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Chachazoog Highly Recommended
Stillwater, Minnesota, USA
Had a great session. Very attentive to my needs and respectful. Has great chemistry would definitely enjoy exchanging again
Reviewed by Todler2021 2021-10-12 [ID 25394:P]

prosaicorange1 Highly Recommended
Bristol, United Kingdom
Prosaicorange1's knowledge of how the body works undoubtedly allows this calm and considerate man the technical ability to give a great massage. However, it his intuitive physicality and ability to connect without words that elevates it to a sublime and euphoric experience. It was a privilege to spend a few thoroughly enjoyable hours with him and I continue to be grateful for, and impressed by, the lasting impact of what he achieved.
Reviewed by NorthCambsboi 2021-10-12 [ID 25393:P]

oil4you Highly Recommended
Newquay, England, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet oil4you yesterday. Really easy to communicate with to arrange the meet. Once here he was a true gent, easy to chat to, interested and interesting. He was the perfect ‘guinea pig’ for me to practise on and went over and above to fill out the evidence I needed for my coursework. His feedback was really constructive and it was a pleasure to have his company. I’m looking forward to meeting him again.
Reviewed by Ben85 2021-10-12 [ID 25392:P]

Reply from oil4you of 2021-10-13
Thank you Ben, the pleasure was all mine and i look forward to when you require me again :)

Ben85 Highly Recommended
Truro, England, United Kingdom
i visited Ben last night for a massage. Ben claims he is a massage student... i beg to differ, he was very professional, as was his treatment room and procedure.

i was made to feel very welcome and the whole experience was faultless. The massage itself was absolutely spot on, as i told Ben, it was as good a massage as ive ever had.

Thank you Ben, im available whenever you want a practice body :)
Reviewed by oil4you 2021-10-12 [ID 25391:P]

Turtle812 Highly Recommended
Greenwood, Indiana, United States of America
I had a wonderful massage trade with turtle Saturday...he was in town on business and hosted in his hotel...after my trade with mkmassage last week, and he massaged me first, I was so relaxed, that I felt like I had given mk a pretty shitty massage... I felt like for me to give my exchange partner a good massage, I would need to provide his massage first...we decided to alternate backs and front....worked out great.... I was expecting a slender body on turtle, and it was...but he also had very nicely toned shoulders, biceps and upper theighs....a pleasure to work on ... I especially liked the way he used his forearms in applying comfortable pressure.... intelligent, interesting and an all around good man.. I hope to exchange with him again.... if you get a chance, you won't be disappointed
Reviewed by Dadkneadsit 2021-10-11 [ID 25390:P]

AZguygives Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Very fit and welcoming, nice guy. Gives a great massage and knows his way around a body. Hits all the right spots.
Reviewed by Rubmedown1 2021-10-11 [ID 25389:P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Naturally gifted in massage: a real treat.
Reviewed by giogio 2021-10-11 [ID 25388:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
After easily arranging a swap that required a little flexibility and rescheduling, Pedalpusher arrived on time, friendly and straight away offered to massage first. I loved the Thai style stretches and joint mobility work. He is tall, strong and respectful, so was able to relax and feel in safe hands. His massage strokes are strong and firm, progessing to some deep tissue work on the back and legs which was just what I needed. He also improvised with my massage ball that I had nearby to open my back. He started and finished the massage with some Reiki style energy work, which was lovely and very centering and calming. Thankyou for a lovely swap.
Reviewed by JWAl0466 2021-10-11 [ID 25387:P]

JWAl0466 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
JWAI0466 is very friendly, he made me feel at ease immediately after arriving to his flat. His massage was gentle and deep pressure , very relaxing. He found and worked patiently on some muscle knots on my back. He did very well and I cannot wait to have another massage swap with him.
Reviewed by Pedalpusher 2021-10-11 [ID 25386:P]

Steve13 Highly Recommended
Ottershaw, England, United Kingdom
Met Steve at his place today got on rearly well very nice person hope to make it regular
Reviewed by Relaxingtimestimes 2021-10-11 [ID 25385:P]

Relaxingtimestimes Highly Recommended
Amersham, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Great meet up very enjoyable exchange highly recommend this genuine guy.
Reviewed by Steve13 2021-10-11 [ID 25383:P]

celestial99 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had an excellent time with celestial99. Such a nice man. Hope to meet again.😊
Reviewed by d12man 2021-10-11 [ID 25382:P]

DFWMANHandler Highly Recommended
The Colony, Texas, United States of America
DFWMANHandler invited me for a massage trade. His punctual and detailed communication made it very fast and easy to meet! His quiet location and equipment were great for a relaxing exchange. We discussed our individual needs for the massage and he was happy to provide extra work in the areas where I needed.it most. His techniques and strength soon put me into a highly -relaxed state! He placed no time limit on our exchange and I was thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated when we finished.
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano 2021-10-10 [ID 25381:P]

Reply from DFWMANHandler of 2021-10-11
An exchange to remember, for sure.
Thanks for your kind words and positive spirit!
Looking forward to more of same.
Cheers, John

bodyneedsit2 Highly Recommended
Queens, New York, United States
Bodyneedsit2 was a pleasure to massage. She is very responsive to touch and will let you know if you are hitting her key pressure points. She has had a most interesting life and I really enjoyed her company. Her place was set up nicely and it was very quiet. I look forward to having future sessions with her again.
Reviewed by Massgefunguy 2021-10-10 [ID 25379:P]

1massagelover Highly Recommended
Monee, Illinois, United States of America
It took us awhile to do a full trade as with the current unpleasantness as things are trying. But finally got to do a full trade with 1ML and it was worth the wait. Her spa she had set up is phenominal. I enjoyed soaking in the hot tub before my session. The session was excellent as I laid on the table actually I felt like I was floating above it. Her style is very relaxing. She is a professional who knows what she is doing. It makes me feel good when I meet similar professionals. If you get the chance to experience her session take it.
Reviewed by KK136 2021-10-10 [ID 25378:P]

Reply from 1massagelover of 2021-10-10
Thank you! 😊🙏🏼

emax Highly Recommended
San Antonio, Texas, United States
I meet emax while he was here in Chicago. He gave a great session as I was just zoning out as he worked on me. His pressure and technique are so relaxing. If you have the chance defenitly trade with him.
Reviewed by KK136 2021-10-10 [ID 25377:P]

Sa7eFun Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a great swap with Sa7eFun. We exchange messages and arranged a meet easily. He is a friendly guy and easy to chat to. He gives a massage with a variety of strokes which I enjoyed greatly. He picks up easily which areas needs more attention. I would recommend him and would happily exchange again.
Reviewed by HSD100 2021-10-09 [ID 25376:P]

Wackyracer Needs Improvement
Tilford, United Kingdom
Needs improvement on boundaries
Reviewed by Anne2018 2021-10-09 [ID 25375:P]

DinTheDesert Highly Recommended
Indio, California, United States of America
I met with DinThe Desert on October 7th for a planned massage exchange. He provided excellent directions and map to his place. I arrived a few minutes early for our scheduled time, but everything was ready table, sheets and he blended a custom oil and lotion massage cream. We did a back-back, then front-front massage exchange. He had good pressure, smooth strokes and nice transitions. He has more experience than I do, so was a good learning experience for me. It was great meeting another massage enthusiast and trading massages. I would recommend DinTheDesert for those that love massage.
Reviewed by tedlovesmassage 2021-10-08 [ID 25374:P]

sammy11 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a lovely time with sammy11 today. She's an easy going lovely woman , open to exploration , and we really enjoyed our exchange.
Definitely recomend and hope to see her again.
Reviewed by Jey1978 2021-10-08 [ID 25373:P]

Jey1978 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a wonderful exchange with Jey 1978. He is a very easy going guy who made me feel at ease. He has a great touch and i really enjoyed his massage. Would definitely recommend him and hope to exchange again soon.
Reviewed by sammy11 2021-10-08 [ID 25372:P]

Purplecalm Highly Recommended
Stapleford Tawney, England, United Kingdom
I met with Purplecalm (PC) recently and what a delight.

Over a few emails we arranged that I would host, discussed what she was looking for and what her boundaries were.
Prior to meeting she updated me that she'd been in a road traffic accident but she was still keen to attend.
We had coffee when she arrived and spent nearly 90 minutes chatting and getting to know one another so by then it was time for lunch!!

As a professional therapist and because of the accident I did a full consultation before the massage. PC knew what she wanted and guided me when necessary but was also very receptive and appreciative of my efforts.

PC is a warm, open, very interesting individual whom it has been a delight to meet. Plus she is very young at heart and with an incredible zest for life.

We have already arranged to meet a second time

UPDATE: We have now met for a second time, and enjoyed another very pleasant few hours which included me receiving a massage. She has an innate sense of touch and I found myself drifting off 'into the zone' more than in most massages I have ever received (and I've had quite a few lol)
Reviewed by Underhill56 2021-10-08 [ID 25279:P]

Reply from Purplecalm of 2021-10-12
How lovely to receive this update - thank you. It has given me confidence in my ability to massage and I am keen to improve.

loremmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Loremmassage is a kind, considerate and calm man. These qualities were reflected in his massage style which was assured and thorough. Highly recommended
Reviewed by kenningtonmass 2021-10-08 [ID 25371:P]

Reply from loremmassage of 2021-10-09
I was a bit nervous to swap with kenningtonmass given he is professionally trained and I am not, but he assured me my technique was therapeutic when I was delivering a massage to him. Communication before and during the swap was excellent and I felt very comfortable in his presence. A genuinely lovely, kind and attentive practitioner who was able to relieve the extremely stiff neck I had woken up with that morning. Highly recommended.

chrischros Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Met chrischros at short notice, he welcomed me to his hotel room with a much needed hot drink and biscuits after a 3hr tennis session and a hot shower! He massaged me first and wow!! He had strokes the likes of which I hadn't experienced before, he was smoothing knots in my shoulders, body surfing, the pressure was hard and medium but chrischros lived up to his 5 star reviews. He massaged me both sides, he also responded very well to my massage, a great exchange which was so last minute. He's a fab guy, very tactile and GSOH, please try your utmost to swap with chrischros when next he's in London Town, you won't be disappointed, he's a proper asset to ME in my opinion and look forward to seeing him when he's back in town.
Reviewed by Massagaholic7 2021-10-08 [ID 25370:P]

John537 Highly Recommended
Milford, Connecticut, United States of America
10/7/2021: Pretty impressive, came all the way from Connecticut and he drove from the SF International Airport to my home. Very nice relaxing massage. I enjoyed it.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2021-10-07 [ID 25369:P]

Reply from John537 of 2021-10-15
Rose goddess was amazing to massage. She absorbs all of the different modalities that I provided to her. She was uninhibited and a pleasure to work on. I would enjoy another session with her if I'm ever in the area again.

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