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sputterer56 Highly Recommended
Slidell, Louisiana, United States of America
The session went very well and I think we enjoyed the massages. I’m looking forward to our next session.
Reviewed by Hellosaint1 2022-11-23 [ID 27329:P]

ed0007 Recommended
Ipswich, England, United Kingdom
Nice, friendly, prompt to arrive.
Reviewed by Redwolf1 2022-11-23 [ID 27328:P]

MassageWest Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
I had the shear pleasure of meeting MassageWest after almost 6 months of conversation.... But let me tell you it was well worth the wait..... He is a very down to earth caring man.... I have to say he gave one of the best massage I've had in a long long time .... We meet he had the heated massage table ready massage gel and. cream..... I brought my hot stones and music .... I massage him first on his back side then he did mine I would have never known he was not a professional... he has skills and technics a lot of LMT don't have ... if y'all ever get the opportunity to exchange with MassageWest please do so you're in for one heck of massage.... can't wait till we exchange again
Reviewed by massagedecatur 2022-11-22 [ID 27327:P]

Newbutkeen Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
After exchanging some massaging in the past couple of weeks, we finally managed to meet on Sunday. Newbutkeen is amazing is so many ways. His presence, warmth, friendliness, his knowledge and ability to give an incredible massage are his main qualities. On top of that he has a great body which was very easy to massage. Really hope to exchange with him soon again.
Reviewed by Saifalimassage 2022-11-22 [ID 27326:P]

Bjcook57 Highly Recommended
Stow, Ohio, United States
I recently had an exchange with Bjcook57 in his hotel room while he was traveling to my area. Upon arrival the ambiance in the room was perfect, low lighting, candles, soothing music, and the room temperature was just right. We had communicated enough on the website I was greeted with a smile as if from an old friend. I set up my table and after some more conversation we got started. He started on the table first face down. We agreed on switching every 45 minutes. While he was on the table I could definitely tell he was enjoying the massage he was receiving through vocal and body language. My time on the table was fantastic. He used mostly medium pressure but varied between deep and light pressure as well. He brought a massage candle that is designed to be used during a massage using the warm oil the candle produces. That was a first for me and it felt amazing. It was definitely my type of exchange, unhurried, relaxing and very comfortable. Fortunately, he travels to my area a few times a year so we'll be exchanging again on his next trip. Already looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by MassageWest 2022-11-22 [ID 27325:P]

Reply from Bjcook57 of 2022-11-24
And I’m looking very forward to it as well!

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Prahran, Victoria, Australia
Pedalpusher is amazing! We communicated for 4 years before meeting (due living far away from each other). He was very fun to message, as a friend! I appreciate that he stayed in consistent contact and was more than willing to travel to my city. He pleasantly surprised me by meeting two times, during the trip. Pedalpusher is respectful, great massage and stretching techniques. I am very experienced on massage exchange but he effectively completed moves never experienced before. He easily made me completely relaxed! Friendly, positive energy, I highly recommend and definitely a must exchange. He has the most reviews I have ever seen on this site with 132 and I am honored to be his 133rd review. I can’t wait until next time!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2022-11-22 [ID 27324:P]

RichRaph1 Recommended
Tempe, Arizona, United States of America
RichRaph1 does good body work. Good soft hands and warm. Energy and flow and very welcoming. No complaints on pressure and very in tuned with body limitations.
Reviewed by goodhands1223 2022-11-21 [ID 27323:P]

Wildanfree Highly Recommended
Richmond West, Florida, United States of America
Received an excellent massage from Wildanfree. Deep tissue massage was very therapeutic and I'm looking forward to our next session..
Reviewed by NudistMassaage 2022-11-21 [ID 27322:P]

Rosebud Highly Recommended
Thousand Oaks, California, United States of America
Rosebud is amazing. I never really had a Tantric massage before. It’s definitely in a different realm and sensational. He likes more of a Swedish touch so if you have the honor please give him some stretches for his back. I look forward to the next session with this Yogi.
Reviewed by dancer310 2022-11-21 [ID 27321:P]

Wildanfree Highly Recommended
Richmond West, Florida, United States of America
I absolutely enjoyed my exchange with Wildanfree. She is a very warm and caring person. Best of all she is an actual massage therapist with awesome skills. Passing up the chance to experience her massage would be a mistake. I am happy to have met her, and only wish she lived closer.
Reviewed by someonesearching 2022-11-21 [ID 27320:P]

kevale Highly Recommended
Springfield, Ohio, United States
kevale and I had an Awesome exchange last Saturday. He gave me a Deep Tissue Massage that was exhilarating. I would definitely recommend him.
Reviewed by chouette 2022-11-21 [ID 27319:P]

Jaysonmassage Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I have had swaps with Jaysonmassage. He is great at what he did. He is a nice guy. His massage style is good and firm. If you are looking swap massage, I highly recommend "Jaysonmassage".
Reviewed by AntonAnton 2022-11-20 [ID 27318:P]

AntonAnton Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I hosted a massage, I definitely needed his skill he was able to identify areas needing work and spent his time over each area. He was also a great person to massage always a please massaging a fit body
Reviewed by Jaysonmassage 2022-11-20 [ID 27317:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Had the chance to get a massage from obrian18 and it was spectacular. I went in with so much tension and he worked out all of the tension. I left there feeling amazing! Would definitely recommend!
Reviewed by MassageLvr327 2022-11-20 [ID 27316:P]

buildguy Highly Recommended
Welland, Ontario, Canada
buildguy and I had a great time together for an easily planned exchange that I was able to host. He is an easy going man who was also accommodating as I needed some leg work after a long hike. Our experience was rewarding and relaxing. We hope to exchange again.
Reviewed by TucsonFun 2022-11-20 [ID 27314:P]

gcast Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
On a resent trip to Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of a great trade with gcast at his home. He made initial contact and after a few messages, our massage was set. He had a nice set up, just enough candle light to give a wonderful atmosphere and setting along with soft music. He massage me first, his touch was prefect for my tired body after a week long road trip. He didn't miss any spot and after we were done with our massage exchange, we both were well relax to enjoy some relaxing time together. We spoke about life and how our exchange was a great way to share and connect as men. Look forward to another exchange in a future trip to Los Angeles. Namaste.
Reviewed by doneright 2022-11-19 [ID 27313:P]

gianfranz Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was welcomed into their home today and spent a very enjoyable afternoon. We started with conversation and a cup of tea to discuss how we would carry out a 3 way massage. It was decided that we would work on our backs first and then finish the fronts. It was z new experience for me not having had a 4 handed massage before. The pressure was fine and the room warm and cosy. These guys really make you feel welcome and we hope to exchange again when I am next in London.
I would highly recommend them if you get the chance
Reviewed by Bertie1 2022-11-19 [ID 27312:P]

someonesearching Highly Recommended
Fountainebleau, Florida, United States of America
someonesearching is the best, the most I have ever gotten out of a massage exchange with this guy, he deserves 10 stars I definitely want to reschedule with this guy If anyone ever tries him once, you want to lschedule a repeat right away, he is so open and honest and respectful And comes completely prepared, I didn't even have to use my sheets or my oils, he brought everything and hes got this amazing personality, calm and relaxed in no rush, And he would give me anything I wanted, he would ask for permission for everything so very respectful, I'll see you again soon.
Reviewed by Wildanfree 2022-11-19 [ID 27311:P]

estet Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Communication with estet was good. We agreed a date and time and I came round to me in W1.
He is less experienced but has developed a body sliding massage which is distinctive.
Thanks for visiting.
Reviewed by LdnRelax 2022-11-19 [ID 27310:P]

CraveMassage Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
The contact was amazing. Not pushy ans communicated well. In my home and very respectful. Questioned what I wanted and was attentive to my needs. Balanced the gentle touch with the deeper touch. I felt great afterwards and would recommend his services.
Reviewed by Alwaysme 2022-11-19 [ID 27309:P]

ExploreNRelax Highly Recommended
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
ExploreNRest came this morning and did a phenomenal job, he did way better than
my regular masseuse. He did 2 hours of continuous detail massaging every part of my body.
I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend him to everyone. I will be looking
For our next massage exchange meeting.
Reviewed by December22 2022-11-18 [ID 27308:P]

Reply from ExploreNRelax of 2022-11-19
It was so great to be able to do a massage exchange with you. Thank you for the kind words.
I hope we can be able to exchange a massage again when I give San Diego a visit.

Pilotguy84 Highly Recommended
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
What a wonderful, respectful and kind person! I’m really glad I got to meet him because he was really good at giving a massage. It was a treat and super relaxing. Definitely recommend!
Reviewed by Restandrelaxation 2022-11-18 [ID 27307:P]

jabez99 Highly Recommended
Camden Town, Greater London, United Kingdom
Hands down one of the best sensual massages I ever had. Thank you for this moment.
Reviewed by Saifalimassage 2022-11-18 [ID 27306:P]

Reply from jabez99 of 2022-11-25
Awwww, thanks. You're lovely and I enjoyed getting my hands on you!

Car1218 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Really great massage with Car1218. Very muscular body which was a pleasure to work on. Nice guy too. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Pad81 2022-11-18 [ID 27305:P]

Abloke1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Really enjoyable, relaxing and firm massage. Nice guy too. Highly recommended
Reviewed by Pad81 2022-11-18 [ID 27304:P]

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