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topsyturby Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Was lovely to meet Topsyturby and give her a massage to help her with her stress. A lovely woman who made me feel right at home and I really enjoyed our chat while the massage took place.

Thanks Topsyturby I really enjoyed your company and being able to help you relax. Look forward to seeing you again.
Reviewed by DaveRB, 2017-07-24 [ID 16887:P]

Holden321 Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Last evening I received a call from this member asking if I could possibly help in getting a severe spasm out of the muscle just under his shoulder blade. Well on arrival and on my table it was soon very apparent that he did indeed have a very tight muscle. I set to work on the area and after spending around 25 minutes on the area, he responded that it felt much better. A further response was that he now had more rotational movement. A good result, so I continued on with a nice relaxing sensual massage. He is very athletic and a pleasure to massage. At the end of about an hour, I went back to his shoulder and checked on the muscle, which now felt much less in spasm. He reports today that his shoulder is much better . . . .
Reviewed by captom, 2017-07-24 [ID 16362:P]

Horsehead Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
I found this to be a memorable experience on several levels. Horsehead is an experienced massage therapist who provides a variety of styles while he works on you. His strokes build into a powerful, well placed dynamic force that releases tension and unlocks stress points. I requested extra pressure and that's what I got, he also pulled back when I yelled uncle. He was also generous with his feedback and advice on my massage. I realized why my massage technique leaves me exhausted and how to correct it. He was also astute in determining the condition of my body and helpful in his recommendations to correct problems, i.e. Specific stretches to unlock my tense back and my need to hydrate. In sum, an impressive encounter.
Reviewed by Edepic, 2017-07-24 [ID 16886:P]

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
I had a wonderful massage. This guy has great hands and great technique.
Reviewed by BobRose, 2017-07-24 [ID 16885:P]

Reply from Tallstan of 2017-07-24
Thanks for the review

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
Highly recommend. Lbbreathe has a very firm but fluid technique that quickly relaxes you and puts you at ease. A great session leaving you wanting more!
Reviewed by FQCDave, 2017-07-24 [ID 16884:P]

Fizzyhants Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meet fizzyhants for massage of Friday nice tall.guy nice and friendly nice body to work to on and nice to practice on
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2017-07-24 [ID 16883:P]

DWW Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
DWW is a professional massage therapist and his touch is very therapeutic and relaxing. He hit all the right spots and rejuvenated me. He has amazing skills in relaxation. I will definitely exchange with him again.
Reviewed by globalt, 2017-07-24 [ID 16882:P]

HSD100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
My swap withHSD100 was arranged quickly and without fuss, he arrived on time and we had an excellent long and in-hurried swap. He combines standard massage moves with imaginative and effective moves of his own devising; a wonderful mixture. It was the sort of session where I find it difficult to decide whether I prefer giving or receiving; suffice it to say both were really good.
A solid 5 stars now,and I think that he will get even better with more and varied experience. I certainly want to swap with him again.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2017-07-24 [ID 16881:P]

mac161 Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
I met his place nice warm so he is very friendly and easygoing guy

He was brilliant massage also nice softy oil

Thank you for swapping . I will able sleep tonight like baby
Reviewed by Pedalpusher, 2017-07-24 [ID 16880:P]

Bushey, England, United Kingdom
Met him many times before he joined this massage exchange site, nice tactile guy and great body to work on. Always enjoyed giving him full body massage.
Reviewed by bhong, 2017-07-24 [ID 16879:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Just got back from a very good massage session withjihn.he is perfect host most welcoming.he has a lovely house with a massage room all set up in attic room.ww had a unhuried 3 hour session.taking it in turns must sat felt bit guilty giving my massage as it was nowhere as good and skillfull as johns .he certainly knows how to give a very good massage .will even go as far as to say one of the best ive had thanks john
Reviewed by 19bilen60, 2017-07-24 [ID 16878:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Bengiboy yesterday and we had a massage swap that lasted for something like 5 hours (!). He is a fantastic masseur who doesn't mind spending time on each single muscle group and even come back to them at a later stage. I totally felt that every inch of my body had been thoroughly manipulated. His massage style, a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue, suited me perfectly- I hope he was also happy with mine! Definitely someone to recommend and to see again.
Reviewed by casulario, 2017-07-24 [ID 16877:P]

19bilen60 Highly Recommended
Coventry, Coventry, United Kingdom
Today I had a swap with 19bilen60. He is a nice friendly guy with a nice smile. After a chat we connected well prior to the massage itself by massaging each other with our clothes on. Although 19bilen60 says of himself that he is not technically skilled never the less he has a nice touch with good pressure and is enthusiastic. He gave a nice therapeutic massage with sensual elements. I could tell that he enjoyed the massage that I gave him. He has a nice muscular body which was a pleasure to massage. Thank you 19bilen60 for a pleasurable 3 hrs of massage.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-07-24 [ID 16876:P]

poots100 Recommended
Solihull, Solihull, United Kingdom
Nice relaxing massage
Reviewed by adventurousboy, 2017-07-24 [ID 16875:P]

jonboy1963 Highly Recommended
Banbury, England, United Kingdom
After exchanging some personal information with Jonboy1963 and chatting over the internet, I was very excited to meet him. Jonboy massage took me to a relaxed, peaceful and energetic places.
I learned with him new technics and movements which encompasses stretching, muscles pressure and sensual touch.
Jonboy is an easy person to get along and feel very comfortable with his presence. He is very educated, polite and keeps very interesting and inetectual conversation. It was a pleasure meeting him and hope to meet him again.
I do highly recommend Jonboy.
Reviewed by AussieWarwick, 2017-07-24 [ID 16874:P]

Dandyman39 Recommended
Sprotbrough, United Kingdom
Had massage exchange with dandyman39 and I can recommend him.
Reviewed by Atl, 2017-07-24 [ID 16873:P]

micky666 Highly Recommended
Bulleen, Victoria, Australia
Great massage and an excellent venue. A very nice bloke who enjoys giving as much as taking. You're in the hands of an expert and should expect to walk away relaxed with no cause for complaint!

Reviewed by draxbear, 2017-07-24 [ID 16872:P]

casulario Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Today I swapped a massage with casulario. He is a very friendly guy. I picked him up at the station and as soon as he was in my car we began to talk and form a connection. This was further enhanced by connecting before the massage whilst undressing. His massage of me was very proficient. Using firm pressure he worked his way around my muscles using confident long and short strokes. He introduced some sensual strokes and these lifted the massage to another plain. I could tell that he enjoyed my massage of him. We spent about five hours massage, talking and enjoying one another's company. I feel sure a repeat meeting is on the cards and I am looking forward to seeing him again. Thank you casulario for a lovely massage swap on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-07-24 [ID 16870:P]

AussieWarwick Highly Recommended
Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom
After exchanging a few messages and then having a video call on WhatsApp to break the ice, it was my pleasure to meet up with AussieWarwick today.

He is a charming Brazilian man who has clearly learned a great deal from his previous massage experience. He offered a great combination of firm and sensual strokes and soon had me drifting in and out of consciousness - absolute bliss. We swapped around and it was great to share a truly un-hurried session.

Aside from the massage, AussieWarwick is also a very interesting guy to chat to and I felt we really enjoyed each other's company - a great way to spend a Sunday. Thank you!
Reviewed by jonboy1963, 2017-07-23 [ID 16868:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Met for a very relaxing massage. It was far better than I expected. If I had to describe some keywords they would be: thoughtful, considerate, great hands, sensuous, fully relaxing and satisfying.
Bengiboy is intelligent, funny, chatty and is determined to put you at your ease. He has great experience and this is obvious from his approach right through to his fingertips.
As a relative novice I learnt a lot and enjoyed more.
Reviewed by jd98, 2017-07-23 [ID 16871:P]

jen16 Highly Recommended
Hornchurch, England, United Kingdom
Recently exchanged with Jen16 - easy to arrange - Jen16 is friendly

Although he had not massaged on the floor before he adjusted well
Good pressure & right amount of firmness
Thank you for a good exchange
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2017-07-23 [ID 16863:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Absolutely fantastic massage Wasnt at all what i was expecting . I was pulled am pumated in places i didnt know could be pumated but it was fantastic .I would imagine a Turkish bath massage to be like this but afterwards i felt completely rejuvenated. Highly recommended and hope this really nice guy will do a repeat visit sometime .Amazing and a lovely fella
Reviewed by mac161, 2017-07-23 [ID 16869:P]

905Girl Highly Recommended
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
905Girl is genuine and has a heart of gold. I must admit was a little nervous at first, but she made me feel completely at ease and we established an amazing connection. I gave her a full body relaxing massage which she appreciated and afterwards, she gave me a massage-I wasn't expecting it but I have to admit her hands are fantastic!

This woman is kind, caring and loves life! There's not a rating high enough, so happy that I got to meet her!
Reviewed by handssofsoft, 2017-07-23 [ID 16867:P]

Reply from 905Girl of 2017-07-23
Sincerely enjoyed your gifted hands. What a wonderful afternoon!

jonnyd Satisfactory
Reading, England, United Kingdom
As arranged I was happy to meet up with jonnyd.A pleasant and keen individual.We got chatting and then down to business. I was happy to oblige him with the Tantra which he thoroughly enjoyed.I Do beleive he had a good time with me.Looking forward to having more sessions as he is keen to develope his skills.
Reviewed by ash1yana, 2017-07-23 [ID 16866:P]

Keefa29 Highly Recommended
Reading, England, United Kingdom
Finally I am finding the time to write a review for keefa29, I had a swap massage with him a while ago. I have to say this website has given me the opportunity to meet mostly great people and Keefa29 without a doubt is one of them. When I opened the door a charming smile was waiting for me from the other side which made everything easy immediately. He has a warm personality, his company was delightful. We had a lovely chat about our summer holiday, afterwards we started our massage and when it was my time I was completely abandoned in his hands. His touch was nurturing, he applied variety of strokes with the right pressure ....... heavenly. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM AGAIN FOR ANOTHER SWAP. Thanks keefa29. ***** Highly recommend
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2017-07-23 [ID 16865:P]

ash1yana Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, United Kingdom
met with Ash1yane yesterday for an exchange, we chatted before the session started as i am interested in Tantra. he is a very pleasant man with a lovely relaxed & caring attitude, very experienced and able to find any muscular knots to straighten out. left feeling very calm & relaxed. all in all a great massage with a very gentle man. i only wish i could have given as good a massage as i got. i highly recommend him, 5 stars. can't wait until i can see him again.
Reviewed by jonnyd, 2017-07-22 [ID 16864:P]

TaurusDragon Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Taurus Dragon puts feeling into each stroke of the massage. On his table I was in another world. His positive energy coupled with a calm atmosphere made my experience above average. By the end of the massage I felt like I had been friends with him forever. The rhythm and variation of the types of strokes he used had me leaving slightly euphoric.
Reviewed by 905Girl, 2017-07-22 [ID 16583:P]

Reply from TaurusDragon of 2017-06-10
Thanks for your wonderful review and I'm glad you thoroughly enjoyed your massage.

Romanyboy Highly Recommended
St Neots, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
I met Romanyboy for massage earlier this week and it was a very nice and relaxed session. Good comms beforehand and relaxed company during the exchange itself. We'd established that we had similar expectations of the session, namely that it was about the massage, and I think that was helpful.
Romanyboy uses a really wide range of pressure in his massage, from very firm to very light - nice contrast.
All very enjoyable, and a regular nice bloke too.
Reviewed by DomJ, 2017-07-22 [ID 16862:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
We agreed with Massagaholic7 at 5pm after his shift. He was late for a reason, and that has eaten into the time allocated to the session, which was nonetheless worth waiting for.
He administers a thorough rub to all the body, generous strokes and kneading where required. The depth of work is medium to light, which is a pleasant and relaxing experience. He is tactile and his warm personality shines through.
As a bonus, he has a very fit body, very pleasant to work on.
Overall very nice experience.
Reviewed by aris20, 2017-07-22 [ID 16861:P]

Atl Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Met atl.she is a really nice down to earth person,new to massage but you wouldn't know that with her remedial work,
She will pass and learn more as time comes.
I look forward to learning her all that she wants and hopefully soon she can make a career out of it.
Treat her well she only deserves the best.
Thank you
Reviewed by Dandyman39, 2017-07-22 [ID 16860:P]

pebble74 Recommended
Swanley, United Kingdom
I met up with pebble74 late yesterday evening for an exchange which had first been planned for the morning. He had to re-arrange because of work but kept me wellinformed during the day and evening as to his expected arrival time and then arrived punctually. After a short chat pebble74 had a shower and virtually collapsed onto the massage table (the result of a long and busy day). I massaged his back first and sensed he was deeply relaxed and on the verge of sleep. We then swapped over and he gave me a back massage which was light in nature but very relaxing. We swapped again and massaged fronts which when it was my turn to receive proved to be very sensual and very enjoyable.

Although pebble74 has had no formal training he is enthusiastic and friendly. I give him four stars but with more practice and maybe a short massage course I'm sure this would soon change to five.
Reviewed by SELondon, 2017-07-22 [ID 16859:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
Well what is there to say, if you want a really good exchange with a really nice person then look no further. After a bit of a muck about on my behalf with work it was a lovely way to finish off a day. We chatted on arrival then i used the shower to freshen up and every muscle was worked on how i never fell asleep.
Would highly recommend
Reviewed by pebble74, 2017-07-22 [ID 16858:P]

DomJ Highly Recommended
Shoreham-by-Sea, England, United Kingdom
I met up with Dom J in a bolthole in the middle of the countryside just a perfect setting for a swop really.Having chatted and discussed preferences beforehand we were confident it would be a good exchange.
Dom J is an accomplished masseur who uses a wide variety of strokes to great effect.He was very welcoming and made me feel at ease .Being a rower I have very long legs and clearly leg massage is an area if strength for him which was a very pleasant part of the exchange.Dom J is relaxed and pleasant company too .To be recommended :-)
Reviewed by Romanyboy, 2017-07-22 [ID 16857:P]

Reply from DomJ of 2017-07-22
Thank you RB, I enjoyed meeting you for massage too

TampaMike Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States
TampaMike and I have been exchanging for a few months now.
In addition to providing a great relaxing massage, he has proven to be an excellent mentor by teaching new techniques and skills in an easily understood way. He has a pleasant personality and is easy to communicate with. I hope that this continues as an ongoing exchange.
Reviewed by Stargazerlily, 2017-07-21 [ID 16856:P]

stubblyb Recommended
Southampton, England, United Kingdom
Stubblyb gets in touch a few times on emails and telephone calls too, we arranged to meet up for coffee.
I was sitting down at the bench waiting for Stubblyb at station, he was on time. He walked towards to me wearing a baseball hat, he sat down with me, he looks younger
than his age, clean teeth, nice smile, smells good and tall. Stubblyb offers to go for coffee or have lunch with him. I feels I don't want to go anywhere as I just want to hear his voice, specially people live in that part of that counties always have a clam voices, you can feel the aura around him very clear you just feeling good inside.
Stubblyb live far where I am, but he do travel to London often with his work, I asked him why you want to exchange massage with me as he said ' today I took a train from home to here just to see you ' and I haven't exchanged with anyone before and you are the first person that I contact and he asking me to give him a review as he reads all my review he like, he comes long way just to met me, that was very sweet. I asked stubblyb so what you wanted to do now, he replied let go for a walk, I smiles :). I can see that Stubblyb nervous, I find him honest and I like that very much in a man. I asked Stubblyb would you like to exchange massage now, he replied yes, so we went to book a hotel...
Stubblyb gives me massage first, his massage was experienced, he got a warm palms and he pressings down to your skin I can feel the heat from his palms, he just needed to do more upwards and less strokes down and needs to find where the pressures points it. I think it's important when you give massage to others, you can help them to refer pain and aching.
Here go my turn to give Stubblyb massage, when I massage his back he tell me that he liked :). then I massage from his waist to his feet he feelings very nervous and he jumped a lot, he not used to getting massage from below and he said I have pains from my legs for last few days, because the dog bit him :). I pressed more on his legs to refer the pain and he doesn't understand why I did it. Sorry Stubblyb, but will do you good...

After the massage we just relaxing and talks a lots of things in our life, really nice to know you Stubblyb and hopefully everything will be okay with you. All the best !
Reviewed by Freesia, 2017-07-21 [ID 16855:P]

Rainbow1963 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
This was my first Massage Exchange - Rainbow1963 met me nearby and we chatted on the way to his house. He was super friendly, very polite and made me feel very comfortable.
He has a great place which was clean and tidy and beautiful decor. He made me an espresso and made me feel very welcome.
We chatted for a little and he is a great guy and a great sense of humour.

The massage was unhurried and he really knows what he is doing, I can honestly say it's one of the best massages I've ever had (and that's by professionals). I would definetly recommend and will be back!!

RB1963 very kindly offered me to use his Shower and Facilites.

All in all a great exprience by one of the best.

Reviewed by marrkylon, 2017-07-21 [ID 16854:P]

practicecouple Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
I met practicecouple at their home and they immediately made me feel welcome and I had no problem in relaxing with them. They are very genuine people, easy to get on with and had everything that I needed. The time spent giving massage to them was satisfying and relaxing for me and I am sure I will see them again. I certainly would recommend them.
Reviewed by merlot77, 2017-07-21 [ID 16853:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
a great relaxing massage - he found muscles i didn't know i had! - also a very nice polite man who has set up his massage facility in a lovely peaceful location. i hope to visit again soon. i slept the sleep of the just that night
Reviewed by GLENN008, 2017-07-21 [ID 16852:P]

experiencedmt Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Paul has a gentle spirit but strong hands. He very kindly offered to share his techniques with me so I might gain confidence in giving massage. I started on the table, and he worked my back, talking me through what he was doing and giving me pointers along the way. We then switched, and Paul got on the table, giving me the opportunity to try out what I had just learned. The only trouble was that Paul is so good, even while teaching, I had trouble focusing on the lesson! Although our primary purpose was instruction, I still had a wonderful massage and connected with a kindhearted soul.

Thank you, Paul!

Reviewed by DavidAtlanta, 2017-07-21 [ID 16851:P]

Reply from experiencedmt of 2017-07-21
David, thank you for these very kind words! I have to say that your openness and willingness to try new approaches made it easy to work with you, and I look forward to numerous more exchanges!

Freesia Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I contacted Freesia as I had noticed that she had good communication and her reviews were all positive. Since I travel to London fairly often with work I felt that it was worth getting in touch despite the distance and this indeed proved to be the case. After exchanging emails and texts we arranged to meet at the station. We chated for a while and I found her to be very a pleasant and compassionate woman. She took an interest in what I did and in my current circumstance. I was unsure if an exhange would happen on the day as I don't like to presume but she asked if I wanted to and I agreed.

We booked a hotel and she asked me to massgae her first to test what I know. I did this rather nervously as it was my first exchange. She appeared to be enjoying it so I was encouraged by this and continued with a full body massage. I don't yet know much about pressure points so it was just a relaxation massage. Freesia's massage on me was much more professional. She was much more confident and knew where to apply the correct pressure and I am sure it was a far more superior massage. My lower legs are quite sensitive so I found the pressure a little too much in those areas but I hadn't warned her about that so no problem.

All in all, the exchange was very positive. Freesia is easy to talk to and a comfortable person to be around and I found myself opening up to her as if I had known her for many years.

Thank you and I look forward to exchanging with you again after the summer.
Reviewed by stubblyb, 2017-07-21 [ID 16850:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
I met with Kendalian3 a couple of days ago. When I arrived at the apartment the room was already set up with a table, candles, soothing music in the background and the oil warming, which was a perfect beginning to an excellent evening. I have received all kinds of massage over the years and this was by far the best I have ever received and to think Kendalian has no formal training is incredible, her touch and style is perfect in every way. I would highly recommend and can't wait to visit again and again.
Reviewed by 2soothinghands, 2017-07-21 [ID 16849:P]

Wackyracer Highly Recommended
Tilford, United Kingdom
I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with stimulating conversation with Wackyracer and the massage was excellent. Nice comfortable home and had a dip in his swimming pool which was refreshing.

The time flew by and hopefully we can do it again.

Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Yve62, 2017-07-21 [ID 16848:P]

sunnyj Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States
Could not have asked for a better massage! A pure delight: friendly and great delight; clearly makes the sun shine even on a stormy afternoon! Would exchange with him any time possible! A wonderful combination of everything one could hope from a massage exchange! Hope we can do it again!!
Reviewed by mach02, 2017-07-20 [ID 16847:P]

mach02 Highly Recommended
Windsor, Colorado, United States
Mach was simply SUPERB!
Very down to earth gentleman, the perfect massage technique, gentle and attentive to all details!! Hope I am definitely exchanging again with Mach! :0)
Reviewed by sunnyj, 2017-07-20 [ID 16846:P]

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
An excellent afternoon with Yve62. Good communication beforehand and a text to say she was in her way to me.

After chatting for half an hour I gave her a long gentle therapeutic massage which gradually became more sensual. We had a quick dip in the swimming pool and then she returned the favour massaging me.

A bright, intelligent woman who clearly enjoys giving and receiving a good massage. Recommended. I hope we can get together again.
Reviewed by Wackyracer, 2017-07-20 [ID 16845:P]

denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Hi Den
They should call you Den the hands great massage
Head massage well worth your training course.

Well decide to travel but train and Den was there at the Station I must of impressed Den also dropped me off at the Station .

Lovely to meet you and Partner let's do it again soon.


Reviewed by bond006, 2017-07-20 [ID 16844:P]

2soothinghands Highly Recommended
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
I met 2soothinghands when he was visiting the area on business. His profile name is very apt indeed. He has a beautifully sensual touch, with long smooth strokes that relaxed and gave great pleasure. He was respectful, easy to talk to and a pleasure to exchange with. When it was his turn to be massaged he was receptive and gave good feedback. I would be delighted to exchange with him again whenever he visits the area and would happily recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by Kendalian3, 2017-07-20 [ID 16843:P]

latrobe Highly Recommended
Port Sorell, Tasmania, Australia
Really enjoyed providing a massage for latrobe.
They are wonderful people and i felt completely relaxed in their company, I sincerely hope we can catch up again.
Reviewed by Mrjmm, 2017-07-20 [ID 16842:P]

Adel2017 Highly Recommended
Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom
Adel is a busy self-employed lady who is unduly modest of her massaging skills, for they are of a professional standard. She knows intuitively where and when to touch and with what pressure and speed. Adel is also a joy to massage as she is exceedingly responsive to stimulation. Can one ask more of a massage exchange.
Reviewed by dancer21, 2017-07-20 [ID 16841:P]

umasseur13 Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
He was great and very professional. Difficult to find. Excellent massages. But thanks to him I have found one. I would definitely do another trade with this guy. John
Reviewed by Johnweho, 2017-07-19 [ID 16840:P]

Lifelonglearner1 Highly Recommended
Whitstable, England, United Kingdom
HI i have had my first massage by Lifelonglearner and i was like yes this i what i want to get into... He is kind and very giving with his massage... I am not in the frame of mind to give one in return yet but he did such a great job that i am willing to break my own rules mabye start with a back massage again and see how far i get hahhaha lovely not to fell under obligation to give one back that was lovely.. although i do owe him one and because i did not feel i NEEDED to give him one back i will get there again... find my love again.. and he was the first start to finding it.. someone so into it deserves a return... it is in the post hahahha keep going you lovely at it... very at ease.... Thank you...
Reviewed by Tough1, 2017-07-19 [ID 16839:P]

London, England, United Kingdom
I was so pleased when meet RichH . He applied the right amount of pressure at the spots that needed it most, warm kneading hands had me relaxed in no time at all. I appreciated the dialogue as we relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed .

RichH was incredibly sensitive and respectful towards myself and I'd recommend him highly .
Reviewed by Fleur, 2017-07-19 [ID 16838:P]

haven Recommended
Cromford, England, United Kingdom
The couple arrived in time for lunch, demonstrating an attractive reliability that each maintained during their visit. Conversations flowed easily and soon we were at the massage table where, ladies first to receive, we began. Both have a variety of massage skills, some of which counter balance the other's. And then, all too soon and some four hours later, each of us was totally relaxed and thirsty. All in all, it was a very successful visit.
Reviewed by dancer21, 2017-07-19 [ID 16837:P]

massagebuddy01 Highly Recommended
Exeter, United Kingdom
When Massagebuddy01 (Mb01) and I met we had a drink and chat I found Mb01 friendly and easy to get on with. Mb01 massaged me first and he gave me a relaxing massage and as I responded to his touch he became more confident in his technique. I then massaged Mb01 and he was also responsive to my touch and became very relaxed. We both enjoyed the massage experience and have already agreed to exchange again in the near future. I highly recommend Mb01 for a relaxing massage experience.
Reviewed by Colin62, 2017-07-19 [ID 16836:P]

Fleur Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met with Fleur to give a full body massage. She's a petite, vivacious and delightful woman and we chatted for a while before and after the massage. Easy going, a joy to work with and highly recommended. If you get the chance to work with her, be gentle!
Reviewed by RichH, 2017-07-19 [ID 16835:P]

CanberraBoy Highly Recommended
Rivett, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Had some wonderful times with CanberraBoy. He has an exquisite touch, respectful of my desires and styles, and a joy to be with.

And he's completed some training - no longer a novice!

I strongly recommend him :-).
Reviewed by RobbieOz, 2017-07-19 [ID 16834:P]

jollygiant Highly Recommended
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
John and I exchanged about a week ago. He is very knowledgeable about massage, patient, kind, has big hands for the rub. I really enjoyed the time there and plan to do it again soon. Excited about more things to learn as we explore massage!....
Reviewed by Mcnppg, 2017-07-19 [ID 16833:P]

merlot77 Highly Recommended
Horsham, England, United Kingdom
A very pleasant and skilled gentleman who gave us both an excellent massage, and we very much hope we shall meet again soon. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by practicecouple, 2017-07-19 [ID 16832:P]

Colin62 Highly Recommended
Gunnislake, United Kingdom
had brilliant massage of Colin very friendly / professional knew what he was doing know i dont come near him for his technique or experience but learned lot of things to do in massage exchange in future . 5star service
Reviewed by massagebuddy01, 2017-07-19 [ID 16831:P]

dancer21 Recommended
Market Drayton, England, United Kingdom
We visited dancer21 at the weekend and found a congenial welcoming host. with no end of interests.This made it easy to relate to him. He showed us our room as we had arranged to stay overnight. Having settled in we were shown round his fascinating home and lovely secluded garden. He has a gentle manner as does his female greyhound. We had a two hand massage, sharing the experience over an unhurried relaxing period,pleasing each one of us.
Our host had prepared a meal which we shared with some good wine and conversation over a wide range of subjects. Any lady would feel confident to visit by herself and would find a welcoming, charming host .Couples are welcome but where are you all you ladies ? Obviously as a couple we were happy with our experience but please
do not miss out , you ladies !!!!.
Reviewed by haven, 2017-07-18 [ID 16830:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
He really helped in may back problems. Massage done very professionally with nice scented oil. I had good time.
Reviewed by Qdlaty, 2017-07-18 [ID 16829:P]

aris20 Highly Recommended
Wokingham, England, United Kingdom
Aris20 came to mine and he was on time and I was late ! Very friendly guy, we connected very well, he's quite a muscular and sporty build and tactile (-;
He massaged me 1st and his techniques were varied, with a combination of deep effective muscle manipulation and gentle relaxing strokes (-;
I was completely chilled and zoned out by the time he had finished ! He's a self-taught non professional masseur who's very relaxed and easy going . Aris20 was a joy to massage and was very responsive to my strokes , even though we ran out of time, I still felt relaxed and that we both had a good massage exchange which bodes well for the next time. I highly recommend an exchange with this strong, muscular but gentle guy .
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2017-07-18 [ID 16828:P]

Qdlaty Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Today I had a massage swap with Qdlaty. He is a nice friendly person who has had formal training in classical massage. This is like deep tissue or sports massage since it aims to affect the muscles with firm strokes. Consequently his massage of me was quite a stimulating experience. He worked over my body with firm pumbling strokes that where quite invigorating. He is also a trained physiotherapist so quite skilled in what he does. He came with a back pain and by the time i had finished massaging him it was gone for which he was thankfully. I very much enjoyed our swap. Thank you Qdlaty.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-07-18 [ID 16827:P]

rg0100 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
After quite a long time of one or other not being available, we finally managed to meet today. It was well worth the wait. Raj arrived dead on time for our appointment, having kept me well informed of his plans. He is a charming and friendly massage partner, who appreciatively received my attentions, and gave a very pleasant and relaxing massage in return. I hope we can meet again.
Reviewed by adamfreedom, 2017-07-18 [ID 16826:P]

Stepmastermark Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Stepmastermark and I were able to get together for an exchange. I am proud to say we have a "new and upcoming" massage therapist in the making. Although he has just began his studies in bodywork, his enthusiasm and ambition along with intuition made for a great exchange. I look forward to him completing his studies and exchanging massage regularly.
Reviewed by TwoHealingHands, 2017-07-18 [ID 16823:P]

Reply from Stepmastermark of 2017-07-18
Thank you twohealinghands for helping me on my
Journey to being a fully licensed massage therapist. I look forward to exchanging massages really soon

handssofsoft Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Handssosofsoft has a special gift of talking to your body with his hands. He is slow and meticulous while relaxing every square inch of your body. Some people have such a genuine care for their recipient it radiates a warm energy in every touch. It felt like time stood still during our session. I'm so grateful to have met such a beautiful and open person.
Reviewed by 905Girl, 2017-07-18 [ID 16822:P]

Greenwich Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met with Greenwich on a Sunday afternoon.
It was quick and easy to connect, Greenwich lives close to my place. He is new on the site and we agreed on this date straight away.
He is "receive only" even though it does not say it on his profile but he made it clear immediately when we connected, he does not have any experience and does not feel confident yet. I did not mind, I like to practice and I must say Greenwich has a great body to massage, tall, muscular/toned, the perfect candidate to exercise your skill.
Greenwich is a very pleasant young gentleman, a bit shy but good company. It was my pleasure to have him at home.
I will recommend him to any members who like to practice. I give him 5 stars just to be a perfect profile to receive.
Reviewed by LM55, 2017-07-18 [ID 16821:P]

Soblonde Highly Recommended
Bedford, England, United Kingdom
I had a lovely couple of hours with Soblonde. She's an attractive lady with a good figure who keeps herself trim through dancing. Bright, intelligent and chatty.

After talking for a good a half hour we moved onto massaging her. She clearly enjoys a soft gentle touch, so although I started with more pressure I moved to a softer touch as we progressed. She responded positively to my massaging her back and legs and so she turned over and we continued. She seemed to drift away until we finished.

She came to me and I would be very pleased to have her here again. Recommended
Reviewed by Wackyracer, 2017-07-18 [ID 16820:P]

GoodHandsJack Highly Recommended
York, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with Jack , he was beautiful and interesting, we sat and chatted for a while and then he gave me an incredible massage which left me feeling relaxed and nurtured. Jack was incredibly sensitive and respectful towards myself and I'd recommend him highly .
Reviewed by Sacha35, 2017-07-17 [ID 16819:P]

Reply from GoodHandsJack of 2017-07-18
it was my pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, Sacha.

onixstar Highly Recommended
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, United States
I had an excellent massage exchange with Onixstar today! One of the best massages I have ever received. His touch was exactly what my body needed. The pressure was ideal and varied depending on the depth of muscle and type of muscle. His strokes were fluid and connected. There was a length of stroke and connected progression that developed a sense of deep relaxation and euphoria that I have not experienced in a long time. While at the same time, he was respectful and mindful of my personal needs and preferences. Overall the highest possible rating. I have received massages that I paid for which were vastly inferior to his touch today. I highly recommend Onixstar to anyone who desires a relaxing and yet stimulating massage experience. Thank you so much man, you are awesome!
Reviewed by fmrginger, 2017-07-17 [ID 16818:P]

Vutan Highly Recommended
Darlinghurst, New South Wales, Australia
What a wonderful man Vutan is - I had the pleasure of massaging with him recently. He is communicative, friendly, honest and an excellent practice candidate for massage technique. I look forward to another massage opportunity with him.
Reviewed by walkinga, 2017-07-17 [ID 16817:P]

Johnweho Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States
I had my first exchange with Johnweho and gotta admit that I was very impressed with his skills as a masseur. He certainly knows what he is doing. He has a good space with great ambiance too. If you looking to get a real massage gotta try him
Reviewed by umasseur13, 2017-07-17 [ID 16816:P]

LNDNm4m Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met LNDNm4m few days ago, Good conversation to start with,great host

would definitely recommend him as i felt really relaxed afterwards.

Would definitely see him again.
Reviewed by Spice14, 2017-07-17 [ID 16815:P]

Kenbroadway Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States
Kenbroadway's massage was very well choreographed and had a great natural flow. His very steady and controlled pressure on various areas was always perfectly suited for the each body part. He demonstrated and I learned some strokes that I will be using in future trades. Thanks, Kenbroadway. Above all, he was very kind, open and welcoming, making me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into his space. I hope that we can do another exchange soon. I would highly recommend Kenbroadway.
Reviewed by apmassage, 2017-07-17 [ID 16814:P]

Sacha35 Highly Recommended
Barton-upon-Humber, England, United Kingdom
Sacha is a warm, welcoming, beautiful person with some incredible massage facilities. It was a pleasure to take time to give her a slow, relaxing massage and help her drift away for a couple of hours. And wonderful hospitality.
Reviewed by GoodHandsJack, 2017-07-17 [ID 16813:P]

Wackyracer Highly Recommended
Tilford, United Kingdom
I found Wackracer to be a charming man who put me at ease straight away. He has a lovely technique and I felt relaxed and less achy after my massage. Very easy to talk to on a wide range of topics. I gave him healing to both of his ankles and he said how much better they were and feeling the same way the following day.
Reviewed by francesca, 2017-07-17 [ID 16797:P]

globalt Highly Recommended
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
Globalt and I had arranged a massage exchange on my recent trip to Atlanta. It was a very good exchange and he had a very interesting style and technique that was very much appreciated by this stressed out business traveler. I highly recommend Globalt for a massage exchange and I know that I certainly will on my next trip to Atlanta.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-07-16 [ID 16812:P]

experiencedmt Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
ExperiencedMT and I arranged a Therapeutic only massage exchange on my recent business trip to Atlanta. The massage exchange was amazing because he is a experienced Massage Therapist. In addition to his MT experience, he is an educator, which means he taught me several new techniques and styles that I used on him during the exchange. Some of these techniques I will definitely use in my future exchanges. With his experienced massage techniques and his gentle teaching style, the exchange was one of my best exchanges I have had on this site. His massage studio was very well appointed, music appropriate, and had a great assortment of oils and lotions. I will most certainly reach out to Experienced MT on my next trip to Atlanta.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-07-16 [ID 16811:P]

Reply from experiencedmt of 2017-07-17
Thanks for the kind words, Emem! You are a talented masseur yourself ! I enjoyed our time together and hope you will look me up the next time you're in Atlanta, I know there are things I can learn from you as well.

RN65 Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States
RN65 provided a great massage with very useful mentoring skills explaining techniques easily understood by a novice. He arrived punctually and has a very pleasant personality and is easy to communicate with.

Reviewed by Stargazerlily, 2017-07-16 [ID 16809:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
Really enjoyed my massage swap with Massagaholic7. It was a long time in arranging for various logistical reasons but I'm so glad we finally managed to meet. From the moment I saw his smiling face as I opened the door to the time he left was thoroughly enjoyable. He is an accomplished masseur and I enjoyed all the techniques he used, ranging from deep tissue to more sensual strokes. We ended our session chatting freely about life in general, many hours having passed!

Reviewed by Manflute, 2017-07-16 [ID 16808:P]

Simplyme Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met Simplyme for a drink first and had a lovely chat. I then gave Simplyme a full body massage. Simpleme is an amazing caring individual and could see she was carrying a lot on tension in her neck. I hope the massaged relaxed her. We spent a lovely 2 1/2 hours plus together and I really enjoyed her company. I was very pleased to receive a massage back, which I wasn't expecting. Great caring hands - look forward to meeting up again........
Reviewed by fabeo, 2017-07-16 [ID 16807:P]

marrkylon Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I contacted marrkylon for a swap and yesterday I met him. What a lovely surprise, not only an interesting guy but also an entertainer person. I had a wonderful time. Everything started when I asked him if he wanted something to drink ..... I didn't expect an espresso coffee from a Londoner :) from there on we had funny time. I started giving him a back massage and I think he liked it. When it was my time, I was like an open book for him, he knew exactly what I needed and his touch was spot on.
Highly recommended. Thanks marrkylon
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2017-07-16 [ID 16806:P]

PM1951 Highly Recommended
Hudson, New Hampshire, United States
Had a great Massage session with Phil over the last week. He came to my home in Maine and we had a pleasant conversation before we started our massage. I really enjoy getting to know Massage partners a little before a session starts; it gives us both some insight into our likes, expectations, and also gets possible medical or physical issues on the table ;)
We started with me on my table, then flipped and ending up working all our mutual kinks and tensions out. He has strong hands and a great soothing touch. Phil brought some great Oil that he kindly left with me for our next session.
I look forward to seeing him on another session!
Reviewed by Acer1341, 2017-07-16 [ID 16805:P]

Pete59 Highly Recommended
Somerville, Victoria, Australia
Had a great swap with Peter who has a great setup which was warm and comfortable. He has great technique and I picked up some additions to my repertoire from him. I thoroughly recommend you take the opportunity to swap with him if you can, and it's well worth the trip if you're worried he's a bit far from you.

Reviewed by draxbear, 2017-07-16 [ID 16804:P]

draxbear Highly Recommended
Richmond, Victoria, Australia
It was a real pleasure to be in the capable hands of Draxbear recently. Gentle but firm when necessary, I was left feeling totally relaxed. Draxbear found all the right spots, and worked skilfully to ease the tightness and aches. Thanks Draxbear, for making the time to travel and for making me feel at ease.
Reviewed by Pete59, 2017-07-15 [ID 16803:P]

jaybar Highly Recommended
San Dimas, California, United States
I recently has a real nice massage exchange with Jaybar. His massage is as pleasant as his personality.
Great skill from head to toe. I learned a few techniques from the session. It was like having a massage exchange with a good friend.
Reviewed by spike50, 2017-07-15 [ID 16802:P]

Stargazerlily Highly Recommended
Holiday, Florida, United States
Stargazerlily might not be an LMT, but she has the skills. Great confidant touch. Good pressure, speed and rhythm and a desire and willingness to learn!!
I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange and hope she makes this a habit :)
Reviewed by RN65, 2017-07-15 [ID 16801:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I finally met bengiboy today at his place and can say that nothing could have prepared me for the warm and generous welcome I received. We connected immediately and chatted initially about our massage experience (or lack of in my case). He then created a tailored massage oil for me based on my preferred perfumed oils. I was then treated to nothing short of a massage masterclass that lasted several hours. This man knows how to do a proper massage and knows exactly where to apply the right amount of pressure and where to focus attention to give the maximum amount of relaxation and pleasure. I may have been lacking in technical ability but went my my instinct and enjoyed a most wonderful experience. I cannot recommend bengiboy more highly and look forward to a repeat performance soon!
Reviewed by Irishcharmer, 2017-07-15 [ID 16800:P]

Irishcharmer Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Today I met with Irishcharmer, and he certainly lived up to his name. He is the most warm , open, friendly guy and it did not take us long to deeply connect prior to the massage, facilitated by my connection phase. As a masseur he has a natural ability with a good firm pressure. He combined sensual and therapeutic strokes to give a very pleasing effect indeed. What he lacks in technical skills he makes up in warmth and pathos communicated by touch. I enjoyed massaging Irishcharmer. He has a nice body and good muscles. I can honestly say that this swap was pleasing on many level. I think a friendship will grow and we plan to see one another again. Thank you Irishcharmer for a wonderful swap!!
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-07-15 [ID 16799:P]

FirmPress Highly Recommended
Bristow, Virginia, United States
It was my pleasure to host FirmPress as he was in our area on business. We enjoyed two highly session that were relaxing and down right amazing. FirmPress lives up to his name with a firm pressure that leaves you feeling invigorated and relaxed. A kind, educated, articulate man who obviously appreciated the art of human touch and the finer things in life.

I highly recommend FirmPress to you and certainly look forward to a future session with him.
Reviewed by sunray333, 2017-07-15 [ID 16798:P]

sunray333 Highly Recommended
Cumberland, Maryland, United States
I have been fortunate to exchange with Sunray333 now more than once. From our first intial correspondence to our actual intial meeting, my thoughts were that this individual really appreciates the value of quality therapeutic touch. I was totally right. Cleanliness and hygiene we both shared in common; and, he gets extremely high marks from me. His table-side manner is remarkable and his ability to incorporate in long relaxing strokes is certainly a major added value. He asked if the pressure was right or needing adjusting. Overall, I recommend Sunray333 as wonderful massage enthusiast that is an extremely pleasant person.
Reviewed by FirmPress, 2017-07-15 [ID 16796:P]

Reply from sunray333 of 2017-07-15
Thank you firmpress. It was a pleasure exchanging with you. Hurry back for repeat performance.

TwoHealingHands Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Todd is an excellent licensed massage therapist. There is much fluidity in his work. He has a lot of experience and gave me great advice for my work later in my school year and the rest of my career. Excellent at applying deep pressure and checks in a lot to make the client is doing ok. I recommend exchanging a massage with Todd. Great work!
Reviewed by Stepmastermark, 2017-07-14 [ID 16794:P]

Reply from TwoHealingHands of 2017-07-18
Thanks Mark! It was my pleasure. I look forward to exchanging again soon

gingerclimber Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Recently had a great exchange with gingerclimber. Took a while to connect on our availability but was worth the wait

Good variety of strokes with varied pressure as necessary. Really benefited & enjoyed

Gingerclimber is friendly & easy to talk to
Reviewed by IndianPalms, 2017-07-14 [ID 16793:P]

Goodhands102 Highly Recommended
Beverly, Massachusetts, United States
I had a massage today from Goodhands102. He does a really good job.
He has strong hands, and somehow always applies just the right amount of pressure.
He takes his time, and somehow I could tell that he really enjoys doing massage.
I hope to see him again soon.
Reviewed by VBK, 2017-07-14 [ID 16792:P]

Grantx Highly Recommended
Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom
I exchanged a massage with Grantx a few days ago…my whole body is still feeling it! I felt so cared for by him. His massage was therapeutic though bordering on sensual in the most beautiful and respectful way!
With his massage he knows how to get into those places that need to be massaged and touched with the perfect pressure. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants an amazing massage…he works from a place of heart and great care and follows the energy of the body.
I felt very taken care of. He is a natural at what he does.Thank you Grantx so much for your effort and the love you bring to the work of your hands.I'm so grateful!He is most highly recommended.
Reviewed by mitsu123, 2017-07-14 [ID 16791:P]

Mcnppg Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Thank you MC, I am enjoyed meeting you and beginning to get to know you. MC is truly friendly, open and very willing to learn. I can only imagine that he was a very good teacher as he is certainly very willing to learn. I hope and pray we have the opportunity to grow in friendship and and expand your Massage skill set through continued exchange.
Reviewed by jollygiant, 2017-07-14 [ID 16790:P]

bond006 Highly Recommended
Tooting, United Kingdom
Bond006 arrived on time and I picked him up from our local station. He was great company from the start and after a cup of tea and a chat in the garden we went inside to the massage table. He had a really toned, tanned body to massage which was delightful to work on. He'd be welcome back at mine at any time.
Reviewed by denkent, 2017-07-14 [ID 16789:P]

mitsu123 Highly Recommended
Leicester, England, United Kingdom
What a lovely warm and friendly, welcoming and gentle man. He has a really good understanding of anatomy and physiology and is very experienced in massage techniques. He has an intuitive knowledge in moving between deep tissue and lighter strokes. He used Almond Oil blended with essential oils and these were well warmed. The sensual elements of the massage were beautifully tantric in nature and unrushed. I certainly recommend this man for his massages are therapeutic and blissful.
Reviewed by Grantx, 2017-07-14 [ID 16788:P]

practicecouple Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
On my first visit to practicecouple ( receive only ) they made me so welcome and at home that I felt that I had known them for years, and their massages were, for me, relaxing and effortless experiences; thank you to them both.
Reviewed by maturetouch, 2017-07-14 [ID 16787:P]

pvnatural Highly Recommended
Prairie Village, Kansas, United States
I was traveling for a reunion and was able to get a great exchange with pvnatural last week! He has a wonderful (spa feel) set up in his home. When I arrived we sat and chatted, getting to know each other for a bit, which made it more personal as well made us both more comfortable before we started our exchange.

He is currently in massage school; however he has a natural/intuitive touch that makes it seem as if he is already a pro. He has a great touch (I may have fallen asleep for a minute) and is such a kind warm hearted guy! If you have the opportunity, I would recommend you let him get his hands on you.
Reviewed by beedhl, 2017-07-14 [ID 16786:P]

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