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RobGarden Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
First of all he is one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. I was coming through on vacation and we set up an exchange where I was staying. Rob is a skilled masseur with a lot of warmth always checking to see how I was doing. Gracious and kind hearted he is one I look forward to exchanging with again!
Reviewed by beverlyhills1969, 2019-10-13 [ID 22183:P]

citrus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Citrus is enthusiastic about massage, both giving and receiving. He is keen to give a good massage, and this comes through in his touch. Unhurried, firm and slow strokes, slower than most people, and just how it should be and just as I like. I really enjoyed the swap with him.
Reviewed by paul123cuenta, 2019-10-12 [ID 22180:P]

Scarlett Highly Recommended
Swadlincote, England, United Kingdom
Scarlett, Wow what a person she is polite friendly understanding cooperation responding resourceful. I mean in all she was perfect.
Regarding the massage session that was amazing we respected each others feelings emotions and boundries and the way she reacted and responded on my therapeutic and sensual both sessions in addition we had a massage session in shower which she enjoyed i belive. Overall in those few hours we both enjoyed and departed in a friendly way. I strongly recommend Scarlett. And I always will meet again and again .
Great person to meet.
Reviewed by HAK, 2019-10-12 [ID 22179:P]

universe Highly Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States
My trade with universe was exceptional. He has clearly had some practice in his life, and it shows in his work. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by FordTucson, 2019-10-12 [ID 22178:P]

Jaemas Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Jaemas was great. I had first time with Tantra traditions Really knows what he's doing and has good hands that made all my muscles relax. I sleep next morning dislike to get up . Friendly and nice. Highly recommend him.
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2019-10-12 [ID 22177:P]

MF13 Highly Recommended
Chalfont, Pennsylvania, United States
I've shared with this fellow twice within 8 days of meeting him. He's a bright, generous, capable masseur who's studied anatomy and gives a richly satisfying massage. Why do I recommend him? Because his intuitive strokes move me out of my crowded mind and transport me to the quiet, silver pool of my inner peace where I re-discover how much I like myself and my body. Now--honestly--who could ask for more from a massage partner? Heathcliff 10-10-19
Reviewed by Heathcliff, 2019-10-12 [ID 22168:P]

Reply from MF13 of 2019-10-10
Wow. Such kind words. Thank you. I have enjoyed every part of our exchanges and look forward to getting together soon.

chrisg7 Highly Recommended
Belleville, New Jersey, United States
Great massage exchange. Strong hands and pleasant personality.
Reviewed by Poplar67, 2019-10-12 [ID 21954:P]

massagemanmassage Highly Recommended
Sandy, Central Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
I recently had a fantastic exchange with massagemanmassage who was the perfect host. He is an accomplished massage therapist & I received one of the best massages ever! His touch is soft and gentle, considerate and caring, but is firm where required. Long therapeutic strokes combined with many sensual elements, always checking with me to see I was OK. It was my first time using wax instead of oil, but it worked well. Overall an amazing experience & one which I will definitely like to experience again. If I could give 5+ stars I would - highly recommended. Thank you massagemanmassage.
Reviewed by dixter, 2019-10-12 [ID 22176:P]

Reply from massagemanmassage of 2019-10-16
You're very kind. Our energies matched and seemed to synchronise very easily. A massage exchange is very much about two putting aside their individuality for a while and you were generous enough to allow that!

FordTucson Highly Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Ford was great. Really knows what he's doing and has strong hands that made all my muscles relax. Friendly and nice. Highly recommend him.
Reviewed by universe, 2019-10-11 [ID 22175:P]

Photojonuk Highly Recommended
Great Barford, England, United Kingdom
Met Photojonuk today when he visited me. Gave me an excellent relaxing massage and the time flew past.. Very gentle and attentive and good conversation too. Looking forward to a repeat visit.
Reviewed by scotfree47, 2019-10-11 [ID 22174:P]

Previnho Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
Previnho is a thoughtful and very effective massage therapist. He gives a great treatment and is a kind and considerate man. Highly recommended
Reviewed by kenningtonmass, 2019-10-11 [ID 22173:P]

aajee Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Aagee came over to my home for a massage and I was impressed that he was prompt and arrived on time even though he has a tight schedule with his studies. He did inform me prior that he was receive only and I was happy with this to get some practise in on my massage techniques.

I’ve given Aagee 5 stars as he is a very pleasant guy and very easy to work on and there was no hassle with the arrangement of the session. I do hope to meet up with Aagee again and thoroughly recommend him to others on this site.
Reviewed by Sang12, 2019-10-11 [ID 22172:P]

Reply from aajee of 2019-10-14

Florida45 Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
I met Florida45 this week for an exchange. We spoke a bit on the phone before we met so were familiar with each other ahead of time. He was very good at giving massage and asking if I had any back issues etc. He took his time and it was a very relaxing massage. If he was local I would definitely like to exchange on a regular basis. Thank you.
Reviewed by RobGarden, 2019-10-11 [ID 22171:P]

lovethelifeyoulive Highly Recommended
Gloucester, United Kingdom
The most genuine, positive, attentive, warm, amazing of men!

L. and I connected here and exchanged emails until we could meet. Initially we had lunch and a stroll to get to know each other and discovered many similarities and common interests, which promised a good basis to meet for massage.
L. has wonderful soft, warm hands and uses them expertly. His touch is soft and gentle, considerate and caring, but can be firm where required. He is very intuitive and knows how to adjust his touch to suit personal preference and physical problem areas, and after meeting with him I was left feeling light and nimble and very relaxed.
The time we spend together always flies by and is very precious and I am lucky to have met him a few times now.

I would very highly recommend L. to absolutely anyone, he is a rare gem of a person and well worth getting to know.
Reviewed by JE079, 2019-10-11 [ID 22170:P]

Noggerz Highly Recommended
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
This was my first massage swap via MassageExchange, and it was a great experience. I had a fantastic massage swap with Noggerz and can highly recommend him. He is a very friendly guy with great talent in massage. Although I am a massage newbie, he made me feel instantly comfortable and taught me some massage techniques.

I very much look forward to another swap with Noggerz anytime, and I very much hope that he was not just being polite when he said that he also enjoyed my beginner's techniques.

Thank you Noggerz, I thoroughly enjoyed our massage exchange and the time we spent together!
Reviewed by LightAtNight, 2019-10-11 [ID 22169:P]

Hungbiguy26 Highly Recommended
Dartford, England, United Kingdom
Hungbiguy26 has a wonderful touch. He is an expert masseur and I would rate him very highly indeed. He varied the strokes and pressure throughout and showed great skill.
Reviewed by Hartley123, 2019-10-10 [ID 22167:P]

123twinkle Highly Recommended
Northridge, California, United States
She is very professional with a massage table in her home. Exchange is easy and she gives excellent massages. We have exchanged a couple times and it has been pretty easy going.
Reviewed by alexx914, 2019-10-10 [ID 22165:P]

Lovinmassage4now Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Lovinmassage4now was great in his massage style and pressure. He was very personable and knowledgeable in the massage. He made me feel welcome from the front door. Helped me with techniques and was very patient. Enjoyable massage swap.
Reviewed by bigdaddy2, 2019-10-09 [ID 22164:P]

Lovinmassage4now Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Just had a massage from Lovinmassage4now, 1 word ....Amazing!!!! I am always a little nervous at the beginning of any massage & it usually takes me until it almost over to fully relax...Not this time Lovinmassage4now took extra care in making me feel comfortable his massage area is terrific so comfortable and clean , His personality naturally puts you at ease ,but his technique will make you soon realize that you are with someone who knows what they are doing do not hesitate to contact him you will not regret it.... I cant wait to have another massage from him I am so relaxed right now I am like a noodle......
Reviewed by jbridge2013, 2019-10-09 [ID 22163:P]

Horsehead Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I just finished an exchange with Horsehead. What a great guy, He had me start the exchange and I thought I did a good job until I got on the table and he started. I have had one of the best massages I have ever had today. He explained everything he was doing just before he did that section my body. He kept checking to make sure the pressure was not to hard and he was spot on in his technique and pressure. Horsehead knows what he is doing and offers wellness and massage advise. He advised me to use more body weight rather than muscles to achieve the needed pressure and results so as not to get tired to quickly when massaging. He also showed me a movement to stretch muscles to relieve some of my back stress and pain. He was very helpful and certainly hope that we can exchange again.
Reviewed by Alan91, 2019-10-09 [ID 22162:P]

25963 Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
25963 enjoys giving massage and it shows! Strong hands, well placed elbows and quite intuitive in where to apply pressure. I look forward to future massages with 25963!!
Reviewed by Greaves369, 2019-10-09 [ID 22159:P]

Cooperewing Highly Recommended
Walton-on-Thames, United Kingdom
Met with Cooperewing recently and really enjoyed our exchange. He was welcoming and provided a nice set up with candles and music. His massage was perfect for a lazy sunday afternoon....good variety of strokes and very relaxing with good use of deep pressure techniques. Enjoyed it very much and look forward to the next exchange.
Reviewed by amk87, 2019-10-09 [ID 22161:P]

Mpls100 Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Mpls100 gives a wonderful massage. I've enjoyed two wonderful massages from him. I would highly recommend getting a massage from him.
Reviewed by zap14, 2019-10-09 [ID 22160:P]

Greaves369 Highly Recommended
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Greaves369 was very friendly and easy going and he had superb skills. He used several really interesting techniques that I hope I can remember so I can try them at my next exchange.
Reviewed by 25963, 2019-10-08 [ID 22158:P]

bigdaddy2 Recommended
Berea, Kentucky, USA
Big daddy2 was a delightful person to meet he was here on time and was eager to get started with the massage he let me know that he had not given that many massages and I told him don’t worry about it that he would be able to do a wonderful job and just take his time he was attentive to my request and was willing to take Criticism and to demonstrate the ability to strengthen his skills I recommend him and look forward to exchanging with him again
Reviewed by Lovinmassage4now, 2019-10-08 [ID 22157:P]

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