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jimc6095 Highly Recommended
Elkhart, Indiana, United States
Whow what an excellent massage. We have been messaging back and forth and finally we set a date for today a long drive for him. We met in the drive way and came in and started talking like and connecting like we have know each other for a long time. His massage was outstanding with just the right pressure and long strokes. He covered the entire body and knew what he was doing. I would not hesitate to exchange another massage with him when he is in town or I might drive to his town Elkart.
Reviewed by bach 2021-04-11 [ID 24323:P]

InMood Highly Recommended
Falls Church, Virginia, United States
I had a very nice session with inMood . He was very welcoming to his beautiful home . InMood has a very nice room set up for massage. It was a pleasure to work on InMood & we had great conversation. I look forward to going back and working on him again.
Reviewed by Goodguy3 2021-04-11 [ID 24322:P]

stressrelease1 Highly Recommended
Albany, New York, United States
We met for an excellent session and I’m looking forward to meeting again, she is very nice and puts you at ease .
Reviewed by Tom222 2021-04-11 [ID 24321:P]

tony65 Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
I highly recommend, tony65. He is genuine, and respectful of boundaries. The location is in a residential neighborhood and not noisy. He made sure I was comfortable and we had an excellent exchange. Cleanup was easy and a shower is available.
Reviewed by NoahD 2021-04-11 [ID 24320:P]

M4ss4g3N33d Highly Recommended
Castro Valley, California, United States of America
M4ss4g3N33d has a beautiful place and a good setup. She is an awesome recipient who gives great feedback and is not afraid to speak up. We had an enjoyable session, definitely recommend!
Reviewed by MindfulTraveller 2021-04-09 [ID 24318:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
I had a fantastic session with Obrian. He gave a great massage and was very attune to my body. A very relaxing and sensual experience. Definitely looking forward to another exchange
Reviewed by Gunner1024 2021-04-09 [ID 24317:P]

Gunner1024 Highly Recommended
Altadena, California, United States of America
Excellent therapeutic, sensual experience, great sweat guy, no ce human being, mellow, stupendous connection, lovely house and beautiful dogs, if you want to have a nice experience I highly recommend him, looking forward to a new encounter in the near future
Reviewed by obrian18 2021-04-09 [ID 24307:P]

FirmPress Highly Recommended
Bristow, Virginia, United States
FirmPress and I had a very enjoyable exchange. He was true to his name as he applied Firm Pressure, despite having a sore shoulder. He was very responsive to my massage techniques, verbally and physically. He really knows how to give a pleasurable therapeutic and sensual massage. Oh, and he is a really nice guy.
Reviewed by destressme 2021-04-09 [ID 24315:P]

1984lifemodel Highly Recommended
Stockport, England, United Kingdom
We met at my place and chatted briefly, describing our respective expectations and boundaries. 1984lifemodel is easy company and we shared a similar sense of humour. The chat merged seamlessly into massage and I employed as many techniques as I could, searching for those body areas that needed gentle touch and those that required a deeper pressure. This man is very tactile, has a lovely body and clearly enjoyed the different sensations. It was easy to guide the massage into different phases, including close erotic body contactAfter a really satisfying session, we relaxed and chatted over a drink. My only regret is that it was over all too soon and we agree as he left that we'd be agreeable to meeting again. A great experience.
Reviewed by tetango 2021-04-09 [ID 24314:P]

Ourhands4u2enjoy Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
I met Ourhands4U2enjoy at a spa. They are genuinely warm and sociable. We connected well and our conversations flowed easily. Our massage exchange was a cut above the rest, both relaxing and energising at the same time. They have the Midas massage touch.
I am looking forward to meeting them again soon. X
Reviewed by PeppyA 2021-04-08 [ID 24312:P]

GiftedMsr Highly Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
Recently had a second exchange with Gifted Msr. the massage he gave me was sublime and even better than our first meeting. He is a very kind and thoughtful man and knows his way around the body. Very comfortable space conducive to a relaxing exchange. I’m already looking forward to our next meeting!
Reviewed by Clark 2021-04-08 [ID 24311:P]

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
His screen name says it all. He must have learned skills from every nation because his massage was all over fantastic. Easy to talk with, warm and fun...this is a good man and an expeience not to be missed.
Reviewed by Letsdoitrn 2021-04-08 [ID 24310:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2021-04-08
Thank you my friend it was an amazing experience and a total pleasure looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon

sunil1000 Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Our session together was everything one could wish for in a sensual massage. Sunil is extremely kind and accommodating with everything ready upon my arrival which we had arranged after speaking to each other by phone.

The time we spent together simply flew by as we took turns to massage each other. Sunil started and varied his technique between some very hard manipulation which eased the tension and knots in both my shoulders. His lighter and more tender strokes over the rest of my body were electrifying and at times like being stroked by a feather and sensual in the extreme.

i am glad that my massage on Sunil appears to have been well received and look forward to feeling his sensitive hands on my body again
Reviewed by 1984lifemodel 2021-04-08 [ID 24309:P]

Ourhands4u2enjoy Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
We can't praise ourhands4u2enjoy highly enough, their technique would be best described as Lomi Lomi style with wonderful slow strokes at just the right presssure, on this meet they mainly massaged us, we can't wait to exchange again and return the favour
Reviewed by Thaisticks 2021-04-07 [ID 24308:P]

Letsdoitrn Highly Recommended
Montclair, New Jersey, United States
To say this was one of the best exchanges I have had is an understatement. Letsdoitrn and I met a hotel he got in nyc. He came super prepared with excellent soothing music and biotone cream. A tender touch with immaculate hygiene and a super thoughtful approach. Warm hearted guy sweet soul awesome company I know I have also made a great friend. Cannot wait for next time.
Reviewed by internationallover 2021-04-07 [ID 24306:P]

Thaisticks Highly Recommended
Sevenoaks, England, United Kingdom
We met this lovely couple for a massage exchange. They are very sociable and welcoming and we easily chatted for hours over a few glasses of wine. We then enjoyed a few more hours of massage exchange. They both gave amazing massages that left us relaxed and wanting more. They were also great to massage and appeared to respond very well to our style of massage. All in all it was a very enjoyable evening with great company. We look forward to many more heavenly exchanges with this lovely couple. Xx
Reviewed by Ourhands4u2enjoy 2021-04-07 [ID 24305:P]

PeppyA Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
We met Peppy at a spa that we go to. Peppy is a lovely lady, very sociable, and very easy to chat to. We enjoyed an intelligent conversation and soon we were talking about massage and massage exchange. We then treated Peppy to a four hand massage. Having spent time getting to know Peppy first it was a pleasure to massage her, and she responded to our massage very well and appeared to be very relaxed. We hope to meet Peppy again soon for another exchange. Thank you x
Reviewed by Ourhands4u2enjoy 2021-04-07 [ID 24304:P]

playfulfox Highly Recommended
Hyrum, Utah, United States
What a relaxing and informative massage. I was lead through the whole process. Learning as I went, experiencing the healing power of touch and healing. I felt as ease and confident that Playfulfox knew what he was doing as he proceeded with the massage. Respectful, instructive, and sensitive to the process and what my body needed. I feel great today and have more energy. If you ever have the opportunity to trade massages with Playfulfox, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again.
Reviewed by Taketime 2021-04-07 [ID 24303:P]

Reply from playfulfox of 2021-04-08
Take time, Thank you for your generous review of our session together. I’m looking forward to our next encounter.

1joe Highly Recommended
Torrance, California, United States
We had a very nice exchange with 1joe, nice, quick & easy, great guy, very nice & pleasant guy, strong hands, easy-going, good personality, nice smooth body to work on, hopefully, will keep doing future exchanges
Reviewed by obrian18 2021-04-07 [ID 24302:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Obrian has a great touch. Very intuitive and cares about relaxing your body. I felt relieved after the session. One of the best massage I had and looking forward to meet him again.
Reviewed by 1joe 2021-04-07 [ID 24301:P]

1984lifemodel Highly Recommended
Stockport, England, United Kingdom
Where did the time go? Meeting S was definitely a time vortex moment. We communicated mostly by hands and the hours flew by!

He was open to speaking on the phone before meeting to set our respective boundaries. He has a tall, lean, and responsive body...very suitable for life modelling.

His massage was of light and medium pressure, with wonderful flowing strokes and attentive fingers. The whole experience was calming and rejuvenating.

Enjoyed sharing travel stories from Cuba and Sri Lanka before we parted ways. Looking forward to our future exchanges.
Reviewed by sunil1000 2021-04-07 [ID 24300:P]

malemuscles Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Love trading massage with him really good technique and worked an area that needed focus left me very relaxed his strong big hands switch from deep to medium pressure
Reviewed by ME213959 2021-04-06 [ID 24299:P]

Axo Satisfactory
London, England, United Kingdom
It was great to meet Axo after a lot of communication. He has always been direct, honest, and respectful of both our busy schedules.

Axo has a lot of potential. He used a good variety of strokes and pressure on me. By his own admission, he said he needs to practice focusing on certain parts of the body at different stages of the massage. This would give the massage more structure and purpose.

I am sure he is going to surprise me next time we exchange with a more confident routine!

Reviewed by sunil1000 2021-04-06 [ID 24298:P]

sunil1000 Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
My meeting with Sunil was a real pleasure. He is a most generous and interesting person.
The exchange took a while to set up because of the lockdown restrictions but this meant we had chatted on the phone about our expectations.
Sunil is an experienced and skilled masseur who knows what he is doing. He has a great set-up with a massage couch and mood lighting! Using lavender oil his touch is very varied and strategic with a variety of strokes and pressure.
There was an imbalance in our skills and I intend to improve on my technique for the future!
After the massage we talked a bit about our lives which added to the whole experience.
Many thanks Sunil.
Reviewed by Axo 2021-04-06 [ID 24297:P]

Mutualtenderness Highly Recommended
Santa Clara, California, United States
Mutual tenderness gave my wife the best massage she has ever had. He totally tuned in to the best physical and energetic delivery. He’s the best!
Reviewed by spiritualcouple 2021-04-05 [ID 24296:P]

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