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Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Had the pleasure for an exchange w/Rick123 after some schedule conflict...it was well worth the wait...He is an excellent trade partner w/a vast amount of knowledge of massage from his travels, that he incorporates into his body work...If you ever get the chance for an exchange with him, take it...you will thank yourself and your energy level with be greatly enhanced...
Reviewed by muscleworks 2009-10-03 [ID 2319:P]

chrisx Recommended
Beaconsfield, Victoria, Australia
although chrisx is a non-professional he has great potential, his massage technique was gentle but still soothing and very relaxing, looking forward to the next swap
Reviewed by ME-62802 2009-10-03 [ID 2318:P]

JustChillin Highly Recommended
My experience with JustChillin was JustFrilling!!! The pressure he used was incredible and what I liked the most about him is that he was always concerned about my comfort. Most LMT's don't ask too many questions they assume on style fits all. He also taught me some new techniques that will make me a better at my massage as well. This was our first time together and I know that I can not wait until our next exchange. If you are thinking about doing an exchange with anyone I would recommend you don't waste anytime and set up an appt with Just Chillin...
Reviewed by Hands101 2009-10-02 [ID 2317:P]

Hands101 Highly Recommended
Tampa, Florida, United States of America
JC (Hands101) has a real gift of touch and a genuine personality with positive energy. I immediately felt relaxed as he began working on me. He had several techniques that I had not experienced from LMTs which worked quite well both relaxing and relieving my tension. He has a real passion for massage and makes the experience all about who he is working on. He never let both of his hands leave my body. I would highly recommend JC and look forward to another massage exchange with him.
Reviewed by JustChillin 2009-10-02 [ID 2315:P]

Reply from Hands101 of 2011-07-14
Ok your review is better then the one that I gave you...but if you don't mind I will have to say DITTO..to you...love spending time getting to know you...and LOVE LOVE LOVE your dogs....

southbird Highly Recommended
Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand
She has excellent technique and focus for a therapeutic massage, and a very warm and relaxing approach. It was a very nourishing exchange of concepts and techniques.
Reviewed by magic 2009-10-01 [ID 2314:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Had a great massage with Rick, Has good form, and good pressure. I will trade again with him. Enjoyed it and was relaxed.
Reviewed by ridingsunsets 2009-10-01 [ID 2313:P]

Rick123 Highly Recommended
Lewisville, Texas, United States
Rick123 and I had a great exchange. His touch is intentional and thorough, and his fluency with different bodywork techniques was both relaxing and refreshing. He kept in touch with me throughout the session on touch/pressure, and was always spot on. He listened to my words, and to my body, and the result was an excellent massage. in our wanderings, i hope that we find ourselves again in the same area for another exchange. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by PiedPiper 2009-10-01 [ID 2312:P]

PiedPiper Highly Recommended
Boone, North Carolina, United States
First of all, sorry for being so late in doing this review. I trade with PiedPiper a couple of weeks back. After communicating for a while via email, all the planets lined up, and we ended in the same city(and we traded). He was a gracious host. From the time I walked in, I felt totally at easy, PiedPiper's energy is amazing. He took the time to get to know me, and during the trade to ensure, the pressure and the touch, were just right. After we finished trading, we spend some time talking. PiedPiper is an amazing person, and someone you MUST trade when and if possible. I am looking forward to another trade very soon. PiedPiper....thanks for a great exchange!!!
Reviewed by Rick123 2009-09-30 [ID 2310:P]

muscleworks Highly Recommended
Fallbrook, California, United States
Trying again after 4 months, I had a very rewarding massage swap with muscleworks this week. He was extremely generous with his time, and gave a thorough and concentrated massage. I learned some new techniques that I will definitely be using myself. He has a great touch, intuitive and knowledge-based, and used a great variety of strokes and pressures to leave me feeling relaxed and energised. Most of all, his kindness, his energy, and his friendliness, made this a memorable exchange. An excellent massage trade, which I hope to repeat in the future. If i could, I would give him 8 stars. If you are in Southern California, trade with this guys, you WILL not be dissapointed.
Reviewed by Rick123 2009-09-30 [ID 2309:P]

toscana Highly Recommended
Brighton, England, United Kingdom
I was fortunate to receive a hands free thai massage from Arno during a recent trip to Bournemouth from Pisa. Wow! What an exhilerating experience!Arno used his feet throught the 90 minute massage using his extensive experience and intuition to leave me feeling stretched and open chested. Arno is no ordinary therapist and I can only recommend you experience his style. You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by GerryA 2009-09-30 [ID 2308:P]

GerryA Highly Recommended
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom
Gerry gave me a fantastic Thai massage, stretching out all my kinks.

He is informative, helpful and takes the time to 'get things just right'. He is definitely no clock watcher.

He truly helped my poor back and shoulders (every therapist's weak spot) and I thank him for his time, energy and patience.

I highly recommend a treatment with Gerry.

Reviewed by toscana 2009-09-30 [ID 2307:P]

veryhappyone Highly Recommended
Kyle, Texas, United States
Bill was a true pleasure to meet. He has traveled the world and has so much knowledge in so many areas. Yes I would recommend him ***** Thanks Bill for helping my back look forward to next time Steve
Reviewed by Bigbro 2009-09-29 [ID 2306:P]

massagepractice Highly Recommended
Frankfort, Illinois, United States
Dennis is a very competent massage therapist. His techniques are guaranteed to get the kinks out and his powerful touch is most satisfying, relaxing and renewing. I can recommend Dennis to you without reservations but you may need one to see him in a most comfortable environment.
Reviewed by ME-58843 2009-09-28 [ID 2304:P]

touchmassage Highly Recommended
Simon has a great massage style. Deep tissue work using elbows and arms where needed to the lightest touch whilst doing facial work. Incredibly relaxing and a very nice guy as well.

If you are massaging Simon, you will find he has great muscles to work on and is a great body to massage.

I really enjoyed our swap and hope to do it again very soon.
Reviewed by Skinbuddy 2009-09-28 [ID 2303:P]

james1954 Highly Recommended
Glenshaw, Pennsylvania, United States
Received a massage from Jim a couple weeks ago. He did an awesome job and knew just how to help relieve some pain and release tight muscles. I would recommend his massage to anyone.
Reviewed by j48 2009-09-25 [ID 2299:P]

pcfmassage Highly Recommended
Bayswater, England, United Kingdom
pcfmassage offers exactly what his profile says, intuitive massage! I had a very pleasant swap with him in which he spend almost 90 min only on my back, neck and shoulders. Very slow, cautious work throughout with lots of effort & obviously very effective indeed. He diagnosed every muscle quite accurately and applied very appropriate amount of pressure throughout. When it comes to receiving, he was very appreciative on his feedback which is quite an encouragement for young therapists like me. I do highly recommend him to all & looking forward to our next exchange :)
Reviewed by ibdi 2009-09-25 [ID 2298:P]

threerivers Highly Recommended
Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States
I traded massages today with threerivers, a great experience.
His touch was firm and very smooth. He was very attentive and skillful when massaging me he followed several movements I had used on himself. We had deep conversations that were spiritual and healing.
Looking forward to our next exchange.
Reviewed by geistmassage 2009-09-25 [ID 2297:P]

SonoranNudistDad Highly Recommended
Aurora, Colorado, United States
Firm, strong, competent, generous masseur. Knows how to please.
Forthright and trustworthy, easy to be with. I am eager to get together with him again.
Reviewed by Heathcliff 2009-09-24 [ID 2296:P]

bradford Highly Recommended
Bradford, United Kingdom
I found Rob to be a warm and friendly guy who very quickly put me at ease and made me feel relaxed in his company.
My exchange with Rob was first class, he gave me an amazing massage, taking his time, using nice flowing strokes along with other good techniques.
Rob also picked up on some areas of tension which he worked on.
After the massage I felt like I was floating on air.
Thank you Rob for one of the best massages ever. I would highly recommend Rob to others.
Reviewed by ME-49438 2009-09-23 [ID 2293:P]

mukesh Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
We did a massage swap today, and Mukesh is attentive and clearly enjoys giving a good massage.
His hands listen to what the body is saying, and respond well, and so he will continuously improve.
Reviewed by MassageTherapyLondon 2009-09-23 [ID 2292:P]

Reply from mukesh of 2009-09-24
thanks for the tips they are going to be very helpful.

MassageTherapyLondon Highly Recommended
Brentford, England, United Kingdom
I had the pleasure of exchanging with massurerwest london today.The atmosphere was very good, with light music playing in the back ground.Massurer west london gives an execellent massage.His pressure was very good. especially his techniques are truly amazing. I was completely relaxed with full of energy. There were a few strokes new to me which iam going to incorporate from now. i would highly recommened him to anyone to wishes to exchange with massurer west london. Thanks once again.
Reviewed by mukesh 2009-09-23 [ID 2291:P]

Reply from MassageTherapyLondon of 2009-09-23
thank you kindly for the positive review, Mukesh.... and remember, with the rocking, stay relaxed and you will be smooth with it :-)

massmister Highly Recommended
Dundee, Dundee City, United Kingdom
I have had a few exchanges with John and would highly recommend him to others. John made me feel very relaxed, he is both caring and attentive, and it is obvious that John enjoys giving as well as receiving a massage. For a non professional John uses very good techniques, his massage is of a very high standard equal if not superior to that of some professionals. I look forward to our next exchange, many thanks.
Reviewed by ME-49438 2009-09-23 [ID 2290:P]

Skinbuddy Highly Recommended
i met skinbuddy who is very polite and professional too. His massage was execellent and very good pressure. I would recommened to anyone who wants to exchange.am looking forward to the next massage exchange.
Reviewed by mukesh 2009-09-22 [ID 2288:P]

mukesh Recommended
London, England, United Kingdom
Mukesh does a very good massage. Good pressure and a sense of where to spend longer rubbing out the knots. Pleased to have had the massage and happy to swap with him again.
Reviewed by Skinbuddy 2009-09-22 [ID 2286:P]

trickyfingers Highly Recommended
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Absolutely Excellent!! highly recommended, very helpful for anyone considering a career in massage therapy or studying massage....
Reviewed by ME-62802 2009-09-22 [ID 2285:P]

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