Massage Partner

If you work in the therapeutic massage industry and are trying to find a massage partner, our website,, is the perfect networking site which will put you in touch with fellow therapists who are working in the industry or who are hobby massagers and are also seeking a massage partner. To source fellow bodyworkers willing to offer massages in a bartering method, the Massage Exchange website has conveniently grouped each user into worldwide locations and this has managed to successfully create a platform where massage professionals are able to trade their services. The massage network has become a very useful tool and has served the needs of those who are willing to share the services and practice the tools of the trade on a willing massage partner. Like the various other online networking websites, Massage Exchange offers a number of worthwhile networking advantages, and there is no better method to network your massage business than through the internet. Massage Exchange is an international massage networking website and the site is free to join by all who are offered their services as massage partners or who are looking for a massage partner. The website works in much the same way as the other networking sites, both social and work networking sites, and the website give bodyworkers the ability to upload their own individual programs and their unique massage facilities directly onto their personal profiles and these profiles can be updated at any time.

When the profile is created on the website,, massage partners can utilize our finder services to source a keen massage partner and they can search the entire network of bodyworkers, and streamline their search for a massage partner according to location, age and gender. The Massage Exchange site has also separated the CMTs from the amateurs and our network includes bodyworkers from around the world, including the US and Canada, as well as the Europe and New Zealand. When the services of a massage partner have been used, the recipient is then able to grade the massage and this will give the massage partner constructive advice from other professionals and at the same time, fellow massage partners will also be able to view which massage partners come highly recommended and which partners need improvement on their services.

Massage Exchange has been able to create a platform in which bodyworkers can swap or barter the tools of the trade with other massage partners in return for mutual reward and benefit. Before choosing to join the massage networking website, it must, however, be clearly stressed that our site is not meant to be used as a dating site or a sex or erotic massage website, and we cater entirely for the services of therapeutic massages which provide fellow professionals in the trade with the chance to find a massage partner and at the same time use their expert massage services to meet the needs of other professionals.