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MuladharaMassageMTL Highly Recommended
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
J'ai bien apprécié ton massage, ton professionnalisme. C'était très bénéfique. Je te recommande à quiconque cherche un massage de qualité. Je reviendrai te voir. Merci encore.

Deuxième massage:

Je suis arrivé chez toi fatigué, stressé.
Tu m'as fait tout oublié.
La semaine était longue.
Tu as rendu ma soirée féconde.
Avec tes mains et ta science,
tu as tracé des chemins
sur mon corps qui n'a plus de secret pour toi.
Tu as rééquilibré mes chacras, mes méridiens.
Tu m'as réénergisé avec ta technique reminiscence.
Tu as régénéré mes muscles, mes cellules.
Pour tout cela je te dis un grand merci.
C'était divin. Je n'étais plus là.
Je ronronnais comme un chat !
Je me laissais gâter par la vie pour une fois !
Mucho mucho gracias.
On se reverra.
Reviewed by Stephane, 2010-09-25 [ID 2844:P]

Reply from MuladharaMassageMTL of 2010-09-29
J`ai trouvé ton massage profond et de puissance intérieure. Ton massage a été d'exception réconfortant et favorisant l'équilibre et l'harmonisation total.

Merci encore

blackamericandoc1 Highly Recommended
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Lowell gives a great massage and is very friendly
Reviewed by bob205, 2010-09-24 [ID 2882:P]

njjeff Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
Jeff gives a Killer massage... so happy that we were able to connect while he was in town. If you have a chance to meet, I recommend that you do.
Reviewed by darrenc, 2010-09-22 [ID 2880:P]

soldierman Highly Recommended
Panama City, Florida, United States
I had the pleasure of exchanging with soldierman. He was a great host, and provided me with an incredible and relaxing massage. I am looking forward to another exchange next time I am in Florida.
Reviewed by Rick123, 2010-09-22 [ID 2879:P]

Caplio Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States
Meet with Caplio when he was in Melbourne and would reccommend him. For some one that is not formally trained he has a good intuition for massage and has a nice firm approach. Looking forward to being able to arrange another swap when hes is next here.
Reviewed by Archer63, 2010-09-22 [ID 2878:P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Almería, Andalusia, Spain
I exchanged with Joan yesterday and I would definitely recommend her. She has no formal qualifications but obviously has had a lot of practice. Her style is very relaxing and soothing and I received an hour and a half's treatment where the only downside was when it came to an end. Spent a very pleasant time with this intelligent lady and we also discussed various bodywork and massage styles and I was made to feel very welcome. Recommended!
Reviewed by nickb57, 2010-09-20 [ID 2877:P]

maleonly16 Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had a great relaxed swap with maleonly16 this weekend. He is an accomplished aromatherapist and brought a fabulous infusion with him.

He was also skilled at relaxing massage and coupled with the vapours from the oil I was very nearly asleep when it was my turn to work on him again.

Certainly recommended and I look forward to another swap in the near future.
Reviewed by robnaturistlon, 2010-09-20 [ID 2876:P]

truckmedic Highly Recommended
Swindon, United Kingdom
My Bopyfriend and myself visited this gentleman earlier this year and found him very courtious and friendly, He was very respectful and as expected a true gentleman.

Looking forward to our next meeting and definately another massage.
Reviewed by tanya68, 2010-09-18 [ID 2872:P]

polo9 Highly Recommended
St Ives, New South Wales, Australia
I was very lucky to have a swap with Polo9, who provided us with top-notch remedial massage. He's a real pro , and yet very friendly and accommodating. Indeed a very nice guy, with great hand and beautiful therapeutic techniques !!
Reviewed by M-71011, 2010-09-18 [ID 2871:P]

tanya68 Highly Recommended
Bristol, City of Bristol, United Kingdom
She is a lovely lady, very friendly, have given her a massage but not yet received one, still was a lovely time ;o)
Reviewed by truckmedic, 2010-09-17 [ID 2870:P]

massagetrade2002 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
This was my first massage trade with someone from this site. I was very pleased, he is very through and has the most amazing strong hands for a deep tissue massage. I look forward to you next visit to Northwest arkansas.
Reviewed by nwaguy, 2010-09-17 [ID 2869:P]

txtool Highly Recommended
Austin, Texas, United States
I thourghly enjoyed my massage exchange with this member. He took his time at the beginning of our echange to sit and talk, so we could become more comfortable with each other, which definetly enhanced the massage exchange. TXTOOL, gave a wonderful relaxing massage, he has strong but gentle hands. He has received some training, which helped to enhance my massage experience with him. I strongly recommend his if you have an opportunity to do an exchange massage with him.
Reviewed by HunterFlorida, 2010-09-17 [ID 2868:P]

nwaguy Highly Recommended
Springdale, Arkansas, United States
I just had the most wonderful session with NWAGUY in Bentonville. I was in town on business and he graciously offered to bring his table to my hotel room and meet me there at the end of my work day. It was so nice to come in from work, grab a shower, and crawl on to the table. He was a nice guy, very hygienic, and a pro at giving massages. He did a fantastic job on my shoulders and backs (where I need it most) and was thorough on both the back and front sides of my body. I definitely look forward to my next visit to Northern Arkansas! Thanks!
Reviewed by massagetrade2002, 2010-09-16 [ID 2867:P]

znoel Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I have just come back from swapping with znoel and it was definately worth the 4 hour journey it took me to get out to him and back home again.
znoel is a very accomplished therapist and gives a leisurely, lengthy, thorough massage using styles I have not experienced before.
He was very free with his knowledge and expertise in the massage industry and I came away more prepared to enter this world. He gives not only a wonderful massage but helpful feedback aswell. definately highly recommended. Thank you znoel.
Reviewed by AquarianTouch, 2010-09-16 [ID 2866:P]

cdune Highly Recommended
Dunedin, Florida, United States
great exchange highly recommended....
Reviewed by soldierman, 2010-09-14 [ID 2863:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Excellent exchange, very comfortable nice strong hands,,,enjoyed it immensely.
Reviewed by soldierman, 2010-09-14 [ID 2861:P]

MidMed Highly Recommended
Warren, Michigan, United States
George did a great job. Nice guy, clean, excellent hands and a real gentleman. I would definately recommend. Thanks!
Reviewed by jaybar, 2010-09-10 [ID 2854:P]

galwpat Highly Recommended
Galway, Ireland
My first international massage exchange! Niall very graciously hosted me at his home with a room dedicated to massage, lovely environment, beautiful music, heated table and skilled hands! He clearly has put his massage training to good use and does a great job!
Reviewed by jcannaday3, 2010-09-10 [ID 2853:P]

Reply from galwpat of 2011-05-23
Belated thanks to John for a wonderful massage experience. John is both skilled and very nurturing in his massage and sense of touch. Many thanks and looking forward to a return internaational exchange!

fabeo Highly Recommended
Epsom and Ewell, England, United Kingdom
Reviewed by stormieuk, 2010-09-10 [ID 2852:P]

stormieuk Highly Recommended
Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom
Is a great Therapist. We exchanged Massages last night and has a great firm touch. We have already booked in our next Massage Swap. I look forward to it...........
Reviewed by fabeo, 2010-09-08 [ID 2851:P]

tallpaulphx Highly Recommended
Phoenix, Arizona, United States
I find myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to have body work done by tallpaulphx. He was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and after many other attempts to schedule with each other we finally found an ideal time. He is knowledgable on what the body needs and I felt customized the massage especially for me. He has great strength but a gentle spirit about him. I feel he was able to do the deep work without me leaving in more pain then when I arrived, where others tend to muscle you over til they strike tears. He is a great practitioner and a kind man that I would highly recommend.
Reviewed by VegasStrongHands, 2010-09-08 [ID 2850:P]

Reply from tallpaulphx of 2010-09-08
I truly have made a massage friend in Vegas. I wish you well in your studies and journey through life. Hope to see you soon.

msphunter Highly Recommended
La Quinta, California, United States
msphunter is a professional massage therapist who I would pay to get a massage from in the futuer. His massage was both relaxing and had the right pressure to work all my sore spots - like shoulders and back. Also, he is a really nice guy and I enjoyed meeting him and talking a little bit about massage work. Thank you!
Reviewed by mplsguy, 2010-09-07 [ID 2849:P]

mplsguy Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
He was on time, had an immaculate studio with professional supplies. Very personable , handsome and completed my massage with the desired firmness I needed. intuitive hands, caring in every way. Yes, I could recommend him to anyone who needs the care of a great massage therapist.....Thanks, I hope can connect again
Reviewed by msphunter, 2010-09-06 [ID 2846:P]

pab Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Now, this is the guy to watch out for. Be scared of the guy who, after getting a massage, awakes to give you a dynamite massage, and claims to not be a pro. Pab is top notch, he is strong and really knows what he is doing. I am so impressed with his work, it was a great experience from the moment I met him til the moment I walked out the door. Don't miss a chance to get these hands on you. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by VegasStrongHands, 2010-09-03 [ID 2841:P]

DeepRelax6 Highly Recommended
Morrow, Georgia, United States
It was my sincere pleasure to have the opportunity to exchange with DeepRelax6. Without doubt he provided the BEST massage I have yet to receive. He was extremely attentive to detail, highly skilled with an intuitive touch, and took abundant time to ensure each muscle group was relaxed and in tune with the energy passing between us. I am a firm believer in the power of shared touch and this experience was second to none. Unequivocally a first rate massage from a genuinely kind and gentle man. Words fail to describe my awe for his talent. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by VictoriaBear, 2010-09-02 [ID 2839:P]

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