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Mancity Highly Recommended
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Great massage. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Suttoninashfield, 2017-11-14 [ID 17551:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
Before our session yesterday, SELondon and I had chatted on the phone to discuss mutual expectations. The friendly, down-to-earth bloke I'd spoken to was exactly the bloke I met. After another chat, we went into the massage room, which was warm with soft music playing, got undressed and began the session.

SELondon is very sensual, responsive and spontaneous, which came through in both the giving and receiving with lots of natural interplay between us during the session. Having had tons of professional massages, you get a feel for when someone’s just going through the motions. SELondon is the total opposite and, as my first experience from this site, I really couldn’t have hoped for a more pleasurable four hours. I look forward very much to our next exchange.
Reviewed by KentNaturist, 2017-11-14 [ID 17550:P]

lopespt1 Highly Recommended
Bear, Delaware, United States
Lopespt1 claims to be a novice but I found him to be very effective. Lower back, my major concern, is feeling very good. He's a very nice guy, congenial, very easy to converse with.
Reviewed by tlevi, 2017-11-14 [ID 17549:P]

KentNaturist Highly Recommended
Sevenoaks, England, United Kingdom
This afternoon I had the real pleasure of meeting KentNaturist for a completely wonderful and relaxing massage exchange. He arrived on time after keeping me updated of his progress en-route. From the minute I opened the door to him I felt completely comfortable with this very friendly man. We chatted for a while and then spent four amazing hours exchanging slow, sensual massage which has to be one of the best massage sessions I have had to date.

Not only is KentNaturist a very tactile, considerate and intuitive massage giver but is also a great person to massage with a great body which was very relaxed and receptive. On top of this he was a great conversationalist. I highly recommend him and hope I will have the opportunity to exchange with him again soon.

. If
Reviewed by SELondon, 2017-11-13 [ID 17548:P]

jonboy1963 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
I met up with jonboy1963, over the weekend, and I spent a wonderful afternoon with him. He has a beautiful, cosy home and he made me feel very welcome. We chatted over a cup of tea and there was an obvious rapport . We had chatted a few times before meeting so I knew we would get on. Jonboy1963 is very well spoken and very easy to talk to.
We then headed for our massage exchange and it was heavenly. Jonboy1963 has a very gentle, sensuous touch, and he knows exactly what he is doing. I was the first to be massaged and then we swapped half way through. I felt fantastic from beginning to end.
We both very much enjoyed our exchange and I loved every single moment. To be honest, I didn't want it to end. I'm so looking forward to meeting up again with such a warm, caring and considerate gentleman. I can't praise him enough.
Reviewed by Declan37, 2017-11-13 [ID 17547:P]

jambajuice67 Highly Recommended
Montville, New Jersey, United States
Jambajuice67 was on a business trip to Dublin and we arranged an exchange. Jambajuice67 kindly offered to host at his accommodation which was very central and well appointed.

We started by having a chat about our massage training and approach. Jambajuice67 is a fully qualified masseur and he has a high level of skills. He was able to do some deep tissue work to loosen up tightness in my back and it was very effective. He also used some lighter strokes which were excellent for relaxation.

Jambajuice67 is a good conversationalist and very gentlemanly. He was attentive at all times during the exchange. I am very happy to recommend him and hopefully we can exchange again sometime.
Reviewed by foxyroxy, 2017-11-13 [ID 17546:P]

RobTheRub Highly Recommended
Street, England, United Kingdom
I met with RobThe Rub this morning. I received a very friendly, warm welcome and was put at ease immediately. During a brief conversation he described the treatment and how I felt about certain procedures. The massage began with me standing and afterward on the table. The result was breathtakingly efficacious - the guy has very thoughtful hands and magic fingers which found areas I didn't know existed. At the end of the session I was agreeably relaxed and totally invigorated. I cannot recommend his work highly enough.
Reviewed by xanderkwt, 2017-11-13 [ID 17545:P]

Reply from RobTheRub of 2017-11-13
Thank you. It was a pleasure to meet with you.

Max79 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was a great session
Candle Light s
Soft relaxing music
And a proper decent massage
You were definitely polite and really nice
It was an awesome experience
Reviewed by tinahoney, 2017-11-13 [ID 17544:P]

whoopsstillupnotsleeping Highly Recommended
Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States
It was wonderful to experience the Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage technique from WSUNS.
It was so wonderful, relaxing & kind of meditative with the long sweeping strokes that left your body feeling completely relaxed in such a calm state of mind. He was very kind, considerate and professional. He even sent me links prior to our appointment to watch videos so I would understand and be prepared for the full experience. I highly recommend him to anyone that could benefit from this wonderful Lomi Lomi massage experience.
Reviewed by amyshealinghands, 2017-11-12 [ID 17543:P]

lkclkc Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Thanks lkclkc for a wonderful afternoon of relaxation at your home. Comfortable table, very nice relaxing music and soothing massage cream. Your touch was very relaxing and you knew just what to do to make it a great experience. It was really fun to exchange with you. Hope to see you again soon!
Reviewed by Steve1100, 2017-11-12 [ID 17542:P]

Declan37 Highly Recommended
Coventry, England, United Kingdom
My exchange with Declan37 was the perfect way to complete the weekend. Here is a truly gentle man with a very intuitive touch.

I felt we hit it off straight away and after a chat over a cuppa, we alternated backs and then fronts. Although we both joked about having no professional training, I found Declan37's touch very sensual, therapeutic and respectful. I felt very relaxed and really enjoyed the session.

I hope we'll be able to exchange again.
Reviewed by jonboy1963, 2017-11-12 [ID 17541:P]

Buddymass Recommended
Watford, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Buddymass to provide him with a massage. He is a real gent who is easy to engage with due to hia calm persona. Buddymass feedback was possitive and it was great to massage the perfect body. He says he wants more experience before massaging. I would have no hesitation to recommend him for a practice body to enable him to gain knowledge and massage skills.
Hope to exchange again. Paulo
Reviewed by PauloNW6, 2017-11-12 [ID 17539:P]

Hungbiguy26 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met Hungbiguy26 for the first time yesterday and enjoyed a first-class massage from him. He is very intuitive and knows how to make all the right strokes leading to a very sensual experience. We decided to take turns in 20 min sessions and , as host, I did the first massage. I was a bit tentative as it was my first meeting with him and it showed in a pretty average performance by me and, as Hungbiguy said, I could have been slower and more relaxed. But I did enjoy massaging his very toned and slender body...a joy in itself. He is a regular gym-goer and it shows; it was a pleasure to move over those tight muscles. On his turn, he showed me his class and gave me an excellent massage; very professional in approach and execution. Time flew and he left me glowing with satisfaction. If you get a chance to meet him do so.
Reviewed by tacheman, 2017-11-12 [ID 17538:P]

andrew Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I met Andrew for the first time yesterday. He was punctual, friendly and relaxed. Andrew's style is unhurried and methodical, leading to a totally relaxing time on the table. Thanks Andrew.
Reviewed by Pete59, 2017-11-11 [ID 17537:P]

Reply from andrew of 2017-11-12
My pleasure, Pete.

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Met with Paulo yesterday for massage. His set up is professional and the vibe is really cool. He is very personable and makes you feel comfortable. The massage was very relaxing and the pressure was great - hard to find a masseur who doesn't just dig into your body like play dough. I would recommend a visit to Paulo if you are looking for a comfortable relaxing massage in a great environment.
Reviewed by Buddymass, 2017-11-11 [ID 17536:P]

Gabyspain Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Highly Recommend!
Very nice beautiful lady! She knows how to receive the best massage, very good recipient. Really worth it to give her a massage
Reviewed by gentletouch007, 2017-11-10 [ID 17535:P]

gentletouch007 Highly Recommended
Morden, England, United Kingdom
I had great time with Dom! Fantastic therapeutic and sensual massage.

Relaxing and most enjoyable afternoon. Dom is a respectful, entertaining and moreover, abrilliant masseur.
I would highly recommend gentletouch007.

Thank you.
Reviewed by ladyrose106, 2017-11-10 [ID 17532:P]

Pcove360 Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
I met Pcove360 this week and I was very pleased I did as he is a great guy and his house was set up on arrival for the masssge complete with massage bench and oils.
He has a great body to massage on and was very responsive to my touch.
I'm pleased to say that he also liked his feet worked on which is a favourite for me as a provider.
In addition, Pcove360 is very hospitable & friendly and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
We have agreed to meet again soon.
Reviewed by hands2050, 2017-11-10 [ID 17531:P]

gentletouch007 Highly Recommended
Morden, England, United Kingdom
Amazing massage, than you
Reviewed by Gabyspain, 2017-11-10 [ID 17530:P]

UKItalian81 Satisfactory
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
I had a nice meeting with UKItalian81, bless him he was a bit nervous and I made him more comfortable and talk him through what we were going to do. I unfold my massage table and I started first providing the massage. Then we swap and he massaged me. He provided some long stroke during the massage but his movement were a bit mechanical and irregular, so I talk him through and told him to do more circular movement and not to be afraid to grasp the whole body, then it improved and the experience became more satisfactory. He's a genuine nice lad and was welcoming too, he's easy to work on/with and I would recommend him as buddy swap.
Reviewed by Frenglish, 2017-11-10 [ID 17529:P]

Cobra7668 Highly Recommended
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Met with Cobra7668 yesterday lots of conversation before hand which is always good . I went to his house and was greeted with a drink and he is a very good host. He told me he hadn’t massaged in a while so I massaged him first . I thoroughly enjoyed the massage he gave me and he took his time . He is a lovely genuine person and I would definitely repeat the exchange at some future date .
Reviewed by Mancity, 2017-11-10 [ID 17527:P]

ladyrose106 Highly Recommended
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom
Highly Recommended!!
Well educated kind and friendly lady.
Punctual, good communication all positive about her. I really enjoyed her touch and our meeting!
Reviewed by gentletouch007, 2017-11-10 [ID 17526:P]

Mancity Highly Recommended
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
I met up with Mancity this afternoon when he came to my place for a massage exchange. He was a great guy - very polite and very caring. He gave me an excellent massage with good, strong strokes mixed with gentle ones as appropriate. He was always careful to inquire if the pressure was too much and was very sensitive to my needs and requests. All in all, a great afternoon and we both went away happy. I highly recommend him to you.
Reviewed by Cobra7668, 2017-11-09 [ID 17524:P]

Steve1100 Highly Recommended
Fairfax, Virginia, United States
Wow Steve1100, gave an awesome massage there are no words to describe it. From the moment I walked into his home to the minute he walked me back out to my car the feeling of welcome and the sensation of his touch left me breathless. The massage started at my toes right up to my head everything was tingling from his touch. Steve1100 is a definitely going to be a repeat for me. If you want a sensual massage this is your man.
Reviewed by Helo, 2017-11-09 [ID 17523:P]

Reply from Steve1100 of 2017-11-09
It was my pleasure. You are welcome back anytime!!!

Helo Highly Recommended
Saint Inigoes, Maryland, United States
WOW - that was the word that kept coming from my mouth during the exchange with Helo. I enjoyed every second of time spent with him. His touch was strong and deep and the sensual touches, well, WOW! I highly recommend time with Helo. What a treat. Come back soon!
Reviewed by Steve1100, 2017-11-09 [ID 17522:P]

Reply from Helo of 2017-11-10
Steve1100 thanks for your review WOW just doesn't cover it. Again thank you for a great Massage Exchange.

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