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london2015 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met with london2015 sometime back now and he hosted. He has a very nice place and lucky for me he had a parking space. We chatted first and then showered, ready for a relaxing massage.

london2015 has great massage technique and I thoroughly enjoyed the long & short strokes. We took turns in massaging each other.

I would definitely recommend london2015 and if I am ever again in London, I would exchange again.
Reviewed by BringDaMassage 2020-11-10 [ID 23830:P]

a3ttk1 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Finally arranged a swap recently after a few messages and it was definitely worth it. He had an amazing firm technique which I enjoyed immensely. He welcomed me to his lovely flat with everything ready. A lovely friendly guy too. I hope to swap again sometime soon.
Reviewed by gary22620 2020-11-09 [ID 23829:P]

Reply from a3ttk1 of 2020-11-09
It was lovely swapping with Gary. Freshly showered
He’s a lot better than he lets on. Perfect massage and pleasant to chat with. Hope to
Swap again soon.

london2015 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met with London2015 a while ago and because of busy times couldn’t write a review
Firstly sorry for a very late review
London 2015 had prepared the room and was lit with candles which made the room cosy and very good atmosphere!
We started on our backs first rotating turns which made it special, in fact I learnt a few strokes from London2015, which i will co oprate in future sessions.
My hemstrings we tight and he sorted them out.
We swopped the front legs, arms thighs etc and by the time it was my turn to give him the front massage, i was already asleep!
Thats shows how good his touch was and the time i saw him i knew i was in safe hands
Time flew by and was almost 3 hours
Will keep in touch after the pandemic definitely
Thank you London 2015
Amazing session!
Reviewed by mukesh 2020-11-08 [ID 23828:P]

qwerty0133 Highly Recommended
Formby, Merseyside, United Kingdom
After time and a few messages we arranged a meet and I'm very glad that we did.
This nice guy was just as his profile suggests and as I expected, we immediately felt at ease in each others company.
We enjoyed several hours of mutual skilled massage with me starting first on his nice firm body. When it came to my turn his experience of pressure and touch was excellent and very evident. I really enjoyed our time together and hope one day we can meet up for a second meet

Highly recommended and many thanks 😊
Reviewed by Arty99 2020-11-08 [ID 23827:P]

BringDaMassage Highly Recommended
Leicester, England, United Kingdom
I met up with BringDaMassage a while ago. I hosted and he arrived on time. He is a lovely guy who was very easy to chat with.
Before starting we had a chat and went on to enjoy a rewarding massage. We swapped throughout and I was able to share experience of massage from previous exchanges.

I learnt a few new techniques from his experience and nearly fell asleep which is a good sign with his variety of long and short strokes

Look forward to meeting up again

Definately recommend you Bring Da Massage

Sorry for the late review
Reviewed by london2015 2020-11-07 [ID 23826:P]

Zack24 Highly Recommended
Ashton-under-Lyne, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Zack a while ago. I was happy to host and he arrived on time. He is a lovely guy who was really easy to chat with. Before starting we chatted and went on to enjoy a relaxed massage.

We swapped throughout and he was able to share experience of previous massages I Learnt a few new techniques

Look forward to meeting up again in the near future.

Definately recommend you meet Zack

Sorry for the late review
Reviewed by london2015 2020-11-07 [ID 23825:P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Mukesh a while ago after sorting a date. I was happy to host and he arrived on time. He is a nice guy who was really easy to converse with. Before starting we had a chat and went on to enjoy a relaxed massage. We swapped throughout and he was able to share experience of massage techniques from his previous exchanges. Look forward to meeting up again

Sorry for the late review

Definately recommend you meet up with this guy
Reviewed by london2015 2020-11-07 [ID 23824:P]

Fiesty Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
Fiesty is amazing! She is very laid back, open minded, personable and be around. Her greeting hugs felt great! She has soft to firm amazing touch and a variety of relaxation methods. Fiesty is awesome as a person, massage buddy and friend! 5 Stars are not enough, I would easily give her 10! I can’t wait until our next meet up!
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2020-11-07 [ID 23823:P]

earthymama Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
I had a massage exchange with Earthymama yesterday and that was an amazing experience!
I can honestly say that the massage session with her was an absolute delight! She is a great soul and wonderful person with inspiring strength, positive energy and passionate commitment! Fantastic woman!
I received a very warm welcome from Earthymama in her home and almost instantly felt really strong, positive vibes. We had a short conversation to get know each other and to decide what type of massage to exchange, problematic areas and time frame. She is a good listener and a great communicator. We decided the first receiver to be me in order to get an impression of her style, skills and massage abilities. And what a nice surprise! For me there are only two types of massage – good ones and the rest. Couple of years ago I had my worst ever massage experience from a pro with more than 700 private clients, and a couples weeks later I got a superb massage from an amateur!
So, Eartymama's massage was not good, it was very, very GOOD! The massage was everything and more than what was expected She treated my problem areas extremely well, paying attention to my feedback and body language. She has strong and warm hands, good dynamic, speed and flawless transition from one body part to another. She locked on my knots and worked them with the exact pressure I needed. She is very intuitive and gifted massage enthusiast! She didn't miss an inch of my body, treating muscle after muscle and leaving me at the end totally relaxed. What an outstanding massage, a real pleasure for my body and mind!
Then I give her a massage. She was a great receiver and responsive to all of my techniques. She had lots of knots on her back, tired shoulders, neck, legs and feet. She totally relaxed and enjoyed my massage. It was an amazing experience with constant exchange of good, positive energy. I truly enjoyed it too! I cannot wait for our next session!
Earthymama is highly, highly recommended!
Reviewed by userboard 2020-11-06 [ID 23822:P]

userboard Highly Recommended
Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America
I just finished my first trade with Userboard and plan to trade with him again. He was very professional and very skilled. He was relaxed, friendly, and had a warm and accessible energy about him which immediately made me feel comfortable. He is professionally trained but is willing to trade with those who are not trained. It was a very good massage, I felt fantastic at the end of our session. At the end of our trade he took a few minutes to do some teaching, giving me specific practical advice on how I can improve my technique. I was grateful for that, I always love to learn, grow, and improve! I highly recommend Userboard!
Reviewed by earthymama 2020-11-05 [ID 23821:P]

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
I just had the pleasure of getting my first massage from internationallover and it was great. His technique, skills and attention were top notch. He used a special lotion that was beneficial to the skin and even used aromatherapy. I owe him his return massage next time we get together and I hope it will be very soon. Perfect!
Reviewed by jagjag 2020-11-05 [ID 23820:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2020-11-05
Thank you so very much for the kind review it was a pleasure.

TouchJunky1 Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Did a very nice session with TouchJunky1 on Tuesday. Very relaxing massage! Thanks it was great to do body work with you. See you again.
TouchJunky1 was very well built, with thick muscles. He must have enjoyed my massage as he dozed off several times during his massage. So I know he was very relaxed! Cheers-
Reviewed by jwruburight 2020-11-05 [ID 23719:P]

Tanned111 Highly Recommended
Parkville, Victoria, Australia
Tanned takes an unrushed massage to the next level... and I’m talking a 2.5hr massage of pure pampering! Up there with the top masseuses, if you get the chance to grab a massage from tanned, 100% you will not regret!
Reviewed by icantfindthespacebar 2020-11-03 [ID 23819:P]

Regainezra Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Regainezra is a highly skilled masseur- he applied a unique blend of styles and it was an awesome experience. In addition he gave some great advice and I look forward to reconnecting again soon
Reviewed by indianessex 2020-11-03 [ID 23818:P]

IndianPalms Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It was good to meet with IndianPalms, conversation was easy and pleasant. His massage was an excellent combination of firm and targeted touch with long and more gentle strokes. It was both relaxing and therapeutic delivered with confidence and a pretty unique style. Thank you. I hope we will meet again and of course highly recommended
Reviewed by Regainezra 2020-11-02 [ID 23817:P]

Idmo2675 Highly Recommended
Denver, Colorado, United States
Idmo2675 has great energy his massage was very professional and intuitive he definitely hit the areas that needed work! I highly recommend doing a exchange with him! Thanks again for the great massage i hope we can find time for more.
Reviewed by wallybear 2020-11-02 [ID 23816:P]

sunil1000 Recommended
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Sunil recently for a massage exchange
Time seemed to run away; Sunil was very hospitable, welcoming and open.
Offering a range of scented lotions and applying the right amount of pressure easing out than stress and tension.
Hopefully next time have more time to exchange
Reviewed by North2west 2020-11-02 [ID 23815:P]

LeoHS Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, USA
I had a very enjoyable exchange with LeoHS today. I had a few scheduling challenges that were frustrating but quickly forgotten once the exchange began. Leo was able to accommodate at his home and my massage table. Give Leo a try, he’s very willing to learn new techniques and has a very pleasant touch.
Reviewed by miamimassageguyforfun 2020-11-01 [ID 23812:P]

kenningtonmass Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure to exchange with KenningtonMass as he accepted being my subject knowing I am not yet a full professional and needed someone to practice on. He came all the way to North London and we bonded straight away.

His massage is one of the best I ever had before. He asked me which part of my body I wanted him to focus on and he took it from there. He has a very firm but gentle touch. He knows lots of techniques which I want to use once I am graduated. He is very knowledgable and passionate about massage. On top all those qualities he is a really warm, gentle and superb guy. I will definitely have another exchange with him and do recommend him.
Reviewed by Velvethands70 2020-11-01 [ID 23811:P]

Regainezra Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met with Regainezra after multiple days of heavy cycling sessions; His massage was very thorough and competent, working along tension lines and resulted in my legs feeling considerably better and ready for the saddle again! Happy to recommend with thanks 🙏
Reviewed by aidans55 2020-11-01 [ID 23810:P]

Velvethands70 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Velvethands gave me an assured and thoughtful massage. He's in the final stages of a sports massage course and has clearly absorbed the techniques he's been taught. But just as importantly, he's a really nice guy and that quality combined with his technical skills provided a great way to spend a wet afternoon
Reviewed by kenningtonmass 2020-11-01 [ID 23809:P]

Reply from Velvethands70 of 2020-11-01
Hey KenningtonMass, thank you so much for your review. And again thank you for coming by yesterday. I spent the whole day feeling the benefits of your superb massage. Lets arrange another soon xx

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
TallMuscleGrad has such big strong hands. I feel totally cared for in his grasp. Be sure to experience this type of delight.
Reviewed by Fiesty 2020-10-31 [ID 23808:P]

Yankey Highly Recommended
Bonita Springs, Florida, United States of America
Yank is an amazing person, friend and massage buddy! We communicated for over 1 year before meeting, which allowed much time virtually to learn more about each other and prior to exchange. He respects boundaries, eager to please, accepting, great conversationalist and uses a variety of techniques, for relaxation. He is very attentive and knows the body well. Yank is also very flexible and accommodating with scheduling. I have exchanged with Yank many times and every time is amazing! I wish that I could give him much more than 5 stars! I highly recommend Yank and look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by TallMuscleGrad 2020-10-31 [ID 23807:P]

aidans55 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It was good to meet and swap with Aidans55. He was very methodical and professional in his approach. I enjoyed his expert delivery of well known strokes and technics, which combined with strong hands and intuition resulted in a deeply enjoyable massage. Thank you
Reviewed by Regainezra 2020-10-31 [ID 23806:P]

TallMuscleGrad Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
TallMuscleGrad. GO-TO GUY for Massage Exchange. PERFECT example of why folks wish they could grant a dozen stars when five’s the limit.


Charming thing about him? He could probably tell you exactly how many times we’ve swapped. (That’s HIM. Attends to details.) Me? Couldn’t say to save my life. But it’s been SO many times that we’ve ESTABLISHED an ENDURING massage RELATIONSHIP - and (what’s more important) a genuine friendship.

We’ve each had occasions when the other was simply TOO WORN OUT (similar professional backgrounds, so there’s LOTS of sympathy) to do anything more than numbly RECEIVE a massage and mumble “Thanks” prior to losing consciousness. But the overwhelming majority of the time, we enjoy a lively exchange of massage skills and personal attention - with some great conversation while we’re at it.

S is practical and punctual. Though he’s willing to travel distances, I always come to him in Lakeland. He hosts generously, bending over backwards to be accommodating from start to finish. Which is always a happily long time: we’ve never had occasion to feel rushed or time-limited in working on each other. And he’s “gifted” - though he’s enhanced his skills with considerable practice and a great deal of education in a variety of massage modalities. Knowledgeable, with a very broad range of techniques.

Pictures don’t lie. But they can’t tell the whole story either. S is a MASSIVE guy. In terrific shape. And immensely strong. [He can sustain demanding stretches, doing all the work of them FOR the receiver, which has a particularly beneficial therapeutic effect. Those who understand the ins and outs of proprioception will know exactly what I mean.] But his massage moves are graceful and he is never heavy-handed. He simply uses his strength deftly: it’s as if he could do just as good a job with one arm tied behind his back.

HE FEELS GOOD TO MASSAGE. Not everybody does. Solid muscle and great skin that make administering massage moves on him a definite pleasure. We both enjoy a mix-and-match of Therapeutic and Sensual that shifts smoothly from session to session. [S is easy to be comfortable with.] And from the very start, there’s always been sincere, respectful recognition of what massage exchangers so often call “expectations” and “boundaries” - but with never a hint of the stilted. Just warmth and caring. Sensuously and emotionally honest. Considerate of each other’s total wellbeing. S has integrity.

I know he appreciates the bodywork that I give. And we DO have an extraordinary relationship of massage EXCHANGE. But there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that when I get together with TallMuscleGrad, I am always the one getting the better end of the deal.

Reviewed by Yankey 2020-10-30 [ID 23805:P]

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