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geistmassage Highly Recommended
Fishers, Indiana, United States
P. and I traded massages a few days ago. He was a wonderful host in a beautiful home and had an inviting and extremely comfortable massage area. He's a very talented and skillful masseur and once again I left with more knowledge than when I'd arrived! Recommend him highly!
Reviewed by jcannaday3, 2008-01-23 [ID 1263:P]

frank11 Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Frank11 provided a great combination of deep-tissue and relaxation techniques which left me feeling great! His professional training is quite evident and impressive. I
recommend him highly and welcome another exchange at any time.
Reviewed by FarNorthDallasPlano, 2008-01-21 [ID 1260:P]

holgar Highly Recommended
Englewood, Colorado, United States
Holgar has a wonderful touch! I like a very deep, focused massage and Holgar is very good at that. He has an unusual style and uses his thumbs and fingers extensively and skillfully to pick out and isolate your sore muscle and work out the pain. I always feel fabulous after a massage by Holgar. Add to that that he is personable and friendly and quickly puts you at your ease and you won't forget this therapist's massage!
Reviewed by sassy, 2008-01-21 [ID 1259:P]

trmptman Highly Recommended
Lawrence, Indiana, United States of America
Met with trmptman to exchange, a fantastic experience, excellent massage, professional approach and methods. Thank you very much, hope we can meet again sometime
Reviewed by kennethm, 2008-01-19 [ID 1255:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
He is very good at giving a massage and has an excellent technique. Very personable also. I had a great experience and left feeling good and very relaxed. I would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by ndmtx, 2008-01-15 [ID 1252:P]

U4EA Highly Recommended
Amherst, Massachusetts, United States
Snickets and I exchanged yesterday and it was a very pleasurable experience. His skills and presence were both strong and sensitive; he listened carefully to my specific requests and met them all easily. We did the exchange in my office, and while not his own personal space, he adapted easily and it was like he had worked there for a long time. He was clean, pleasant and a very good conversationalist. I would recommend him highly.

Thanks for the great session, Snickets.
Reviewed by JBalletto, 2008-01-11 [ID 1249:P]

IMAJW Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I enjoyed our exchange very much, Rob has a healing touch and a genuine personality. One can tell that he has confidence in his skills. I never felt uncertain or concerned that his work would hurt which is great because I was able to full relax and enjoy the experience. Thanks Rob!
Reviewed by NaplesHands, 2008-01-11 [ID 1247:P]

JBalletto Highly Recommended
Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
JBalletto was a great host, we made our appointment quickly with out a lot of fuss with time. His massage office is really nicely decorated and well stocked with massage supplies, also it was nice and warm, a welcome advantage on a cold winter day. JBalletto is very knowledgeable of massage techniques. Good pressure and very nice work on the legs where I needed it from skiing. I felt very relaxed from our first greeting. I hope to trade again soon, and recommend him to all.
Reviewed by U4EA, 2008-01-11 [ID 1245:P]

glewis Highly Recommended
Duluth, Georgia, United States
I enjoyed our exchange session very much. Communicated well regarding pressure and made sure I was comfortable. I even learned a few things. I look forward to our next session.
Reviewed by ajshealinghands, 2008-01-10 [ID 391:P]

northhill Highly Recommended
Highgate, Greater London, United Kingdom
I had a wonderfully rejuvenating treatment and I would highly recommend Northhill for his very professional and caring approach as well as his healing hands - undoubtedly the best treatment I've had since joining MassageExchange - THANK YOU and look forward to next time!
Reviewed by Ersilia, 2008-01-09 [ID 1244:P]

anthonyocns Highly Recommended
Valley Village, California, United States
Anthony is a fabulous body worker. He is a natural healer, with a kind, warm spirit. He packs alot of therapy into his 2 hour sessions, and is a high level spa quality therapist. His medical background really helps his intuition. Easy to be around and very professional. Will exchange with him again soon. I love deep tissue as I have injury issues that require special attention, and he elevated them all. Thank you!
Reviewed by nuhm4me, 2008-01-05 [ID 1238:P]

mike6119 Highly Recommended
Chincoteague Island, Virginia, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting Mike for a massage exchange this past New Year's Eve and it was quite an enjoyable experience. Besides being a very personable guy he gives an awesome massage. It was very clear that he has done massage for a while, and is quite experienced. The pressure was firm, as I like it, but did not cross into the pain territory that can sometimes happen. I would highly recommend him if you ever get the chance to do an exchange with him.
Reviewed by ashburnmark, 2008-01-03 [ID 1236:P]

northhill Highly Recommended
Highgate, Greater London, United Kingdom
The massage was excellent, it was great to receive a massage from an experienced person who was attentive and very professional.
Reviewed by Fran8989, 2008-01-02 [ID 1234:P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
A very relaxing & rewarding exchange with Chris. He has considerable strength in his arms & upper body which he used well whilst targeting specific muscles & interspersed this with long flowing effleurage strokes to sooth & relax. I would not hesitate in recommending an exchange with Chris; he has a relaxed, considerate & professional approach & I look forward to another meet sometime soon.
Reviewed by tomp, 2007-12-27 [ID 1227:P]

nygymguy1 Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
nygymguy was a pleasure to trade with--responsive and polite in our email and phone exchanges, and open, respectful, and relaxed in person. He is a handsome, strong, fit man--rewarding to work on as well as a get work from. He used firm and commanding touch and rhythmic, steady, and long strokes that sometimes included using his whole body. His work on my upper legs, lower back, and glutes was especially deep and intuitive--he went right to where I needed it most. I could feel that he was just as happy giving as receiving. I only wish our session had lasted longer. I would gladly meet up and trade with him again!
Reviewed by rolf2004, 2007-12-27 [ID 1226:P]

KYtarzan Highly Recommended
Hardy, Arkansas, United States
Just want to one, Thank Ken Greer for getting me here to be able to write this review and two, review the massage I receieved from Gary (KYTarzan)
Since the writing of this review I have traded twice now with Gary, both times have been beyond exceptional. We have exchanged a couple of experiences and both have been learning experiences. Garys' massage facility is a dream and so very relaxing as is his massage technique. He worked the areas I was having a problem with, worked the problem out much to my benefit and I'm indebted to his skill. He even allowed me to snap his photo before and after I worked on him. I'm glad to say the photos are very good and look extremely nice in my massage client portfolio.
Thank you Gary and Mr. Greer, I look forward to the next exchange.
Reviewed by M23148, 2007-12-24 [ID 1223:P]

mukesh Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Fantastic massage - very relaxing - good listener - pressed all the buttons for me.Must do it again soon.
Reviewed by M-39188, 2007-12-23 [ID 1221:P]

gentletouch12 Recommended
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Enjoyed the massage and found it relaxing. Acupressure was good.
Mikhael was pleasant and I felt comfortable with
him.The massage table set up and room prepared when
I got there.
Reviewed by M-35805, 2007-12-22 [ID 1219:P]

Reply from gentletouch12 of 2007-12-22
Hallo michelle
Thanks for the review.It's good on you.
Although you are an eugnostic in belief,I wish you a merry christmas.Christ is for all people with all way of life.
Please don't feel offended.
We still keep in touch.

kennethm Highly Recommended
Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
Ken was a great host. After being in the car for 3 hours, his strong yet gentle touch made me feel great. I am looking forward to exchanging again. Thanks for a great massage!!!!
Reviewed by Rick123, 2007-12-11 [ID 1213:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Rick is very professional in his approach and delivery. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope he did too.
Reviewed by kennethm, 2007-12-11 [ID 1212:P]

Friendly Highly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America
Great hands, confident and firm. Checked in when needed. Very relaxing massage.
Reviewed by loumassageman, 2007-12-10 [ID 1208:P]

samfinch Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Caught Paul on a day he was a bit tired but he kindly agreed to give me a session as I was in need
Place was warm, nicely lit , comfortable, with good music playing in the background.
Pauls manner and approach was quite calming and you could feel his generous nurturing side in his firm confident yet relaxing touch. ( good genetics too...meaning has big hands excellent for cradling those shoulder blades)
Paul mentioned that he would normally have offered a longer session but I was happy with the way it had gone. ( although I will be demanding the full works from him next time!...only kidding )
He describes himself as a student, well swap with him whilst you can, but then again don't as I'd prefer him to have space for myself.
Reviewed by M-31626, 2007-12-04 [ID 1203:P]

mukesh Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Had a really good meeting with Mukish, he was gentle and sensitive and I felt in safe hands.
Reviewed by Fran8989, 2007-12-03 [ID 1130:P]

JohnRB Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Arranged an exchange recently with John, which was firstly very easy to arrange(not always the case on here!)- John was a little concerned that he was not qualified - but I must say he gave a very satisfactory massage and I hope I was able to offer a little advice for his future exchanges. He was very keen to try out some of the techniques I had used on him and he did well - I'm sure each treatment he does he will grow in confidence - he just needs to focus on making the routine a little more flowing and to apply a little more pressure - this will come with experience... if you are looking for an exchange with a genuine friendly guy look no further. Thanks
Reviewed by selondonmassage, 2007-12-03 [ID 1198:P]

Fran8989 Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
fran8989 and myself exchanged the massage sessions yesterday. Fran8989 is very good and his pressure was execellent too. I felt at home as soon as i entered He has a very warm personality. I enjoyed the sessions and would recommend to anyone who wishes to exchange the massage. I would definately swop the sessions on a regular bassis. This is the first ever massage i have enjoyed. mukesh
Reviewed by mukesh, 2007-12-02 [ID 1117:P]

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