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IMAJW Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
If you are seeking stress reduction, healing and balance from your reflexology session I would definitely recommend Rob to you as his focused energy is incredible. You will melt and drift away into serenity right there in your chair, but the magic takes place beyond the timeframe of your appointment and the benefits can and will be noticed thereafter if you simply relax and let go and allow this expert practioner to do what he is trained to do - bring about stress reduction, healing and balance to his clients. I highly recommend him - great chairside demeanor, personality and is very professional!!!
Reviewed by M-30301 2007-11-26 [ID 1189:P]

gordies Highly Recommended
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom
Gordie is a superb masseur. I received a deep and relaxing massage from him which eased the muscles in my back and neck, and released lots of muscle tension. Gordie has a good knowledge of massage strokes and used these effectively in the massage; he has warm and natural hands which he uses well. Gordie is a warm and friendly guy, and he made me feel at ease instantly. I would definitely recommend a massage exchange with him.
Reviewed by Chris1976 2007-11-26 [ID 1188:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Armand gives a very good massage. One of the best I have had in awhile. I only wished I lived closer to Fort Lauderdale,FL so we could exchange more often. He is very professional and I hope to exchange with him when he visits my area again.
Reviewed by JosephPR 2007-11-23 [ID 1186:P]

JosephPR Highly Recommended
Shavertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Axis Massage...an excellent massage that was very relaxing and therapeutic at the same time. He worked on a back problem on me and after the session I was relieve from pain. The firm but gentle pressure will help you relax from the beginning. Joseph is a very caring person and he enjoys his work. I highly recommend him and if you travel to Puerto Rico make sure you give him a call or email him. I'm looking forward to our next session.
Reviewed by armand 2007-11-23 [ID 1185:P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Muscle4Massage and I exchanged massages at short notice this weekend - a most enjoyable experience which I hope we can repeat soon. He is a real enthusiast who pays close attention to the needs and reactions of the body he is massaging. He can operate well at differing degrees of intensity and is very quick to learn new techniques. Highly Recommended
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur 2007-11-22 [ID 1175:P]

Chris1976 Highly Recommended
Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
I have had the pleasure of receiving a full body massage from Chris. He made me feel welcome at his apartment and once I was on the table I soon drifted away. Chris has warm and powerful hands that soothed every muscle he worked on and after the excellent massage I felt like a piece of limp lettuce. To me, that shows it was performed correctly. He is a lovely chap and I highly recommend an exchange with him.
Reviewed by gordies 2007-11-21 [ID 1184:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
I had the great pleasure of meeting HenryWatson recently. This was arranged at short notice and he could not have been more welcoming. He has considerably more experience than I and whilst I made up for this with enthusiasm, he provided me with a good deal of practical advice which I am sure will contribute to improving what I can offer. All this was achieved in a comfortable environment where trust could rapidly be built up, so that both parties achieved the maximum enjoyment. I would highly recommend HenryWatson - but please leave some room for me as I would hate him to be overrun!
Reviewed by nexus 2007-11-19 [ID 1179:P]

cvicgob12 Highly Recommended
Lutz, Florida, United States
Have traded with cvicgob12 a couple of times now and wow. She's very knowledgeable of the muscles and insertion points and is very professional. More important is that she has an intuitive touch. Something that can't always be learned in school or through course work. Her massage flows with just the right amount of pressure where needed. The massage room is set up very well and helps create that space to be able to relax. Great selection of relaxing music. I liked the way she incorporates the hot stones and moist hot towels into her massage. I'm defiantly looking forward to trading with cvicgob12 more. Would I recommend her? YES.
Reviewed by M-47241 2007-11-19 [ID 1178:P]

monstermassage Highly Recommended
Astoria, New York, United States
11/18/07: We met up for a great massage exchange. It was wonderful! Great guy, sweet smile and phenonmenal hands. So relaxing and enjoyable.
Reviewed by njmassageswap 2007-11-18 [ID 1176:P]

acemon Highly Recommended
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States
I was able to finally meet acemon and it was highly worth it. I am telling all on this site to get a massage from acemon he is great!!
Reviewed by nudistmale777 2007-11-14 [ID 1173:P]

nudistmale777 Recommended
Medford, Massachusetts, United States
I had the pleasure of meeting up with Joel recently and it proved to be an excellent time. It was hard coordinating schedules at first since neither of us can host. He found a friend that could host and also had the day off so he could join us. I received my first four handed massage. It was great and relaxing. I couldn't imagine before how it would feel and now I would highly recommend it. Joel and his friend Jeff also had a chance at it and equally loved it. It is all about the person and the experience and I recommend both. Thank you Joel for making my first exchange a successful one. Look forward to more to come.
Reviewed by acemon 2007-11-13 [ID 1172:P]

HairyLittleGuy Highly Recommended
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
HairyLittleGuy is a great guy. I enjoyed very much his long strokes, applying the right pressure in certain parts of my lower back. I truly left feeling rested and relaxed. I look forward to another exchange next time I am in Kansas City.
Reviewed by Rick123 2007-11-11 [ID 1167:P]

VictoriaBear Highly Recommended
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
I have exchanged with OlSofty a few times, and based on the quality of his technique I look forward to continuing to do so in the future. While I go to a RMT, I find that OlSofty to be collaborative in addressing my therapeutic needs and his technique complementary to traditional therapies. Whether he cuts thickly across large muscle groups or gentle touch for lymph drainage, OlSofty is thoughtful and completely thorough in his approach to massage. On the occasions we have traded massages I would confirm that everything – from environment, his massage pressure and attention to detail – was completely relaxing, beneficial and exceeded my expectations. In exchanges with OlSofty he allocates an extended period of time for our massages – this is appreciated as this is required to address specific physical strains resulting from sports injuries and my work. Given this entire package and the benefit I have received, OlSofty delivers one of the most rewarding massages I have experienced.
Reviewed by Bullerman 2007-11-11 [ID 1165:P]

FarNorthDallasPlano Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
AWESOME! FarNorthDallasPlano will set your mind at ease which will help you relax right from the start. The firm but gentle
pressure from his hands will bring life to those sore tired msucles and let your skin have a second birth. I did not want the session to end - I will just have to schedule another!
Thanks buddy for making my day.
Reviewed by M-44702 2007-11-08 [ID 1057:P]

Elena Highly Recommended
Gastonia, North Carolina, United States
Elena has great technique and an intuitive touch. Massage exchange with her was he way it is supposed to be.
Reviewed by JT 2007-11-07 [ID 1160:P]

IanJ Recommended
Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom
IanJ came to my home today and I found him to be a thoroughly nice guy with a genuine interest in massage. IanJ has no formal massage experience but has a ' good touch ' and is keen to learn and understand new moves and techniques. I would recommend an exchange with IanJ to either a professional or non professional. In respect of a professional he is a willing and interested student, in respect of a non professional he has a good beginner's understanding of massage. I would willing exchange with him again.
Reviewed by garymassage 2007-11-07 [ID 1157:P]

JT Highly Recommended
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
JT gave me an excellent relaxing massage. He was polite, friendly, and professional. I was very pleased with the massage and to meet such a nice guy in the process. I look forward to another exchange in the near future. Thanks for the great massage!

Reviewed by Elena 2007-11-06 [ID 1156:P]

armand Highly Recommended
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
Armond was great. Very profssional and just the right touch. He is very in-tune to your needs and I actually was a little dizzy after a most relaxing massage. I hope we learned something from each other. I would exchange with him again. It was great that he had his own table and that he was able to travel to my place. I hope he enjoyed the exchange as much as I did.
Reviewed by Xterra07 2007-11-02 [ID 1152:P]

dolphinman Highly Recommended
Los Angeles, California, United States of America
i wanted to write a review of dolphinman and the watsu experience he gave me..I think
his being 6' 7" helps give you sense of well being as you lay on your backin a heated poolas he holds you and moves your body around the pool.Ihad been having neck and shoulder problems and since having the treatment it has been much better.
Reviewed by cherokee 2007-11-01 [ID 1150:P]

Bullerman Highly Recommended
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I have exchanged with Bullerman on a few occasions and would have to say that his technique is amazing! By the time he leaves, I am in a state of total relaxation. His pressure can be varied from as light as required to very deep for ultimate benefit. The most excellent thing for me is that Bullerman is completely thorough. An experience to be enjoyed – not rushed. I look forward to future exchanges with him.
Reviewed by VictoriaBear 2007-10-30 [ID 1147:P]

whoopsstillupnotsleeping Highly Recommended
Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States
Well this is a quadruple 'review' since all 4 (Myself, Carol, Audrey & Betty) loved your massage and experiencing a new technique that we will try to employ in our 'group' atmosphere. A wonderful experience.
Reviewed by massagemagichands 2007-10-29 [ID 1145:P]

KneadyWoman Highly Recommended
Gary, Indiana, United States
Super great massage. Very professional and a credit to the massage industry. It was my pleasure to do a massage exchange with her and look forward to doing it again. Her techniques were superior working on my back problems. I learned from her and know that as her experience grows she will be able to go far and help many people. I would highly recommend getting a massage from her if you are able to. Her pressure was right on during the whole massage and I was able to relax and fell asleep through part of it. I did because I felt relaxed with her and could trust her. Thank you for a wonderful massage. Larry
Reviewed by Luke1 2007-10-29 [ID 1144:P]

greg2233 Recommended
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
Greg was very friendly and accommodating. He was very open and encouraged communication during the massages to ensure comfort and satisfaction for both parties. Greg used good techniques and I appreciated the fact that, at the end of his normal massage routine, he asked me if there were areas on which I wanted extra work. The only small drawback for me was the flow of the massage, which wasn't always smooth. However, with everyone's preferences being different, I would recommend that you give Greg a try.
Reviewed by patchy 2007-10-29 [ID 1143:P]

Life Highly Recommended
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
I experienced David's bodywork and must say it is the ABSOLUTE BEST integrated deep tissue massage of my life! My wife agrees. He puts his heart and soul into every movement. It goes beyond relaxation. It really is about healing and transformation. Afterwards, I slept so soundly and could feel my body detoxfying. The next day I felt completely rejuvinated and energized. As a professional, he is one of THE BEST in the field. He's AWESOME! 5 STARS PLUS+
Reviewed by IMAJW 2007-10-26 [ID 1139:P]

greg2233 Highly Recommended
Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
I had an opportunity to do a trade with Greg. He acted very professional and was an interesting conversationalist. I enjoyed the time spent and look forward to another trade.
Reviewed by coa 2007-10-26 [ID 1137:P]

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