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LdnRelax Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a enjoyable exchange with LdnRelax and he is a very good host.
He is an experienced masseur with interesting techniques.
Reviewed by AlexP 2023-01-29 [ID 27611:P]

RobTheRub Recommended
Street, England, United Kingdom
We met Rob this week and had a very enjoyable massage experience. After chatting back and forth we arranged a meet up. We had a lovely chat and talked about our experiences and background. After chatting we transitioned naturally into the massage. Rob started with a standing massage on R, which worked really well as an introduction. Rob demonstrated techniques and encouraged me to participate as I was able. After R was fully relaxed Rob offered to let us practice the techniques he had shown us on him. We weren’t very good, but it was good to be able to practice. Thank you Rob for a very enjoyable afternoon. Looking forward to seeing what the future brings us.
Reviewed by Crazycakelady 2023-01-28 [ID 27604:P]

Crazycakelady Recommended
Wychavon, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the privilege of visiting the male/female couple who call themselves “Crazycakelady” in their pleasant and comfortable home in Evesham.
They were very keen to make me feel welcome with good manners and good cake, both of which worked very well indeed!
They were keen to impress on me that they had very little experience – which was absolutely no problem as far as I’m concerned – but were fast learners.
I only massaged the guy on this occasion due to some practical issues, but again, that was perfectly fine and he reciprocated with what he’d learned. I thoroughly enjoyed the massage he provided.
I’m looking forward to the next time we see each other when we’ll hopefully share our time completely equally. In the meantime, I’m sure they’ll gain experience very readily and enthusiastically and I’ve reserved awarding a five-star score for then.
I know these two will very quickly work towards being masseurs with sought-after talents and I hope they’ll be very much encouraged from the tour I’ve given them this time round.
Go and spend some time with them if you can - I’m very much looking forward to our next visit, if they’ll have me!
Reviewed by RobTheRub 2023-01-28 [ID 27602:P]

AlexP Recommended
Maidenhead, England, United Kingdom
Alex made the effort to come to my place. He has good massage skills and has conviction in moving from therapeutic to sensual moves. There are a few more muscle parts to engage with in the journey to mahe the experience more hedonistic. Thanks.
Reviewed by LdnRelax 2023-01-28 [ID 27610:P]

Cakewars11 Highly Recommended
Bierton, England, United Kingdom
I was lucky enough to meet Cakewars recently and give her a treatment. What a lovely friendly lady!
We met at a nearby cafe for a drink and a chat and hit it off immediately and went back to my treatment room at home.
She was a great pleasure to work on and being a dancer was fit and toned, and was very responsive to my signature Hydrotherm treatment, an absolute delight!
I hope we will meet again soon.
Reviewed by NJP1 2023-01-28 [ID 27609:P]

Renstar2007 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I’ve just enjoyed one of the most astounding massage experiences for the longest time. I’m not familiar with Chinese Massage, Renstar2007 is a star, such strong hands, never tiring even though it was through layers of fabric. I was spaced out afterward and all my muscles felt worked… Certainly was a challenge to get off the table and reciprocate
A genuine man, an astounding treatment from head to toe, if you like that sort of modality, I highly recommend Renstar2007!!!
Reviewed by trickyfingers 2023-01-27 [ID 27608:P]

gussy Highly Recommended
London Borough of Bexley, England, United Kingdom
Gus was amazing - he asked all the right questions in order to get to know me (the female part of this profile) and learn what I like. He asked in such a way that I knew he was getting to know me ready to tailor his wonderful bespoke massage for me. His reviews that I have seen and recommendations are truly representative of him. I was at ease with him from first meeting him onwards he started with a very professional therapeutic massage with lots of moves; touching in a therapeutic way and clearly understood my body well and how to massage me. He moved me in a way I have never felt before, and as the massage became more sensual: moving my energy strongly as a result of his massage. It was a superb experience. Thank you.

The debrief with both of us and Gus was just great fun, firstly talking about the experience and then comparing massage techniques and ideas and learning so much from Gus and his training from Thailand and his experience.
Reviewed by BillRose 2023-01-27 [ID 27607:P]

Greg54 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
I hosted Greg after a long period of time exchanging messages, attempting to find a time that suited us both.
Greg arrived, at the precise time agreed, which I really appreciate, when exchanging.

After a brief conversation around massage preferences and identifying areas in need of attention, I began to perform my massage routine.
Greg has a wonderful firm body to work on which makes it an ease when I’m making full use of my own body,

I believe Greg enjoyed, my technique and certainly felt a good connection.

An hour passed and it was then my turn to receive.
Greg showed good technique and experience, he was able to both soothe away my aches following the morning Gym session, but also allowed my mind to drift blissfully through sensual touches.

All in all, a very enjoyable exchange with Greg and one I would happily repeat.
Reviewed by Hungbiguy26 2023-01-27 [ID 27606:P]

Wackyracer Recommended
Tilford, United Kingdom
I met Wacky racer for a massage exchange recently. He hosted at his home. A massage area was set up with appropriate subdued lighting and soft music.
We chatted over coffee first just getting to know each other a bit, discuss boundaries and expectations.
His massage strokes were light, consistent and contained some nice long slow strokes. Hi yoni massage techniques were very stimulating.
He remained polite, respected boundaries, and checked in at different stages of the massage.
Overall a good exchange, I would recommend him and hope to be able to meet up again in the future
Reviewed by DragonNymph 2023-01-27 [ID 27605:P]

TheSaint2 Highly Recommended
Bromsgrove, England, United Kingdom
I spent a very pleasant afternoon in the company of this charming man. His massage was thorough, enjoyable and different.. Intimate and sensual without being erotic. I would certainly recommend his massage.
Reviewed by ME65750 2023-01-27 [ID 27603:P]

yarra3141 Highly Recommended
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
Had an excellent exchange with yarra3141. He has a professional set up, knows how to massage, and is very knowledgeable and generous in giving helpful feedback. It was a pleasure to do the exchange and I look forward to next time.
Reviewed by CarltonGuy 2023-01-26 [ID 27601:P]

DragonNymph Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
A great exchange with DragonNymph. We had been talking for some time, so it was great to actually meet in person. She came to my house and stayed for almost five and a half hours.
A nice woman, fairly new to exchanging but has taken to it very well. I massaged her first which she seemed to enjoy and we made a connection. Her massage of me was excellent and she has clearly benefited from the training she has had. Highly recommended and welcome back any time
Reviewed by Wackyracer 2023-01-26 [ID 27600:P]

Reply from DragonNymph of 2023-01-26
Thanks for that review. It was a good exchange and look forward to meeting again in the future

gippy86314 Highly Recommended
Prescott Valley, Arizona, United States of America
I had the opportunity to be massaged by gippy86314 this week. It was a relaxing pleasant experience. He was very respectful and obeyed the boundaries established. gippy86314 listened to my needs and communicated effectively. He was attentive to problem areas and gave a good thorough massage. I would welcome another massage from gippy86314.
Reviewed by melvinletze 2023-01-25 [ID 27599:P]

CarltonGuy Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
I had CarltonGuy over for a swap today and now so relaxed thinking how good it was.
CarltonGuy underestimates how good his style is although he has no formal training. He has strokes that I've never felt before n you can also feel how he enjoys doing a massage. I'm looking forward to my next swap with CarltonGuy n l thoroughly recommend him for a enjoyable swap.
Reviewed by yarra3141 2023-01-25 [ID 27598:P]

Aldesnudo Highly Recommended
Kissimmee, Florida, United States of America
I have had some great exchanges on this site and Aldesnudo is one of them. The massage was unhurried and thorough. I truly enjoyed his company as much as his massage that was mentally as physically healing. The worst part of the massage was that it ended. I hope I am honored to exchange with him again, the sooner the better.
Reviewed by threerivers 2023-01-25 [ID 27597:P]

threerivers Highly Recommended
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
Three rivers was the best!!
Received me at his time share with open arms! Truly genuine, gentle, mindful, caring.

His massage techniques are out of this world, as he paid EVERY attention to detail! Welcoming me into an after massage shower. HIGHLY recommend! I hope I have the honor to exchange with him soon!
Reviewed by Aldesnudo 2023-01-25 [ID 27596:P]

Hungbiguy26 Highly Recommended
Dartford, England, United Kingdom
(No title)
I met Hungbiguy recently having exchanged several emails trying to arrange a mutual time which was all down to my limited availability.
However it was certainly worth the wait.
He welcomed me into his lovely warm apartment Which was on a cold day and he had the table ready with a drink and towels waiting.
He massaged me first starting on my back and shoulders melting away the stress and tension. I had to ask if he was professionally qualified as he certainly seemed it. He then continued the same quality on my legs developing into more sensual strokes.
I then reciprocated and massaged him after which I believe we were both fully relaxed and stress relived.
I certainly hope we can repeat the the exchange again.

Reviewed by Greg54 2023-01-25 [ID 27595:P]

melvinletze Highly Recommended
Sun City, Arizona, United States of America
I got the opportunity to massage melvinletze yesterday. She is a very pleasant women that was informative of how bad and where her trouble areas were. She gave feedback while getting the massage and was comfortable to be around. She has a nice massage area and had the massage equipment set up and ready when I arrived. It was a pleasure to massage her and I would do it again if given the opportunity.
Reviewed by gippy86314 2023-01-25 [ID 27594:P]

Taketime Highly Recommended
Orem, Utah, United States of America
This morning I met with Taketime at his home for a massage exchange. I walked into a comfortable setup including a nice massage table, soothing music and body oils. I took the option of giving the first massage since he isn't very experienced and hasn't given one for awhile. When he massaged me, the massage was nearly spot on/identical from the one I gave him, very thorough therapeutic techniques blended with just the right amount of intermittent relaxation therapy for a beautiful experience.The 45 minute drive was well worth it. I highly recommend the services and hospitality of Taketime.
I received another massage from Taketime on 1/23/2023 after first getting one on 6/21/2021. It was very enjoyable and I clearly noticed improvement over the first time. The massage was primarily a Swedish style. He was both comfortable and confident in the way he carried out this very relaxing massage with just the right pressure throughout the hour+ session. As our bodies consist mostly of water, I visualized his hands as if they were a surfboard gliding and skimming over my body like the water out at sea. What a superb experience that felt like for me. He is certainly on the top of my favorites list. If a relaxing massage is what you’re looking for; your search is over. Make it a point to meet with Taketime. You’ll be glad you did.
Reviewed by KneadingUbetter 2023-01-25 [ID 24704:P]

handsonart Highly Recommended
Pasadena, California, United States of America
Great experience, wonderful guy, good strong massage, very interesting guy to meet, great host, nice music, pleasant host
Looking forward for a new encounter in the near future
Reviewed by obrian18 2023-01-24 [ID 27593:P]

obrian18 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
obrian18 was very skilled and would definitely trade with him again!
Reviewed by handsonart 2023-01-24 [ID 27592:P]

Metro Highly Recommended
Canton, Georgia, United States of America
Meeting Metro was very pleasant and satisfying - it was everything one would hope for. His demeanor was respectful yet friendly, his skills is one you would expect from someone with experience who enjoys providing all the therapeutic benefits of a massage. I am glad to have met him.
Reviewed by Jayson72 2023-01-24 [ID 27591:P]

Crazycakelady Highly Recommended
Wychavon, England, United Kingdom
I started chatting to L and R in December and we exchanged messages having detailed and open conversations and met up last week at their home.
L & R are a lovely genuine, friendly and fun couple and they welcomed me with food, drinks and the most amazing cakes which were delicious!
L’s baking skills are legendary.
We had a great face to face conversation where we shared our experiences and agreed the finer details of the massage.
Communications were excellent and open at all times and we went on to have a lovely leisurely afternoon.
We were together for about 4 hours.
As pre-agreed, R was the primary focus of the massage on this occasion and L joined me in massaging him which was lovely.
I felt that the three of us had a lovely connection and the massage was intuitive and flowing.
L&R are a genuine couple, exploring their boundaries and I felt on a Massage journey.
It was a privilege to meet them both and I hope we get to meet again very soon.
Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Max5001 2023-01-24 [ID 27590:P]

Max5001 Highly Recommended
Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom
We met Max this week and had a thoroughly lovely time. After chatting back and forth we arranged a meet up. Max arrived promptly and was very friendly as he arrived. We had a lovely chat and talked about our experiences and background. After chatting we transitioned naturally into the massage. Max massaged R, focussing on his problem areas and encouraging me to participate where I was able. R thoroughly enjoyed his massage and felt fully relaxed and satisfied afterwards. We enjoyed learning from Max’s experience and I enjoyed showing Max some new techniques that I have picked up in the past!
We both had a fantastic time and ended the afternoon feeling very satisfied. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Crazycakelady 2023-01-24 [ID 27589:P]

AJR76 Highly Recommended
Sevenoaks, England, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet AJR76. He’s a very gorgeous guy with an amazing body, he had good massaging skills, he knows where to apply pressure, very caring personality. It was a joy massaging his fit smooth body. We had 2 hrs of relaxing time together. Thanks so much and Looking forward to meet again. I definitely recommend him .
Reviewed by Ryankool 2023-01-23 [ID 27587:P]

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