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toe41 Recommended
Strasburg, Virginia, United States of America
I met with toe41 for a massage exchange. This was our second exchange. He was punctual, friendly and ready to do the exchange. He has a good spirit and is willing to meet his partners needs. He respects boundaries and checks in regularly to see if he is hitting the spot. I left our exchange feeling good.
Reviewed by armymedicsoldier 2020-10-13 [ID 23748:P]

lohengrinblond Highly Recommended
Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
After exchanging quite a few messages with lohengrinblond and establishing some raport we finally got to meet up at his very nice home. lohengrinblond was extreemly friendly and welcoming and had his treatment room well set up in a great atmosphere of low lighting and soft music making for a superbly relaxing mood.

I explained to lohengrinblond that I was a novice but he put me totally at ease and with a little guidence from him I felt relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a massage which he seemed to enjoy.

When it was my turn to recieve a massage I immediately realised what a totally professional treatment was being given. This guy most definitely knows what he is doing and his technique and touch was amazing. A combination of deep and softer strokes made for the most amazing experience.

All in all a fantastic exchange from a real gentleman. I am really looking forward to another exchange as soon as we can arrange it. If you are ever fortunate to exchange with lohengrinblond you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by maverick299 2020-10-13 [ID 23590:P]

Henrieta Highly Recommended
Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Henrieta and i messaged for a while before we agreed a massage exchange. Henrietta is a caring and gentle woman with a very sensual touch, we exchanged both a therapeutic and sensual massage which was thoroughly enjoyed by both of us.

Henrietta preferes the sensual gentle touch. The session lasted several hours and i would have no problem giving her a 5 star review.

Henrietta has a demanding job and works long hours and appreciated the relaxing atmosphere after a long day.

Lovely evening x

Reviewed by Bri101 2020-10-13 [ID 23747:P]

kothi Highly Recommended
Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Kothi was a brilliant company and had such a tranquil space prepared for the massage. He even let me make my own blend of essential oils for the massage which was fun. He is very skilled and already I was so relaxed in the first few seconds, that’s how you know the massage is going to be good! He adapted between amazing long strokes to firm pressures. I especially enjoyed the manipulations he did. Great massage swap and would highly recommend!
Reviewed by ggrg 2020-10-12 [ID 23746:P]

valindevon Highly Recommended
Totnes, United Kingdom
Val is simply a lovely person in every respect. We have swopped massages many times, although our recent exchange had been after a break for a while.

She is clearly someone who is very thoughtful about others, in both her work and her massage, which I have found totally absorbing. Her massage is firm but not too firm and she is good at working out the knots in my shoulder and neck muscles where I have a particular problem and also in my lower back. She has a spacious, dedicated massage room which is warm and welcoming. Overall a great experience and I shall look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by roomtrad 2020-10-12 [ID 23745:P]

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
What a wonderful afternoon and Amazing treat to get a massage from him! from the first touch you know he knows what he is doing. an A+++++++ you won't regret it!
Reviewed by henderikus 2020-10-11 [ID 23743:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2020-10-11
Thank you for a most wonderful exchange it was a pleasure. Thanks also for the very kind review looking forward to seeing you next time.

henderikus Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
Henderikus was kind enough to make time and drive down to my hotel in downtown San Francisco while I was there on business. A very warm gracious European gentleman whose massage is superb and company absolutely fantastic. His pleasing personality makes you realize you get an expert masseur with great attention to detail and your comfort while being super flexible. Great conversation and a joy to exchange with. Definitely looking forward to next time.
Reviewed by internationallover 2020-10-11 [ID 23742:P]

25963 Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
25963 gave a very good massage. He was very thorough, never seemed rushed, & seemed to know intuitively what I needed work on. I hope we can work together again soon.
Reviewed by adroit 2020-10-11 [ID 23741:P]

ggrg Highly Recommended
Farnborough, England, United Kingdom
GGRG is an amazing guy , with beautiful body and heart. It was pleasure to massage him. He was excellent in offering holistic message with great care and expertise. I highly recommend him. I would love to see him again.
Reviewed by kothi 2020-10-11 [ID 23740:P]

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
What an amazing exchange I had with internationallover. The true epitome of serendipity. We were in touch that morning, he happened to be traveling to me area the same day, we both had the time and by evening we were able to enjoy an exchange. We met at his hotel and after talking in the lobby a few minutes, I immediately felt comfortable with him. We talked about what what were were looing for in the exchange. Internationalloverwas very clear with focus areas and pressure, likes and dislikes. While internationallover worked on me, I noticed a warm energy coming from his hands. He was able to read my body and pinpoint exactly what I needed. I felt amazing after and cannot remember sleeping as well as I did that night. If internationallover is in your area, I highly recommend arranging an exchange. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by HMartD 2020-10-11 [ID 23739:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2020-10-11
It was an absolute pleasure meeting you my friend. Thank you for an awesome exchange. You are a true gentleman and a gifted healer. Looking forward to seeing you next time.

gussy Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Gussy is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is a true gentleman who respects people and their views and believes everyone are equal on this earth, which I really love about him.

I first met Gus with my husband in a coffee shop as I always had problem trusting men but from the moment we met, we just gelled together and the answers he gave us, all the confidence to arrange a massage.

However, later on his questions about my body and mind were quite overwhelming, which made me think before meeting him but when he explained why he had to ask those questions, it all made sense. He is very communicative and wants details about everything. He is also very knowledgeable about women’s body and anatomy. I felt as if he knows more about my body than me.

We arranged to meet in a hotel for the first massage while my husband was present. Unfortunately it had to be on the bed that lasted 5 hours and it was one of the best massages I have had in a very long time.
I have never met someone who would lavishly give their time to please someone like Gus. He made sure I felt comfortable and constantly asked me about the pressure and various techniques he used are making me feel good, whether he should continue or not.
The pressure he used on deep tissue and feet reflexology was just out of this world that put me to sleep. I was like clay in a potter’s hands.

Since I really felt comfortable with Gus, I agreed on the Yoni massage that we had spoken for a long time prior to our meeting and this was a big question for me, but Gus connected to me in such a manner, his energy made me submit myself and allow him to perform his amazing tricks on me. His sensual touch is a whole different experience. He also maintained all the boundaries we had agreed.

Gus has certainly mastered the Yoni massage and I should say even the professional ones I have had didn’t have the effect this one had on me. It completely brought myself to one and to connect myself to my soul and mind. This is exactly I wanted due to my abuse in the past.

Since then, I have met Gus 4 times on my own and I have arranged another one next week. Me and my husband are very grateful for the time Gus has spent massaging me. My husband absolutely adores him and willing to pay for his massages and has bought a massage bed to receive massage from Gus.

I can boldly recommend him to anyone who wants a massage and ladies, if you want a man who gives selflessly his time, then Gus is the man you should go to.

I have taken long to do this review but he is a super start to whom I give 5 stars every time I meet him, because he deserves it.

Thank you Gussy.
Reviewed by LucyLovesMassage 2020-10-11 [ID 23738:P]

adroit Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
It was a pleasure to exchange with Adroit. He enjoys both giving and receiving. His massage style is a well developed one that employs very good pressure as well as working pressure points and some flexing of joints.
Reviewed by 25963 2020-10-11 [ID 23737:P]

Reply from adroit of 2020-10-11
Thank you. I appreciate the positive comments. I will be posting a review too.

Stella18 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Very helpful and experienced person, was very pleaseant to meet her
Reviewed by Steve1GoldMember 2020-10-11 [ID 23736:P]

HMartD Highly Recommended
Fremont, California, United States
To say that HMartD is beyond amazing is an understatement. I was in San Francisco on business and had a short window of time. He drove to my union square hotel from Fremont with his table and oils. Super kind and generous with his time and very flexible. His warmth and big heart radiated through his massage. Super thorough and very conscious of making sure pressure was ok and comfort was at the highest level. Will definitely be in touch and already looking forward to our next exchange. I met a superb masseur and made a lovely new friend. He is my Bay Area go to massage therapist.
Reviewed by internationallover 2020-10-11 [ID 23735:P]

Lukaum Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Really relaxed and friendly guy and it was a treat to give him a massage.
Reviewed by mwthoxton 2020-10-11 [ID 23734:P]

jaybar Highly Recommended
San Dimas, California, United States
Jaybar was attentive to all my aches and pains so I would definitely recommend this massage therapist
Reviewed by k1 2020-10-10 [ID 23733:P]

mwthoxton Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Great experience. Loved it!
Reviewed by Lukaum 2020-10-10 [ID 23732:P]

Proman Satisfactory
Audlem, England, United Kingdom
After a few messages a time was agreed for me to host an exchange in my home. This was probably around an hours travel.
On the day unfortunately something came up quite last minute and while this was communicated to me I was left hanging around.
The massage itself was very good, quite deep and to a standard that in other circumstances I’d have been happy to pay for, but perhaps due to the delay the massage received was just under 30 minutes and a little short.

Reviewed by Salford5 2020-10-10 [ID 23731:P]

massageinmarin Highly Recommended
San Jose, California, United States of America
Massageinmarin has a healing touch. His presence was calm and grounded. I believe he possesses a special gift of a true healer. It was a privilege and joy.
Reviewed by mermaid1 2020-10-09 [ID 23729:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
I had a wonderful exchange with obrian18. It took a while for our schedules to match up. He was full of energy and had a wonderful, very thorough approach. I learned several techniques from him and would love to exchange more in the future so I can learn more. Very down-to-earth and easy to talk to. I'd like to exchange more in the future and get to know him more as a person. Thank you!
Reviewed by Ca524 2020-10-09 [ID 23728:P]

Reply from obrian18 of 2020-10-11
Thank You so much, was very nice to meet you - Looking forward to swap once again

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Excelente deep tissue massage, very strong hands. Knows what he does well. Great host, beautiful environment, lovely guy, good conversation. I do recommend him very highly, hopefully will do more exchanges in the near future
Reviewed by obrian18 2020-10-09 [ID 23727:P]

vadesigner Highly Recommended
Hampton, Virginia, United States
Recently I enjoyed a terrific massage from vadesigner. His professional skills are unparalleled. He gives one of the best massages that I have had. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by jo123 2020-10-09 [ID 23726:P]

Salford5 Highly Recommended
Salford, England, United Kingdom
I recently had a massage with Salford 5. He is a very respectful gentleman who clearly read my profile. A good massage, highly recommended. He has a muscular body very good to practice your massage techniques.
Reviewed by Proman 2020-10-09 [ID 23725:P]

jwruburight Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Had a very nice calming, light pressure massage from jwruburight. He's nice to deal with in person, though he sends MANY emails which can be very lengthy... but that doesn't take away from the massage, it's just a little bit of feedback.
Reviewed by TouchJunky1 2020-10-08 [ID 23724:P]

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
Had an great exchange with internationallover! Kind touch, excellent communication, good directions to location. Great discussion before hand as to what I preferred in a massage. Highly recommended, looking forward to the next time.
Reviewed by Russell62 2020-10-08 [ID 23723:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2020-10-08
It was an absolute pleasure exchanging with you so very much looking forward to seeing you next time. Thank you for the kind words.

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