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Bucklakelee Highly Recommended
Eden, New York, United States
It was a real pleasure exchanging with Bucklakelee! He is a very kind, gentleman. He was very attentive to all my needs and very skilled! Much down to earth and welcoming! I hope truly I can see him again during his travels! Great masseur in every sense of the word!! :0)
Reviewed by sunnyj, 2017-04-27 [ID 16298:P]

hiddendepth77 Highly Recommended
Windsor, England, United Kingdom
Exchanged with Hiddendepth77 recently and we had a lovely time together. We used a floor mat which was very comfortable and actually really helped with using more interesting techniques. His place was convenient, easy to find plus clean and quiet,

He is a lovely guy, very toned body and great smile. His technique was very good indeed and he work over my entire body without exception. He really knew what he was doing and was very receptive to me too.

Definitely recommend this guy. See you soon x
Reviewed by mike71, 2017-04-27 [ID 16297:P]

mike71 Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Wow! Met up with Mike71 this week and what a treat.
Firstly he is a gorgeous looking guy and personality to match. He arrived on time, and was charming from the start.
His massage skills are fantastic, combined different strokes, pressure and styles. He has a great body and used it very effectively during the massage.
He incorporated plenty of sensuality and really got me to new heights. We both enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and have already arranged to meet again. Amazing
Reviewed by hiddendepth77, 2017-04-27 [ID 16296:P]

mike71 Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Mike arrived on time and straight away I realised that we would enjoy a massage together . Polite, clean and interesting personality
His massage skills were impressive and was not afraid of using his whole body to massage me with.his pressure was very firm - the way I like it. The two hours went by all too quickly - I felt myself melting into the floor and relaxed every inch of me . This man has skill and impressive performance
After we massaged each other we sat and chatted and enjoyed completing the experience together and shared experiences
I hope we might meet again - a five star from me
Reviewed by Milfordhands, 2017-04-26 [ID 16295:P]

Alnikkal Highly Recommended
Welling, England, United Kingdom
We have met this genuine guy on previous occasions for massage exchange and had the opportunity to meet again which we readily did.

He has a superb technique with a variety of gentle, relaxing massage strokes which suited us both and left us both fully relaxed.

We returned the massage with one of us on either side of him and he appreciated the 4 handed touches and massage we gave him.

He has a variety of sensuous, fragranced massage oils along with other aids to add to the massage experience.

He is a genuine, polite, clean and non pushy guy and would highly recommend him to others.

Looking forward to the next time!
Reviewed by groovytwo, 2017-04-26 [ID 16294:P]

Reply from Alnikkal of 2017-04-27
Wow Groovytwo are a lovely couple to now have as friends.
This was our 3rd meeting and a very relaxing time. We all felt at ease undressing. J said lets start massaging N. So she was one side with me the other, we tend to do our own thing, at times working on the same part but different side of him. Other times one works on the top wile the other massages the bottom part of the body.
Then it was my turn. They were as good as I remember, I shut my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of the massage they gave me.
Then it was Js turn she layed and let us both give her the enjoyment we had enjoyed.
I can not wait for out next meeting. The only problem is Im in the SE and they are in the North.
That said, thay are such a nice couple the journey is worth it.
A xx

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
I had a great exchange with Yve today. Sha areived on time. She is a lovely lady. A pleasure to massage....polite and friendly and returned the masage. A nice treat. Hope to see you again Yve.
Reviewed by kevo1960, 2017-04-26 [ID 16293:P]

Milfordhands Highly Recommended
Hounslow, England, United Kingdom
Milfordhands is a really lovely guy, very welcoming and warm.
We massaged on the floor which I had not tried before however it worked really well and allowed great access.
His massage was impressive, variety of strokes and pressure which was perfect for a relaxing massage. There were lots of light touches too which combined sensual elements very well and left me energised and uplifted. All round great session which was unhurried and very beneficial. I highly recommend an exchange and look forward to meeting up again soon.
Reviewed by mike71, 2017-04-26 [ID 16291:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I met Kingstonguy this morning after a long period I didn't get massages. He was very kind and really liked his way to massage. Was very good, healing and relaxing. Even if he is not a professional I can see his passion about olistic therapy. Would be nice to swap another time with him.
Thank you :)
Reviewed by Italianguy, 2017-04-26 [ID 16290:P]

Italianguy Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was pleased to finally meet with Italianguy who is a very charming host for an early morning massage. He is very friendly and welcoming with a great massage space with excellent facilities.

He has had massage training and this was demonstrated through his confidence and techniques which were exemplary and his routine was both fluid and innovative.

I also enjoyed delivering my own massage as he has a compact, toned, mainly smooth body to work on. I would definately recommend him!
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-04-26 [ID 16289:P]

trickyfingers Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Wow what can I can say that hasn't already been said about N. Professional and knows exactly what a massage is all about.Please forgive me if mine to you was a pale comparison. I did my best but I know it was nothing to what you gave to me. 5 stars in every aspect. Thank you thank you!!
Reviewed by ME227420, 2017-04-25 [ID 16288:P]

meturner Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Had the most wonderful massage today from meturner. She has a lovely touch and a radiant personality. It was one of those massages that reminds me of why I love bodywork. Perfection-- I don't know what else to say. Totally recommended!
Reviewed by DavidinHouston, 2017-04-25 [ID 16287:P]

Reply from meturner of 2017-04-26
Thank you David. I really appreciate your kind words and feedback. I am so grateful you enjoyed it.
I had no idea there was a place on Massage Exchange to let others know about our massage experience. I look forward to receiving a massage from you next Tuesday.

sweetjaz Highly Recommended
Dudley, England, United Kingdom
I meet with sweetjaz a couple of weeks ago. She is a lovely person and very easy to chat to. Her massage was extremely good, she has a firm but relaxing technique which got into all the aching muscles, she even did a small amount of reflexology. I would highly recommend her if you like a firm massage.
Reviewed by senfem, 2017-04-25 [ID 16286:P]

Cowes, United Kingdom
I have already had two exchanges with Alcharles. He is a perfect gentleman with a great house that is set up for a relaxing massage session on his bed. He seems to appreciate a nice backside and enjoys himself. Seek out some time with Alcharles. You will be well rewarded and pleasured.
Reviewed by Letsmassageme, 2017-04-25 [ID 16285:P]

Reply from Alcharles of 2017-04-25
i enjoyed it again and look forward to the next time

lopaka Highly Recommended
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Excellent session! Facility had a very nice table and privacy. Lopaka had excellent, experienced techniques and could easily adjust delivery upon request. If you get a chance, engage him on Hawaiian culture and the local area...extremely knowledgable and educated. I look forward to another session with Lopaka!
Reviewed by seeker359, 2017-04-25 [ID 16284:P]

Suavecito2 Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States
I was so glad to finally arrange a swap with Suavecito2 after trying to connect previously. He brought a table which was great and is very skilled. I enjoyed working on his body as well and he appreciated my touch. I highly recommend you arrange a swap with Suavecito2.
Reviewed by marcohawaii, 2017-04-24 [ID 16283:P]

micky666 Highly Recommended
Bulleen, Victoria, Australia
Had a very nice exchange. This was our second time. I found him to be friendly and courteous. A relaxing person to be with, for a start. He also has an excellent technique with very relaxing flowing strokes. He's a nice person to massage and be massaged by. Look forward to more exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by lankan, 2017-04-24 [ID 4371:P]

TwoHealingHands Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
It was a month ago when i had an amazing exchange with TwoHealingHands... he is very knowledgable of men's body and he knows and delivers "ALL" strokes....

awesome exchange...can not wait for the next...
Reviewed by marky27, 2017-04-24 [ID 16282:P]

mitsu123 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
Mitsu123 gave me a very firm, professional massage - applied just the right amount of pressure to a variety of places which was as professional as you could get if you went to a professional!
Reviewed by trekor, 2017-04-24 [ID 16281:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
Thank you kendalian3 for a sensational massage experience and exchange.
you are by far the best massage ive ever had, im so happy we arranged the exchange.
everything was perfect from the start, you are such a lovely women, you made me feel so welcome.
i felt very relaxed from the start.
your massage techniques were wonderful.
you have the right pressure on my body, and the strokes were perfect.
you were born to massage.
i enjoyed the whole experience and would love to arrange another exchange soon.
your good friend
Reviewed by Steve1960, 2017-04-24 [ID 16274:P]

Steve1960 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
I was privileged to exchange with Steve1960 after a number of emails between us. As he gives massage for a living, along with other therapies, I was expecting something good and I wasn't disappointed. In fact he exceeded my expectations and we had a truly excellent exchange. His technique is flawless, as you'd expect, but he also has a very caring and nurturing personality which comes through in his massage. He massages intuitively and tailors his technique to the individual. He is very easy to talk to and as an experienced yoga psychologist and teacher, has a wealth of interesting and helpful insights to pass on - an added bonus! I would have no hesitation in recommending him and look forward very much to another exchange.
Reviewed by Kendalian3, 2017-04-24 [ID 16280:P]

michael3141 Highly Recommended
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
A very responsive man , good hands and a great feeling
Reviewed by timxxxx39, 2017-04-23 [ID 16278:P]

Jura86 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Where do I have to start? I contacted Jura86 a long time ago for the first time, we kept emailing and texting each other for more than a year but not lucky enough to find a time suitable for both of us. Suddenly this afternoon happened and I am so pleased. Jura86 came to my flat and when I saw him, immediately I had a feeling of a nice young man. I was right, he was a breath of fresh air. Extremely easy to talk to him, he made me really confortable. We had a chat before our swap to know each other a bit more. I was the first one to start. It was a pleasure to give him a massage, he has got a well shaped and toned body which made everything easier. When it was my time, I completely left my body in his touch. It was amazing. In particular he worked his magic on my back with his long and firm strokes. Would I like to see him again? Definitely YES but in less than one year :) Highly recommended. Thanks Jura86
Reviewed by Rainbow1963, 2017-04-23 [ID 16277:P]

Keefa29 Highly Recommended
Reading, England, United Kingdom
After chatting with Keefa29. He arrived on time.
Very pleasant and easy to be around.
Keefa29 doesn't realise how good he is which is endearing and a pleasure to be around
He's caring and intuitive, highly recommend and a gold star .
Hope to swap soon.
Reviewed by a3ttk1, 2017-04-23 [ID 16276:P]

khjohnson Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
He was the best. His massage style was just like a pro's.
Reviewed by 8903stp, 2017-04-23 [ID 16275:P]

a3ttk1 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I recently met with a3ttk1 - upon arrival a3ttk1 offered a herbal refreshment which was a nice touch, after a brief introduction we started the swap, we both discussed the kind of massage we liked.
Well - I was totally blown away with a3ttk1 massage, it was vigorous, firm, uplifting and very connective. In all the massage swaps I have done his was so different - it was relaxing but at the same time energising. I would highly recommend a3ttk1.
Thank you so much & hope to have another swap soon. K
Reviewed by Keefa29, 2017-04-23 [ID 16273:P]

Magichandschris Highly Recommended
Richmond, England, United Kingdom
I recently met up with Chris...he is a lovely warm and embracing guy. I attended a clinic from where he operates from.
The room was lovely and warm and refreshments were offered on arrival.
As Chris is a qualified therapist, I was slightly nervous. He worked his magic on me first, wonderful long strokes, plenty of stretching combined with a sensual light delicate touch..the knots & aches melted away.
He took his time to pay attention to every area. I would highly recommend a swap with Chris if you get the opportunity. Thank you and hopefully to meet again.
Reviewed by Keefa29, 2017-04-23 [ID 16272:P]

fandorin325 Recommended
Reading, United Kingdom
Recently met up with Fandorin, upon arrival I was greeted and offered a drink, a warm and inviting reception.
Fandorin had prepared an area for the massage, a warm and light area.
Good firm pressure together with delicate sensual strokes were applied. Whilst I think Fandorin was slightly nervous his attention to detail was great.
I hope to swap with him again soon.
Reviewed by Keefa29, 2017-04-23 [ID 16271:P]

denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Would highly recommend having a massage from Den, feom the start he arranged a time and date to meet and when giving the address told me there was parking which was so handy. From the moment he opened the door he was very welcoming and made me feel relaxed. At one point during the massage i fell asleep and could have stayed there all day on the table. He is as good as any professional person I've used and hope to arrange another very soon as left totally relaxed.
Reviewed by pebble74, 2017-04-23 [ID 16270:P]

globalt Highly Recommended
Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States
I had the extreme pleasure of exchanging with globalt yesterday and he is such a caring and nurturing person. Our time together flew by and he really knows how to give a truly exceptional massage. We exchanged quite a few emails before meeting and it was like meeting with an old friend, so comfortable. I highly recommend you set up an exchange as soon as you can. Thank you globalt.
Reviewed by MDZ, 2017-04-23 [ID 16269:P]

Reply from globalt of 2017-04-23
Thank you for such an amazing review. Hope to meet up soon.

pebble74 Highly Recommended
Swanley, United Kingdom
Pebble came for a full body massage which he seemed to enjoy, suggesting that I should, at some stage, go 'professional'. Apart from being very complimentary, he's such a nice guy! I felt as though we'd known each other for ages as the conversation before and after the massage really flowed.He's welcome to visit me at any time. A great ninety minutes.
Reviewed by denkent, 2017-04-23 [ID 16268:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
I met with kingstonguy today and had a really great exchange. There is parking right outside his flat which was very convenient and he was really warm and welcoming. We had a good chat first and a drink to get to know each other a bit.
He has a massage table and a good size room which was just the right temperature, clean and quiet. He is a very good masseur with lots of different strokes and tecniques which was great. The exchange was unhurried and very enjoyable. I certainly hope to exchange with him again.
Reviewed by mike71, 2017-04-23 [ID 16267:P]

mike71 Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Mike this morning for a very good massage exchange. He is a lovely friendly guy who although being a massage novice gave a good basic massage with intuitive touch. I can recommend him and hope to meet up with him again soon.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-04-23 [ID 16266:P]

harrypotter1985 Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Harry Potter had great intuition and really makes an effort to find and elevate tight muscles. Is kind, caring and considerate. I enjoyed our massage swap.
Reviewed by Megamac007, 2017-04-23 [ID 16264:P]

happy2please Recommended
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
I had my first a very pleasant massage with happy2please on his site. I thank him for coming all this way and putting in a good and steady massage. I enjoyed it and recommend it to others.
Reviewed by ME227420, 2017-04-22 [ID 16263:P]

afg Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
He is everything he said he was. And his touch was quite magical. A good person that I felt a connection to. I hope that he will have the time to meet up again in the very near furture.
Reviewed by 8903stp, 2017-04-22 [ID 16262:P]

MDZ Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
After emailing, texting and calls for a couple of weeks, the anticipation to meet was growing for both of us and it definitely was worth it. We met today, MDZ had mimosa ready and talked for a little while before the session. MDZ is an amazing person with healing hands. His touch was soothing, sometimes deep, sometimes soft depending on the area and the need. He did not miss any part of my body. Time just flowed so fast and did not know where 3 hrs went by.
I would definitely like to exchange with MDZ again soon.I wish they had more stars then 5.
Reviewed by globalt, 2017-04-22 [ID 16261:P]

nychands Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I recently had the opportunity to exchange with nychands when I was in dire need of a massage. A wonderful spirit with a strong knowledge of massage that gives a firm/solid massage with a very relaxing flow.Thanks, again!!! Strongly recommend.
Reviewed by TwoHealingHands, 2017-04-22 [ID 16260:P]

Curiousnudist Recommended
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Curiousnudist is a very personable massage enthusiast with strong, intuitive, nurturing hands that give a relaxing, balanced, thorough massage. I celebrate our exchange and look forward to experiencing his hands another time
Reviewed by TwoHealingHands, 2017-04-22 [ID 16259:P]

ME227420 Highly Recommended
Caulfield South, Victoria, Australia
I had a very pleasant massage with ME227420. His hosting was very generous and he provided quite a professional and respectful massage, in warm and comfortable surroundings.
Reviewed by happy2please, 2017-04-22 [ID 16258:P]

Angelico Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met Angelico at his beautiful and relaxing place. He is a very nice person and very pleasant to massage. His strokes are firm and assured from someone relatively new as a masseur. Overall it was a very good swap and I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by frenchhands, 2017-04-22 [ID 16257:P]

Enzo57 Highly Recommended
Walnut Creek, California, United States
My session with Enzo57 was wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic. All areas of my body were addressed with a relaxed confidence, and his strength and flow were comparative to a licensed CMT. He possesses a quirky sense of humor that really added to my overall sense of comfort and reassurance. Enzo57 also did a little bit of chakra work and ended the session with a delicious scalp massage. Heaven!
Reviewed by HappeeGurl, 2017-04-21 [ID 16256:P]

drvlad Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
My session with Drvlad was met with complete relaxation and sensual bliss. He maintained a very relaxed presence, coupled with an utmost politeness and awareness along with intent focus on my comfort levels. He had nice even flow and his skills undoubtedly surpassed his modest demeanor. Vlad was a wonderful exchange and I was very pleased with my massage experience.
Reviewed by HappeeGurl, 2017-04-21 [ID 16255:P]

marky27 Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States
marky27 sure knows how to dig in deep. He has training and knowledge which gives him far better understanding of the human body than most massage therapists. Hoping to do more trades with him.
Reviewed by TopQualityDeepTissue, 2017-04-21 [ID 16254:P]

tom12243 Highly Recommended
Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States
Tom is an experienced masseur mastering many massage techniques. His strokes are long and deep. He was on time, personable and gave an excellent 5 star massage. I am looking forward to our next session.
Reviewed by ScottnBoyntonBeach, 2017-04-21 [ID 16251:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Yesterday, I had my first massage exchange since joining. It was a pleasure to meet bengibioy and for him to set me off on my journey. He is a most approachable, friendly guy who made me feel at ease very quickly with a warm welcome, lovely smile and very pleasant room. After our initial phase of underessing, he led me through various techniques of massage which he then encouraged me to reciprocate with guidance from himself. A very professional coaching approach. Thank you. I have lots and lots to learn and I feel he is the guy to teach me. I am very pleased I made that step and I look forward to repeating sessions with bengiboy who clearly puts his trust in me, wanting me to succeed. I am very grateful and I recommend him to you without hesitation.
Reviewed by Tamyanda, 2017-04-21 [ID 16253:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
This was my first meet and i was certainly taken care of. I was extremely nervous but was put at ease and after a few minutes chat i was being massaged and sent to heaven and back. Excellent and the best amateur massage i have ever received infact some professional masseurs could take guidance. No hesitation in repeating
Reviewed by Bertie1, 2017-04-21 [ID 16250:P]

TopQualityDeepTissue Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States
TopQualityDeepTissue is indeed top notch! the true definition of deep tissue massage.
Reviewed by marky27, 2017-04-20 [ID 16252:P]

Reply from TopQualityDeepTissue of 2017-04-21
Thank You! I hope to have you working through my knots again. Very deep and thorough.

RelaxingTom Recommended
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Received a very great and relaxing massage recently from Tom which was very good and relaxed me alot due to tight muscle tension. I would would highly recommend receiving a massage from RelaxingTom, and I would definitely book another session in the near future
Reviewed by lils37, 2017-04-20 [ID 16249:P]

Tamyanda Recommended
Worthing, England, United Kingdom
Today I had a massage exchange with Tanyanda. He is a very friendly guy who is a pleasure to spend time with. We did an initial connection phase which combined a mutual undressing phase. We connected very well and this was a good preparation for the massage proper. This was his first swap on the site and although not very technically skllwd he is very enthusiastic. He has a good touch snd with encouragement and tuition he should make a good masseur. Thank you Tamyanda for a lovely time. Looking forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2017-04-20 [ID 16248:P]

ScottnBoyntonBeach Highly Recommended
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
ScottnBoyntonBeach is 5 stars in my book. Technique show full mastery on all massage skills. Personable and style make client feel relaxed and ready for the great massage he gives.
Reviewed by tom12243, 2017-04-20 [ID 16247:P]

denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Den is an amazing masseur. From the moment he opened the door to his home I felt welcome, and he and his partner were happy to chat before I was shown upstairs to the room where Den's massage table, towels and oils were ready for me. Den was thoughtful, and thoroughly professional throughout, from the slow, studied removal of the towel at the start of the session, through his masterful massage techniques, with long and firm body strokes alternating with the most delicate of fingertip touches, to a satisfying and relaxing head and face massage which left me totally relaxed and satisfied at the end of the session. Den was attentive to every stroke and worked on me both front and back. He found knots and tensions in my muscles I didn't know were there and massaged them out of me with enormous skill.

I am so pleased to have met Den and enjoy not only his massaging skills but also his charming and gracious company. I will definitely be arranging a repeat session. Thank you, Den.
Reviewed by Johnw, 2017-04-20 [ID 16245:P]

ShallWeGetAMassage Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
What can I say, massage finished and felt like I just smoked a joint, was so relaxed, slept like a baby that night, learnt a few tips also, thanks for an awesome time, can't wait till the next one
Reviewed by jasen2017, 2017-04-20 [ID 16246:P]

kiwi854 Highly Recommended
Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia
During he last two hours in our exchange, I received at my place from a very pleasant person kiwi854, a most interesting and complete massage , even some stretching. All parts of the body received a thorough and most memorable treatment ever.I sure look forward to our next session, Thank you man
Reviewed by kiwikees, 2017-04-19 [ID 16244:P]

rebsedona Highly Recommended
Auburn, Washington, United States
A sensual and relaxing taste of the orient is what one will receive from Rebsedona. To put me at ease ...He rein-captured this and planned a lovely session of storytelling, therapeutic massage, and sensual spa-like pampering. His enthusiasm is infectious as as was his strength and massage abilities. Really lovely experience!
Reviewed by HappeeGurl, 2017-04-19 [ID 16243:P]

aj8869 Recommended
Oceanside, California, United States
aj is a great guy with a great sense of humor. His body is solid with a great back! I enjoy working on a guy with some meat on his bones. A relaxing massage and a relaxing environment. Thanks aj!!
Reviewed by Bodyworkxchg, 2017-04-19 [ID 16242:P]

Johnw Highly Recommended
Royal Tunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom
Johnw came to me for a full body and face massage this week. He arrived punctually and was both courteous and interesting to talk to. After our initial chat we got down to business. He had a beautifully smooth body to massage and responded well, particularly to my opening effleurage strokes. A joy to work on and I hope he returns at some stage for another session.
Reviewed by denkent, 2017-04-19 [ID 16241:P]

Fitguy123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Fitguy123, was the first guy I arranged to meet on massage exchange, his athletic body was a great pleasure to massage, in particular its a rewarding experience, as he very much enjoyed and appreciated my attentive sensual message and was open to experience different techniques.

I would be very happy to massage Fitguy123 again and to experiment further with my techniques and learn to get better and better, as I enjoy giving guys pleasure and relaxation
Reviewed by msg4massageex, 2017-04-19 [ID 16239:P]

Htmassage Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
Firstly, sorry Htmassage for the late review!

I met Htmassage in one of the massage rooms in Stoke Newington. Lovely location, comfortable massage table and the room was heated. Htmassage is professionally trained and clearly very experienced in massaging. It was a lovely relaxing massage which was not hurried. I felt vey safe with Htmassage and he is clean and a wonderful young man. I would certainly highly recommend him to others!
Reviewed by Yve62, 2017-04-19 [ID 16240:P]

SELondon Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
I met Dave on Sunday evening after a short correspondence

This was only the second meeting I have had from the site so was still quite apprehensive. I went to Dave's house at the agreed time and he greeted me and offered tea. He was courteous and hospitable and immediately made me feel at ease

The massage room had a massage table, heated oil and a good supply of towels. It is hard for me to give a comprehensive opinion of the massage as I have only had a couple - but it was a very relaxing, media pressure all over massage. I left very relaxed and would definately recomend
Reviewed by JCLon, 2017-04-19 [ID 16238:P]

Danishguy41 Highly Recommended
Aarhus, Denmark
Danish guy is a lovely chap who hosted our swap on his London visit. He was great host, communicated well before his visit and confirmed couple of times, and was ready when I arrived. After a quick beer, he started on me. he has really strong hands, and gave me a relaxing as well beautifully sensual massage. Loved his moves which were a good combination of relaxing and very sensual. I loved every moment of it.

When I started my novice stroked on him, he gave me good feedback. His strong body and muscles are great to massage and his strong thighs and buttocks are a pleasure to massage.

We had a really good time and I would to meet him again whenever he visits London. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by realhunk, 2017-04-19 [ID 16237:P]

Danishguy41 Recommended
Aarhus, Denmark
I met Danishguy41, yesterday. He is very welcoming and a cooperative host. Though the session was for a sensual swap, I learnt few therapeutic techniques, as well. It was a pleasure meeting him.
Reviewed by FreeFlow28, 2017-04-19 [ID 16236:P]

HappeeGurl Highly Recommended
Walnut Creek, California, United States
Today I had a delightful experience with HappeeGurl! I gave her a massage that included some techniques that I had learned in the Orient and she was a very receptive and enthusiastic participant! Happeegurl is easy to be with and it was a joy to work with her on some of her areas that needed some relief. I will look forward to meeting with her again!
Reviewed by rebsedona, 2017-04-18 [ID 16235:P]

guia Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Guia is a very well experienced masseur! can do the touch like not too many people capable for. He is a polite host also. Definitely would like to have a swap with him again!
Reviewed by rolko, 2017-04-18 [ID 16234:P]

relaxandenjoysussex Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
It is a lovely intimate experience to be gently massaged with thought and care as I was this morning by this kind and considerate man. We spend three hours exploring touch and connection which left me in a blissful state for much of the day. Thank you dear man, your efforts and attention today have been very much appreciated.
Reviewed by slimguy2000, 2017-04-18 [ID 16233:P]

eletheria Highly Recommended
Loughborough, United Kingdom
Micheal is a great guy who knows the ins & outs of massage.His touch was right & so were the strokes.His massage style is therapeutic with elements of sensuality.He loves the male body.Happy to swap with him again if given the chance.Highly recommended.
Reviewed by mitsu123, 2017-04-18 [ID 16232:P]

slimguy2000 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
A warm welcome following good communication made for a great start which set the tone for the whole experience. A beautiful area was set aside for the exchange and as we talked it was clear we had some interests in common. It is not just what someone does but who they are that is important.....both rated very highly.The massage was outstanding with all limits respected and great skill shown. Some firmer work was interspersed with some of the gentlest of strokes.....bliss. The 3 hours we shared flew by and another 5 would have been ideal...or is that being selfish. I know I am going to reap the benefits of this outstanding experience for some time. Thankyou seems almost inadequate......till next time
Reviewed by relaxandenjoysussex, 2017-04-18 [ID 16231:P]

mitsu123 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
Mitsu is a very accomplished masseur. What came to my mind as I was drifting away under his powerful strokes, was that he breathed massage; it ran through his veins as it were. What I mean by this is that he has the instinctive touch of a person who has a feeling for the body that he is massaging. The head massage was a particular delight as I do not often experience that. He has the ability to go very deep and then be be very sensual; a sense of touch that is magical. We got on very well together as he is personable, and I enjoyed massaging him as he has a good physique. It is to be hoped that it is the first of many exchanges.
Reviewed by eletheria, 2017-04-18 [ID 16230:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Wow this guy gives very intuitive massage. With attn to pressure points ,at the end of massage I think I levitated !
Reviewed by 61Naturelover, 2017-04-17 [ID 16229:P]

Boyana Highly Recommended
Croydon, Victoria, Australia
Boyana hosted the massage session which was a very pleasant experience for the both of us. She is a very gentle, calm and lovely person. She was very relaxed during the massage and it was a very relaxing experience for me as well.

I would love to catch up with Boyana again
Reviewed by viperr, 2017-04-17 [ID 16228:P]

pab Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Pab is a nice guy and terrific masseuse. The massage I had felt very professional. He provided some deep tissue especially on every part of my back. Hopefully, you will be able to experience the great techniques he has to offer.
Reviewed by ExploringPlaces, 2017-04-17 [ID 16227:P]

happy2please Highly Recommended
Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia
happy2please is a courteous and respectful gentleman who has good skills and is a pleasing massage partner. I was very happy to host him and receive his wonderful tactile energy and warmth. Highly recommendable.
Reviewed by micky666, 2017-04-17 [ID 16226:P]

denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
I can not recommend Den more highly for his skill and the wonderful massage he gave me. We had agreed that he did not want me to exchange and that i would be nude while he preferred to remain dressed, so I did not try my humble skills on him.

I was made so welcome and felt immediately relaxed as he introduced me to his partner and we all had a chat and discovered some mutual interests. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and warm and I was grateful to accept some water before Ken took me up to the room where the massage table was immaculately clean and tidy and I undressed as Den checked the grape seed oil which had warming.

The massgage started after he had covered my back with a large towel with sustained firm pressure along a number of places along my spine and buttocks then I was aware he so gently drew the towel down off my back along my body which felt like a gentle rub over all my skin simultaneously. He seemed to be able to push the towel back over covering me alternately pulling it down so I was gradually uncovered and he so gently started to massage my legs moving to shoulders and back.

He asked me a couple of times to speak if anything felt uncomfortable but I was enjoying the experience so much I could not express it easily and for most of time remained silent while my body relaxed and absorbed the pleasure. They say that a good cook puts love into the recipe and I think that is part of Den's skill he had clearly taken time to understand and learn professionally.

I would have happily stayed on the table in his capable hands all afternoon and left feeling like my whole body had come alive that night I slept better than I had for weeks and was walking on air for the rest of the week!
He took time to examine the problem I have with my left hip and the massage included the side of both hips and muscles in buttocks so that really helped give some relief with that personal issue too.

I am looking forward to an invitation to visit again and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone to accept an opportunity to enjoy his expertise. Based on massage on 23.03.17 and this review posted 17.04.17
Reviewed by nickbeachbum1, 2017-04-17 [ID 16225:P]

blidge68 Highly Recommended
Wythenshawe, England, United Kingdom
We arranged to meet for our first massage exchange at my home today, and blidge68 arrived exactly on time after kindly texting to confirm that he was on his way. When he arrived, I immediately sensed his positive energy, and we found that we had so many common interests and experiences in massage and meditation that we took a long time to start the massage exchange! I massaged him first, and then he gave me a very deep and thorough massage which has already helped to loosen some long-standing tight muscles. He lives near me in Manchester, so we agreed to meet regularly at my home to learn from each other. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by zenbrother, 2017-04-17 [ID 16224:P]

Cinemascope Highly Recommended
Bletchley, England, United Kingdom
Finally managed to meet Cinemascope this afternoon and it was well worth the wait.

A very personable gentleman we had quite a chat before getting down to business.

I gave him a full massage which he seemed to enjoy and he soon relaxed as I began to massage his back.

He is a very responsive recipient and will guide you as to what his preferences are.

We did not have time for a reverse massage this time, hopefully this will be rectified when we meet again.
Reviewed by mkoldgit55, 2017-04-17 [ID 16223:P]

zenbrother Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Just met this very accommodating gentlemen Howard who was very welcoming into his home. Had a great chat followed by a a deep thorough massage. I've booked again for next week and am very much looking forward to it.

Give Howard a go as he's very nice and a pleasure to be with.

Reviewed by blidge68, 2017-04-17 [ID 16220:P]

scotfree47 Recommended
Rushden, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Nice Guy, great session. Knows how to use his hands and covered ever inch of my my body, giving me a very relaxing massage.
Reviewed by ajh41, 2017-04-16 [ID 16219:P]

MelBoy2000 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A really great massage from an equally great guy. I am not an expert with eastern modalities, but judging how I felt afterwards, MelBoy2000 knows what he is doing. It knocked me out, I fell asleep on my couch for hours afterwards... most unusual. I still feel the affect the day after. MelBoy2000 does a great blend of a bunch of modalities it seems; hands on massage, stretching and mobilisation. If you are an active athletic type, like firm massage with stretching, I recommend MelBoy2000 very highly.
Reviewed by trickyfingers, 2017-04-16 [ID 16218:P]

pinkflowers Highly Recommended
Torquay, England, United Kingdom
Met with pinkflowers and she is very competent in her massage and works around the body in a very professional way.
She has good pressure and all in all a great massage. I look forward to receiving another massage from her in the near future.
Reviewed by Johntot, 2017-04-16 [ID 16217:P]

argentinianmassage Recommended
Salford, United Kingdom
Marco was very hospitable & provided everything we needed. As well as good massage techniques, he was friendly & we had nice conversation. Hopefully we can exchange again, either in London or Manchester.
Reviewed by fitnessinstructorgil, 2017-04-15 [ID 16216:P]

AntwaFa Highly Recommended
Rockbank, Victoria, Australia
Great with his hands relaxes the whole body makes you feel comfortable ,very polite and considerate, time well spent . Best massage ever
Reviewed by Boyana, 2017-04-15 [ID 16215:P]

scmassager Highly Recommended
Greer, South Carolina, United States
Met with this nice guy at his massage studio. Great experience. On time and legit. Got a very nice rub and hope to do so again. I learned a few technigues that were new to me--good teacher too!
Reviewed by drthsc, 2017-04-15 [ID 16214:P]

Anthalia Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Anthalia this afternoon and she is warm, bright and charming. She has a smile and a confidence that makes you feel at ease and we relaxed more over a drink before our session.
Anthalia was clear about problem areas before the massage and was happy to give some guidance if extra pressure were needed.
All in all I had a wonderful time and we both seemed to get a lot out of the session. Hopefully, there will be more to come
Reviewed by Sarge1, 2017-04-15 [ID 16213:P]

lils37 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Lils37 during the week to deliver a message. Lils37 is an extremely nice and beautiful lady, a very friendly host and wonderful company. She knows exactly what she wants and has the confidence and patience to guide and communicate her needs. I'd be more than happy to recommend her company and I'd look forward to working with her again!!
Reviewed by Hellomassage, 2017-04-15 [ID 16210:P]

Sarge1 Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
I recently had the pleasure of meeting this clean, polite and respectful man for a massage and I am so glad that I made that decision. I instantly felt at ease on meeting and at no point during the massage did that feeling change. He is a genuine person with a passion for massage and knows how to give a really good, professional massage. I think he should be doing this as a job not just as an enthusiast!

Sarge1 has a confident firm touch , he knows what he is doing and really does enjoy the experience of giving a massage. Thank you very much, Sarge1!

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarge1 to the whole ME community.
Reviewed by Anthalia, 2017-04-15 [ID 16209:P]

MDZ Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Great exchange. Don't let his profile stating he doesn't have experience deter you. He has great touch and follows his intuition. That's more important than training to me. I look forward to regular exchanges with him.
Reviewed by massage4ourhealth, 2017-04-15 [ID 16208:P]

seb1987 Highly Recommended
York, England, United Kingdom
Nice genuine person. Gives a good massage
Reviewed by YorkshireLeeds, 2017-04-15 [ID 16207:P]

Bruce58 Highly Recommended
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
I was fortunate to have exchanged with Bruce at his home. A superb environment, a gorgeous home, cottage garden, stunning water views and a warm night with all doors and windows open and the sounds of the bush wafting in on the light zephyrs of the night breeze.
A very hospitable and accommodating guy, and a generous host. I was indeed fortunate to be invited to share his home and his time.
Bruce's massage is structured and I could feel he knew what he was doing. Pressure varied with the area he was working on, and I so enjoyed my time.
I'm hoping I'll get to exchange a massage with Bruce again.
Reviewed by callumsdad, 2017-04-15 [ID 16206:P]

follyrise Highly Recommended
Coburg, Victoria, Australia
David has wonderful hands, a nice firm touch and is generous with his time and skills. I highly recommend a swap with David to experience his special brand of healing.
Reviewed by micky666, 2017-04-14 [ID 16205:P]

micky666 Highly Recommended
Bulleen, Victoria, Australia
I had a lovely massage with Micky recently. He has strong, yet soothing hands and he's a nice, genuine person who had my best interests at heart during the session. It was a pleasant shared experience which I think gave us both a sense of relaxation. Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by follyrise, 2017-04-14 [ID 16204:P]

Kendalian3 Highly Recommended
Kendal, United Kingdom
Had my first massage exchange today with K at her lovely home in Cumbria im so glad it was with someone who loves massage as much as she does,K was very helpfull with a novice like me when it was my turn to massage her,hope we can exchange again sometime soon.Thanks again.
Reviewed by stevvc, 2017-04-14 [ID 16203:P]

lbbreathe Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
We had a wonderful exchange. A caring person! Fantastic connection. He has an ethereal, nurturing touch. I learned a lot. I wish were closer so we could repeat more often.
Reviewed by aram7, 2017-04-14 [ID 16202:P]

ExploringPlaces Highly Recommended
Lake Forest, California, United States
Great guy with a really nice technique! I enjoyed every moment I spent with ExploringPlaces. He incorporated some stretching while he worked on me - I loved it.
Reviewed by pab, 2017-04-14 [ID 16201:P]

dp001 Recommended
London, United Kingdom

I had an enjoyable swap with David earlier this week. Not only punctual but also a generous giver, asking if I'd like additional areas to be worked on as he went along, David is an amicable person and I felt at ease from the moment we met.

He has attended a one day relaxation massage course and has accrued technical proficience from practise in past massage exchanges. He has a great quality of touch and an effective repertoire of relaxation techniques, some of which I was very impressed by, given the brevity of his formal massage training so far. His tactile sensibility seems to come quite naturally.
David uses good quality almond oil.

Thanks again David, and hopefully see you soon!

Reviewed by TrapeziusSE13, 2017-04-14 [ID 16200:P]

denkent Highly Recommended
Sidcup, Greater London, United Kingdom
Met Den last week, and boy, it was a brilliant massage. He made me welcome from the off, firstly advising on where to park. He offered me a drink on arrival and we are a preliminary chat to get to know each other. He has a nice home and a nice warm room with a proper table to massage on. Den is a qualified masseur, and you can tell, he spent a good time in building up the pressure of the strokes, requesting feedback to ensure it was right for me. A really pleasurable experience and I lost all track of time, other than it was thorough and I left walking on cloud nine. We finished with a cup of tea and another chat, I really hope he invites me back.
Reviewed by Greg54, 2017-04-14 [ID 16115:P]

xoxjetxox Highly Recommended
Stockport, United Kingdom
What a lovely lady and what a spectacular four-handed massage we gave her. Great fun and highly recommended.
Reviewed by GoodHandsJack, 2017-04-13 [ID 16199:P]

EastCoast15 Highly Recommended
Germantown, Maryland, United States
Had a nice exchange with EastCoast15. He is eager to learn and explore massage techniques. He's learning to utilize his body size to sink and affect tissues. He has a strong desire to master techniques to affect change. A hearty thank you for the exchange is well deserved. He hasn't had a lot of formal training and worth the time to exchange with.
Reviewed by Clay4mer, 2017-04-13 [ID 16198:P]

Yve62 Highly Recommended
Croydon, England, United Kingdom
Had the pleasure of meeting Yve62 and performing a massage on here. Having swapped a few emails with Yve62 prior to our meet discussing the type of massage she would like, we arranged to meet in my therapy room.

Yve62 is a genuine and easygoing person so very easy to get on with. Yve62 mentioned she had a little tension in the shoulders and lower back, so I began with a deep tissue firm massage, which she responded well too. After the deep tissue massage I performed a more relaxing soft sensual touch massage which Yve62 found very relaxing.

Once I finished massaging Yve62 she also offered too massage me which I didn't expect how ever I was more than obliged to accept. I found her style and touch very relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed the massage helped me relax and wind down after a busy week. I would be more than happy to meet Yve62 again.
Reviewed by Htmassage, 2017-04-13 [ID 16197:P]

fitnessinstructorgil Highly Recommended
Morden, United Kingdom
Great guy, great experience. Punctual, super clean, good sense of humor and above all; a great masseur!
Thank you!
Reviewed by argentinianmassage, 2017-04-12 [ID 16196:P]

bbooth Highly Recommended
Ashtead, England, United Kingdom
I recently met with bbooth for a great massage.

He arrived punctually and immediately put me at ease with his relaxed nature. He is a very nice respectful
man with good conversation and sense of humour.
I massaged him first and it was great that he gave me feedback as I went along on my level of pressure
and technique. He also advised on extra strokes / moves that he had experienced before.
We then swapped and he really relaxed me after a stressful few days. I was amazed how chilled I felt afterwards.
His long body strokes were very enjoyable, his hands were firm and even and with the warm oils, a winning

I can thoroughly recommend an exchange with this gentle giant of a man.
Reviewed by Tankie42, 2017-04-12 [ID 16195:P]

Tankie42 Highly Recommended
Wisbech, United Kingdom
I met Tankie42 for a massage recently and she proved to be every bit as engaging and amusing as our prior email exchanges had suggested.

I received first and felt entirely at ease in her presence. She took time to communicate to ensure that her touch was as I liked it and to respond to any suggestions, though hardly any were required. Her strokes were smooth and effective at all stages. I followed on massaging her which was a pleasure as she helpfully informed me of her preferences as we progressed. We were both surprised that some three and a half hours had elapsed, sadly not leaving enough time for further quality massages on this meeting.

It was quality time spent with a very nice person with a sure touch. I recommend her highly and hope that there can be a next time.
Reviewed by bbooth, 2017-04-12 [ID 16194:P]

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