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dmassage Highly Recommended
Litchfield, Ohio, United States
excellent technique!very relaxing massage utilizing a variety of strokes that were slow, smooth and unbroken throughout the massage. good for relaxation.
Reviewed by M-12074, 2006-10-10 [ID 469:P]

hankcg Satisfactory
Westerville, Ohio, United States
Has a nice touch and could use a little more practice, but generally attentive and listened to my suggestions.
Reviewed by M-734, 2006-10-08 [ID 464:P]

znoel Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Znoel gave me a very friendly welcome and explanation of his massage session and style. I easily relaxed and trusted this skillful masseur. His style was firm when necessary and also gentle and very nurturing. He gave his all to the session, was very sensitive to my needs and left me completely relaxed. I would definately like to hook up again, next time I am in London. Recommended !
Reviewed by echo3, 2006-10-03 [ID 460:P]

znoel Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I was very impressed by znoel's massage.I felt very comfotable with him and his massage was very pleasent and relaxin.He really takes his time for his massage and his massage really "knock me out"so when it was my turn to give massage i believe I coudn't give 100% responce anymore.I highly recommended his massage for everybody.
Reviewed by oil, 2006-10-03 [ID 459:P]

oil Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
A very refreshing massage indeed!! Oil's style is different, in that he uses the strength of his palms in a slow circular motion building up pressure in just adequate measure at points on the body that require it the most. He easily managed to soothe my aching back. As he works on the body in this characteristic manner, it gets so relaxed that one might end up going to sleep (I nearly did). Although Oil says that he has not had any training, he seems to know exactly what he is doing and has the touch of a good masseur. Definitely recommended !!
Reviewed by znoel, 2006-09-30 [ID 455:P]

echo3 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Echo3 is an extremely sensitive and skillful masseur - very in-tune with what the body requires in terms of massage strokes and pressure, etc. His Lomilomi massage was one of the best I've experienced in recent times. It's very different in terms of technique and style with its long, firm strokes from tip to toe and vice-versa. For his slender frame, Echo3 surprisingly packs a lot of energy into the massage, and it's amazing how swiftly he moves around the body. The massage left me totally satisfied and relaxed. It's a pity he is based in Brussels at the present time, otherwise, I would have been exchanging with him on a regular basis for sure. I definitely recommend Echo3's Lomilomi experience.
Reviewed by znoel, 2006-09-28 [ID 450:P]

filepe2248 Highly Recommended
Palmer, Alaska, United States
Filipe is a knowledgable bodyworker. He is intuitive and has good rhythm and flow in his work. I enjoyed our trade and look forward to more.
Reviewed by sassy, 2006-09-27 [ID 447:P]

massagetrade2002 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
I have just had an exceedingly good massage exchange with massagetrade2002 whilst he has been visiting Hampshire in the line of work. He performs a very deep, heavy, thorough massage which moves,compresses and stretches all the tissue between the skin and the bone. He also managed to bend and stretch me further than I would have believed possible - and all this without causing any pain. A massage artist indeed! Highly recommended for anybody that wants a good massage workout.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2006-09-25 [ID 445:P]

jcannaday3 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
I had the good fortune of experiencing a massage by John today, 9/23/06. It was by far the best massage I have ever had in Indianapolis, by professionals and amateurs. His variety of touches and coverage of the entire body was tremendous. I will certainly be returning for another massage very soon. I am pretty sure that I learned some things today that will help me in my massage endeavors. In addition, the background music through much of the massage was his own compositions. WHAT A TALENT!!!!
Reviewed by jck, 2006-09-23 [ID 438:P]

jcannaday3 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
I saw John for the first time this week and I must say he has a fantastic touch. His massage is as good or better than most professionals and he has a wonderful friendly manner. I would enjoy another exchange with John and reccommend him as a massage partner.
Reviewed by touchbud, 2006-09-22 [ID 435:P]

monstermassage Recommended
Astoria, New York, United States
Massageddict4U is a wonderful exchange partner. What he lacks in experience, he makes up for it by his enthusiasm and an indepth understanding of the body. His style is deep tissue with strong, consistent and flowing strokes. His warm personality combined with his great sense of humor and a wonderful environment adds to his techniques greatly. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by barik, 2006-09-22 [ID 434:P]

barik Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Besides giving better massages then many "pros" I have had massage me Bari is the sweetest & kindest man. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet him will want to keep him in their life
Reviewed by monstermassage, 2006-09-22 [ID 433:P]

texgal Highly Recommended
Arlington, Texas, United States
texgal is a talented massage therapist with great strong hands and style.I would enthusiastically endorse her as a trained therapist myself. every therapist needs to experience a trade with karla if you can you will be glad you did!
Reviewed by massagemaster2, 2006-09-21 [ID 431:P]

jcannaday3 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Met J on 9-8-06 for massage exchange. This "gentleman" has great hands. It is rare that I get that relaxed during the massage. It was awesome. I definitely plan on going back again. J is very personable, skilled and fun to work on. A true triple threat that respects all limits. Nice to find someone on this site that is truly interested in massage.
Reviewed by Man2Man, 2006-09-21 [ID 429:P]

jcannaday3 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Yesterday (9/19) jcannady3 and I exchanged our first massages. There is no question that this individual is a talented massage therapist. One would not know that he does not have formal training as he demonstrated knowledge of muscle groupings, varied pressure, awareness of client comfort, and multiple massage techniques.
Reviewed by M-14025, 2006-09-20 [ID 424:P]

znoel Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Znoel's style of massage is somewhat un-conventional to anybody steeped in the 'Swedish' methodology; nevertheless it is highly effective, being relaxing, soothing and stimulating all at the same time. His percussion techniques are exceedingly good and he knows exactly the right amount of pressure to use.

Znoel takes time to massage all areas very thoroughly re-visiting each part just as often as it needs. He took so much time with me that, having other committments on the day, I was not able to return such a comprehensive massage; this will be rectified when next we exchange.

One of the best and most relaxing massages it has been my pleasure to receive - very Highly Recommended
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2006-09-17 [ID 418:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Here is a masseur who really knows his job. His vast experience and skills allow him to adapt and modify his technique and style based on the requirements of the person he is massaging. He is friendly, warm, welcoming and always willing to learn more about new techniques and styles, without compromising on the quality of the massage that he is giving his partner. Needless to say, my massage exchange session with Henry was extremely enjoyable -stimulating, but relaxing and satisfying at the same time. It is no wonder that he has been rated highly by all those with whom he has had exchanges.
Reviewed by znoel, 2006-09-16 [ID 417:P]

mdino7 Highly Recommended
Queens, New York, United States
Michael is polite, friendly and 100 percent attitude free. He has strong hands and when he was done massaging me, I was so relaxed I had to ask him to help me off the table. He definitely has great skills and blessed hands. I strongly recommend him.
Reviewed by ME29106, 2006-09-14 [ID 415:P]

MTexchange Recommended
Durham, North Carolina, United States
Had a great session with MTexchnage. Look forward to my next session when I visit Durham in the future! Thanks!
Reviewed by massagetrade2002, 2006-09-12 [ID 410:P]

barik Recommended
New York, New York, United States
I had such a great session with Bari the other day. He has such a strong ituitive sense. Gentle, but firm, I felt so cared for and healed.

And a really nice guy, too.
Reviewed by healerguy, 2006-09-06 [ID 399:P]

healerguy Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Ken is a professional and it was a great exchange. He was able to provide an excellent environment for a relaxing and therapeutic massage. His hands are great and he was able to treat my sore rotator cuff with the utmost care and attention. I recommend him highly.
Reviewed by barik, 2006-09-04 [ID 397:P]

rarebear Highly Recommended
Key Largo, Florida, United States
Dustin is a great therapist, very strong hands, and he is very knowledgeable of the body, and can almost sense where you need him most. I thouroughly enjoyed his massage, and look foward to working with him again in the near future
Reviewed by GIFTEDHANDS, 2006-09-01 [ID 395:P]

GIFTEDHANDS Highly Recommended
Englishtown, New Jersey, United States
Absolutly one of the best massages I've ever had. He knows his stuff. Very strong and intuitive hands, He was able to help me thru a back injury with awesome results. I truely feel I get the better end of the deal when I exchange with him. I'm looking forward to a regular meeting. A+
Reviewed by rarebear, 2006-08-30 [ID 394:P]

Reply from GIFTEDHANDS of 2006-09-01
Hey Dustin, Thanks for the great review. We definately will be working together very soon. Thanks again, John

WarmHands212 Recommended
Coconut Creek, Florida, United States
I really my hour a lot. I'm a professional massage therapist and therefore tend to be picky and particular about others. He not only had warm hands, as his name implies, but also a warm heart. His session is not so much about massage per se, but about helping a guy relax and putting the body into alignment to be able to do that. As a result, he did not use oil, but rather a lot of compression and pressure point work and stretching. I loved it! I ended the hour feeling much better than when I started and feeling very grateful for the session.
Reviewed by TrainedandFun, 2006-08-20 [ID 388:P]

Natashe Highly Recommended
Miami, Florida, United States
Natashe has very strong hands. Her pressure is excellent. She seems to have a thorough understanding of her work and does so with a great deal of confidence. I highly recommend her.
Reviewed by David1, 2006-08-13 [ID 383:P]

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