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nimblerod1 Highly Recommended
Saint George, Utah, United States
Visited nimblerod1 and was very friendly and had an excellent setup with table for massage. Provided me with a wonderful experience and highly recoomend him. Then we switched and provided him with a massage.
Reviewed by retrievergolden 2024-07-19 23:53 [30071/P]

doneright Satisfactory
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
We specifically planned for a later evening time per doneright's schedule. I had plans during the day that I was trying to avoid cutting my time short at anyway, so the later schedule worked out. doneright's plans canceled and was adamant to let me know his schedule had changed, and he was free. I cut my time short at my plans and met him 2 hours early. We had talked about showering before the session to ensure cleanliness after our days and to get out any curiosity before the session, so we could focus on the massage. We skipped passed that although we were ahead 2 hours. He did my back; I did his. Then it was time for my front followed by his. His touch was a lighter and relaxing, but not firm if that's what you're looking for. His central tremor was disclosed and expected, it brought almost a sedating effect on its own. He had a decent kyphosis, more than the older pictures showed. He mentioned more shoulder tension, so gave some focus there. We got to my front. I did feel the massage took the back seat a bit quicker than I anticipated. Again still relaxing, pleasurable. However, I did feel like parts of my front got neglected as a result. When I worked on his front, I noticed it was hard for him to let go of his arms, so I did some range of motion stuff to try and trick his arms into relaxing. Overall it was not a bad session, however, the impatience with my previously stated plans and deviation from what was discussed at length left the session with an odd taste.
Reviewed by ssbc 2024-07-19 21:26 [29875/P]

Reply from doneright of 2024-06-05
Thanks for the exchange and hopefully you find those on here that meet your 5 star expectations. Sometimes connections don't happen as we plan and even expect.

charmand Highly Recommended
Lima, Ohio, United States of America
Had the opportunity to trade massage with charmand. Everything about the session was amazing. He’s intuitive, knowledgeable and has great pressure. I was sad when the session was over. I felt amazing and rejuvenated.
I look forward to trading massage again and hopefully soon.
Highly recommend!
Reviewed by Bray75 2024-07-19 15:37 [30070/P]

RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
RoseGoddess was wonderful for my first massage using this website. We communicated clearly, so we quickly agreed to a time and place(hers). She wants to fully enjoy her massage without much talking (understandable). So I was able to come up with a mix of therapeutic and sensual after reading her many reviews. For therapeutic, I found some knots and tightness (some of which seemed to melt away). For sensual, I found some pleasure spots 😊 The massage lasted about 1.5 hours. Thanks RoseGoddess for being a great host and massage receiver! Thanks also to your home support: room mate and well-behaved dogs 😊
Reviewed by SacMass 2024-07-19 13:50 [30069/P]

SacMass Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States
7/18/2024: Very relaxing massage. Lots of stretching of my legs, gentle kissing on my breasts. He used coconut oil. Loved it.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2024-07-18 22:05 [30068/P]

Reply from SacMass of 2024-07-19
Thanks, and let me know when you are ready for another!

njbi29nwk Highly Recommended
Newark, New Jersey, United States of America
njbi29nwk was a pleasure to meet. he was very communicative about his travel plans & kept me updated every step of the way. i thought i could give a pretty good massage, but this nice gentleman was phenomenal. his moves and techniques made me feel like i was in the hands of a real professional. i will gladly welcome this gent anytime.
Reviewed by NakedPBI 2024-07-18 18:01 [30067/P]

LittleF74 Highly Recommended
Dubuque, Iowa, United States of America
Excellent session. Great person. I'll look forward to an opportunity for a rematch 😃
Reviewed by magichandman 2024-07-18 06:21 [30066/P]

Lovestoswimanddance Highly Recommended
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States of America
The site’s travel calendar feature helped spark my fantastical introduction with Lovestoswimanddance. Our initial communication led quickly to a meet-up the following day at my hosting space. Her travels for family brought her to the next town over, just 8 minutes away. (In Texas, that’s just plain ol’ destiny). We sat for an interesting and fun talk, and I learned areas to be mindful, and other muscle groups to target during her massage. Lovestoswimanddance was complimentary, provided helpful feedback when appropriate, and was simply a joy to massage that first evening.

A couple of afternoons later, our schedules allowed for a traditional massage exchange meet-up. After I gave her a full body session, Lovestoswimanddance offered to massage me on the table. She used firm deep techniques to untie shoulder ailments I’ve had months, and really taught me new beneficial strokes across my backside to relay on other partners in the future. What skills!! And such a kind, spirited, respectful, sensuous, fit, woman. Her presence and partnership is beyond compare!
Reviewed by laughingplace2 2024-07-17 22:36 [30065/P]

Reply from Lovestoswimanddance of 2024-07-18
It was such a delight to be able to reciprocate and give you some muscle release that you so needed. I am so glad that we met and look forward to possibly one more get together before I have to depart back to california. It was a pleasure getting massaged by you and all your techniques which were truly an amazing stress relief!

IslandGirl7 Highly Recommended
San Gabriel, California, United States of America
Reviewed party: IslandGirl7. Reviewer: LightWork. I had the blessing of receiving a massage from IslandGirl7. This is one of the best massages I've ever experienced. Her technique is very spiritual. Her movements flow like water with an energy like Tai Chi, which meant a lot to me, as I'm a Qi practitioner. She is even more lovely than her pictures in person. I hope everyone who is blessed to receive massages from her will treat her with respect and appreciation.
Reviewed by LightWork 2024-07-17 20:38 [30064/P]

Reply from IslandGirl7 of 2024-07-18
Pleasantly surprised! I really appreciate that lovely review, you are truly a gem. Thank you so much

Bray75 Highly Recommended
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Bray75 was an excellent massage partner: kind, knowledgeable and respectful.

Receiving his massage was very therapeutic, and giving one to him was a pleasure.
Reviewed by charmand 2024-07-17 18:18 [30063/P]

tenderheartIN Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America
I experience a nice and very relaxing massage today from tenderheartIN. He definitely knows how to give a massage relaxing you from top to bottom and back to bottom. He is very professional in giving a massage we carried conversation off and on almost feel asleep he had me so relax. We started doing each other back and then switch to the front leaving no area untouch. I would not hesitate to exchange with him again when he is available. Thanks tenderheartIN for the great massage.
Reviewed by bach 2024-07-17 13:37 [30062/P]

kellyeth Highly Recommended
Durham, North Carolina, United States of America
I had a great time meeting kellyeth. She is a really sweet person, laid back, and easy to work with.
Reviewed by Prossage88 2024-07-17 09:36 [30061/P]

slcmt Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
slcmt is a gentleman who enjoys giving great massage, strong and soft as he adapts to your liking. He is great at sensing what is needed to make the session optimal and can teach a few techniques, while respecting boundaries.
Try slcmt! A positive experience you will have.
Reviewed by FrankNeedsHands 2024-07-16 16:31 [30060/P]

howie34 Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
I met up with howie34 while staying in Brighton and he hosted at his place. We had tried to meet on a previous visit but timings did not work out. He is a lovely guy who was a great host and gave me a fantastic massage. I enjoyed massaging his toned body very much. I highly recommend him!
Reviewed by kingstonguy 2024-07-16 09:15 [30059/P]

Aangel Highly Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States of America
It was an honor to finally get to massage Aangel. What a man! He has a very muscular body built from playing rugby. At first I was a bit intimidated if I would be able to impress him with my massage skills. His entire body is very solid and powerful. While my hands and arms were useful, I soon realized it would take my entire body to give him the proper strength it would take to work out his muscles and bring him the kind of relaxation I was determined to show him. I guess I did okay because he seemed very happy after we were done with how I was able to release his tension. I hope I get the chance to experience his body again - such an awesome guy!
Reviewed by lanycman 2024-07-16 08:55 [30058/P]

Schwemm Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
After a period of communication, 4 years in fact :) Schwemm and I finally organised a swap and a delight it was too. We had an interesting conversation before commencing our swap, I started the massage and found him to be very calm and positively responsive, we swapped c 20 mins where i found evident his experience in both his nature and style to be truly invigorating, i found his leg massage to be beneficial and therapeutic. He indulged me with strong, luxurious strokes and his focus was clearly on me with an eagerness to please. It was a pleasure to swap with Schwemm, he is calm, relaxed and felt comfortable during our session.

I recommend an exchange.

You will enjoy his excellent qualities and company.
Reviewed by london2015 2024-07-16 03:35 [30057/P]

SacredTouch1 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
SacredTouch1 is exactly as his username says. I received an unrushed very relaxing massage with just the right amount of pressure. He concentrated on all the places needing attention. Thank you and I look forward to another massage in the future
Reviewed by Needmassage2024 2024-07-16 03:02 [30056/P]

laughingplace2 Highly Recommended
Southlake, Texas, United States of America
Within a day laughingplace2 and I were in a session that was totally amazing! And a much-needed one, I may add.

The ambience, and selection of oils was beyond what I was expecting. He is a very generous and giving peron. I wasn't expecting to be as relaxed as I was at the end. It was very soothing and as he used his hands gently but firmly put me in a very relaxed mode. He was also a gentleman and a great communicator.

Definitely looking forward to meeting again. Highly recommend it.
Reviewed by Lovestoswimanddance 2024-07-15 19:58 [30055/P]

Whiskeygirl Highly Recommended
Schaumburg, Illinois, United States of America
I had such a great time meeting up with Whiskeygirl. She was very communicative with her needs and feedback on how the session was progressing. She is a very fun and awesome person to be around. I look forward to working on her again.
Reviewed by KK136 2024-07-15 13:08 [30054/P]

KK136 Highly Recommended
Riverwoods, Illinois, United States of America
Had an incredible session with KK136, exceeded my expectations. He found my trouble spots and using his incredible technique, worked the problem areas away. He combined my sensual session with some great massage technique. Really fun experience.
Reviewed by Whiskeygirl 2024-07-14 18:06 [30053/P]

Carl5 Highly Recommended
Bloomington, Illinois, United States
What a surprise when Carl5 arrive on Friday. He was on a business trip in Ohio and we had been talking and on his way home he stop for a massage exchange however because of the lateness he left his trip he decided that he would only give me a massage and next time thru possibly I could give him a massage. He is very experience in his knowledge of the body as I felt so relax from his long strokes and body pressure I really enjoy his masssage. We communicated as he was massaging me and there was quiet time to relax and enjoy his massage I almost fell asleep he had me so relax I won't hesitate to exchange a massage with him whenever he comes through town again. He was very easy to communicate with and very professional in his massage.
Reviewed by bach 2024-07-13 16:25 [30052/P]

Reply from Carl5 of 2024-07-14
Thank you for your very kind review, bach. It was so good meeting you and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.

Jjbends Highly Recommended
Bradenton, Florida, United States of America
Polite and on time
Reviewed by ShellyP2280 2024-07-13 14:49 [30051/P]

PracticeDummy23 Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet and offer a massage for PracticeDummy23. He is a wonderful conversationalist and a very thoughtful and gracious gentleman. His commitment to fitness is apparent in his diet and exercise program and his desire for complete body wellness supports his capacity to fully receive a massage. He gave me excellent feedback about what was helpful for him when I provide a foot massage and foot reflexology session. He also let me know how the therapeutic and relaxing massage techniques I offered placed his body into balance and in a state of relaxed peacefulness. He exudes so much positive energy which makes giving him a massage pure joy. I am very much looking forward to scheduling another session with him when our schedules align.
Reviewed by Carl5 2024-07-13 13:44 [30050/P]

Reply from PracticeDummy23 of 2024-07-14
Carl and I hit it off before we even met. He had excellent communication with me the entire time. When I met Carl, I felt very calm , he has a welcoming calm demeanor about himself. Carl’s approach to massage, that includes the feet, is extraordinarily erotic that is hard to explain. He put certain pressure points on me that I never had done to me before that were just so pleasurable. I am so excited to see him again in the near future! He has a true talent and is a wonderful man. Thanks 🙏 again Carl! So much.

wb8666 Highly Recommended
Riverside, Ohio, United States of America
wb8666 creates an excellent space for an outstanding healing and relaxing massage experience. His office setting is a very comfortable place to relax and visit even before the massage begins. He has a wide array of therapeutic modalities to offer and is highly adaptable to my feedback. Since I mentioned that I would get the most benefit from having my legs and feet massaged, he did exactly what I hope for. He spent ample time on my legs and feet which made my long drive home very relaxed and comfortable. I sincerely enjoyed visiting with him and know that others will do the same. I strongly recommend contacting him and then scheduling a session with him.
Reviewed by Carl5 2024-07-13 10:56 [30049/P]

bach Highly Recommended
Beech Grove, Indiana, United States of America
bach provides an ideal environment for a relaxing and therapeutic massage. His massage space is spacious, the classical music he plays is soothing, and the ambient lighting immediately helped me feel relaxed and comfortable. He is gifted in his ability to adjust his pressure while giving a massage and then provided excellent feedback let me know my massage techniques were effective for him. He is a very thoughtful person and a natural conversationalist. I look forward to my next opportunity to meet with bach.
Reviewed by Carl5 2024-07-13 10:50 [30048/P]

Reply from bach of 2024-07-14
Thanks Carl5 great job!