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RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
RoseGoddess was a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed meeting her. She is a great subject and knows what she likes, making the massage a delightful experience. Thank you for that.
Reviewed by Fbsm 2020-08-01 [ID 23491:P]

KishMish Highly Recommended
Maida Hill, England, United Kingdom
Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting KishMish for a massage swap. He is a delightful fella with an engaging smile and a good conversationlist. We did a connecting phase at the beginning with really was effective at bringing us together. KishMish is quite a proficient masseur. His pace is steady and pressure good. He brings a mixture of therapeutic and sensual strokes to the mix, and I felt very relaxed and satisfied after. Over all it was a great swap, 5 hours of great massage and good conversation! Hope to meet up again. Definately 5 stars.
Reviewed by bengiboy 2020-08-01 [ID 23490:P]

halleluja Highly Recommended
West Perth, Western Australia, Australia
I had a one of my best ever massage from halleluja, she is a very holistic and caring person by nature and it was a very relaxing session, not rushed in any way and very professional. I felt very comfortable and at easy throughout the massage.

Halleluja has many years or experience with extensive knowledge across a large range of massage techniques. With complete confidence I highly recommend her and hope we can exchange meet again in the near future.
Reviewed by TantricJourney 2020-07-31 [ID 23489:P]

Fbsm Highly Recommended
Granite Bay, California, United States
7/31/2020: Excellent massage. He oiled me down everywhere and didn't miss any spots. He knew how to make me feel good.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2020-07-31 [ID 23488:P]

skintouch Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I have had a good session with Peter. It was amazing with the oil and good hand technique on my body. it was one of the memorable massage I had for a long time. Thanks Peter.
Reviewed by wongneverwrong 2020-07-31 [ID 23486:P]

Aquarianman7 Highly Recommended
Sarasota, Florida, United States
Aquarianman7 is enthusiastic, My work schedule is erratic and he still made time for me. I Like him and hope to be a man he will work with to massage and explore erotic touch whenever I am available.
Reviewed by MasageBud 2020-07-30 [ID 23485:P]

wongneverwrong Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
There are some you meet on massage exchange who have that wonderful combination of a well looked after responsive body and a confident personality who know how to both give and receive sensual touch with joy and appreciation. Wongneverwrong is one of those people who makes a massage exchange an absolute pleasure.
Reviewed by skintouch 2020-07-30 [ID 23484:P]

Reply from wongneverwrong of 2020-07-31
Thank you Peter for your bodywork massage. I am energised and relived. it was an excellent session.

playfulfox Highly Recommended
Hyrum, Utah, United States
I had the distinct pleasure and honor yesterday to meet with playfulfox, certainly a gentleman, indeed! His hospitality and accommodations were top notch. We first sat and chatted a bit to get to know each other a little and to go over what I was looking to get from the massage. The session rolled on wonderfully. The communication throughout the massage was very much appreciated as he frequently touched base to make sure the pressure felt good and if I was comfortable with his touch. I enjoyed his vast knowledge of the anatomy as he verbally expressed what specific areas he was working on. I also really liked how he incorporated shiatsu and sports massage in his massages finishing off with an unbelievable, therapeutic, intense tapotement experience that sealed the deal. I got up feeling renewed. I made a new friend in playfulfox,
a classy individual! Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by KneadingUbetter 2020-07-30 [ID 23483:P]

Reply from playfulfox of 2020-08-02
Thanks for submitting your well written recommendation. I so enjoyed the exchange and hope we could get together again.

valindevon Recommended
Totnes, United Kingdom
It has been a few years since our last exchange. In fact Valindevon was one of the first people I exchanged with before doing my training in massage so it was interesting to compare this exchange with the one I did in my early years as a newbie! Valindevon has a cosy little therapy room and she always goes out of her way to make her clients feel comfortable. She also is good for conversation and is an interesting person to chat with. She is able to put her considerable experience to good effect on the massage table and she delivers a soothing and relaxing experience. Thanks Valindevon for a lovely exchange experience- it was great to catch up after such a long interval. I promise to keep in touch more frequently!
Reviewed by Serendipitous 2020-07-30 [ID 23482:P]

Serendipitous Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
I had a lovely relaxing massage from Serendipitous. His massage flows well and is effective at getting the tension to release.
Reviewed by valindevon 2020-07-30 [ID 23481:P]

ZASSAGE Highly Recommended
West Bradenton, Florida, United States of America
Zassage is a true professional in technique and manner. Zassage gave a tremendous massage with many stretching techniques included. I was totally relaxed after a couple very stressful days.
Reviewed by Rejuvenating22557 2020-07-29 [ID 23480:P]

london2015 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
had a great experience with London2015
warm host and a good masseur ,
I totally recommend
Reviewed by marcjacob 2020-07-29 [ID 23479:P]

rrsrunner562 Highly Recommended
Fair Oaks, California, United States
Awesome massage! Very friendly demeanor and super accommodating. He delivered exactly what the Dr ordered. Felt super relaxed following a very comprehensive experience. Totally recommend.
Reviewed by Maleko 2020-07-29 [ID 23478:P]

closeencounter Highly Recommended
Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany
Close encounter is a very friendly and interesting man. He gave an excellent massage and his technique is excellent. His friendly nature meant there was a calm and easy atmosphere during the whole exchange. He has a very nice body to massage and is very appreciative. We both travel a lot but I look forward to another exchange when we are both in London
Reviewed by Robselon 2020-07-29 [ID 23477:P]

Robselon Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met Rob on my visit to London which had been planned before Covid. I really enjoyed the exchange, great massage, great company as well. I felt we had lots in common.
Hope to meet up again on my next visit to London.
Reviewed by closeencounter 2020-07-29 [ID 23476:P]

studmeister Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Strong, yet gentle. That’s how I would describe the way studmeister gave me massage. He’s got so much strength that every movement seemed effortless, but at the same time those movements were very spot on. As a host, studmeister went all the way to create a pleasant massage exchange experience. From a comfy room setup to a sweet, simple touch of delicious chocolate.
Reviewed by propermassage 2020-07-29 [ID 23475:P]

FirmFarmer Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
I swapped a massage with FirmFarmer some time ago while he was visiting Melb. A good example why mixing it up with travellers can be a real treat. The exchange was excellent, a very likeable man, I would swap with him again and without hesitation.
FirmFarmer's profile is accurate in describing himself and his skill. We are like minded in understanding & application of firm deep massage; "firm" not "pain", it is possible to find the balance for it to be a feel-good experience, FirmFarmer has it. He is generous with his time, very intuitive while giving a massage, but likewise able to maintain focus, time seemed to fly though it was a very long session. I appreciate his approach because of the type of exercise I do.
The feeling of wellbeing afterwards and the next day was a good sign of a great exchange. FirmFarmer has a great set of hands & personality, he is highly recommended.
Reviewed by trickyfingers 2020-07-26 [ID 23472:P]

Chamilton Highly Recommended
Herriman, Utah, United States
Chamilton is amazing! His many pressures, including deep tissue felt great! He is positive, good conversationalist and knows the body well. I felt very relaxed, during this exchange. I highly recommend Chamilton and can’t wait until our next exchange!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2020-07-26 [ID 23473:P]

Send333 Recommended
Māngere-Ōtāhuhu, Auckland, New Zealand
Send 333 and I had an exchange massage at my studio and it was a great session. He is just getting back into doing massage after a few years break and keen to learn more techniques. He gave me a firm and relaxing massage which I needed and I am looking forward to a return session. Send 333 is slim and it is great to be able to see the muscle groups to help with upskilling techniques and it was fun!
Reviewed by Mufaraz 2020-07-26 [ID 23471:P]

Pipajmose Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Thanks for a relaxing massage and the great conversation too. I appreciated your promptness, wit and respectful nature!
Reviewed by studmeister 2020-07-26 [ID 23470:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Pedalpusher is very modest about his skills and knowledge but it was immediately apparent when I laid down on the table that his experience is immense and that I was in very capable hands. He makes frequent trips to Thailand to update his skills and you can expect a very firm but very enjoyable massage. I was initially worried about this aspect and asked him to go gently on me which he did and at the end I asked him to work more deeply which he did for me and it was really wonderful - I was very surprised how good it felt and afterwards I enjoyed the best night’s sleep I have had for a long time and woke up feeling wonderfully refreshed and supple! Pedalpusher is a great person to spend a few hours with. Do not worry about the fact that he is profoundly deaf - he is a very gentle soul with a beautiful and friendly personality. I actually enjoyed conversing with him by lip reading and writing communications down - it wasn’t in any way a hindrance or inconvenience. He is very gracious and eager to please and works hard to ensure the exchange is a great success. He has a whole range of moves and techniques in his repertoire. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is always fascinating when you come across someone who does something completely different in their routine. If you like variety and nice surprises then Pedalpusher is the one you should try connecting with. Thanks Pedalpusher for a wonderful afternoon together. This ranks as one of my best exchanges to date!
Reviewed by Serendipitous 2020-07-24 [ID 23469:P]

Serendipitous Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
Serendipitous massage is an absolute pleasure. He is 100% professional. His past training in massage therapy is extremely evident. He has quality equipment (massage table, hot oil, great hands). He is very easygoing and personable. Definitely would like have other one if I come his area !
Reviewed by Pedalpusher 2020-07-24 [ID 23467:P]

Massageman707 Highly Recommended
Batavia, Ohio, United States
Excellent person, excellent massage session. Very knowledgeable on massage. No hurry takes his time and very personal person.
Reviewed by garydog 2020-07-24 [ID 23466:P]

Wackyracer Highly Recommended
Tilford, United Kingdom
I had a couple of massages with Richard.

The last one really was my favourite in many ways.

Richard has a natural sensitivity when he massages and his touch feels comforting, intune and patient.

When someone touches your body they either have that touch or do not and he does.

Although the second massage was with clothes on- I like this as it is more thai based and the pressing on the body really releases energy for me.

The other massage was oil which was warmed which felt amazing.

A beautiful home so the location also helps create a lovely atmosphere.

A kind , warm man.
Reviewed by Courtneyheaven 2020-07-24 [ID 23465:P]

dancer310 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, California, United States
Had a great exchange with Dancer310. I made the trip to his place and he was ready and accommodating. He offered and had me shower before starting—he’s a very kind and caring man. He’s in good shape and smooth thus very nice to massage. When it’s his turn to give me a massage, when the massage began I felt that he had a very good technique with moderate pressure and a really nice touch.

Looking forward to another exchange in the near future. I highly recommend!
Reviewed by jazzme 2020-07-24 [ID 23464:P]

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