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brandt Highly Recommended
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
My exchange with Brant was a great experience. He has a really nice massage set up with a warm room and a heated massage table. He is friendly, gracious, and welcoming; and he frequently checked to make sure that his massage technique was feeling good. His massage technique was perfect - with a firm touch in all the right places that left me feeling great from head to feet. I hope to have a repeat exchange with him though he spends a significant part of his time in Victoria, British Columbia so catching him in Kansas City is the challenge!
Reviewed by Tinkerxxxxx, 2017-01-16 [ID 15614:P]

SamTX Highly Recommended
Spring, Texas, United States
Sam and I agreed to meet on neutral turf before exchanging so that we could determine whether we were a good match. I knew instantly that he was a man of good character and I felt that I could trust him, so we engaged in our exchange that very afternoon. He is a very capable masseur, strong with a nice, deep touch, and knows how and when to be gentler and more relaxing--all intuitively. Sam's a really nice man and I recommend him highly.
Reviewed by M115019, 2017-01-16 [ID 15613:P]

KenQi Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I just received a massage from KenQi. I was genuinely impressed with the thoroughness, depth and professionalism of his massage. It takes a lot to impress me and I was impressed with his massage. I regularly try out new massage therapists and new massage exchanges and I'm usually disappointed in massages I receive but, he was actually good in massage.
He has an intuitive, relaxed and bubbly personality which is easy to get along with. He let me enjoy my 90-minute massage without reciprocating right away which is not the way I usually do it but worked out this time. I look forward to massaging him next week and hope we could become regular massage trade friends.
Reviewed by LeeMassages, 2017-01-16 [ID 15612:P]

ExploringPlaces Highly Recommended
Lake Forest, California, United States
ExploringPlaces was nice enough to jump on his motorcycle and make his way up to my place in Glendale from South Orange County for our exchange. He gives a strong, deep and relaxing massage, full body but putting particular focus on major muscles and areas which commonly carry the most tension, which was greatly appreciated by my lower back and thighs. He took his time, I never once felt like he was rushing and he easily spent an hour working on me if not a bit more. I very much look forward to trading with him in the future.
Reviewed by 6korpeo, 2017-01-16 [ID 15611:P]

Pipajmose Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Met pipajmose who picked me up from the station, I'm so glad we arranged a swap today as I had my longest flight to date and arrived this morning!!!! He had his table and everything set up ! I went 1st as I was feeling very very tired! As a trained Swedish therapist, he was very good, lots of stretching strokes and particular strokes, long flowing effleurage strokes , he was very confident, intuitive , great host and great body to work on, we talked a lot and connected well, he's my 1st exchange in Australia and he's a really nice guy and not many like him can host . Thank you for a great welcome to Sydney and Australia ! He's highly recommended and I would swap with him again and again, nice sensual coconut oils too. Great kneading of my shoulder blades!
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2017-01-16 [ID 15610:P]

harrypotter1985 Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I was very fortunate to meet Harry for a massage exchange. He was very polite, warm and friendly, and provided a fantastic massage. He has a great body to massage and was very patient with directing me and providing me some great tips of technique. I'd definitely meet with Harry again if i have the opportunity. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by SP35, 2017-01-16 [ID 15609:P]

fourhand Recommended
Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom
Fourhand is a most pleasant lady and welcomed me into her flat in Eastbourne. Although, understandably, she seemed a little nervous at first she soon relaxed and I was able to give her a long massage which she appreciated.
Reviewed by Sandalwood, 2017-01-16 [ID 15608:P]

melbhol Highly Recommended
McKinnon, Victoria, Australia
Melbhol is a very astute and methodical therapist who delivers very targeted deep tissue style massage, which eases the body and mind into a state of trance. Highly recommended if you are fortunate enough to have a massage swap with this individual !
Reviewed by melbguy17, 2017-01-16 [ID 15607:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
I knew Massagaholic7 (M7) would be good just by reading his reviews. I wasn't disappointed at all. Knowing that we already had a few things in common helped. I like playing tennis and so does M7. We had a good chat before hand and after parking a few houses down from his place M7 was very hospitable and I felt very relaxed and comfortable from the very start. As a qualified massage therapist for over 20 years I can be very critical. Definitely not on this occasion. I haven't had a massage for a while being so busy myself, but what a relief to find someone who really knows what he is doing. M7 hit all the right places with his different methods of pressure, strokes and flourishing movements. I was quite taken back in how good M7 was. You can see he is very eager to learn and please. He is also a top nice guy. Without a doubt no problem at all in recommending M7. Thank you very much and I look forward to a game of tennis and definitely more massage!!!!!
Reviewed by fabeo, 2017-01-15 [ID 15605:P]

Sandalwood Highly Recommended
Royal Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom
I meet Sandalwood today. As I am new on this I was nervous. However, with in 10 minutes I was so relaxed I was melting away. Sandalwood took his time and he has developed many technique in just has 1 year experience. Have to say he was as good as any professional if not better. Thank you. Thank you.
Hope we can meet up again.
Reviewed by fourhand, 2017-01-15 [ID 15604:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I had a most interesting and pleasant massage by bengiboy, the words to describe the massage are not easy to fined for me, interesting and pleasant are ok but do not do bengiboy or the massage any real, I think the word is justification,all I can say is it has shown me Just how beautiful massage can be and that I still have a lot to learn myself. A big thank you bengiboy
Reviewed by gbx, 2017-01-15 [ID 15603:P]

gbx Satisfactory
, England, United Kingdom
Today I had an exchange with gbx. He is a friendly guy and from the start we seemed to connect very well. He is very engaging to speak to and an enthusiastic masseur. What he lacks in technical skill he makes up for in willingness to learn. I showed him some basic massage skills and he encorporated them with good effect. He needs experience in massage swaps and inparticular 4 hand massage to improve his skill. I hope we will meetup again. Thank you gbx.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-01-14 [ID 15602:P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
LM55 hosted me in his lovely flat on a cold afternoon. It was an excellent exchange conducted at a drawn out leisurely pace. LM55 was truly open to learning new massage techniques. He started massaging me as if he was in a bit of a hurry so I got him to slow down with longer deeper strokes which i found extremely satisfying. Having been shown a new technique, he demonstrated a natural ability to find a muscle knot and stay on it till it relaxed. Can't ask for more than that!. Merci mon ami.
Reviewed by Caviar, 2017-01-14 [ID 15601:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
On a cold and wintry day kingstonguy made me very welcome in his cosy flat. We did a massage exchange that was professional and relaxed. He used a variety of strokes, both long and short, and a good non oil based massage lotion. I would certainly recommend him - thanks!
Reviewed by acacia, 2017-01-14 [ID 15600:P]

acacia Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Acacia and I met for a very nice massage exchange at my place today. He is a very friendly relaxed guy who gave me a good massage with a mix of different techniques and using forearms and elbows. I would recommend him!
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-01-14 [ID 15599:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Meeting bengiboy is an excellent experience. He was a very welcoming host, friendly and easy to get along with. Neat and tidy room for massage, warm, relaxing music in the background. Fine selection of different massage oil to choose will spoil you too. Execution of massage was superb. He used different style and technique from his own unique way, felt very relaxed after the session. Anticipate to arrange a session again, well done.
Reviewed by chilax24, 2017-01-14 [ID 15598:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Richard is a wonderful guy and provides a relaxed setting for a massage. The massage was great and enjoyed having a tea and chat to warm up before getting started. Cheers Richard!
Reviewed by chilli91, 2017-01-14 [ID 15597:P]

Reply from kingstonguy of 2017-01-15
Thanks Sam, you have a very nice tall fit body to practice on and would be happy to massage you again. Best wishes, Richard

chilax24 Highly Recommended
Loughton, United Kingdom
I met chilax24 for the second time recently. He is a wonderfully relaxed guy with a warm heart. It was very easy to connect with him which was aided with some prolonged hugs. He has a very well proportioned smooth body which was very good to massage. He uses circular movements and long movements to give a sense of relaxation and is also energising . Our swap was very relaxed and lasted 5hrs. It was wonderful. Hope to see you again shortly. Thank you chilax24!
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-01-14 [ID 15596:P]

gr8tude Highly Recommended
Stuart, Florida, United States
I have received truly enjoyable massages from G. We have exchanged a couple more times since our initial meeting and the massages have been equally rewarding. G. uses a strong firm pressure and covers every tense area of the body numerous times. He generously worked over the time period to provide a profoundly comforting massage. In fact, after he massaged me first in our initial trade I was so relaxed that I made a habit of massaging him first at the next trade just so I wasn't too relaxed to function! G. is willing to learn and apply new strokes. He is flexible with his schedule and is a man of many interests and experiences which has been fun getting to know him during the exchanges. I look forward to another trade soon!
Reviewed by MIAMITOUCH, 2017-01-13 [ID 15595:P]

MIAMITOUCH Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
MiamiTouch was my first swap thru this website and he has been a really terrific intro to ME.com!

Right from the getgo, he shared his insight, experience and skills. He showed up with a quiet smile, set up his table & immediately put me at ease. Although he is a man of few words, his focus and attentive touch got me relaxed almost instantly. He worked wonders on an area that had pained me for over a month. His knowledge and intuition are such healing gifts

He is especially kind for teaching me techniques he has learned in various workshops. In subsequent exchanges we put them to good use, including a third massage partner.
I value his patience, humor and generosity as a healer, teacher,& friend.
Reviewed by gr8tude, 2017-01-13 [ID 15594:P]

keithkid1 Highly Recommended
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
For a self-professed amateur/enthusiast, Keith is really quite gifted. He has a very intuitive touch, always knew just the right amount of pressure to use on different areas and he does work the full body. He is very thoughtful with his technique and takes his time. I wasn't looking at the clock but he easily worked on me for over an hour which was extremely generous and very much appreciated. He is not local to my area but I hope to see him again in the future. If you are looking for a great massage partner, Keith is definitely someone to contact.
Reviewed by 6korpeo, 2017-01-13 [ID 15593:P]

ReikiBodyworker Highly Recommended
, California, United States
I have traded with Reiki twice now and I am looking forward to continued sessions in the future. He uses a combination of techniques which are challenging and relaxing. Both my sessions with him have been unique and thoroughly satisfying. He has really helped me reduce a nagging pain in my lower back which I am convinced will be forgotten after a few more exchanges. He is a great host, has a quiet space made specifically for his body work and is also kind enough to travel. If you are looking for a serious bodyworker, Reiki is definitely one of the best I have ever experienced.
Reviewed by 6korpeo, 2017-01-13 [ID 15592:P]

Robertmasage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Robertmassage for the massage in the time when I needed him the most. I had pain in my low back and help from professional messueu was deeply appreciated and came at the right time.
First thing about Robertmassage is that he is very professional, respectable and straight forward.

Not even one minute of his time been waisted on the double standards or sensual approach during the massage. I like that a lot and always respect professional people.

Secondly, I thought that I am very well experienced "receiver". But! When Robert began his massage I realised that I know absolutely nothing about massage! His own uniquely developed techniques is combination of different styles worked just perfectly on me.

His philosophy about massage is fascinating and making me think.. Those people like Robertmassage are making the huge difference in massage industry and I am so lucky to have known him!!!
When he performing massage you feel him like the greatest Artist working on his best creation. His passion for the massage is mind blowing!! He loves what he is doing- you would know it through his hands!
One day he is going to be very famous and expensive masseur. I really hope that at that time he still going to find time to massage people from his " fan club"...
I would pass his contract to all my circle with extremely high recommendation !!
Thank you Robertmassage to put me together as one piece!
Reviewed by Milana301, 2017-01-13 [ID 15580:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
My first massage exchange with bengiboy was simply wonderful. He is a very pleasant and interesting person, and put me at ease immediately. He has a wonderful massage set-up at home, with a good massage table and an impressive collection of oils. His massage technique is varied and both relaxing and re-invigorating. I can only highly recommend him! Many thanks, bengiboy!
Reviewed by bnd, 2017-01-13 [ID 15591:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Met Kingstonguy, whom very kindly came to pick me up at the train station. I felt very welcomed and at ease in his beautifully decorated flat. I arrived there after a stressful day at work, but felt the stress melt away quickly under his expert hands. Very assertive and strong strokes, unhurried and supportive touch. A very fine masseur, hope to come back for more. Thank you.
Reviewed by db17, 2017-01-13 [ID 15590:P]

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