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fresnoguyrub Highly Recommended
Fresno, California, United States of America
fresnoguyrub has a great touch, was eating to set up with him and we were able to schedule something the weekend of after chatting. Would definitely recommend - and would love to meet up again when he’s in the area.
Reviewed by ratatouillez 2024-02-25 [ID 29405:P]

minterryan Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
I was able to set up an exchange with minterryan this weekend and I’m so glad I did. It was just what I needed after a long week at work. minterryan was kind enough to host at his home, which was a cozy and private space. He had a warm and inviting personality that made me feel at ease as soon as we met in person. His massage technique was very well refined and he has a very good momentum as he transitions from one area to the next. It felt like I was getting a professional massage at a spa. It was a very relaxing and refreshing experience. I can’t wait to set up our next exchange.
Reviewed by Budguy17 2024-02-25 [ID 29404:P]

SilverFox22 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
After a few emails back and forth we met today for a massage exchange. SilverFox22 was right on time a very neat and personal guy. We talk for a little bit and then I massage his back then he did mind and then we switch to the front. For a beginner he was excellent in his massage, right touch and pressure. I would not hesitate again to exchange with him when he is available.

Just finish another massage with SilverFox he was outstanding both in his personality and his massage. He was on time and I hosted. We undress and then hug each other and then I began his back massage and then we rotated. He has the right and pressure and strokes. I haven't exchange for awhile so thiis was the first and I now feel totally relax. I wouldn't hesitate to exchange with him again. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by bach 2024-02-25 [ID 26091:P]

SootheinSF Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States of America
I highly recommend trading with SootheinSF. His massage offers a blend of strength and firmness combined with soothing and relaxing strokes. He's very thorough and I assume very experienced in massage. He's also a personable and gracious guest. A great trade.
Reviewed by TopazSF114 2024-02-25 [ID 29403:P]

loremmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Thanks for this great massageexchnage. Really can recommend him. He is very experienced and has a firm touch and a great body to work on as well. He knows what he is doing, very nice company to be with. Looking forward to meet again.
Reviewed by massagemann 2024-02-25 [ID 29402:P]

bodybliss Highly Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
I had a great exchange massage with bodybliss at his lovely apartment: he had a good massage table with clean towels and oil. He’s experienced and lovely and possesses a real deal for the body with strong, deep, long strokes; he’s very attentive and asked me if I was comfortable, warm, relaxed and if I liked the pressure. Great massage, highly recommended.
Reviewed by giogio 2024-02-24 [ID 29400:P]

sunny55 Highly Recommended
Lawrenceville, New Jersey, United States of America
sunny55 was fun to be with. He is kind and trustworthy. He gives a great massage and i enjoyed massaging him. We have have a few sessions and each is better than previous as we get to know each other better. I encoursge anyone that wants a nice nassage or give a nice nassage to consider meeting with him. You defintely will not be disappointed
Reviewed by Edsville 2024-02-24 [ID 29399:P]

Gymfan Recommended
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Travelled along way in the rain and wind to give me a message.
His communication on his expected time of his arrival was great.
He came prepared with oils.
He was chatting and easy to talk to.
He had alot of interesting conversations about his work (yes he is an accountant).
He seems to have a genuine interest in people, culture and countries.
A real gentleman with clear boundaries.
Started slow but after a few minutes found his moves.
Thank you for your time. Hope to see you again.

Reviewed by fourhand 2024-02-24 [ID 29398:P]

Elevate747 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I had a truly amazing massage session with Elevate747! He’s kind and has a nice energy! He cares and knows what he’s doing and how to touch the body! This was my very first session and I felt very comfortable with him. Also the setting was lovely! I’m looking forward to the next session!
Reviewed by Thickandprettyx 2024-02-24 [ID 29397:P]

IntuitingTouch Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
IntuitingTouch was able to drive over to me when I was in a nearby town and we had a quality exchange. The communication before, during and after was greatly appreciated (I’ve learned not to take that for granted). His technique was solid and relaxing and it was a pleasure to get to know him a bit!
Reviewed by bikingguy 2024-02-24 [ID 29395:P]

gary22620 Highly Recommended
City of London, England, United Kingdom
I met gary22620 at his apartment in central London as he kindly agreed to host. It was a wonderful experience overall of his magic hands on my body. I like the long strokes with right pressure taking away all the tension in my muscles and giving me a sense of relaxation. Looking forward for many more sessions with him.

Reviewed by pegayan 2024-02-24 [ID 29396:P]

Thickandprettyx Highly Recommended
Seaford, New York, United States of America
I had the pleasure of meeting with Thickandprettyx and we had an amazing session! She has very good positive energy and warm personality! She is very open and comfortable in communicating her needs. I highly enjoyed the session and can't wait for the next !
Reviewed by Elevate747 2024-02-23 [ID 29393:P]

Tattsnoils Highly Recommended
Sedgemoor, England, United Kingdom
After we had exchanged emails, Tattsnoils and I arranged to meet up. He was and is very kind, friendly and easy going. He came to my home at the arranged time then after a brief chat and a bit of preparation he proceeded to give me a massage and, any nervousness I had soon disappeared. His touch and style was amazing and like nothing I had experienced before, he incorporated the use of not only his hands but, also other parts of his body to give the massage. Communication was clear between us and he checked to make sure the pressure was alright for me. I felt very safe, cared for and nurtured throughout the entire massage. I would highly recommend having a massage from Tattsnoils and I would love to receive another massage from him one day.
Reviewed by Pandamanium2975 2024-02-23 [ID 29392:P]

AGbodywork Highly Recommended
Menifee, California, United States of America
AGbodywork is a truly exceptional massage therapist. I had the pleasure of hosting him, and I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and punctuality. He took the time to communicate effectively, ensuring that he understood my specific needs and preferences before beginning the massage.

Throughout the session, it was clear that AGbodywork is highly experienced and skilled. He listened attentively to my body, adjusting the pressure and technique as needed to provide the most effective and enjoyable massage possible. His intuitive understanding of the body's needs made for a truly personalized experience.

I am already looking forward to our next session and would highly recommend AGbodywork to anyone in need of a fantastic massage.
Reviewed by therealtalcorath 2024-02-23 [ID 29391:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
Kendalian3 has so many wonderful and amazing reviews which gave me the confidence to make contact and arrange to meet. Her positive messaging was reassuring and helpful with an obvious love of massage.
On meeting, Kendalian3's warmth shone through and created a truly relaxing and absorbing experience. I wasn't surprised to discover her Yorkshire roots over a proper cuppa.
Highly recommended without doubt and if there were 10 stars to give I would happily do so.
Reviewed by SmoothOperator 2024-02-23 [ID 29390:P]

Joe02019 Highly Recommended
Glenwillow, Ohio, United States of America
It was real treat to receive 4 hand massage from Joe02019 and my husband.
Joe was punctual, respectful, classy and skillful in giving great massage.

I hope to get another massage whenever our paths cross again.
Reviewed by Amy1110 2024-02-22 [ID 29389:P]

Vikky40 Highly Recommended
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Vikky40 is a pro.
He is very skilled and respectful.
It was a great treat to receive massage from him.
Reviewed by Amy1110 2024-02-22 [ID 29388:P]

Amy1110 Highly Recommended
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Had the pleasure of meeting Amy1110 and her husband earlier this week and participate in a 4-hand massage. They were very accommodating with short notice scheduling as well as very pleasant and easy to work and converse with. I hope to visit again soon.
Reviewed by Vikky40 2024-02-22 [ID 29387:P]

TopazSF114 Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
We had great communication from the start and I was welcomed into his warm and cozy home.
It was a wonderful massage with a great cream and deep strokes that relieved tension immediately.
TopazSF114 has strong hands and followed the needs of my body beautifully. I enjoyed massaging him and
look forward to a trade again.
Reviewed by SootheinSF 2024-02-22 [ID 29386:P]

SmoothOperator Highly Recommended
Preston-on-Tees, England, United Kingdom
What a pleasure it was to meet with SmoothOperator. We had exchanged many interesting messages before finding a suitable day to meet but it was well worth the wait. Although he confesses to have no training, he has a natural talent and instinct for giving the most relaxing and enjoyable massage, giving lots of care and attention at all times. He's also one of the nicest people you could meet, with a great sense of humour, and I enjoyed his company very much. And he brought me chocolate!! Although he had to travel quite a distance to see me, I definitely hope to meet him again and would very happily recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by Kendalian3 2024-02-22 [ID 29385:P]

Reply from SmoothOperator of 2024-02-23
Thank you so much for your kind words Kendalian3, the feeling is definitely mutual and looking forward to our next meet.

Exchangepleasure Highly Recommended
Luton, England, United Kingdom
I met Exchangepleasure today and he first massaged me nice and relaxed.It felt really good to be touched. I then massaged him back and it was sensual and pleasurable. He certainly lives up to his name. Exchangepleasure is reliable, friendly and easy to get along with.
Reviewed by GaryUK 2024-02-22 [ID 29384:P]

therealtalcorath Highly Recommended
Corona, California, United States of America
therealtalcorath arrived at my place at the agreed-upon time. We chatted for a while and since he was coming straight from work he took a shower before we started the massage exchange. I massaged therealtalcorath first and halfway through we switched places. therealtalcorath gave an excellent massage, very relaxing with just the right amount of pressure. He had great technique with a professional feel. I would definitely enjoy future exchanges when I’m in the area again.
Reviewed by Massage4meandyou 2024-02-21 [ID 29383:P]

experiencematters Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
experiencematters is an agreeable host, a serious, learned practitioner of massage, friendly and respectful, in short , a solid citizen.
I had a good massage experience and reached a pleasant hypnagogic state. Thank you experiencematters.
Reviewed by dolphinman 2024-02-21 [ID 29382:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
obrian18 was a great massage partner and is a master at finding knots and working on them. I am fortunate to have been able to find a spot on his schedule. He taught me a lot of new techniques. Can’t wait until I can exchange again!
Reviewed by Kayaker12 2024-02-21 [ID 29381:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
obrian18 was a great masseur. He adjusted his technique to my liking and really took his time to do a good job. He's very very friendly, engaging, and has the softest yet strongest hands that I've experienced in a while. Run, don't walk to book him!
Reviewed by Junick 2024-02-21 [ID 29380:P]