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closeencounter Highly Recommended
Dumfries, Scotland, United Kingdom
A fabulous first massage of the year by closeencounter.
We had a lovely and friendly chat before and after the massage. The massage itself was very professional; he has the ability to listen to one's body and massage appropriately. His strokes are firm and positive, no hesitancy, just a good firm and gentle stroke.
I would highly recommend him.
We are meeting again when he is in the area again.
Reviewed by davethebear 2023-01-19 [ID 27558:P]

Probster Highly Recommended
Richmond, England, United Kingdom
P. and I exchanged mail via ME and then WhatsApp.

All our mutual instructions/requirements and details were clear and precise on the phone conversations.

P arrived as agreed with all equipment and we discussed once again boundaries and comfort. P checked in with me throughout the massage.

It was a lovely massage with good pressure and long flowing strokes... I really enjoyed P's company and would certainly take the opportunity to enjoy further massages.

It was a really lovely experience and I would recommend P.

With gratitude

S. (Cakewars)

Reviewed by Cakewars11 2023-01-19 [ID 27557:P]

MatureManMassage Highly Recommended
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States of America
Lee and I exchange a Therapeutic massage. Each of us received a 90 minutes massage. It was a very relaxing and un-rush session. You can tell that he was professionally trained. He was a great host providing a nice massage environment with a massage table, a body cushion, bolster, headrest, linens, towels and a selection of oils, gels and creams. He played a very relaxing massage music in the background. He asked what type of pressure I wanted, if there was any particular area that needed more work or to avoid.

I definitively looking forward to our next exchange. If you get a chance don't miss the opportunity for an awesome massage by a nice, competent therapist. Thanks.
Reviewed by armand 2023-01-18 [ID 27556:P]

Reply from MatureManMassage of 2023-01-22
Thanks for the great review armand. I appreciate you.

explorer62 Needs Improvement
Crawley, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Prior to us meeting for a massage exchange, my communications with explorer62 went well. We both arrived on time at our recent massage exchange and had a lovely chat before commencing and after the massage exchange. However, if I am to be honest my massage exchange with explorer62 was not as effective as I would have liked.

Although I clearly stipulated from the beginning what I did not want, on a few occasions I had to remind explorer62 not to cross the boundaries. As a result I was unable to fully relax and enjoy the massage. As lovely as he is, explorer62 massage techniques are not for me and I wish him well.
Reviewed by PeppyA 2023-01-18 [ID 27555:P]

Reply from explorer62 of 2023-01-19
Sorry you didn't feel totally relaxed during the massage as I feel that boundaries that were stipulated were respected. If I drifted from these slightly, I was reminded and obliged straight away.
I am sorry it wasn't a totally satisfactory experience.
All my very best for the future

MattMc Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Matt provided a serviceable massage, granted he'd been out of touch for a while. He was personable and accommodating. I appreciate his enthusiasm and strength. Cheers, John
Reviewed by DFWMANHandler 2023-01-18 [ID 27554:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
armand and I exchanged massage this afternoon. He’s really great and you can tell he is quite a professional and knows how to massage. He mentioned an hour and a half massage each and that sounded good to me as we both had time and each have decades of experience in massage. It worked out great. He even went over time massaging me both sides and I was okay with that as it’s been a while since an extra long massage.
We decided to massage each other dry for the first half of our backsides and that was really great. Then from there we would use coconut oil on me and I used gel on him. Laying on the body cushion to help relax the spine was appreciated by both of us.
Overall it was a great therapeutic massage exchange by a true professional who knows his way around a body. It would be nice to exchange with armand again somewhat regularly in the future.
Reviewed by MatureManMassage 2023-01-18 [ID 27553:P]

Reply from armand of 2023-01-18
Thank you for the nice review and also for the great massage. I left a review for you too.

DragonNymph Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
We met DragonNymph with Empee (also on ME) for a side-by-side couples massage both to receive and give massages. Bill is reviewing his massage from DragonNymph here: it would be so easy to simply repeat so much of the great feedback on DragonNymph from others here, but it was so much more too: she has now given me three great massages as part of an exchange so far. These have all been delicious experiences.

I was rather more practiced at giving, so somewhat nervous about receiving my first massage, just because it was my first one. Then the next two massages were my second and third that I have ever received sensual massages other than from my wife. They were all lovely, very special and quite different experiences. Our chat beforehand was great and we set parameters for the massages over drinks but also kept talking very openly in the break with light sustenance between the exchange-massages.

Her massage…… and her experience was a true lesson in massage, and I was delighted to be in such wise and confident hands; that massaged both my body and tested my mind. 

I enjoyed every stroke: the anticipation and tease, the speed and the absence of speed. I loved the body slides, the oil, the equipment and the discussions between us, both before, during and afterwards. The latter chats and our feedback sessions have been fabulous, and her suggestions ‘for next time’ have always been highly intuitive and insightful.

Whilst I still cherish giving massages greatly, DragonNymph has opened my mind (and body) to hanker after and enjoy more massages when I can get them. Thank you, thank you : and I so look forward to every and any future experiences; especially now the idea of introducing a blindfold to focus my mind upon the touch rather than ‘the view’ is solidly 'on the table'. Hugs, Bill xxxx
Reviewed by BillRose 2023-01-18 [ID 27551:P]

BuckeyeBro Highly Recommended
Buckeye, Arizona, United States of America
Buckeye Bro is a sweet soft spoken young man with an incredible sense of how to give a great massage. I totally enjoyed our exchange and looking forward for a continuing massage exchange with him
Reviewed by monstermassage 2023-01-18 [ID 27550:P]

DFWMANHandler Highly Recommended
The Colony, Texas, United States of America
Incredible experience - Been looking for a person that can really give me relief. this was my first experience here and upon entering I was taken back the calming and welcoming atmosphere. John was extremely accommodating, kind, professional and I will be going to back to him consistently). Without question the best experience and real relief.
Reviewed by HeyHi 2023-01-18 [ID 27549:P]

HeyHi Highly Recommended
Plano, Texas, United States of America
HeyHi is everything you want in a receive-only. Verbal with good conversation and feedback, good muscle tone - a great massage practice partner. An impressive young man, all around.
Reviewed by DFWMANHandler 2023-01-18 [ID 27548:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Met up with kingstonguy today for a sensual massage exchange who turned out to be a really lovely polite and a handsome man with amazing hands. I was welcomed by a drink and the temperature of the room and the table was just perfect. I was extremely comfortable with him. He maned to get rid of the knots in my back and really knew his way around a body. I feel so relaxed and so light after the session, I highly recommend him and hope we can meet up again soon.
Reviewed by Ryankool 2023-01-18 [ID 27547:P]

Victoria33480 Highly Recommended
South Palm Beach, Florida, United States of America
Ms. Victoria is beautiful both inside and out. She has a really nice condo overlooking the beach with a massage table right by the floor to ceiling window facing the beach. It was wonderful giving her a thorough massage and she has a fantastic body. I enjoyed talking to her as well and be respectful of her boundaries. Looking forward to our next session!
Reviewed by oneluckypup 2023-01-18 [ID 27546:P]

BFG Highly Recommended
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
BFG gave me a wonderful massage. He checked often for feedback and gave extra time to some aces that were extra tight. I would highly recommend a massage with BFG.
Reviewed by zap14 2023-01-18 [ID 27545:P]

Curvaceouskitty Highly Recommended
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I had the pleasure of being hosted by a gracious, kind lady, and I had a great relaxing time! She made me feel comfortable and she is very good and generous with her massage. You can tell she truly enjoys doing this, and I was fortunate to be under her hands.
Looking forward to meet again, thank you for your kindness:) Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Lomilomi29 2023-01-18 [ID 27544:P]

Reply from Curvaceouskitty of 2023-01-18
Much appreciated and very happy you enjoyed it.

itp Highly Recommended
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
I met with itp many months back, he was caring, soft, and polite. He was amazing with his hands and knew the right areas to pleasure. I was unable to reciprocate back and was a receiver only which he made an exception for. Thank you for an amazing experience, highly recommend x
Reviewed by Ilovemassagebymale1234 2023-01-18 [ID 27543:P]

Ryankool Recommended
Surrey Heath, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Ryankool who is a new member and said he had little massage experience. However he gave me an intuitive massage with good strokes which was very satisfying. He is a quick enthusiastic learner.
Reviewed by kingstonguy 2023-01-18 [ID 27542:P]

NiceGuyWSNC Recommended
Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States
I had three pleasure of exchanging with WSNC this week. We communicated before hand on several occasions. The conversations were very informative. He'd mentioned it has been a while since exchanging. That was no problem, I just recommended doing what he likes in a massage. We got along well and the time seemed to fly by. He's very honest and easy to talk to. I believe we both enjoyed the session. I'd be happy to exchange again.
Reviewed by jazzy920 2023-01-18 [ID 27541:P]

Lomilomi29 Highly Recommended
Bothell, Washington, United States of America
Lomilomi29 not only went above and beyond with doing all the traveling, I am quite impressed with the techniques and skills. Fantastic hands, very respectful and kind. A gorgeous body to massage as well. Highly recommended and looking forward to seeing him again ;)
Reviewed by Curvaceouskitty 2023-01-17 [ID 27540:P]

Reply from Lomilomi29 of 2023-01-18
Thank you so much for your kinds words! The pleasure was all mine:) Looking forward for more!

atlcar Highly Recommended
Alpharetta, Georgia, United States
atlcar was truly amazing. We corresponded for a bit and then he flew into Phoenix. His profile does not do him justice guys. He is in incredible shape! I only hope to maintain my physique when I get to be his age. I bonded with him at the get go. He has a body that blew me away. I enjoyed massaging him so much that he practically had to rip me off of him. I enjoyed his body so much that I would have liked to have kept on going. His buttocks were in such great shape. I have never seen anything like them on a more mature man. But then he said it was my turn. This guy had incredible strength. He had such firm hands and got the knots out of my shoulders which is hard to do for me. His firm strokes and techniques just blew my mind. He relaxed me so much I could not believe it!! I told him that it is a good thing that he doesn't live in Phoenix because I would smother him. I loved it so much. We bonded so well. Don't let this guy fool you. He knows his stuff and he is so nice and down to earth. He is a must. For a massage, he is at the top of my list. I can't wait' til he comes back to Phoenix!!
Reviewed by euachoquesi 2023-01-17 [ID 27539:P]

jazzy920 Highly Recommended
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
I had the pleasure of trading with him today. He is very intuitive and extremely experienced. His sense of touch and response to what his partner requires is truly unique. You will leave the session completely relaxed and content. I would highly recommend him and hope he is possibly open to trading again.
Reviewed by NiceGuyWSNC 2023-01-17 [ID 27538:P]

OttMassageGuy Highly Recommended
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
OttMassageGuy and I exchanged therapeutic massage today for the first time at my place and I massaged his backside first. With his massage I liked his general style, techniques, pace, depth of pressure. He is a friendly laid back guy and easy to massage. He used my coconut oil on me and I used his massage lotion on him. He was okay with the body cushion that helps relax the spine and bolster I had on the table. He did not want a head pillow when face up and I am the same way. OttMassageGuy currently lives in my area and that’s nice for less travel if we exchange again. Overall it was a good massage exchange and I look forward to another.
Reviewed by MatureManMassage 2023-01-17 [ID 27537:P]

Reply from OttMassageGuy of 2023-01-18
Thanks for the great review.

Dude038 Highly Recommended
Irving, Texas, United States of America
Dude038 gave me a great massage. You can just tell in the first 5 minutes if someone is into delivering massage and Dude clearly is. We had a great exchange and I'm looking forward to another with him.
Reviewed by DFWMANHandler 2023-01-17 [ID 27536:P]

NJP1 Highly Recommended
Haddenham, England, United Kingdom
It was a real privilege to meet NJP1 today. He was the consummate host & from the moment I arrived at his lovely home, I was made to feel relaxed & welcome. NJP1 is a qualified masseur and it definitely shows. His signature Hydrotherm treatment that I received, was one of the most amazing massages that I have experienced. I look forward to having the opportunity to revisit soon. Definitely five stars (I wish I could give more). Highly recommended.
Reviewed by dixter 2023-01-17 [ID 27535:P]

dixter Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
I have just enjoyed a very good exchange with dixter, who arrived exactly on time and was a very pleasant gentleman, very easy to talk to. We had a nice cup of tea and a chat before giving him my signature Hyrotherm treatment. He was a pleasure to work on and we both enjoyed it before switching over when he gave a very competent treatment with some excellent delicate sensual touches. We agreed to meet up again for a repeat before long!
Reviewed by NJP1 2023-01-17 [ID 27534:P]

alejan Highly Recommended
Placitas, New Mexico, United States of America
Had a wonderful massage with alejan yesterday. On of the best massages I've ever received from a massage exchange. Looking forward to trading again in the future.
Reviewed by mike04 2023-01-17 [ID 27533:P]

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