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persa Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Traded with Persa and found him outstanding. He quickly located the trigger points and worked out the soreness. He is also an interesting conversationalist with a pleasant personality and a good teacher who showed me several new stretches. I hope to trade again soon with him. Note that he is a professional, and his skill is evident.
Reviewed by 4ourhealth, 2007-09-09 [ID 1062:P]

MDHealingHands Highly Recommended
Westminster, Maryland, United States
I recently had a wonderful exchange with md. i had to drive about 30 miles to get to her, but she was well worth the drive!!! She was so proffessional and she knew her stuff. looking forward for our next exchange.
Reviewed by 1006, 2007-09-08 [ID 1061:P]

spiritual Highly Recommended
San Francisco, California, United States
I shared a massage with spiritual at my home office, and I received a wonderful massage. Spiritual was very focused and was careful in finding the spots that needed attention. Although somewhat petite, I found her pressure to be perfect. I look forward to more exchanges.
Reviewed by Ken, 2007-09-04 [ID 1053:P]

mtherapist Highly Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
He is an excellent massage therpaist and he incorporates sports massage into his sessions. I highly recommend him to trade with!
Reviewed by RugbyUtah, 2007-09-03 [ID 1050:P]

1006 Highly Recommended
Frederick, Maryland, United States
Awesome work! Probably the very best deep tissue I've ever had (in over 30 years of getting massage therapy). He is a very skilled and professional Massage Therapist - knows how to apply deep pressure without going too deep or too fast. My neck and back feel wonderful. Highly recommended! If you aren't a massage therapist looking for an exchange, or if you are just looking for a good therapist in any event, I highly recommend this therapist.
Reviewed by MDHealingHands, 2007-09-02 [ID 1045:P]

DenisD Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
I enjoyed a wonderful morning of massage trade with Denis and am very happy to have met him. He's such a nice guy with an easy going personality and is very enjoyable to talk to. He has a professional yet relaxed manner and is very client centered. The massage was perfect and timely and I felt like every second of it was used to it's maximum potential. It was honestly the most satisfying 1 hour massage I've recieved - I usually like 90 minutes to achieve the same results. So glad we connected!
Reviewed by M-44535, 2007-08-29 [ID 1038:P]

Massagetrade Recommended
Alpine, Utah, United States
Massagetrade gave me an excellent, relaxing massage on my recent trip to the Twin Cities. He is relatively new to massage trades and doesn't have a wide array of techniques, BUT . . . the quality of his touch was so calming, reassuring that the experience was better than some professional massages I've had. I tried my best to stay awake, but I think I drifted off a few times. He brought a good quality table, top-notch massage lotion. With training, he could definitely be a pro.
Reviewed by CoolWaters, 2007-08-29 [ID 1037:P]

mplsguy Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Mplsguy is a welcoming host with a great studio for a trade. He's serious about his craft. He uses a wide variety of techniques and is especially effective on the arms. His touch varies from light to deep. He put me in a deep state of relaxation. Mplsguy exudes professionalism (website, business card, studio, supplies, music). A good model for aspiring therapists.
Reviewed by CoolWaters, 2007-08-29 [ID 1034:P]

persa Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
Received a very good massage, and he took the time and was very patient to teach me a few new things and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable by the end of the session. I hope to exchange again soon.
Reviewed by z3virginia, 2007-08-27 [ID 1032:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Rick is an interesting, eclectic guy. I enjoyed talking to him, and his massage was nice and thorough. He has a good technique, and good pressure. I look forward to another exchange with him.
Reviewed by Randen, 2007-08-26 [ID 1030:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Just to share with anyone who is fortunate enough to meet up with Rick for an exchange. WOW.. great technique, fun, good sense of humor and very interesting to chat and hang with. Extremely generous with his one on one time. 5 Stars +!
Reviewed by darrenc, 2007-08-25 [ID 1029:P]

beetlejuice1961 Recommended
Franklin, Ohio, United States
Jim and I exchanged massages and he did a GREAT job. He knew some techniques that I had learned in massage school. I was impressed. He is a natural and should get formal training!

Reviewed by M-734, 2007-08-24 [ID 1027:P]

marksmith Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
I have had a lot over massages in my adult life and I have to say Mark's massage was probably the BEST ever. It amazes me that he has no formal training. His touch is perfect, he is gentle, he is intuitive and he is thorough. His long strokes with his fleshy hands wrap around the muscles of the arms and legs so that every ounce of tension simply disappears. I was having trouble with my neck from stress and had a "crick" in my neck for the past three weeks. Totally gone the next morning.
I can't recommend him enough to anyone who wants a wonderful relaxing massage. You will be better for it.
Reviewed by M-43068, 2007-08-23 [ID 1026:P]

happier Highly Recommended
Sligo, Sligo, Ireland
Happier gives a very professional relaxing massage,super technique,and works thoroughly to relieve pain and tension.Very skilled with a healing touch,and wonderful hands.This therapist i highly recommend
Rgds Aromatherapy
Reviewed by M-33937, 2007-08-22 [ID 1024:P]

darrenc Highly Recommended
Hamilton, Pembroke, Bermuda
The great thing about massage is that everyone is different and there is no 'right' way to do it. But sometimes I get a massage and I don't really understand how it is done and yet I truly enjoy it. Darren has this gift to touch in a way that completely surprises and delights but it isn't like any other I've ever had. So I can't say how he does it, but I can say that if you are ever lucky enough to get a massage from Darren, then you will understand you are in the presence of someone very special. He is an incredible guy. I can't wait to be back in Las Vegas!!!!
Reviewed by Rick123, 2007-08-21 [ID 1022:P]

hertsthrob Highly Recommended
Hertford, England, United Kingdom
had a fantastic massage
really professional ,great ambience and facilities
highly highly recommended
Reviewed by Drews4you, 2007-08-21 [ID 1019:P]

z3virginia Highly Recommended
Alexandria, Virginia, United States
Swapped massages on 2007-08-17. Z3virginia is gentle yet strong with an intuitive touch. Also, he is exceptionally lean and well-muscled, so giving him a massage is a good study in anatomy. Hope to repeat soon.
Reviewed by 4ourhealth, 2007-08-21 [ID 1017:P]

barik Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Barik was my first exchange, and was a great experience. His massage is terrific, as well as he is a very personable and nice guy.
Reviewed by nygymguy1, 2007-08-21 [ID 1016:P]

nygymguy1 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
NYCgymguy1 is an exceptionally good massage partner for a non-professional. His hands are strong, sturdy and sensitive - this combo is ideal for a deep tissue/sports massage. He is able to remain consistent in his strokes and uses the right amount of pressure on sore areas. I recommend him highly. Excellent!
Reviewed by barik, 2007-08-20 [ID 1015:P]

hertsthrob Highly Recommended
Hertford, England, United Kingdom
If you enjoy a professional, deep, relaxing, healing treatment experience, don't hesitate to swap with hertsthrob. He applies varied techniques and works thoroughly to relieve those tensions and pains where needed, and simply treat you to that relaxing touch that makes massage all that enjoyable.
Reviewed by aris20, 2007-08-19 [ID 1011:P]

JohnRB Satisfactory
London, England, United Kingdom
John and I recently exchanged a very pleasant swap. John's style is firm and consistent, and whilst not hurried, it was given in a measured pace. That's not to say that it was not thorough, it certainly was, and the massage definitely left me feeling relaxed and un-knotted. I would certainly swap with John again if the opportunity arose. No doubt with time, John's repertoire and massage symmetry will improve, but given willing swap partners I am sure that these areas will come on in leaps and bounds with continued practice. Thank-you for a pleasant afternoon John.
Reviewed by SunLover, 2007-08-17 [ID 1010:P]

Reply from JohnRB of 2007-08-20
SunLover - many thanks for your kind words which are encouraging for someone with limited experience. I too enjoyed our session and would swap with you again if convenient.

samfinch Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Wonderful massage technique with very good hands!I would certainly recommend Paul if you are seeking a sports/relaxing massage!
Reviewed by Silky1588, 2007-08-16 [ID 1009:P]

Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
"Great massage" - this gentlemen, Randen, is in a class by himself. Very nice - laid back guy. We exchanged massages and I left feeling better than I have in years. Relaxed atmosphere - he not only has a great location/place but also an attitude and personality to match. Too bad he can only get 5 stars - the experience was much greater than that!!!
Reviewed by Rick123, 2007-08-16 [ID 1008:P]

aris20 Highly Recommended
Wokingham, England, United Kingdom
Anyone who gets the chance to exchange with Aris20 should jump at the chance. He makes you welcome when you arrive and has a spacious room and comfortable massage table. He's got a fantastic routine based on deep tissue techniques and large strong hands that really hit the spot when he's massaging. Aris20 has a good understanding of anatomy and uses this knowledge to prepare his partners for any potentially painful manipulations. I'm looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by hertsthrob, 2007-08-16 [ID 1007:P]

johnnyboy1966 Highly Recommended
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
My exchange with johnnyboy1966 was a great session for both of us. He clearly let me know the areas he needed worked and kept me informed on the amount of pressure and length of work he required. I always appreciate deep-tissue massage on my back and John is one of the few partners who has the size, strength, stamina and desire to give me what I need. I am certainly looking forward to another session and recommend him very highly!
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2007-08-14 [ID 1006:P]

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