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Kneadie Highly Recommended
Sparks, Nevada, United States
4/21/2019: Fantastic massage on an Easter holiday. He had his own table, traveled all the way from Nevada and provided a nice sensual massage. I felt comfortable when he took off my panties and massaged me all over. It was the right energy and his massage was filled with vibrant energy. Perfect! Yes, he can massage me again!
Reviewed by RoseGoddess, 2019-04-21 [ID 20832:P]

Reply from Kneadie of 2019-04-22
Thank you for allowing me to massage you! It was, truly, my pleasure! Looking forward to the next time!

tenmouse Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Had one of my best exchange with tenmouse this week. Very clean and easy to talk too. He wasn't shy about asking what he would like done. This made it easy and reduced stress on my part. I didn't have to worry if I was doing something he didn't care for or was hurting him. In return, he listened for needs / request and made me very relax and wanting more. Hopefully we'll be able to have another exchange in the near future.
Reviewed by grumpy53, 2019-04-21 [ID 20831:P]

ME272362 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Had a very relaxing exchange the other week. Easy to talk with and very good hands that worked the stress out of me. Left in a totally different frame of mind.
Reviewed by grumpy53, 2019-04-21 [ID 20830:P]

Adrian33609 Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States
Adrian33609 met me at the door with his great smile. His mannerism makes you feel confortable right away. His massage table was set up with a clean fresh sheet including the facial donut. He discussed with me my goals and offered wonderful suggestions. Being trained he knows much more than myself. My massage was heavenly. Hopefully I didn't fall asleep and embarrass myself. I will gladly see him again.
Reviewed by Tampa54bi, 2019-04-21 [ID 20829:P]

adamfreedom Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I met Adamfreedom at short notice, which was a chance opportunity that suited us both. He gave me clear instructions on finding his place. On arrival he greeted me and made me feel welcome. The environment was set up, a warm room with soft lighting and relaxing music.

Adamfreedom allowed me to receive first allowing me to relax from my journey. A kind and considerate gesture I thought.

His massage technique was thorough, ensured I was free my injury before he started, and checked pressure levels as he went. A relaxing and rewarding massage followed. The swap session lasted a couple of hours, but I would have still liked longer receiving. I hope we can exchange again.
Reviewed by fyter, 2019-04-20 [ID 20827:P]

jedbodine Highly Recommended
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Jedbodine and I exchanged massages today for the 3rd time. His trim, muscular body is a joy to work on, and he reciprocates with a great massage, too. He uses long flowing strokes, with just the right pressure that left me feeling very relaxed. Our schedules don't often mesh, but when they do, I will look forward to meeting with him again. I highly recommend jedbodine.
Reviewed by waketrucker, 2019-04-20 [ID 20826:P]

trademassage9943 Highly Recommended
Detroit, Michigan, United States
Trademassage9943 was great. Very pleasant and friendly. Great sense of humor and generally made the session a very comfortable one. Good skill level for a person without formal training also. Attention to detail was great. All around a great experience. Would recommend.
Reviewed by dwweaver73, 2019-04-20 [ID 20825:P]

massagebypatrick2 Recommended
Santa Ana, California, United States
I recently swapped with massagebypatrick2 and was amazed by some of the tools which he's acquired. He liked to use long strokes (love that), his pressure was well varied; treating well the area attended. He uses his massage skills like a yogi uses their practice: an ongoing opportunity to attend and go deeper where necessary. soothing and relaxing where not. Very relaxing work from this attuned man. Thank you!
Reviewed by lbbreathe, 2019-04-20 [ID 20824:P]

Fizzpop Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange with Fizzpop. He’s v good company and his massage was really enjoyable. I definitely recommend a swap with him!
Reviewed by bisporty, 2019-04-20 [ID 20823:P]

iloveauckland Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
I have now had a couple of exchanges with Ian and have enjoyed both the massage and interesting conversation. I find the experience so much more enjoyable when you find an exchange partner who you click with. He has not had a lot of massage experience but has a good technique and is enthusiastic about the exchange. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Briza, 2019-04-19 [ID 20822:P]

Swapmassage54 Recommended
Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
Very respectful gentleman and gives great massage.
Reviewed by nelly, 2019-04-19 [ID 20821:P]

Skyney Highly Recommended
Chandler's Ford, England, United Kingdom
Had a perfect massage very relaxing
Reviewed by jonesalone, 2019-04-19 [ID 20815:P]

FogSurfer Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Had a great massage by Fog Surfer recently at his nicely done massage room. While the room was a little cold to start he made sure I was able to warm up sufficiently so I could relax during the massage. Although I was nervous and quiet, he was able to put me at ease. His variety of massage techniques help get out some kinks and soreness I was having. Ultimately, the long drive was worth it and would be happy to repeat if my schedule allows. Bonus points for being able to use the shower after to wipe away any excess oil. Thanks again.
Reviewed by wildcat888, 2019-04-19 [ID 20820:P]

Reply from FogSurfer of 2019-04-20
Thank you Wildcat888!

I am glad I was able to relax you and the experience you had with me was worth the long drive for you. It was my pleasure. Hope to see you again soon!

Lovinmassage4now Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Recently had a receive-only massage with Lovinmassage4now. I was extremely nervous but he quickly calmed my nerves by allowing me to take a soak in his hot tub ahead of time to relax. He also was easy to talk to, which made it easier once the massage began. He was very in tune with my aches and pains, and what felt good while giving the massage, despite my quiet demeanor. He was respectful of my boundaries and always asking questions to make sure I had a relaxing and enjoyable time. The experience was great, and one I would be happy to repeat.
Reviewed by wildcat888, 2019-04-19 [ID 20819:P]

nakedguy Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States
He is a very nice guy, makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Very good massage, have had a repeat session and it was just as good if not better.
Reviewed by EchoScott, 2019-04-19 [ID 20818:P]

fyter Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Fyter and I connected online and made an appointment for that same day. He was absolutely punctual and a delightful friendly personality. We swapped a massage at the more sensual end, and I found our styles quite similar, which meant we intuitively gelled. I learned a few additional moves from him, using all the arms and torso as well as hands. And his toned and tanned physique was also a pleasure to work on. He didn't hurry away after the massage, and we enjoyed a chat and a cup of tea to end. Altogther a very satisfying two hours, and I hope to see him again.
Reviewed by adamfreedom, 2019-04-19 [ID 20816:P]

Proman Highly Recommended
Buerton, England, United Kingdom
Proman is a gentleman, that instantly knew how to relax me. He has a natural ability to connect with people, & how to deliver a routine that mixes a lovely blend of soft and firm strokes that left me beautifully chilled and peaceful. An intuitive masseur, to be recommended. Thank you for a wonderful exchange.
Reviewed by Powelly, 2019-04-19 [ID 20814:P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
What can I say other than, WOW. IndianPalms is a gentleman, and a pleasure to meet. He’s an experienced masseur, with whom I found I had a lot in common. He has a unique style and a wonderful ability to cover every muscle area with great strokes & just the right pressure. The whole experience was a deeply pleasurable one, and one that I hope we can repeat. Thank you.
Reviewed by Powelly, 2019-04-19 [ID 20813:P]

kiwi854 Highly Recommended
Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia
I had a very professional and relaxing massage with Kiwi854 today. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and recommend his talents.
Reviewed by howduu1, 2019-04-19 [ID 20812:P]

Easterntouch2016 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Please check out this person's profile.
Easterntouch2016 was easy to communicate with and discuss what an exchange would entail for both parties.

He has lovely warm hands and uses a more Swedish style of massage. He had his own flow but did concentrate on the problem areas identified in the conversations we had prior to meeting.
Very good at varying pressure and stroke type to suit area being massaged and personal preference.
Has a selection of oils that he uses warmed.
I enjoyed, and relaxed a lot when he worked on my shoulders as this is a problem area for me. He got into those muscles and tendons and really worked on them. And most important is that he did not rush the massage at all.
Would recommend trying his massage, and speaking to him regarding preferences for your massage experience.
Respectful and tidy so no problems if you are hosting him.
Reviewed by NicoT, 2019-04-19 [ID 20811:P]

propermassage Highly Recommended
Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia
Doing a massage swap with "propermassage" was an absolute pleasure. He was a great host, very innovative and thoughful.

We started with a warm bath of Epsom salts which was very relaxing. Although he didn't have a massage table the bed was comfortable and worked well. I enjoyed massaging him for a while and then it was my turn. He has a great technique and the conversation flowed comfortably.

Afterwards I was offered various beverages. Sparkling water with real lemon and ice was very refreshing and the perfect way to finish. I will definitely be organising more swaps with him in the future.
Reviewed by kenchyking, 2019-04-18 [ID 20810:P]

melww11111 Recommended
Barnsley, England, United Kingdom
I recently met with Mel at his home, where he has a lovely treatment room set up, for an exchange. He is a polite and charming gentleman, who was very welcoming and hospitable, and easy to get along with.

Once I arrived, we had a good long chat over coffee, getting to know each other and sharing our experiences of massage. Conversation flowed easily, and we were able to discuss our preferences, boundaries and expectations.

We agreed I would receive first, and I was given a wonderful top to toe massage, with a little work here and there. Throughout the massage Mel ensured that I was comfortable and that the pressure was to my liking. Despite being a little nervous about giving his first sensual massage, I enjoyed it very much and was left feeling relaxed and refreshed.

We then chatted some more over another drink, and were able to discuss and give feedback..

Then it was Mel's turn to receive. I believe my massage was well received, and introduced him to some sensual techniques I have learnt from others.

Overall it was a very good exchange, I would recommend Mel, as he is a very caring and genuine person and I hope to exchange again with him soon.
Reviewed by 16xLIZZYx91, 2019-04-18 [ID 20808:P]

chouette Highly Recommended
Dayton, Ohio, United States
Excellent trade with great relaxing and very professional techniques. He is a super nice guy as well. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by produceguy, 2019-04-18 [ID 20807:P]

Reply from chouette of 2019-04-21
Enjoyed the Exchange and Appreciate the review

Tfrpa954 Highly Recommended
Royal Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Absolutely wonderful exchange. He travel for work to my city and contact me for exchange massages at his hotel , he made me feel very comfortable. His hands are incredible, methodical strokes covering the entire body. There was nothing rushed about the massage. Looking forward to our next exchange. Working on his muscular body was a pleasure as well.
Reviewed by jobita, 2019-04-18 [ID 20806:P]

Grancanaria Highly Recommended
Mogán, Canary Islands, Spain
This week I received the visit of "Grancanaria" at home and we exchanged a massage to each other. I would like to say that he is a very nice and respectful person and that he makes massages putting his heart in them, a really pleasure for us!! So, I recommend Grancanaria who wants to get relaxed and to be grateful.
Reviewed by lpa35014, 2019-04-18 [ID 20805:P]

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