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denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
I met with Den today for a massage and I must say he is an absolute gentleman and lovely person. He made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived.
I had started back at the gym this week so was in need of a massage and Den did not disappoint. He was as good as any massage I have ever had either professional or amateur and I will definitely be going back for more.
Thanks Den for a great relaxing afternoon.
Reviewed by premium1, 2017-02-16 [ID 15861:P]

relaxandenjoysussex Satisfactory
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Met up at my place in Hastings. Nice friendly guy. We had a good exchange starting with the back and swapping before doing the front. Overall a good relaxing meet.
Reviewed by tn34biker, 2017-02-16 [ID 15860:P]

Reply from relaxandenjoysussex of 2017-02-16
Thanks for your comments. Sorry you felt the time shared was only worth 3 stars.....I guess we had different expectations of the exchange. All the best

tk100uk Highly Recommended
Bracknell, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting tk 100uk at my home. He was very punctual with the time arranged and brought his own massage table with him - a huge benefit as I don't own one.
We chatted together about experience, skills and expectations before the massage swap. Tk 100uk has more experience than me and it is good to find different and new techniques. It was a pleasure to each enjoy a very relaxing massage with no time restraints.
I would have no hesitations about swapping massage again with my 100uk.
Reviewed by house1234, 2017-02-16 [ID 15859:P]

Tradingmassage Highly Recommended
Guerneville, California, United States
"Tradingmassage is a handsome and multi-talented guy. I found him uplifting and a pleasure to be around. His rhythm, humor and harmony with life was refreshing. He is also highly skilled, and we experienced an excellent exchange."
Reviewed by docta, 2017-02-15 [ID 15858:P]

house1234 Recommended
Egham, England, United Kingdom
I met House 1234 at his comfortable home. I had brought my massage table and there was ample room for it. We had a nice chat to break the ice and he was very friendly and welcoming and offered a drink. Although I had brought some with me he supplied the oil and towels, which was a nice touch. I massaged him first and he was positive in his feedback on what did and didn’t work for him. It was evident he enjoyed the massage.

House 1234 then massaged me. He doesn’t have much experience of giving massage but is a quick learner. He had good pressure and nice, even long strokes. He took his time and at no time did it feel rushed. I felt it was a very pleasant and relaxing session and wouldn’t hesitate to repeat it. It won’t be long before House1234 is a very competent masseur.
Reviewed by tk100uk, 2017-02-15 [ID 15857:P]

chasmore Highly Recommended
Croydon, United Kingdom
Met Chasmore for the first time and enjoyed a great session with him. He gives a good firm massage which I enjoy interspersed with light sensual strokes. He is a pleasant person to be with and gives a very competent massage and I look forward to meeting with him again soon.
Reviewed by relaxwithmesoon, 2017-02-15 [ID 15856:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of swapping a massage with GEM today. He is a very kind, relaxed and knowledgeable man who clearly loves massage and understands its benefits. As he is a professional, it is a special treat to receive from him, and he is fully recommended. You will undoubtedly have an enjoyable and therapeutic experience.
Reviewed by ed87, 2017-02-15 [ID 15855:P]

ed87 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It was really easy to arrange the swap with ed87 - and he turned up smack on-time.
His massage is attentive, empathetic, varied, and very pleasant to receive; so I want to swap with him again before too long.
Highly recommended
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2017-02-15 [ID 15854:P]

Zippy2691 Highly Recommended
West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
Awesome guy. Very intune to the needs of females. Would definitely follow up with massage.
Reviewed by Daimarie, 2017-02-14 [ID 15853:P]

mach02 Recommended
Windsor, Colorado, United States
L. Mach02 came to Louisville for a business. He was very tired traveling across USA to educate teachers. So, I take care of him first. I expect his work on me. He was not professional. However, L. take my suggestions and help some with my needs. Thanks L! See you next time.
Reviewed by BEST4BEST, 2017-02-14 [ID 15852:P]

Reply from mach02 of 2017-02-14
It was a difficult session as i was unable to get into a flow with the constant talking and explaining. It was the first time I had given a massage in a massage chair and that certainly changed the whole flow as well. It was an interesting experience overall and one that I was not used to on the giving or receiving end.

Ernesto1 Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Ernesto and I agree to meet,
He was vey pleasant professional and gave me a great massage, he was very attentive and kept asking how he was doing, and of course he was,
He recived my therapeutic massage with great pleasure,
Hope we can exchange soon
Reviewed by Salvadorian, 2017-02-14 [ID 15851:P]

pilot35 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, California, United States
pilot35 is one of the kindest and attentive masseurs that I have experienced. He is learning, but works hard at giving total relaxation. He has a great touch and very intuitive. For a most relaxing experience and a wonderful person I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by dancer310, 2017-02-14 [ID 15826:P]

dancer310 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, California, United States
Ethereal, expert hands. Very pro. Our meeting was blissful, pure joy. So glad we connected with good, positive energy.
Reviewed by aram7, 2017-02-14 [ID 15850:P]

Salvadorian Highly Recommended
, Nevada, United States
Was lucky enough to exchange a message with Salvadorian in early January.
We exchanged pleasant communications prior to setting up a nice evening session.
Upon arriving at his home, he was friendly friendly and welcoming.
I really enjoyed our exchange. He is very comfortable in working on the male body and knows how to massage.
I recommend him highly and look forward to our next exchange (hopefully soon).
Reviewed by Ernesto1, 2017-02-14 [ID 15849:P]

Reply from Salvadorian of 2017-02-14
Same here,
Best part you look just like your photos,
Ernesto took the time and kept making sure I was fine while giving me a great massage,
Well you have my #
So when your ready let me know

dancer310 Highly Recommended
Hollywood, California, United States
This amazing person is a massage exchange dream come true. I really don't think you can ask for a more complete package when it comes to a basic iteration of what a person would hope for when searching for exchange partners.
While I am new to exchange, I am not new to massage. I've had many professional CMT massages over the years so I can honestly say that dancer310 is skilled. He is as good as any of the CMTs I've had work on me and better than most.
But in addition to that: he has a beautiful warm inviting space (with super easy parking right at the door), a table, massage oil AND lotion, candles, music AND a shower. I don't think I have EVER found all of those items available at any CMT no matter what they may have charged.
Last but not least, he is kind, sincere, patient, instructive and in great physical shape.
What a gem.
Reviewed by pilot35, 2017-02-14 [ID 15848:P]

Rainbow1963 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I arranged a swap with Rainbow1963 at quite short notice. But the lack of preparation time was not a problem for R because he welcomed me warmly into his home. A beautiful space to massage on a table was set up, and the environment warm and relaxing.

We chatted for a while and clearly got on well from the outset. A charming and interesting man, Rainbow1963, shared an insight into his life and massage experiences which made me feel relaxed and at ease.

The massage was unhurried and very detailed. Time stood still and before I'd blinked a couple of hours had passed. Rainbow1963 uses a mixture of strokes to create a delightful, calming, reassuring and sensual massage.

I shall look forward to being able to exchange again soon.
Reviewed by fyter, 2017-02-14 [ID 15847:P]

crashteam Highly Recommended
Teddington, England, United Kingdom
I recently had a great exchange with crashteam . He was very welcoming and gave me an excellent massage.
looking forward to our next swap.
Reviewed by chasmore, 2017-02-14 [ID 15846:P]

relaxwithmesoon Highly Recommended
Chobham, Surrey, United Kingdom
I recently meet Michael who is a great host and was very welcoming. we connected well and had a great massage.
he has a soft, and sensual touch. Can't wait to meet up again.
Reviewed by chasmore, 2017-02-14 [ID 15845:P]

jules8 Highly Recommended
Murrumba Downs, Queensland, Australia
Finally had my second massage from Jules and he had some great NEW moves since I hadn't see him for almost 1 year..due to being away overseas for extended periods. He was very meticulous working on basically every big or small muscles in the body. Great ending too...was worth the long wait!
Reviewed by Gardner, 2017-02-14 [ID 14046:P]

orchid2017 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Orchid2017 sent a few emails and gave his phone number to meet up. Finally I agreed to meet up for coffee, but Orchid offered to meet up for dinner instead.
We went to a nice Italian restaurant. When the waitress brought the food, Orchid was a good host and made sure my plate was topped up, this is something you don't see here very often. He reminded me so much of back home manners and his caring attitude toward women.
He is a very warm easy going person and made me feel comfortable. We had a nice chat and a relaxing dinner. I found him to be an honest, happy, easily to get on with, nice hair and very interesting person...
After dinner, I invite Orchid out to my friend’s birthday party for dessert and he kindly accepted, he drove me to the venue in his grand car and played nice soft music some of my famous songs too. Orchid enjoyed meeting some of my friends at the party. After the party, he drove me back and give me a little gift which was a complete surprise :) I didn't expect for it. Very thoughtful of him.
We arrange for a ME to meet up next day. I gave Orchid a massage first, Orchid said very relaxed, then it was his turn to give me a massage. Orchid said all his life he received massages but doesn’t have certified experience in giving massage. Well I don't know it's true or not, but the massage was good, Orchid did ask how his massage was, I did explain only two things about his massage that he could improve on and that was not to lean on the body to much, needs to focus on one place first then move to another part of the body. We both had a wonderful time and arranged to meet up again sometime next week :)
Reviewed by Freesia, 2017-02-14 [ID 15840:P]

Reply from orchid2017 of 2017-02-13
Thank you for the review, your review will appear within 24 hours.

kingstonguy Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Met Kingstonguy for a massage and he was a very nice guy, very relaxed and friendly. He has a good touch and asked about my needs and any particular areas that had problems or needed work. Would recommend - Many thanks!
Reviewed by juicemore, 2017-02-14 [ID 15844:P]

indyguy777 Highly Recommended
Perry, Indiana, United States
After coordination we met at his house and he welcome me at the door in a very comfortable setting with great music in the background. We talk for a little bit and he ask if there was certain areas he wanted him to work. First I massage him and then he massage me. His massage was outstanding and was very professional. He definitely knew how to give a great massage and made me feel very relax. We talk during the massage his pressure was great he made me feel as though we had known each other for a long time. Time was not of an essence. I look forward very much to our next massage.

I had the honor of sharing another massage exchange with Indyguy. He gets better each time we exchange a very professional and relaxing massage. He definitely knows the right spots and how to relax your body. He has a nice setup in his home. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants a excellent massage.
Reviewed by bach, 2017-02-13 [ID 15636:P]

RollingStone7 Highly Recommended
Laguna Beach, California, United States
beautiful person wonderful soothing touch highly recomend him look forward in our exchange again.
Reviewed by 123twinkle, 2017-02-13 [ID 15842:P]

Leia Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I had a great experience with Leia, from the initial contact all the way to the end of our session. Leia has a very friendly personality, and a good setup with a massage table, oil, candle and music. Her training and experience were obvious during the massage. She noted my preferences and spent extra time on my upper back, neck and scalp area. I liked how she transitioned from light to medium pressure to warm up the muscles, and then proceeded to use her elbow on larger muscles. All in all, she provided an absolutely wonderful massage. She was also insightful in helping me improve my massage offering, which I always appreciate. I look forward to exchanging with Leia again.
Reviewed by CarpeDiem43, 2017-02-13 [ID 15841:P]

pvnatural Highly Recommended
Prairie Village, Kansas, United States
I had the pleasure of receiving a massage from pvnatural a week ago. He is planning on attending LMT school soon, but I think it's going to be a relatively short time before he's teaching rather than taking classes!

Russ is very well prepared from a facility standpoint. He has a dedicated massage room with decor and lighting appropriate for a very high-level spa environment. What's more, he has an extremely comfortable table with infrared heat. I couldn't have asked for more, and Russ made sure I was lacking for nothing.

The massage itself was nothing short of amazing! He asked for feedback on what was working and what didn't, but there was none of the latter. Russ expertly used a combination of modalities, pressures, strokes, and techniques (hands, wrists, and forearms) to create a truly relaxing yet invigorating experience. There was also a perfect combination of light conversation and quiet. I never felt rushed, as Russ took his time with every part of my body.

I don't want to be so effusive in my compliments that I don't sound credible, so I will close this review by saying that after my massage with Russ, I slept better than I have a long, long time. Thanks a million, Russ!!
Reviewed by tegernsee, 2017-02-13 [ID 15839:P]

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