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sierra Highly Recommended
Denver, Colorado, United States
My wife and I both had absolutely wonderful massages from Sierra. You can go to her house or she'll bring her table to yours. She is fantastic. If really hard deep tissue hurts you just have to tell her to take it easy and she expects you to tell her if something hurts or if you don't like something she is doing. She is totally professional in every way and we will have her over for many more massages. As Roeper and Ebert would say: TWO thumbs up!
Reviewed by massage 2005-04-26 [ID 60:P]

BILLY45 Highly Recommended
Union, New Jersey, United States
Billy45 is a phenomenal, professional massage therapist. Knows how to greet people, speak to people and relax people. I recommend him to everybody out there.
Reviewed by massage613 2005-04-21 [ID 54:P]

massage613 Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States
Massage613 is a excellent therapist. We have made a few exchanges and he knows what he is doing. My back was bothering me and he knew just how to work it out. He is very professional and he knows his stuff.
Reviewed by BILLY45 2005-04-20 [ID 56:P]

TrainerDan1 Highly Recommended
Falls Church, Virginia, United States
Dan is a skilled therapist. His touch is sure, firm, purposeful. He can work very deep and yet at other times, his touch can be gentle. He uses a nice combination of stretching and massage. His repertoire seems extensive. He's at a much higher level than I am, yet he was positive and encouraging with feedback about the massage I gave him.

His profile is accurate. He is very muscular, so be prepared to work on that kind of a body. Besides being skilled, he's personable. So, all in all, a great guy to exchange with.
Reviewed by CoolWaters 2005-03-07 [ID 49:P]

jf05348 Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
George has a very good approach to massage....enjoyed his firm and fluid style a lot!
Reviewed by Chazwmh 2005-02-22 [ID 48:P]

massageguy4u2 Highly Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
massageguy4u2 has a great firm touch and stroke, loves doing the therapy, and I HIGHLY recommend him.
Reviewed by Chazwmh 2005-01-27 [ID 42:P]

slcmt Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Brady has great technique and great hands. His massage was nurturing as well as beneficial. I would strongly recommend him to anyone that is seeking a nice deep pressure massage.
Reviewed by mtherapist 2004-12-29 [ID 37:P]

BJ Highly Recommended
Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States
BJ is well trained, loves the work, and has an excellent technique!
Reviewed by Chazwmh 2004-12-09 [ID 35:P]

ME5862 Needs Improvement
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Rob is a very nice guy....but he needs more training in technique.
Reviewed by Chazwmh 2004-12-09 [ID 36:P]

stephanie89147 Recommended
Denver, Colorado, United States
I had the pleasure of trading massages with Stephanie just recently. Although she is still a student, her massage is great. I can tell that she has really put her heart into doing body work and has a love for the profession. With just a little more practice she's going to be one of Las Vegas' top massage therapists. I would definitely recommend Stephanie to any of my friends who might be looking for a massage.
Reviewed by RubMeNIRubU 2004-11-05 [ID 32:P]

DavidDA Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Excellent massage. Very professional - looking forward to next exchange... Thanks!
Reviewed by selondonmassage 2004-10-28 [ID 31:P]

selondonmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I am currently training and had arranged a swap session with Michael. I had a great massage,and I also gave Michael a massage.He gave me some good honest feedback about my techniques and skills, which as a trainee I am developing.I have picked up a few goods ideas which I hope to incorporate in my training.I would highly recommend this therapist,both for massage swaps, and as a professional therapist.
Reviewed by massagebearuk 2004-10-12 [ID 29:P]

massagebearuk Satisfactory
Islington, Greater London, United Kingdom
I arranged an exchange with Jack recently and it was very enjoyable. He is training at present and is extremely keen to learn - it turned out to be good for me to be able to try and give feedback about pressure and techniques - he was very quick to learn and adapt and I look forward to our next exchange when I'm sure I will note a great improvement. He was also very welcoming and has created a lovely treatment space at home.
If you are keen to share some of your techniques, skill and experience then look no further for a willing student. Making the initial arrangement was also very trouble free!!
Reviewed by selondonmassage 2004-10-12 [ID 30:P]

HealthyTouch Highly Recommended
Clawson, Michigan, United States
Caring, Warm and Professional. She is someone to have on your side.
Reviewed by warmwatermassage 2004-09-21 [ID 28:P]

mimi29593 Highly Recommended
Hartsville, South Carolina, United States
I received a massage from her, and it was by far one of the best massages I have had. She was very thorough and had wonderful pressure. I would definately trade with her again!
Reviewed by ME-2106 2004-07-31 [ID 24:P]

Reply from mimi29593 of 2004-08-01
thank you, Steph! Look forward to another exchange in the future.

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