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FreeRubKnead Highly Recommended
Allen, Texas, United States
Your massage was a great massage and in fact it was such a good massage that I am going to learn shiatsu! Thank you! I am positive that had I not had the massage on Monday, Tuesday would have had a few areas in tizzies- but, physically I felt fine- THANK YOU!
There have been very few times I left the table and later wished that something had been addressed- but this time was not one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed your technique and your willingness to share your knowledge.
Thank you again and I am looking forward to getting our schedules together again- hopefully my physical being will not be tested the next day.
Reviewed by SnellvilleLMT, 2006-06-08 [ID 329:P]

nicky8900 Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Nicky8900 is a very gracious, personable, and attractive guy. His home is warm and he is very welcoming and accomodating. What he may lack in massage experience, he more than makes up for with his charm and easy-going manner. His massage is intuitive and improvisational, but he clearly has picked up some very good strokes and have a fine firm hand. All in all, he's well worth connecting with. And I look forward to trading with him again soon.
Reviewed by M-13567, 2006-05-25 [ID 320:P]

FreeRubKnead Highly Recommended
Allen, Texas, United States
FreeRubKnead and I just traded work, and I am very pleased with his work. He combines and integrates several modalities. His work was very thorough, very relaxing and effective. I look forward to trading with him again and highly recommend him to others.
Reviewed by RobertCMT, 2006-05-13 [ID 307:P]

bradford Highly Recommended
Bradford, United Kingdom
Everything he says. Professional but friendly. Most amazing relaxing massage. Puts you completely at ease. Explains everything before hand and lets you choose completely what you want. Wonderful room and massage table. Lovely atmosphere. Very discrete. Leaves the room while you get ready and after massage when you are changing. Also a pleasure to massage, so encouraging.
Reviewed by da1, 2006-05-12 [ID 304:P]

Reply from bradford of 2006-05-13
The pleasure was entirely mutual. Such a relief to find that it is possible to exchange massages with no hidden agenda. Simple healing touch.

FreeRubKnead Highly Recommended
Allen, Texas, United States
I experienced a great exchange while in Dallas with freerubknead. I've traded a number of times through massageexchange matches but rarely do I get to experience a true professional. The exchange was wonderful with great long strongs, focused pressure, and attention to the messages coming from my body. After a weekend of planting gardens and mulching, it was just what I needed before starting the work week! Thanks!
Reviewed by massagetrade2002, 2006-05-09 [ID 301:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Henry made me feel comfortable and at ease as he welcomed me for my first swap. As non-professional, I was unsure if I could do good enough job, but he encouraged me all the way. From the receiving side, his massage was truly professional and deeply satisfying. He gave me same valuable tips (I am sure he has a lot more up his sleeve!) for the future. I am looking forward to another swap, both for the sheer pleasure of it as well as learning experience.
Reviewed by aris20, 2006-05-06 [ID 297:P]

aris20 Highly Recommended
Wokingham, England, United Kingdom
Aris20 does a really deep, thorough, 'classical Swedish' style, massage. His massage is powerful, slow, and he manipulates the whole of the muscle structure. As well as all this he is is a very pleasant guy to talk with. Exceptional for somebody who has no formal training. I look forward to swapping with him again.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2006-05-06 [ID 296:P]

Reply from aris20 of 2006-05-06
I had a really enjoyable swap (first one for me, too). Thanks for that and for this review. I hope it won't too be long before we can swap again.

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Henry was the perfect host for an exchange and made me feel very welcome at his home. When Henry gives you the choice of going first or second, I would suggest going first as his massage left me feeling slightly unsure of my ability compared to the extremely confident, invigorating Sports Massage that he performed on me. Henrys running commentary of what muscles he is working on and techniques he is using is comparable to an A+P lecture and is very informative. I found Henry very generous with his knowledge, which is extensive. I would definetly exchange again with Henry in the near future.Highly Recommended.
Reviewed by KeithR, 2006-05-01 [ID 293:P]

Reply from GuildfordExpertMasseur of 2006-05-01
Thank you Keith, for a thoughtful and well-observed review. Memo to Self: Henry, you need to practise keeping quiet during a massage so that your subject can RELAX !

KeithR Recommended
Reigate, England, United Kingdom
KeithR is an agreeable and thoughtful guy who does a powerful and well focussed massage. Before we swapped he said that he was a bit 'rusty'; this may well be so but I would not have realised it from the massage I received. This was a straightforward Swedish style massage which covered all the major muscle groups and left me feeling both relaxed and revived. I wish that there were a four-and-a-half star category because he is better than some of the 4-stars I have swapped with but clearly will get even better when he gets regular practise. As well as giving a good massage he was relaxed enough for me to practise a few of the more complex sports-massage techniques on him. I certainly want to swap with KeithR again before too long, and I hope he does too. Well Recommended.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2006-04-28 [ID 291:P]

massagetrade2002 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
I exchanged with massagetrade2002 at the end of March, 2006.
He had a great attitude, was a very nice guy. The massage was
very enjoyable. Excellent technique. Great pressure. Sure
confident strokes. Can't wait till he visits my town again.
Reviewed by Blackstone, 2006-04-10 [ID 281:P]

Roxanne534 Highly Recommended
Coconut Creek, Florida, United States
Roxanne is a natural healer. Since she has been doing massage on family and friends for years, you can tell it in her touch. Her technique is a mix of excellent pressure, considerate and attentive listening and training from great instructors. I'd recommend and have recommended Roxanne to other therapists who want to learn and share knowledge.A+
Reviewed by David1, 2006-04-09 [ID 276:P]

FreeRubKnead Highly Recommended
Allen, Texas, United States
FREERUBKNEAD and I exchanged sessions recently, and I was pleasantly surprised! He is knowledgeable about the muscle groups, gave an excellent massage, and could even carry on an intelligible conversation. He is professional, articulate and has a warm personality. The session extended well beyond the scheduled hour, and was a soothing, calming, relaxing experience for meā€¦just what I needed. I am a 12-year licensed veteran of massage, and rarely exchange sessions as I have so often been disappointed in the results. However, I look forward to another session with him soon! This talented member will receive many accolades and a 5 STAR rating from me!
Reviewed by M-4430, 2006-04-04 [ID 273:P]

mtherapist Recommended
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
The quality of massage that mtherapist had to offer was superb. He has very large hands, and a firm pressure, which made his bodywork very therapeutic. With his sports massage background he was able to assist my soreness from recent excersize, and assited me to get the most out of my next day's workout. I look forward to returning the good quality work. Thank you!
Reviewed by therronricks, 2006-03-26 [ID 262:P]

barik Highly Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Barik is a wonderful, kind and respectful person with a very positive and uplifting spirit. His massages are very soothing, relaxing, therapeutic, and effective. During our session he located some deep tensions in my neck area, and was able to begin releasing them gently but firmly, and as a result I feel freer and lighter in that area than I ever have. There are not enough words to express how great I felt after our time, and even as I write this the feeling of well-being remains strong. Thank you, God, for Barik!
Reviewed by ShanghaiRT, 2006-03-24 [ID 260:P]

Adam35 Satisfactory
Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Adam is a friendly person who places you at ease, although he does not do massage as a buisness (only as a hobby) he gave a professional and relaxing massage,utilising various techniques.He responds to the clients wishes re pressure of massage and concentrates on the areas needed as specified by the client. Given the limited training and experience he has he achieved very good results.Adam is open to constructive criticism and is willing to try and improve for the benefit of his clients.
Reviewed by therapist, 2006-03-22 [ID 258:P]

FreeRubKnead Highly Recommended
Allen, Texas, United States
Thanks FreeRudKnead for a wounderful bodyworks session. You have shown us the way the session should be handle in a very professional manner.He is great. If I were to grade you I would give you 100. He knows the way around bodywork sessions
Thanks again
Reviewed by readytogotwo, 2006-03-15 [ID 254:P]

massagetrade2002 Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
A great exchange session!
Reviewed by Chazwmh, 2006-03-15 [ID 253:P]

deepmassageguy Recommended
Queens Village, New York, United States
very professional and healing - excellent massage.
Reviewed by barik, 2006-03-03 [ID 118:P]

njjeff Highly Recommended
Palm Springs, California, United States
Superb, excellent massage, very professional has a great technique.
Reviewed by usamassage, 2006-02-27 [ID 239:P]

usamassage Highly Recommended
Metuchen, New Jersey, United States
An excellent therapist! Very professional and knowledgeable.
Reviewed by njjeff, 2006-02-27 [ID 237:P]

pipes Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
'Pipes' is a practised and very effective masseur who managed to deal well with several long-standing problem areas that I had. His massage room is well organised and warm. Overall he performed a very good deep massage, which is what I needed, and I am looking forward to swapping with him again before too long.
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur, 2006-02-26 [ID 235:P]

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
Henry is a very good therapst, he knows he's stuff. Gave some advice on new teqniques, he is very knowledgable of various different types of massage, gives firm or light pressure, whatever is needed for the body. Good to exchange with him, hopefully will be exchanging again soon.
Reviewed by pipes, 2006-02-25 [ID 236:P]

MassageMusician Highly Recommended
Willis, Texas, United States of America
I am lucky to have traded, and will continue to, with MassageMusician. I have some chronic spots which she puts to rest for weeks at a time. She follows her intuition, and is a great listener. I am very comfortable with her and I believe she will make anyone she works on feel the same. Thanks again.
Reviewed by M-16175, 2006-02-23 [ID 234:P]

Athleticnhard Recommended
Renton, Washington, United States
Athleticnhard is highly recommended. His techniques are strong, focused and very relaxing. His personality is also a major plus in exchanging massages.
Reviewed by barik, 2006-02-02 [ID 222:P]

AndyLondon1 Recommended
Wembley, United Kingdom
mnkylondon has a good style and offers a relaxing yet invigorating combination massage that includes deep tissue work followed by a very relaxing stroking action. He's friendly and worked hard to create a relaxing and warm environment for us to perform our exchange.
Reviewed by hertsthrob, 2006-01-28 [ID 215:P]

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