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arsenal1 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
This guy is a ball of energy, that lights up as soon as soon as you greet him.

His touch was firm and precise with a good knowledge of the bodies anatomy, executed with the confidence of one who has studied his technique in depth. His routine flowed without hesitation, leaving me completely at ease at all times. Throughout, he gently asked if the pressure was suitable. It always was.

I thoroughly enjoyed giving him a massage in return.

I look forward to linking up again in the near future.

Well done.
Reviewed by smike21 2013-02-07 [ID 7634:P]

CoolWaters Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States
What a great guy and a clearly trained expert in the art of massage. A fantastic massage and he's a great teacher as well. Highly recommend!
Reviewed by Rf 2013-02-07 [ID 7632:P]

123twinkle Recommended
Northridge, California, United States
She is very nice lady and I enjoyed giving her massage. This was my first meeting with her so I gave her massage. Next week she is going to give me massage. The session was good and she has nice place too. Only one thing which I didn't like is; she ask me to bring Powder from CVS that reminded me other review but I took a chance and went ahead. I don't mind that but she should avoid that in future.
Reviewed by tomoc 2013-02-07 [ID 7631:P]

Reply from 123twinkle of 2013-02-07
when exchanging massages the person also is expected to bring or offer their products i asked tomac for powder to use in my massage besides my very expensive creams.

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I was approached by nexus and soon arranged an exchange when he was in my locality. Right from the outset I felt really comfortable with him and Chris is a lovely guy. With the massage underway it was not long before we removed our briefs and had a fantastic naturist massage. He has a super technique, I was totally at ease and enjoyed every moment.
I would strongly recommend him for anyone for the high quality of his massage and his kind and thoughtful personality. I can't wait to see him for more!!
Reviewed by fullbody4u 2013-02-07 [ID 7630:P]

massagemike123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Met with Mike for a massage swap a few days ago. We agreed that Mike would give me a massage and we would meet another time for me to give him one. Firstly, Mike is an incredibly friendly guy and generous with his time. The massage was probably the best I have had from someone on this site. It started with with some quite deep tissue work, which I like, working hard on the shoulders and legs. It then became a bit more sensual. Overall a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to reciprocating very shortly. Thanks Mike.
Reviewed by biatlantic 2013-02-07 [ID 7629:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
John is friendly, patient, and professional. John massage were very nice,relaxing and was outstanding.He is a really nice guy.I had a great exchange with him. He is very hospitable, friendly and created a great environment for the exchange. I felt completely comfortable with him which made it easy to receive his touch. After his massage I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by hongkong 2013-02-06 [ID 7628:P]

jhubb Highly Recommended
Hitchin, United Kingdom
I met jhubb recently and had a lovely massage swap. Despite it being a bit cold because of a problem with the heating, it was a great exchange and I really enjoyed my time in his company. I would highly recommend him and am looking forward to meeting him again soon.
Reviewed by CUTEGUY26 2013-02-06 [ID 7627:P]

fullbody4u Highly Recommended
Poynton, Cheshire East, United Kingdom
I recently exchanged with fullbody4u. We started wearing briefs but soon found ourselves comfortable with each other and able to proceed to a naturist massage. John is very easy going and welcoming. I felt at ease and his attentive style and able bodywork made me feel both relaxed eager for more. I would highly recommend this charming and warm man, both for his personality and also his skill.
Reviewed by nexus 2013-02-06 [ID 7626:P]

sputnik Highly Recommended
Worcester Park, United Kingdom
A really talented, empathetic, and observant amateur, 'sputnik' is well named - I certainly felt 'spaced-out' in a most marvelous way as a result of his caring and thorough massage. That he managed to provide such a good massage when under a significant amount of stress himself, speaks wonders for both his determination and capabilities. I was on the receiving end of an outstanding exchange - may I encourage all of you to give this man many opportunities to acquire more experience
Reviewed by GuildfordExpertMasseur 2013-02-06 [ID 7625:P]

Govanhill123 Highly Recommended
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Govanhill 123, made me very welcome from the moment I entered his warm and comfortable home.
He has considerable knowledge of massage which showed during the massage and I had the best massage that I have experienced to date. He is a very friendly guy who was willing to teach me and I learnt quite a lot.
I cannot recommend him highly enough and hope that we can have another session soon.
Reviewed by cadzow 2013-02-06 [ID 7624:P]

cadzow Recommended
Godalming, England, United Kingdom
cadzow is a very good student he is willing to learn and takes on board comments to ensure that the massage is both comfortable and relaxing. He is an easy person to speak with , I would recommend a swap with him - look forward to swapping with him again
Reviewed by Govanhill123 2013-02-06 [ID 7623:P]

herakles Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
exchange with herakles was just beautifully relaxing and time slipped away un-noticed... hot oils, ginger blend, smooth long firm strokes... i almost drifted off at times... sign of a deep relaxation and yet being aware of the touch. beautiful! and thank you!
thats me, primed for exchanging again.
Reviewed by touch123 2013-02-06 [ID 7619:P]

DavidinHouston Recommended
Pearland, Texas, United States
Despite my insecurities and inexperience, he was agreeable to proceed and get me past my hurdle. Very strong hands and years of experience were evident throughout and his patience with a newbie was appreciative. Recommend.
Reviewed by Tx4frnds 2013-02-06 [ID 7621:P]

nexus Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Wow what a massage from a great guy... Nexus is a strong, well built, muscular guy that certainly knows how to massage another guy. His hand strokes are always fluent and meaningful and he has a way of making you tingle and feel the benefits of a professional massage. I couldnt recommend him highly enough !..Come back soon ;-)
Reviewed by Chopper777 2013-02-06 [ID 7620:P]

HandymanChlt Highly Recommended
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
He has a strong body and a great touch. Has had training and practice. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by manincharlottenc 2013-02-05 [ID 7617:P]

llZeusll Highly Recommended
Kirtland Hills, Ohio, United States
Had an extremely relaxing and amazing massage
With this member- a perfect gentleman with an excellent
Knowledge of variations on touch. It was wonderful and I look forward to
Our next exchange.
Reviewed by M-156302 2013-02-04 [ID 7615:P]

soothinghands1964 Highly Recommended
Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
I found his massage to be very good and professional, felt very relaxed, very quickly once we met. He was very friendly and respected my boundaries. I would definitely recommend him and look forward to my next massage. I found him to be very accommodating aswell.
Reviewed by sammy11 2013-02-04 [ID 7614:P]

raslo Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with Raslo today, he applies good pressure using his hands and arms and fingers. the massage was very relaxing hence at times I fell into a calm sleep. It was great he gave enough time so not to rush. It alwas great to meet someone who enjoys and understands the benefits of massage. We exchanged methods of using different techniques. I highly reccommend Raslo and look forward to another exchange, Thanks Paulo
Reviewed by PauloNW6 2013-02-04 [ID 7613:P]

ndarb Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Having an exchange with Ndarb is great example why swapping with an enthusiast can be as satisfying at times as a professional. Firstly, this man is grounded, up front, a good communicator and an evolved sense of humour. Is personable and can make someone feel at ease. Secondly, though not formally trained, it is clear Ndarb has picked up a number of skills over time, coupled with intuition and confidence, he delivers a very relaxing massage, with the result that I was able to switch off, and sleep like I have not slept in a long time. If you are looking for a good, personable, intuitive massage enthusiast, Try make an arrangement with Ndarb. Very recommended.
Reviewed by trickyfingers 2013-02-04 [ID 7612:P]

PauloNW6 Highly Recommended
London, Greater London, United Kingdom
I had a very pleasant exchange with Paul at his comfortable, stylish and welcoming treatment room.
Everything perfect - quiet location close to station, decent music, massage table and an unhurried, relaxing massage with warm oil.

Paul is quite a hard working therapist.
His technique was excellent and he was very keen to teach me some techniques and stretches; I learnt a lot from his style. He was unhurried in his approach and I left feeling very privileged to have met him.

Thank you Paul
Reviewed by raslo 2013-02-04 [ID 7611:P]

tomharry Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
A very pleasant couple of hours was enjoyed with this capable masseur last saturday. He has a great physique which means it is a pleasure to massage him. The surroundings are agreeable and relaxing and we enjoyed a great conversation. The techniques used were firm and professional; all areas were well catered for. This was an exchange in the true meaning of the word; we shared massage and learned from each other; we spoke about which strokes were effective and pleasurable. In the past few months I have had a number of meetings where I did all the work and got very little back in return. Last saturday was a true meeting of two guys who knew what they were doing and were willing to learn and experience together. I am looking forward to doing tantric massage together as I trust and respect this guy. Two and a half hours was not long enough to spend exploring together, but all the same it was one of the best exchanges I have had on here.
Reviewed by eletheria 2013-02-04 [ID 7609:P]

Iwantamassage Highly Recommended
Houston, Texas, United States
I exchanged massages with Bobby, He is a very nice guy and made me feel confortable from the get-go, he gave me a nice, relaxing massage and we had a pleasent conversation both in English & Spanish I'm looking forward to our next encounter.
Reviewed by latinbear 2013-02-03 [ID 7608:P]

trickyfingers Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tricky fingers they are indeed.
Tricky fingers made me feel comfortable from the moment we met. He is not only a nice human but is very knowledgeable, professional and an extremely generous person with his time. One can feel the positive energy the moment you walk into his massage room. I would highly recommend him. overall experience was more than 5*s. Thanks T.
Reviewed by ndarb 2013-02-03 [ID 7607:P]

touch123 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
i had massage swap with ali on thursday afternoon he is a friendley person and he does first class massage which is very good you must try him you wont be dispointed and would go back for more masssage
Reviewed by ketan1812 2013-02-03 [ID 7605:P]

gjd Highly Recommended
Braga, North, Portugal
Had an exchange with this guy. A very relaxed, laid-back and genuine guy with great massage technique. His relaxed approach transferred to me (I may have momentarily dozed off....oops) but I found it to be an excellent standard of massage. Firm enough to work on my knots but also very relaxing. Friendly, decent chap who I hope to exchange with again soon.
Reviewed by marcusp 2013-02-03 [ID 7604:P]

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