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Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
It was a pleasure to meeting Pedalpusher for the excellent massage exchange giving me the benefit of total relaxation and the complete session of enjoyable massage.
Pedalpusher has a very firm hands for deep tissues and acu-pressure with lovely stretching to release some of the knots on my neck and shoulders. It was a brilliant massage received from Pedalpusher.
I will highly recommend him with 5 stars.
Reviewed by Boyle 2023-09-14 [ID 28678:P]

Balkar Recommended
Welling, England, United Kingdom
I met Balkar after a short conversation on 07/09/23. He is a friendly and considerate guy picking me up and dropping me back to the local station.

The massage was relaxing and Balkar made me feel very comfortable, asking if the pressure was right and whether I was enjoying his technique. I would recommend Balkar and look forward to exchanging again.
Reviewed by HaZen 2023-09-14 [ID 28677:P]

Boyle Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had the great pleasure of exchanging massage with Boyle on table is bonus. He responds to touch very well, and the session was relaxing, engaging and nurturing. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Pedalpusher 2023-09-14 [ID 28676:P]

Reply from Boyle of 2023-09-14
Thank you for giving me an opportunity to know you and giving such a quality massage in an exchange. Hope to meet up with you again one day. Take good care of yourself.

SummerBee Highly Recommended
Hastings, England, United Kingdom
I have been talking to SummerBee on here as well as on WhatsAPP ever since she joined ME but never had the chance to meet as our diaries never aligned. But finally, the well worth waited day came and we met in a common place closer to SummerBee.

She was a bit nervous at the beginning but then she melted into the massage and loved the session. She has a beautiful body with silky soft skin and loves the sensual touch and responses to it with a little moan 😊 It's truly a pleasurable eye-catching scene to watch when someone enjoys your touch, and as a massage therapist, noting else can that satisfy you, at-least for me as a pure giver/pleaser 😊

A medium pressure for therapeutic is the best for SummerBee but there are areas she prefers stronger and firm massage, mixer of Deep Tissue and Swedish also some Trigger-Point touch, which I performed on SummerBee.

We are already planning another session soon and I can’t wait to meet her again.

I highly recommend SummerBee.
Reviewed by gussy 2023-09-14 [ID 28675:P]

jagers Highly Recommended
Sachse, Texas, United States of America
jagers has been the best massage ever, the most amazing massage exchange I have received in years, his technique and personal touch made me relax and enjoy every moment of the duration of the massage, ending feeling better than ever. He used oils and cream that made his hands glade in my entire body, the combination of strength and sensual touch by using hands, arms and entire body over my body was an incredible experience.
You will not be desapointed by his incredible massage techniques.
He was very respectful of boundaries asking from the very beginning if i had any concerns or issues or any physical problems, including draped or totally naked, ofcourse my preference is totally naked which allows total touch of the body. Also he was very considered to asking who was going to be first receiving the massage. I suggested him to be first, and I started by gently touching his entire body without any oils or cream just to warm up my hands and prepare his body for my touch using different techniques and strength, I am not a professional, but I used techniques I learned from my massage exchange with different members.
I am looking forward to have the opportunity to exchange with jagers again, hopping this will continue on a regular basis, not only for the massage but for the company of a good friend.
Thank you once again jagers for the opportunity to meet and the wonderful massage exchange
Reviewed by Cisco2427 2023-09-13 [ID 28674:P]

Reply from jagers of 2023-09-14
Thank you for the review of our exchange. Looking forward to many more massages with you, Cisco2427. I really enjoyed our time together.

Cisco2427 Highly Recommended
Glenn Heights, Texas, United States of America
Distance and location are often the hardest challenge on this site, next to time. I want to let every know that Cisco2427 is wonderful to work with. We both had scheduling and distance issues to work out before meeting. One is north of metroplex the other south, each miles away from center. We did find and agree on a central location. It has a workable massage table (not ideal). It is outside, but weather & Cisco2427 cooperated graciously with me.

We each brought our own supplies, cream & oil. Nice when the other person is serous about exchanges to buy his own supplies to share. Great choice of professional massage oil, Cisco2427! It smelled so good, worked prefect on skin; I am adding that to my list of on-hand supplies.

I know you really care more about knowing Cisco2427 massage skill; His skills are very good. He has light touch to start warming up; Switches to an Indian hot oil (liberal on the oil) mixed Swedish style harder pressure. I really liked that heaver oil massage. Cisco2427 works works wonders on Feet, Hands, Neck and Legs. It is so hard for many amateur masseur to remember those places, Most people focus only on back. Be sure he does have intuition on what you will need done. Open communication is key along with feed back.

After 45-60 min we switched from my back to him on table. As the receiver Cisco2427, allowed me to try multiple massage modes. Staring light & progressing to full body pressure. Hey, Cisco2427 glad you & are not shy about nude massage. That allowed for me to put my arms and palms firm on knots in his back while on the table. Thanks for allowing me to do some Thai moves on your arms and back.

A perfect massage buddy, willing to expand our knowledge and skill of massage. I know I am looking forward to more exchanges and friendship in our future.

A wonderful therapeutic massage in a location that was not ideal but you made it a perfect day.

Thanks for finding a new friend and outdoor buddy; a friend with Massage benefits! FWMB??? is that a thing? It is now.
Reviewed by jagers 2023-09-13 [ID 28671:P]

Reply from Cisco2427 of 2023-09-13
Thank you so much for your kind words, the feeling is mutual. I am looking forward to seeing you again for another amazing massage exchange

tonyboy22 Highly Recommended
Montclair, New Jersey, United States
Had the great pleasure of exchanging massage with tonyboy22. He responds to touch very well, and the session was relaxing, engaging and nurturing. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by Thorwa 2023-09-13 [ID 28672:P]

Reply from tonyboy22 of 2023-09-15
thanks so much! It was great getting to meet you during your travels!

OscarLMT Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
I had contacted OscarLMT some time back when I visited LA area but our schedules never could make it happen so I was please to see that he was now living in Las Vegas. With communications done of a few years,, it was easy to set up this time in Las Vegas. I was able to host him and he arrived on time. OscarLMT provided a professional massage that wonderful way to interupt my day. He provided with his strong hands the needed pressure to insure to release the tensions in the muscles and leave them relaxed, I would welcome another exchange with him on future trips to Las Vegas. Thank you OscarLMT.
Reviewed by doneright 2023-09-13 [ID 28670:P]

goodhandslasvegas Highly Recommended
Henderson, Nevada, United States
We communicated well over our exchange and prior to my arrival in Las Vegas we were all set up. We exchange minor chat was we'd cleared thru that during our message exchange. goodhandslasvegas had a very nice set up, comfortable and pleasant. His technique was just right and hit all the spots that need attention after a day of travel. I did appreciate that he was a nudist as those types of exchanges are much more relaxing. goodhandslasvegas was an overall good host and I would welcome another exchange in future trips to Las Vegas. Thank you.
Reviewed by doneright 2023-09-13 [ID 28669:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
Highly recommended. Great experience!! Everything was communicated very well and the location was very welcoming. RoseGoddess is an amazing person, and would love to massage her again every opportunity I get.
Reviewed by John321 2023-09-13 [ID 28668:P]

BeachGoer12 Highly Recommended
Bellevue, Washington, United States of America
BeachGoer12 arrived on time and stated that he was not experienced at giving massages but interested in learning and after talking about some basic techniques with some demonstration proceeded to provide an excellent massage and I would gladly repeat another if the opportunity presented itself again. He is comfortable in his own skin and enjoyable to interact with. Don’t hesitate to arrange a swap with him!
Reviewed by triggerpt 2023-09-13 [ID 28667:P]

John321 Highly Recommended
Stockton, California, United States of America
9/12/2023: John321 is an outstanding masseuse. He rubbed my body all over, not missing a spot. Stretched out my legs. He kissed certain parts of my body, which was very exciting.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2023-09-12 [ID 28666:P]

Reply from John321 of 2023-09-13
Thank you. It was a pleasure massaging you. Will love to do it again.

BumbleBee1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I meet BumbleBee1 for a massage. She was lovely, friendly and extremely open. I loved massaging her and particularly enjoyed chatting before and after.

Hopefully we can meet again soon.

Thank you very much for the opportunity!
Reviewed by Super18 2023-09-12 [ID 28665:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I Had the opportunity to meet and trade a massage with armand , 2 days ago... I had been thinking want to say about the Exchange , but everything has been say about his Technique and Professionalism and I can tell I am 200 % agree. But there is something I have to say.... WOW ....... armand is one of those people you want to keep as a masseur partner, a great guy and a Skillet Therapist... If you have the chance to do a trade with him, go for it ! you will not be disappointed .... Can't way to have another Massage Exchange with him
Reviewed by Beachguy61 2023-09-12 [ID 28664:P]

wildtiger Highly Recommended
Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America
My session with wildtiger was excellent. He really gives a top quality session and really knows what he is doing. I thourghly enjoyed his touch and great personality. You can't go wrong trading with him.
Reviewed by KK136 2023-09-12 [ID 28663:P]

Reply from wildtiger of 2023-09-18
I enjoyed our massage exchange too! Thank you for hosting and your hospitality! Looking forward to our next exchange :)

whitewise Highly Recommended
Bath, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with whitewise last week and it was a highly enjoyable experience.

He was easy to talk to when we arranged our exchange and when we met in person, but he seemed a bit tense and stressed out from the day when he arrived, so I spent some time trying to calm him down and make him feel grounded in our beginning ritual. I started working on his back first, and focused on the tension I found on his body. He is in good shape, and I must have enjoyed giving a bit too much, because before I knew it, an hour had passed and I hadn’t even finished everything I planned to do.

I could not remember very much about what I received, all I knew was that by the end of my hour, I was moaning uncontrollably with pleasure and left wanting more when he stopped. Then it’s time to do our fronts and more fun to be had.

All in all, it was a thoroughly wonderful exchange.
Reviewed by teddycf 2023-09-11 [ID 28662:P]

Tallguynassage Highly Recommended
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
I met with Tallguynassage, and what an incredible massage he gave. If anyone has the opportunity to exchange with Tallguynassage, TAKE IT. You won’t be disappointed.
Reviewed by Boats4 2023-09-11 [ID 28661:P]

gamguy Highly Recommended
Sheffield, United Kingdom
gamguy had a great energy right away and I felt very at ease in his company. I was pushed for time so gamguy offered to deliver the massage and so the attention was mostly on me It was an absolute pleasure to enjoy the range of strokes gamguy provided and he was mindful of my request for strong pressure and the focus areas. I'm very much looking forward to our next session and I can only give the experience 10/10.
Reviewed by onemanstand 2023-09-11 [ID 28660:P]

onemanstand Highly Recommended
Oldham, England, United Kingdom
I had a most enjoyable session with onemanstand today. He arrived right on time. He was friendly and cheerful and we hit it off straight away. onemanstand was clearly appreciative of massages and their benefits. This gave us an interesting topic for conversation while I worked on his body which was muscular and responsive. We both shared a relaxing and satisfying time together. It was such a pleasure meeting onemanstand, I am looking forward to having him again very soon.
Reviewed by gamguy 2023-09-11 [ID 28659:P]

MassageGuy2Exchange Recommended
Marietta, Georgia, United States of America
MassageGuy2Exchange reached out to me while I was traveling through his area and we scheduled an exchange in his massage room. The massage that he gave me was amazing and he located the areas needing attention right away and worked them out just as I had requested. I then massaged him and tried to work on the spots that he needed and I believe that we both enjoyed the beneficial effects! If you are in his area, I highly recommend contacting him for a quality exchange—I know I will if I get the chance!!! Thanks for making this possible!
Reviewed by ecofix 2023-09-11 [ID 28657:P]

northtexan Highly Recommended
Plano, Texas, United States
northtexan and I communicated for a couple of weeks and finally found a time to meet and it was worth the wait. Even though he had to drive several minutes up to my place, he communicated clearly and was right on time. He wanted to receive only and that is fine with me. As I told him, giving a massage is almost as pleasurable for me as getting one.

From the minute northtexan entered my home it was like having an old friend over. The conversation flowed easily and I was immediately comfortable having him in my home. As the massage started he gave clear instructions on his preferences and it was a joy to be able to help him relax and just enjoy sharing the gift of touch. The 90 minutes went by so quickly. It was nice to just chat and relax after the massage was over and we were both rehydrating. This was one of the most positive experiences I’ve had since being on the site. northtexan is welcome in my home and on my table any time and I hope to use his suggestions for ways to improve my technique and massage room.
Reviewed by RGDun 2023-09-11 [ID 28656:P]

portlandmassages Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States of America
We had a great session with portlandmassages. He is trained and skilled in the art of massage. She was very pleased on both the therapeutic and sensual fronts.
Reviewed by PoohandHoneypot70 2023-09-11 [ID 28655:P]

MiddleasternDelight Highly Recommended
Beverly Hills, California, United States of America
This kind traveler happened to be in town and was able to make time for an awesome massage exchange. His reviews are so accurate and beyond. His warmth radiates from the first touch. A flair for conversation rich experience and depth make him an experience not to be missed. If he is in your city do not miss out I am looking forward to seeing him again soon.
Reviewed by Maexasian 2023-09-10 [ID 28654:P]

Reply from MiddleasternDelight of 2023-09-10
Thank you my friend it was a total

Maexasian Highly Recommended
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America
A most magnificent ocean view apartment divine music and and great hospitality were the core components of this exquisite massage exchange. Excellent attentive service superb hospitality and friendship are what this was all about. Charming conversation and a really sweet kind person who happened to give a magnificent firm yet tender massage. This was a highlight that I hope to repeat soon.
Reviewed by MiddleasternDelight 2023-09-10 [ID 28653:P]

RGDun Highly Recommended
Howe, Texas, United States of America
From the time he answered the door, RGDun was an instant friend. I felt very comfortable in his “man cave” with candles, soft music, warmed massage table, hot rocks, hot towels AND the best massage I’ve had in a long time. He has great hands and knows where to use them. Trust me, it’s well worth the drive up 75 to his home. I look forward to another session.
Reviewed by northtexan 2023-09-10 [ID 28652:P]

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