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Softhands88 Highly Recommended
Camberwell, Victoria, Australia
Amazingly skilled! What a treat.
Certainly knows her stuff.
Highly recommend
Reviewed by alwaysfunmelb, 2020-01-11 [ID 22736:P]

Erasss Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Today I met Erasss at very short notice. I picked him up at the station and found him to be a very friendly guy. This was his first swap on the site. He was actually a receive only but was willing to try massaging back. He has a really great body to massage, nicely proportioned and full in all the right places and a joy to massage. His massage of me was intuitive with good pressure and a variety of strokes. I think with a little more encouragement he will make a very good masseur. All in all a very good session albeit a little rushed at two and half hrs. Thank you Erases for a very nice massage time.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2020-01-11 [ID 22733:P]

Mutualtherapy Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
Mutualtherapy is a friendly and easy going personality. I enjoyed meeting him twice to give and receive massage which was pleasant and very relaxing.
Reviewed by CasVask, 2020-01-11 [ID 22735:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Had my first swap massage with bengiboy, highly recommended him, the massage was wonderful. He even gave me some pointers to improve myself since it was my first time.
Hopefully will to swap again soon
Reviewed by Erasss, 2020-01-11 [ID 22734:P]

Mikemike96 Highly Recommended
Irving, Texas, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mike on a recent business trip to to Dallas for an exchange. He showed up on time and was very engaging, respectful, and I recommend him for an exchange.
Reviewed by massguynola, 2020-01-11 [ID 22732:P]

BohoLondon Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Met up with BohoLondon for great massage exchange. He is really friendly guy who gave me a very relaxing sensual massage with body contact and he seemed to enjoy the massage I gave him in return. I can definitely recommend him and hope to see him again when he is next in London.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2020-01-11 [ID 22731:P]

beverlyhills1969 Recommended
New York, New York, United States
My exchange with beverlyhils1969 was wonderful! He is a skilled masseur and has a charismatic personality.
High marks for an enjoyable session.
Reviewed by Gotham2168, 2020-01-11 [ID 22729:P]

Reply from beverlyhills1969 of 2020-01-11
It was an absolute pleasure to be repeated soon

Gotham2168 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Gotham2168 not only an excellent masseur but the most gracious intuitive host. Excellent touch that radiates with warmth throughout the massage. Beautiful studio apartment with shower and excellent heighten the experience. Excellent exchange not to be missed!
Reviewed by beverlyhills1969, 2020-01-11 [ID 22728:P]

Reply from Gotham2168 of 2020-01-11
Thank you for your thoughtful review! It was a pleasure exchanging and meeting such a gentleman.

Andrew9 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Words cannot describe what I experienced yesterday. Andrew is very polite when exchanging messages and a genuinely nice person. Met for a drink and good chat before we agreed. Very respectful of boundaries, amazing sensual massage hit all the right spots. Still cant beleive he did not learn his techniques, see for yourself he really should have people queing up for that. Thank you so much 😊
Reviewed by Choccywoccy, 2020-01-10 [ID 22722:P]

vuka000 Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Georgia, United States of America
Very delightful experience together. He was a lovely gentleman, very eager to learn new techniques and very giving. He was my first client on Massage Exchange and we both had a most delightful. I'm looking forward to more visits!
Reviewed by SusieQ, 2020-01-10 [ID 22727:P]

Funfingers Highly Recommended
Hendersonville, North Carolina, United States of America
Just had a great massage exchange with Funfingers. She gave a very good massage. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. She was also respectful of wishes and asked questions to define comfort levels.
Reviewed by NCkayaker7, 2020-01-10 [ID 22726:P]

CasVask Highly Recommended
Tiverton, England, United Kingdom
I have met Casvask twice now and on both occasions we spent several hours together massaging each other at his house. We started with a sitting massage then on the second occasion included foot bathing and massage, which worked really well. He has a proper table, towels and even wide paper towel that he unrolled onto the table before the session! He gives a good firm massage including using both hands together and his lower arms - something I will do in future. He is currently doing a sports massage course and I was able to appreciate what he has learnt. He needs more willing bodies to practice on and I can thoroughly recommend him.😊
Reviewed by Mutualtherapy, 2020-01-10 [ID 22725:P]

905Girl Highly Recommended
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
905girl is kind, generous, and respectful, with strong hands that work magic!
Once we established first contact, she was quite reliable and maintained contact. As the details and plans for the arrangement were discussed, she confirmed them to avoid confusion. She communicated beforehand about minor delays and the appointment was upheld. We had a pleasant conversation to break the ice. The massage experience was very pleasant also! She knew exactly how to make me feel at ease, and explained what kind of touch she preferred, or not. I enjoyed the time with her immensely and would definitely recommend her. Although she is receive only, she surprisingly reciprocated anyway.
Reviewed by Breton816, 2020-01-09 [ID 22721:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Exchanging with bengiboy was an absolute pleasure.
Bengiboy hosted me, he has one of the best and most professional set up I’ve come across so far when exchanging.
Mixing his own oils to suit or mutual aroma favourites.

His massage technique was perfect throughput and he soon understood what areas to apply deep massage or sensual.
Felt amazing!

Really genuine and polite , skilled guy
Recommend to others and a five star rating from me.
Reviewed by Hungbiguy26, 2020-01-09 [ID 22720:P]

gussy Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Gus is very polite, and respectful gentleman. We met after extended message exchanges. And he was the perfect therapist throughout checking on the pressure, strength he's using, varying the strokes, adapting to my requests. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Violet34, 2020-01-08 [ID 22717:P]

Stewartw Highly Recommended
Maianbar, New South Wales, Australia
I Had a wonderful exchange yesterday with Stewarts . A thorough massage with just the right pressure. It’s beautiful he used massage me with hot stones to rub allover . Especially great on the back and shoulders. Easygoing, personable, intuitive and thoughtful. I hope to exchange again . If I’m in Sydney
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2020-01-08 [ID 22716:P]

Will1992 Highly Recommended
Northwood, England, United Kingdom
Was running late from work but was very patient. Spoke on the phone breifly before meeting. Agreed to meet for coffee which I missed so went for a walk so I could feep comfortable and sure. Amazing foot massage knew some reflexolgy points, really easy to chat to and asked if I had particulatlr spots that need attention. Very friendly and polite time flew away. Will definitely reccomend. Thanks so much Will
Reviewed by Choccywoccy, 2020-01-08 [ID 22715:P]

Brsav Highly Recommended
Denver, Colorado, United States
Great hands! Highly skilled table massage! Nice, calm, relaxed demeanor.
Reviewed by TantoWaya, 2020-01-08 [ID 22714:P]

Rgraham787 Highly Recommended
Addison, Texas, United States
A great massage! Great hands with the right amount of pressure. Rgraham knew the right spots to massage thoroughly. He made a comfortable setting for the massage with the right music. I look forward to meeting again for another massage.
Reviewed by LuvsFBSM, 2020-01-07 [ID 22713:P]

Farmio Highly Recommended
Sanford, North Carolina, United States
Farmio was gracious host. Atmosphere was very pleasant and we traded wonderful massages. He put me at ease and gave helpful advice. I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to future opportunity to repeat if schedules, etc. allow
Reviewed by Ncguy01, 2020-01-07 [ID 22712:P]

MolestMePlease Highly Recommended
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
I had a great time with her over the weekend. The massage was everything and more than what was expected. She’s not lying when she says she loves to be touchedI. I highly recommend setting up some time with her.
Reviewed by proven25, 2020-01-07 [ID 22708:P]

ising Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
My exchange with ising was memorable because of his concentration and detailed technique. He was totally present to our shared experience. A most enjoyable time and a friendly guy too!
Reviewed by Letsdoitrn, 2020-01-07 [ID 22711:P]

srose555 Highly Recommended
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
He was very accommodating with my scheduling changes, and was prompt. Very professional and respectful. I look forward to exchanges with him in the future.
Reviewed by NewHavenEastShore, 2020-01-07 [ID 22710:P]

Letsdoitrn Highly Recommended
Montclair, New Jersey, United States
Had a wonderful exchange yesterday. A thorough massage with just the right pressure. Especially great on the back and shoulders. Easygoing, personable, intuitive and thoughtful. I hope to exchange again.
Reviewed by ising, 2020-01-07 [ID 22709:P]

PSJackS Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
After a few days of planning met in psjacks nice home. Massage table set up with nice music and candles for a great atmosphere. After a dreamy massage that had me melting into the table, I massaged him. He offered some gentle instructions that helped me as I worked on his back and front. Completely spent after 3+ hours together, it was one of my best massage experiences ever.
Reviewed by Athleticguy, 2020-01-06 [ID 22707:P]

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