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Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Had a great long exchange!! Nice atmosphere, and great touch.
Was very enjoyable and relaxing! Would trade again for sure.
Reviewed by coolmassager 2007-01-17 [ID 646:P]

SunLover Recommended
Marlow, England, United Kingdom
I recently met with Sunlover for a swap. He is a very friendly guy. I connected very well with him and very much enjoyed the massage which was both relaxing and also stimulating. I am looking forward to arrangeing another massage with him and would recommend him as a very able masseur.
Reviewed by bengiboy 2007-01-16 [ID 644:P]

SunLover Recommended
Marlow, England, United Kingdom
I have had the pleasure of exchanging massages several times wit SunLover and I am very much looking forward to the next opportunity. He is an enthusiastic, very thorough and conscientious masseur who makes up for a lack of formal training with a wealth of observant concentration and considerable empathy. He is very relaxed and imparts his relaxation to the body he is working with. Well worth swapping with !
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur 2007-01-16 [ID 643:P]

AB Highly Recommended
Atlanta, Georgia, United States
I enjoyed my session with AB thoroughly. It is clear she does not do one-size-fits-all massages, but varies her style and technique to the individual, with a blend spiritual elements.
I look foward to our next session.
Reviewed by glewis 2007-01-15 [ID 640:P]

6thSenseBodywork Highly Recommended
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States
Amazing. If you want to get a great massage and learn from someone who has skills, this is the guy. Tommy especially knows stretches that can make a huge difference in a masssage, giving or receiving. Beacuse he has been trained in diffrent modalities, I felt free to ask many questions and he answered them as an expert. I would definetly recommend "Blind Massage Therapist" to those wanting to relax and understand more about massage than you may already know.
Reviewed by David1 2007-01-14 [ID 637:P]

therronricks Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Meeting Therron for the first time, I knew I would be in good hands. He has a sincere and caring personality that is conveyed through his massage. The massage was excellent and I can not wait until the next time he is in town. He is a master in his craft.

Reviewed by smitty 2007-01-11 [ID 634:P]

smitty Highly Recommended
Buffalo, New York, United States
Smitty has an unparalelled sense of caring and compassion for his clients. As I received massage from him I felt that he was making sure I was warm, and comfortable. He was knowledgeable about different techniques, and customized his massage to fit my needs. His large sized hands were perfect for finding my sore spots, and smoothing over my achy muscles. He will be sorely missed here in Utah, and is a service to the profession!
Reviewed by therronricks 2007-01-09 [ID 633:P]

totallyrelaxed Satisfactory
Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
totally relaxed visited my home for a massage exchange, he is a thoroughly nice and genuine guy with desire to learn more about massage. totally relaxed is happy to chat and also enjoy the massage provided on which he gives constructive feedback. whilst he himself is very inexperienced in massage, he is quick to learn/apply learning and interested in the new moves shown to him. For an experienced member seeking to get more practice and guide totally relaxed with his massage skills, i would not hesitate in recommending they get together for an exchange.
Reviewed by garymassage 2007-01-08 [ID 632:P]

AaronGivhan Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Aaron is a true professional! Courteous, prompt, personable, great communication prior to meeting, and during the massage. I had multiple areas that needed attention, and Aaron knew exactly how to work on them all, through deep tissue, and hitting all the right trigger points. His years of experience is clear through his technique of integrated modalities. I am looking forward to exchanging massage with Aaron again; he is a true master of the craft!
Reviewed by Bluegrassman 2007-01-07 [ID 631:P]

Bluegrassman Recommended
Covington, Kentucky, United States
JRnLex gives his time and effort to create a rewarding and relaxing massage. He has a gift for isolating tight muscle groups and trigger points. JR was on time, courtious and "checked in" with me several times while I was on the table. You will be glad you took the time to trade.
Reviewed by AaronGivhan 2007-01-07 [ID 630:P]

Rusty Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States of America
On Dec 29, 2006 I exchanged massages with Rusty. He is a gentle, friendly, easy going, big, and strong man. His large hands and strong arms makes it a pleasure to be massaged with any method, style, and technique he used. As you can read from his profile he is formally trained but has gone further in his education in honing his craft. He mixes his own aroma therapies according to the season of the year. He graciously offered to let me get massaged first. It was pure delight. He offers positive feedback whether giving or receiving a massage. And he is always concerned about your comfort. I didn’t want to have his massage end. I highly recommend you exchange massages with this professional massage therapist. You will be glad you did and finish relaxed!!!
Reviewed by ULBReallyRelaxed 2007-01-03 [ID 628:P]

garymassage Highly Recommended
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with Gary and was very impressed with his personable style and put me immediately at my ease even though i was very inexperienced and only my second exchange.

I learned some new techniques and received some great feedback from Gary and can highly recommend an exchange with him.

Whilst Gary came to my house he provided all the equipment which helped me (he even left his CD....did you realise Gary?)

Reviewed by cyinternational 2007-01-03 [ID 629:P]

cyinternational Recommended
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom
I had a very good exchange with cyinternational who has a keen interest and passion for massage. He is a welcoming host with good facilities and has excellent inter- personal skills. Cyinterntaional is a non professional but I was impressed with the massage delivered considering that he had not received any formal training. He is very interested to learn more about the moves and benefits of massage. I would recommend an exchange with him to other members.
Reviewed by garymassage 2007-01-03 [ID 626:P]

energyhands Highly Recommended
Hawthorne, New York, United States
I was lucky to be picked bye this fine lady to exchange massage service's with i have to say it was a fantastic experince this
woman know's what she is doing to the point of total relaxtion.
I enjoyed the service exchange and picked up a tip or too.All i can do is say thank you and im sorry for the delay im posting my fantastic experance.
Reviewed by roy 2007-01-01 [ID 625:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Gentle soul who knows how to massage! Very enjoyable.
Reviewed by ME-8082 2006-12-31 [ID 605:P]

therapist Recommended
Telford, England, United Kingdom
My massage exchange with therapist was very enjoyable. He has a pleasant personality and we both felt at ease in each other's company. His pressure was firm and at the same time gentle and stimulating. His technique was very different to mine and I learnt a few moves from him. I am looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by harisussex 2006-12-25 [ID 617:P]

harisussex Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Hari, is a very pleasant and easy going person with good facilities,he has excellent massage skills and puts you at ease.
Reviewed by therapist 2006-12-24 [ID 616:P]

Equanimity Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
GingeAle offers an impresively wide variety of techniques. As I wished to learn more about the Thai modalities I opted for him to subject me to a Thai Yoga massage. After pressure and vibratory work on the principal muscle groups I was, firmly and persuasively, placed into stretches and positions I last contemplated many years ago. It's quite clear I must stretch for myself more often and much thoroughly. I received a generous hour of treatment; GingerAle was happy for me just to sort his glutes, back, and shoulders. I hope we can exchange again where I can redress the balance. Recommended for all who wish a really thorough treatment with expert commentary on where the problems are.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur 2006-12-23 [ID 615:P]

JrmyJoe Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States of America
Very nice man to work on, with big, strong hands, who knows what he's doing. He has wonderful flowing strokes, not too deep or too soft, but just right. Although he has professional training, he doesn't make you feel like he's a pro, and you're not. He's encouraging rather than being intimidating. Definitely want to trade with him again soon!
Reviewed by Randen 2006-12-19 [ID 614:P]

Vajra Highly Recommended
Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland
I carried out an exchange with Vajra. He is a very nice guy and the setting was beautiful. His massage skills we very well developed. He was experienced, confident with excellent massage technique and fluidity. I enjoyed the exchange and highly recommend Vajra.
Reviewed by StronghandsGentletouch 2006-12-16 [ID 610:P]

marksmith Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
I received a very thorough, deep-tissue session
from Mark and felt totally relaxed! I am
certainly looking forward another session in the
near future.
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano 2006-12-15 [ID 609:P]

samfinch Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had my first exchange with samfinch a few days ago, and i have to say that i am plesantly surprised, is a very nice and calm person and very professional in his strokes a very good full body massage.
Will defenetly exchange again
Reviewed by ME-30759 2006-12-13 [ID 606:P]

FarNorthDallasPlano Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
What a great massage, I love deep work and that is what I got. Very nice man and easy to work on. Easy location to get to.
Reviewed by marksmith 2006-12-12 [ID 604:P]

marksmith Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Makes you feel at ease and comfortable. Has a great intuitive touch with range of pressure and strokes. Will look forward to trading with again.
Reviewed by JrmyJoe 2006-12-11 [ID 602:P]

LesleyJane Highly Recommended
Gloucester, England, United Kingdom
Jane has an obvious connection with bodywork and provided an excellent massage. She was able to utilise a wide variety of techniques that blended well, were effective and enjoyable. Jane is a relaxed individual who made me at ease and provided a very good environment to exchange massages. I look forward to further exchanges with Jane.
Reviewed by ME-20538 2006-12-11 [ID 600:P]

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