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in2pecs Highly Recommended
Orlando, Florida, United States
I'd give edexplore ten stars if I could! What a great massage! He's a very strong man with equally strong hands, and just the right touch...excellent technique, too. His easy going disposition makes you comfortable immediately. You don't want to miss a massage from him!
Reviewed by Randen 2006-10-18 [ID 499:P]

Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Blake get my highest recommendation. He performs a mix of swedish and shiatsu massage focusing on relaxation and aroma therapy. The massage is firm and deep; yet he quickly adapts to whatever feels best for the client. Blake mixes use of lotions and oils based upon the bodypart. I thought that was unique, and worked really well. He is very respectful. I felt totally at ease with him and as a result was able to take in, and enjoy the entire experience. Blake finished each side by sprinking a body power all over me. While it felt very cool, it also had a practical purpose of absorbing the oils. It was really nice! I am only sorry I was there for just one night. Once again, I cannot recommend Blake strongly enough! He is awesome. The next time I find out that I need to make a trip to Dallas, before even making the flight reservations I will call Blake and ask him to block off his calendar.
Reviewed by in2pecs 2006-10-18 [ID 498:P]

Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Perfect setting and perfect massage. Great touch and very relaxing. Would exchange anytime.
Reviewed by marksmith 2006-10-18 [ID 497:P]

Gblank Highly Recommended
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
My first trade with Gary was very enjoyable. He is very pleasant and nurturing. I had a Lomi Lomi/Esalen combination type massage and found it to be a wonderful and relaxing experience.
I just finished my second trade. Gary is a very warm and personable guy. I feel very safe and at ease under his soothing touch and professional manner. Time was way too short and I look forward to another trade soon. I give him the highest recommendation.
Reviewed by coa 2006-10-18 [ID 201:P]

peter77 Highly Recommended
London, United Kingdom
Another massage exchange with peter77 and this time it was even more enjoyable than the first. As agreed I went first and he went flat out and gave me a great massage - combination of a Sports and Swedish style, coupled with stretching that helped me totally unwind and relax. What adds to the massage experience with him, is the fact that he is a very friendly and non-fussy person, and makes every effort to put his massage partner at ease. Highly recommended!!
Reviewed by znoel 2006-10-18 [ID 409:P]

coa Highly Recommended
Maple Plain, Minnesota, United States
First Trade: Connie's massage was great! She was very professional and caring. She has a nice firm, yet gentle touch and is obviously very experienced. I only wish we lived closer so we could trade more often. I would recommend her massage to anyone who wants a great experience.

Second Trade: I had the opportunity to do another trade with Connie. This experience was better than I had remembered from the first time. Very professional and nurturing with a great sense of humor and attitude. The only downside was that the time flew by so fast and that the session had to eventually end. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by Gblank 2006-10-18 [ID 233:P]

bengiboy Recommended
Crawley, England, United Kingdom
I was fortunate to be able to visit Bengiboy during the weekday recently and was greeted by a very amiable and friendly host. From the beginning to the end I was treated warmly and with a genuine show of compassion. Bengiboy's style of massage is one of the softest relaxation massages I have enjoyed. I felt utterly relaxed and completely at ease by the end of the session. For a first swap, I am impressed with the ease at which we both "clicked", this is due in part to the "connection technique" that Bengiboy has developed over the past two years and it certainly works! I would recommend this massage partner to anybody looking for a genuine experience.
Reviewed by SunLover 2006-10-18 [ID 495:P]

Diana Highly Recommended
Newark, New Jersey, United States
Awesome massage from Diana! Great hands! She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and was a pleasure to talk with. Highly recommended! DaveCNY
Reviewed by DaveCNY 2006-10-17 [ID 494:P]

rumi770 Poor
Belleville, New Jersey, United States
I had a massage today and was not a good experience. Rumi needs a lot of training and lots of knowledge of the human body.
Reviewed by energyhands 2006-10-17 [ID 465:P]

Reply from rumi770 of 2008-12-15
I am healer and artist and Healing Massage is an experience in giving of ones self and opening the heart to receive. The intention to truly give and receive takes place before touch even occurs, if the spirit and mind of both are not in tune with this intention then the energy will be blocked and dissipated.

If we are not ready and willing to sincerely give and receive healing and love we are merely indulging in sport and exercise. The over emphasis on training, technique and knowledge as our way to peace and well being is the reason we are losing sight of healing and peace. The frantic obsession with method and technique beyond a certain point makes for a mechanistic attitude toward loving healing touch and leads to alienation, loneliness and depersonalization. This is the problem and challenge facing western healers who are in dire need of training of the spirit and knowledge of the human heart.

nolamassage Highly Recommended
Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Tony provides a great massage, attentive technique and professional knowledge of body mechanics! I highly recommend an exchange of care with him...
Reviewed by Chazwmh 2006-10-17 [ID 492:P]

rkprewitt Recommended
Chicago, Illinois, United States
therapist has very good intuition and intent in his hands. he is extremely professional has a wonderful way with words that in itself help you feel relaxed and at ease with his client.
Reviewed by ME-12074 2006-10-16 [ID 489:P]

monstermassage Recommended
Sag Harbor, New York, United States
We had our first exchange today, and it was wonderful! Massageaddict4u is a very sensitive, intuitive, and kind individual who sets you at ease the moment you meet him. He generously hosted our exchange at his beautiful apartment, and had a massage table and oils available. The session was very relaxing and extremely beneficial. Although he is still new at exchanging, I have no doubt that there is a great potential in him which can already be evidenced both during and after the exchange is over. I commented that I really believe that he has "his heart in his hands", which flowed with a positive and wholesome energy. It was a true pleasure, and I look forward to our next exchange!
Reviewed by ShanghaiRT 2006-10-15 [ID 487:P]

Buddhaman Highly Recommended
Stratford, Greater London, United Kingdom
Although time was short with Rugga today,it was more than an enjoyable experience.My expectations were limited,but on arrival,i found rugga to be very friendly and he put me at ease immediately.He did tell me his experience was limited and thats what i expected,but to my surprise,he is an incredibly knowledgeable guy,especially when it comes to "sussing" out his partners feelings...........and that is priceless!
Well done rugga,I would be more than happy to go back for more
Reviewed by ME-30479 2006-10-15 [ID 486:P]

Buddhaman Highly Recommended
Stratford, Greater London, United Kingdom
Having travelled to Rugga for a massage-i was very pleasantly surprised
For someone who has very little or no experience at giving massage,he really does have the "feel" for it-his strokes are long,smooth and deep,yet very very relaxing too,I felt at ease the moment I met this guy
All in all he's a great friendly man and would recommend you to try him if its a good relaxing,friendly massage youre looking for,as he sure does make you feel very welcome and relaxed in his home even before he starts the massage........I believe,after he has completed a course or two,he'll be a great force to reckon with as an excellent Masseur/Bodyworker
Reviewed by ME-30200 2006-10-14 [ID 485:P]

dfw2006 Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Enjoyed the massage very much. DFW2006 was quite personable, and had a great touch. Massage was deep where it needed to be, and light when required. Would definitely like to trade again.
Reviewed by Randen 2006-10-11 [ID 480:P]

style2flow Highly Recommended
Harrow, England, United Kingdom
I had an exchange with style2flow a few days ago and it was a great experience. He has very capable hands, and gives a wonderfully relaxing massage as well as deeper work. I felt very energised and well-pampered during and following the treatment. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a soothing, very professional massage. Thank you. I Look forward to the next one!
Reviewed by ME24877 2006-10-11 [ID 477:P]

Randen Highly Recommended
Dallas, Texas, United States
Overall great experience. Has table and excellent massage environment (music, etc.) Randon has great hands. Worked each body part slowly and fully. Very nice guy who was a pleasure to trade with.
Reviewed by dfw2006 2006-10-11 [ID 473:P]

creativebear Recommended
New York, New York, United States
Creativebear has very strong hands and his techniques are excellent for a non-professional. He was able to release all the tension and knots on my upper back with a calm, soothing and healing manner. I recommend him highly. Look forward to trading with him again.
Reviewed by barik 2006-10-11 [ID 472:P]

jcannaday3 Highly Recommended
Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
My first rub from this site. WOW! What a great rub. Great atmosphere and experienced hands to make the meeting very relaxing. This was just what i needed and looked for from this site. For a professional exchange experience, you can't go wrong here.
Reviewed by ME-29015 2006-10-10 [ID 470:P]

dmassage Highly Recommended
Litchfield, Ohio, United States
excellent technique!very relaxing massage utilizing a variety of strokes that were slow, smooth and unbroken throughout the massage. good for relaxation.
Reviewed by ME-12074 2006-10-10 [ID 469:P]

hankcg Satisfactory
Westerville, Ohio, United States of America
Has a nice touch and could use a little more practice, but generally attentive and listened to my suggestions.
Reviewed by ME-734 2006-10-08 [ID 464:P]

znoel Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Znoel gave me a very friendly welcome and explanation of his massage session and style. I easily relaxed and trusted this skillful masseur. His style was firm when necessary and also gentle and very nurturing. He gave his all to the session, was very sensitive to my needs and left me completely relaxed. I would definately like to hook up again, next time I am in London. Recommended !
Reviewed by echo3 2006-10-03 [ID 460:P]

znoel Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom

I was very impressed by znoel's massage.I felt very comfotable with him and his massage was very pleasent and relaxin.He really takes his time for his massage and his massage really "knock me out"so when it was my turn to give massage i believe I coudn't give 100% responce anymore.I highly recommended his massage for everybody.
Reviewed by oil 2006-10-03 [ID 459:P]

oil Highly Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
A very refreshing massage indeed!! Oil's style is different, in that he uses the strength of his palms in a slow circular motion building up pressure in just adequate measure at points on the body that require it the most. He easily managed to soothe my aching back. As he works on the body in this characteristic manner, it gets so relaxed that one might end up going to sleep (I nearly did). Although Oil says that he has not had any training, he seems to know exactly what he is doing and has the touch of a good masseur. Definitely recommended !!
Reviewed by znoel 2006-09-30 [ID 455:P]

echo3 Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Echo3 is an extremely sensitive and skillful masseur - very in-tune with what the body requires in terms of massage strokes and pressure, etc. His Lomilomi massage was one of the best I've experienced in recent times. It's very different in terms of technique and style with its long, firm strokes from tip to toe and vice-versa. For his slender frame, Echo3 surprisingly packs a lot of energy into the massage, and it's amazing how swiftly he moves around the body. The massage left me totally satisfied and relaxed. It's a pity he is based in Brussels at the present time, otherwise, I would have been exchanging with him on a regular basis for sure. I definitely recommend Echo3's Lomilomi experience.
Reviewed by znoel 2006-09-28 [ID 450:P]

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