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2013mazi Highly Recommended
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
I met Waleed for the first time today and had the most pleasurable experience, he certainly knows his stuff, his technique and touch are very satisfying. I certainly learned a lot today and would highly recommend a swap. I will definitely be keeping in touch for future sessions.
Has to be 5 stars.


Reviewed by Dartsfanatic, 2014-09-28 [ID 10737:P]

arlem Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Arlem and I connected from the outset which really enhanced our exchange. He has a great body to work on (good muscle definition) so those sessions at the gym are certainly paying off. During the massage he used a wide variety of strokes with varying degrees of pressure - each time checking to see if the pressure was ok for me (it was). Every exchange is a learning experience and I learned a lot from exchanging with Arlem and I would really recommend him as an exchange partner.
Reviewed by ME1973, 2014-09-28 [ID 10736:P]

hertsthrob Highly Recommended
Hertford, England, United Kingdom
I had a very good exchange with Hertsthrob. He has a very good technique, and many years of experience which really shows! He works on a professional level, with many various flowing strokes and great and varied pressure. He always kept the 'flow' going. He was very kind to show me some of his techniques as I am fairly new to all this. His massage left me extremely relaxed.Much recommended.
Reviewed by funkybootz2, 2014-09-28 [ID 10735:P]

North2west Highly Recommended
Lytham St Annes, United Kingdom
North2west came to my home recently and we had a fantastic exchange! He is very warm and pleasant to be with. His conversation and life skills kept our conversation quite interesting.

His technique is flawless. He knows just how much pressure to apply on the shoulders and back. I came away feeling extremely relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time.

I would highly recommend North2west to anyone needing a quality massage.
Reviewed by DrGBear, 2014-09-28 [ID 10734:P]

Tom038 Highly Recommended
Springston, Canterbury, New Zealand
Well I've only been on this site for one day and I had my first massage with Tom ,
What a nice Guy he was ! Such a relaxing massage I did fall asleep have way thru !lol
Very professional approach and respected my privacy! Which was very cool ,also travel to me which was so nice as I had a nice relaxing time being in my own space!
Tom is a must such a nice guy ,can't wait until the next time.
Reviewed by Nikki01, 2014-09-27 [ID 10733:P]

ME1973 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
It was a pleasure to meet and swap with N8whit. Setting the timetable was quite straightforward at the outset and things went according to plan. It was well worth the travel to his place and it was genuinely a relaxing and enjoyable experience to end a Friday. I was properly tuned up for the weekend. He had a certain unique hand movement during the massage which was both intriguing and invigorating, his own invention, I suppose. It was something fresh. He also mixed various rhythms and intensity in the massage which I enjoyed as a recipient. Being in the receiving end, he was a joy to work on - responsive and appreciative, a true massage enthusiast. He was a very good host, very nice place that's ideal and conducive for massage, and a good chat before and after the swap. I was very happy and looking forward to more swaps. :-)
Reviewed by arlem, 2014-09-27 [ID 10732:P]

2harry Highly Recommended
Noblesville, Indiana, United States
Had my second exchange with 2harry today, a very kind, gentle man, very open to body contact. Followed my tantric movement giving me the same pleasures.
Firm and gentle touch when needed.
Hope to exchange many times in the future.
Geist Massage (Phil)
Reviewed by geistmassage, 2014-09-26 [ID 10731:P]

strohsman Highly Recommended
Frewsburg, New York, United States
Reviewed by bach, 2014-09-25 [ID 10730:P]

Daniel1933 Highly Recommended
Brentford, United Kingdom
Despite being concerned about not being professionally qualified, Daniel1933 gave an excellent massage. He was very structured in his approach and clearly thought about using the appropriate technique for the area being massaged.

A very nice, friendly guy. Highly recommended
Reviewed by kenningtonmass, 2014-09-25 [ID 10727:P]

Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
I met nzPetal for an exchange. She is a very nice person and we got on well. I enjoyed massaging her, she was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy it. She then gave me a very good relaxing massage in return with a couple of new methods i enjoyed.
Reviewed by massageman123, 2014-09-25 [ID 10726:P]

bigrock Highly Recommended
Wilton Manors, Florida, United States
I was on vacation in Falmouth, & lucky enough to get an appointment in PTown. with Keith at his office. I drove almost 2 hours & it was well worth the trip. Very nice guy, great body with great hands. I was kidding him about his handle BIGrock I said should be BIG [BODY PART] that rimes lol
Reviewed by rett41, 2014-09-25 [ID 10725:P]

DavidinHouston Recommended
Pearland, Texas, United States
David is nice guy and experienced in massage. Very experienced skillful hand, sequence flow s very smoothly. In summary, good!
Reviewed by jjleek, 2014-09-24 [ID 10721:P]

kenningtonmass Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I don't think Kennongtontonmass require any more fife star reviews as it's clear he is great at giving a massage however after swapping with him I can't help myself to add to ho's collection. The massage was absolutely wonderful. The space is very professional and so is ho's approach and technique. I felt instantly comfortable and at home. I would strongly recommend him. Thanks once again for a great exchange.
Reviewed by Daniel1933, 2014-09-24 [ID 10720:P]

BTD Highly Recommended
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
I had a massage exchange this evening with this guy. Turned up as arranged. A very clean, fit, friendly guy who took the time to apply the right pressure to give me an excellent massage. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to meet again soon.
Reviewed by marcusp, 2014-09-24 [ID 10718:P]

massageman123 Recommended
Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand
Messageman123 was very professional in his work and had all the right gear arriving on time.

Thank you Messageman123 for a delightful afternoon of pleasant massage.
Reviewed by nzPetal, 2014-09-24 [ID 10717:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
I met up with fullbody4u today. What a GENTLEMAN! A really genuine, kind and caring chap. J gave me great directions to his lovely, clean, and friendly home (even provided an alternative route so that I could avoid a usual traffic hot spot). Met me at the door with a great smile and I immediately felt at ease. I was offered a drink and we had a nice chat for 30 minutes or so before the session got going. J has a dedicated room for the massage and it was already set up and was comfortable.

J is aware that I am quite a novice so it was good to listen to him explaining the moves he was doing and what alternatives could be applied. It wasn't all chat though and he did let me relax and enjoy the massage. I can tell you that J used a variety of strokes and techniques and applied just the right amount of pressure (according to the body part) to provide a very thorough and therapeutic treatment.

I was offered the use of his shower facilities after the massage and then we had a nice chat and another cuppa.

Thanks fullbody4u for an enjoyable, informative and relaxing exchange. I really am looking forward to the next one already.
Reviewed by pj1971, 2014-09-24 [ID 10715:P]

dragon09 Highly Recommended
Farnborough, England, United Kingdom
I met Dragon09 for the first time a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He is very experienced in massage and offers a firm technique with
patience and understanding and our meeting was probably the best male massage experience I have encountered. Well worth a massage exchange and I look forward to meeting him again.
Reviewed by relaxwithmesoon, 2014-09-23 [ID 10713:P]

londonguy1 Highly Recommended
Uxbridge, Greater London, United Kingdom
Londonguy1 gives an excellent, strong, firm massage. Very friendly and a great technique. Up there with the best if not the best I've had from here. Many thanks.
Reviewed by dj123, 2014-09-23 [ID 10712:P]

dogmatix007 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a great swap with Nick. What he lacked in experience or technique he made up in enthusiasm and willingness to learn. I believe he will soon become a very competent massage partner with the right direction.
Reviewed by Earlscourtexhibition, 2014-09-23 [ID 10710:P]

latinmale1 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I hosted Daniel for a swap. Daniel is a lovely man and though he said was not very experienced he was eager to learn and enthusiastic in his massage. I had a great exchange and do feel with some more tips Daniel would be on his way to being a great massage partner.
Reviewed by Earlscourtexhibition, 2014-09-23 [ID 10709:P]

bayswaterguy Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a great swap with Tony. His place was situated in a lovely part of town and inside was all laid out very professionally. Tony's many years of experience really showed in the strong, deep massage he gave. I came away feeling very well treated.
Reviewed by Earlscourtexhibition, 2014-09-23 [ID 10708:P]

Earlscourtexhibition Highly Recommended
, England, United Kingdom
I hosted a swap session with Earlscourtexhibition, I was impressed with his technique and had a very relaxing and reviving treatment from him. He was on time, clean , polite and a pleasure to do the swap with him.
Reviewed by bayswaterguy, 2014-09-23 [ID 10706:P]

Reply from Earlscourtexhibition of 2014-09-23
thank you, I enjoyed your massage very much

manicduck Highly Recommended
Warwick, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of meeting up for my very first sensual/naturist massage exchange. I was made to feel totally relaxed from first arriving, the massage and technique are second to none, fabulous amount of pressure and was just what I needed. Chilled relaxed atmosphere and ambience also contrubuted heavily! I reciprocated for my very first 'giving of a massage' after some very helpful pointers..I am really looking forward to learning more and our next session. Thank you xx
Reviewed by minnie2014, 2014-09-23 [ID 10705:P]

matts1234 Highly Recommended
Belper, United Kingdom
I went to Matts1234 family home yesterday for a massage.

I had only been to a health spa for a massage and wanted to see if a more convenient method would be beneficial, as I have just embarked on a training and diet programme and want to keep skin, mind and body supple.

Matts1234 provided a relaxing massage and has very smooth hands with a friendly approach.

Hope to keep a connection with Matts as part of my on-going health and improvement scheme...
Reviewed by MatlockSuited, 2014-09-22 [ID 10704:P]

funkybootz2 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
This man is a joy to exchange with. HE has a magic mix of well founded confidence, empathy, and an artists knowledge of anatomy; all of which he combines to give an individualistic and idiosyncratic style of massage. It is caring, effective and very very relaxing.
I don't usually award more stars than other reviewers; in this case I think I have experienced abilities and potential far beyond the ordinary. Funky bootz2 is one of relatively few 'wild' (ie totally untrained) masseurs who will not have his individuality destroyed by formal massage instruction; he will be able to deliver stunningly good massages with far less work than he currently, willingly, puts into his offerings. Likely also to benefit greatly from 3-way swaps where he can see how some of the conventional, classical, moves are performed. I want to swap with this guy again, and again....
I hope lots of you will give him lots of opportunities to swap and learn
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2014-09-22 [ID 10703:P]

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