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bengiboy Highly Recommended
Pagham, England, United Kingdom
I have been chatting on and off to Benjiboy for a while, finally we meet at his place and had a very relaxed swap, he has a very good touch and made me feel very relaxed indeed, along with the soothing environment of his massage room, in all a very enjoyable evening
I cant wait until the next time
Reviewed by Adamalias 2023-03-17 [ID 27830:P]

Russlan427 Highly Recommended
Lebanon, Ohio, United States of America
Russian427 is a perfect gentleman, and, an excellent massage exchange host. I am visiting ohio so he invited me to his home with a gratuitous hot tub before we began our body work together. He is polite and very much a kind soul which matters greatly given the intimate nature of these encounters. We talked about our lives and when it came time for our massage, he acted intuitively to capture all of the areas where there was stress. In reciprocity, I found him to be very relaxed and that made our exchange flow with rhythm. After the session he offered a shower and a good hug and it feels like I was able to make a new friend which is just as important if not more. I would highly recommend Russian427 if you are considering body work. He is a five star rating on many levels.
Reviewed by handsomeinse 2023-03-17 [ID 27829:P]

Softorfirm Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Excellent communications, including flexibility on arrival time as I had a short-notice dental appt just before our original meeting time. Softorfirm even checked about 'guest-gifts' and brought cheese, at my request, instead of chocolate! I am doing a 30-day sugar free effort with my daughter at the moment, so his thoughtfulness was appreciated.

We started the meeting with a leisurely chat about likes/dislikes, boundaries etc and after that I received a very caring relaxed massage for the next hour or so; we then had a short break before I did my best to ensure that Softorfirm felt similarly cared for.

I can highly recommend him as a safe massage partner, very easy to talk to and respectful of boundaries;5 Stars, plus plans to exchange again
Reviewed by Persephone 2023-03-16 [ID 27828:P]

Hands4u2enjoy2 Highly Recommended
Mole Valley, England, United Kingdom
Finally got to exchange with hands4you2enjoy2, after many previous attempts for us to both find matching availability.
After the exchange, I can safely say that the wait was well worth it.

Very friendly, and respectful guy, great body to work on also.

It was a real pleasure exchanging with someone who I believe to be as passionate about massage as myself.
Great skills and really understands how to work on areas the need extra attention.

I would highly recommend and would certainly repeat this exchange, if the possibility arose once more.
Reviewed by Hungbiguy26 2023-03-16 [ID 27827:P]

rdjoseph Highly Recommended
Bremerton, Washington, United States
Excellent host! Quiet, massage table, and oil ... very comfortable environment. Lots of experience with massage, so techniques were solid. Attitude extremely positive...always seeking to help and uplift the spirit. Wish I had more time to discuss various topics with him. Seek a trade with him to better your mind, body, and soul. :-)
Reviewed by seeker359 2023-03-16 [ID 27826:P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
RoseGoddess is an excellent subject. She provided a nice, appropriately lit (dim, but not dark) setting for our encounter and was very easy to work on.
Reviewed by Efusik 2023-03-16 [ID 27825:P]

Persephone Highly Recommended
Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
I met with Persephone after several weeks of exchanging messages. Communications with Persephone were very easy and we arranged a massage exchange at a time which was convenient for us both. Persephone is a very warm, welcoming and easy person to talk to, and very hospitable. We sat and talked over tea about all number of things and also confirmed boundaries for the forthcoming exchange. Persephone was a pleasure to massage. After 90 minutes or so and a quick tea break we swapped and it was my turn to receive, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was an absolute pleasure to meet this warm hospitable host and I look forward to many more exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by Softorfirm 2023-03-16 [ID 27824:P]

Efusik Highly Recommended
Roseville, California, United States of America
3/15/2023: Super nice massage, I was tingling afterwards. He did therapeutic and sensual and it felt great, I needed that.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2023-03-15 [ID 27823:P]

Lesco Highly Recommended
Hobe Sound, Florida, United States of America
Lesco was an easy person to be with.. Very personable and easy to talk to. She was very appreciative of the massage I gave and she gave good feedback during the massage about what she enjoyed, where she wanted me to spend more time, where to apply more pressure etc. The whole experience of meeting her and spending a few hours together was really enjoyable. I would recommend getting in touch with her. I will definitely be contacting Lesco again!
Reviewed by Canterbury123 2023-03-15 [ID 27822:P]

Letsexplore Highly Recommended
Gastonia, North Carolina, United States
It was a real pleasure exchanging massages. Everything was very clean, comfortable, and he was the perfect host! And his technique was awesome. I hope to exchange many more massages with him.
Reviewed by Airclad 2023-03-15 [ID 27821:P]

london2015 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a very relaxing and enjoyable massage swap with london2015. Perfect gentlemen who respected my boundaries and helped ease those aching muscles. The warm oils made a difference. Good technique and all around experience.
Reviewed by Hari123 2023-03-15 [ID 27820:P]

Universalmind Highly Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
I met with Universalmind as we had arranged for an exchange at her home. As other reviewers ementioned, she is a wonderfully warm and friendly person, with whom I felt comfortable from the start. I started by massaging her and received some really helpful feedback on my technique. Before I knew it, 2 hours had past and it was my turn to experience her mastery of various massage styles and techniques. The 4 hour session passed all too quickly. Universalmind is a lovely warm and caring person and I look forward to another exchange in the near future.
Reviewed by Softorfirm 2023-03-15 [ID 27819:P]

0justlooking0 Highly Recommended
Goodyear, Arizona, United States of America
I had the privilege of hosting this handsome man for an exchange recently. We warmed up in the hottub, exchanged massages and finished with a body scrub. He is punctual, polite, friendly and very comfortable to work with. From the first touch you can feel his warm energy, training and expertise. I can't say enough good words about him, a total gentleman and pleasure to share with.
Reviewed by Pianoman4042 2023-03-14 [ID 27818:P]

Ricochet Highly Recommended
McKinnon, Australia
I've met Ricochet on his recent visit to Adelaide, he was always really keen and communicative (before and during the swap). I've found his techniques really good, especially locating pressure points and areas that need more attention, and as a receiver was also helpful indicating what he prefers. During the whole session we share our experiences using this website and also life experiences, which definitely enriched our meeting positively. Looking forward to meet him again!
Reviewed by Noctus33 2023-03-14 [ID 27817:P]

PSJackS Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
i still think of the exchange between PSJackS and myself: the welcoming setting, the relaxing music, his warm hands. I could feel his passion for massage through his touch, the way he traveled around my body caressing every muscle much like a concert pianist playing a concerto on a Steinway. Bravo my friend.
Reviewed by PalmDesertGuy 2023-03-14 [ID 27816:P]

Hari123 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Great swap with this man

He’s reliable, kept me updated with his eta. Very thorough routine with mixture of long / short, firm and soft strokes his touch was warm and generous.

He’s got a great, lean body to massage

I would recommend him
Reviewed by london2015 2023-03-14 [ID 27815:P]

Sarge1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Sarge was ver warm, professional and comfortable to be with. I was very paranoid about meeting someone for a massage but after talking to Sarge I was confident and we had a massage at my home. He respected boundaries and had good deep tissue technique which could have been used more. Otherwise everything was great. Would love to meet him again !
Reviewed by Saschalondon 2023-03-14 [ID 27814:P]

DanielAZ Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
I had the pleasure of hosting this handsome young man 2 nights ago for an exchange. He was punctual, polite, intelligent, articulate....very comfortable to massage with and delivers a satisfying experience. Great warm energy and very receptive, we've already scheduled our next exchange.
Reviewed by Pianoman4042 2023-03-13 [ID 27813:P]

bru9ce Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States of America
I had a great massage experience recently with bru9ce. We connected through M.E. and messaged several times, getting to know and understand one another. After we felt comfortable, we scheduled an exchange. When he arrived at my place, we warmly welcomed each other, making me feel even more comfortable with bru9ce. I could tell from our conversations and meeting in person that he was sincere and genuine.

bru9ce is not only an interesting man; we talked a little about his experience and his goals for his massage that day. He is eager to continue his journey of honing his massage skill even more by taking advanced training. Because of his dedication, I'm positive he will achieve his goals.

We started with me lying face down on the table and then moved on to face up. bru9ce stayed connected with my body with his hands and asked for useful feedback. bru9ce found all the right spots and used the perfect amount of pressure to relax my muscles. The massage was therapeutic and had a sensual component that left me feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated.

I was impressed with bru9ce and look forward to exchanging with him again. I highly recommend him to any guy that wants an amazing massage experience. You'll be glad you did.
Reviewed by bodymassage4you 2023-03-13 [ID 27811:P]

whoopsstillupnotsleeping Highly Recommended
Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States
(Unsure as to exactly when, but at a minimum) twelve years ago whoopsstillupnotsleeping and I first met for our first and only massage exchange. The massage he provided remains the all-time best therapeutic massage I have ever received until this past Wednesday when Whoops… was in the area once again and we met again for massage.

What stands out most about Whoops…’s massage is his effective use of Lomi Lomi techniques, which included long, seamless and sweeping strokes of his hands, forearms and elbows that readily glided from one part of my body to another. Such movements caused me to feel as if my body was continuously being addressed and cared for. A second element that Whoops… effectively administered was working on my back as I lie on my back side. He was able to amazingly maneuver his hands underneath my back and easily work those areas. I have yet to meet another body worker do so so well. The icing on the cake to all of this was how focused on and attentive to my body Whoops… was the entire time of the massage.

It is hoped that a next time will not entail such a lapse of time. Yet, should another time not ever occur, I will have been privileged with two exceptional massages and exchanges.

Thank you again, Whoops…

Reviewed by cdune 2023-03-13 [ID 27810:P]

bodymassage4you Highly Recommended
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States of America
bodymassage4you and I exchanged massage yesterday. We corresponded via M.E. until we felt comfortable meeting. I arrived at his home, and he provided a warm and welcoming greeting. I immediately felt at ease. He's a very interesting man and easy to talk with.

bodymassage4you has a massage table situated in a relaxing location in his home with perfect temperature, relaxing music we used Biotone massage lotion which in my opinion provides excellent glide with just the right amount of friction.

We began the massage exchange with bodymassage4you on the table face down and then face up. He provided helpful feedback on my technique. He has an excellent body to massage being smooth and well-toned.

bodymassage4you then gave me a massage face up and face down. He definitely knows the body and found tight areas and applied just enough pressure to relax my muscles. I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing, therapeutic and sensual components of the massage.

I'm definitely a fan of bodymassage4you and indicated I would like to exchange again in the future. I highly recommend him for an amazing massage.
Reviewed by bru9ce 2023-03-13 [ID 27809:P]

Pianoman4042 Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
I met with Pianoman4042 and he did not disappoint. His home was warm and welcoming. His skills are impressive and I hope to trade with him again soon. His shower after the massage was exceptionally clean and comfortable to use. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by DanielAZ 2023-03-12 [ID 27808:P]

Daisyflower Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Daisyflower is a delight to massage, she was communicative when required during the massage. When she wanted more pressure etc.... she let it be known as well as more on a specific area. . We had almost 3 hours together for the massage and she thoroughly enjoyed the massage and I was more than delighted to give her and meet her expectations – she is a lovely person and a true pleasure to massage...
Reviewed by Andrews0167 2023-03-12 [ID 27807:P]

Noctus33 Highly Recommended
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
I arranged a swap with Noctus33 while visiting Adelaide. Communication was easy. He had arranged the room very nicely, with candles and relaxing music. We had a good prior discussion of preferences, and he massaged accordingly. His training showed in his massage, which was assured and firm, and he checked in with me as to how it was going.

Noctus33 is a friendly and skilled masseur, and I highly recommend him to others seeking a relaxing massage swap.

Reviewed by Ricochet 2023-03-12 [ID 27806:P]

Sooner0505 Highly Recommended
Stonington, Connecticut, United States
Excellent massage in a very nice location . Looking forward to a return .
Reviewed by Tom222 2023-03-12 [ID 27805:P]

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