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RoseGoddess Highly Recommended
Elk Grove, California, United States
One word: perfect! Rose is a true Goddess indeed. I showed up and was shown into her massage room where I got a chance to set up my things. Soon thereafter, she appeared in a towel and took her place on the table. It was an absolute pleasure working my magic and tending to her bodily needs. She’s a beautiful lady and appreciated the session. Thank you for being such a gracious host.
Reviewed by bayarea 2021-02-14 [ID 24099:P]

lightroom Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met up with lightroom at his lovely flat for a great sensual massage exchange. He has a very intuitive touch and it was a pleasure to massage his smooth muscular body. I look forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by kingstonguy 2021-02-14 [ID 24098:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I had an amazing swap with kingstonguy. He turned up on time and was very easy-going and and chilled and we had a two hour long session that was totally relaxing and unhurried. Excellent technique too. Charlie
Reviewed by lightroom 2021-02-14 [ID 24097:P]

greenflyer Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
My recent massage with Greenflyer was exceptional. He is an insightful, ingenious, amicable man with a lovely mature attitude for the artful love of massage.  

Greenflyer has an eye for detail and selflessly created the perfect ambiance to help me enjoy my experience.  He is generously thorough and has a gentle and effective method of delivery.

It goes without saying we shall meet again.
Reviewed by PeppyA 2021-02-13 [ID 24096:P]

Wrapps Highly Recommended
Mason, Ohio, United States
I don’t know where to start on this guy! Let me make a list: intelligent, handsome, masculine, sexy and then some, intuitive, sensitive, Responsive, fun and playful. And good at massage by the way too. This man could be addictive...best experience I’ve had in a long time. You just don’t meet this kind of guy and when you do it changes you. Makes me want to send a thank you note to my Higher Power!
Reviewed by Todd8 2021-02-13 [ID 24095:P]

Universalmind Highly Recommended
Heswall, Merseyside, United Kingdom
****** WOWZERS - MIND BLOWN ******** Her other reviews say it all !!!
Reviewed by goodmassage 2021-02-13 [ID 24094:P]

PeppyA Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
PeppyA, what can I say that others have not about her. It is always difficult to put into words a truly great and lovely woman who is interesting, very open in her views, and a person who is just a real people person, so easy to get on with. PeppyA is a person who is passionate about receiving a massage and a sensual person. A massage to her is much more than satisfying the mind and body it helps her with underlying life health issues – I hope she does not mind me mentioning.

PeppyA wanted and received a full body massage from me, including a head, face massage, and feet, and she likes a massage in these areas to be thorough as any part of her body. We were going to have an exchange massage but to be honest she was so deep into the massage I could not stop. I gave her all the attention she wanted during a 4hr massage. There were few times she just dropped off to sleep, something no one should apologise for. PeppyA has a beautiful silky body which was a pleasure to work on.

I can only say that afterward, we agreed to stay in touch and do another meet-up. We shared notes on some things around massage but truly it was a very pleasurable meetup at a local venue as she cannot host. I sincerely look forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by greenflyer 2021-02-13 [ID 24093:P]

PalmDesertGuy Highly Recommended
Palm Desert, California, United States of America
I had the pleasure of an exchange with Palm Desert Guy today and it was a fantastic experience. Palm Desert Guy has very strong hands and great techniques. He has the intuition to go deep where needed and ability to be more gentle when appropriate. I highly recommend Palm Desert Guy and look forward to another exchange.
Reviewed by miamimassageguyforfun 2021-02-12 [ID 24092:P]

Reply from PalmDesertGuy of 2021-02-14
Thanks for the kind words and awesome exchange.

OgdRub Highly Recommended
Ogden, Utah, United States
An excellent healing intuitive masseur who thoughtfully travels with fresh towels and awesome oils. A truly lovely person with a warm heart whose touch and company will hit the spot especially on a cold snowy winters night. An experience not to be missed.
Reviewed by internationallover 2021-02-12 [ID 24091:P]

TigerMan2019 Highly Recommended
Bowie, Maryland, United States of America
I’m had a wonderful massage session with Tigerman2019. His technique was very good when I left I was stress-free the pressure was on point. Tigerman has a very nice Studio, he’s very nice easy to talk to . Enjoyed working on his well toned body. I look forward to to exchange with Tigerman2019 again. If you every have the chance to exchange with Tigerman I highly recommend you do
Reviewed by Goodguy3 2021-02-12 [ID 24090:P]

Goodguy3 Highly Recommended
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America
Goodguy3 is exactly that, a very Good Guy and Gifted in massage. It is evident that he has taken classes. We had a wonderful exchange and look forward to many more. Thanks Good Guy 3 for a great session.
Reviewed by TigerMan2019 2021-02-12 [ID 24089:P]

Nattar Highly Recommended
Castle Donington, England, United Kingdom
Had a faboulous meet with natter. He has a massage room set up nice and warm.
I was on table first he certainly knows what he is doing and the way around your body.
Afterwards we exchanged but only for a short while as time running out. Highly recommended will visit again if he will have me .
Reviewed by 19bilen60 2021-02-12 [ID 24088:P]

Chamilton Highly Recommended
Herriman, Utah, United States
This was an outstanding experience with a wonderful massage exchange. Chamilton has a beautiful accomodations and I felt comfortable in such a warm and caring atmosphere. The ambiance and music was just perfect and He was detailed and thorough. I felt honored to be under his care. I would return and would recommend to others. He is engaging; genuine, honest, stable, welcomes clients from diverse backgrounds. This was one of the best massages I have had in the past 5years.
Reviewed by playfulfox 2021-02-11 [ID 24087:P]

BlueFairy Highly Recommended
Aptos, California, United States of America
I was planning a visit to see my daughter and booked a room at a place that had private natural springs hot tubs on the patio of every room. BlueFairy had mentioned needing a hot tub in a message exchange, so I invited her to meet me there. It was a long drive for her, so big kudos to her for that. She was a great receiver. BlueFairy has very strong/ good muscle tone from playing competitive sports her whole life. She had a lot of tightness in her shoulders due to some heavy lifting while volunteering at a non-profit, and a pre-massage hot tub and arnica massage oil helped. I wasn't able to completely remove the tightness, but think I helped move it in the right direction. BlueFairy was self-aware and communicated her situation and needs very well. I enjoyed the session and appreciate her for giving me the opportunity.
Reviewed by massageinmarin 2021-02-11 [ID 24086:P]

playfulfox Highly Recommended
Hyrum, Utah, United States
The exchange with playfulfox was one of the best massages I have had. He brought his table to my home and was very thoughtful in consideration of what needed to be worked on. I am not a professional, so it was great to learn from someone who really knew what they were doing. It was a wonderful experience
Reviewed by Chamilton 2021-02-10 [ID 24085:P]

PopeSonny Highly Recommended
Provo, Utah, United States
Today I was privileged to share an exchange with PopeSonny. I appreciated the comfortable setting and ambiance of the spa music. I appreciated his strong hands and attention to my requests regarding pressure and use of techniques. I especially enjoyed his willingness to use tapotement on my achy back and gluteals. I would definitely exchange again!
Reviewed by playfulfox 2021-02-09 [ID 24084:P]

playfulfox Highly Recommended
Hyrum, Utah, United States
I loved my massage with playful fox. He really knows what he is doing and I left feeling great. Plus he’s such a genuine man. It made me feel like I really made a friend.
Reviewed by PopeSonny 2021-02-09 [ID 24083:P]

Reply from playfulfox of 2021-02-10
Thank you for your kind words; looking forward to our next exchange.

Americano1 Highly Recommended
Frisco, Texas, United States
Absolutely the best folks ever. I hope to be good friends with them till my life is over. I am looking forward to seeing them again.
Reviewed by js48tx 2021-02-09 [ID 24082:P]

propermassage Highly Recommended
Mortdale, New South Wales, Australia
Propermassage is a proper gentleman, shy and friendly, unassuming and handsome. He gave a great massage, very present and attentive in his touch. He is in great shape and lovely to chat to. I can't wait for another exchange!
Reviewed by SYDNakedman 2021-02-09 [ID 24081:P]

internationallover Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States of America
Today I had a unique opportunity to exchange with internationalallover. He was very friendly, gracious and kind. I enjoyed working on him as he was very willing to share feedback on pressure, areas of focus and very accommodating with feedback. His healthy physique was a pleasure to work on. When it was my turn, I found him attentive to my requests and needed attention to my glutes and lower back. Looking forward to our next encounter...
Reviewed by playfulfox 2021-02-08 [ID 24080:P]

Reply from internationallover of 2021-02-08
It was a pleasure my friend an amazing experience thank you for making time. Looking forward to more exchanges.

airbnbears Highly Recommended
Wilton Manors, Florida, United States
Exchanged with one half of airbnbears on 2/6/21 - a real pleasure to trade massages with. Discussed up front a few preferences we each had, and then spent over one hour each both receiving and giving. He has a great personality and touch, highly recommended. Look forward to repeating!
Reviewed by Tripper789 2021-02-08 [ID 24079:P]

playfulfox Highly Recommended
Hyrum, Utah, United States
One of the most amazing massages from the most tender caring person. Excellent table and oils very intuitive and thoughtful checked on likes and dislikes often great conversation all around awesome experience. When in Salt Lake City do not miss out on this gem of a person I am already looking forward to the next exchange.
Reviewed by internationallover 2021-02-08 [ID 24078:P]

Reply from playfulfox of 2021-02-08
Thanks for sharing your generous review...you my friend are very welcome.

Tripper789 Highly Recommended
Oakland Park, Florida, United States of America
Fantastic exchange where both giving and receiving where equally enjoyable. Loved the fact that he understands that massage shouldn’t be rushed for maximum enjoyment. Our 2.5 hour session began and ended with a nice chat. Really look forward to many more exchanges with Tripper789.
Reviewed by airbnbears 2021-02-08 [ID 24077:P]

Todd8 Highly Recommended
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States of America
In my opinion, atmosphere, surroundings, and personality can sometimes make or break a Massage.
This was my first exchange with Todd8. I found him to be VERY LAID BACK, PERSONABLE, CHARMING, and KNOWLEDGEABLE IN Massage Exchange! The Massage area in his home was warm, and cozy, creating the RIGHT atmosphere, and surrounding for a Massage Exchange.
I massaged Todd8 first starting on his front. It had been quite awhile since my last exchange before getting with Todd8 so, I felt I was a little rusty but when it was my turn to be massaged, Todd8 did an AWESOME job, starting on my front side. Because Todd8 did such a GOOD job on me, I was able to pick up his skills when it was time for me to massage his back side, making me once again feeling comfortable with my skills.

Todd8 was not afraid to "Step out of the boundary norms" which made the Massage Exchange even BETTER!
Reviewed by Wrapps 2021-02-08 [ID 24076:P]

Reply from Todd8 of 2021-02-08
Thanks Wrapps! Totally gratifying and pleasurable experience...so glad to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know you!

RSRPlacerville Highly Recommended
Sacramento, California, United States of America
2/7/2021 What a great sensual massage! He had my whole body tingling. He even brought me flowers in a beautiful vase! Yes, he can massage me anytime.
Reviewed by RoseGoddess 2021-02-07 [ID 24075:P]

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