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magiciii Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had an extremely lovely sessipn today with magiciii
We had a chat before our session , the room was lit with candle, lovely music playing in the background and the room was warm and the massage table was comfortable. We started in two steps first massaged the back and swoped then the front. I felt asleep especially hearing the lovely music playing as if i was on the sea side, Magiciii
Has a very good touch and style,of course he would be cause he is a massurer! Five stars for that!
I felt very good afterwords and the rest of the day i was flying high and the oil he used was soothing, we going to exchange again soon
Anyone who gets a chance please to so as you will definitely enjoy
Thanks Magiciii
Reviewed by mukesh, 2017-03-16 [ID 16047:P]

ga1011 Highly Recommended
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
ga1011 and I arranged a meeting for yesterday evening and we managed a full exchange.
ga1011 is a friendly guy who gave a great massage. Although he told me that he was relatively inexperienced, he did a good job with excellent pressure. I carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and back and he easily found the knots, working on them with gently increasing pressure and long circular strokes. It was extremely satisfying to experience a sensitive but effective massage and my back has felt much freer as a result.
His work on my legs was equally beneficial. He finished off with some very welcome work on my neck, cradling my head as I lay on my back and working with gently pressure on the upper joints of my spine. A relaxing facial massage completed his work.
It was a pleasure to massage him and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss my technique with him as we worked. He is in good shape and seemed to respond well to my technique - I hope ga1011 agrees!
I hope we can repeat the experience in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending ga1011 as a great exchange partner.
Reviewed by flanagan, 2017-03-16 [ID 16046:P]

Dillonm Highly Recommended
Worthing, England, United Kingdom
I had a great massage swap with Dillonm today. He is a fine chap with a great body to massage. He gave me a very sensual massage with lots of light strokes that had me tingling and gagging for more. He enjoyed my massage of me and was very responsive. Although he is relatively inexperienced I enjoyed my swap with him and am looking forward to our next experience. I'm giving him 5 stars for the overall experience we enjoyed. Thank you Dillonm for an enjoyable couple of hours.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-03-16 [ID 16045:P]

mukesh Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a very good massage session today with mukesh
We had a little chat before we started. He is a very good therapist!
used long strokes which were firm.
He gives a nice massage . I felt relaxed and was stressfree,
He has a good touch!
Would recommend mukesh to anyone who gets a chance to exhange .
Reviewed by magiciii, 2017-03-16 [ID 16044:P]

Judgejules Needs Improvement
Christchurch, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Judgejules,had a pleasant swap.I beleive he was happy I managed to relieve some pain and tension in some areas.He is very much a novice but I did have moments of relaxation.
Reviewed by ash1yana, 2017-03-16 [ID 16043:P]

RobTheRub Highly Recommended
Street, England, United Kingdom
I said I would revisit Rob and I wasn't disappointed, far from it.
Rob gave me probably the best relaxing massage I have ever had. I can highly recommend this very nice warm guy.
Thanks again Rob!
Reviewed by George1964, 2017-03-16 [ID 15811:P]

Reply from RobTheRub of 2017-02-10
Thank you, George. Delighted to play host to a very nice guy and hope to do so again soon.

manna121 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Hi meet manna yesterday for massage swap nice guy turn up on time i gave him massage first did the back than he did my back he said he was not good but when he massage me it was very good and he has nice pressure just right for me has good touch and i would recommend that you try him hope can meet up very soon than i did his front than he did my front
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2017-03-15 [ID 16041:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
I had a fantastic exchange with Massagaholic. The first thing which struck me was his broad smile and laughing eyes. I was instantly at ease in his company.

His massage is firm, confident and practised. He has a range of oils and massage wax and took time to discuss what was best suited to our exchange. He is considerate too in his massage with attention through his fingers and palms to ease into tight areas.

Massagaholic's body is a joy to explore. He has broad shoulders and a narrow waist and is toned everywhere. His skin is smooth, allowing flow and I revelled in simply working his muscles and loosening his tight quads and IT band.

I'll definately be arranging other meetings.
Reviewed by Love2rub41, 2017-03-15 [ID 16040:P]

chasmore Highly Recommended
Croydon, United Kingdom
I met Chasmore yesterday, he is an excellent host and made me feel at home straight away.
I gave me a superb massage which left me totally relaxed. As his username suggests I want more of chas
Looking forward to seeing him again soon I hope
Reviewed by Sportyman67, 2017-03-14 [ID 16038:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Had a fantastic exchange with kingstonguy last weekend. He hosted and was extremely welcoming, we got to know each other a bit first, he then ensured the room was optimum temperature and we began the exchange on his very comfortable and large massage table. The massage itself was incredibly relaxing, perfect pressure for me - looking forward to exchanging again soon.
Reviewed by Jura86, 2017-03-14 [ID 16037:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Zeke, Richard and I did a 4 hand massage exchange. Zeke's technique was superb, and Zeke and Richard were a great pairing for the 4 hand massage. We all enjoyed the massages, and plan to repeat the next time they return to Austin. I would highly recommend exchanging massage with either of these men!
Reviewed by xTexas1, 2017-03-14 [ID 16036:P]

Reply from doneright of 2017-03-14
Bryan thanks again for hosting us and look foreward to repeat exchanges on our trips to Austin.

Massagebud01 Highly Recommended
Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia
This massage didn't come out of a massage school, though it should have. That secret ingredient that separates "good massage therapists" from "great massage therapist", he seems to have it. Massagebud01 is genuine. Not surprisingly, his massage is equally so. Actually I describe him as authentic. It is one of the most unique massages I've ever received, individual, intuitive, 100% organic, from the heart. It went on for hours, but the time seemed to fly by, I left Massagebud01 feeling like I'd been met by a massage artist, those who have had a treatment from Massagebud01 will know what I mean. He is someone who cares to give something special and certainly not just to receive. Brilliant hospitality, it was a very worthwhile exchange, highly recommended.
Reviewed by trickyfingers, 2017-03-14 [ID 16035:P]

Sportyman67 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Yesterday I meet Sportyman67 for a relaxing exchange. Really nice guy and chatty.
He gave me a great massage. Perhaps we can repeat exchange some time in the future.
Reviewed by chasmore, 2017-03-14 [ID 16034:P]

Sunny9 Highly Recommended
Nambour, Queensland, Australia
Five stars to Sunny9, his technique, intuition and steady firm pace puts this man's massage up with the professionally trained. He was dependable, flexible with his time. A great exchange.
Reviewed by trickyfingers, 2017-03-13 [ID 16033:P]

Mercy52 Highly Recommended
Auckland Central, Auckland, New Zealand
I have now had two exchanges with Mercy52 and both were excellent. He has a great firm touch and gives a great all-over massage with a great sensual touch at the end. Highly recommend and look forward to more exchanges with him in the future,
Reviewed by Briza, 2017-03-13 [ID 16032:P]

Love2rub41 Highly Recommended
Maidstone, United Kingdom
Met Love2rub41 recently and we connected extremely well (-;
We had so much to talk about, I massaged him 1st and I must say, he has a great body to massage so much so, I didn't want to stop, great legs and bum ! He was a great masseur, great knowledge of the muscle groups which was a bonus (-;
Love2rub41 had long flowing effleurage strokes, he worked my legs and feet extremely well, even my troubled left knee felt like New !!!! Thoroughly enjoyed his company and I highly recommend an exchange with this extremely chilled and amiable guy with a lovely smile and great persona (-;
He felt like a long lost buddy I'd just been reunited with ! I will certainty be meting up again even on a social level and most definitely for another swap (-;
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2017-03-13 [ID 16031:P]

Reply from Love2rub41 of 2017-03-14
The feelings were all mutual

Vesperman Highly Recommended
Van Nuys, California, United States
Vesperman is natural masseur. His is intuitive and targets areas that need most work. He is more of the truly fit men and he give from medium to deep tissue massage. It was sensual, but professional. Great gentle personality and I look forward to the next exchange.
Reviewed by dancer310, 2017-03-13 [ID 16030:P]

xTexas1 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
Exchange buddy and I travel to Austin on a regular bases and we've talked about making it more enjoyable for us that we get to know a few individuals in the Austin area to have a relaxing way to end our times in Austin before return home to DFW. Added to my profile our travel dates to Austin and xTexas1 was the first to contact me regarding doing an exchange when visiting Austin. Explain I would be travelling with an exchange buddy and he had no problem with both of us dropping in, this way we'd be doing a four handed massage. His years of experience was something I felt right away when he proceeded to massage. Our exchange was very relaxing and none of us had any tension left at the end. He does have a great set up, warm and comfortable and everything was there to all of our satisfaction. This will be a added stop on our visits to Austin in the future as schedule and time allows. Many thanks xTexas1.
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-03-13 [ID 16029:P]

stlnudist Highly Recommended
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
I'm always amazed that some times our previous communications are not always a clue to what will result in months or years later. This was the case with stlnudist. Previous communications didn't result in an exchange but laid down the 'seed' to where we both saw a good chance now that we could work in an exchange. Short brief but well communications between myself and stlnudist over few days resulted that we could meet in his next travel to DFW. Both of us been in the same industry does make it a challenge since there are activities that make things change at a moment notice. But even those factors, stlnudist and I have been able to exchange more than once. With both us having the same view on nudism helps since we see the massage exchange an extension of that idea. His years of experience reflect in his technique and manners of carrying out the massage where flawless. His attention to insuring that I was please and resulting in my relaxation was his main goal and he wanted insure that was happening. The whole experience was a total release of soreness and tension. There was no hesitation in my pleasure to return the favor to him and I'm sure there will be future exchange as time allows between us. Take time to exchange with stlnudist, he may not be in area long but it's well worth the effort.
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-03-13 [ID 16028:P]

LNDNm4m Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a great time with LNDNm4m a few days ago. The conversation to arrange the meeting was fluent and very easy, and he was charming all the way through.

He has great hands and great technique for someone without official training, and it really helped me relax to go back to work the next day.

I would definitely be repeating with him, and would recommend him as a great masseur.
Reviewed by Agmag, 2017-03-13 [ID 16026:P]

tacheman Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the pleasure of an exchange with tacheman. He met me at his local station & was a very welcoming host . Although quite inexperienced, tacheman's massage was good, the pressure spot on & his strokes a mixture of therapeutic & sensual. Superb music complemented the whole massage experience & we enjoyed over 2 hours on his table . Overall a great exchange.

Reviewed by dixter, 2017-03-12 [ID 16025:P]

ATXmassage4men Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
Myself and a massage exchange friend meet with ATXmassage4men four a four hand exchange on one of our trips to Austin (hippie hollows) on short notice when we found we had free time. ATX was very accommodating to our request and made it feel like it had been plans days ahead. From the time we communicated with him, our arrival to departure, it was like we'd been friends for ages.
His technique and skills with his hands where a reflection of the knowledge he's acquired over the years of massaging and his detail to insuring we were satisfied during our exchange was refreshing. His ability to identify issue areas left my sore muscles relaxed and released all tensions I had. His over size table and warmer along with the use of organic oil were all ideal to keeping the exchange to a great overall experience.
The atmosphere was warm and we had use of shower and choices of soap. The addition of a nutritious beverage was a special touch that friends do for friends. I know that we'll be seeing him on future trips to Austin, and if you find yourself in this part of Texas, or are a local, make a point to set time aside for experience his techniques. Thanks again!
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-03-12 [ID 16024:P]

vincent333 Highly Recommended
Tacoma, Washington, United States
vincent333. We had a fair amount of email in a short span, but I think it was more our mutual desire not to inconvenience one another (me being in a hotel, him just moving into a new apartment, and so a lot of unknowns) than anything else. Quite friendly and communicative actually. We met briefly the evening before (Friday) and arranged to meet for massage the next day. A very sociable way to set things up.

Beautiful apartment building. He was just moving in, so furniture was still being acquired. But since I PREFER to give a massage on a bed rather than a table, the new Tempur-Pedic was a very nice surprise — and all the “environment” that was necessary.

vincent333 is a serene guy. (I’m pretty calm myself, so I don’t say that lightly.) He is an agreeable individual in every respect: his demeanor, his conversation, his massage. It is a very pleasant thing, having agreed beforehand to administer a Receive-Only massage, to find oneself RECEIVING not just a bit of friendly reciprocation, but a complete, great massage — just as thorough as the one I’d been giving him. (We swapped back and forth several times during our session.) This wasn’t out of any sense of “obligation” but was clearly because he enjoys the giving. He truly communicates CARE with his hands as well.

He quickly identified my “this week’s problem spot” in my calves (due to unavoidable poor posture courtesy of my hotel room’s makeshift office setup) — and his bodywork provided that “good pain” that brings relief to (self-)abused muscle. vincent333 knows his anatomy — and THAT is a very good thing. Sciatica and a little tenderness along his iliotibial band (the two pains can be similar but have different causes), made me (I have to admit) rather shy about exactly how to proceed. When I “lost my way” he was able to direct me to proper locations and technique to make things right — so he contributed to the quality and delivery of the massage he was receiving on a much higher level than providing mere feedback — which is pretty remarkable.

I showed him how to increase his leverage and accuracy while reducing his fatigue; he showed me how to integrate the isolated aspects of my bodywork (I tend to section-off and compartmentalize far too much) into a ministration to the whole. Worthwhile education for both of us — and immediate opportunity to implement.

He showed me out — he had to make his first trip to the food market (he REALLY was JUST moving in!) — and said “I hope we stay in touch.” Genuine from start to finish. A wonderful experience.
Reviewed by Yankey, 2017-03-12 [ID 16023:P]

chev4x4trk Highly Recommended
Youngstown, Ohio, United States
A wonderful person very professional in what he does...Gives a relaxing massage very good with his hands and know how to get rid of your stress...
Reviewed by davwkmg365, 2017-03-12 [ID 16022:P]

skilledatswedish Highly Recommended
River Vale, New Jersey, United States
He gave a good massage with a professional attitude. We were very happy with him and you would be too if you like Swedish style.
Reviewed by lovingmassage1, 2017-03-12 [ID 16019:P]

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