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Life Highly Recommended
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
"Life" gives a great, professional massage. Good pressure, thorough, reassuring touch. Nice stretches, and good variety of strokes. He's warm and welcoming. Overall, an excellent experience.
Reviewed by CoolWaters, 2005-11-20 [ID 164:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
I have exchanged massages with HenryWatson several times and have found him to be a very friendly and welcoming guy. His calm nature puts you at ease stright away. He gives a very professional massage which is both relaxing and affirming. I have been impressed by his knowledge and abilities and his readiness to teach those less skilled. All in all a wonderful experiance and I look forward to continue to swap massages with him.
Reviewed by bengiboy, 2005-11-18 [ID 160:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
I contact Henry first, because I have read some possitive reviews about him, and feel he is a very experienced therapist after read his profile.

The day we did exchange, I had best massage I ever had. He spend time to sort out my shoulder and back problem, even some part of my body I even didn't notice it cause my pain. After his massage I feel awake, and refresh. I noticed the pain I had on my tibialis has gone!

Henry is also very friendly, and knowledge therappist, when he does massage, he also explain every detail for me. I learned a lot from him. After exchange,we had chat to discussed about different experiences, and some different skills use on real case which different with in the classroom. It was very useful.

We both agreed to do exchange again, I am looking forward to exchange with him again!
Reviewed by M-10607, 2005-11-18 [ID 159:P]

bengiboy Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
Bengiboy is a caring and thorough intuitive masseur.
He uses his hands well to sense how well any part of the massage is progressing. The result is a very smooth and enjoyable massage which is both energising and relaxing.
I look forward to my next swap with him
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2005-11-17 [ID 156:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Henry was a great person to exchange with - punctual, friendly and truly professional in all aspects. He used part of the time to try out some interesting new techniques which I hope I have learnt from and will be able to incorporate into some of my treatments. I think we both enjoyed each others work which goes to make a successful exchange. I look forward to another exchange at some point and would highly recommend him.
Reviewed by selondonmassage, 2005-11-10 [ID 145:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Henry arrived promptly and prepared. He has a firm touch and was very thorough. He tried out some interesting techniques that I learned from. He is a very genuine person and we had a great swap that was mutually beneficial. I would happily recommend him to others who like someone with a good firm touch and a relaxed casual attitude to massage with no hang-ups.
Reviewed by touchmassage, 2005-10-30 [ID 135:P]

Reply from GuildfordExpertMasseur of 2005-10-30
You will see from my review of easemasage that I too received a really good massage - I intend to repeat this swap before too long !

filepe2248 Highly Recommended
Palmer, Alaska, United States
We traded on 10-25-05. The WATSU work was wonderful very relaxing and rejuvinating. Then later in the day he did a neuromuscular massage. The knowledge and understanding of muscle made his treament process very worth while.

Reviewed by judy516, 2005-10-26 [ID 133:P]

Reply from filepe2248 of 2005-10-26
Thank you for the kind words. I also enjoy the body work that I received. It is nice to experience some of the same and different modalities. I look forward to another trade with you.

ExchangeLongIsland Highly Recommended
Selden, New York, United States
A really Great massage.Very strong and very effective
Reviewed by deepmassageguy, 2005-09-01 [ID 105:P]

barik Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
This Man gives a very intuitive massage. I enjoy sharing techniques' with him.

He is very receptive and I Highly Recommend him.
Reviewed by tranqhealtouch, 2005-08-25 [ID 104:P]

deepmassageguy Recommended
Queens Village, New York, United States
I had a very good massage by this man and I look forward to more.
He has The Touch !
Reviewed by tranqhealtouch, 2005-08-17 [ID 101:P]

FoxTer Recommended
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I recommend an exchange! He gives a very nice, thorough massage...he clearly loves doing the work and knows his anatomy well!
Reviewed by Chazwmh, 2005-07-30 [ID 98:P]

Caplio Highly Recommended
Manhattan, New York, United States
An excellent massage. Strong firm, unhurried, Clean and a friendly guy.
Reviewed by STRONGFIRM, 2005-07-18 [ID 94:P]

chicagoguy Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
While visiting Tampa recently, I traded massages with "Tampaguy". A very satisfying experience. He's quite skilled using a wide variety of strokes. His touch was firm and deep. He's thorough and had a good sense of working on the areas where I needed help the most. And to top it off, he's a nice guy. Definitely, highly recommended.
Reviewed by CoolWaters, 2005-06-25 [ID 87:P]

roger1 Highly Recommended
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
I had the most wonderful massage from Roger. He is professional, respectful and a gifted therapist. Thanks!
Reviewed by singinghealinghands, 2005-06-21 [ID 86:P]

MassageMusician Highly Recommended
Willis, Texas, United States of America
MassageMusician was a true pleasure to trade with. She can really find the "spots" and has no problem going deep. Her feedback is very clear and she is also a very good listener. Her hands are confident, while she is both sweet and professional.
Reviewed by TheNatural, 2005-04-29 [ID 65:P]

massage613 Highly Recommended
Portland, Oregon, United States
Massage613 is a excellent therapist. We have made a few exchanges and he knows what he is doing. My back was bothering me and he knew just how to work it out. He is very professional and he knows his stuff.
Reviewed by BILLY45, 2005-04-20 [ID 56:P]

jf05348 Recommended
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
George has a very good approach to massage....enjoyed his firm and fluid style a lot!
Reviewed by Chazwmh, 2005-02-22 [ID 48:P]

stephanie89147 Recommended
Denver, Colorado, United States
I had the pleasure of trading massages with Stephanie just recently. Although she is still a student, her massage is great. I can tell that she has really put her heart into doing body work and has a love for the profession. With just a little more practice she's going to be one of Las Vegas' top massage therapists. I would definitely recommend Stephanie to any of my friends who might be looking for a massage.
Reviewed by RubMeNIRubU, 2004-11-05 [ID 32:P]

DavidDA Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Excellent massage. Very professional - looking forward to next exchange... Thanks!
Reviewed by selondonmassage, 2004-10-28 [ID 31:P]

HealthyTouch Highly Recommended
Clawson, Michigan, United States
Caring, Warm and Professional. She is someone to have on your side.
Reviewed by warmwatermassage, 2004-09-21 [ID 28:P]

mimi29593 Highly Recommended
Hartsville, South Carolina, United States
I received a massage from her, and it was by far one of the best massages I have had. She was very thorough and had wonderful pressure. I would definately trade with her again!
Reviewed by M-2106, 2004-07-31 [ID 24:P]

Reply from mimi29593 of 2004-08-01
thank you, Steph! Look forward to another exchange in the future.

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