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I have a highly intuitive theraputic touch. I like to seek out tight areas on your body where blood and energy don't flow freely, and gently encourage you to let go of all the tension you're holding there. I'll work deeply when that gets things moving, but I've found that a gentle reminder is usually enough, especially when you're an active participant in the experience.

Whenever I get into a massage space, life energy flows. I'm trained in Reiki, but to me, life energy is fundamental, the same everywhere. My tradition may call it Reiki, and your tradition may call it Prana, but it is, in each of its manifestations, life and health and joy.

Many of the people I work on report a highly visual experience during the session-- sometimes releasing past memories, sometimes just random stuff. No matter how the session progresses, it's a healing, relaxing, rejuvinating experience.

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