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Saffron Highly Recommended
North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand
Mark has the touch of a healer. He can drain the tension out of muscles and make you feel like a new person!!
Reviewed by M-57311, 2009-02-24 [ID 1873:P]

sydyney Highly Recommended
Hammersmith, Greater London, United Kingdom
I recently had the pleasure of exchanging massage with Sydyney. He is a wonderfully calm person and created an atmosphere which was welcoming. He is a strong man and I greatly enjoyed the work which he did which left me feeling relaxed and also invigorated. I can highly recommend him.
Reviewed by nexus, 2009-02-24 [ID 1871:P]

relax2365 Highly Recommended
Greenville, South Carolina, United States
Tony creates a very welcoming session. He is very good at reading the body and where the problem areas are. Makes for a great and pleasant experience. I look forward to exchanging again in the future.
Reviewed by bearnc, 2009-02-24 [ID 1870:P]

MIAMITOUCH Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
MIAMITOUCH gives a highly skilled massage where his touch is perfect at all times. He was able to locate knots that I had no idea exhisted. Overall a wonderful exchange that will hopefully be repeated in the near future. Highly recommended by someone who has had hunderds of massages.
Reviewed by Florida45, 2009-02-23 [ID 1868:P]

bearnc Recommended
Salisbury, N Carolina, United States
Paul is learning and has the right touch to do very well. His hands are large and powerful, yet capable of very soft gentle touches. Considering that he has very little experience I think he did a great job.

I would be happy to have him back for another trade.
Reviewed by relax2365, 2009-02-23 [ID 1869:P]

TowardsMystery Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Satu is a lovely and friendly and hospitable young lady. When i arrived I was asked if I had eaten yet, and offered some lovely home made soup, made before my eyes.

anyway this is a massage review not a food review. Satu gave me an excellent masssage that was also different to most that I have received, and that always make it the more interesting. I enjoyed it enormously. She also had no time limitations and there was no rush,or schedule to her massage, or for that matter pressure on me to get on with mine.

I hope that we can do it again.

Reviewed by leouk, 2009-02-20 [ID 1866:P]

Touchofhuna Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Phil came to my house and I gave him a foot massage which I hoped he enjoyed and then I had a massage. It was a very relaxing experience and Phil worked all the limbs and body smoothly and professionally. He works in a very flowing manner with long steady strokes over the whole body.

I would recommend Phil he is a pleasant , well mannered man.
Reviewed by jennycafe, 2009-02-19 [ID 1865:P]

Reply from Touchofhuna of 2009-02-20
Jenny was a very pleasant and accommodating host: she put me at my ease with her excellent foot massage. I am looking forward to our next exchange already.......

Florida45 Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
A most pleasant and enjoyable massage experience! R. gives light to medium pressure, not heavy on techniques, but having the good intention of caring and giving a comfortable and appropriate massage session. Looking forward to our next exchange, thanks!
Reviewed by MIAMITOUCH, 2009-02-19 [ID 1862:P]

geistmassage Highly Recommended
Fishers, Indiana, United States
I had an exchange with geistmassage today and had a very relaxing time. He hosted in his home where he has an area dedicated to massage. This was my first exchange but he put me at ease and provided some great pointers.
Reviewed by hhrrhhrr, 2009-02-17 [ID 1859:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Wow! Well it's more than 24 hours since I exchanged with Henry and I'm still walking on air. Not only does Henry provide the most blissful relaxation massage, but he is also extremely generous with his experience, giving feedback on technique in a purely constructive and supportive way. In short - if you get to exchange with Henry you will experience a wonderful massage and an extremely valuable learning experience. Many thanks Henry!
Reviewed by fishcake, 2009-02-15 [ID 1857:P]

relaxume Highly Recommended
Cairns North, Queensland, Australia
Excellent massage/wonderful connection.Good energy!
Reviewed by Ludmilla, 2009-02-14 [ID 1856:P]

ozeemassage Highly Recommended
Endeavour Hills, Victoria, Australia
I am most impressed with caring,sincere approach,desire that comes from the heart to help to release tension,promote well being and energise.I always walk away feeling absolutely wonderful,relaxed in my body and soul.I would recommend ozeemassage to anyone who seeks incerdible body work experience.
Reviewed by Ludmilla, 2009-02-14 [ID 1855:P]

mukesh Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I had a massage from Mukesh, he is very attentive and theraputic in his styl , will be exchanging again soon i hope
Reviewed by watfordonian, 2009-02-14 [ID 1854:P]

relaxume Highly Recommended
Cairns North, Queensland, Australia
Fantastic massage. Felt comfortable, nice guy.
Reviewed by M-58979, 2009-02-13 [ID 1853:P]

Juraho Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Juraho is a charming man who made me feel most welcome with a warm setting, candles and relaxing music. He has a deft touch, with long fluid movements and worked smoothly across my body. His technique showed a good deal of understanding and I left feeling refreshed and on a cloud. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by nexus, 2009-02-13 [ID 1851:P]

Jmassage58 Highly Recommended
Highland Mills, New York, United States
Scentsations was extremely generous with his time and worked out some specific trouble areas on my back. The massage had a pleasing variety of techniques and stretching too (love that). I look forward to future exchanges.
Reviewed by parlo, 2009-02-11 [ID 1848:P]

U4EA Highly Recommended
Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
I exchanged massage with this member this afternoon. He was personable, clean, and friendly. We used his space which was pleasant and comfortable. What was especially engaging was his use of long connecting strokes. For me, this kept my attention on the whole rather than any focal area. I loved that! Being a physical therapist, I tend to work in pieces, then connect. Although it was a bit of a drive for me, it was well worth it. I look forward to trading with Snickets in the future. Thanks!
Reviewed by uticarick, 2009-02-10 [ID 1847:P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I meet Muscle4 massage today for a swap. I must say it was the best swap ive had in a long time and look forward to meeting up again soon .I would recomend muscle4massage for a swap any time hes a very nice guy and easy to get along with
Reviewed by peterjohn, 2009-02-10 [ID 1846:P]

parlo Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Parlo is a very pleasant and personable guy. His present techniques are Swedish and deep tissue. His quality of touch, concern for your comfort and attentiveness to my sore spots made for a very rewarding session. He is also very receptive and inquisitive about techniques and had no hang-ups about asking to be shown. That's what a good exchange is all about...feeling great afterwards and learning something in the process. I will gladly exchange with him again and certainly recommend him!
Reviewed by Jmassage58, 2009-02-09 [ID 1844:P]

colcam Recommended
Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
In my most recent swap I exchanged treatments with Colcam. He is welcoming, reassuring and an excellent subject to work on, relaxing deeply. His massage style reflects these qualities and leaves you calm and soothed helping stress to float away. I am sure we will work together again soon.
Reviewed by kcontessa, 2009-02-06 [ID 1841:P]

rolf2004 Highly Recommended
Salisbury, Connecticut, United States
From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel completely at home, offered a beverage as we engaged in very comfortable light conversation. He began with some Thai methods that were interspersed throughout and was a very welcome addition to the session. His "flow" was seamless. Never once did I feel he wasn't sure of where he was going or what he was doing. The tension in my shoulders and back, simply melted away. I was totally in another realm!
Rolf2004 is also a wonderfully down-to-earth kinda guy. You feel like old friends by the time you're ready to leave. It was a great exchange session that I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot from him and look forward to our next session. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Reviewed by Jmassage58, 2009-02-06 [ID 1278:P]

kcontessa Highly Recommended
Winchester, England, United Kingdom
kcontessa introduced me to Thai Yoga massage which really helped with stretching andloosening up. We then swapped conventional swedish massage. K is very client focused and calm leading you quietly through the moves and very responsive to your body. A rewarding and satisfying session K is also an excellent client giving good feedback. Definitely would swap again.
Reviewed by colcam, 2009-02-06 [ID 1839:P]

jennycafe Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Exchanging massages with JennyCafe was a real delight. She is warm and welcoming putting you at ease immediately. Her massage was most enjoyable, particularly relaxing was the work she did on my feet, but everything was good. Although she is only slender she was able to apply quite high pressure where needed. Her room for massage was also very lovely and relaxing. Looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by bradford, 2009-02-06 [ID 1838:P]

knotbgone Highly Recommended
Freehold, New Jersey, United States
Well, after many near misses with our crazy schedules, we finally worked it out and I must repeat, "good things come to those who wait!" Knotbgone is living proof that massage school is not required to know what to do. He has experience and paid attention! Intuitive and sensitive, incorporating ranges of motion...the massage was better than I've had by some holding licenses & certifications. He has a great flow and know just how much pressure to apply. A very outgoing personality & down to earth, I felt comfortable the moment we spoke. His massage space is wonderfully set up, ambiance created and a great massage received. I highly recommend him and look forward to our next exchange!
Reviewed by Jmassage58, 2009-02-03 [ID 1836:P]

Jmassage58 Highly Recommended
Highland Mills, New York, United States
Did an exchange today with scentsations. He had amazing techniques. We both have had busy schedules and kept trying to work out a good time for the both of us. So glad it finally worked out , it was totally worth the wait. I highly recommend him and would definitely exchange again.
Reviewed by knotbgone, 2009-02-02 [ID 1835:P]

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