - on desktop devices
- on mobile devices

Once opened, the Chat top bar will appear as:

◦◦◦ |
- on desktop devices
👦 Username
- on mobile devices
and display members you've recently chatted with. The button functions are:

◦◦◦ - open Preferences/Advanced Features (desktop), detailed below.
then More - open Preferences/Advanced Features (mobile), detailed below.
- view system announcements (desktop)
then Announcements - view system announcements (mobile)
- minimize Chat box
Preferences/Advanced Features

Normally set (automatically) to Available when you login. But you may change your status explicitly to Away, Busy, or Invisible if you wish to avoid interruptions.


The notification buttons = on, = off.

Sound Notifications
Popup Notifications
Show Read Receipt

A variety of feeds from CNN to Jokes.

Single Player Games

Just for fun.

Browser Support

Our chat facility uses the latest WEB technologies. The latest release of your browser is strongly recommended. We officially support:

Get the latest version of popular browsers here.

* To view a member's detailed profile, click the Details button at the top left of their abbreviated profile.