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CurvdAire Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
Can I just say that the massage was amazing! Post 1-2 days after and I’m feeling more relaxed. My arms, shoulders and back was very tense as I work in the office...but Paul is really knowledgeable and good on how much or how little pressure. He has very firm strong hands and is very professional as I love that in a masseuse.

No negativity and would definitely recommend to many others.He has his own massage table that warms up, great massage oil and blankets.

Reviewed by Hmgbae, 2019-02-17 [ID 20391:P]

Reply from CurvdAire of 2019-02-18
Thanks! It was a pleasure working with you.


Tazi Highly Recommended
Santa Clara, California, United States
I had the opportunity to trade with Tazi. What a great experience. He has a soothing touch, great pressure, very thorough and his technique is amazing. I highly recommend him.
I look forward to trading with Tazi again.
Reviewed by HMartD, 2019-02-17 [ID 20389:P]

riverrub Highly Recommended
Guerneville, California, United States
This was an excellent massage exchange. Very warm and accepting atmosphere, clean, great table and oils were provided by my host. The area is beautiful. My massage from riverrub was excellent, professional, personal and more than expected.
Reviewed by curtbus, 2019-02-17 [ID 20388:P]

Connecthedots Highly Recommended
Milpitas, California, United States
Wonderful workout session with Connecthedots and her partner. Soft spoken, on time and with a desire to be healthy and fit.
In the communication, we decided on doing a workout and stretch rather than a massage based on what she was feeling for.
Had a wonderful 1hr 45 min session of workout and relaxation that included a mix of HIIT and yoga.
Would do it again and cater to what the body and mind desire.
Look forward to another session.
Reviewed by Tazi, 2019-02-17 [ID 20387:P]

HMartD Highly Recommended
Fremont, California, United States
Had a fantastic session with HMartD;
We set up a meeting time and he kept to the time and had a little conversation and eased up any stranger anxiety and got down to the massage - his skills are fantastic - worked through the body and sensed the areas in need and spent time there to relax them.
Soft spoken, considerate and does not watch the clock.
All in all, the trade lasted 4.5 hours.
Feel great!!
Will definitely setup another time....
Reviewed by Tazi, 2019-02-17 [ID 20386:P]

RobfromBath Highly Recommended
Bath, Avon, United Kingdom
Rob is a lovely genuine passionate guy, he is the ultimate professional and enjoys massage..
Book him, you won't be disappointed.
Reviewed by beth1965, 2019-02-17 [ID 20385:P]

Victor6 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
It was a true pleasure to meet Victor6 for a recent exchange. Not only did we have a great conversation which continued long after the massage but he’s also a really nice person and very easy going. With the first strokes I realized that he was talented and gifted with an amazing firm touch and great technique. I truly enjoyed the experience and look forward to exchanging with him again.
Reviewed by departures14, 2019-02-17 [ID 20384:P]

flash1973 Highly Recommended
Stockton, California, United States
Had a great time exchanging sensual massages. Hope to do it again soon.
Reviewed by Oldtag, 2019-02-17 [ID 20383:P]

bengiboy Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Very nice guy, great massage. Recommend.
Reviewed by argentinianmassage, 2019-02-17 [ID 20382:P]

apmassage Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
APmassage is truly an amazing talent and the intense mutual exchange was invigorating and titillating at the same time. His touch sent shivers through my skin but the deep strokes left me wanting more time with him.

I'm fairly certain I left APmassage speechless and ready to schedule our next exchange. I threw the kitchen sink his way with ALL the modalities I've learned and thoughtfully and methodically applied during his session. Do not pass up an exchange with this guy!! I can't wait to meet up again!!
Reviewed by Anchor71, 2019-02-17 [ID 20381:P]

Gisidoro Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met Gisidoro on Friday,
A warm welcome great atmosphere and a nice massage I would recommend him highly,but then if I did he'd be more in demand and not be able to meet as often.
Reviewed by Wishywashy, 2019-02-17 [ID 20380:P]

Hmgbae Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
It was an enjoyable session. We had to adjust the timing, but it worked out well for both of us.

I enjoyed working with her - she clearly appreciated the professionalism and effectiveness of my work, but was also good at communicating what she enjoyed, or didn't, and what she wanted and needed on the table. She mentioned that she occasionally massages friends and family, and I believe it, as she was a very good receptor of massage, relaxing well with pressure and generally enjoying the session.

Would definitely see her again.

:) :) :) :) :)
Reviewed by CurvdAire, 2019-02-16 [ID 20378:P]

Anchor71 Highly Recommended
McLean, Virginia, United States
Anchor71 is a top notch guy. He was considerate enough to pick me up from the nearest metro station. The massage session was stellar. He should really be a professional with his technique - long smooth strokes, and a magical touch. The sensual part happened organically and it was amazing.

And then it was my turn! I am nowhere as experienced and brilliant as Anchor71, but he was super patient and taught me some cool techniques. I guess I did a good job because he fell asleep on the table :)

We spent a couple of hours massaging each other and it was perfect! I look forward to seeing him again soon!
Reviewed by hunt7, 2019-02-16 [ID 20377:P]

AJ4848 Highly Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States
I had my first massage exchange with AJ today. It was a delight! His hands were firm when firm was needed, and gentle when that was called for. It was a great first experience with AJ, and with someone from this site. I look forward to exchanging with AJ again, and would recommend him to anyone else on the site.
Reviewed by DonsSoftHands, 2019-02-16 [ID 20376:P]

argentinianmassage Highly Recommended
Salford, United Kingdom
Today I had a great massage swap with argentinianmassage. He is a warm friendly guy who has had some experiance of massage swaps on this site. I was amazed that he came all the way from Salford in the North to me in Crawley for a swap. He gave a very accomplished massaged. Nice firm pressure throughout an a variety of therapeutic strokes. I felt we could have achieved more in our session but time was progressing and we had to finish. I hope that we can meet up again. He is a keen masseur and deserves 5 Stars. Thank you argentinianmassage for a brilliant time. See you again!!
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2019-02-16 [ID 20375:P]

departures14 Highly Recommended
Miami Beach, Florida, United States
Departures14 was a great guy. We met recently at a hotel where he gave me a wonderful massage. He was respectful, created a warm and calm environment, and was very personable.

Also, this was my first experience on Massage Exchange. I didn’t know what to expect, but thankfully things went well. I understand that isn’t always the case for everyone, so let me just validate what others have already said...Departures14 is an awesome dude, and you won’t regret linking up.
Reviewed by Victor6, 2019-02-15 [ID 20374:P]

ScottnBoyntonBeach Highly Recommended
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
Just in the last few days I met up with Scott and enjoyed one incredible massage and a wonderful couple of Hours. Scott is super friendly and genuine and his home environment is an oasis. I travel a lot but can’t wait to get back to him and get his hands on my body and my hands on his!!
Reviewed by Wetjames, 2019-02-15 [ID 20373:P]

davek Highly Recommended
Bushey, England, United Kingdom
Have known davek for a few years, as always delivers a superb massage.hopefully will meet again soon
Reviewed by tommyc, 2019-02-15 [ID 20372:P]

massman38 Highly Recommended
Fort Eustis, Virginia, United States
I had the great pleasure and fortune to connect with Massman38 recently. We have been chatting back and forth for quite some time, and everything clicked into place this time. I welcomed Massman38 into my home, and we chatted over green tea before starting the session, trading stories and histories. I quickly knew that we were going to have a great session, given Massman38’s engaging personality, skill set in massage and physiology, and physical attributes.

We decidedly to take turns throughout the exchange. As soon as he started, I was transported.

For the next three hours we exchanged places easily on and off the table, and I had just as much satisfaction massaging as I did being Massman38’s center of attention.

A creative blend of therapeutic and sensual, it was pretty darned perfect in every way.

‘Nuf sed!!


Reviewed by Yogitibetan6, 2019-02-15 [ID 20370:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Before that I have a membership here, doneright and I had the opportunity to connect for massage while he was visiting the area. He was who told me about this wonderful site.

Prior to our starting the massage, conversation was easy to establish and pleasant. It was also easy to quickly and naturally establish a safe-feeling and comfortable environment during the exchange.

doneright provided a very pleasant massage. He often used booth hands at the same time to massage my body. While he was able to cover a lot more area at one time by doing so, the symmetry created by using both hands and softness of his hands provided a wonderful sensation. In addition, his use of soft touch over the entire body made it easy to enter into a state of bliss. Lastly, the time he spent on me never felt hurried nor did he ever seem non-committed to providing a good massage. Thank you again doneright for a most enjoyable massage and exchange. It is hoped that you too enjoyed the massage that you received for I enjoyed providing one to you. For sure it is hoped that we will do another exchange your next visit to the area.

For any of you giving thought to connecting with doneright for an exchange, I would highly recommend you doing so.
Reviewed by larrie, 2019-02-14 [ID 20371:P]

harrypotter1985 Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Harrypotter1985 has excellent technique and knows what he is doing. He gives time to tight and sore muscles. He is a well mannered person and makes you feel at ease. An enjoyable experience!
Reviewed by Tassie123, 2019-02-14 [ID 20369:P]

firmtouchtoronto Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
I had a wonderful massage exchange with Firmtouchtoronto and wanted to share my experience so others can benefit from his awesome touch as well.
For starters, he offered to host, with a table, and his accommodations are welcoming, relaxing, and comfortable. After ensuring I was all ready for my massage and I had everything I needed, I climbed onto the table for an hour of pure bliss.
To simply say he knows how to sooth your tight muscles and relax your entire being is an understatement. His touch is intuitive and reached deep and comfortably into the tight knots while gently soothing the surrounding tissue. He left no areas wanting for more, and after an hour my entire body was melted and fully released of all tension.
We traded places and I had the opportunity to work on him as well. His understanding and training in massage afforded him the ability to assist me in improving my technique while enjoying touching his well maintained physique. His body was a pleasure to work on and he was very appreciated of what I was able to offer him.
I will definitely be trading with Firmtouchtoronto in the future. He is respectful, easy going, pleasant, and a joy to trade with. You won't regret time spent with him, giving or receiving.
Reviewed by MrTriGuy, 2019-02-13 [ID 20368:P]

Zensurfer Highly Recommended
Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States
Zensurfer and I communicated several times over 2 weeks until I felt comfortable. Meeting this gentleman in person confirmed my intuition; He was sincere, gentle, kind and professional. We were both pleased and grateful that we met. His massage was amazing! He helped me with my lower back; just what I needed. Afterward, we had a cup of green tea out on the Lania along with healthy conversation and review. Ladies, I highly recommend this beautiful soul.
Reviewed by 4give, 2019-02-13 [ID 20367:P]

Reply from Zensurfer of 2019-02-14
It was a total pleasure exchanging with 4give! She is soulfully spirited with a positive energy and was totally immersed into the moment and the mind, body, spirit experience. Her massage was absolutely wonderful and we will exchange again soon!

Brutus68 Highly Recommended
Lutz, Florida, United States
I am happy to report that Brutus68 and I had our first exchange last night. Just as I anticipated with communicating prior to the visit (communicating prior to the 1st exchange helps to reduce the anxiety a bit), we had a 3-hr exchange and were able to both give/receive each other a full body massage … as host, he has a beautiful and relaxing home environment and had everything we needed where all I needed to bring was my firm but gentle hands and warm friendly smile.

I would highly recommend Brutus68 to anyone/everyone. I'm really looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by lavocalist, 2019-02-13 [ID 20366:P]

jambajuice67 Highly Recommended
Montville, New Jersey, United States
This was a very enjoyable massage session. He is a very personable and friendly. Having come off of a week of skiing, his excellent massage skills were very timely and well received. It definitely was a mutually beneficial massage exchange. He is an excellent person to trade massages with. Go out of your way to engage him. You'll leave with a smile on your face.
Reviewed by HappyJack2, 2019-02-13 [ID 20365:P]

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