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GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Awesome. Beautiful. Fantastic. Stunning. Magnificent. Excellent. Amazing. Extraordinary. Fabulous. Wonderful. Incredible. Mind-blowing. Phenomenal. Marvelous. Outstanding!

It's really difficult for me to find appropriate words to describe how great it was!!

Thank you!!!
Reviewed by Pleasure11, 2017-09-18 [ID 17231:P]

Reply from GuildfordExpertMasseur of 2017-09-18
At the time, I did gain the impression that you enjoyed it all ! I also enjoyed the session and witnessing your pleasure. Let's swap again.

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
I met with Kendalian last week. After a "get to know each other" chat and a cup of tea, we started the massage session.
She massaged me first, very relaxing with just the right pressure. Although she has no former training, everything was extremely good.
After my massage from Kendalian, it was her turn to receive. She said I did a great massage, thoroughly enjoyed by both of us.
We both work odd hours and days, so it was difficult to arrange a time/day, but it all fell into place.
Reviewed by HandyGeorge, 2017-09-18 [ID 17230:P]

EnglishDutch Recommended
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
..enjoyed a good firm massage and enjoyed good conversation with a nice genuine guy!
Reviewed by Freeflow77, 2017-09-18 [ID 17229:P]

Worcester Park, United Kingdom
Met Sputnik . He is very relax guy easy communication . I fall sleep while he massage me . I feel in heaven . Will hope see him again for more massage
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2017-09-18 [ID 17228:P]

Axiom Highly Recommended
Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Andy is such a great guy - very welcoming and puts you at ease straight away. I spoke to him a few times and eventually arrange for me to attend his Salon in Basingstoke. After a brief chat we agreed that Andy would go first so that I could learn from him as he is qualified.

Andy's technique was fantastic with firm pressure and long strokes, just exactly what my back and legs needed. The massage oil was great and it almost had me drifting away within minutes. Andy was complimentary on my massage and I just hope I returned the same relaxing sensual massage he gave me. I hope to meet up again soon with Andy thank you!
Reviewed by NorthernTouch, 2017-09-18 [ID 17227:P]

ExploringPlaces Highly Recommended
Lake Forest, California, United States
I had never used this site before and I'm happy that my first experience was with ExploringPlaces. Coordinating the time was very easy and without many emails and he arrived on time. ExploringPlaces was very friendly and easy to talk to. He had a great technique and passed on some few pointers to me. We went back and forth for a two hour session. Afterwards I felt great and would look forward to another session.
Reviewed by BuckRog, 2017-09-17 [ID 17226:P]

damon72 Highly Recommended
Irving, Texas, United States
I just had a massage from damon72, he is truly professional and have proper setup for that.
Nice clean environment and very nice behaviour.
I truly enjoyed the massage by him and wish to visit to him every week if he gives me time:)

Thanks Damon72 for a wonderful massage.
Reviewed by Bunty, 2017-09-17 [ID 17225:P]

Tallstan Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
There are massages that come to mind very quickly while other exchanges seem to fade into memory. The exchange with Tallstan is one that comes to mind quickly. His home is very warm and inviting, you could say down to earth, like his personality. A far cry from the glitter of the strip which was a nice change. After a short chat, it was down to business. His touch and attention to areas was relaxing bring many senses that made time with on his table a wonderful experience. I hope that in future trips to his area of Las Vegas, we'll be able to exchange again.
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-09-17 [ID 17224:P]

Reply from Tallstan of 2017-09-17
Thanks for the kind words Doneright. the time with you was over the top and anticipating additional massage exchanges

chasmore Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Thanks Chasmore for a lovely, relaxing massage. I really enjoyed the massage as well as meeting you. At last a local man and really would love to do it again. Xx
Reviewed by Yve62, 2017-09-16 [ID 17223:P]

LEANNYC Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I was very grateful to be able to exchange with LEANNYC. He has a calm and very thorough touch. A.blissful experience which I hope we can repeat.
Reviewed by Flowman, 2017-09-16 [ID 17222:P]

msgnewbie Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I've had a great time yesterday introducing msgnewbie to full body massage. She's very friendly and punctual. I met her at the bus stop and we chatted along the way home. We had an engaging conversation during the massage and she's really eager to learn about some massage techniques. I'm looking forward to massaging her again.
Reviewed by enway, 2017-09-16 [ID 17221:P]

pog3314 Highly Recommended
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
I had a wonderful session with pog3314!
He is very friendly and easy to be with. He has great knowledge of many massage techniques, all applied with a strong, but sensitive touch.
He was also very responsive to the massage I returned.
I highly recommend pog3314 for a totally invigorating & satisfying massage exchange!
Reviewed by kjohnny123, 2017-09-16 [ID 17220:P]

Reply from pog3314 of 2017-09-16
Thanks John!
I was also enjoying your massage. Great hands!


TenFingers Highly Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom
Met with TenFingers on Thursday he is a lovely person and really into his massage. We sat had a chat and a drink first and he was easy to talk too. We flicked a coin to see who should have their back massaged first and I won so I was treated to an unhurried massage from head to toe with varying pressure which I like and he was good in his movement from one area of the body to another. We switched over and I took my time and did his back which he seemed to enjoy.
The whole experience was definitely worth the number of emails it took to organise. Ten Fingers is a gentle considerate person who wants to improve his technique as do we all. You will not be dissaponted if you arrange an exchange and like me I'm sure you will also enjoy his company.
Reviewed by Mancity, 2017-09-16 [ID 17219:P]

willinged Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Just had a massage with Willinged. Was exactly what I needed. I asked for a really firm masssge and that was exactly what I got, and more. Got right into my knots and really tight spots to work them out and whilst I feel slightly bruised, I know that this is a good sign. I'm already looking forward to another session with him!
Reviewed by BathtubBlogger, 2017-09-16 [ID 17217:P]

joeybehave Highly Recommended
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
JoeyBehave posted in my town that he was going to be in town for a professional conference in two months, and he was interested in a massage exchange. I reached out to him and we began a great email relationship for the two months proceeding his planned arrival in town. He arrived on time and we arranged a meet up at his hotel. Joeybehave is the real deal. He is a very compassionate man, very responsive in giving and receiving massages. His technique was perfect, pressure perfect. He checked in with me several times during the massage which I found very assuring. He was very thorough and unrushed, I will seek out another exchange with Joeybehave and I encourage you to do the same. You will enjoy every minute with Joeybehave.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-09-15 [ID 17216:P]

ketan1812 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Meet with Ketan yesterday. Very relaxing massage a mix of short and fast area based and long slow strokes. Was stress free and relaxed for the rest of the day, and had a really good nights sleep. We ran out of time so i could not reciprocate the massage , maybe next time. Would not hesitate to recommend and hope to meet again when possible.
Reviewed by LondonSW19, 2017-09-15 [ID 17215:P]

Mancity Highly Recommended
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Had a very pleasant meeting with ManCity. Simple instructions for directions, easy parking in his neighbourhood. Welcomed with a drink whilst he completed the final touches to his room. Nice varied touch with a couple of moves which were amazing and something I had never come across. He had nice mellow music on in the background, the auditory experience of a relaxing massage was something I had not considered before but really helped with the overall ambience. As well as a relaxing massage, ManCity is very erudite and not a chap to be missed, Many thanks for a lovely morning.
Reviewed by TenFingers, 2017-09-15 [ID 17214:P]

Lizzyc632 Highly Recommended
Derby, England, United Kingdom
After an initial communication, I met Lizzyc632 at my home, she was clear in her emails and then in the chat we had over coffee about what she liked and areas of focus, she is very clear on her boundaries.

Spending around 2-2 1/2 hours on the massage Lizzy was responsive and helpful throughout. Creating a relaxing environment for her with the room darkened, with candles, theruptic music I hoped she could relax and just enjoy being pampered.

We didn't exchange which I felt good about enabling her to just leave relaxed and not have to perform a massage too.

I really enjoyed Lizzys company, it wasn't rushed before/after and we could chat feeling completely relaxed. Lizzy has promised to exchange next time so I look forward to meeting her again and many more times to come.

***** Update *****

I had the pleasure of Lizzys company again, we exchanged this time so I can add her massage to my review.

Lizzy provides a very relaxing massage, she admits she's not trained but she has an excellent touch and great technique.

She moves with easy and made me feel so relaxed I could feel myself drifting off which is always the best sign of a good massage.

I was nice to see you again and hope we can continue to exchange in the future.
Reviewed by TallnFit, 2017-09-15 [ID 17088:P]

ising Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
I'm so late lol but I really enjoyed his massage. I know he's not a therapist but I can truly say he has an awesome flow & thepressure was great. I was very relaxed after our session & was pleased. I thank you again!!!!!!
Reviewed by Jdnyice, 2017-09-15 [ID 17213:P]

arran Satisfactory
Canterbury, England, United Kingdom
I met arran at mine as arranged I found him to be a very personable guy with a great sense of humour we spent a couple of hours two amatuers massaging each other and chatting would recomend him anytime and hope to meet again ..
Reviewed by campbell58, 2017-09-15 [ID 17209:P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met with Mukesh earlier in the week.

We had a pleasant chat and a drink before getting undressed and enjoying a pleasurable evening of massage.

Mukesh has a lot of massage experience and used lots of gentle and sensual strokes which was very enjoyable after a busy and tense day.

Warm and easy to talk to, thank you Mukesh for a pleasant massage exchange.
Reviewed by Blighty, 2017-09-15 [ID 17212:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
I've been messaging with Massagaholic7 for a while and we were able to meet this week.

What a lovely guy! Warm, friendly, sane and so easy to spend time with. We enjoyed a great evening of massaging and the experience was an absolute pleasure.

MH's experience shines through and he has lovely strokes, appropriately varying the pressure from firm to sensual.

All in all a wonderful experience and I look forward to exchanging with MH in the not too distant future. Thank you Masssagaholic7 for a vey enjoyable evening!
Reviewed by Blighty, 2017-09-15 [ID 17211:P]

Jdnyice Highly Recommended
Clementon, New Jersey, United States
Fantastic!! He felt every spot that needed attention. I would happily trade again. His attention to detail was noted. Thank you for the best trade I have done yet.
Reviewed by rjpmassage, 2017-09-15 [ID 17210:P]

Pleasure11 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Pleasure indeed ! This was a great swap; easy to arrange and thoroughly enjoyable both ways. This man has a good range of techniques and works confidently on a body.
A comfortable room well set-up for massage & close to a train station. The session was not quite as long as we had intended as my train journey took much longer than I expected.
I want to swap with this man again
As s Bodywork Enthusiast - 5 stars.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2017-09-14 [ID 17208:P]

Boyana Highly Recommended
Croydon, Victoria, Australia
A very friendly and understanding person. I enjoyed the time spent with her and she was very cooperative of my minimum setting and yet seemed to have enjoyed the massage. Although receive only, she offered me a little massage as well which was quite nice. Hope to meet again.
Reviewed by theenthusiast, 2017-09-14 [ID 17207:P]

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