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Rinaldo Highly Recommended
Antwerpen, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
Caters for the needs of the "client". Style and technique are obviously professional. I was totally relaxed and at ease, hoping that the session would not end too soon. It was a blisful experience.
Reviewed by MuscleFix, 2008-06-28 [ID 1549:P]

Alyona Highly Recommended
Te Atatu Peninsula, New Zealand
Very pleasant person and exceptionally good massage.
Reviewed by Saffron, 2008-06-27 [ID 1548:P]

MIAMITOUCH Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I traveled to south Florida on business and was able to exchange with MiamiTouch. His massage was invigorating - just what I needed on a hot, humid day. Long, firm strokes, he seemed to intuitively know what my body needed. In addition, he is a very nice guy and interesting to talk to as well. Some people give off energy; others draw it away. MiamiTouch is in the former category. I hope to schedule again on my next visit.
Reviewed by ROhio, 2008-06-26 [ID 1546:P]

Friendly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Friendly and I exchanged massage and I found it to be very good, and relaxing. After a few minutes together we seemed to be very comfortable and the hour seemed to fly by. I would love to be able to become a regular exchange partner. Every massure has a bit of a different technique, and Friendly seemed to know just what I would enjoy, and he delivered.
Reviewed by LoveingIt, 2008-06-26 [ID 1544:P]

49yrold Highly Recommended
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
A complete full body massage was the highlight of my day! I looked forward to it all day, and 45yrold did not disappoint me. He has strong hands and does a great even pressure massage with a slow and deliberate movement, enjoyed every minute..and the hour seemed to fly by. We have agreed that this MUST become a regular opportunity to help with tensions and stresses of life. A wonderful personality, willing to work with the clent to establish a friendly relationship and make a good massage great.
Reviewed by LoveingIt, 2008-06-26 [ID 1543:P]

cruzin Highly Recommended
South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Nice firm massage, great technique and very relaxing. WMore than happy to have another massage from Alan.
Reviewed by OZMassage4U, 2008-06-26 [ID 1540:P]

samfinch Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
What more is there to add to all those great reviews? It was the best massage I've ever had the good fortune to have. SamFinch seems to have a sixth sense in finding those spots that need work and he gets to work on them with skill and care. I loved the long deep strokes and the work on the neck was wonderful.
Reviewed by coriolanus, 2008-06-24 [ID 1539:P]

MIAMITOUCH Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
My session with Miamitouch was a perfect balance of a strong,vigorous massage with light touch techniques for relaxation.Very focused ,thorough and professional.I highly recommend him and I'm already looking forward to my next massage.
Reviewed by miaqban, 2008-06-24 [ID 1533:P]

ROhio Highly Recommended
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Excellent massage session with ROhio, a great combination of a strong firm strokes with lighter relaxation techniques. His athletic build enables him to lean in with great deep pressure, attentive to anatomy which he obviously knows well from working out. Highly recommended. I'm looking forward to his next visit!
Reviewed by MIAMITOUCH, 2008-06-24 [ID 1536:P]

49yrold Highly Recommended
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
I exchanges massages with 45yr old ,. He was very experienced amd knew what he was doing. I had one of the best massages ever!
Reviewed by MarcKY, 2008-06-23 [ID 1532:P]

McKMcM Highly Recommended
Carrollton, Texas, United States
Have been the lucky recipient of this guys amazing massages. Great touch, nice atmosphere, music, table, oils. You won't be disappointed!
Reviewed by Lars1, 2008-06-21 [ID 1529:P]

DavidinHouston Highly Recommended
Pearland, Texas, United States
David and I traded for the second time last week, what an experience! He has a wide range of techniques and also tries out some new moves during the session. I really like his mixture of light touch and deeper work just in the right places and at the right times. After our last session we traded off showing each other how we do certain moves that was very helpful. We will be trading in the future again for sure.
Reviewed by tpfeil, 2008-06-21 [ID 1527:P]

massageyoutn Highly Recommended
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
This was my first exchange with Bill, whom I met here and he lives within relatively easy traveling distance. Bill gave a GREAT massage, I was so relaxed afterward I wanted to go to bed, that has never happened before so I must say his techique totally destressed me. I would highly recommend Bill to anyone that needs a little destressing.
Reviewed by M23148, 2008-06-19 [ID 1525:P]

kcontessa Highly Recommended
Winchester, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange session with Kcontessa a few days ago, which I thoroughly enjoyed.He has excellent knowledge of anatomy. Kcontesa also combined some of his Thai yoga massage techniques, which were brilliant to loosen up all the stiffness in my back and shoulders.I can happily recommend him to any one. thank you :-)
Reviewed by meeran, 2008-06-19 [ID 1523:P]

MIAMITOUCH Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Miami Touch is a professional man who gives great massages. I really enjoy it. Hope to see him again!
Reviewed by massage42, 2008-06-19 [ID 1522:P]

Geoff09 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
Geof09 is a relaxed and friendly man. He has a great, firm, deep touch and provided relaxation to my problem areas. He was willing to work as long as I needed. I really appreciated and enjoyed the exchange and recommend him highly.
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2008-06-18 [ID 1520:P]

Rubs4Grub Highly Recommended
Richardson, Texas, United States
My massage exchange with nuvorichard was very enjoyable. He is a friendly man who makes you feel at ease. He has excellent technique, gave a wonderfully relaxing massage plus deeper tissue work in areas such as my shoulders and back providing complete relaxation afterwards. I would definitely recommend nuvorichard to everyone interested in massage trade.
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2008-06-18 [ID 1519:P]

McKMcM Highly Recommended
Carrollton, Texas, United States
McKMcM is a friendly man who gave me a professional and relaxing massage using various modalities. He responded to my needs regarding the amount pressure and concentrated on the areas where I was having tightness. He was very generous with his time and left me feeling totally relaxed!
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2008-06-18 [ID 1517:P]

parkerp Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
If anyone is looking for a massage parkerp is great. Strong hands and nice personality. I hope to trade with him again. I highly recomend him.
Reviewed by irishchannel, 2008-06-18 [ID 1516:P]

meeran Highly Recommended
Lambeth, Greater London, United Kingdom
Meeran is an excellent masseur to swap with, having exchanged treatments with him today. He is professional, welcoming, and very skilled in the art and is definitely worth contacting to arrange a session. Looking forward to further excellent exchanges with him in the near future.
Reviewed by kcontessa, 2008-06-17 [ID 1514:P]

alan116 Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
What a great experience I had with Alan116 today. We had great communication beforehand and he arrived exactly on time. I was comfortable with Alan immediately and enjoyed working on him a great deal. He intuitively knew just where I needed the most work and gave me quite a thorough massage. I can't imagine being happier with any massage over the one I received today. Thanks Alan for a great afternoon.
Reviewed by 49yrold, 2008-06-16 [ID 1513:P]

49yrold Highly Recommended
Elizabethtown, Kentucky, United States
My first exchange experience with this therapist was excellent! He definitely has "the touch." His technique is thorough, relaxing and he has a manner that immediately puts the client at ease. You feel as though this is a person you have known forever.

Because I carry my stress in particular areas, i was impressed with his ability to find what I needed and act accordingly.

I look forward to working with this individual again. Great work.
Reviewed by alan116, 2008-06-16 [ID 1512:P]

ticatee Recommended
Almería, Almería, Spain
Thank you for a lovely relaxing massage and sorting out my built up tensions. I slept well afterwards.
Lovely to chat with you also.
Reviewed by touchwithlove, 2008-06-15 [ID 1510:P]

FarNorthDallasPlano Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Very nice guy - accomodating. Works very hard to ensure you are satisfied with massage.
Reviewed by McKMcM, 2008-06-14 [ID 1508:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Rick123 not only was a great massage, he has strong hands and did a great job on my problem area my shoulders. Also expending time with Rick123 is a total experience, he has a great culture knowledge and global knowledge, which make you want to chat with him for long hours. Really enjoy the massage. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by BLatino, 2008-06-10 [ID 1500:P]

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