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calgr8touch Highly Recommended
Colton, California, United States
thank you so much for the massage trade am glad you as well as we enjoyed the therapeutic session , don't forget to call us whenever you like .
Reviewed by biworld, 2015-09-03 [ID 12502:P]

ShutterBug Highly Recommended
Port St Lucie, Florida, United States
Two very nice gentleman with varying techniques led to a great swap yesterday. They arrived ontime, we swapped massages and each of us had a chance to learn new styles from the others and take the lead at various times. I am looking forward to going to their place next time for a swap and would highly recommend a swap with these two.
Reviewed by ScottnBoyntonBeach, 2015-09-03 [ID 12501:P]

ScottnBoyntonBeach Highly Recommended
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
We exchanged a few e-mails before speaking over the telephone. ScottnBoyntonBeach is an interesting, handsome & pleasant man. He hosted the session in his home and the atmosphere was very tranquil and conducive for the exchanges. Soft music, massage table and plenty of room to move around the table for bodywork.

We enjoyed his techniques very much. He uses a variety of strokes and stretches which felt wonderful. The sessions were not rushed and we held pleasant conversation throughout. SnBB has an exceptional physique. We spoke of exchanging again in the future and I look forward to it. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by ShutterBug, 2015-09-02 [ID 12500:P]

puwer No Show
Hull, England, United Kingdom
supposed to meet at 4.00 pm.but no show or any message.just wasted my time.could have arranged to meet some other person.
Reviewed by rubber799, 2015-09-02 [ID 12498:N]

Pete007a Highly Recommended
Sandy, United Kingdom
Pete is courtesy itself. He is also an excellent masseur, a charming man and has had a very interesting life. I would recommend him highly to anyone. Thanks!
Reviewed by Leonina, 2015-09-02 [ID 12496:P]

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Great massage subject ! Easy to talk to, inquisitive about massage style.
Slim smooth easy to massage, I didnt want session to end too quickly!
great in proportion body, masseurs dream.
Reviewed by galah46, 2015-09-01 [ID 12495:P]

121RelaxingHands Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Fiz is an excellent teacher and knows exactly what he is doing and teaching. I look forward to having more lessons from him in the future!
Reviewed by sarendi, 2015-09-01 [ID 12494:P]

Wayne1234 Highly Recommended
West Hollywood, California, United States
Well worth the wait that it took to meet up with Wayne1234 as we had msged before on my previous visits to LA. He replied promptly, courteous and there wasn't a question if the massage exchange was going to take place, just when we could get our schedules to connect. From the moment I arrived till I left, I felt like I'd known Wayne1234 we had similar interest and he made me feel welcome and comfortable. After a short conversation to find out of likes/dislikes and interest in massages, we took a mutual shower. I find if there is chemistry between individuals, especial known what each other is wanting and providing it without having to ask, a massage can be a soothing, relaxing and all round great experience. That was present between us two and we nearly lost track of time with our massage exchange. He was willing to show some new techniques that I had experience with other exchanges or MLT when it came to his turn to receive. Between us two, nothing was left un-massage, from firm touch to soft touch, massaged from head to toe. The only draw back is that been short on time in LA and living out of state, I will have to wait a while to exchange with Wayne1234, but it will be worth the wait.

Once I got my trip to LA booked, Wayne1234 and I communicated on setting up another exchange. Wayne1234 took time again to show massage technique. Everything was just right and again nothing was left un-massage and we both enjoyed seen each other satisfied.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-09-01 [ID 11905:P]

eversalt Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States
Prior to my trip to Los Angeles, Eversalt and I were in contact. Once in Los Angeles, the set up was finalize, which turn out to be the only pre-trip contact that followed thru with what was arrange. Unfortunately, others would not respond or cancelled once I was in Los Angeles. Needless to say, the exchange with Eversalt was well worth the time and energy it took make it happen which wasn't that much. His table was set up in a warm environment. Reading his profile and with our talk I found out that Eversalt had been a previous MLT, given me confidence that it was well worth the trip. He was quick to find my areas that need his expert attention and covered all areas from head to toe. I wasn't ready to leave the table for my massage of him but he set me at ease that I was correct in my techniques even though I have had no previous training. Our sensual massage ended with a good deal of self expression and a great tension release like I have not experience many times. We've set to keep in touch so the next I'm in Los Angles we can set aside more time. Thanks Eversalt.

Once again I visited LA and had another exchange with Eversalt that was just as great as previous exchange earlier this year. It's a must to see Eversalt if not it would not be a complete trip to LA.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-09-01 [ID 11929:P]

sarendi Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Hi I recently had a training session with Sarendi we had 2hours of session teaching her the basin understanding of massage therapies because she didn't had any qualification so I taught her and she learnt quickly and apply on me. We had a great time together and meeting again soon.
Reviewed by 121RelaxingHands, 2015-09-01 [ID 12492:P]

AnitaH Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Hi I met AnitaH we had a great time together she is very good and knows what she is doing. First I gave her massage then she gave to me. She is lovely lady and keen to learn new techniques as I taught her during our session. Thanks AnitaH.
Reviewed by 121RelaxingHands, 2015-09-01 [ID 12491:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
My experience with doneright was more than exceptional. He knew how traffic was in Los Angeles and he arrived earlier than we were scheduled to meet – very punctual! He had strong steady hands, great technique, down to earth guy, and full of knowledge. He communicated and he listened - and spoke through his hands and words. This was more than a massage - it was an adventure to exchange with him. The massage was a great tune up,
Definitely recommended and will make sure I will exchange with him again when he is in town.
I felt his massage was better than many professional massages I have had!
Many thanks
Reviewed by Hun011, 2015-08-31 [ID 12490:P]

Reply from doneright of 2015-09-01
Thanks again for a great massage and look forward to seen you again!

j92 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a great swap with j92. His massage skills is pretty good despite being novice. In time, he'll be more confident and intuitive with his strokes.. He's charming and a very nice guy. I will definitely exchange with him again.
Reviewed by Londonboy18, 2015-08-31 [ID 12474:P]

doneright Highly Recommended
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
I had the pleasure of having 2 exchanges with doneright last week & only 2 days apart! Besides being a very pleasant man to converse with & having a good sense of humor, doneright gives an excellent massage. He is very slow in his strokes & very thorough. Since he keeps conversation during the massage to a minimum, an exchange with him is very meditative & relaxing. He is also interested in learning new massage techniques. For example, he enjoyed some of the Thai Massage techniques & stretching i shared with him & wanted to know more about them. After a massage with him, I felt I was "done right"! I would highly recommend him. The only thing I regret about him is that he lives in another state! If he lived closer, I am sure that would be very close friends & also have exchanges on a weekly basis!
Reviewed by enkhuizen, 2015-08-31 [ID 12489:P]

Reply from doneright of 2015-09-01
Yes, it would be great to be closer. You're Thai massage and massage were outstanding and much to look forward to my next visit to LA.

Robertmasage Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had the opportunity to receive a massage from Robert recently, there is only one word
to describe this therapist's massage: amazing! Rob generously delivered a deep-tissue style
massage working out all stress and tension from my back muscles, and working out tension from my
calfs (which do lots of running). He is a true professional, and works on each area of the body giving
it the time and attention it needs, applying his reportoire of skills and techniques.
I owe Rob a massage, but very much doubt if it will be a good as his!
Many Thanks Robert.
Reviewed by ali206, 2015-08-31 [ID 12488:P]

KeepInTouch Recommended
Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States
This was quite an experience of pleasure and learning new techniques. I was very comfortable with KIT.
Reviewed by urmassage, 2015-08-31 [ID 12487:P]

Pipajmose Highly Recommended
Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Had a great massage exchange with Pipajmose69 on my last day before leaving Sydney. He is really friendly and approachable, even driving out to the railway station to pick me up and then driving me back into town to my hotel. The massage session was really unhurried and very relaxing and his set-up in his home is really professional. His training really shows in the variety and style of his Swedish massage moves and I emerged from the encounter relaxed and ready to face the flight home. Thanks a million - hope to see you in Sydney again.
Reviewed by Wnz, 2015-08-31 [ID 12486:P]

latinlovergenf04 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
When I told Latinlovergen04 that he had just delivered the best massage I had received in two years he did not believe me, so the best way of confirming that I meant what I said is to record here that this guy is just the best.... a perfect host, brilliant natural technique that may be not technically trained but carries a wonderful and refreshing balance of skill and aptitude to make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I know there are others who can offer a technical session that reflect their qualifications, but both the approach and delivery of the bodywork with this guy is just so good that I wanted to record here my appreciation of his natural skills. I hope others will be able to share the benefits while delivering decent bodywork in return as this guy also deserves to be pampered as a way of saying thank you.
Reviewed by rowingandsportmassage, 2015-08-30 [ID 12485:P]

nzmasseur Highly Recommended
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
I met nzmasseur last night for an exchange and was so glad I did. Catching him on the hop between his globe-trotting engagements I finally managed to secure him to the massage table to give him a Swedish Massage. Earlier in the week I managed to put my lower back out and by the time I finished the massage the pain threshold in my back was such I didn't think I'd cope with his massage so I, reluctantly, declined the offer. However! He convinced me to let him try just a little to see how I'd cope. The massage and physical manipulation he made to my back and lower back in particular proved so effective I was only fully aware of it the following morning day when I could stand up straight without howling in pain. What an inprovement! I feel so grateful to him. He is a treasure with healing hands. And just on that effort alone I rate him with 5 stars. Hope I can catch him on his way through Australia next time and get his full treatment when, hopefully, my lower back will be back to normal.
Reviewed by Pipajmose, 2015-08-30 [ID 12484:P]

Hun011 Highly Recommended
Walnut, California, United States
On my resent travels to Los Angeles I meet and had a wonderful exchange with Hun011 from start to finish. He communicated well and setting up the exchange as an easy process. Considering LA traffic, insured to be home by making taking train to minimize the possibility of delays. The exchange started with showers and he insured that I was comfortable, had enough water, lighting and other aspects of the massage. I wasn't disappointed either with his massage technique and duration of it. Plans are in the works for another exchange on my next travel to LA. Thanks Hun011.
Reviewed by doneright, 2015-08-29 [ID 12483:P]

brflguy Highly Recommended
Boca Raton, Florida, United States
I had a wonderful massage swap today and look forward to seeing him again. His touch was light, gentle, varied strokes, fulfilling and seemed to find the right areas to work on. We met at my place and he was late but called to explain that he would be because he was putting up shutters before the possible hurricane. After I felt taken care of and he said he liked mine, too.
Reviewed by ScottnBoyntonBeach, 2015-08-29 [ID 12482:P]

Lee1 Highly Recommended
Bedford, Bedford, United Kingdom
By arrangement, Lee1 arrived early this morning which gave us plenty of time to chat first as a nice prelude to exchanging.

He is a very friendly, hospitable guy and goes out of his way to make you feel at ease, both when you're receiving and giving. He is particularly good at adapting his style and ensuring that the pressure is right.

If anyone new to the site is feeling nervous, then Lee1 is an ideal person to exchange with.
Reviewed by Persephone, 2015-08-29 [ID 12480:P]

j92 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was actually surprised by j92's massage skills considering that he has no formal training and he's a newbie. I got a couple of massages already from him and he's learning very fast! A few more sessions and he'll pass for a pro! Hope to see him again very soon!
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-08-29 [ID 12479:P]

gster1977 Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Met gster1977 and I have to praise him for his courtesy and respect shown throughout the session. Very nice chap although he needs more practice. Good massage all over, wish that the session was longer. Thanks.
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-08-29 [ID 12478:P]

Zyrix03 Highly Recommended
Harrow, United Kingdom
I Already received 2 massage sessions from this brilliant masseur! man with great confidence, able to deliver firm pressure and besides, a respectful chap! Don't miss out!
Reviewed by Robertmasage, 2015-08-29 [ID 12477:P]

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