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DinTheDesert Highly Recommended
Indio, California, United States of America
I had the pleasure of an exchange with Dinthedesert this week. D was a gracious host and had everything in place for the exchange when I arrived. The exchange was easy to set up with minimal back and forth. We started with D working on my back and it was immediately evident that he possessed a confident, well trained touch. D was equally engaged as the massage recipient. If you have the opportunity to exchange with D I’d suggest you do not hesitate.
Reviewed by miamimassageguyforfun 2020-10-23 [ID 23776:P]

Firenzo Highly Recommended
Oldsmar, Florida, United States
Firenzo. 2020 has been a very unusual year. I think everyone can agree on that. Between quarantines and distancing (and significantly reduced interaction on MX), it was easy to lose track of people - even ones you’ve known and corresponded with more than a little.

So it was great to see Firenzo reappear on the Viewed page - and just when I was headed to the Tampa Bay area for a few days! We arranged to have an exchange. The day before we were to meet, though, he messaged me with the bad news that he had injured his back. He was honest and said that he didn’t feel much like having any massage swap. We chatted a bit and decided to wait and see how he had progressed that next day.

Turned out that he felt much better. We got together, had a bite to eat and some nice conversation, even managed to squeeze in a walk at a local park. He had been doing well, moving well, feeling good. But once I started the VERY GENTLE MASSAGE, it was clear that making it Receive Only was the only reasonable choice. The inflammation along the sides and lower back was palpable - and he just needed to have some mild work done on him. Even with taking it easy, we had to cut the session short. Anything more would have done more harm than good.

What’s notable about our get-together: anyone can be a pleasant companion when they’re feeling good. Firenzo was great company even when he wasn’t feeling his best. He also gave useful feedback during what was - of necessity - a brief, focused and limited massage.

I look forward to the opportunity of having a more “routine” sort of exchange with him whenever our schedules allow. I’m sure it will be worthwhile.
Reviewed by Yankey 2020-10-23 [ID 23775:P]

Reply from Firenzo of 2020-10-23
Very nice review! Enjoyed meeting Yank he is very kind and brought snacks for a late supper! I enjoyed our visit and walk in the park ended the visit on a happy note! Sorry I was unable to enjoy the massage more due to recent back issue! Yank certainly is a caring person!

bentivolevo Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Had a very relaxing massage trade with bentivolevo and must say that I highly recommend him! Excellent communication and responsiveness, with a very relaxing demeanor and enthusiastic approach to massage.
Reviewed by jackbravo 2020-10-23 [ID 23774:P]

Njoy Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
My exchange with NJoy was just that, joy. I highly recommend even when it it freezing outside!

I came to her. Her studio is very zen. Like a remote retreat in the wilderness, but in the city. I loved the best of both worlds. Her massage skills are well practiced, her touch was nice and deep and strong as requested. Her intuition is great. She was patient and thorough. A gift to me on a cold and dreary night.

Then I got to try to return the experience. N was a joy to touch and massage. Her desires and feedback were subtle but clear. we went well over our planned time and enjoyed every minute.

I look forward to more exchanges and highly recommend Njoy to you.

Reviewed by Roreally 2020-10-22 [ID 23773:P]

jolien Satisfactory
Seal Beach, California, United States
Today i did a compassionate massage to jolien. She needs a vigorous massage on her feet to improve circulation. She wanted a choking griping style specially on her toes that required a lot of effort. The knees also needed deep pressure. All in allI felt good for helping out
Reviewed by MikeMasseur 2020-10-22 [ID 23771:P]

wanderlust Highly Recommended
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Met up with wanderlust at his hotel while he was in London. He is a lovely friendly guy and great host Who gave me a badly needed and amazing massage. I also enjoyed returning the favour as he has a smooth toned body to practice on - I highly recommend him and hope to meet up with him again.
Reviewed by kingstonguy 2020-10-22 [ID 23770:P]

ZASSAGE Highly Recommended
West Bradenton, Florida, United States of America
Zogisle/Zassage is an amazing therapist.
Totally professional, full wonderful stories.
Spent time sharing and talking about how he learned all that he has incorporated into the massage he gives, which is an amazing massage that includes stretching. I am greatful for his work and felt so much better afterwards. I cannot say enough positive things about my experience Zogisle.
Reviewed by sportbiker 2020-10-22 [ID 23769:P]

Ca524 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Ca524 is an instructor in all types of massage and it is apparent! He is unparalleled in the arts of massage! He is intuitive very well versed! It was an incredible experience!
Reviewed by Justme70 2020-10-21 [ID 23768:P]

miamimassageguyforfun Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
Had a very enjoyable massage with MiamiMassageGuyForFun. Very nice, firm pressure (my favorite! 😁) MiamiMassageGuyForFun also checked in with me during the massage to ask about the pressure (which was perfect 👌). I was left feeling very relaxed after the massage. MiamiMassageGuyForFun is a very nice and respect guy, and I thoroughly enjoy our massage exchange. 👍
Reviewed by DinTheDesert 2020-10-21 [ID 23767:P]

points Highly Recommended
Venice, California, United States
Points is extremely talented. I have had thousands of paid masseurs. Points Ranks up at the top of my list of experiences
In addition he is a good hearted man. Don’t miss the opportunity of experiencing this man
Reviewed by JM3961 2020-10-21 [ID 23765:P]

Roreally Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
I got to exchange sensual bodywork with Roreally and it made a big difference in my physical reality. He came to my place and we had good communication around the plan.
We did a trade and I loved working on Roreally. He was a wonderful receiver and I felt inspired and relaxed. I did go quite a bit over the time we had agreed on.

Then it was my turn. I felt able to really drop in to my body and that I could freely express through sound, movement, placement of awareness, breath as I was experiencing his touch. I felt a lot of freedom In how I received, which is very valuable to me. I would love to trade some more in the future.
And heartily recommend working with Roreally.
Reviewed by Njoy 2020-10-21 [ID 23764:P]

bobsnuba Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
I received a very nice massage from a very good former therapist who is very kind and thoughtful. I highly recommend
Reviewed by Cta62 2020-10-20 [ID 23763:P]

Cta62 Satisfactory
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Therapist is strong,caring, a decent enthusiast who will improve with time and feedback.
Reviewed by bobsnuba 2020-10-20 [ID 23762:P]

Annatora Highly Recommended
Tustin, California, United States of America
A lovely lady and enjoys good conversation and intuitive touch.
Reviewed by EsalenGuy52 2020-10-19 [ID 23761:P]

gussy Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I appreciate your amazing massage ... it is the best massage I ever had as you spend so much time on the knots and tension areas and it is so satisfying .. never had a better massage in my life .. and I had lots of them.

Being massaged for 4 hours this is just a paradise. And your hands know where exactly to massage . I don’t have to tell you where the tension is, because you know it yourself and spend so much time on all the knots ..

I never had better experience...

Reviewed by Alisa 2020-10-19 [ID 23492:P]

Proman Highly Recommended
Audlem, England, United Kingdom
Proman invited me to his home for my first massage exchange. On arrival, I was pretty nervous but Proman put me at ease and gave me a great, firm massage which really hit the muscles and left me feeling very relaxed.
When it was my turn to give the massage, Proman gave feedback throughout which gave me confidence in my technique.
Proman has a good massage room and is a friendly and engaging host; perfect for a beginner like me.
Reviewed by Arctic7 2020-10-19 [ID 23760:P]

Ruyal Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was such a pleasure to meet and exchange massage with this very special young man. The exchange was easy to arrange and Ruyal was on time and very polite and friendly. It was a pleasure to be massaged by Ruyal who is a gifted masseur. It was equally a pleasure to work on his fine beautifully toned body. I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by FrankSW8 2020-10-19 [ID 23759:P]

miamimassageguyforfun Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
I just enjoyed a very nice exchange with miamimassageguyforfun. My body was in dire need of a good massage to get it realigned and to relieve the tension my muscles were feeing after a recent surgery. He provided both wonderfully.
Reviewed by GiftedMsr 2020-10-18 [ID 23758:P]

GiftedMsr Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
GiftedMsr is really a gifted masseur. I had the privilege of exchanging this afternoon and look forward to future exchanges. GiftedMsr’s years of experience are evident from his first touch. His technique is confident, intuitive, and enjoyable.
Reviewed by miamimassageguyforfun 2020-10-18 [ID 23757:P]

Reply from GiftedMsr of 2020-10-18
Thank you

Justme70 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
I had a wonderful trade with Justme70. We texted each other a bit until we found a time we could meet up. He is a very laid-back guy and so we got along great. Very fluid and relaxing massage. Beautiful Lomi Lomi type movements I really enjoyed. He sincerely took his time which I very much appreciated. We clicked well and ended up just talking for a very long time after the massage. Great guy and new friend. Thank you so much and can't wait to see you again soon!
Reviewed by Ca524 2020-10-17 [ID 23756:P]

Arctic7 Highly Recommended
Salford, England, United Kingdom
I had the privilege of meeting with Arctic 7 recently. He came to my home and arrived on time after an hour's drive for him.

He is a very courteous, shy man. He said he felt nervous because it was his first exchange. I massaged him first and he said he was paying close attention because we both like stong massage with firm pressure. Well, we just clicked, Arctic 7 is extremely polite and very capable at massage, he said he learned from YouTube videos. It must have been very good videos. His technique was perfectly strong and flowing just what the doctor ordered.

I would highly recommend having a session with Arctic 7. I will love to have him back again on a weekly basis!
Reviewed by Proman 2020-10-16 [ID 23753:P]

Chicolito Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
It was very easy to meet with Chicolito, a couple of messages and we met the following day at my place. I believe I was his first swap. He is a very friendly, smiley, relaxed individual with a great sense of humor. The exchange was a bit different. There was a lot of talk and laugh during the session. I enjoyed massaging his toned body. His has developed a very personal style with lots of smooth long strokes, very sensual, he definitely enjoy the body contact and touch. The time went so fast but we spent almost 4 hours enjoying the moment. He definitely deserves to make lots of swap from this site.
Reviewed by LM55 2020-10-15 [ID 23752:P]

KJ1468 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Camden, England, United Kingdom
Great massage with KJ. Nice and firm. Super friendly! 🤗🤗
Reviewed by Fabz1978 2020-10-14 [ID 23751:P]

justlooking4u Recommended
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States of America
Justlooking4u was strong, caring responsive my inputs and did a great massage. He was not so great with boundaries however.
Reviewed by bobsnuba 2020-10-13 [ID 23750:P]

armymedicsoldier Highly Recommended
Springfield, Virginia, United States
In meeting with armymedicsoldier living over an hour away I was alittle tense not sure with heavy traffic if I would arrive on time, So his welcoming Hello helped bring the massage back into proper perspective ... when it was his turn he showed me the clock and I replyed I`m not interested in the time for in my heart I wanted to give him all the time he wished and make him feel good That was my primary reason I was there not for me but what I could give to him... I had the so called timed massage`s before and I`m there anyway`s for a short while to make the other person feel good... When it was his turn to do me He went beyond the call of duty in meeting expectations, even when I shared with him at least twice to stop any time he was running out of steam... He ran the course .. His place is quiet and he had a nice selection of good music in the back ground ... Of course I left as usual with a feeling of wonderment ... as I`ve heard said many times " All good things must come to an end" ... Since it`s probaly safer to commuciate thru this " Massage Exchange" site, I suppose a sugestion: like quicker responces to sent emails would be a super plus ... when possible.... Toe41
Reviewed by toe41 2020-10-13 [ID 23749:P]

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