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Vezyrek Highly Recommended
Whitefield, England, United Kingdom
Recently met Vezyrek for a exchange after exchanging messages for a while and finding a suitable time to meet. He welcomed me into his garden therapy unit which was ready for our exchange with table ,candles,and heating for our comfort. I gave Vezyrek massage first as requested and he gave good feedback and said he enjoyed it. He gave me a firm massage with some lighter touch’s which were very relaxing and some moves I hadn’t experienced before . He is very intuitive and is in tune with the body and how the muscles react . Overall he is a nice guy who gives a professional massage and is also very friendly and easy to get along with. Hope to repeat again sometime.
Reviewed by chilloutmassage, 2019-08-16 [ID 21723:P]

Tgnome Highly Recommended
Norwalk, California, United States
Tgnome met with him today came on time very polite very easy to speak to we had a wonderful massage I would love to meet up with him again I can't wait! he has very strong hands he knows what he's doing great massage and recommend him to anyone
Reviewed by Leonard63, 2019-08-16 [ID 21722:P]

EchoScott Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
If you book an exchange with EchoScott – consider yourself LUCKY. He has a relaxed, calming energy about him that was really great to be around. His massage space was perfect with cool temperature, dim lights, soft music, comfortable table -- the works. And he clearly knows what he’s doing. He effortlessly moves from deep pressure to a relaxing, fluid touch that was better than most pro masseurs that I’ve visited. He’s also a super-nice, friendly guy. The fact that he also happens to be super-handsome is just a bonus. I enjoyed my time working on him as much as I enjoyed being worked on. So yeah, I’ll definitely be trying to set up another exchange with EchoScott – if he’s not already all booked up. :-)
Reviewed by AJ90041, 2019-08-16 [ID 21721:P]

Reply from EchoScott of 2019-08-17
Thank you for for the great review , it was a pleasure.

orcas5353 Highly Recommended
Seattle, Washington, United States
Had the opportunity to do an exchange with orcas5353 a few nights ago. I was able to arrange to meet him in downtown Seattle after work and we drove together to my place. He patiently waited for me to get to the place that we arranged to get at. First impressions when seeing him was, handsome, distinguished looking, sophisticated guy with a very warm demeanor.

Had a nice conversation during the ride and found out we had a few things in common. When we got to my place he offered to work on my back side first. He gave a wonderful massage. Pressure was perfect as he worked from my shoulders to my feet with long flowing rubs. I could feel my tense muscles relaxing under his strong hands. Then it was my turn to work on him. He has a solid body and his response to my touch showed that he was enjoying the massage this helped me to more easily know what areas to give a little more attention to. Then we repeated the same on the front side. It was a great first time exchange and I am looking forward to more exchanges with orcas5353 when time permits. We both seem to have commitments and a busy schedule so hopefully things will work out and we will have the opportunity to exchange again soon. Thank you orcas5353 for a great exchange!
Reviewed by Disco1976, 2019-08-16 [ID 21720:P]

Randall1 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
I had a great exchange with Randall1 and highly recommend future exchanges. Randall1 used firm technique combined with great awareness of which areas needed pressure. I left very relaxed. Thanks for helping me through the week!
Reviewed by ecofix, 2019-08-16 [ID 21719:P]

Mutualtherapy Highly Recommended
Exeter, England, United Kingdom
We met for a long overdue second time and exchanged a mutual massage experience, mutualtherapy is a kind, gentle person, and we had a really great session together. He has good skin and muscle tone, and is receptive to different massage techniques and methods. his technique was good and he put into some of the methods I was trying out. We learnt from each other which was good and he was good to talk with. I would recommend him and hope we meet up again.
Reviewed by jamesdevon1973, 2019-08-16 [ID 14568:P]

Reply from Mutualtherapy of 2019-08-16
It was an intense and thoroughly enjoyable experience - thank you James. You loosened up some tight muscles and showed me some good techniques, which I hope I can put to good use in future. You have a nice fit body that I enjoyed massaging.

lepetitchat Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I just had the best massage swap of my life! Not just through this site... Ever!

M and I shared the rent of a massage studio.

Every single muscle of mine got full attention... M really is a joy and utterly skilled. She found muscles I didn't know I had and kept a firm pressure throughout.

Her athletic body is great to massage, easy to navigate with silky skin.

I cannot wait for our next session... No time limits this time!

I highly recommend M!
Reviewed by NLonHung, 2019-08-16 [ID 21717:P]

Lomiluv Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
We met to exchange massages this lady is a very genuine person and gave a great massage. We hope to meet again to learn more from each other and enjoy another massage.
Reviewed by SensualCoupleMassage, 2019-08-15 [ID 21716:P]

Disco1976 Highly Recommended
SeaTac, Washington, United States
My first week on the site and first exchange. Communications with Disco were straight forward and very responsive. If every exchange works out this well, I will be very happy. I wanted to repeat the next day, but unfortunately couldn't make that happen. What a wonderful experience! Disco1976 has a very calm demeanor and intuitive touch. I particularly liked how he let me start the massage to his back and then we switched. Front sides were next. I left both relaxed and satisfied. I would very much like to reconnect for a repeat exchange. I highly and 100% recommend Disco1976 for massage exchanges - thank you again Disco1976!
Reviewed by orcas5353, 2019-08-15 [ID 21715:P]

long10fingers Highly Recommended
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Earlier this summer I was lucky enough to meet ‘long10fingers’ when she was travelling in Europe and housesitting for a friend in London. She is very easy to get on with: intelligent and with a nice sense of humour too.
After I had massaged her, she was kind enough to offer to massage me. Although she said she had no training she has an intuitive touch and has obviously learnt from the massages she has received herself...it is a great sign when someone can translate and replicate touch received as touch given. As she enjoyed the lomilomi which is the basis of my massage, I hope that she will be able to perhaps learn more of it herself in her travels: she has the makings of a very compassionate and intuitive therapist.
I greatly enjoyed the time I spent in her company and it was a shame that her travels were taking her home so soon, so that we couldn’t arrange another session before she left London.
I would wholeheartedly recommend an exchange with this lovely lady.
Thank you for a fabulous exchange ‘long10fingers’ and best wishes for your massage journey.
Reviewed by Touchofhuna, 2019-08-15 [ID 21714:P]

MoonshineV Highly Recommended
Nutley, New Jersey, United States
Had a great exchange with MoonshineV. He's a very nice guy and a great masseur. We had a very relaxing session, not rushed or hurried in any way, and he made me feel very comfortable the entire time. I highly recommend MoonshineV and hope we can do another exchange in the near future.
Reviewed by riverrun, 2019-08-15 [ID 21713:P]

Reply from MoonshineV of 2019-08-15
Thank you! Great Guy!

fourhands Highly Recommended
Sutton, England, United Kingdom
I recently enjoyed an exchange with Four hands.I was made to feel very welcome. I massaged them both individually and they seemed happy with my efforts. Then then gave me a fourhanded massage with was absolutely superb. I will look forward to a repeat visit sometime in the future perhaps.
Reviewed by bdaniela, 2019-08-15 [ID 21712:P]

riverrun Recommended
Livingston, New Jersey, USA
Had a wonderful session with riverrun he was friendly ,pleasant ,and knows how to relax his partner ,riverrun says hes knew at this but he did very well !!! Looking forward to meeting up with him again !!!
Reviewed by MoonshineV, 2019-08-14 [ID 21711:P]

Bond006 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Meet with Bond today ( 2nd time ), this time we had more time for a full swap. When Bond massaged me it was very good. He varied the strokes short and long whole body, and pressure depending on the areas he worked on. I nearly fell asleep a couple of times and felt totally relaxed after. Thanks for a great massage Bond. .
Reviewed by LondonSW19, 2019-08-14 [ID 21710:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Surbiton, England, United Kingdom
Beautiful energy, kind and naturally skillfull. Obviously a natural healer with good moves and knowing how to massage a tired body with immediate result. I certainly recommend Pedalpusher and I will have another session with him
Reviewed by handsmagic, 2019-08-14 [ID 21709:P]

handsmagic Highly Recommended
Athens, Attica, Greece
What a wonderful man and an even greater massage. His hands are magic with the right amount of pressure in the right places. I will definately be meeting with him again.
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2019-08-14 [ID 21708:P]

Yankey Highly Recommended
Captain Cook, Hawaii, USA
Yankey is one of those gems in the rough that I was fortunate to exchange with. It was the meeting of two souls and Yankey gave “Exchange” a new meaning. It is a hard act to follow. I have been blessed with knowing that there are men out there who are truly interested in not only their own well being but mine as well. Hope you can be as fortunate as I was.
Reviewed by threerivers, 2019-08-13 [ID 21706:P]

ThisIsIt1963 Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
I had been in a car accident and was in need of a massage. I had to reschedule once and he was accommodating. We met in Fullerton and talked a bit first and I could immediately tell he is a kind man who enjoys trading massages. The massage is performed on the floor with mat and bolster. ThisIsIt1963 has a professional touch, respects boundaries and has lots of experience. Thank you for the massage.
Reviewed by certmassageguy, 2019-08-13 [ID 21705:P]

Romanyboy Highly Recommended
St Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
Had the pleasure of meeting Romanyboy when I visited London. It was easy to set up the meetingand he met punctual. Romanyboy was very friendly and easy to communicate with. We took the exchange in turns, first back then front. Romanyboy is a tall and strong guy with good muscles. He used a good combination of strong pressure and light strokes and I enjoyed the flow in his massage very much. We had a long session and took the time that was needed to go through all the body. I felt very relaxed afterwards and can only high recommend Romanyboy for a good exchange.
Reviewed by MassageM, 2019-08-13 [ID 21704:P]

SpitnShove Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was a long time ago that me and this lovely man met but as he’s so kindly just reviewed me I thought it only polite to return the favour.
We had great easy and straightforward communication from the very beginning and we arranged our meeting quickly.

He hosted me at his hotel and we had an instant rapport. He’s a charming , funny , chatty guy who is really easy to get along with.

The massage was skilful and demonstrated an expert knowledge of the body. It was immensely relaxing but also ironed out lots of the troublesome knots I get in my shoulders and lower back. We swapped and I hope I gave as much attention as I had received.

A great way to spend a winter’s afternoon.

The only downside was that we didn’t have enough time to continue for longer as he had a dinner to attend.

I sincerely hope we get a chance to have another session on his return to London. Unless someone else nabs him first.
Reviewed by Claphamfella, 2019-08-13 [ID 21703:P]

TigerMan2019 Highly Recommended
Bowie, Maryland, United States
I met TigerMan2019 and we had a great connection. He is friendly, warm and energetic. He says he has been working on his technique for a short period of time. However, he has the skill of a trained massage practitioner. My massage from him was better than some trained massage therapists I have hired. He is focused on your experience and a great conversationalist. We are definitely meeting again. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by armymedicsoldier, 2019-08-13 [ID 21702:P]

Lindapeter Recommended
Dodford, England, United Kingdom
Recently had the pleasure to this wonderful couple.
The communications were excellent and was made to feel welcome and at ease right from the start.
Genuine couple who are very experienced.
Due to time restrictions on my part, massage was only given to L however high way through the session P joined in which L seem to enjoy very much. It was the perfect opportunity to practice my skills but also learn a few at the same time.
Look forward to meeting them again soon and for me to experience the massage.
Definitely recommend this couple.

Reviewed by RelaxMindBody, 2019-08-13 [ID 21701:P]

TigerM Highly Recommended
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
TigerM gave me a wonderful massage his experience in the industry was very evident in my massage... would be happy to receive another massage from him and would definetly recommend him to others..... Thank you TigerM for the massage.?
Reviewed by Trace78, 2019-08-13 [ID 21700:P]

jazzme Highly Recommended
Fullerton, California, United States
Jazzme was amazing! Felt like I was being massaged by a pro, despite him claiming no training. During the massage, he checked in with me and ensured a relaxing experience. He is pleasant, respectful and provided a nice place to host. I hope that he travels to the Orlando area again and look forward to our next exchange. I highly recommend Jazzme!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad, 2019-08-12 [ID 21699:P]

Catiana Highly Recommended
Sanderstead, England, United Kingdom
I was recently lucky enough to have an exchange with Catiana. She had initially tried my therapeutic lomilomi massage. We arranged for me to visit her another day for my massage.
Catiana is a charming and polite lady and she had set up a nice space for my massage. She has a great professional approach with towels, bolster pillows to support the legs and fresh couch roll already in place on the table. Even though she has only recently completed her diploma, she has a confident touch and uses good, appropriate pressure to ease aching muscles. It has been a while since I had a Swedish massage so I enjoyed her invigorating massage. As she gives more massages she will only improve I think. Her passion for massage, her belief in its power to help and her commitment to provide quality therapy shone out in our conversations before and after the massage. I was most impressed by her willingness to try different modalities, to learn, absorb, improve and add to her existing skills. Thank you Catiana for a pleasant and professional exchange.
Reviewed by Touchofhuna, 2019-08-12 [ID 21698:P]

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