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0170 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Arranging a swap with 0170 was easy. 0170 gave me the massage with attention to areas we had discussed beforehand, he has a good firm touch and adjusts the pressure very effectively during his routine, I felt very relaxed in his hands. He was also a pleasure to massage. Definitely would repeat the experience again, hopefully soon. I have no hesitation to recommend 0170.

Reviewed by knead4massage, 2019-12-10 [ID 22561:P]

GoodHandsBR Highly Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
GoodHandsBR contacted me for an exchange and we arranged a day and time. On the day it took me a little longer than expected to locate GoodHands place and so I arrived slightly behind schedule. GoodHandsBR immediately put me at my ease and made me feel welcome and relaxed.

The room was perfectly set up with a massage table, towels, candles and relaxing music. We chatted about our background and interest in massage and then commenced the swap. GoodHandsBR has a strong, vigorous technique that loosened up tight muscles. He worked hard throughout the session and was generous with his time. Throughout the session he made sure I was comfortable. Afterwards I felt very relaxed and had a great sense of wellbeing that lasted right throughout the next day.

I very much appreciate all the work and effort GoodHandsBR put into hosting and exchanging with me. He is a warm and personable man, it was a pleasure to work with him and I strongly recommend him for an exchange.
Reviewed by foxyroxy, 2019-12-10 [ID 22560:P]

fijiguide Highly Recommended
West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon, United States of America
Excellent touch. New to giving massage, but his positive intention and natural ability multiply the wonderful effects of work. I provided some suggestions which he enthusuastically applied. I am looking forward to my next session with fijiguide!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2019-12-09 [ID 22559:P]

KJ1468 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Camden, England, United Kingdom
Exchanged with KJ1468 Monday during the day, he is a very considerate kind person shy I would say that is very respectful in his approach. He gave me a massage first and when it came to swap he told me to take my time as I was fully relaxed. He didn't stop massaging me until I offered to , he was quite happy massaging me. We did swap and hope I relaxed him as much.
Thank you for your hospitality and nurturing massage.
Reviewed by 0170, 2019-12-09 [ID 22362:P]

massguynola Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
I had the pleasure of doing an exchange with massguynola last month. I've been on the site for about 5 years, he is one of the best exchanges ever. He has a terrific personality, which always starts things off well for me, but add to that a great firm lean body to work on and a touch to die for. His ability to find the right spots and spend extra time on them was amazing. I felt like I never wanted it to end.
I can only hope our paths cross again. If you ever get the opportunity... jump on it ... It's a true gift. Thank you massguynola!!!
Reviewed by relaaxed, 2019-12-09 [ID 22558:P]

Reply from massguynola of 2019-12-09
Thank you Relaxxed. It was a great exchange as it takes two to make it great. I will be in touch with you on my next trip to your area.

MiamiHardwood Highly Recommended
Miami, Florida, United States of America
I met with MiamiHardwood at his cozy apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. He gave a great massage and was a very interesting person to talk to. He is the second person I met through here and it was his first time. We were both a little nervous, but it worked out fantastically. He made me feel very comfortable, as I am very new in m2m massages and he surely made me relaxed. Looking forward to see him again soon!
Reviewed by curiousahmad, 2019-12-09 [ID 22557:P]

Otis14 Highly Recommended
Meridian charter Township, Michigan, United States
I was very nervous and took my time to find the right guy on here. So Many Perverts!! Otis was very kind and respectful and gave me everything I asked for. He has amazing hands and I was happy happy happy!!! I am guessing me and Otis will meet again soon!
Reviewed by Cherlove, 2019-12-09 [ID 22556:P]

knead4massage Highly Recommended
Loughborough, England, United Kingdom
Exchanged with C. a few days ago. He is a very friendly guy respectful and very open. We got on well and any inhibitions where soon dissolved. His technique was excellent and soon felt relaxed and let my self go in his capable hands.
I would definitely be happy to a repeat exchange with him next time he is in London.
Reviewed by 0170, 2019-12-09 [ID 22555:P]

LdnRelax Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had an exchange with LdnRelax a few weeks ago. It took me this long to process my experience with him as I was introduced to a sensual technique totally out of my realm.
This was such a learning curve for me, total mind reboot.
Needless to say that I cannot put to words the full extent of my experience and pleasure.
LndRelax was very helpful in giving me tips on expanding my technique which I appreciated.
The kindest gentleman you would want to meet with an abundance of knowledge in sensual technique that has kept me relaxed and invigorated till today.
I do hope we can exchange again soon so I may reciprocate my evolving technique and development to return the very special positive energy and pleasure.
Reviewed by 0170, 2019-12-09 [ID 22554:P]

seeker359 Highly Recommended
Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Had a great meeting with seeker359. He was in town for a day and we got together. He was attentive and did a great job. Thanks
Reviewed by geilpdx, 2019-12-09 [ID 22552:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Very polite, reliable, hospitable and considerate. Massage quality extreme high and unrushed.
Reviewed by ME273183, 2019-12-09 [ID 22551:P]

geilpdx Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States
Expert on anatomy and treatments, years of technical experience....taught me how to work on the psoas muscle. Always checking in to verify his touch and technique are OK. Excellent host with massage table and fireplace. Well connected in the local massage commumity. I'm looking forward to more conversations and exchages with geilpdx....so will you!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2019-12-08 [ID 22550:P]

patty2314 Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Had a second massage session with patty2314 yesterday morning. Patty is "receive only" and is open, warm, engaging & a pleasant exchange partner. I enjoyed Patty's open & real communication style. She is experienced and supportive as a receiver. As promised, her husband came with her, and is a very pleasant & engaging person, as well. Either or both would be welcome in the future for another ollow-up session or sessions. Try Pat. She is great.
Reviewed by 6142, 2019-12-08 [ID 22066:P]

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
Very warm, genuine guy. Great, professional style massage, strong hands, generous. Great company and conversation. A gem.
Reviewed by jerhoo, 2019-12-08 [ID 22549:P]

MiamiHardwood Highly Recommended
Miami, Florida, United States of America
I recently had one of my best exchanges with MiamiHardwood on his recent visit to New York. He is truly a warm and genuinely nice man, with a great sense of humor and I felt instantly at ease in his company. His space was very peaceful and tranquil, complemented with zen and spa music in the background. Although he stated that he had limited experience in giving massage, he was very attuned to nuances sensory touch. He is extremely skilled at massaging and took his time finding precise areas to work on, delivering a mixture of the right pressure along with long, deep strokes. I highly recommend him to other massage enthusiasts and look forward to connecting with him again the next time we happen to find ourselves in the same city.
Reviewed by departures14, 2019-12-08 [ID 22548:P]

Sha0115 Highly Recommended
Gedling, England, United Kingdom
I felt very privileged to have been chosen by Sha0115 as his first exchange. He is a truly good, gentle guy and delightful company who enjoys the wonder of massage in all its aspects. He was efficient to make arrangements with and although he states recieve only was up for reciprocating my massage on him which revealed a natural talent for delivering an excellent massage which I found to be wonderfully relaxing and sensitive to my needs. I very much look forward to future exchanges.
Reviewed by rory, 2019-12-08 [ID 22547:P]

departures14 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Departures 14 is a handsome, well traveled and interesting guy who gives a terrific massage. He told me a little about some massage training he’s had which is very apparent when you are under his strong and caring hands. I would rate his massage as better than many I’ve paid for in spas. I highly recommend a session with him if you get the chance!
Reviewed by MiamiHardwood, 2019-12-07 [ID 22546:P]

jerhoo Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Jerhoo is kind, values meeting the needs of others and a wonderful host. He provided oil and a wonderful place for an exxchabge. He used many types of appropriate pressures and has many techniques that arouse the senses, all over the body! I found an amazing massade buddy and friend. Jerhoo is highly recommended by me and cannot way until our next exchange!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad, 2019-12-07 [ID 22545:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
I just did a trade with inbreathe again after my absence of three years. It was wonderful to reunite. He is a great bodyworker with the most relaxed and giving persona. I look forward to our reconnection and continued exchanges.
Reviewed by dancer310, 2019-12-07 [ID 22544:P]

JTNX Highly Recommended
Hawthorne, New Jersey, United States
JTNX, was great; we confirmed the meeting time and location and he even contacting me asking if its ok if he came early. He was very personable; had a set of techniques and really relaxed me.
Reviewed by Massage1001, 2019-12-07 [ID 22543:P]

Ludus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Ludus was a pleasure to work with. He's a thoughtful, considerate man who takes his time and is very thorough in his massage technique, with close attention to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Reviewed by kenningtonmass, 2019-12-07 [ID 22542:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met with Pedalpusher during a visit he made to Madrid. We had corresponded for some time before his arrival. It was a really pleasant encounter, helped in no small measure by the fact that he is a gentleman. The first thing that you think about Pedalpusher when he begins his massage is that he knows what he is about and that gives you the confidence to relax. The massage he gave me involved lots of stretching and point pressure, both of which I appreciate. This guy is as string as an ox and he applies very firm pressure which I like. If you prefer lighter pressure,you'd want to be sure to let him know in advance. Many thanks, Pedalpusher.
Reviewed by g0yman17, 2019-12-07 [ID 22541:P]

HotPistonBlowby Highly Recommended
Midlothian, Illinois, United States
Updated 11/18/19
I had a second opportunity to do another massage exchange with Hotpistionblowby. I thought our first exchange could not be topped. Boy was I wrong!!! This time she also massaged me. Her knowledge of the human body and her special touch made for an unforgettable experience. She brought me to levels I did not know existed.

Once she finished my massage I had the extreme pleasure of massaging her. Her body is like a remarkable fine instrument and playing her produced beautiful symphony. Her body quivered with delight with every soft sensual stroke I made.Our time together was magical and it just flew. When it was over we were both happy, fulfilled and satisfied. Cant wait to see this special sensual person again!

I had the pleasure of giving Hotpistionblowby a massage. All I can say is that she is a complete delight to work on and to be with. She was very attentive and she responded extremely well to every stroke i made. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed giving her a massage.She is a very sweet person and our time together was pure bliss. We will be seeing each other in the near future. If you have the opportunity to see her...do it!!!
Reviewed by dannyc, 2019-12-07 [ID 21906:P]

Manflute Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a very pleasant exchange with Manflute. He has a warm and friendly manner and I immediately felt comfortable, having chatted to him for a while before our exchange. He used a good mixture of very slow and longer, faster strokes, with a warm and therapeutic touch throughout. He kept his hands on my body during the duration of the massage and played some enjoyably ambient and relaxing music. He also asked me about any injuries I may have.

After massaging my back, using long, flowing strokes from the top of the back to the bottom, he also massaged my legs down to the feet which was amazing and felt very healing. He also did some massage near my stomach area and on my arms, including some wonderful hand-to-hand massage, gently manipulating my hands back and forth before then massaging my palms. I felt totally rejuvenated.

Manflute is skilled, attentive and a lovely person to meet and connect with. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Ludus, 2019-12-07 [ID 22540:P]

kenningtonmass Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was very pleased to finally meet kenningtonmass and I had a very pleasant and comfortable exchange which confirmed what I had read in his reviews. From the initial warm welcome, the inviting massage space in his beautiful home, to his meticulous attention to detail, it was a great afternoon. We had a chat before and after the massage and had a good connection.

He started with my back and neck, using a mix of firm and slow, wide strokes on the back which immediately relaxed me. He then massaged my legs with longer strokes. He also worked on other areas including the hands and arms, using gentle techniques, to stretch and relax my arms and legs and then massage the inner thighs. He also gave me a lovely neck massage using his knuckles.

On the initially grey afternoon I visited, the sun just came out as I lay down on the massage couch and pleasantly filled the room, which added an extra positive element to the experience. I learned a lot too, including gaining ideas and tips on the ingredients for a successful and positive massage experience.

A great masseur and host, I highly recommend kenningtonmass.
Reviewed by Ludus, 2019-12-07 [ID 22539:P]

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