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LondonChap Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I thoroughly enjoyed the massage given by LondonChap and would him to recommend others. I learned some new techniques which I will assimilate into my routines. He's a friendly guy that anyone will feel comfortable with
Reviewed by hertsthrob 2006-01-27 [ID 209:P]

CoolWaters Highly Recommended
Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America
My exchange with MiamiWill was a terrific experience. In addition to giving a top-notch massage, he is extremely personable, kind, and considerate...a pleasure to get to know and to exchange with. I highly recommend MiamiWill without any reservations...if you have the chance to exchange with him, don't hesitate for a second!
Reviewed by Riverstone 2006-01-26 [ID 208:P]

tranqhealtouch Highly Recommended
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Excellent and intuitive work.
His work is deep and thorough.
I especially appreciated his work on my back and feet,
2 areas of tension for me.
I would recommend him without hesitation.
Reviewed by BuckeyeBoy 2006-01-24 [ID 206:P]

katomur Recommended
Auburn, Maine, United States
He has a fairly nice table and facility. The massage was better than I expected.
Reviewed by ME-20717 2006-01-16 [ID 202:P]

therronricks Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
I was impressed with Therron's technique; he has a way of using his forearms and elbows that is thorough, firm and flowing without gouging or scraping over sensitive bony landmarks. He goes the extra mile to make the massage nurturing and satisfying. For instance, he used a warmed eye mask and put a heated towel over me, which was a very nice touch. Therron also was good at communicating and checking in with me which showed that he cared about how I was feeling and perceiving the massage.
Reviewed by evolibrium 2006-01-16 [ID 200:P]

therronricks Highly Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
The massage I received from therronricks was definelty the best I have had in a long time. I was very relaxed and felt his positive attitude and great touch are an asset he has to offer in his massage and I look forward to trading maasage in the future. I would highly recommend his massage. I believe he will be a great success at massage and will only improve with each new experience.
Reviewed by wallybear 2006-01-07 [ID 199:P]

Keith714 Highly Recommended
San Clemente, California, United States
Fabulous exchange with Keith. Not only does he have the ability to put you at ease quickly with his British charm, he has wonderful hands and can target areas and relieve them without discomfort. I really liked the wide variety of tools and work he used, as he varied them while working...
Reviewed by nuhm4me 2006-01-07 [ID 198:P]

wallybear Recommended
Arvada, Colorado, United States
Both of my giving and receiving experiences with wallybear have been wonderful. wallybear has had a lot of experience working with professionals in a clinical setting, and his massage work truly shows his expertise. wallybear was able to find my sore spots and really assist me to relax. He is very detailed, and knew exactly which muscles to work to get the desired healing effect. I appreciate the trade, and I look forward to trading again in the future.
Reviewed by therronricks 2006-01-06 [ID 197:P]

nuhm4me Highly Recommended
Anaheim, California, United States
She is definately confident on what she is doing. Great touch. Pressure deepness is being worked on, but great for those sensitive areas. Excellent character and great to get along with.
Reviewed by MassageMusician 2006-01-04 [ID 192:P]

MassageMusician Highly Recommended
Willis, Texas, United States of America
Liz is great. She has a great technique and intuitiveness to go straight where you are having challenges and break them right up. Very strong and effective, I feel great.
Reviewed by nuhm4me 2006-01-04 [ID 191:P]

danceat42 Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States of America
My recent massage was terrific. This guy has a great intuitive sense and very strong and firm technique. He knows how to work the muscles that needed attention from workouts. Nice person and talented.
Reviewed by bicyclistinorlando 2005-12-13 [ID 181:P]

bicyclistinorlando Recommended
Longwood, Florida, United States
I recently had a massage exchange with bicyclistinorlando which was a very positive experience. He came prepared and in the right frame of mind for an exchange. He has a good technique, good hands with firm and directed strokes and the right amount of pressure for a non-professional. He seemed to intuitively spend the right amount of time in each area, upper back, lower back, legs, etc. He was very respectful to boundaries/groundrules to which we agreed over the phone (which I greatly appreciate about him). His work was beneficial and relaxing to me, and he was encouraging to me about my technique as well. I hope to exchange again with him in the future.
Reviewed by danceat42 2005-12-12 [ID 180:P]

bengiboy Recommended
Pagham, England, United Kingdom
Just had a very enjoyable exchange with bengiboy. For a "non-professional" he has managed to acquire some great techniques and gives a well balanced and thorough treatment. He is also extremely keen to learn more and get feedback on his massage and I was more than happy to email him a few tips and thoughts which I'm sure he will readily take on board. We both connected well and are looking forward to another exchange.
Reviewed by selondonmassage 2005-12-11 [ID 179:P]

durufle Recommended
West Jordan, Utah, United States
durufle was friendly, and easy going. He seemed to know what he was doing, and accomodated my schedule without a problem. His touch was pleasant, and he made me feel at ease. Even though he said he had no formal training he definatly knew his way around the table, and was creative with his technique. Thank you for a great massage exchange.
Reviewed by therronricks 2005-12-09 [ID 178:P]

selondonmassage Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
I recently had a massage exchange with selondonmassage. I felt a little apprehensive about swaping with a trained professional since I have had no formal training. I was however greeted warmly and made to feel very welcome in a relaxed manner. I was impressed by the dedicated massage room with its air of professionalism, low lighting and relaxing music. We connected very well initially and the massage was very relaxing and enjoyable. I particularly liked the deep tissue work and lighter touches. I enjoyed giving my massage in return. I appreciate the feed back I was given and tips to develop my own style. I enjoyed this swap very much and will definately want to repeat it again.
Reviewed by bengiboy 2005-12-08 [ID 177:P]

Riverstone Highly Recommended
Arlington, Virginia, United States
Wow, what a nice massage.

Riverstone's profile would lead you to believe that his massage skills are pretty basic, but not so. The quality of his touch is better than many professional licensed massage therapists I know. Not only did he provide a good relaxing massage, but he identified and helped to relieve some very sore areas. Sure, he doesn't have the same technical expertise as most professionals, but the overall experience was just as satisfying.

He has a clean, warm, and relaxing room for the massage. Good choice of lotion or oil. His table is well arranged. On top of all that, Riverstone is a nice guy and respectful. A pleasant trade.
Reviewed by CoolWaters 2005-12-04 [ID 175:P]

masseurforlady Highly Recommended
Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
what Garry lacks in experience and formal training he makes up for in truly magical hands it was an amazing experience and he is a true gentleman and a professional,i have been with him sveral times now and we get on realy well he is the true gentleman!! Highly recommended
Reviewed by ME-20126 2005-12-03 [ID 174:P]

exploremodality Highly Recommended
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
I had the pleasure of exchanging massages with Exploringmodality. His touch was full of energy. I felt that he was very much intuned with the energy side of bodywork. His touch was soothing , confident and healing. I felt at ease with his touch and connected on an energetic level. He really seemed intuitive on how he approached the bodywork and executed it wonderfully. I look forward to other massage exchanges with this gentleman. Thanks Exploringmodality for your beautiful touch. Tangibledreamist
Reviewed by ME-2211 2005-12-01 [ID 173:P]

bengiboy Highly Recommended
Pagham, England, United Kingdom
Great hands, Great touch!!! It was a wonderful relaxing massage. If you have a chance to exchange with him DO IT!!!!
I hope to get to the UK again soon!!!
Reviewed by Rick123 2005-11-29 [ID 172:P]

HMartD Highly Recommended
Fremont, California, United States
He was very professional, for being a therapist for only two years he is very in tune with clients needs and sore areas. Next time I am in town you can well bet he will work on me more than once. Great job man and thanks for making my trip a great one. Hope all is well and Happy Holidays.
Reviewed by abcd1234 2005-11-22 [ID 168:P]

judy516 Highly Recommended
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Thank y ou for the body work on Monday evening. I know how hard it is to work on somebody after a full day of work. You did a great job working the knots out of my back. Look forward to working on you this evening.
Reviewed by filepe2248 2005-11-22 [ID 158:P]

abcd1234 Highly Recommended
Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
Great hands, great work. Really in touch with his client. I'd get on his table any day.
Reviewed by HMartD 2005-11-21 [ID 167:P]

Life Highly Recommended
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
"Life" gives a great, professional massage. Good pressure, thorough, reassuring touch. Nice stretches, and good variety of strokes. He's warm and welcoming. Overall, an excellent experience.
Reviewed by CoolWaters 2005-11-20 [ID 164:P]

MagicHands227 Poor
Maidstone, United Kingdom
dont be surprised if contact becomes a waste of time!

here is my last reply to her when she could not see how we could exchange unless i was willing to pay for a hotel room or put my hand in my pocket and pay like anyone else.

lets see

you dont accomodate, you dont travel, you cant use a room where you work, what is it you expect.

whilst i may not be qualified i have trained and do give a very good massage which i was offering free of charge.

as for paying, i have had a critical illness for 18 months which benifits from massage. as a result i do put my hand in my pocket once or even twice a week, at considerable expense.

i foolishly believed that massage exchange would help my situation and that i could give something in return. you have opened my eyes there!

as i said previously, lets leave it there and i will put a block on your profile to avoid the need for further exchanges.
Reviewed by ME-19466 2005-11-20 [ID 166:P]

Reply from MagicHands227 of 2005-11-21
Unfortunately, this member has selective memory and is a blatent liar, who doesn't take no for an answer and becomes aggresive and abusive when a firm no is necessary when a gentle let down doesn't work. I have had many happy, successful and return exchanges. Apparently, according to him, this person has not - I wonder why.

GuildfordExpertMasseur Highly Recommended
Guildford, England, United Kingdom
I have exchanged massages with HenryWatson several times and have found him to be a very friendly and welcoming guy. His calm nature puts you at ease stright away. He gives a very professional massage which is both relaxing and affirming. I have been impressed by his knowledge and abilities and his readiness to teach those less skilled. All in all a wonderful experiance and I look forward to continue to swap massages with him.
Reviewed by bengiboy 2005-11-18 [ID 160:P]

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