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SportsMassage911 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Thanks so much for a great firm massages, the pressure started medium then more firmer, I was relaxed throughout and felt very reassured as he explained the different techniques. Having experienced massage therapy from different parts of the world this experience was one of the best. Few people can accomplish delivering therapy to his standard and of his age, Excellent you are going to do well in what ever practice you choose, thanks so much and keep in touch. Paulo
Reviewed by PauloNW6, 2011-04-09 [ID 3428:P]

Reply from SportsMassage911 of 2011-04-11
Hey PauloW6, thank you for the positive feedback. Much appreciated. I look forward for both our progressions and hope we can exchange further notes. Let me know how your training goes, could benefit from your advice for when I start mine. All the best.

Richardstime Highly Recommended
Paraparaumu, Wellington, New Zealand
I just had an excellent massage with Richardstime.He is fun to be with, responsive to needs and has a very good touch. We spent an unhurried time together and I hope we will meet again! Give him a try he is worth it
Reviewed by joanc53, 2011-04-08 [ID 3427:P]

philk25 Highly Recommended
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
I had the privilege and pleasure of experiencing my first massage exchange via this site with Phil. His massage was excellent and his charming and relaxed personality immediately put me at ease. He has a firm, sensitive and intuitive touch and I can thoroughly recommend a swap with him, I look forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by M-78979, 2011-04-08 [ID 3426:P]

DaneLanktree Highly Recommended
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
DaneLanktree and I had a relaxing massage exchange. He has a great touch, not to mention a pleasant, engaging personality. I look forward to another exchange!
Reviewed by relaxguy, 2011-04-06 [ID 3423:P]

relaxguy Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Had an excellent exchange with 'Relaxguy' - was quite stressed and his comfortable apartment with a very plesant atmosphere - coupled with an excellent healing massage was exactly what I needed. Thanks very much - hope to exchange again.
Reviewed by DaneLanktree, 2011-04-06 [ID 3422:P]

James26935 Satisfactory
Kingston-Blackmans Bay, Tasmania, Australia
We did great massages. James has done a course so knew something of what he was doing. We shared a few techniques with each other – starting off slow and steady then getting to deeper tissue and muscles as we went. A combination of long slow strokes and finger-tip pressure made James’ massage very enjoyable. Well done.
Reviewed by choosemassage, 2011-04-05 [ID 3420:P]

Jonathan38 Recommended
Charlesbourg, Quebec, Canada
Je viens juste de terminer un échange de massage avec Jonathan. Merveilleux. Sans être un professionnel, il a su apprendre pleins de techniques. Il a une bonne main et son toucher est chaleureux et généreux. Il a su me faire relaxer profondément. Merci!
Reviewed by John50, 2011-04-05 [ID 3418:P]

Bionic001 Highly Recommended
Hilversum, North Holland, Netherlands
a very good and respectfull massage exchange!
You really know what you're doing.
I felt very relaxed and energised afterwards :). So thanks again!
Reviewed by Mirabelle, 2011-04-04 [ID 3417:P]

Reply from Bionic001 of 2011-04-05
Thanks so much for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the massage and hope to do so in the future.

uncirtified Highly Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
Beginner was cut out to give massages, he is gentle, patient and knows exactly where and when to apply more pressure, you end up feeling totally relaxed. I highly recommend and exchange with him.
Reviewed by andresga, 2011-04-03 [ID 3416:P]

andresga Recommended
La Puente, California, United States
I found Andresga to be a kind and intelligent man during our first meeting. He has a gentle touch with soft hands. When I asked for more pressure he was glad to oblige. I recommend an exchange with him.
Reviewed by uncirtified, 2011-04-03 [ID 3415:P]

edyta Highly Recommended
Stroud, United Kingdom
I cant speak highly enough of Edyta. She is a kind and caring host. A real massage enthusiast and such a pleasure to meet. Her range of massage skills is amazing. I had a back problem so she spend an hour in real deep remedial massage on my back. Very few therapists are able to apply the pressure she did. It was really skilful and absolutely excellent.
Reviewed by bradford, 2011-04-03 [ID 3413:P]

triggerpt Highly Recommended
Spokane, Washington, United States

triggerpt has raised the bar in massage therapy. A five star rating does no justice. Knowledge, how many of us know all the muscles, their functions and attachments, of the body? How many of us can use that knowledge in massaging the body? triggerpt specializes in pain management and really knows the importance of good massage technique. His hands have "massage sense". If you are interested in a technically superior massage, triggerpt is your man. All others need not apply.
Reviewed by threerivers, 2011-04-03 [ID 3412:P]

weike Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
great girl !!
we did exchange she have good hands she will go far in this line of work
Reviewed by brrrizer1, 2011-04-02 [ID 3408:P]

massagetrader1 Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting with massagetrader1. He is kind and polite. He will work with you and your schedule for a massage exchange. I would recommend him, because I had a good experience with him. He asked about the areas of concentration. And he was able to work out the stressed muscles.
Reviewed by uncirtified, 2011-04-02 [ID 3407:P]

samfinch Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Went under the humble hands of SamFinch this afternoon & "The Five E's immediately spring to mind! Exhilarating, Educational, Experienced, Excellence & Effortless!

SamFinch's touch was almost like no other! His touch spoke a thousand words & was able to engage every muscle. His hands were firm but painless! Assertive but extremely sensitive! Just the type of massage excursion I appreciate experiencing. I look forward to learning from this practitioner with ONE objective; to enhance my practice. The SamFinch Experience is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Reviewed by SportsMassage911, 2011-04-02 [ID 3405:P]

serenitysprings Highly Recommended
Barberton, Ohio, United States
My first experience was very positive. The massage was very thorough and comfortable with just the right amount of pressure applied. He was very attentive to problem areas and spent ample time working on them without making me feel like he rushed through less problematic areas. Would definitely see him again.
Reviewed by M-66563, 2011-04-01 [ID 3404:P]

tigertamer Highly Recommended
Custom House for Excel DLR Station,
David is upfront, fit, friendly and has a welcoming space. The massage was excellent. I have had less competent professional ones! Having just been at the gym and done weights, I wanted deep tissue work and he obliged. Definitely recommended and look forward to the next one!
Reviewed by naturalindian, 2011-03-31 [ID 3403:P]

sportsman45 Highly Recommended
Stratford-upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom
I've just joined the site and sportsman45 was my first massage exchange. It was a very positive experience and I really felt the benefits the next day from the massage.

Sportsman45 was able to visit me when I was staying locally in an hotel. He had a portable massage table which was of good quality and comfortable to lie on.

Sportsman45 is not a professional masseur but has had training and the massage I received was the equal, if not better than, of some professional masseurs I've been treated by.
Reviewed by wednesdayguy, 2011-03-31 [ID 3402:P]

Shaktimanah Highly Recommended
Bloomfield, Connecticut, United States
Shaktimanah was amazing! He creates a relaxing environment, lights candles, incense and goes to work. He is intuitive and knowledgeable of the human body and spirit. He is tall and strong and kind and knows vaioius modlaities to create energy and to offer a holistic massage. I hightly recommend him!
Reviewed by erik45, 2011-03-30 [ID 3401:P]

SportsMassage911 Needs Improvement
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
911Massage and myself exchanged a massage and he was terribly nervous goodness knows why - he does need lots more experience, however with direction and greater focus will achieve his aspirations i am sure..... perhaps in another six months or another year it would be good to experience a greater directional massage/ :)
Reviewed by tlcinstitute, 2011-03-30 [ID 3400:P]

Reply from SportsMassage911 of 2011-05-01
Thank you for your feedback. I will take on some of your points. Very good at your craft & highly knowledgeable. However, baring in mind that you have 20+ years experience over me, you do come across extremely intimidating & somewhat patronising which would explain my initial discomfort and hesitance. Nevertheless, being the positive person that i am; I've taken this as an educational experience. again, I thank you.

MassageAngel Highly Recommended
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Massage Angel gave me one of the best massages I have ever experienced, absolutely sublime from beginning to end. She also gives excellent feedback. Highly recommend and I will hopefully visit again sometime in the future.
Reviewed by 2soothinghands, 2011-03-30 [ID 3399:P]

Armymedic Recommended
Arlington, Virginia, United States
ArmyMedic has a genuine and intuitive touch to his massage. I felt very comfortable with him and he has very nice energy. I am surprised he had not taken courses. I would recommend him to anyone and look forward to other exchanges with him.
Reviewed by Horsehead, 2011-03-30 [ID 3398:P]

Dsrtallguy Highly Recommended
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Great touch and relaxing long strokes that left me feeling quite relaxed. He has a professional attitude with passion to learn something new. It was a good exchange. Cheers.
Reviewed by strongandfirm, 2011-03-29 [ID 3397:P]

Horsehead Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Horsehead has a great approach to massage and extensive knowledge. He is generous with his time and talent. I thorougly enjoyed the experience. I was comfortable with his approach and genuine spirit. I look forward to meeting with him again.
Reviewed by Armymedic, 2011-03-29 [ID 3396:P]

uncirtified Recommended
Long Beach, California, United States
beginner is a good massager, he gave me one of the best massages and I hope he liked the one I gave him. I am always looking for a good massage and I hope we will be trading more massages in the future. Massagetrader1
Reviewed by massagetrader1, 2011-03-28 [ID 3395:P]

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