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JT Highly Recommended
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
JT gave me an excellent relaxing massage. He was polite, friendly, and professional. I was very pleased with the massage and to meet such a nice guy in the process. I look forward to another exchange in the near future. Thanks for the great massage!

Reviewed by Elena, 2007-11-06 [ID 1156:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Armond was great. Very profssional and just the right touch. He is very in-tune to your needs and I actually was a little dizzy after a most relaxing massage. I hope we learned something from each other. I would exchange with him again. It was great that he had his own table and that he was able to travel to my place. I hope he enjoyed the exchange as much as I did.
Reviewed by Xterra07, 2007-11-02 [ID 1152:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
i wanted to write a review of dolphinman and the watsu experience he gave me..I think
his being 6' 7" helps give you sense of well being as you lay on your backin a heated poolas he holds you and moves your body around the pool.Ihad been having neck and shoulder problems and since having the treatment it has been much better.
Reviewed by cherokee, 2007-11-01 [ID 1150:P]

Bullerman Highly Recommended
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I have exchanged with Bullerman on a few occasions and would have to say that his technique is amazing! By the time he leaves, I am in a state of total relaxation. His pressure can be varied from as light as required to very deep for ultimate benefit. The most excellent thing for me is that Bullerman is completely thorough. An experience to be enjoyed – not rushed. I look forward to future exchanges with him.
Reviewed by VictoriaBear, 2007-10-30 [ID 1147:P]

whoopsstillupnotsleeping Highly Recommended
Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States
Well this is a quadruple 'review' since all 4 (Myself, Carol, Audrey & Betty) loved your massage and experiencing a new technique that we will try to employ in our 'group' atmosphere. A wonderful experience.
Reviewed by massagemagichands, 2007-10-29 [ID 1145:P]

KneadyWoman Highly Recommended
Gary, Indiana, United States
Super great massage. Very professional and a credit to the massage industry. It was my pleasure to do a massage exchange with her and look forward to doing it again. Her techniques were superior working on my back problems. I learned from her and know that as her experience grows she will be able to go far and help many people. I would highly recommend getting a massage from her if you are able to. Her pressure was right on during the whole massage and I was able to relax and fell asleep through part of it. I did because I felt relaxed with her and could trust her. Thank you for a wonderful massage. Larry
Reviewed by Luke1, 2007-10-29 [ID 1144:P]

greg2233 Recommended
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
Greg was very friendly and accommodating. He was very open and encouraged communication during the massages to ensure comfort and satisfaction for both parties. Greg used good techniques and I appreciated the fact that, at the end of his normal massage routine, he asked me if there were areas on which I wanted extra work. The only small drawback for me was the flow of the massage, which wasn't always smooth. However, with everyone's preferences being different, I would recommend that you give Greg a try.
Reviewed by patchy, 2007-10-29 [ID 1143:P]

Life Highly Recommended
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
I experienced David's bodywork and must say it is the ABSOLUTE BEST integrated deep tissue massage of my life! My wife agrees. He puts his heart and soul into every movement. It goes beyond relaxation. It really is about healing and transformation. Afterwards, I slept so soundly and could feel my body detoxfying. The next day I felt completely rejuvinated and energized. As a professional, he is one of THE BEST in the field. He's AWESOME! 5 STARS PLUS+
Reviewed by IMAJW, 2007-10-26 [ID 1139:P]

greg2233 Highly Recommended
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
I had an opportunity to do a trade with Greg. He acted very professional and was an interesting conversationalist. I enjoyed the time spent and look forward to another trade.
Reviewed by coa, 2007-10-26 [ID 1137:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
If not for the Dolphinman, I wouldn't know about the Watsu. Excellent form of bodywork! Dolphinman is a very experienced and skilled practitioner. I enjoyed his treatment a lot and would recommend it to anybody who loves being in the water! I can't wait to exchange again. Great job, Dolphinman.
Reviewed by skilledinthaimassage, 2007-10-25 [ID 1133:P]

IMAJW Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I am a licensed massage therapist with ten years experience, and considr myself extremely fortunate to have had the pleasure of experiencing Rob's reflexology work! Rob's easy and sweet manner made me comfortable right away. His hands know exactly what they are doing.. I'd never experienced an hour reflexology on my feet before, and never thought much about it, having had so much bodywork done over the years.. and now I say to anyone who has not done this, you should DEFinitely go to Rob to find out what you have been missing!
Rob is awesome!
Reviewed by Life, 2007-10-22 [ID 1125:P]

IMAJW Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
I was very apprehensive about reflexology as I usually don't like my feet massaged. Rob did an outstanding job, was very sensitive to my lack of understanding about reflexology, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and I really enjoyed it! I am now turned onto a new modality! Rob is definately a pro!
Reviewed by bgfldusa, 2007-10-21 [ID 1122:P]

rubforyou Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I think the innate joy of being nurtured and cared for goes way back in our evolution as individuals connecting with one another for survival. Rubforyou certainly knows how to nurture others. His touch is inviting and soothing, I felt warmed with his hands and knew that I would be cared for. I also enjoyed his playful and innocent approach to the body that disarmed any notion of shyness on my part with regard to my recent appendectomy scars. We hit it off well, and I get the feeling like I have always known him as a good friend.
Reviewed by therronricks, 2007-10-20 [ID 1120:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Rick thanks for a great massage. I really enjoyed it and look forward to our next massage. Would love to try a two man massage with you sometime.
Reviewed by rcmassage, 2007-10-18 [ID 1119:P]

daisy Highly Recommended
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
My introduction to Thai Massage was all that I had hoped for and much more. Even before I arrived, Daisy offered excellent suggestions so I could benefit most from the massage. As the modality progressed, I was enchanted by its rather mystical and ethereal combination of 'energetic relaxation'. Although this may sound like an oxymoron, the massage was at once active, invigorating, and yet deeply calming. At one point, I was so relaxed that I caught myself floating off to that wispy land of slumber. That I consider to be a testament to Daisy's skill as a Thai practioner. All it all, I would chalk up my hour on Daisy's mat as one of life's exquisite treats.
Reviewed by M-33240, 2007-10-14 [ID 1111:P]

tlcinstitute Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I have to admit I was a little wary of exchanging with tlcinstitute because normally the word aromatherapy makes me want to run a mile. I was expecting something soft and comforting - I hate such massages! Luckily I was proved utterly wrong. The room is ideal for treatments and the treatment itself was focused, intelligent, firm (thank god!) and very effective - and with a great collection of oils. My only quibble was tlcinstitute's insistence on answering the phone during the exchange. I do understand - he has a business he is anxious to grow - but I found it very off-putting and that is the only reason why I deduct one star. Next time maybe I'll pay for a treatment to get his undivided attention - he'd certainly be worth the money.
Reviewed by samfinch, 2007-10-11 [ID 1107:P]

tkirby Highly Recommended
Northampton, England, United Kingdom

We did an Indian Head Massage exchange
- I received a lovely massage which loosened
up the tensions bothering me that day.
His IHM routine was quite different from mine,
which made the exchange even more interesting!
Highly recommended :)
Reviewed by NordicMasseur, 2007-10-11 [ID 1105:P]

Friendly Recommended
Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Friendly has a relaxing, firm touch and a steady pace. His work is above average and he listens to feedback. You will be glad you shared your skills with him.
Reviewed by AaronGivhan, 2007-10-11 [ID 1106:P]

tlcinstitute Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
When I met up with tlcinstitute for a massage exchange, I was greeted very warmly and was made to feel relaxed straight away. He has a good sense of humor and says what he thinks. He is a really nice guy. The premises that he works from are laid out well and are very clean and comfortable.

When it was my turn to be massaged by him, he knew exactly the parts that needed treatment. He warned me that it would probably hurt---which it did--- as he really got into my muscles with firm pressure. Although I ached for a few days after, I really felt the benefit of his massage and slept a lot better.

The only thing that spoiled our exchange was that the phone rang a few times, which he answered. He has a busy schedule which makes it difficult for him to turn off his telephone. When he is more established in his premises and can relax more without the need to constantly keep in contact with his patients, then an exchange with him is highly recommended.
Reviewed by Hands4bodies, 2007-10-11 [ID 1104:P]

samfinch Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Pauls' treatment was focused,, certainly deep and manipulative; a good mixture of trained thought and perceptive handeling.
Surprising how this is not Pauls main occupation!
I would recommend Paul for all of the above and his gentle and warm personality yet the largest hands I have experienced..:)
Reviewed by tlcinstitute, 2007-10-11 [ID 1103:P]

NordicMasseur Highly Recommended
Aylesbury, England, United Kingdom
Excellent massage and very nice person.
Reviewed by tkirby, 2007-10-11 [ID 1102:P]

Weekendcwby Highly Recommended
Richardson, Texas, United States
One of the best massages I have ever had. Very intuitive, smooth and thorough. I look forward to the chance to exchange again. Hopefully very soon.
Reviewed by marksmith, 2007-10-10 [ID 1100:P]

TallFitGuy Highly Recommended
Grapevine, Texas, United States
Gary gives a very relaxing massage and I especially enjoyed his attention to my feet. Try him out you will be pleased.
Reviewed by marksmith, 2007-10-10 [ID 1099:P]

marksmith Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Mark is wonderful to exchange with. He delivers a nurturing deep tissue massage and is a wonderful host. I highly recommend him.
Reviewed by TallFitGuy, 2007-10-08 [ID 1096:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Henry was great very kind and massage swap was soo relaxing. I really enjoyed it. I even learned quite few good techniques so was great. I would love to have a swap again and looking fwd to it.
Reviewed by nemo, 2007-10-08 [ID 1095:P]

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