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internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
I had a wonderful exchange with internationallover today. He is most welcoming, respectful, charming and supremely talented at massage. Strong hands, sensitive intuitive touch, passionate. A real diamond. I highly recommend having an exchange if you are fortunate enough to cross paths.
Reviewed by Schwemm 2022-06-26 [ID 26655:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2022-06-26
It was an awesome experience thank you my friend looking forward to seeing you next time.

Schwemm Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
The most personal warm zen person you can exchange with. Super flexible kind tender and all around sweet. One of the best massages I have ever had. I am so very glad that I got to meet Schwemm. Super intuitive and accommodating. I am so very much looking forward to the next session already. Blessed to have made a new friend.
Reviewed by internationallover 2022-06-26 [ID 26654:P]

kbot Highly Recommended
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Kbot is a wonderful, amazing person. Our massage space was perfect and she was a gracious host. It was a pure pleasure meeting you Kbot and I look forward to meeting again:-)
Reviewed by Kineticanadian 2022-06-26 [ID 26653:P]

MassageLover818 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
A nice sporty body to massage, smooth skin to touch.
Although we both agreed not to have professional skills when starting the swap, MassageLover818 is very skilled in reading the other and adapting pressure and touching as needed.
The swap could have lasted hours without a complaint, great respect of boundaries. A really nice experience and I highly recommend him.
Looking forward to another swap of course.
Reviewed by FrankNeedsHands 2022-06-26 [ID 26637:P]

david6610 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
Met David6610 at his lovely place, super comfy massage table oils and music so relaxing! His pressure was great and was not for the faint hearted! He was very generous with his strokes and used long flowing effleurage strokes and lots of kneading . I thoroughly enjoyed his company and recommend a swap with David6610 you won’t be disappointed, I was able to zone out completely. Thank you David6610 for a lovely afternoon see you again soon when I’m in New York City
Reviewed by Massagaholic7 2022-06-26 [ID 26652:P]

Reply from david6610 of 2022-06-26
Thank you so much for lovely review!!! It was a pleasure meeting you. I like see you next time when you come to new york city .

ME225919 Highly Recommended
Middletown, New Jersey, United States
Finally met up with ME225919 at his place , he’s very tall and has soft big strong hands! He’s very intuitive , thoroughly enjoyed his massage , he used long flowing effleurage strokes and his whole body weight on me I would love to swap with him again, super nice guy and I thoroughly recommend a swap with him, he may be off the beaten path location wise but he’s a real gem, clean, super courteous and athletic.
Reviewed by Massagaholic7 2022-06-26 [ID 26651:P]

windspirit Highly Recommended
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
I received my first tantric massage from Windspirit yesterday! Wow! What a powerful experience! He was respectful and skillful. Highly recommend him to those that wanna try tantric massage.
Reviewed by Amy1110 2022-06-26 [ID 26650:P]

Patgeo44 Highly Recommended
Northampton, United Kingdom
I have just had a very enjoyable swap session with Patgeo44.

After working on him, he gave me a very good treatment, with very good pressure and interesting techniques, which I much enjoyed and was entirely relaxed afterwards. Highly recommended.

We will doubtless have a repeat session sometime in the future.
Reviewed by NJP1 2022-06-25 [ID 26649:P]

Mrbuzz Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
What an amazing massage ! Mr Buzz puts you at ease immediately with his gentle charm and incredible massage skills. He is very experienced and has a touch that seems to sense the level of pressure needed … a true gift ! Add that to a warm room with a massage table and relaxing music … what an unforgettable experience.

Thank you Mr Buzz … I hope we can exchange again soon!
Reviewed by Sydneyblue 2022-06-25 [ID 26648:P]

Reply from Mrbuzz of 2022-06-25
Thank you so much for your kind words Sydneyblue. It was a mutually enjoyable experience and I also look forward to our next exchange. Thanks You !!!

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Great to get to meet Kinstonguy after life had gotten in the way for some time. Really enjoyed what he offered. I can tend to want bodyworkers to go hard and deep on me. His approach was more gentle and was surprisingly effective in bringing me to relaxation. There was an energetic level there too that was really great to experience. Thanks very much
Reviewed by Man4ManTouch 2022-06-25 [ID 26647:P]

Man4ManTouch Highly Recommended
Hounslow, England, United Kingdom
Had a fantastic massage session with Man4ManTouch today. We had exchanged messages a while ago but had difficulty arranging a date but it was worth the wait as I received one of the best massages I had ever received and would give 6 stars if I could! Hope to see him again very soon.
Reviewed by kingstonguy 2022-06-25 [ID 26646:P]

Sydneyblue Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I had an amazing swap with Sydneyblue He has a natural talent and is very tactile. It is clear he loves the sense of touch and brings an enormous desire to please. I would recommend Sydneyblue highly
Reviewed by Mrbuzz 2022-06-25 [ID 26645:P]

Gotham2168 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Gotham2168 welcomed me to his lovely flat with a view recently , nice comfy bed and light oils. His pressure was perfect , lots of kneading , he checked in with me from time to time , I was super relaxed throughout the massage and zoned out completely, some background music would have been a treat but I thoroughly enjoyed his massage and he kindly let me shower before and afterwards . I highly recommend this delightful chap to anyone visiting New York City as he’s very central , very clean and friendly . Thank you Gotham2168 for a lovely start to my weekend and see you again soon buddy.
Reviewed by Massagaholic7 2022-06-25 [ID 26644:P]

Reply from Gotham2168 of 2022-06-25
It was a pleasure meeting you! Thanks for your kind words.

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I met bengiboy yesterday and literally it was one of the best swaps i have ever had.
he is welcoming , professional , warm and knows how to massage every muscle .
i can't wait to meet him again
Totally recommend him :)
Reviewed by marcjacob 2022-06-25 [ID 26643:P]

Sacsouth Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States of America
6/24/2022: Spectacular massage. Lots of oil. Lots of stretching my legs. Worked my body to perfection! I was given a 2 1/2 hour massage. He definitely has endurance, when he was done with me, I felt like jello.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2022-06-24 [ID 23112:P]

marcjacob Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Today I met with marcjacob for a massage swap. We had corresponded for some time and this time our timings corresponded. Marcjacob is an intuitive masseur, he gives a firm pressure with a variety of stokes, some therapeutic some sensual. He is a friendly guy with an open nature, we connected and got on very well. I'd be happy to meet him again. Thank you marcjacob for a relaxing and enjoyable few hours of mutual massage.
Reviewed by bengiboy 2022-06-24 [ID 26642:P]

Boyana Highly Recommended
Croydon, Victoria, Australia
Boyana was a great massage subject. She was punctual and a great communicator. Let me try new techniques and helped me master them. Hope to swap massages again soon.
Reviewed by frankie00dee 2022-06-24 [ID 26641:P]

frankie00dee Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Thanks for a lovely relaxing massage great pressure and long strokes I liked the oil diffuser music and oil you used was a nice touch. Very easy going and made me feel comfortable thanks again
Reviewed by Boyana 2022-06-24 [ID 26639:P]

Doitogether Highly Recommended
North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Doitogether is a passionate man who does everything wholeheartedly. Gentle, courteous, and generous. I felt very welcomed at his lovely place. I could also tell that he has had an extensive experience of receiving massages and picked up some knowledges and techniques from those experiences.
Reviewed by propermassage 2022-06-23 [ID 26638:P]

londonzoo Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I recently met with London Zoo for a Massage Exchange. He is a lovely polite friendly and talkative man who took my needs into careful consideration when completing the Massage Exchange. He is keen to learn and observe new massage techniques and incorporate them into his own practice.

I would be happy to exchange with London Zoo again. Thank you for a relaxing afternoon.
Reviewed by Balkar 2022-06-23 [ID 26635:P]

fatheroffour Highly Recommended
Marana, Arizona, United States
I had a very rewarding massage exchange with fatheroffour last weekend. I was on the table first, and I must say that his massage was perhaps the best one I have ever had from a non-professional. He used just the right amount of pressure. The massage lasted well over an hour.

I highly recommend fatheroffour to anyone looking for a top-rate massage.
Reviewed by BimyselfInAZ 2022-06-22 [ID 26634:P]

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
Today we enjoyed a delightful four hand massage with TallMuscleGrad. Wow, what a wonderful experience we had with him. It was a truly fabulous session. He had not had a lot of experience with four hand massage but he adapted wonderfully, coordinating with our strokes when appropriate and finding all the right spots that needed attention. He has an intuitive sense of touch and a sensitivity to people's needs. He even taught us several new strokes. Now he's looking forward to doing a six hand trade with us and a friend.TallMuscleGrad is big, 6'4" and in great shape, yet this gentleman knows how to do deep work while being as gentle as a kitten. He is also thoughtful, considerate, polite and respectful. We now think of him as a huge teddy bear. My husband and I can't wait for our next session and the opportunity to introduce him to six hand massage therapy.
Reviewed by serioushands 2022-06-22 [ID 26633:P]

Curvaceouskitty Highly Recommended
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Just a great person, so easy to talk to and laugh with. Has a great massage room with everything you need. Her massage technique is both relaxing and works out the sore spots. I had a great experience with her and I look forward to seeing her again.
Reviewed by swarthy321 2022-06-22 [ID 26632:P]

JFlow90 Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States of America
JFlow90 is a super nice guy. At first I thought he may be a beginner as I was his first exchange on this site, but I was wrong. This guy has been massaging for a while and his techniques are like the professionals. He demonstrated some new moves on my glutes that really worked the knots. I liked the stretches he did on my legs. He would put one hand on my gluteal muscle and the other on my heal and stretch the leg. It seemed like we were both in tune to what feels good. It was so nice to just relax and let this guy do his thing. He's the real deal and I can't wait to do it again! A+
Reviewed by ExploringPlaces 2022-06-21 [ID 26631:P]

Curvaceouskitty Highly Recommended
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Let me tell you about this absolute gem Curvaceouskitty. We set up an appointment in her home, when I arrived I was greeted with a big smile and hug, and a glass of lemon water. We had a short conversation and then I was lead upstairs to her very professional massage studio, newly renovated, nicely decorated with pictures of tropical destinations, and candles. Curvaceouskitty Had relaxing music playing that took me away and let me forget about all life’s problems. Curvaceouskitty Sensual massage, was out of this world. I have never had every inch of my body touched in such away in my life. Curvaceouskitty Asked if I had any injuries or extra sensitive areas of my body that she needed to avoid, this was very thoughtful of her to ask this. Curvaceouskitty Would encourage me to tell her if there were any areas she needed to go harder, faster or softer on. Curvaceouskitty Was very aware of the energy between us in this massage. The oils felt very good on my body. Curvaceouskitty Said she did not take any formal training but, had she not told me I would have never known. I had such a great unrushed experience with Curvaceouskitty she absolutely fulfilled my sensual massage experience. 10/10 I hope to see Curvaceouskitty again soon.
Reviewed by Sailor76 2022-06-21 [ID 26624:P]

Reply from Curvaceouskitty of 2022-06-21
Thanks you sailor76, I’m touched with the details and appreciation of every moment - enjoy on my end as well, as when I’m giving I’m also receiving ;)
I’m grateful your experience was memorable - let me know when you get back in town again ;)

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