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armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Excellent technique. Very relaxing. Armand was not rushed, took his time and made the whole experience one I hope to repeat
Reviewed by Lars1, 2010-02-07 [ID 2513:P]

Massagetrade Recommended
Alpine, Utah, United States
I traded just today; and what a pleasant experience. Very accomodating and attentive and with intention he set a very relaxing atmosphere. He is balanced in his approach. I feel blessed.
Reviewed by playfulfox, 2010-02-06 [ID 2511:P]

BodyWorker Highly Recommended
Mill Valley, California, United States
Carl has his own storefront and is truly a professional. I have exchanged with him twice and each time I learn something new that I am able to use and incorporate into my bodywork. He is not only a great body worker, but a great teacher for those who want to learn more and different techniques. I look forward to more exchanges with him.
Reviewed by M-63292, 2010-02-03 [ID 2508:P]

ibdi Highly Recommended
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
Ibdi is a charming, intelligent and highly enthusiastic person who is a pleasure to meet. This was our second swap and although he was good the first time, he is much better now, keeping a good rhythm to the treatment and applying much more consistent pressure than before. It was a really good massage and I do recommend him. The challenge now will be to up his game so he can understand the muscles and fascia well enough to start treating injuries and know how different muscles and muscle groups relate. Without looking, name the muscles that attach to the humerus and what is the function of each one? Good luck!
Reviewed by samfinch, 2010-01-31 [ID 2153:P]

Reply from ibdi of 2009-07-06
all feedback acknowledged, thanks :)

samfinch Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
'samfinch' & i have visited each other to swapped therapy & i m looking forward to do that again. Very strong and thorough treatment with very consistant pressure indeed; which you expect from someone with that many good reivews. He was humble at his approach and very friendly at giving and receiving. Its always good 2 exchange with punctual people who take swaps seriously & keep the slots free like they would for customers
Reviewed by ibdi, 2010-01-31 [ID 2151:P]

MsgdudeUK Highly Recommended
Watford, England, United Kingdom
Just had the most amazing massage by Msgdude. A really nice guy with a good touch and flowing technique. Gentle yet firm in all area's. The whole massage was not rushed. 10 out of 10! Thank You. Hope we can exchange again soon.
Reviewed by iain4097, 2010-01-31 [ID 2504:P]

sushil Recommended
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Sushil has the gift of touch to be a great therapist. His own style is very relaxing and he is keen to learn new techniques. I would strongly recommend Sushil's massage and look forward to another exchange on my next visit to Berlin.
Reviewed by davidgilbert, 2010-01-28 [ID 2502:P]

RAlexandria Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
I had a massage with Rob a few weeks ago .. it was great, had a great touch , and I felt very relaxed. Very professional as well
Reviewed by Onegoodrub, 2010-01-27 [ID 2499:P]

ibdi Highly Recommended
Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
Definitely one of the better treatments I have experienced recently, feeling realy good afterwards.
I recently exchanged massage treatments with ibdi and had a very relaxing and enjoyable session, particularly as ibdi is recently qualified. He has a friendly, professional approach which is both courteous and therapeutic. He is keen to learn more and is very receptive to give and receive feedback. His blend of strokes produces a treatment that you will certainly want to repeat, as I hope to again soon.
Reviewed by kcontessa, 2010-01-26 [ID 2004:P]

joanc53 Recommended
Almería, Andalusia, Spain
Excellent massage by interesting woman who is great company and interesting to chat to.
Reviewed by ME47530, 2010-01-26 [ID 2498:P]

HMartD Highly Recommended
Newark, California, United States
I have been a cmt for over 15 yrs. Have traded with a few from this site.
Marty and I have traded 3 times. These three massages count among the top 5 massages of my life.
I tried to pay attention to what he was doing, but I was so into the massage all I could do was let my mind flow free with his hands.
If you are lucky enough to get a chance to trade with him, go for it. He is great.
Thanks Marty.
Reviewed by MassageTechnology, 2010-01-25 [ID 2496:P]

Magic26 Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
An intuitive relaxation therapist. session flows with rhythm, input some element of Yoga. Soothing, relaxing and nourishing.
Reviewed by southbird, 2010-01-23 [ID 2491:P]

SUpple Highly Recommended
Totnes, England, United Kingdom
I met Supple for our first massage exchange last weekend. The experience was exactly what one would hope for. As a relatively inexperienced member of massage exchange I was very happy to learn from Supple's gentle instruction and guidance. Supple has a kind nature and a great touch- a wonderful combination for a masseuse.

I feel almost reluctant to recommend her as a massage partner as I would hate for her to become unavailable to me due to her long waiting list! But of course fair is fair, and I have to be honest and therefore do highly recommend her as an exchange partner. I very much look forward to our next meeting when I can put my new skills to the test!
Reviewed by Graboy, 2010-01-23 [ID 2487:P]

Flugo Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
Flugo is a true professional with great touch and sensitivity. I felt very comfortable and he offered the perfect relaxation to an exhausting day of travel. I would highly recomment Flugo and look forward to exchanging on my next trip.
Reviewed by davidgilbert, 2010-01-20 [ID 2481:P]

shamoo Highly Recommended
Anna Valley, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of recieving a wonderful massage from Shamoo. Not only is he a very warm and caring person but he gives an excellent massage, using some good techniques with varried ammounts of pressure, I particulary enjoyed the stretches that Shamoo incorporated into the massage as I had not experienced some of them befor.The whole experience left me feeling totaly pampered, relaxed and energised. I certainly hope to have the pleasure of another exchange in the future and highly recommend Shamoo.

Reviewed by M-49438, 2010-01-20 [ID 2480:P]

NYMassageTrader Highly Recommended
Commack, New York, United States
NycJoe provided a massage that was most enjoyable and appreciated. In addition to having soft hands and a gentle touch, he willingly enlightened me to his techniques when I asked him about them during the massage he provided. The massage was also pleasurable due to his personality and moments his wit emerged.

Here's hoping that we do another exchange the next time you are in the area.
Reviewed by cdune, 2010-01-16 [ID 2477:P]

Verviers Highly Recommended
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
had a most enjoyable and relaxing session with Verviers. He has a good confident style and treats you with great respect.

I look forward to meeting him again!
Reviewed by joanc53, 2010-01-16 [ID 2476:P]

joanc53 Highly Recommended
Almería, Andalusia, Spain
Had excellent massage with Joan.
Her massage style is unrushed, fluid and confident.
Very focused and professional. Joan made me feel at ease and thoroughly enjoyable. Hope for a return soon.
Reviewed by Verviers, 2010-01-16 [ID 2475:P]

Magic26 Highly Recommended
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
Was very approachable and great with communication. The massage itself was every bit relaxing. He has a natural flow with movements.
Reviewed by M-57311, 2010-01-15 [ID 2473:P]

JapaneseMasseur Recommended
Seaford, United Kingdom
Yesterday I had a very good massage exchange with JapaneseMasseur. His treatment room is beautifully set-up and very well organised. He has his own style which is a thrilling mix of conventional moves, learned in a formal setting, and moves that he has picked up from massages he has received. Some too are his own inventions and are all the better for that! He is good already; he has the determination, observation, empathy, and good connection with the body he is massaging which will give him the capability to be one of the very best. Just a bit more formal massage education; and more swaps, practise, and experience will improve this man's performance significantly and quickly. I would encourage you to work with this guy - he is already very well worth swapping with and deserves our co-operation to become even better. You will enjoy it too!
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2010-01-13 [ID 2472:P]

cdune Highly Recommended
Dunedin, Florida, United States
A very strong caring touch that I will not forget. He was able to blend both deep and soft pressure in just the right places. He is not a professional but I would say close to it. Very nice hands.
Reviewed by NYMassageTrader, 2010-01-13 [ID 2470:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Wow, I have just completed the first swap with Henry. As the session progressed, it became obvious that he is much more advanced than me. When his touch found the problemed area, he used the sports massage technique to sort it out. It's quite amasing to find the problemed area which I haven't even noticed. It was strong and painful at time, but it was a nice pain to endure. I felt the tention was quickly going.
Not only the strong touch, but his light touch was also awsome. To start the massage, he used the finger tip movement which was as light as feather. The whole body was shivering and tingling as he touched. The inner energy was running around on my body, and when the stale energy had gone, my body settled down on the massage couch, and I could easily surrender my body.
So many stuffs to learn from, and I cannot wait for the second session. I cannot thank him enough for the brilliant experice I had today.
Reviewed by JapaneseMasseur, 2010-01-13 [ID 2469:P]

Reply from GuildfordExpertMasseur of 2010-01-17
I received a really good massage in exchange too. I have to admit that I was in 'show-off' mode for this one and I was trying to include as wide a variety of massage styles as I could without losing the flow of the treatment.

healingwarrior Highly Recommended
Annapolis, Maryland, United States
I had a satisfying trade recently with Healing Warrior. His style is unique. In our session, he worked worked slowly, meditatively, without oil or lotion. He used a lot of myofascial release. At the end of the session, I had a tremendous sense of well-being and deep relaxation. I enjoyed his personality too, calm and respectful. I would gladly trade with him again.
Reviewed by CoolWaters, 2010-01-09 [ID 2465:P]

warmwatermassage Highly Recommended
Rochester, Michigan, United States
Jim is certainly one of those individuals who I would refer my patients to, without hesitation. He creates a safe, nurturing and therapeutic environment.
Reviewed by DNP, 2010-01-07 [ID 2463:P]

ME29106 Highly Recommended
Kew Gardens, New York, United States
Hands down the best massage I have received to date in NYC. A firm yet gentle touch, very flowing, and a great energy. His hands were as warm as his spirit. I would definitely do another exchange.
Reviewed by NYMassageTrader, 2010-01-05 [ID 2461:P]

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