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captain Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Excellent massage, quite firm but very soothing, exactly what i needed, very cheery and pleasant personality making you feel instantly at ease and comfortable, very highly recommended - I look forward to the next exchange
Reviewed by M-62802, 2009-10-27 [ID 2356:P]

Naturlguy Highly Recommended
Wilmington, Delaware, United States
Steve is creative, intuitive, competent, and knowledgeable. I have been exchanging with Steve for years and highly recommend his fine work.
Reviewed by wilmingtonmassage, 2009-10-24 [ID 2351:P]

DaneLanktree Highly Recommended
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Had the pleasure of exchanging a massage with Danelanktree recently. Excellent massage from a non-professional. He used a combo of Swedish and deep tissue techniques which were extremely useful for my aching shoulders. Definitely want to trade again with him.
Reviewed by barik, 2009-10-24 [ID 2350:P]

barik Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Very nice, friendly easy to get along with guy with good massage techniques - really helped with my muscle pain and with relaxation.
Reviewed by DaneLanktree, 2009-10-24 [ID 2349:P]

a3ttk1 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Very friendly and easy going chap. Very good with his hand and interesting techniques!

Highly recommended for massage exchanges.
Reviewed by DreamLand, 2009-10-22 [ID 2346:P]

GerryA Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
Gerry has great experience and employs a range of techniques that combine to give an excellent treatment that I would recommend to all.
Reviewed by SteveCh, 2009-10-22 [ID 2345:P]

BennyChu Highly Recommended
Currimundi, Queensland, Australia
BennyChu is a true professional and passionate about his craft. His strength and knowledge of the body was a great relief to the aching muscles of my back and glutes. I look forward to exchanging again next time I am on the Sunshine Coast.
Reviewed by davidgilbert, 2009-10-22 [ID 2343:P]

DaneLanktree Highly Recommended
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Very caring and Great Hands. Felt at ease immediately and will have him back again.
Reviewed by b1wittmassage, 2009-10-20 [ID 2342:P]

Reply from DaneLanktree of 2009-10-20
Thanks very much

Friendly Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
Friendly is a very warm, kind person. He is very easy to talk to and does an excellent massage. The massage was very thorough and the pressure was perfect. He was much in tune with my needs by asking more than once if the pressure was ok. I defintely will have another massage exhange with Friendly.
Reviewed by dlwells, 2009-10-13 [ID 2338:P]

Heathcliff Highly Recommended
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Heathcliff's profile accurately describes his skill in giving a great massage, his respect for boundaries, and his pleasure in exchanging massage. It was a genuine joy to both give and receive massage with him. His "take charge" style was balanced with being a good listener. He is a kind and generous man who has obviously taken good care of himself. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by totouchu2, 2009-10-12 [ID 2337:P]

Albertt Highly Recommended
Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Albert is a very personable and professional guy. He knows his stuff and provided a very enjoyable massage with nice pressure and variety of techniques throughout. I hope to be trading with him again soon and would highly recommend him to anyone.
Reviewed by NewHealer, 2009-10-08 [ID 2331:P]

1006 Highly Recommended
Frederick, Maryland, United States
I exchanged with this member many times and was very pleased with his bodywork.
Reviewed by DO, 2009-10-08 [ID 570:P]

ThomasMoore Highly Recommended
Rockville, Maryland, United States
I really enjoyed my exchange with ThomasMoore. He is very gifted and knows how to give a GREAT massage.
Reviewed by DO, 2009-10-08 [ID 2328:P]

NewHealer Recommended
Lambertville, New Jersey, United States
Newhealer is a very friendly person with a very high intuition for a good touch. Although he is not a professional I was very relaxed and my whole body was tension free by the time he was done.I recomend him for a nice relaxing sesion.I am going to exchange again with him soon.
Reviewed by Albertt, 2009-10-07 [ID 2326:P]

Drews4you Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
One of the best massage I have for a long time. Very intuitive and certainly enjoy his massage - this makes him a good masseur. Thank you.
Reviewed by M-20584, 2009-10-07 [ID 2325:P]

Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Great Massage, Has good pressure , thourough, and timed just right, I was so relaxed after the massage. I would trade any time with him.
Reviewed by ridingsunsets, 2009-10-06 [ID 2305:P]

lanzate Highly Recommended
Arrecife, Las Palmas, Spain
While on holiday in the Canary Islands, I have had the very great pleasure of exchanging massages with lanzate. He does very effective things with lots of warm oil and warmed, rounded, crystals enclosed in a cloth to start off the treatment. Although he is technically an 'amateur' he is a very great enthusiast and has a high degree of empathy intuition and technical skill.
Although he keads a busy life, it was quite easy, given a bit of notice, to set-up the swap and I am very happy to award the five stars and hope that those of you who visit this lovely and relaxing part of the world will also have the pleasure of exchanging massages with him.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2009-10-05 [ID 2321:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Had the pleasure for an exchange w/Rick123 after some schedule conflict...it was well worth the wait...He is an excellent trade partner w/a vast amount of knowledge of massage from his travels, that he incorporates into his body work...If you ever get the chance for an exchange with him, take it...you will thank yourself and your energy level with be greatly enhanced...
Reviewed by muscleworks, 2009-10-03 [ID 2319:P]

chrisx Recommended
Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia
although chrisx is a non-professional he has great potential, his massage technique was gentle but still soothing and very relaxing, looking forward to the next swap
Reviewed by M-62802, 2009-10-03 [ID 2318:P]

JustChillin Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States
My experience with JustChillin was JustFrilling!!! The pressure he used was incredible and what I liked the most about him is that he was always concerned about my comfort. Most LMT's don't ask too many questions they assume on style fits all. He also taught me some new techniques that will make me a better at my massage as well. This was our first time together and I know that I can not wait until our next exchange. If you are thinking about doing an exchange with anyone I would recommend you don't waste anytime and set up an appt with Just Chillin...
Reviewed by Hands101, 2009-10-02 [ID 2317:P]

Hands101 Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States
JC (Hands101) has a real gift of touch and a genuine personality with positive energy. I immediately felt relaxed as he began working on me. He had several techniques that I had not experienced from LMTs which worked quite well both relaxing and relieving my tension. He has a real passion for massage and makes the experience all about who he is working on. He never let both of his hands leave my body. I would highly recommend JC and look forward to another massage exchange with him.
Reviewed by JustChillin, 2009-10-02 [ID 2315:P]

Reply from Hands101 of 2011-07-14
Ok your review is better then the one that I gave you...but if you don't mind I will have to say DITTO..to you...love spending time getting to know you...and LOVE LOVE LOVE your dogs....

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Had a great massage with Rick, Has good form, and good pressure. I will trade again with him. Enjoyed it and was relaxed.
Reviewed by ridingsunsets, 2009-10-01 [ID 2313:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Rick123 and I had a great exchange. His touch is intentional and thorough, and his fluency with different bodywork techniques was both relaxing and refreshing. He kept in touch with me throughout the session on touch/pressure, and was always spot on. He listened to my words, and to my body, and the result was an excellent massage. in our wanderings, i hope that we find ourselves again in the same area for another exchange. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by PiedPiper, 2009-10-01 [ID 2312:P]

PiedPiper Highly Recommended
Boone, North Carolina, United States
First of all, sorry for being so late in doing this review. I trade with PiedPiper a couple of weeks back. After communicating for a while via email, all the planets lined up, and we ended in the same city(and we traded). He was a gracious host. From the time I walked in, I felt totally at easy, PiedPiper's energy is amazing. He took the time to get to know me, and during the trade to ensure, the pressure and the touch, were just right. After we finished trading, we spend some time talking. PiedPiper is an amazing person, and someone you MUST trade when and if possible. I am looking forward to another trade very soon. PiedPiper....thanks for a great exchange!!!
Reviewed by Rick123, 2009-09-30 [ID 2310:P]

toscana Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
I was fortunate to receive a hands free thai massage from Arno during a recent trip to Bournemouth from Pisa. Wow! What an exhilerating experience!Arno used his feet throught the 90 minute massage using his extensive experience and intuition to leave me feeling stretched and open chested. Arno is no ordinary therapist and I can only recommend you experience his style. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by GerryA, 2009-09-30 [ID 2308:P]

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