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I have been a licensed massage therapist for 10 years. I do mostly deep tissue and therapeutic work. I am not very good at light "fingertip pressure" massages because when I find a knot, I have a tendency to try and dig it out. I do pay attention to the client so I dial it back if the person is uncomfortable.
Every massage that I give is different as I let the client's body guide me to the areas that need the work most. I am not an "energy worker", nor do I pretend to understand how it works. Over the years I have learned to let the energy flow through me by working barefoot. When it is working, my eyes are closed and I "see" through my fingers. Time seems to stop and my usual routine goes out the window. The massage is roughly an hour, but the body tells me how long to work.
I love to trade massages as it gives me a chance to experience how other therapists work. Even after this long, I usually pick up a new technique.
Ever since I became a massage therapist, I hate paying for massages. I would rather trade but I get busy and wait far too long. So I usually have a lot of knots when I finally get one.

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