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nickthebear10 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
After more than a year of false starts, we finally got together for an exchange. And what a great time I had.
He has a confident approach to his art and certainly spoilt me with his massage.
Want to get together again.
Reviewed by callumsdad, 2017-10-17 [ID 17377:P]

Brunswick Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Brunswick was easy to communicate with when arranging our meet. .
Despite being a receive only, i asked him to oil me up first and he did a great job. I do feel he should offer himself as a masseur.
He has a slender body and quickly settled on the bed and relaxed for my massage. Very responsive and appreciative of my varying strokes too.
A very pleasant encounter.
Reviewed by callumsdad, 2017-10-17 [ID 17376:P]

Bromleyboss Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
I met Bromleyboss recently, he's a real nice guy.
I arrived nearly an hour late, and with no means of warning him I was afraid he may have given up on me. However on arrival he immediately put me at my ease, we had a coffee and chatted for a good 20 to 30 minutes, discussing work and life generally before starting our massage. He didn't have a massage table to hand but had prepared the room well with cushions and towels on the floor to lay on, and a warm room.
We took it in turns to massage each other, him starting on me first working on my shoulders with some firm strokes easing their tension, with more gentle strokes where needed on my back and legs. He gauged the pressure and my response's well making me fully relaxed and revitalised. I then worked on his back before we swapped positions again working on our fronts, legs and arms to complete the massage.
Having showered we had another drink before leaving. I highly recommend this warm, welcoming guy and hope to repeat an exchange with him again soon.
Reviewed by Greg54, 2017-10-17 [ID 17375:P]

iamrag Needs Improvement
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Great massage but I'm now a bit annoyed that he made up a phony excuse to touch my penis. I thought it was innocent at the time but realize now that he lied after looking at videos of the same stretch and talking to my friends about it. He stretched my hamstring by pushing my knee to my chest and then said he had to do it outward so it wouldn't hurt me. He touched my penis while saying this to seemingly indicate what he meant. Every video I've watched of this stretch today has shown the knee being bent straight back and there's even a stretch where it is bent TOWARD the groin - even for men. A scrotum is very flexible so I now realize his excuse had no logical bearing.

He also lied about being bisexual. He's very obviously gay which explains the real reason he only seeks men for massages. He had given me false reasons such as 'less concern about draping' and 'women feeling uncomfortable being massaged by a guy' even though he's so obviously gay and massages women for money (something I discovered later) since he works as a massage therapist from home. There's nothing wrong with being gay but he needs to make his intentions clear before commencing a massage. Perhaps he should advertise on his profile that he seeks a sensual massage exchange. I'm now grateful I didn't go back for a second massage as I think it would have escalated.
Reviewed by Destiny, 2017-10-16 [ID 17374:P]

wantsome Highly Recommended
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Wantsome had a nice firm touch. It was very relaxing and enjoyable. I felt safe and comfortable. His techniques were very good. I would recommend him for an exchange.
Reviewed by bbolton812, 2017-10-16 [ID 17373:P]

dsmexplore Highly Recommended
Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom
i had an excellent exchange with David.Being a professional, he demonstrated absolute confidence in his strokes and had some great techniques that worked very deep. He is a lovely relaxed person who is easy to get on with and he managed to put up with a somewhat cramped space given his height. would look forward to another exchange and learning more.
Reviewed by iantree, 2017-10-16 [ID 17372:P]

gentletouch007 Highly Recommended
Morden, England, United Kingdom
Brilliant and friendly person, the massage was really good, can’t fault it in any way
Reviewed by Sara32, 2017-10-16 [ID 17371:P]

FitMassageAmateur Highly Recommended
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Super sweet and fantastic smile.
Strong hands and pays attention to the areas that need full body weight.
Also a plus that his body is very proportional and fit.
Definitely need a repeat.
Reviewed by ItalianBi, 2017-10-16 [ID 17370:P]

Sara32 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Sara today. She is a lovely lady. She really deserves a very good massage. Very polite friendly and kind person. We exchanged few mails and she is punctual most importantly she knows how to receive a good massage. Highly recommended!!!!
Reviewed by gentletouch007, 2017-10-16 [ID 17369:P]

arteasel Highly Recommended
Southmead, United Kingdom
I had a very pleasant massage session with arteasel. He is a warm welcoming person who quickly put me at ease. Although he readily admits to having had no formal training I found him quite confident and his style of massage was more than satisfactory. I am happy to give him a full 5 stars
Reviewed by peterblue, 2017-10-16 [ID 17368:P]

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Ripon, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting Liz for an exchange recently. Arrangements and thresholds were all set up via email, which were then confirmed at the meeting. Liz has a very flowing and relaxing style which I thouroughly enjoyed. Definitely recommended and hope to re-arrange another exchange.
Reviewed by rumrunner1, 2017-10-16 [ID 17367:P]

Bromleyboss Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
I Had the great pleasure of meeting Bromleyboss last week ,we had been in touch for a while before we actually met ,to get to know each others Boundaries etc When I arrived its as if we had known each other for a while we sat for a while had a chat over a coffee to get to know each other a bit more .It was a great pleasure to have a massage of Bromleyboss felt so relaxed when he was massaging me,he has a nice touch ,nice pressure in the correct places looking forward to our next session together Thank you .
Reviewed by badger1964, 2017-10-16 [ID 17366:P]

practicecouple Highly Recommended
Chatham, England, United Kingdom
I had a very enjoyable massage session with practicecouple during my recent trip to the UK. They welcomed me into their lovely home and we immediately hit it off. It was a pleasure to work on them - they were the perfect massage clients, providing immediate feedback about the techniques I was using and how it helped with the issues they were experiencing. I'm looking forward getting together with them on my next visit.
Reviewed by Keith714, 2017-10-15 [ID 17365:P]

venturesnow Recommended
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
I found venturesnow to be a gentleman. He made me feel comfortable and safe. He had soft hands with a light to medium pressure. For not having any formal training, I thought the massage was satisfactory to good and relaxing. I would meet him again!
Reviewed by bbolton812, 2017-10-15 [ID 17364:P]

Leesburg, Virginia, United States
I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Yogitibetan70 for an exchange. He is a really nice, neat guy, well versed in several Modalities. Cleanliness and hygiene we both shared in common.. His table-side manner is relaxing and seemed especially crafted for me, I was recording in my mind certain maneuvers for future exchanges.. I highly recommend Yogitibetan70 and I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by FirmPress, 2017-10-15 [ID 17362:P]

TwoHealingHands Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
The massage with TwoHealingHands was exceptional. He has a warm and friendly personality. His experience shows in his ability to tailor the massage to the needs of the person receiving the massage. The touch is firm and sensitive to the body at the same time. Would definitely do an exchange with him again.
Reviewed by nycshiatsu, 2017-10-15 [ID 17361:P]

bimatt01 Highly Recommended
Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Matt exquisitely delivers a firm flowing massage which I found to be brilliantly relaxing but was able to focus on the areas which needed particular attention - without question one of the best massages I've ever received. He also has a well toned gym fit body which is a delight to work onand to top it all off he is a genuine, friendly guy. I look forward to further exchanges.
Reviewed by rory, 2017-10-15 [ID 17360:P]

Grumand Highly Recommended
Longview, Texas, United States
He gives a great massage. He said he has no professional training, but he has pickup a greater understand of how to do an effective and very relaxing massage than most of the so called experienced RMTs. He is very safe and totally respects your boundaries and I would recommend him to anyone that wants a very good effective massage. I hope I can return the favor
Reviewed by tlm, 2017-10-15 [ID 17359:P]

westtxjack Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
The session with westtxjack went very well. Jack, a personable guy and with a natural touch. He was great to massage and we both were relaxed a the end of the exchange. It would be a pleasure to give and receive from him in the future.
Reviewed by tonymt, 2017-10-15 [ID 17358:P]

badger1964 Highly Recommended
Ashford, England, United Kingdom
I met badger54 this week for an exchange. We had been in contact for a while and it took time to organise this swap due to our pre-existing work commitments. Badger54 travelled a considerable distance and I was pleased to collect him from the train. He is a very likeable chap, easy-going, relaxed and open. We massaged one another turn & turn about. He has a very natural touch, comfortable with just the right amount of pressure for each area. He was confident in working on the areas most in need. His body was responsive and I hope he enjoyed the reciprocal massage I gave. A thoroughly enjoyable time all round. Thank you. More please.
Reviewed by Bromleyboss, 2017-10-15 [ID 17357:P]

VK1706 Recommended
Northampton, England, United Kingdom
I met up with VK1706 today at a hotel after a brief exchange of emails to set up. He is a very relaxed friendly guy who is in great shape. After discussing likes and dislikes we had a very enjoyable sensual massage exchange - VK1706 has a very good intuitive touch and left me relaxed yet invigorated after a hard day at work. I would definitely recommend and hope to meet him again for another massage.
Reviewed by mitsu123, 2017-10-14 [ID 17356:P]

Reply from VK1706 of 2017-10-15
Thanks for the review ..... I learnt a few different techniques from you that I really enjoyed and also hope to see you again for another massage where I can try these out.

Emem Highly Recommended
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
I had a session last evening with Mark. He has a great personality and gives a great massage. He is sensitive and intuitive to your needs. i would encourage you meet him and share an exchange.
Reviewed by FeelingURenergy, 2017-10-14 [ID 17355:P]

Reply from Emem of 2017-10-14
Thank you for the review. Let's stay in touch, our paths might cross again.


FeelingURenergy Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting up with FeelingURenergy on his recent business trip to the L A area, and on my recent business trip to the L A area. We emailed and set up a mutual time and date to have our Massage Exchange. He is a very compassionate man, a true healer, a gifted masseur. His technique was perfect, his strokes long and deliberate, pressure was perfect. He checked in with me several times during the exchange. I will welcome another meet up with this gentleman.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-10-13 [ID 17354:P]

mitsu123 Highly Recommended
Leicester, England, United Kingdom
Mitsu123 is a really nice, friendly and polite gentleman.

From the moment of first contact to our exchange, he kept in touch and we discussed our likes , dislikes and what we planned to do.
To me, it was like chatting to a friend.

I must say that it has been a real pleasure to meet him. He is very knowledgeable and extremely good at massage.

I certainly enjoyed EVERY part of our session and hope he did too.

Look forward to our next session

Reviewed by VK1706, 2017-10-13 [ID 17353:P]

johny3108 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
He really knows his stuff. He is excellent. Massaged me for hours. Deep tissue massage. Going to go again for sure. Can not wait. Very polite and thoughtful. He is very comfortable with the human body. I wish I could massage as good as him. He is friendly. I have a bad back and it is way better still 3 days later. 10 out of 10. This is the first massage I have got on massage exchange. If the rest are half as good. I'm there. Thankyou heaps Johny. Pete.
Reviewed by Poncho48, 2017-10-12 [ID 17352:P]

AntwaFa Highly Recommended
Rockbank, Victoria, Australia
I have met AntwaFa for few weeks now, I love and enjoy his variety of massages and the way he compound with each other absolute indulging, he also understanding my needs and my limits. He is lovely to talk to and always punctual on our appointment and is a good instructor as I'm learning techniques too.
I highly recommend him
Reviewed by HappyElla, 2017-10-12 [ID 17351:P]

jambajuice67 Highly Recommended
Montville, New Jersey, United States
Had a good exchange with jambajuice 67
He certainly knows how to give a massage
Certainly helped me to relax
He was gracious enough to host in his hotel while he was in the area
Would recommend him if he is ever in your area or you travel to his area
Looking forward to his next trip back in the area
Hopefully we can exchange again
Reviewed by exercise, 2017-10-12 [ID 17350:P]

Greg54 Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
Greg came over for an exchange this week. We had been trying to fix a session for a little while and I am really glad we persisted. It was a great overall exchange.

We chatted about past experiences and expectations over a cup of coffee. Then took turn to massage each other's backs, and later flipped over to do our fronts. Greg has the perfect touch....natural and instinctive with a variety of pressures as the massage progressed. He knows exactly what he is doing and was able to sort out areas of tension. He is a very engaging guy, caring and sensible with a very fit body. I really hope we repeat the exchange.
Reviewed by Bromleyboss, 2017-10-12 [ID 17349:P]

Govanhill123 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, United Kingdom
I had great exchange. With regards to the massage Govanhill123 has clearly a lot of experience, very thoroughly kneading thumbs, good flow, connecting different body parts in a gentle way and figuring out where the tension in the muscles is. The session was unhurried, relaxing, with a nice connection between us that allowed trust and a friendly atmosphere. Indeed, in the end it didn't feel like getting a massage from a stranger but exchanging a massage with a friend ... and one who is very good at it as well.
Reviewed by consciousmassage, 2017-10-11 [ID 17348:P]

MANdate Highly Recommended
Missouri City, Texas, United States
During Mandate's recent travels to the area, we had an opportunity for an exchange. Communications with Mandate before his travel we good and arrangements were made before his arrival.

Mandate did a great massage, hitting the rights spots I was sore with as of an earlier 5K run. We had a brief chat before the exchange, he was pleasant and he insured I was comfortable with the set up and atmosphere. His pressure was what the areas needed, some deep tissue and therapeutic. His flowed evenly and thorough. At the end I was relaxed and ready for a good night sleep.

Thanks again a great exchange and look forward to another on future travels to this area.
Reviewed by doneright, 2017-10-11 [ID 17347:P]

Flyer70 Highly Recommended
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
Reviewed by mike122, 2017-10-11 [ID 17346:P]

Pedrito Highly Recommended
San Gabriel, California, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Pedrito on a recent business trip out to the L A area. Along with business travel comes the usual stress of flying, new hotels, business stress, etc and I sought out a massage exchange with this interesting man. He proved to be the real deal. Pedrito is awesome in his technique and passion to deliver an awesome massage. He was pleasant to engage in conversation with, and very present and engaging during the massage exchange. I will keep Pedrito in my contacts for future exchanges, and I urge you to reach out to Pedrito for a memorable exchange.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-10-11 [ID 17345:P]

mike122 Highly Recommended
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
Had a great massage yesterday from Mike122. It started with a therapeutic massage and then went to sensual. He has a great touch and was probably the best massage I have ever had. Would highly recommend him. Flyer70.
Reviewed by Flyer70, 2017-10-11 [ID 17344:P]

brian1952 Highly Recommended
Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
Great massage and good pressure. Learnt a lot of strokes. Nice guy and cosy apartment
Reviewed by JohnBoy50, 2017-10-10 [ID 17343:P]

Bromleyboss Highly Recommended
Bromley, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Bromleyboss at his lovely home, felt very welcomed even more so as I discovered we had tennis in common (-;
We had a great afternoon and early evening together, Bromleyboss has a great body, I kept saying to him, I hope I have great bodywork when I get to his age, has has soft but strong hands, thoroughly enjoyed our exchange, very amiable, tactile, chatty, friendly, very kind hearted and a joy to have met, can't wait to meet up again for more massages and tennis (-;
Thank you for a lovely exchange (-;
Reviewed by Massagaholic7, 2017-10-10 [ID 17342:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
Last week I arranged a swap with Massagaholic7. What a handsome, delightful & charming man. We spent a memorable afternoon and early evening. We have much in common, including tennis, and the time simply flew by. He has an exceptional touch, a chatty nature and it was an absolute pleasure to get my hands on his very fit body. Shame I can give no more than 5 well-known deserved stars.
Reviewed by Bromleyboss, 2017-10-10 [ID 17341:P]

Candylicious Highly Recommended
Eastwood, England, United Kingdom
I met with C last week and found her to be a wonderful, warm and sensitive person. Her massage was a delight, and I was very quickly relaxed and enjoying the session. Her touch was both professional and very therapeutic. The time spent went all too quickly. I look forward to another session soon.
Reviewed by freeasthebirds, 2017-10-10 [ID 17340:P]

LM55 Highly Recommended
Lewisham, Greater London, United Kingdom
LM55 was my first encounter on this site and he was fantastic! He has a very warm and friendly personality, and made me feel very relaxed and welcome. He paid thorough attention to my whole body and left me in a state of deep relaxation. Great massage and a very lovely guy too.
Reviewed by islingbod, 2017-10-09 [ID 17337:P]

dolphindave Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meeting Dave was a pleasure. It was easy to arrange, he is a genuinely decent guy and -
most importantly - he is excellent at massage. We chatted before and after and that was fun too. I had a really good sleep after. Totally recommended
Reviewed by naturalindian, 2017-10-09 [ID 17339:P]

nakedpaul Highly Recommended
Bristol, United Kingdom

I had the pleasure of practicing first, putting my course theory into practice.

Sweet almond oil to be the medium in a naturally calming environment,

A smooth and thoroughly cheerful exchange,

So much picked up from Paul, I know having just had the opportunity to practice again this evening at class...grace in his palms, grace in his flow,

A mammoth day including writing and sending off two job applications made possible having had the massage,
Re-charge :-)

I know I’ll sleep well tonight :-)
Reviewed by Wellness1, 2017-10-09 [ID 17338:P]

Inspiration333 Highly Recommended
Orpington, England, United Kingdom
18 August 2017
Inspiration333 is an impressively well-organised man; the exchange was organised with a minimum of fuss, started and stopped on-schedule and ran precisely as we agreed at the start.
Inspiration is at the start of a University professional massage course and our exchange focussed on the body regions and topics that the course has covered so far. He has a very clear idea of his knowledge and current scope of practise and observed these boundaries with an exemplary professional attitude.
I feel rather bad about only awarding 4 stars - I have done this because he is not yet trained to do a full-body massage; the portions he has learned about were executed near-faultlessly and I really want to swap with him again when he is more completely trained - at that point I am sure that he will receive the 5-stars.
I also hope that many of you experienced therapeutic masseurs will swap with this man - it is already a worthwhile experience and you will be helping an individual who clearly has the capacity to be a really great masseur.
9 October 2017
This enthusiastic therapist is clearly gaining a lot form his course and the massage practise sessions that he is doing. The massage today was much more complete, polished, and smoothly executed. I have no hesitation in now saying 5-stars as a student - and I think that by the end of the course he will very quickly become a 5-star therapist. I look forward to our next swap
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2017-10-09 [ID 17053:P]

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Ripon, England, United Kingdom

It was a pleasure to speak with Lizzie before the massage.
Lizzie quickly made me feel at ease and guided me through the massage which she seemed to very much appreciate.
I also learned a lot from her feedback.
I strongly recommend a meeting with Lizzie and I look forward to meeting her again.
Reviewed by HarrogateMike, 2017-10-09 [ID 16955:P]

Wellness1 Highly Recommended
Bath, England, United Kingdom
Dom is a very friendly, relaxed, educated young man who is currently a student of massage.
We had time to talk about techniques before starting the session. Even though Dom is not too experienced his massage technique and routine was simply great. He started with an incredible back massage with exact balance of pressure, he made sure he did not forget any part of the body and finished with a head and face massage. An extremely relaxing and therapeutic massage.
Dom has a slender build, it was pleasure to massage him as well. I look forward to further exchanges in the future.
Reviewed by nakedpaul, 2017-10-09 [ID 17336:P]

Marcek Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Very good! Marcek arrived right on time and was an excellent recipient. We didn't have time to swap, but I hope there'll be an opportunity in the future. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by renaissanceman, 2017-10-09 [ID 17335:P]

Keith714 Highly Recommended
San Clemente, California, United States
Keith is a smashing bloke who has incorporated a number of styles and techniques to create a truly brilliant style which had both of us mega relaxed. He's warm and friendly, easy going and a top bloke. Excellent strong but intuitive touch, and Mrs PC was very impressed with his sensitivity when working on a female. We both highly recommend this superb masseur and can't wait for his next trip "home".
Reviewed by practicecouple, 2017-10-09 [ID 17334:P]

Yokine, Western Australia, Australia
Good guy whom I massaged with ease. Nice to chat with and I think came away enjoying the session.

Looking forward to a return massage.
Reviewed by sloweasy323, 2017-10-08 [ID 17333:P]

ChrisNorthLondon Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with CHrisNorthLondon a few days ago and it was a very professional massage, He found the location of my lower back pain and worked hard to relieve it. An enjoyable exchange, we talked beforehand and during the massage, found we had many similar interests, and I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by ROYCIE17, 2017-10-08 [ID 17332:P]

pab Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Very professional and amazing massage! PAB has strong hands and great techniques that are great! Don't miss out if you have the chance to exchange. I'm looking forward to our next meeting.
Reviewed by Ernesto1, 2017-10-08 [ID 17331:P]

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Ripon, England, United Kingdom
I had the great pleasure of meeting Liz today for our arranged Massage Exchange. We've known each other for some time now and can confirm all the lovely reviews of her are indeed accurate. I class her as a friend, Liz is a warm friendly and caring person who is fast becoming an accomplished masseuse as well as a responsive massage subject. We had previously discussed boundaries and levels of modesty, along with our likes and dislikes. Today Liz massaged me first as we had agreed beforehand, starting with lovely therapeutic strokes which were so relaxing and rejuvenating, Liz then expertly transitioned her lovely touch to a more sensual style of massage. We took a little break and chatted before rotating and I then massaged Liz. Again starting with a therapeutic style massage and moved into some sensual. I hope we will meet again soon for further exchanges. Until then thank you and take care Liz x
Reviewed by MWMassage, 2017-10-08 [ID 17249:P]

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Ripon, England, United Kingdom
After an initial communication, I met Liz at my home, she was clear in her emails and then in the chat we had over coffee about what she liked and areas of focus, she is very clear on her boundaries.

Spending around 2-2 1/2 hours on the massage Liz was responsive and helpful throughout. Creating a relaxing environment for her with the room darkened, with candles, theruptic music I hoped she could relax and just enjoy being pampered.

We didn't exchange which I felt good about enabling her to just leave relaxed and not have to perform a massage too.

I really enjoyed Liz's company, it wasn't rushed before/after and we could chat feeling completely relaxed. Liz has promised to exchange next time so I look forward to meeting her again and many more times to come.

***** Update *****

I had the pleasure of Liz's company again, we exchanged this time so I can add her massage to my review.

Liz provides a very relaxing massage, she admits she's not trained but she has an excellent touch and great technique.

She moves with easy and made me feel so relaxed I could feel myself drifting off which is always the best sign of a good massage.

I was nice to see you again and hope we can continue to exchange in the future.
Reviewed by TallnFit, 2017-10-08 [ID 17088:P]

EK93 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
EK93 was not what I expected. He is a lesson in suspending your prejudgement. I think I didn't expect much but a perfunctory massage in return for my efforts and his massage is ANYTHING but perfunctory. He will tell you he doesn't know what he's doing and yet he does quite well. What he lacks in schooled technique he makes up for in intensity. He is the definition of sensuality and he is so brave with it. He makes me want to be just as brave. I can't remember anyone who I've exchanged with who hasn't wanted that. I always wait for some sign that you want a more sensual and less therapeutic experience. I try to be respectful when maybe what you want is a little bravado. I think so many of us are just afraid to signal or ask for what we really want. EK93 is a bit silent during massage but not afraid in the least. Be like EK....BE BRAVE!
Reviewed by maxBm4m, 2017-10-08 [ID 17330:P]

consciousmassage Recommended
Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom
this massage was very very good. Firm, easily got the knots out of my back and legs, Also very gentle and knowledgeable - would recommend conciousmassage as a swapper- hope we do it again.
Reviewed by Govanhill123, 2017-10-07 [ID 17329:P]

ChrisNorthLondon Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Chris was extremely welcoming with scented candles and tea creating a great relaxing atmosphere. Although he professed to lack experience, that isn't what it seemed like to me - He used a variety of strokes and techniques which soothed and relaxed. Very much appreciated and recommended.
Reviewed by kinggortan, 2017-10-07 [ID 17328:P]

samcat11 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
Sweet kind beautiful women. I could feel the positive energy, love and intuition from the time I entered her beautiful home until the time I left. Highly recommended giver and receiver.
Reviewed by sweetrub, 2017-10-07 [ID 17327:P]

Reply from samcat11 of 2017-10-07
This Massage Exchange member uses a variety of techniques with a beautiful flow. He is open to receiving energy while working, and his energy flows to the receiver in return. He offers a powerful exchange and I would recommend him highly.

yseorc Highly Recommended
Ponthir, Wales, United Kingdom
I met yseorc after a few message exchanges - a wonderful host who coped with my late arrival with grace and humour. We quickly relaxed and agreed our expectations. He is a great model to practice on and gives helpful feedback. As a masseur, his particularly soft hands and fluid motions, using hands, arms and whole body, provide a great experience.
He is respectful of boundaries too. I look forward to meeting up again.
Reviewed by StephenD2016, 2017-10-07 [ID 17326:P]

eastcoast124 Highly Recommended
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Eastcoast124 made my recent brief trip to Edinburgh an absolute delight. He is a warm, welcoming, attractive man with an excellent body and muscles to massage, and gave me one of the most relaxing evenings I have experienced in a long time. Despite the limitations of using a double bed in my hotel because his home was the subject of building works, we managed a turn and turn about session. I must admit I realised yet again that I have forgotten more than I remember so definitely got the better side of the bargain. His big hands applied the perfect firm pressures for me and the freely flowing full body coverage each way left me with a delicious post-tactile glowing feeling. He clearly loves touch and is a master at it.
eastcoast124 also turned out to be an excellent conversationalist and I felt like I was with a friend I had known for years as we chatted intermittently throughout in the relaxed shared intimacy of naked connection between men. I didn’t think about time at all until it was time to say goodbye and I realised we had been going for nigh on four hours!
Can’t wait till the next time I am in Edinburgh and, if I am lucky enough, eastcoast124 and I exchange again but this time making full use of his massage table.
Thanks eastcoast124 for being such a great guy and exchange partner.
Reviewed by peterjon, 2017-10-06 [ID 17325:P]

Buck555 Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Had a massage with Buck555 today, my first on this site. He was amazing. He massaged my entire body with a firm pressure and at one point, I felt myself dozing off I was so relaxed. Buck is very knowledgeable and skilled in his approach and left me somewhat concerned that I could not reciprocate in the same manner.
It all worked out and I would definitely contact Buck again.
Reviewed by Islander15, 2017-10-05 [ID 17324:P]

chorleyguy Highly Recommended
Croston, United Kingdom
Met Chorleyguy at my place earlier in the week and had a great session.
He has a lovely touch, and also a great body to work on.
Would happily do it all again - no hesitation in recommending him highly.
Reviewed by ScottishmassageinManchester, 2017-10-05 [ID 17323:P]

Inspiration333 Highly Recommended
Orpington, England, United Kingdom
I have met Inspiration333 twice now for a massage swap in Orpington where he has a pro table set up with towels & oils well laid out in advance. This young man is taking his training seriously and will make a first class therapist, as he combines thorough diligence towards this vocation with an empathetic and kindly manner that makes you feel at ease as soon as you meet him.
His approach to the massage bodywork is both competent and skilful, focusing on the routines he is learning at the Level 4 course on which he is currently enrolled. The delivery of these routines is excellent and well balanced to the needs of the recipient, highlighted by the regular checks where he asks for feedback over what he is doing and whether a lighter or firmer touch would be preferred. He is also conscientious in agreeing in advance what bodywork he is going to deliver, so that the partner is aware of what routines he is following.
Inspiration333 is a practitioner who deserves to be nurtured himself, to reflect his generous and empathetic nature and the combination of skill, competence and care that he delivers with every massage. Having the opportunity to do some massage practice in return is a benefit not just to provide him with some R&R but also for those lucky enough to swap with him as he provides valuable feedback and guidance on the moves and strokes as we go along.
Reviewed by rowingandsportmassage, 2017-10-05 [ID 17322:P]

Runinbare Highly Recommended
Lakeland, Florida, United States
Runinbare was a wonderful guest in our home, and a very good match for a massage exchange. We corresponded for a few weeks before we actually met, so we were able to learn about each other enough to not be total strangers when we met. When he arrived, he made himself comfortable and it was a very easy start. One of us massaged him first, and then switched. We were able to share time off the table as well, before and after the exchange, which is always a nice thing so nothing has to be rushed.
His style is quite good for an amateur like us: good technique, good questions asked, right amount of pressure, firm hands, and an overall great massage.
It was also a pleasure massaging him.
We recommend Runinbare to our fellow exchangers...he's an easy 5 stars!
Reviewed by twoorlandobears, 2017-10-05 [ID 17321:P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I visited Paulo and was ecstatic to see the soothing atmosphere including the lighting furniture and music. The massage table was just right. The massage itself was incredibly relaxing. He paced it correctly beginning with my back. He was able to give me relaxing broad strokes. As he moved on to the lower part that is I think where he shined the most. It did help that he is very strong with large hands as that increased the satisfaction. Would certainly recommend him
Reviewed by AliNabil, 2017-10-05 [ID 17320:P]

twoorlandobears Highly Recommended
Kissimmee, Florida, United States
I throughly enjoyed my exchange with these gentleman. We communicated several time before we were both able to schedule our massage exchange, and I personally believe it really helped to enhance both of our massage experience. The Twoorlando bears have a lovely home, and they had a comfortable massage table set up outside on their private patio, next to their the pool. Being their guest, I received my massage first. Quite honestly, it was one of the better massage exchanges I have had, while being a member for over two years. We both communicated openly about our likes and dislikes of massage styles, the amount of pressure used during the massage, and we each asked each other to work on areas of sore muscles. The gentleman have an out door private shower, and it only helped to enhance the over all massage exchange. During our exchange they had soft metatiive music playing softly in the background. I with out question highly recommend trying to schedule an exchange with them. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by Runinbare, 2017-10-04 [ID 17319:P]

Reply from twoorlandobears of 2017-10-05
We really enjoyed meeting, and the massage exchange as very easy, relaxing and enjoyable. Can't wait to have you over again...

StephenD2016 Highly Recommended
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
I met this great guy tonight. I was very nervous about my first massage exchange but he immediately put me at my ease. The massage he gave me was absolutely fantastic. I tried to remember what he had just done when he massaged me, then I was able to return the favour. I hope he enjoyed being my first ever massage as much as I enjoyed working on his body. I very much hope we can meet again soon,
Reviewed by yseorc, 2017-10-04 [ID 17318:P]

ScottishmassageinManchester Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Met as arranged.
Not much I can say that hasn’t already been said...
Great host
Great massage
Great exchange
...thank you :)
Reviewed by chorleyguy, 2017-10-04 [ID 17317:P]

vincent333 Highly Recommended
Tacoma, Washington, United States
What can I say, other than whoa, I was duly impressed w/ Vincent333's technique & prowess w/ massage, I do not why I was due to the fact that we had established that we're both Sacred Brothers through CBE...which is practically a prerequisite to being a good masseur. Which Vincent333 was!

We set up a session to which he was right on time considering that he hadta drive about 35mi to get here. He suggested that we start w/ a long hug, which I do not offer to paying massage clients as that would be crossing boundaries w/ them, but w/ Vincent333 it was endearing, establishing trust, not to mention very calming.

He went on the table first. He complained of moderate Pain in his gluteal region which I tested for sciatica & piriformis syndrome getting a positive result for sciatica through my assessment....which massage therapy cannot treat. :-( So I gave him a nice slow swedish massage. Once I finished on his back-side, he suggested that we switch w/ me on the table having my back worked on then to switch again after my back was done working his front side then switching back to me on my front side. I have never done an exchange that way before. I liked it. It kept techniques that I wanted to try on him fresh in my mind...not to mention just feeling great & not having to wait a full 90min to get touched!

He has a true trained touch! :-) His strokes were long, smooth, done w/ intention, but not too deep. I thoroughly enjoyed him working on me. I hope to schedule another session w/ him...AND SOON! ;-)

Thanks much, Vincent333!!

Reviewed by Trapper, 2017-10-04 [ID 17316:P]

Tinkerxxxxx Highly Recommended
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
I had another massage exchange with Tinker. I so enjoyed massaging Tinker as much as I enjoyed him massaging me. Tinker has great hands and makes you feel so good. He also has great energy. Can't wait to trade with him again.
Thanks again Tinker.
Reviewed by brandt, 2017-10-03 [ID 15704:P]

iantree Highly Recommended
Keyworth, United Kingdom
I swapped with Ian last week. His calm and gentle personality is matched with an experienced and attentive massage style, and I became so relaxed I almost drifted off. I very much enjoyed the swap and hope to be swapping again soon.
Reviewed by ReposeLondon, 2017-10-03 [ID 17315:P]

iilario Highly Recommended
Maylands, Western Australia, Australia
A massage with Ilario is an absolute delight.
Starting with body feathering and ending with warm towels, in between are Ilario's firm but gentle hands engaging your whole body.
It is definitely one of those " I wish this would never stop" times.

I had a second massage with Ilario at his Dianella studio. The studio still needs some finishing touches but has the ambience that allows you to relax and focus on Ilario's long strokes of sensual touch that send you into a beautiful reverie.
Highly recommended - a wonderful experience.
Reviewed by massagemagicperth, 2017-10-03 [ID 17157:P]

bob205 Highly Recommended
Norwood, Pennsylvania, United States
Had a excellent experience with Bob very professional great hands and very nice person has a great set up private massage room table candles music very soothing know all the right moves and spots to hire to make for a great visit hope to have many more trips to see him
Reviewed by starfleet, 2017-10-02 [ID 17314:P]

Tinkerxxxxx Highly Recommended
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Boy, was that a grand massage we had. Fate was kind and Tinker and I and another Massage Exchange member got four hands to massage us in use exchanging with each other. Tinker as well as the other guy were excellent masseuses. I went first and at first it was a little awkward figuring out how to work around each other but at the end of my massage I had 4 expert hands having worked every inch of my body. Tinker was great and worked my extremities like a pro while the other guy was working other parts of me and vice versa with the other guy paying attention to me. I think with a 4 handed massage you could have a potential problem with people who would let one set of hands do all the work but that wasn't the case with this exchange. All were equally attentive to each other in our exchange and I had a most memorable massage.
Reviewed by hotsonruddy, 2017-10-02 [ID 17313:P]

punkhip Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meet punkhip for massage swap today nice guy come on time gave him massage first he enjoyed it than he give me massage was very nice it was pressure point felt nice after he Finnish was. Fully relaxed
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2017-10-02 [ID 17312:P]

ReposeLondon Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
great massage with a lovely guy, intuitive with a mix of both sensual and firm strokes , learnt a few new techniques which was great, also worked on a 'massage table' which was good.
Reviewed by iantree, 2017-10-02 [ID 17311:P]

northeastmassage Highly Recommended
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom
I had the distinct pleasure of receiving a therapeutic massage from northeastmassage last week.
He is currently partaking in a course and required a practice body which I was happy to supply.

I was invited to his home and the massage took place in a room specifically set aside for the purpose. There was also shower facilities available if required. It was a safe, warm and very clean environment, and this, together with Steve’s friendly welcome immediately put me at ease.

After obtaining some none intrusive history from me I was treated to an unhurried extremely professional massage.
It was a therapeutic massage and my modesty was preserved throughout.

I particularly liked the way Steve could pinpoint the areas where there was tightness in my muscles and was able to work these and his knowledge was superb.

Afterwards I felt very relaxed but invigorated. Some niggling little aches and pains I had were minimised and that night I slept very well.

I know Steve requires further practice bodies and if you get the chance I highly recommend you visit him.
Reviewed by Dart6996, 2017-10-02 [ID 17310:P]

ateasewithme Highly Recommended
Bicester, England, United Kingdom
I met this lovely man for the first time today and I felt instantly comfortable with him he was pleasant to talk to and very good at the massage that followed.

We are hoping to meet again soon and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Reviewed by oxonman, 2017-10-02 [ID 17309:P]

warmoiltherapy Highly Recommended
Kings Hill, England, United Kingdom
What a really nice genuine easy going guy. Extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology, superb technique with a great balance of effleurage and petrissage. Our massage was after a middle distance training run and Warmoiltherapy was able to apply some deeper techniques with great effect, leaving us both feeling excellent. Mrs PC was particularly impressed with the care taken to remain professional at all times. We're very much looking forward to his next visit!
Reviewed by practicecouple, 2017-10-02 [ID 17308:P]

stephenlincs Highly Recommended
Scredington, England, United Kingdom
I already had a good feeling about "stephenlincs" through the various messages we had exchanged and I wasn't disappointed when we met up - he's another of the good guys on here!

Very easy to get along with, Stephen was polite and amiable, and very interesting to chat to. His massage technique combined both firm and more sensual touch and was very pleasurable. What I really liked was that we were so quickly relaxed and happy in each other's company to share laughter, conversation and intimacy.

I do hope we will have the opportunity to exchange again before too long.
Reviewed by jonboy1963, 2017-10-01 [ID 17307:P]

massagemagicperth Recommended
Yokine, Western Australia, Australia
Thank you for last week exchange. Enjoyed the verly slow and gentle effleurage of the sensitive, sensual body parts. Warming the massage oil and care with applying the oil with out dripping would heighten the experience greatly. I need to ensure the room is also comfortably warm as well.

Massagemagicperth has a very firm, confident massage stroke and is intuitive with his sensual, gentle touching. Pre explanation and talking through what techniques are about to be enjoyed is also welcome when massaging a person for the first time, to promote relaxation and confidence.
Having experience with 4 hand massage is also a bonus and something to look forward to for future sessions.
Reviewed by iilario, 2017-10-01 [ID 17164:P]

trythis1 Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Very nice guy and I spent a very nice couple of hours.
I hope to have another session with him again soon!
Reviewed by UKItalian81, 2017-09-30 [ID 17306:P]

Wisemanmagic Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meet Wiseman for massage swap today nice guy some things come up and I told him can we meet after two he said ok I gave him massage than I gave me massage it was different good pressure by the time he Finnish was so relax and I fell asleep straight away
Reviewed by ketan1812, 2017-09-30 [ID 17305:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
Great couple of hours with Kingstonguy exchanging massages. Thoroughly friendly guy who put me at ease immediately. Great set up with massage table, towels, scented candles and oil. Really enjoyed the massage and conversation. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Massagefan73, 2017-09-30 [ID 17304:P]

Massagefan73 Highly Recommended
Bagshot, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Massagefan73 this evening for a massage exchange at my place. Despite lack of practice he remembered his previous training and gave me a strong massage which was very good. He has a great body on which to practice on and is very personable- I would recommend him and hope to see him again sometime.
Reviewed by kingstonguy, 2017-09-30 [ID 17303:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
Being a new member here, Massagaholic7 Was one of the first guy I spoke to and THE first one I had an exchange with.
What a kind, warm and skilful very nice gentleman he is. I enjoyed our conversation before our session and he was very patient answering all my questions about massage exchanges, how to gain skills etc....
Not only does he massage in a very personal and truly connected manner, he bring his own soul to the table which I felt made the experience even more enjoyable. Looking forward to our next exchange. 10 stars out of 5!!!
Reviewed by misterfox, 2017-09-30 [ID 17302:P]

SELondon Highly Recommended
Beckenham, England, United Kingdom
SELondon massaged me recently. He was a perfect gentleman, made me feel at ease, very astute, caring, non-pushy, un-rushed, good hands, lovely technique, equipment and ambience. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by palp, 2017-09-29 [ID 17301:P]

Sarge1 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met this delightful gentleman on Sunday, he is warm, friendly, charming and intelligent, he immediately put me at ease in his company.
I am a professional masseuse and when it comes to massage, I take it seriously. We chatted for a while and he asked me about any injuries or any troubled areas (this is always a good sign to me). I also mentioned my boundaries which he kept to.
His massage is absolutely amazing, better than all the professionals I have dealt with (bar one) and he has an exceptionally good understanding of the physiology of the body and an even better touch.
I can’t recommend him highly enough. Ladies, if you miss out on his massage, you a really missing out.
Reviewed by Zakiya, 2017-09-28 [ID 17300:P]

samcat11 Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
I truly enjoyed my wonderful massage exchange with Sara. She has a magical touch and soothing way about her. It was very relaxing and a fantastic exchange of energy and loving care. Sara has a kind soul and is very nice and easy to get along with. I am already looking forward to our next shared energy and relaxation journey. Thanks, Sara. See you again soon!
Reviewed by GoLucky, 2017-09-28 [ID 17299:P]

Reply from samcat11 of 2017-09-29
Thank you for your kind words, Rob. You are a wonderful person to work with - I enjoyed your sensitive touch. I also appreciate your respect for boundaries.

msgnewbie Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met this young lady earlier in the week in my therapy room. We had some brief communication prior to our so I had an idea of what msgnewbie was looking for and what her dislikes where.

She was a kind down to earth genuine person who had a genuine interest in massage I massaged her for about 90 mins. I gave her an infusion of massage styles I have learnt over the years.

She was very easy to get on with and willing to learn more about massage. I would be more than happy to meet her again to give her a further session and help her with some basic massage training.
Reviewed by Htmassage, 2017-09-28 [ID 17298:P]

ScottishmassageinManchester Highly Recommended
Manchester, England, United Kingdom
Met Steve for a massage at his lovely warm place few weeks ago. He is an excellent individual & a down to earth person, his massage skills are second to none and moreover unique as he very kindly explains each technique with its benefits during the massage. His knowledge of the human anatomy gives him the edge over many others that I have had the pleasure of having a massage from. A true credit to ME platform and would highly recommend anyone who's genuinely interested in a great massage. Look forward to enjoying another session with him soon.
Reviewed by drmassage, 2017-09-27 [ID 17295:P]

Htmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I met Htmassage at his place that is conveniently located in Central London.
The room was well heated, equipped with massage table, selection of oils and fresh towels.
He is a professional masseur with many years of experience, who clearly loves massage and has excellent hands and great strokes. Thank you for releasing that tension in my back area and shoulders.
Highly recommend him because he knows exactly what to do to let you feel comfortable and completely relaxed.

Reviewed by msgnewbie, 2017-09-26 [ID 17292:P]

brrrizer1 Highly Recommended
City of London, Greater London, United Kingdom
What an amazing experience starting with full body scrub in a bath of warm water. I felt looked after from tippy toes to top of my head.

Brrrizer1 is very skilled in Thai Yoga Technique as well as therapeutic and sensual massage.
His treatment is a bliss for the body and mind. Made my skin tingling and refreshed, made my body relaxed and unwinded, made my mind wondering in the La La Land.

Unforgettable experience...
Thank you Yossi.
Reviewed by SacralPlace, 2017-09-26 [ID 17293:P]

Massagaholic7 Highly Recommended
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom
Met today for an exchange which had been planned for some time, because of the distance, but actively keeping in contact with each other and had briefly met previously on a social occasion.
I must say at the outset that Massagaholic7 is in a league of his own giving a fabulous massage and certainly knowing how to do this for maximum effect and, in my case, relief from back problems. He has great massage technique far better than I have in many cases received as a "paying client" of masseurs in business.
He has a lovely friendly personality, great to chat to, and very caring with his touch. It was such a pleasure to welcome him to my home and I enjoyed every minute. So much so that we were overtaken by time and my massage for him has had to be held over till next time.
A massive 10 stars but sadly I can only give 5 !!!
A huge thankyou. Can't wait to meet again.
Reviewed by fullbody4u, 2017-09-26 [ID 17291:P]

Freeflow77 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Last Saturday I had the great pleasure of meeting Freeflow77 for the first time. He has a delightful and relaxed personality and it was most refreshing to meet someone who was so widely experienced and relaxed with the entire process; there seemed not to be a single moment when he or I were not totally at ease with each other. For those seeking to become both skilled and relaxed in either giving or receiving massages, I would recommend Freeflow77 unhesitatingly. If the opportunity to meet him arises, seize it with both hands.
Reviewed by Trojan1959, 2017-09-26 [ID 17290:P]

Reply from Freeflow77 of 2017-09-26
Many thanks for those kind words! Look forward to seeing you again soon!

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Ripon, England, United Kingdom
This is a little late coming, but I met up with Lizzy on a very wet and miserable day at a hotel convenient for the both of us.

Lizzy was welcoming and we settled down for a quick chat to get to know one another and to confirm / reaffirm each other's boundaries.

On this occassion, I was the giver and I did not expect to receive, but I was perfectly happy with that arrangement.

I had taken my massage bench with me, but sadly, this time round, the room was a little on the small side to accommodate it, so we elected instead to use the bed. Fortunately, it was quite tall, but still a little low for my liking and ultimately, this affected the massage I was able to give.

Lizzy is very easy to massage. She expresses her preferences in a clear unambiguous way and made it obvious when something was particularly relaxing or stimulating to the extent that I was more than happy that I was having a positive impact.

When the massage came to an end, we chatted about this and that for a good hour until time pressure meant it was time for me to leave. Lizzy is extremely nice and very easy to get along with and I really enjoyed our massage session and will return when time allows.
Reviewed by BigSi, 2017-09-26 [ID 17289:P]

Pedalpusher Highly Recommended
Surbiton, England, United Kingdom
Met up with Gavan for an exchange. He was very acomodating for my schedule.
He hosted, nice flat
Well set up for massage.
Quite simply this was one of the best massages I have ever had.
Strong hands
Great attention to detail
Very therapeutic- felt great afterwards. This guy really knows his stuff.

Gavan himself was very welcoming, very warm

Highly recommend
Reviewed by jerhoo, 2017-09-25 [ID 17288:P]

Dex Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
Met Dex in SF and arranged an exchange. I can say that he is great with his hands and knowledge. Had a great meeting and look forward to hopefully exchanging again sometime soon.
Reviewed by Ernesto1, 2017-09-25 [ID 17287:P]

Reply from Dex of 2017-09-25
Thank you Ernesto! I, likewise, had a terrific experience with you. Anytime you're in San Francisco and up for an exchange… Hit me up!

16xLIZZYx91 Highly Recommended
Ripon, England, United Kingdom
I met with Liz recently to share an exchange - my first one. Liz was lovely company and great to talk to, quickly putting me at ease. I massaged her first, being a gentleman, and found her very receptive and a good communicator. She was able to give me regular feedback to help me know what she liked and how I was doing which helped my confidence as a newcomer.
Liz then returned the compliment and gave a wonderful massage. She had such a nice touch with just the right amount of pressure and it felt like she was a professional, I found it that good.
All in all I had a great experience with Liz, would love to do so again, and would highly recommend her for an exchange.
Thanks Liz
Reviewed by mark2003, 2017-09-25 [ID 17286:P]

campbell58 Satisfactory
Birchington-on-Sea, United Kingdom
I met Campbell58 a couple of weeks ago. We were both amateurs but hit it off well and gave each a massage according to our capabilities. We both enjoyed our evening and chatted afterwards about our common Irish ancestry. He is a very nice and friendly guy and very personable. We may well meet again.
Reviewed by arran, 2017-09-25 [ID 17276:P]

pgtmex Highly Recommended
Manchester, United Kingdom
Pgtmex travelled to visit me at my home to give me a massage. He kept me posted on his journey progress and arrived at the time he said he would. After a brief re-cap of the points we had discussed by email to make sure I was happy, we started the massage. He got on with the massage quietly without chitchat, which allowed me to simply relax and enjoy the massage. Pgtmex has a very good touch and he carried out the treatment in a professional manner, respecting the boundaries I had set with him. All in all a great massage and I would be happy to receive from him again.
Reviewed by fingertips1, 2017-09-25 [ID 17285:P]

mattklondon Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Meeting with Matt was fairly straightforward, a couple of mail and we arranged a day.
I was happy to meet a relaxed easy going young man. New to the site, we chatted before starting the session.
Matt is "receive only". I enjoyed giving him a massage as he has a nice body and looks after himself.
I believe he enjoyed the massage as well and gave me feedback throughout the session.
We really spent some good time together and invited him, when he left, for more visits whenever he wanted.
Reviewed by LM55, 2017-09-24 [ID 17284:P]

kingstonguy Highly Recommended
Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
i was made immediately at ease on meeting kingstonguy, and we had a good exchange , as he gave a great relaxing massage with good confident warming strokes - I slept well that night. A good hosting space with table. Excellent, will repeat.
Reviewed by iantree, 2017-09-24 [ID 17283:P]

amarilla Highly Recommended
Covington, Louisiana, United States
After several months of getting our schedules to work out, I met with Amarilla for a massage exchange. He was on time, and we wasted no time on getting to the exchange. Amarilla is a very pleasant gentleman to massage, in great shape, and he brings that great South American culture to his exchange. I will definitely keep Amarilla in my contacts and will meet up with him for another quality exchange. His technique was superb.
Reviewed by Emem, 2017-09-24 [ID 17282:P]

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